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Origin: Open vSwitch.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
ovn-sbctl(8) Utility for querying and configuring OVN_Southbound database.
ovs-appctl(8) Utility for configuring running Open vSwitch daemons.
ovs-bugtool(8) Open vSwitch bug reporting utility.
ovs-ctl(8) OVS startup helper script.
ovs-dpctl(8) Administer Open vSwitch datapaths.
ovs-dpctl-top(8) Top like behavior for ovs-dpctl dump-flows.
ovs-l3ping(8) Check network deployment for L3 tunneling problems.
ovs-ofctl(8) Administer OpenFlow switches.
ovs-parse-backtrace(8) Parses ovs-appctl backtrace output.
ovs-pcap(1) Print packets from a pcap file as hex.
ovs-pki(8) OpenFlow public key infrastructure management utility.
ovs-tcpdump(8) Dump traffic from an Open vSwitch port using tcpdump.
ovs-tcpundump(1) Convert ``tcpdump -xx'' output to hex strings.
ovs-testcontroller(8) Simple OpenFlow controller for testing.
ovs-vsctl(8) Utility for querying and configuring ovs-vswitchd.
ovs-vswitchd(8) Open vSwitch daemon.
ovsdb-client(1) Command-line interface to ovsdb-server(1).
ovsdb-server(1) Open vSwitch database server.
ovsdb-tool(1) Open vSwitch database management utility.
vtep-ctl(8) Utility for querying and configuring a VTEP database.
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