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Origin: perl v5.18.1.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
Acme::constant(3pm) Like constant, except actually not.
all-knowing-dns(1p) Tiny DNS server for IPv6 Reverse DNS.
Apache::XMLRPC::Lite(3pm) Mod_perl-based XML-RPC server with minimum configuration.
App::AllKnowingDNS::Config(3pm) Configuration object.
App::AllKnowingDNS::Handler(3pm) Main code of AllKnowingDNS.
App::AllKnowingDNS::Util(3pm) Utility functions.
App::Cache(3pm) Easy application-level caching.
App::mkdist(3pm) Create distributions that will use Module::Package::RDF.
BIND::Conf_Parser(3pm) Parser class for BIND configuration files.
Bytes::Random::Secure(3pm) Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes.
Catalyst::Action::Serialize::Data::Serializer(3pm) Serialize with Data::Serializer.
CatalystX::InjectComponent(3pm) Inject components into your Catalyst application.
CDDB(3pm) A high-level interface to cddb protocol servers (freedb and CDDB).
chartex(1p) A utility to extract charts from an Excel file for insertion into a Spreadsheet::WriteExcel file.
Class::Contract(3pm) Design-by-Contract OO in Perl.
Class::Contract::Production(3pm) Design-by-Contract OO in Perl.
Class::ReturnValue(3pm) A return-value object that lets you treat it as as a boolean, array or object.
Color::Palette(3pm) A set of named colors.
Color::Palette::Schema(3pm) Requirements for a palette.
Color::Palette::Types(3pm) Type constraints for use with Color::Palette.
ConfigReader(3pm) Read directives from a configuration file.
ConfigReader::DirectiveStyle(3pm) Read configuration file.
ConfigReader::Spec(3pm) Stores specifications of configuration directives.
ConfigReader::Values(3pm) Stores a set of configuration values.
connect-tunnel(1p) Create CONNECT tunnels through HTTP proxies.
Const::Fast(3pm) Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes.
Convert::Ascii85(3pm) Encoding and decoding of ascii85/base85 strings.
Convert::BER(3pm) ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules.
Crypt::CBC(3pm) Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode.
Crypt::SaltedHash(3pm) Perl interface to functions that assist in working with salted hashes.
Crypt::SmbHash(3pm) Perl-only implementation of lanman and nt md4 hash functions, for use in Samba style.
CSS(3pm) Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
CSS::Adaptor(3pm) Arbitrarily map CSS data for use in another context.
CSS::Adaptor::Debug(3pm) An example adaptor for debugging CSS.
CSS::Adaptor::Pretty(3pm) An example adaptor for pretty-printing CSS.
CSS::Parse(3pm) Template class for CSS parser modules.
CSS::Parse::Compiled(3pm) A CSS::Parse module using a compiled Parse::RecDescent grammar.
CSS::Parse::Heavy(3pm) A CSS::Parse module using Parse::RecDescent.
CSS::Parse::Lite(3pm) A CSS::Parse module using regular expressions.
CSS::Parse::PRDGrammar(3pm) A CSS grammar for Parse::RecDescent.
CSS::Property(3pm) A property in a CSS object tree.
CSS::Selector(3pm) A selector in a CSS object tree.
CSS::Style(3pm) A ruleset in a CSS object tree.
CSS::Value(3pm) A property value in a CSS object tree.
Data::ShowTable(3pm) Routines to display tabular data in several formats.
DBIx::Class::DateTime::Epoch(3pm) Automatic inflation/deflation of epoch-based columns to/from DateTime objects.
DBIx::XML_RDB(3pm) Perl extension for creating XML from existing DBI datasources.
DBIx::XMLMessage(3pm) XML Message exchange between DBI data sources.
Debug::Trace(3pm) Perl extension to trace subroutine calls.
Devel::OverrideGlobalRequire(3pm) Override CORE::GLOBAL::require safely.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Config::Git(3pm) Plugin configuration containing settings for a Git repo.
