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Origin: libbson.

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bson_append_array(3) The bson_append_array() function shall append child to bson using the specified key. The.
bson_append_array_begin(3) The bson_append_array_begin() function shall begin appending an array field to.
bson_append_array_end(3) The bson_append_array_end() function shall complete the appending of an array field.
bson_append_binary(3) The bson_append_binary() function shall append a new element to bson containing the.
bson_append_bool(3) The bson_append_bool() function shall append a new element to bson containing the boolean.
bson_append_code(3) The bson_append_code() function shall append a new element to bson using the UTF-8.
bson_append_code_with_scope(3) The bson_append_code_with_scope() function shall perform like.
bson_append_date_time(3) The bson_append_date_time() function shall append a new element to a bson document.
bson_append_dbpointer(3) The dbpointer field type is DEPRECATED and should only be used when interacting with.
bson_append_document(3) The bson_append_document() function shall append child to bson using the specified.
bson_append_document_begin(3) The bson_append_document_begin() function shall begin appending a sub-document.
bson_append_document_end(3) The bson_append_document_end() function shall complete the appending of a docu‐.
bson_append_double(3) The bson_append_double() function shall append a new element to a bson document of type.
bson_append_int32(3) The bson_append_int32() function shall append a new element to bson containing a 32-bit.
bson_append_int64(3) The bson_append_int64() function shall append a new element to bson containing a 64-bit.
bson_append_iter(3) TODO:.
bson_append_maxkey(3) The bson_append_maxkey() function shall append an element of type BSON_TYPE_MAXKEY to a.
bson_append_minkey(3) The bson_append_minkey() function shall append an element of type BSON_TYPE_MINKEY to a.
bson_append_now_utc(3) The bson_append_now_utc() function is a helper to get the current date and time in UTC.
bson_append_null(3) The bson_append_null() function shall append a new element to bson of type.
bson_append_oid(3) The bson_append_oid() function shall append a new element to bson of type BSON_TYPE_OID.
bson_append_regex(3) Appends a new field to bson of type BSON_TYPE_REGEX. regex should be the regex string.
bson_append_symbol(3) Appends a new field to bson of type BSON_TYPE_SYMBOL. This BSON type is deprecated and.
bson_append_time_t(3) The bson_append_time_t() function is a helper that takes a time_t instead of millisec‐.
bson_append_timestamp(3) This function is not similar in functionality to bson_append_date_time(). Timestamp.
bson_append_timeval(3) The bson_append_timeval() function is a helper that takes a _struct timeval_ instead.
bson_append_undefined(3) The bson_append_undefined() function shall append a new element to bson of type.
bson_append_utf8(3) The bson_append_utf8() function shall append a UTF-8 encoded string to bson.
bson_append_value(3) Appends a new field to bson by determining the boxed type in value. This is useful if.
bson_as_json(3) The bson_as_json() function shall encode bson as a JSON encoded UTF-8 string.
bson_check_version(3) Check at runtime if this release of libbson meets a required version.
bson_compare(3) The bson_compare() function shall compare two bson documents for equality.
bson_concat(3) The bson_concat() function shall append the contents of src to dst.
bson_context_destroy(3) The bson_context_destroy() function shall release all resources associated with con‐.
bson_context_get_default(3) None.
bson_context_new(3) Creates a new bson_context_t. This is rarely needed as bson_context_get_default() serves.
bson_context_t(3) BSON OID Generation Context.
bson_copy(3) The bson_copy() function shall copy the contents of a bson document into a new bson_t.
bson_copy_to(3) The bson_copy_to() function shall initialize dst with a copy of the contents of src.
bson_copy_to_excluding(3) The bson_copy_to_excluding() function shall copy all fields from src to dst except.
bson_count_keys(3) The bson_count_keys() function shall count the number of elements within bson.
bson_destroy(3) The bson_destroy() function shall free an allocated bson_t structure.
bson_destroy_with_steal(3) The bson_destroy_with_steal() function shall destroy a bson_t structure but return.
bson_equal(3) The bson_equal() function shall return true if both documents are equal.
bson_error_t(3) BSON Error Encapsulation.
bson_free(3) This function shall free the memory supplied by mem. This should be used by functions that.
bson_get_data(3) The bson_get_data() function shall return the raw buffer of a bson document. This can be.
