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Origin: OSTree.

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ostree(1) Manage multiple bootable versioned filesystem trees.
ostree-admin(1) Use one of the ostree admin commands.
ostree-admin-cleanup(1) Delete untagged deployments and repository objects.
ostree-admin-config-diff(1) Diff current /etc configuration versus default.
ostree-admin-deploy(1) Checkout a revision as the new default deployment.
ostree-admin-init-fs(1) Initialize a new root filesystem.
ostree-admin-instutil(1) Utility functions intended primarily for operating system installation programs.
ostree-admin-os-init(1) Initialize empty state for a given operating system.
ostree-admin-pin(1) Explicitly retain deployment at a given index.
ostree-admin-set-origin(1) Change the "origin" (location for upgrades).
ostree-admin-status(1) List deployments.
ostree-admin-switch(1) Construct new tree from current origin and deploy it, if it changed.
ostree-admin-undeploy(1) Delete deployment at a given index.
ostree-admin-unlock(1) Prepare the current deployment for hotfix or development.
ostree-admin-upgrade(1) Construct new tree from current origin and deploy it, if it changed.
ostree-cat(1) Display or concatenate contents of files.
ostree-checkout(1) Check out a commit into a filesystem.
ostree-checksum(1) Checksum a file or directory.
ostree-commit(1) Commit a new revision.
ostree-config(1) Change configuration settings.
ostree-create-usb(1) Put the given refs on an external drive for P2P distribution.
ostree-diff(1) Compare a directory against a revision.
ostree-export(1) Generate a tar archive from an OSTree commit.
ostree-find-remotes(1) Find remotes to serve the given refs.
ostree-fsck(1) Check the repository for consistency.
ostree-gpg-sign(1) Sign a commit.
ostree-init(1) Initialize a new empty repository.
ostree-log(1) Show log starting at a commit or ref.
ostree-ls(1) List file paths.
ostree-prune(1) Search for unreachable objects.
ostree-pull(1) Download data from a remote repository.
ostree-pull-local(1) Copy data from a source repository.
ostree-refs(1) List refs.
ostree-remote(1) Control remote repository configuration.
ostree-reset(1) Reset a ref to a previous commit.
ostree-rev-parse(1) Output the target of a rev.
ostree-show(1) Output a metadata object.
ostree-static-delta(1) Manage static delta files.
ostree-summary(1) Regenerate or view the summary metadata file.
ostree.repo(5) OSTree repository configuration and layout.
ostree.repo-config(5) OSTree repository configuration.
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