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Origin: Mail Avenger 0.8.4.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
aliascheck(1) Check for existence of mail alias.
asmtpd(8) Avenger SMTP Daemon.
asmtpd.conf(5) Avenger SMTP Daemon configuration file.
avenger(1) Mail Avenger.
avenger.deliver(1) Deliver mail to a mailbox or maildir spool.
avenger.local(8) Deliver mail for a local user.
dbutil(1) Database utility.
dotlock(1) Execute a command with a lock on a mailbox.
edinplace(1) Edit a file in place.
escape(1) Escape shell special characters in a string.
macutil(8) Message Authentication Code utility.
mailexec(1) Run program on messages in mbox file or maildir.
match(1) Match strings against glob paterns.
sendmac(8) ↣ macutil(8) Message Authentication Code utility.
smtpdcheck(1) Check SMTP servers.
synos(1) Guess operating system from TCP SYN fingerprint.
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