Dist::Zilla::Role::GitConfig(3pm) Easy role to add git_config option to most plugins.
ecaccess(1p) The ECaccess Tools gives Member States (in the following "Member States" (MS).
ecaccess-association-delete(1p) Delete Association.
ecaccess-association-get(1p) Get the Association Descriptive File.
ecaccess-association-list(1p) List your ECtrans Associations.
ecaccess-association-protocol(1p) List the supported ECtrans Protocols.
ecaccess-association-put(1p) Update/Create an Association.
ecaccess-certificate-create(1p) Create Certificate for the ECtools.
ecaccess-certificate-list(1p) List Available Operations.
ecaccess-cosinfo(1p) Display ConsInfo from ECMWF.
ecaccess-ectrans-delete(1p) Delete ECtrans.
ecaccess-ectrans-list(1p) List all ECtrans transfers.
ecaccess-ectrans-request(1p) Request a new ECtrans transfer.
ecaccess-ectrans-restart(1p) Restart an existing ECtrans transfer.
ecaccess-event-clear(1p) Clear an ECaccess Event.
ecaccess-event-create(1p) Create an ECaccess Event.
ecaccess-event-delete(1p) Delete an ECaccess Event.
ecaccess-event-grant(1p) Grant usage of an ECaccess Event.
ecaccess-event-list(1p) List available events.
ecaccess-event-send(1p) Trigger an ECaccess Event.
ecaccess-file-chmod(1p) Change ECaccess File Mode Bits.
ecaccess-file-copy(1p) Copy an ECaccess File.
ecaccess-file-delete(1p) Remove an ECaccess File.
ecaccess-file-dir(1p) List ECaccess Directory Contents.
ecaccess-file-get(1p) Download an ECaccess File.
ecaccess-file-mdelete(1p) Delete Multiple ECaccess Files at once.
ecaccess-file-mget(1p) Download Multiple ECaccess Files at once.
ecaccess-file-mkdir(1p) Make a Directory on the ECaccess File System.
ecaccess-file-modtime(1p) Show the Last Modification Time of an ECaccess File.
ecaccess-file-move(1p) Move or Rename ECaccess Files.
ecaccess-file-mput(1p) Upload Multiple Local Files on the ECaccess File System at once.
ecaccess-file-put(1p) Upload a File on the ECaccess File System.
ecaccess-file-rmdir(1p) Remove a Directory on the ECaccess File System.
ecaccess-file-size(1p) Show the Size of an ECaccess File.
ecaccess-gateway-connected(1p) Display the ECaccess Gateway Connection Status.
ecaccess-gateway-list(1p) List the ECaccess Gateways.
ecaccess-gateway-name(1p) Display the name of the default ECaccess Gateway.
ecaccess-job-delete(1p) Delete an ECaccess Job.
ecaccess-job-get(1p) Download a Job Output/Input/Error File.
ecaccess-job-list(1p) List all ECaccess Jobs.
ecaccess-job-restart(1p) Restart an ECaccess Job.
ecaccess-job-submit(1p) Submit a new ECaccess Job.
ecaccess-queue-list(1p) List available queues.
ECMWF::ECaccess(3pm) Perl extension to access the ECMWF ECaccess Web Services (or ECaccess API).
Email::Filter(3pm) Library for creating easy email filters.
Email::LocalDelivery(3pm) Deliver a piece of email - simply.
Email::LocalDelivery::Maildir(3pm) Deliver mail to a Maildir.
Email::LocalDelivery::Mbox(3pm) Deliver mail to an mbox.
Email::Thread(3pm) Use JWZ's mail threading algorithm with Email::Simple objects.
End(3pm) Generalized END {}.
Exporter::AutoClean(3pm) Export instant functions available at compile time only.
ExtUtils::Typemap(3pm) Read/Write/Modify Perl/XS typemap files.
ExtUtils::Typemap::InputMap(3pm) Entry in the INPUT section of a typemap.
ExtUtils::Typemap::OutputMap(3pm) Entry in the OUTPUT section of a typemap.
