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Origin: NorduGrid ARC 5.4.2.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
arc-config-check(1) Checks the arc.conf for inconsistencies, known problems or (in a future development) just.
arc-infoindex-relay(8) ARC Information Index Relay Helper.
arc-infoindex-server(8) ARC Information Index Server.
arc.conf(5) ARC configuration.
arccat(1) ARC Catenate.
arcclean(1) ARC Clean.
arccp(1) Copy files.
arcecho(1) ARC echo client.
arcemiestest(1) Perform simple operations on EMI ES service.
arcget(1) ARC Get.
arched(8) ARC Hosting Environment Daemon.
arcinfo(1) ARC Info.
arckill(1) ARC Kill.
arcls(1) List files or directories.
arcmkdir(1) Create directories.
arcperftest(1) ARC service performance tester.
arcplugin(1) ARC plugin management utility.
arcproxy(1) ARC Credentials Proxy generation utility.
arcrename(1) Rename file or directory.
arcrenew(1) ARC Proxy Renewal.
arcresub(1) ARC Resubmission.
arcresume(1) ARC Resume.
arcrm(1) Delete files.
arcstat(1) ARC Status.
arcsub(1) ARC Submission.
arcsync(1) ARC Synchronize.
arctest(1) ARC Test Suite.
arcwsrf(1) Run WSRF query against service.
cache-clean(1) Administration tool for the A-REX cache.
cache-list(1) List contents of the A-REX cache.
gridftpd(8) ARC GridFTP Server.
jura(1) Job Usage Reporter of ARC.
nordugridmap(8) ARC grid-mapfile generator.
saml_assertion_init(1) ARC client to voms saml service, or arc aa service.
wsdl2hed(1) ARC skeleton generator.
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