bson_get_major_version(3) Get the first number in libbson's MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO release version.
bson_get_micro_version(3) Get the third number in libbson's MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO release version.
bson_get_minor_version(3) Get the middle number in libbson's MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO release version.
bson_get_version(3) A string representation of Libbson's version, formatted something like "1.2.3" or.
bson_has_field(3) Checks to see if key contains an element named key. This also accepts "dotkey" notation.
bson_init(3) The bson_init() function shall initialize a bson_t that is placed on the stack. This is equiva‐.
bson_init_from_json(3) The bson_init_from_json() function will initialize a new bson_t by parsing the JSON.
bson_init_static(3) The bson_init_static() function shall shall initialize a read-only bson_t on the stack.
bson_iter_array(3) The bson_iter_array() function shall retrieve the raw buffer of a sub-array from iter.
bson_iter_as_bool(3) Fetches the current field as if it were a boolean.
bson_iter_as_int64(3) The bson_iter_as_int64() function shall return the contents of the current element as.
bson_iter_binary(3) This function shall return the binary data of a BSON_TYPE_BINARY element. It is a pro‐.
bson_iter_bool(3) The bson_iter_bool()function shall return the boolean value of a BSON_TYPE_BOOL element. It.
bson_iter_code(3) This function returns the contents of a BSON_TYPE_CODE field. The length of the string is.
bson_iter_codewscope(3) The bson_iter_codewscope() function acts similar to bson_iter_code() except for.
bson_iter_date_time(3) The bson_iter_date_time() function shall return the number of miliseconds since the.
bson_iter_dbpointer(3) Fetches the contents of a BSON_TYPE_DBPOINTER element.
bson_iter_document(3) The bson_iter_document() function shall retrieve the raw buffer of a sub-document from.
bson_iter_double(3) Fetches the contents of a BSON_TYPE_DOUBLE field.
bson_iter_dup_utf8(3) This function is similar to bson_iter_utf8() except that it calls bson_strndup() on the.
bson_iter_find(3) The bson_iter_find()function shall advance iterto the element named keyor exhaust all ele‐.
bson_iter_find_case(3) Advances iter until it is observing an element matching the name of key or exhausting.
bson_iter_find_descendant(3) The bson_iter_find_descendant() function shall follow standard MongoDB dot nota‐.
bson_iter_init(3) The bson_iter_init() function shall initialize iter to iterate upon the BSON document bson.
bson_iter_init_find(3) This function is identical to (bson_iter_init() && bson_iter_find()).
bson_iter_init_find_case(3) This function is identical to bson_iter_init() && bson_iter_find_case().
bson_iter_int32(3) Fetches the value from a BSON_TYPE_INT32 element. You should verify that the field is a.
bson_iter_int64(3) Fetches the value from a BSON_TYPE_INT64 field. You should verify that this is a.
bson_iter_key(3) Fetches the key for the current element observed by iter.
bson_iter_next(3) Advances iter to the next element in the document if one exists.
bson_iter_oid(3) Fetches the bson_oid_t for a BSON_TYPE_OID element. You should verify it is an element of.
bson_iter_overwrite_bool(3) The bson_iter_overwrite_bool() function shall overwrite the contents of a.
bson_iter_overwrite_double(3) The bson_iter_overwrite_double() function shall overwrite the contents of a.
bson_iter_overwrite_int32(3) The bson_iter_overwrite_int32() function shall overwrite the contents of a.
bson_iter_overwrite_int64(3) The bson_iter_overwrite_int64() function shall overwite the contents of a.
bson_iter_recurse(3) The bson_iter_recurse() function shall initialize child using the embedded document or.
bson_iter_regex(3) The bson_iter_regex() function shall retrieve the contents of a BSON_TYPE_REGEX element.
bson_iter_symbol(3) The symbol element type is DEPRECATED in the bson specification at
bson_iter_t(3) BSON Document Iterator.
bson_iter_time_t(3) The bson_iter_time_t() function shall return the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch,.
bson_iter_timestamp(3) The BSON_TYPE_TIMESTAMP type is not a date/time and is typically used for intra-server.
bson_iter_timeval(3) The bson_iter_timeval() function shall return the number of seconds and microseconds.
bson_iter_type(3) The bson_iter_type() function shall return the type of the observed element in a bson docu‐.