ExtUtils::Typemap::Type(3pm) Entry in the TYPEMAP section of a typemap.
File::chdir(3pm) A more sensible way to change directories.
File::MMagic(3pm) Guess file type.
Filter::Template(3pm) A source filter for inline code templates (macros).
Filter::Template::UseBytes(3pm) Conditionally use depending on availability.
Forest(3pm) A collection of n-ary tree related modules.
Forest::Tree(3pm) An n-ary tree.
Forest::Tree::Builder(3pm) An abstract role for bottom up tree reader.
Forest::Tree::Builder::Callback(3pm) A Forest tree builder with a callback for subtree construction.
Forest::Tree::Builder::SimpleTextFile(3pm) Parse trees from indented ASCII files.
Forest::Tree::Constructor(3pm) An abstract role for tree factories.
Forest::Tree::Indexer(3pm) An abstract role for tree indexers.
Forest::Tree::Indexer::SimpleUIDIndexer(3pm) Indexes a Forest::Tree heiarchy by it's UID.
Forest::Tree::Loader(3pm) An abstract role for loading trees.
Forest::Tree::Loader::SimpleUIDLoader(3pm) Loads a Forest::Tree heirarchy using UIDs.
Forest::Tree::Pure(3pm) An n-ary tree.
Forest::Tree::Reader(3pm) An abstract role for top down tree reader.
Forest::Tree::Reader::SimpleTextFile(3pm) A reader for Forest::Tree heirarchies.
Forest::Tree::Roles::HasNodeFormatter(3pm) Simple role for custom node formatters.
Forest::Tree::Roles::JSONable(3pm) An abstract role for providing JSON serialization.
Forest::Tree::Roles::LoadWithMetaData(3pm) A Moosey solution to this problem.
Forest::Tree::Roles::MetaData(3pm) A role mixin to support tree node metadata.
Forest::Tree::Writer(3pm) An abstract role for tree writers.
Forest::Tree::Writer::ASCIIWithBranches(3pm) A slightly more complex ASCII writer.
Forest::Tree::Writer::SimpleASCII(3pm) A simple ASCII writer for Forest::Tree heirarchies.
Forest::Tree::Writer::SimpleHTML(3pm) A simple HTML writer for Forest::Tree heirarchies.
Format::Human::Bytes(3pm) Format a bytecount and make it human readable.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable(3pm) Generates GoogleEarth Documents.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Base(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable Base package.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Constructor(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable Constructor package.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Contrib::LinearRing(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable LinearRing Object.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Contrib::LineString(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable LineString Object.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Contrib::Point(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable Point Object.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Folder(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Folder object.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::LookAt(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable LookAt package.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::NetworkLink(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::NetworkLink.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Placemark(3pm) Base Object for Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable Placemarks.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Plugin::Default(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable Default Plugin Methods.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Plugin::Others(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable Others Plugin Methods.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Plugin::Style(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable Style Plugin Methods.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::Style(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable Style Object.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::StyleBase(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable StyleBase Object.
Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable::StyleMap(3pm) Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable StyleMap Object.
Graph::D3(3pm) Create ref/json to show node-edge graph with D3.js.
HTML::Embedded::Turtle(3pm) Embedding RDF in HTML the crazy way.
HTML::HTML5::Builder(3pm) Erect some scaffolding for your documents.
HTML::HTML5::Builder::Document(3pm) Pretty trivial subclass of XML::LibXML::Document.
HTML::PrettyPrinter(3pm) Generate nice HTML files from HTML syntax trees.
HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI(3pm) PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple.
IO::Digest(3pm) Calculate digests while reading or writing.
IO::Pipely(3pm) Portably create pipe() or pipe-like handles, one way or another.
IO::Socket::PortState(3pm) Perl extension for checking the open or closed status of a port.
IO::String(3pm) Emulate file interface for in-core strings.
langident(1p) Identifies the language files are written in.
Lexical::Persistence(3pm) Persistent lexical variable values for arbitrary calls.
lib::abs(3pm) "lib" that makes relative path absolute to caller.
