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Origin: OpenVZ.

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arpsend(8) Send ARP requests.
ctid.conf(5) Configuration file for an OpenVZ container.
ndsend(8) Send a Neighbor Advertisement NDP packet.
ploop(8) Ploop device management utility.
vz.conf(5) Global OpenVZ configuration file.
vzcalc(8) Calculate resource usage of a container.
vzcfgvalidate(8) Validate a container configuration file.
vzcptcheck(8) Show/test CPT properties.
vzcpucheck(8) Show information about the CPU power and utilization.
vzctl(8) Perform various operations on an OpenVZ container.
vzeventd(8) The OpenVZ events daemon.
vzfsync(8) Perform fsync/fdatasync/fadvise on files.
vzifup-post(8) Add containers' ARP records to an interface.
vzlist(8) Show various information about containers.
vzmemcheck(8) Show information about host memory parameters.
vzmigrate(8) Migrate a container between two OpenVZ servers.
vznnc(8) Run a program connected to a socket.
vzpid(8) Display the CT ID given the process ID.
vzsplit(8) Generate a sample container configuration file.
vzstats(8) Report OpenVZ usage statistics.
vztmpl-dl(8) Download/list/update OpenVZ templates.
vzubc(8) Show User Beancounters in a human-readable format.
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