bson_iter_utf8(3) The bson_iter_utf8() function shall retrieve the contents of a BSON_TYPE_UTF8 element cur‐.
bson_iter_value(3) Fetches the value for the currently observed type as a boxed type. This allows passing.
bson_iter_visit_all(3) A convenience function to iterate all remaining fields of iter using the callback.
bson_json_data_reader_ingest(3) Feed data to a memory based json reader.
bson_json_data_reader_new(3) Creates a new streaming JSON reader that will convert JSON documents to BSON.
bson_json_reader_destroy(3) Frees a bson_json_reader_t.
bson_json_reader_new(3) Creates a new bson_json_reader_t that can read from an arbitrary data source in a.
bson_json_reader_new_from_fd(3) Creates a new JSON to BSON converter that will be reading from the file-.
bson_json_reader_new_from_file(3) Creates a new bson_json_reader_t using the underlying file found at file‐.
bson_json_reader_read(3) Reads the next BSON document from the underlying JSON source.
bson_json_reader_t(3) Bulk JSON to BSON conversion.
bson_malloc(3) This is a portable malloc() wrapper.
bson_malloc0(3) This is a portable malloc() wrapper that also sets the memory to zero. Similar to calloc().
bson_md5_append(3) Feeds more data into the MD5 algorithm.
bson_md5_finish(3) Completes the MD5 algorithm and stores the digest in digest.
bson_md5_init(3) Initialize a new instance of the MD5 algorithm.
bson_md5_t(3) BSON MD5 Abstraction.
bson_mem_restore_vtable(3) This function shall restore the default memory allocator to be used by Libbson.
bson_mem_set_vtable(3) This function shall install a new memory allocator to be used by Libbson.
bson_new(3) The bson_new() function shall create a new bson_t structure on the heap. It should be freed with.
bson_new_from_buffer(3) TODO:.
bson_new_from_data(3) The bson_new_from_data() function shall create a new bson_t on the heap and copy the.
bson_new_from_json(3) The bson_new_from_json() function allocates and initialize a new bson_t by parsing the.
bson_oid_compare(3) The bson_oid_compare() function shall return a qsort() style value of a lexicographical.
bson_oid_copy(3) Copies the contents of src into dst.
bson_oid_equal(3) Checks if two bson_oid_t contain the same bytes.
bson_oid_get_time_t(3) Fetches the generation time in seconds since the UNIX Epoch of oid.
bson_oid_hash(3) Generates a hash code for oid suitable for a hashtable.
bson_oid_init(3) Generates a new bson_oid_t using either context or the default bson_context_t.
bson_oid_init_from_data(3) Initializes a bson_oid_t using the raw buffer provided.
bson_oid_init_from_string(3) Parses the string containing hex encoded oid and initialize the bytes in oid.
bson_oid_init_sequence(3) Generates a new ObjectID using the 64-bit sequence.
bson_oid_is_valid(3) Checks if a string containing a hex encoded string is a valid BSON ObjectID.
bson_oid_t(3) BSON ObjectID Abstraction.
bson_oid_to_string(3) Converts oid into a hex encoded string.
bson_reader_destroy(3) Destroys and releases all resources associated with reader.
bson_reader_destroy_func_t(3) An optional callback function that will be called when a bson_reader_t created.
bson_reader_new_from_data(3) The bson_reader_new_from_data() function shall create a new bson_reader_t using.
bson_reader_new_from_fd(3) The bson_reader_new_from_fd() function shall create a new bson_reader_t that will.
bson_reader_new_from_file(3) Creates a new bson_reader_t using the file denoted by filename.
bson_reader_new_from_handle(3) This function allows for a pluggable data stream for the reader. This can be.
bson_reader_read(3) The bson_reader_read() function shall read the next document from the underlying file-.
bson_reader_read_func_t(3) A callback function that will be called by bson_reader_t to read the next chunk of.
bson_reader_set_destroy_func(3) Allows for setting a callback to be executed when a reader is destroyed. This.
bson_reader_set_read_func(3) Sets the function to read more data from the underlying stream in a custom.
bson_reader_t(3) Streaming BSON Document Reader.
bson_reader_tell(3) Tells the current position within the underlying stream.
bson_realloc(3) This is a portable realloc() wrapper.
