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Origin: libshevek.

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shevek_absolute_time(3) The absolute_time class stores a date and time.
shevek_args(3) Commandline and configuration file parsing helper.
shevek_args_option(3) Define an option which can be given to the program.
shevek_avahi(3) Serve and browse the local network using avahi.
shevek_avahi_browser(3) Class for browsing other hosts.
shevek_avahi_browser_details(3) Details about a discovered service. These are internally created and may be.
shevek_avahi_browser_owner(3) Information about a discovered server.
shevek_closure(3) Block and resume without blocking the main loop.
shevek_crefbase(3) Circular-dependancy-protected reference-counting object base class.
shevek_crefptr(3) Keep a pointer to an object derived from crefbase.
shevek_dir(3) Get information about files in a directory.
shevek_dir_file(3) Information about a single file in a directory.
shevek_dl(3) Load symbols from dynamic libraries.
shevek_fd(3) The fd class is a generic wrapper for a file descriptor to use it in the Glib event loop.
shevek_file(3) Use normal files with the fd class.
shevek_istring(3) Shevek::istring is a C++ version of scanf.
shevek_ostring(3) Shevek::ostring is a C++ version of printf.
shevek_process(3) Create a process, optionally connection its standard in- and output streams to the calling.
shevek_refbase(3) Base class for classes which want reference counting through Glib::RefPtr.
shevek_regexp(3) Use regular expressions.
shevek_relative_time(3) Time interval.
shevek_ristring(3) Shevek::ristring is identical to shevek::istring, but it uses std::string instead of.
shevek_rostring(3) Shevek::rostring is identical to shevek::ostring, but it uses std::string instead of.
shevek_server(3) Set up a network server using shevek::telnet.
shevek_server_connection(3) Base of the client class which is implemented by the.
shevek_shm(3) This class implements an interface for sharing memory between processes.
shevek_socket(3) Use a unix-domain, tcp or avahi network connection with shevek::fd.
shevek_split(3) Split a string into words and retrieve them individually.
shevek_telnet(3) Input and output filters for shevek::socket to make them telnet sockets.