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Origin: perl v5.10.1.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
Algorithm::Numerical::Sample(3pm) Draw samples from a set.
AnyEvent::AggressiveIdle(3pm) Aggressive idle processes for AnyEvent.
Apache::Htgroup(3pm) Manage Apache authentication group files.
Apache::XMLRPC(3pm) Serve XML-RPC requests from Apache.
App::REPL(3pm) A container for functions for the iperl program.
asql(8) Provide an SQL interface to Apache logfiles.
Auth::Yubikey_Decrypter(3pm) Decrypting the output from the yubikey token.
beancounter(1p) Stock portfolio performance monitor tool.
Bundle::pRPC-modules(3pm) A bundle to install pRPC-modules and prerequisites.
Cache::Historical(3pm) Cache historical values.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache(3pm) Catalyst Apache Engines.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache2(3pm) Base class for Apache 1.99x and 2.x Engines.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache2::MP19(3pm) Catalyst Apache2 mod_perl 1.99x Engine.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache2::MP20(3pm) Catalyst Apache2 mod_perl 2.x Engine.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache::MP13(3pm) Catalyst Apache mod_perl 1.3x Engine.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::CDBI(3pm) Helper for CDBI Models.
Catalyst::Model::CDBI(3pm) [DEPRECATED] CDBI Model Class.
CatalystX::LeakChecker(3pm) Debug memory leaks in Catalyst applications.
CDDB::File(3pm) Parse a CDDB/freedb data file.
CGI::Session::Driver::memcached(3pm) CGI::Session driver for memcached.
Class::Adapter(3pm) Perl implementation of the "Adapter" Design Pattern.
Class::Adapter::Builder(3pm) Generate Class::Adapter classes.
Class::Adapter::Clear(3pm) A handy base Adapter class that makes no changes.
Class::DBI::AsForm(3pm) Produce HTML form elements for database columns.
Class::DBI::Loader::Relationship(3pm) Easier relationship specification in CDBI::L.
Class::OOorNO(3pm) Give your module classic AND OO interfaces.
Config::Pit(3pm) Manage settings.
Config::YAML(3pm) Simple configuration automation.
Convert::ASCII::Armor(3pm) Convert binary octets into ASCII armoured messages.
Convert::ASCII::Armour(3pm) Convert binary octets into ASCII armoured messages.
CPAN::DistnameInfo(3pm) Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename.
Data::Grove::Parent(3pm) Provide parent properties to Data::Grove objects.
Data::Grove::Visitor(3pm) Add visitor/callback methods to Data::Grove objects.
Data::Miscellany(3pm) Collection of miscellaneous subroutines.
Devel::ArgNames(3pm) Figure out the names of variables passed into subroutines.
Devel::CallTrace(3pm) See what your code's doing.
elixir-column(1p) Reformat 'elixir resolve' output.
elixir-compose(1p) Reformat 'elixir compose' output.
Exception::Handler(3pm) Report exceptions with formatted text call-stack.
Expect(3pm) Expect for Perl.
Exporter::Renaming(3pm) Allow renaming of symbols on import.
Feed::Find(3pm) Syndication feed auto-discovery.
File::Find::Rule::VCS(3pm) Exclude files/directories for Version Control Systems.
Finance::BeanCounter(3pm) Module for stock portfolio performance functions.
FreezeThaw(3pm) Converting Perl structures to strings and back.
Frontier::Client(3pm) Issue Frontier XML RPC requests to a server.
Frontier::Daemon(3pm) Receive Frontier XML RPC requests.
Frontier::Responder(3pm) Create XML-RPC listeners for normal CGI processes.
Frontier::RPC2(3pm) Encode/decode RPC2 format XML.
geneparse(1) Sequence file loader frontend.
geneparse-mpi(1) ↣ geneparse(1) Sequence file loader frontend.
Geo::Postcode(3pm) UK Postcode validation and location.
Geo::Postcode::Location(3pm) Helper class for Geo::Postcode that handles grid reference lookups.
Getopt::Declare(3pm) Declaratively Expressed Command-Line Arguments via Regular Expressions.
Gtk2::Ex::Entry::Pango(3pm) Gtk2 Entry that accepts Pango markup.
Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog(3pm) A simple, pure Perl dialog for printing PostScript data in GTK+ applications.
Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog::Darwin(3pm) MacOS X/Darwin backend for Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog.
Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog::Linux(3pm) Linux backend for Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog.
Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog::MSWin32(3pm) Generic Windows backend for Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog.
Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog::Unix(3pm) Generic Unix backend for Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog.
Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List(3pm) A simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC list widget.
Gtk2::Ex::VolumeButton(3pm) Widget to control volume and similar values.
Gtk2::GladeXML::Simple(3pm) A clean object-oriented interface to Gtk2::GladeXML.
Hash::Merge::Simple(3pm) Recursively merge two or more hashes, simply.
HTML::CalendarMonthSimple(3pm) Perl Module for Generating HTML Calendars.
HTML::ElementGlob(3pm) Perl extension for managing HTML::Element based objects as a single object.
HTML::ElementRaw(3pm) Perl extension for HTML::Element(3).
HTML::ElementSuper(3pm) Perl extension for HTML::Element(3).
HTML::ElementTable(3pm) Perl extension for manipulating a table composed of HTML::Element style components.
HTML::Encoding(3pm) Determine the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documents.
HTML::Tiny(3pm) Lightweight, dependency free HTML/XML generation.
HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason(3pm) An abstract baseclass for a standalone mason server.
Image::MetaData::JPEG(3pm) Perl extension for showing/modifying JPEG (meta)data.
Image::MetaData::JPEG::MakerNotes(3pm) This document contains random information and details on MakerNotes; it is.
Image::MetaData::JPEG::Structures(3pm) This document describes the structure of a JPEG file; it is an appendix to.
Image::MetaData::JPEG::TagLists(3pm) This document contains a collection of tag tables for JPEG segments; it is.
IO::Handle::Iterator(3pm) Iterator based read handle.
IO::Handle::Prototype(3pm) Base class for callback based handles.
IO::Handle::Prototype::Fallback(3pm) Create IO::Handle like objects using a set of callbacks.
IO::Handle::Util(3pm) Functions for working with IO::Handle like objects.
ipv4calc(1p) Calculates IPv4 elements from an address.
Lingua::Stem(3pm) Stemming of words.
Lingua::Stem::AutoLoader(3pm) A manager for autoloading Lingua::Stem modules.
Lingua::Stem::Da(3pm) Stemming algorithm for Danish.
Lingua::Stem::De(3pm) Stemming algorithm for German.
Lingua::Stem::En(3pm) Porter's stemming algorithm for 'generic' English.
Lingua::Stem::EnBroken(3pm) Porter's stemming algorithm for 'generic' English.
Lingua::Stem::Fr(3pm) Perl French Stemming.
Lingua::Stem::Gl(3pm) Stemming algorithm for Galacian.
Lingua::Stem::It(3pm) Porter's stemming algorithm for Italian.
Lingua::Stem::No(3pm) Stemming algorithm for Danish.
Lingua::Stem::Pt(3pm) Stemming algorithm for Portuguese.
Lingua::Stem::Ru(3pm) Porter's stemming algorithm for Russian (KOI8-R only).
Lingua::Stem::Sv(3pm) Stemming algorithm for Swedish.
LiveJournal(3pm) A Perl implementation of the LiveJournal protocol.
LW2(3perl) Perl HTTP library version 2.5.
Mail::ListDetector(3pm) Perl extension for detecting mailing list messages.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::AutoShare(3pm) AutoShare message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Base(3pm) Base class for mailing list detectors.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::CommuniGate(3pm) CommuniGate message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::CommuniGatePro(3pm) CommuniGate Pro message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Ecartis(3pm) Ecartis message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Ezmlm(3pm) Ezmlm message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Fml(3pm) FML message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::GoogleGroups(3pm) Google Groups message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::LetterRip(3pm) LetterRip message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Listar(3pm) Listar message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Listbox(3pm) Listbox message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Listserv(3pm) Listserv message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::ListSTAR(3pm) ListSTAR message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Lyris(3pm) Lyris message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Mailman(3pm) Mailman message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Majordomo(3pm) Majordomo message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Onelist(3pm) ONElist message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::RFC2369(3pm) RFC2369 message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::RFC2919(3pm) RFC2919 message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Smartlist(3pm) Smartlist message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Yahoogroups(3pm) Yahoo! Groups message detector.
