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Origin: nmh-1.7.1-RC3.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
ali(1mh) List nmh mail aliases.
anno(1mh) Annotate nmh messages.
ap(8mh) Nmh parser of RFC 822-style addresses.
burst(1mh) Explode digests into nmh messages.
comp(1mh) Compose an nmh message.
dist(1mh) Distribute an nmh message to additional addresses.
dp(8mh) Nmh parser of RFC 822-style dates.
flist(1mh) List the number of nmh messages in given sequences.
fmtdump(8mh) Decode nmh's mh-format(5) files.
fmttest(1mh) Test programs in nmh's mh-format(5) language.
folder(1mh) Set/list current nmh folder/message.
forw(1mh) Forward nmh messages.
inc(1mh) Incorporate new mail to an nmh folder.
install-mh(8mh) Initialize the nmh environment.
mark(1mh) Manipulate nmh message sequences.
mh(7) ↣ nmh(7mh) New MH message system.
mh-alias(5mh) Format of nmh email-address alias files.
mh-chart(7mh) Chart of nmh commands and their options.
mh-draft(5mh) Draft folder facility for nmh message system.
mh-folders(5mh) Storage format used by nmh message system.
mh-format(5mh) Formatting language for nmh message system.
mh-mail(5mh) Message format for nmh message system.
mh-mime(7mh) Overview of nmh MIME message composition and display.
mh-mkstemp(1mh) Create a temporary file.
mh-profile(5mh) User customization for nmh message handler.
mh-sequence(5mh) Sequence specification for nmh message system.
mh-tailor(5mh) Mail transport configuration for nmh message handler.
mhbuild(1mh) Translate MIME composition drafts for nmh messages.
mhfixmsg(1mh) Nmh's MIME-email rewriter with various transformations.
mhical(1mh) Nmh's manipulator of iCalendar event requests.
mhl(1mh) Produce formatted listings of nmh messages.
mhlist(1mh) List information about nmh MIME messages.
mhlogin(1mh) Nmh login to external (OAuth) services.
mhmail(1mh) Send or read mail non-interactively with nmh.
mhn(1mh) Display/list/store/cache nmh MIME messages.
mhparam(1mh) Print nmh profile and context components.
mhpath(1mh) Print full pathnames of nmh messages and folders.
mhshow(1mh) Display nmh MIME messages.
mhstore(1mh) Store contents of nmh MIME messages into files.
msgchk(1mh) Nmh's check for incoming email.
new(1mh) Report on nmh folders with new messages.
next(1mh) Show the next nmh message.
nmh(7mh) New MH message system.
packf(1mh) Pack messages in nmh folder into a single file.
pick(1mh) Search nmh messages.
post(8mh) Deliver an nmh message.
prev(1mh) Show the previous nmh message.
prompter(1mh) Nmh's prompting editor front-end.
rcvdist(1mh) Asynchronously receive and distribute new email.
rcvpack(1mh) Append an email from standard input to a file.
rcvstore(1mh) Asynchronously incorporate mail into an nmh folder.
rcvtty(1mh) Report new mail with nmh.
refile(1mh) File message in nmh folders.
repl(1mh) Reply to an nmh message.
rmf(1mh) Remove an nmh folder.
rmm(1mh) Remove nmh messages.
scan(1mh) Produce a summary listing of nmh messages.
send(1mh) Send an nmh message.
sendfiles(1mh) Send multiple files by MIME message with nmh.
show(1mh) Display nmh messages.
slocal(1mh) Asynchronously filter and deliver new mail to nmh.
sortm(1mh) Sort nmh messages.
whatnow(1mh) Prompting front-end for writing nmh messages.
whom(1mh) Show to whom an nmh message would be sent.
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