Lingua::Identify(3pm) Language identification.
Lingua::Identify::BG(3pm) Meta-information on Bulgarian.
Lingua::Identify::CS(3pm) Meta-information on Czech.
Lingua::Identify::CY(3pm) Meta-information on Welsh.
Lingua::Identify::DA(3pm) Meta-information on Danish.
Lingua::Identify::DE(3pm) Meta-information on German.
Lingua::Identify::EL(3pm) Meta-information on Greek.
Lingua::Identify::EN(3pm) Meta-information on English.
Lingua::Identify::ES(3pm) Meta-information on Spanish.
Lingua::Identify::FI(3pm) Meta-information on Finnish.
Lingua::Identify::FR(3pm) Meta-information on French.
Lingua::Identify::HI(3pm) Meta-information on Hindi.
Lingua::Identify::HR(3pm) Meta-information on Croatian.
Lingua::Identify::HU(3pm) Meta-information on Hungarian.
Lingua::Identify::ID(3pm) Meta-information on Indonesian.
Lingua::Identify::IT(3pm) Meta-information on Italian.
Lingua::Identify::LA(3pm) Meta-information on Latin.
Lingua::Identify::NL(3pm) Meta-information on Dutch.
Lingua::Identify::Nothing(3pm) Module for tests.
Lingua::Identify::PL(3pm) Meta-information on Polish.
Lingua::Identify::PT(3pm) Meta-information on Portuguese.
Lingua::Identify::RO(3pm) Meta-information on Romanian.
Lingua::Identify::RU(3pm) Meta-information on Russian.
Lingua::Identify::SL(3pm) Meta-information on Slovene.
Lingua::Identify::SQ(3pm) Meta-information on Albanian.
Lingua::Identify::SV(3pm) Meta-information on Swedish.
Lingua::Identify::TR(3pm) Meta-information on Turkish.
Lingua::Identify::UK(3pm) Meta-information on Ukranian.
Lingua::Ispell(3pm) A module encapsulating access to the Ispell program.
Lingua::Preferred(3pm) Perl extension to choose a language.
List::Rotation::Cycle(3pm) Cycle through a list of values via a singleton object implemented as closure.
Log::Dispatch::Array(3pm) Log events to an array (reference).
Log::Dispatch::Configurator::Any(3pm) Configurator implementation with Config::Any.
make-lingua-identify-language(1p) Creates language modules for Lingua::Identify.
mapivi(1) Picture Viewer and Organizer.
Method::Signatures::Simple(3pm) Basic method declarations with signatures, without source filters.
Mixin::ExtraFields(3pm) Add extra stashes of data to your objects.
Mixin::ExtraFields::Driver(3pm) A backend for extra field storage.
Mixin::ExtraFields::Driver::HashGuts(3pm) Store extras in a hashy object's guts.
Mixin::ExtraFields::Param(3pm) Make your class provide a familiar "param" method. Example to generate new password with String::MkPasswd.
MLDBM::Sync(3pm) Safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases.
Module::Install::Admin::RDF(3pm) Internals for Module::Install::RDF.
Module::Install::DOAP(3pm) Generate META.yml data from DOAP.
Module::Install::DOAPChangeSets(3pm) Write your distribution change log in RDF.
Module::Install::DOAPChangeSets::Format(3pm) Vocabulary guide.
Module::Install::RDF(3pm) Advanced metadata for your distribution.
Module::Package::RDF(3pm) Drive your distribution with RDF.
MooseX::Aliases(3pm) Easy aliasing of methods and attributes in Moose.
MooseX::Aliases::Meta::Trait::Attribute(3pm) Attribute metaclass trait for MooseX::Aliases.
MooseX::Aliases::Meta::Trait::Method(3pm) Method metaclass trait for MooseX::Aliases.
MooseX::SetOnce(3pm) Write-once, read-many attributes for Moose.
MooX::Types::SetObject(3pm) Set::Object type.
Mouse::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Array(3pm) Shortcut for ArrayRef trait.
