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Origin: Linux NetKit (0.17).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
bootparamd(8) Boot parameter server.
bootparams(5) Boot parameter database.
finger(1) User information lookup program.
ftp-ssl(1) Internet file transfer program.
in.fingerd(8) Remote user information server.
in.ftpd(8) Internet File Transfer Protocol server.
in.ntalkd(8) Remote user communication server.
in.rexecd(8) Remote execution server.
in.rlogind(8) Remote login server.
in.rshd(8) Remote shell server.
in.talkd(8) ↣ in.ntalkd(8) Remote user communication server.
in.telnetd(8) DARPA telnet protocol server. Identification file for telnet sessions.
netkit-ftp(1) Internet file transfer program.
netkit-netrc(5) User configuration for ftp.
netkit-ntalk(1) Talk to another user.
netkit-rcp(1) Remote file copy.
netkit-rlogin(1) Remote login.
netkit-rsh(1) Remote shell.
netrc-ssl(5) User configuration for ftp.
ntalkd(8) ↣ in.ntalkd(8) Remote user communication server.
rpc.bootparamd(8) ↣ bootparamd(8) Boot parameter server.
rpc.rusersd(8) Logged in users server.
rpc.rwalld(8) Write messages to users currently logged in server.
ruptime(1) Show host status of local machines.
rusers(1) Who is logged in to machines on local network.
rwall(1) Send a message to users logged on a host.
rwho(1) Who is logged in on local machines.
rwhod(8) System status server.
telnet-ssl(1) User interface to the TELNET protocol.
telnet.netkit(1) User interface to the TELNET protocol.
telnetlogin(8) Login wrapper for telnetd.
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