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Origin: MJPEG Tools Team.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
jpeg2yuv(1) Convert jpeg images to the yuv format.
lav2mpeg(1) Easy conversion of lav files to mpeg.
lav2wav(1) Extract the audio out of MJPEG container files to stdout.
lav2yuv(1) Convert a MJPEG file to raw yuv.
lavpipe(1) Creates raw YUV streams from pipe list scripts.
lavplay(1) Playback and edit MJPEG video.
lavrec(1) Record MJPEG-video from a zoran/video4linux-device.
lavtrans(1) Convert MJPEG videos to other MJPEG video formats.
mp2enc(1) Simple MPEG-1 layer-II audio encoder.
mpeg2enc(1) MPEG-1/2 encoder.
mplex(1) MPEG 1/2 program/system stream multiplexer.
png2yuv(1) Convert PNG images to the YUV4MPEG stream format.
pnmtoy4m(1) Convert PNM/PAM images to YUV4MPEG2 stream.
ppmtoy4m(1) Convert PPM images to YUV4MPEG2 stream.
y4mcolorbars(1) Create a YUV4MPEG2 stream containing a colorbar test pattern.
y4mdenoise(1) Motion-compensating YUV4MPEG-frame denoiser.
y4mtopnm(1) Convert a YUV4MPEG2 stream to PNM images.
y4mtoppm(1) Convert YUV4MPEG2 stream to PPM images.
y4munsharp(1) Unsharp filter for YUV4MPEG2 streams.
yuv2lav(1) Encodes lavtool's raw YUV frame streams into MJPEG files.
yuv4mpeg(5) Video stream format used by pipe-based MJPEGtools.
yuvdenoise(1) Motion-Compensating-YUV4MPEG2-frame-denoiser.
yuvfps(1) Converts to a different frame rate.
yuvinactive(1) Set a part of the video to a defined state.
yuvkineco(1) Revert 2-3 pulldown movie.
yuvplay(1) Display YUV4MPEG2 streams (using SDL).
yuvscaler(1) UPscales or DOWNscales a YUV4MPEG2 stream to a specified format.
yuvycsnoise(1) Noise filter specialized for NTSC Y/C separation noise.
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