Mouse::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Bool(3pm) Shortcut for Bool trait.
Mouse::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Code(3pm) Shortcut for CodeRef trait.
Mouse::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Counter(3pm) Shortcut for Counter trait.
Mouse::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Hash(3pm) Shortcut for HashRef trait.
Mouse::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Number(3pm) Shortcut for Number trait.
Mouse::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::String(3pm) Shortcut for Str trait.
Mouse::Meta::Attribute::Native(3pm) Extend your attribute interfaces.
MouseX::ConfigFromFile(3pm) An abstract Mouse role for setting attributes from a configfile.
MouseX::NativeTraits(3pm) Extend your attribute interfaces for Mouse.
MouseX::NativeTraits::ArrayRef(3pm) Helper trait for ArrayRef attributes.
MouseX::NativeTraits::Bool(3pm) Helper trait for Bool attributes.
MouseX::NativeTraits::CodeRef(3pm) Helper trait for CodeRef attributes.
MouseX::NativeTraits::Counter(3pm) Helper trait for counter attributes.
MouseX::NativeTraits::HashRef(3pm) Helper trait for HashRef attributes.
MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider(3pm) The common base class for method providers.
MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider::ArrayRef(3pm) Provides methods for ArrayRef.
MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider::Bool(3pm) Provides methods for Bool.
MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider::CodeRef(3pm) Provides methods for CodeRef.
MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider::Counter(3pm) Provides methods for Counter.
MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider::HashRef(3pm) Provides methods for HashRef.
MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider::Num(3pm) Provides methods for Num.
MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider::Str(3pm) Provides methods for Str.
MouseX::NativeTraits::Num(3pm) Helper trait for Num attributes.
MouseX::NativeTraits::Str(3pm) Helper trait for Str attributes.
mp3burn(1) Burn audio CDs from MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC files.
msva-perl(1) Perl implementation of a Monkeysphere Validation Agent.
msva-query-agent(1) Query a Monkeysphere Validation Agent.
namespace::sweep(3pm) Sweep up imported subs in your classes.
Net::GPSD3(3pm) Interface to the gpsd server daemon protocol versions 3 (JSON).
Net::GPSD3::Base(3pm) Net::GPSD3 base object.
Net::GPSD3::Cache(3pm) Net::GPSD3 caching object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::DEVICE(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return DEVICE Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::DEVICES(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return DEVICES Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::ERROR(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return ERROR Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::GST(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return GST Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::POLL(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return POLL Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::Satellite(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return Satellite Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::SKY(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return SKY Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::SUBFRAME(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return SUBFRAME Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::TPV(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return TPV Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::Unknown(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return Base Class.
Net::GPSD3::Return::Unknown::Timestamp(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return Base Class with Timestamp.
Net::GPSD3::Return::VERSION(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return VERSION Object.
Net::GPSD3::Return::WATCH(3pm) Net::GPSD3 Return WATCH Object.
Net::Proxy(3pm) Framework for proxying network connections in many ways.
Net::Proxy::Connector(3pm) Base class for Net::Proxy protocols.
Net::Proxy::Connector::connect(3pm) Create CONNECT tunnels through HTTP proxies.
Net::Proxy::Connector::connect_ssl(3pm) Create SSL/CONNECT tunnels through HTTP proxies.
Net::Proxy::Connector::dual(3pm) Y-shaped Net::Proxy connector.
Net::Proxy::Connector::dummy(3pm) Dummy Net::Proxy connector.
Net::Proxy::Connector::ssl(3pm) SSL Net::Proxy connector.
Net::Proxy::Connector::tcp(3pm) Net::Proxy connector for standard tcp proxies.
Net::Proxy::Tutorial(3pm) Network proxies for fun and profit.
Net::SMTP_auth(3pm) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Client with AUTHentication.
Net::Telnet(3pm) Interact with TELNET port or other TCP ports.
Net::XWhois(3pm) Whois Client Interface for Perl5.
News::Newsrc(3pm) Manage newsrc files.
