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Origin: libbobcat-dev_4&.08&.02-x&.tar&.gz.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
a2x(3bobcat) Objects performing ascii-to-x (anything) conversions.
align(3bobcat) Class used to align elements in Table objects.
arg(3bobcat) A singleton class interfacing command line arguments.
argconfig(3bobcat) A singleton class processing program arguments.
bigint(3bobcat) Arithmetic on Integers of Unlimited Size.
binarysearch(3bobcat) Extensions to the STL binary_search function template.
binops(3bobcat) Template functions for class-type binary operators.
binopsbase(3bobcat) Class template offering class-type binary operators.
bobcat(7) Overview of classes in the Bobcat library.
cerrextractor(3bobcat) Runs external programs writing standard error.
cgi(3bobcat) Handles GET and POST submitted form data.
cidr(3bobcat) Compares IP4 addresses to CIDR specifications.
cininserter(3bobcat) Runs external programs reading standard input.
clientsocket(3bobcat) Client Socket connecting to a Server in the Internet.
cmdfinder(3bobcat) Determine (member) function associated with a command.
cmdfinderbase(3bobcat) Base class for the class CmdFinder.
configfile(3bobcat) A class processing standard unix-like configuration files.
coutextractor(3bobcat) Runs external programs writing standard output.
csv4180(3bobcat) Converter for comma separated values.
datetime(3bobcat) Performs Date and Time Computations.
decryptbuf(3bobcat) Decrypts information using various methods into a std::ostream.
diffiehellman(3bobcat) Diffie-Hellman PKI, computing shared keys.
digestbuf(3bobcat) Computes Message Digests from information inserted into a std::ostream.
encryptbuf(3bobcat) Encrypts information using various methods into a std::ostream.
exception(3bobcat) Std::exception objects acception stream insertions.
exec(3bobcat) Runs external programs.
fork(3bobcat) Implements fork(2) using the Template Design Pattern.
fswap(3bobcat) Generic template fast swap function.
gethostent(3bobcat) Obtain hostent struct from hostname or -address.
glob(3bobcat) Wrapper around glob(3) to find files matching a pattern.
hash(3bobcat) Various mapping template classes using hashing.
hmacbuf(3bobcat) Computes HMAC Message Digests from information inserted into a std::ostream.
hostent(3bobcat) Wrapper around a struct hostent.
hostname(3bobcat) Contains name/address info about a host.
ibase64stream(3bobcat) Std::istream performing base64 encoding and decoding.
ibase64streambuf(3bobcat) Input Filtering stream buffer doing base64 conversion.
ifdstream(3bobcat) Input Stream initialized by a File Descriptor.
ifdstreambuf(3bobcat) Input stream buffer initialized by a file descriptor.
ifilterstreambuf(3bobcat) Filtering stream buffer initialized by a std::istream object.
indent(3bobcat) Configurable text indentation.
inetaddress(3bobcat) Converting between host byte order and network byte order.
iostream(3bobcat) Combines std::istream and std::ostream features.
iostreambuf(3bobcat) Streambuf allowing input and output operations.
iquotedprintablestream(3bobcat) Std::istream performing quoted-printable encoding and decoding.
iquotedprintablestreambuf(3bobcat) Input Filtering stream buffer doing quoted printable conversions.
irandstream(3bobcat) Istream producing random numbers.
isharedstream(3bobcat) Std::istream operations on shared memory.
isymcryptstream(3bobcat) Istream performing symmetric encryption.
isymcryptstreambuf(3bobcat) Input Filtering stream buffer doing symmetric encryption.
iterator(3bobcat) Iterator returning plain values when dereferenced.
level(3bobcat) Manipulator setting the log-level of FBB::Log objects.
linearmap(3bobcat) A mapping container using linear searching.
lm(3bobcat) Manipulator setting left margins of OFoldStream objects.
localclientsocket(3bobcat) Client Socket connecting to a Server in the Unix Domain.
localserversocket(3bobcat) Unix Domain Server socket accepting connection requests.