Mail::ListDetector::List(3pm) An object representing a mailing list.
Mail::Sender(3pm) Module for sending mails with attachments through an SMTP server.
Math::Combinatorics(3pm) Perform combinations and permutations on lists.
Math::Random::ISAAC(3pm) Perl interface to the ISAAC PRNG algorithm.
Math::Random::ISAAC::PP(3pm) Pure Perl port of the ISAAC PRNG algorithm.
mbfa(1) Murasaki Binary FASTA format converter.
mbfa-mpi(1) ↣ mbfa(1) Murasaki Binary FASTA format converter.
Module::Optional(3pm) Breaking module dependency chains.
Module::Pluggable::Fast(3pm) Fast plugins with instantiation.
Module::Starter::Plugin::TT2(3pm) TT2 templates for Module::Starter::Template.
Monkey::Patch(3pm) Scoped monkeypatching (you can at least play nice).
Monkey::Patch::Handle(3pm) Handle for monkey-patched functions.
Monkey::Patch::Handle::Class(3pm) Handle for monkey-patching classes.
Monkey::Patch::Handle::Object(3pm) Handle for monkey-patching objects.
MooseX::CompileTime::Traits(3pm) Allow compile time traits for classes/roles.
MooseX::FollowPBP(3pm) Name your accessors get_foo() and set_foo().
MooseX::InsideOut(3pm) Inside-out objects with Moose.
MooseX::MultiMethods(3pm) Multi Method Dispatch based on Moose type constraints.
MouseX::StrictConstructor(3pm) Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes.
MP4::Info(3pm) Fetch info from MPEG-4 files (.mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .3gp).
murasaki(1) Compute anchors between multiple sequences.
murasaki-mpi(1) ↣ murasaki(1) Compute anchors between multiple sequences.
mvs(1p) A command line Mediawiki client.
nat-traverse(1) Use of UDP to traverse NAT gateways.
Net::CIDR::Lite(3pm) Perl extension for merging IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses.
Net::Hotline(3pm) Perl libraries for the Hotline internet client.
Net::Hotline::Client(3pm) Perl library for the Hotline internet client.
Net::Hotline::FileInfoItem(3pm) File object used internally by Net::Hotline::Client.
Net::Hotline::FileListItem(3pm) File object used internally by Net::Hotline::Client.
Net::Hotline::PrivateChat(3pm) Private chat object used internally by Net::Hotline::Client.
Net::Hotline::Task(3pm) Task object used internally by Net::Hotline::Client.
Net::Hotline::TrackerListItem(3pm) File object used internally by Net::Hotline::Client.
Net::Hotline::User(3pm) User object used internally by Net::Hotline::Client.
Net::IPv4Addr(3pm) Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses.
Net::Jabber::Bot(3pm) Automated Bot creation with safeties.
Net::MAC(3pm) Perl extension for representing and manipulating MAC addresses.
Net::OpenSRS(3pm) Domain registration via the Tucows OpenSRS HTTPS XML API.
News::NNTPClient(3pm) Perl 5 module to talk to NNTP (RFC977) server.
News::Scan(3pm) Gather and report Usenet newsgroup statistics.
News::Scan::Article(3pm) Collect information about news articles.
News::Scan::Poster(3pm) Keep track of posters to a newsgroup.
News::Scan::Thread(3pm) Keep track of threads in a Usenet newsgroup.
Object::Pluggable(3pm) A base class for creating plugin-enabled objects.
Object::Pluggable::Constants(3pm) Importable constants for Object::Pluggable.
Object::Pluggable::Pipeline(3pm) The plugin pipeline for Object::Pluggable.
Object::Tiny(3pm) Class building as simple as it gets.
paf(1p) Pod Abstract Filter. Transform Pod documents from the command line.
Params::Validate::Dummy(3pm) Stub for Params::Validate.
POD2::Base(3pm) Base module for translations of Perl documentation.
Pod::Abstract(3pm) Abstract document tree for Perl POD documents.
Pod::Abstract::BuildNode(3pm) Build new nodes for use in Pod::Abstract.