Object::Container(3pm) Simple object container.
Object::Container::ja(3pm) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
odf2pod(1p) POD generation from an OpenDocument file.
odf_set_fields(1p) Set names & values for user-defined fields.
odf_set_title(1p) Set the title of a document using the first heading of the content.
odfbuild(1p) OpenDocument file creation utility.
odfextract(1p) Text selection and copy from one document to another one.
odffilesearch(1p) File selection by keywords.
odffindbasic(1p) Basic macro removal from files.
odfhighlight(1p) Search, replace and highlight text in a document.
odfmetadoc(1p) Document properties management interface.
odfsearch(1p) Text selection and copy from one document to another using callback.
oodoc_test(1p) OpenOffice::OODoc test document generation.
OpenOffice::OODoc(3pm) The Perl Open OpenDocument Connector.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Document(3pm) Top level component for content and layout processing.
OpenOffice::OODoc::File(3pm) I/O operations with OpenDocument files.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Image(3pm) Image manipulation methods.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Intro(3pm) Introduction to the Open OpenDocument Connector.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Manifest(3pm) Access to document file descriptor.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Meta(3pm) Access to document metadata.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Styles(3pm) Document styles and layout processing.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Text(3pm) The text processing submodule of OpenOffice::OODoc.
OpenOffice::OODoc::XPath(3pm) Low-level navigation in the documents.
ORLite::Mirror(3pm) Extend ORLite to support remote SQLite databases.
PAR::Dist(3pm) Create and manipulate PAR distributions.
Passwd::Unix(3pm) Access to standard unix files.
Path::Class::File::Stat(3pm) Test whether the file beneath a Path::Class::File object has changed.
PDF::Report(3pm) A wrapper written for PDF::API2.
Perl6::Junction(3pm) Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5.
perlindex(1p) Index and query perl manual pages.
PerlIO::via::dynamic(3pm) Dynamic PerlIO layers.
Plack::App::Proxy(3pm) Proxy requests.
Plack::App::Proxy::Backend(3pm) Pluggable backend for making the actual HTTP request.
Plack::App::Proxy::Backend::AnyEvent::HTTP(3pm) Backend which uses AnyEvent::HTTP.
Plack::App::Proxy::Backend::LWP(3pm) Backend which uses LWP::UserAgent.
Plack::App::Proxy::Test(3pm) Is utilities to test Plack::App::Proxy.
Plack::Handler::HTTP::Server::Simple(3pm) Adapter for HTTP::Server::Simple.
Plack::Middleware::Proxy::AddVia(3pm) Adds the Via header for the current host.
Plack::Middleware::Proxy::Connect(3pm) Handles the CONNECT method.
Plack::Middleware::Proxy::LoadBalancer(3pm) Simple load balancer.
Plack::Middleware::Proxy::RewriteLocation(3pm) Rewrites redirect headers.
Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy(3pm) Supports app to run as a reverse proxy backend.
pod2texi(1) Convert Pod to Texinfo.
Pod::Coverage(3pm) Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive.
Pod::Coverage::CountParents(3pm) Subclass of Pod::Coverage that examines the inheritance tree.
Pod::Coverage::ExportOnly(3pm) Subclass of Pod::Coverage than only examines exported functions.
Pod::Coverage::Overloader(3pm) Deprecated subclass of Pod::Coverage.
Pod::Coverage::TrustPod(3pm) Allow a module's pod to contain Pod::Coverage hints.
Pod::Eventual(3pm) Read a POD document as a series of trivial events.
Pod::Eventual::Simple(3pm) Just get an array of the stuff Pod::Eventual finds.
POE::Loop::Event(3pm) A bridge that allows POE to be driven by
POE::Loop::Tk(3pm) A bridge that allows POE to be driven by Tk.
POE::Loop::TkActiveState(3pm) A POE/Tk bridge for ActiveState's Tk.
POE::Loop::TkCommon(3pm) Common code between the POE/Tk event loop bridges.
Probe::Perl(3pm) Information about the currently running perl.
RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets(3pm) Create pretty ChangeLogs from RDF.
Regexp::Shellish(3pm) Shell-like regular expressions.
Role::HasMessage(3pm) A thing with a message method.
Role::HasMessage::Errf(3pm) A thing with a String::Errf-powered message.
Role::Identifiable::HasIdent(3pm) A thing with an ident attribute.
Role::Identifiable::HasTags(3pm) A thing with a list of tags.
Rose::Class(3pm) A very simple class base class.
Rose::Class::MakeMethods::Generic(3pm) Create simple class methods.
Rose::Class::MakeMethods::Set(3pm) Create class methods to manage sets.
Rose::DateTime(3pm) DateTime helper functions and objects.
Rose::DateTime::Parser(3pm) DateTime parser object.
Rose::DateTime::Util(3pm) Some simple DateTime wrapper functions.
Rose::Object(3pm) A simple object base class.
Rose::Object::MakeMethods(3pm) A simple method maker base class.
Rose::Object::MakeMethods::DateTime(3pm) Create methods that store DateTime objects.
Rose::Object::MakeMethods::Generic(3pm) Create simple object methods.
Rose::Object::MixIn(3pm) A base class for mix-ins.
Running::Commentary(3pm) Call "system" cleanly, with tracking messages.
Set::IntSpan(3pm) Manages sets of integers.
SHARYANTO::String::Util(3pm) String utilities.
showtable(1p) Show data in nicely formatted columns.
Software::Release(3pm) Object representing a release of software.
Software::Release::Change(3pm) A change made in a software release.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel(3pm) Write to a cross-platform Excel binary file.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::BIFFwriter(3pm) An abstract base class for Excel workbooks and worksheets.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Big(3pm) A class for creating Excel files > 7MB.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart(3pm) A writer class for Excel Charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Area(3pm) A writer class for Excel Area charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Bar(3pm) A writer class for Excel Bar charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Column(3pm) A writer class for Excel Column charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::External(3pm) A writer class for Excel external charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Line(3pm) A writer class for Excel Line charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Pie(3pm) A writer class for Excel Pie charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Scatter(3pm) A writer class for Excel Scatter charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Stock(3pm) A writer class for Excel Stock charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Examples(3pm) Spreadsheet::WriteExcel example programs.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Format(3pm) A class for defining Excel formatting.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Formula(3pm) A class for generating Excel formulas.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::OLEwriter(3pm) A writer class to store BIFF data in a OLE compound storage file.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Properties(3pm) A module for creating Excel property sets.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Utility(3pm) Helper functions for Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Workbook(3pm) A writer class for Excel Workbooks.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Worksheet(3pm) A writer class for Excel Worksheets.
sslh(1p) Switch incoming connection between SSH and SSL/HTTPS servers.
STAR::Checker(3pm) Perl extension for checking DataBlock objects.
STAR::DataBlock(3pm) Perl extension for handling DataBlock objects created by STAR::Parser.
STAR::Dictionary(3pm) Perl extension for handling dictionaries that were parsed from STAR compliant files.
STAR::Filter(3pm) Perl extension for filtering DataBlock objects.
STAR::Parser(3pm) Perl extension for parsing STAR compliant files (with no nested loops).
STAR::Writer(3pm) Perl extension for writing STAR::DataBlock objects as files.
String::Format(3pm) Sprintf-like string formatting capabilities with arbitrary format definitions.
String::Formatter(3pm) Build sprintf-like functions of your own.
String::Formatter::Cookbook(3pm) Ways to put String::Formatter to use.
String::MkPasswd(3pm) Random password generator.
Template::Alloy(3pm) TT2/3, HT, HTE, Tmpl, and Velocity Engine.
Template::Alloy::Compile(3pm) Compile role - allows for compiling the AST to perl code.
Template::Alloy::Context(3pm) Provide a TT style context.
Template::Alloy::Exception(3pm) Handle exceptions.
Template::Alloy::HTE(3pm) HTML::Template and HTML::Template::Expr roles.