bson_realloc_ctx(3) This function is identical to bson_realloc() except it takes a context parameter. This is.
bson_realloc_func(3) This is a prototype for pluggable realloc functions used through the Libbson library. If.
bson_reinit(3) The bson_reinit() function shall be equivalent to calling bson_destroy() and bson_init().
bson_set_error(3) This is a helper function to set the parameters of a bson_error_t. It handles the case.
bson_sized_new(3) The bson_sized_new() function shall create a new bson_t on the heap with a preallocated.
bson_snprintf(3) This is a portable wrapper around snprintf(). It also enforces a trailing in the resulting.
bson_strdup(3) Copies str into a new string. If str is NULL, then NULL is returned.
bson_strdup_printf(3) This function performs a printf style format but into a newly allocated string.
bson_strdupv_printf(3) This function is like bson_strdup_printf() except takes a va_list of parameters.
bson_strerror_r(3) This is a portability wrapper around strerror().
bson_strfreev(3) This will free each string in a NULL-terminated array of strings and then the array itself.
bson_string_append(3) Appends the ASCII or UTF-8 encoded string str to string. This is not suitable for.
bson_string_append_c(3) Appends c to the string builder string.
bson_string_append_printf(3) Like bson_string_append() but formats a printf style string and then appends.
bson_string_append_unichar(3) Appends a unicode character to string. The character will be encoded into its.
bson_string_free(3) Frees the bson_string_t structure and optionally the string itself.
bson_string_new(3) Creates a new string builder, which uses power-of-two growth of buffers. Use the various.
bson_string_t(3) String Building Abstraction.
bson_string_truncate(3) Truncates the string so that it is len bytes in length. This must be smaller or equal.
bson_strncpy(3) Copies up to size bytes from src into dst. dst must be at least size bytes in size. A trail‐.
bson_strndup(3) Allocates a new string and copies up to n_bytes from str into it. A trailing is always set.
bson_strnlen(3) A portable version of strnlen().
bson_subtype_t(3) Binary Field Subtype.
bson_t(3) BSON Document Abstraction.
bson_type_t(3) BSON Type Enumeration.
bson_uint32_to_string(3) Converts value to a string.
bson_unichar_t(3) Unicode Character Abstraction.
bson_utf8_escape_for_json(3) Escapes the string utf8 to be placed inside of a JSON string.
bson_utf8_from_unichar(3) Converts a single unicode character to a multi-byte UTF-8 sequence. The result is.
bson_utf8_get_char(3) Converts the current character in a UTF-8 sequence to a bson_unichar_t, the 32-bit rep‐.
bson_utf8_next_char(3) Advances within utf8 to the next UTF-8 character, which may be multiple bytes offset.
bson_utf8_validate(3) Validates that the content within utf8 is valid UTF-8. If allow_null is true, then.
bson_validate(3) Validates a BSON document by walking through the document and inspecting the fields for.
bson_value_copy(3) This function will copy the boxed content in src into dst. dst must be freed with.
bson_value_destroy(3) Releases any resources associated with value.
bson_value_t(3) BSON Boxed Container Type.
bson_visitor_t(3) The bson_visitor_t structure provides a series of callbacks that can be called while iterat‐.
bson_vsnprintf(3) Like bson_snprintf() but allows for variadic parameters.
bson_writer_begin(3) Begins writing a new document. The caller may use the bson structure to write out a new.
bson_writer_destroy(3) Cleanup after writer and release any allocated memory. Note that the buffer supplied.
bson_writer_end(3) Complete writing of a bson_writer_t to the buffer supplied.
bson_writer_get_length(3) Fetches the current length of the content written by the buffer (including the ini‐.
bson_writer_new(3) Creates a new instance of bson_writer_t using the buffer, length, offset, and _realloc()_.
bson_writer_rollback(3) Abort the appending of the current bson_t to the memory region managed by writer.
bson_writer_t(3) Bulk BSON serialization Abstraction.
bson_zero_free(3) This function behaves like bson_free() except that it zeroes the memory first. This can be.
creating(3) None.
endianness(3) None.
errors(3) None.
json(3) None.
memory(3) BSON Memory Abstraction.
oid(3) None.
parsing(3) None.
performance(3) None.
streaming-bson(3) None.
threading(3) None.
utf8(3) None.
version(3) Versioning Macros and Functions.