Pod::Abstract::Filter(3pm) Generic Pod-in to Pod-out filter.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::add_podcmds(3pm) Paf command to insert explict =pod commands before each Pod block in a.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::clear_podcmds(3pm) Paf command to remove =pod commands from the beginning of Pod blocks.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::cut(3pm) Paf command to remove non-processed (cut) portions of a Pod document.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::find(3pm) Paf command to find specific nodes that contain a string.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::number_sections(3pm) Paf command for basic multipart section numbering.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::overlay(3pm) Paf command to perform a method documentation overlay on a Pod document.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::sort(3pm) Paf command to alphabetically sort sub-sections within a Pod section.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::summary(3pm) Paf command to show document outline, with short examples.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::uncut(3pm) Paf command to turn source code into verbatim nodes.
Pod::Abstract::Filter::unoverlay(3pm) Paf command to remove "overlay" blocks from a Pod document, as created by.
Pod::Abstract::Node(3pm) Pod Document Node.
Pod::Abstract::Parser(3pm) Internal Parser class of Pod::Abstract.
Pod::Abstract::Path(3pm) Search for POD nodes matching a path within a document tree.
Pod::Abstract::Serial(3pm) Generate a global sequence of serial numbers.
Pod::Abstract::Tree(3pm) Manage a level of Pod document tree Nodes.
Pod::SAX(3pm) A SAX parser for Pod.
POE::Component::DBIAgent(3pm) POE Component for running asynchronous DBI calls.
POE::Component::DBIAgent::Helper(3pm) DBI Query Helper for DBIAgent.
POE::Component::Pcap(3pm) POE Interface to Net::Pcap.
PPI::HTML(3pm) Generate syntax-hightlighted HTML for Perl using PPI.
ppit(1p) Pit for perl.
Regexp::Common::Email::Address(3pm) Returns a pattern for Email Addresses.
Regexp::IPv6(3pm) Regular expression for IPv6 addresses.
RPC::pClient(3pm) Perl extension for writing pRPC clients.
RPC::pServer(3pm) Perl extension for writing pRPC servers.
Scalar::Defer(3pm) Lazy evaluation in Perl.
Sendmail::Milter(3pm) Compatibility interface for Sendmail::PMilter.
Sendmail::PMilter(3pm) Perl binding of Sendmail Milter protocol.
Sendmail::PMilter::Context(3pm) Per-connection milter context.
setup_beancounter(1p) Create and initialise BeanCounter databases.
Stat::lsMode(3pm) Format file modes like the "ls -l" command does.
Statistics::Test::RandomWalk(3pm) Random Walk test for random numbers.
Sub::Delete(3pm) Perl module enabling one to delete subroutines.
Template::DBI(3pm) DBI plugin for the Template Toolkit.
Template::Plugin::DBI(3pm) Template interface to the DBI module.
Template::Plugin::JavaScript(3pm) Encodes text to be safe in JavaScript.
Term::VT102(3pm) A class to emulate a DEC VT102 terminal.
Test::Image::GD(3pm) A module for testing images using GD.
Test::YAML::Valid(3pm) Test for valid YAML.
Text::Password::Pronounceable(3pm) Generate pronounceable passwords.
Text::Patch(3pm) Patches text with given patch.
Text::WikiFormat(3pm) Module for translating Wiki formatted text into other formats.
Text::WikiFormat::Blocks(3pm) Blocktypes for Text::WikiFormat.
Thread::Pool::Simple(3pm) A simple thread-pool implementation.
Tie::Persistent(3pm) Persistent data structures via tie made easy.
Tie::RefHash::Weak(3pm) A Tie::RefHash subclass with weakened references in the keys.
Tie::ShadowHash(3pm) Merge multiple data sources into a hash.
twatch(1) Watch torrent trackers and automatically download new torrents.
UNIVERSAL::exports(3pm) Lightweight, universal exporting of variables.
update_beancounter(1p) Convert older BeanCounter databases.
V(3pm) Print version of the specified module(s).
Video::Frequencies(3pm) Many, many frequency constants and lists.
Video::Info(3pm) Retrieve video properties such as:.
Video::Info::ASF(3pm) ASF files for attributes like:.
Video::Info::FOO(3pm) What is it useful for? an example list:.
Video::Info::Magic(3pm) Resolve video filetype if possible.
Video::Info::MPEG(3pm) Basic MPEG bitstream attribute parser.
Video::Info::MPEG::Audio(3pm) Provides information about MPEG audio streams.