localsocketbase(3bobcat) Base class for Unix Domain socket-constructing classes.
log(3bobcat) Std::ostream handling log messages.
logbuffer(3bobcat) Std::streambuf handling log messages.
mailheaders(3bobcat) Handles SMTP Mail Headers.
manipulators(3bobcat) Manipulators defined in the FBB namespace.
mbuf(3bobcat) Std::streambuf handling messages.
milter(3bobcat) Interface to the sendmail mail filter facilities.
mlm(3bobcat) Manipulator modifying left margins of OFoldStream objects.
mstream(3bobcat) Generic message handling stream.
multistreambuf(3bobcat) Selectively writes multiple streams.
ofdstream(3bobcat) Output Stream initialized by a File Descriptor.
ofdstreambuf(3bobcat) Output stream buffer initialized by a file descriptor.
ofilterstreambuf(3bobcat) Base class for std::ostream filtering.
ofoldstream(3bobcat) Folds long lines.
ofoldstreambuf(3bobcat) Folds long lines written to ostream.
ohexstreambuf(3bobcat) Writes characters written to an ostream as hex values.
onekey(3bobcat) Single keystroke input, not requiring `Return’.
osharedstream(3bobcat) Std::ostream operations on shared memory.
pattern(3bobcat) Performs RE pattern matching.
pipe(3bobcat) Defines a system level communication pipe.
primefactors(3bobcat) Performs the prime-number factorization of (BigInt) values.
process(3bobcat) Runs external programs.
ptriter(3bobcat) Iterator returning pointer when dereferenced.
randbuffer(3bobcat) Std::streambuf generating random numbers.
ranger(3bobcat) Generalizes ranges for range-based for-loops.
readlinebuf(3bobcat) Std::streambuf offering line-editing and history.
readlinehistory(3bobcat) Std::streambuf offering line-editing and history.
readlinestream(3bobcat) Std::istream offering line-editing and history.
redirector(3bobcat) Redirects a file descriptor to another descriptor.
repeat(3bobcat) Call a (member) function a fixed number of times.
selector(3bobcat) Timed delays, Alarms and Multiple File I/O.
semaphore(3bobcat) Implements the Semaphore type designed by Dijkstra.
serversocket(3bobcat) Server socket accepting Internet connection requests.
sharedblock(3bobcat) Shared memory data block info.
sharedcondition(3bobcat) Shared Memory Condition Variable.
sharedmemory(3bobcat) Shared Memory memory structure.
sharedmutex(3bobcat) Mutex for shared memory.
sharedpos(3bobcat) Shared Memory offset controller.
sharedreadme(7bobcat) Description of Bobcat’s shared memory classes.
sharedsegment(3bobcat) Shared Memory data structure.
sharedstream(3bobcat) I/O operations on shared memory.
sharedstreambuf(3bobcat) Streambuf interfacing to shared memory.
signal(3bobcat) Signal Handler.
socketbase(3bobcat) Base class for socket-constructing classes.
stat(3bobcat) Determines File Characteristics.
stdextractor(3bobcat) Runs external programs writing standard error.
string(3bobcat) Several operations on std::string objects.
stringline(3bobcat) Extracting lines using operator>>.
syslogbuf(3bobcat) A streambuf object inserting syslog messages.
syslogstream(3bobcat) An output stream inserting syslog messages.
table(3bobcat) Generates row- or column-wise filled tables.
tablebuf(3bobcat) Generates row- or column-wise filled tables from information inserted into a std::ostream.
tablelines(3bobcat) A TableSupport specialization writing horizontal separation lines.
tablesupport(3bobcat) Defines protocols for Table-support classes.
tempstream(3bobcat) Temporary fstream.
tty(3bobcat) Controls echoing of characters entered at the terminal.
typetrait(3bobcat) Shortdesc.
user(3bobcat) Provides the /etc/passwd info of the current user.
x2a(3bobcat) Objects performing x-to-Ascii conversions.
xpointer(3bobcat) Sets the location of the X-windows pointer.
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