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Origin: libmodbus 3&.0&.6.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
libmodbus(7) A fast and portable Modbus library.
modbus_close(3) Close a Modbus connection.
modbus_connect(3) Establish a Modbus connection.
modbus_flush(3) Flush non-transmitted data.
modbus_free(3) Free a libmodbus context.
modbus_get_byte_from_bits(3) Get the value from many bits.
modbus_get_byte_timeout(3) Get timeout between bytes.
modbus_get_float(3) Get a float value.
modbus_get_header_length(3) Retrieve the current header length.
modbus_get_response_timeout(3) Get timeout for response.
modbus_get_socket(3) Get the current socket of the context.
modbus_mapping_free(3) Free a modbus_mapping_t structure.
modbus_mapping_new(3) Allocate four arrays of bits and registers.
modbus_new_rtu(3) Create a libmodbus context for RTU.
modbus_new_tcp(3) Create a libmodbus context for TCP/IPv4.
modbus_new_tcp_pi(3) Create a libmodbus context for TCP Protocol Independent.
modbus_read_bits(3) Read many bits.
modbus_read_input_bits(3) Read many input bits.
modbus_read_input_registers(3) Read many input registers.
modbus_read_registers(3) Read many registers.
modbus_receive(3) Receive a indication request.
modbus_receive_confirmation(3) Receive a confirmation request.
modbus_receive_from(3) Receive a indication request from a socket.
modbus_reply(3) Send a reponse to the received request.
modbus_reply_exception(3) Send an exception reponse.
modbus_report_slave_id(3) Returns a description of the controller.
modbus_rtu_get_serial_mode(3) Get the current serial mode.
modbus_rtu_set_serial_mode(3) Set the serial mode.
modbus_send_raw_request(3) Send a raw request.
modbus_set_bits_from_byte(3) Set many bits from a single byte value.
modbus_set_bits_from_bytes(3) Set many bits from an array of bytes.
modbus_set_byte_timeout(3) Set timeout between bytes.
modbus_set_debug(3) Set debug flag of the context.
modbus_set_error_recovery(3) Set the error recovery mode.
modbus_set_float(3) Set a float value.
modbus_set_response_timeout(3) Set timeout for response.
modbus_set_slave(3) Set slave number in the context.
modbus_set_socket(3) Set socket of the context.
modbus_strerror(3) Return the error message.
modbus_tcp_listen(3) Create and listen a TCP Modbus socket.
modbus_write_and_read_registers(3) Write and read many registers in a single transaction.
modbus_write_bit(3) Write a single bit.
modbus_write_bits(3) Write many bits.
modbus_write_register(3) Write a single register.
modbus_write_registers(3) Write many registers.
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