Video::Info::MPEG::Constants(3pm) Exposes constants related to MPEG streams.
Video::Info::MPEG::System(3pm) General MPEG manipulation routines.
Video::Info::MPEG::Video(3pm) Provides information about MPEG video streams.
Video::Info::Quicktime(3pm) Extract information from Quicktime (TM) files.
Video::Info::RIFF(3pm) Probe DivX and AVI files for attributes like:.
WebService::YouTube(3pm) Perl interface to YouTube.
WebService::YouTube::Feeds(3pm) Perl interface to YouTube RSS Feeds.
WebService::YouTube::User(3pm) User class for YouTube.
WebService::YouTube::Util(3pm) Utility for WebService::YouTube.
WebService::YouTube::Video(3pm) Video class for YouTube.
WebService::YouTube::Videos(3pm) Perl interface to youtube.videos.*.
WWW::Google::Calculator(3pm) Perl interface for Google calculator.
WWW::Mediawiki::Client(3pm) Module providing a VCS like to MediaWiki.
WWW::Mediawiki::Client::Exceptions(3pm) Exception handling for WWW::Mediawiki::Client.
WWW::RobotRules(3pm) Database of robots.txt-derived permissions.
WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM_File(3pm) Persistent RobotRules.
XML::DOM-ecmascript(3pm) XML::Grove and ECMA Script Language Binding.
XML::DTDParser(3pm) Quick and dirty DTD parser.
XML::ESISParser(3pm) Perl SAX parser using nsgmls.
XML::Filter::SAXT(3pm) Replicates SAX events to several SAX event handlers.
XML::Filter::XSLT(3pm) XSLT as a SAX Filter.
XML::Filter::XSLT::LibXSLT(3pm) LibXSLT SAX Filter.
XML::Grove(3pm) Perl-style XML objects.
XML::Grove::AsCanonXML(3pm) Output XML objects in canonical XML.
XML::Grove::AsString(3pm) Output content of XML objects as a string.
XML::Grove::Builder(3pm) PerlSAX handler for building an XML::Grove.
XML::Grove::Factory(3pm) Simplify creation of XML::Grove objects.
XML::Grove::IDs(3pm) Return an index of `id' attributes in a grove.
XML::Grove::Path(3pm) Return the object at a path.
XML::Grove::PerlSAX(3pm) An PerlSAX event interface for XML objects.
XML::Grove::Sub(3pm) Run a filter sub over a grove.
XML::Grove::Subst(3pm) Substitute values into a template.
XML::Grove::XPointer(3pm) Deprecated module once intended for XPointer.
XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter(3pm) Output XML in canonical XML format.
XML::Handler::PrintEvents(3pm) Prints PerlSAX events (for debugging).
XML::Handler::Sample(3pm) A trivial PerlSAX handler.
XML::Handler::Subs(3pm) A PerlSAX handler base class for calling user-defined subs.
XML::Handler::XMLWriter(3pm) A PerlSAX handler for writing readable XML.
XML::Handler::YAWriter(3pm) Yet another Perl SAX XML Writer.
XML::Parser::PerlSAX(3pm) Perl SAX parser using XML::Parser.
XML::PatAct::ActionTempl(3pm) An action module for.
XML::PatAct::Amsterdam(3pm) An action module for simplistic style-sheets.
XML::PatAct::MatchName(3pm) A pattern module for matching element names.
XML::PatAct::PatternTempl(3pm) A pattern module for.
XML::PatAct::ToObjects(3pm) An action module for creating Perl objects.
XML::RSSLite(3pm) Lightweight, "relaxed" RSS (and XML-ish) parser.
XML::TokeParser(3pm) Simplified interface to XML::Parser.
XML::UM(3pm) Convert UTF-8 strings to any encoding supported by XML::Encoding.
XML::XQL(3pm) A perl module for querying XML tree structures with XQL.
XML::XQL::Date(3pm) Adds an XQL::Node type for representing and comparing dates and times.
XML::XQL::DOM(3pm) Adds XQL support to XML::DOM nodes.
XML::XQL::Query(3pm) Creates an XQL query evaluater from a XQL expression.
XML::XQL::Tutorial(3pm) Describes the XQL query syntax.
xmlpretty(1p) XML pretty printer.
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