Template::Alloy::Iterator(3pm) Handle foreach iterations.
Template::Alloy::Operator(3pm) Operator role.
Template::Alloy::Parse(3pm) Common parsing role for creating AST from templates.
Template::Alloy::Play(3pm) Play role - allows for playing out the AST.
Template::Alloy::Stream(3pm) Stream role - allows for playing out the AST and printing straight to file handle.
Template::Alloy::Tmpl(3pm) Text::Tmpl role.
Template::Alloy::TT(3pm) Template::Toolkit role.
Template::Alloy::Velocity(3pm) Velocity (VTL) role.
Template::Alloy::VMethod(3pm) VMethod role.
Template::Plugin::Clickable(3pm) Make URLs clickable in HTML.
Term::ProgressBar::Quiet(3pm) Provide a progress meter if run interactively.
Term::ProgressBar::Simple(3pm) Simpler progress bars.
Test::Exit(3pm) Test that some code calls exit() without terminating testing.
Test::Mock::HTTP::Request(3pm) Mocks HTTP::Request.
Test::Mock::HTTP::Response(3pm) Mocks HTTP::Response.
Test::Mock::LWP(3pm) Easy mocking of LWP packages.
Test::Mock::LWP::UserAgent(3pm) Mocks LWP::UserAgent.
Test::POE::Client::TCP(3pm) A POE Component providing TCP client services for test cases.
text2odf(1p) Text to OpenDocument conversion.
text2table(1p) Flat text conversion to OpenDocument spreadsheet.
Text::Brew(3pm) An implementation of the Brew edit distance.
Text::English(3pm) Porter's stemming algorithm.
Text::vFile::asData(3pm) Parse vFile formatted files into data structures.
Thread::Serialize(3pm) Serialize data-structures between threads.
Tie::DBI(3pm) Tie hashes to DBI relational databases.
Tie::RDBM(3pm) Tie hashes to relational databases.
Time::Out(3pm) Easily timeout long running operations.
Types::Path::Tiny(3pm) Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose and Moo.
Types::Serialiser(3pm) Simple data types for common serialisation formats.
Types::Serialiser::Error(3pm) Dummy module for Types::Serialiser.
WWW::CSRF(3pm) Generate and check tokens to protect against CSRF attacks.
XML::Filter::Distributor(3pm) Multipass processing of documents.
XML::Filter::DocSplitter(3pm) Multipass processing of documents.
XML::Filter::Merger(3pm) Assemble multiple SAX streams in to one document.
XML::Filter::Tee(3pm) Send SAX events to multiple processor, with switching.
XML::Normalize::LibXML(3pm) Simple whitespace striping functions.
XML::OPML::SimpleGen(3pm) Create OPML using XML::Simple.
XML::SAX::ByRecord(3pm) Record oriented processing of (data) documents.
XML::SAX::EventMethodMaker(3pm) SAX event names, creation of methods from templates.
XML::SAX::Machine(3pm) Manage a collection of SAX processors.
XML::SAX::Machines(3pm) Manage collections of SAX processors.
XML::SAX::Machines::ConfigHelper(3pm) Lib/XML/SAX/Machines/
XML::SAX::Manifold(3pm) Multipass processing of documents.
XML::SAX::Pipeline(3pm) Manage a linear pipeline of SAX processors.
XML::SAX::Tap(3pm) Tap a pipeline of SAX processors.
XML::XUpdate::LibXML(3pm) Simple implementation of XUpdate format.
XMLRPC::Lite(3pm) Client and server implementation of XML-RPC protocol.
XMLRPC::Test(3pm) Test framework for XMLRPC::Lite.
XMLRPC::Transport::HTTP(3pm) Server/Client side HTTP support for XMLRPC::Lite.
XMLRPC::Transport::POP3(3pm) Server side POP3 support for XMLRPC::Lite.
XMLRPC::Transport::TCP(3pm) Server/Client side TCP support for XMLRPC::Lite.
xupdate(1p) Process XUpdate commands over an XML document.
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