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Origin: perl v5.20.1.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
Apache::Qpsmtpd(3pm) A mod_perl-2 connection handler for qpsmtpd.
Apache::Session::Memcached(3pm) Stores persistent data using memcached (memory cache daemon) for Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Store::Memcached(3pm) Stores persistent data using memcached (memory cache daemon) for.
App::Icli(3pm) Icinga Command Line Interface.
App::Icli::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for App::Icli.
Array::IntSpan(3pm) Handles arrays of scalars or objects using integer ranges.
Array::IntSpan::Fields(3pm) IntSpan array using integer fields as indices.
Array::IntSpan::IP(3pm) A Module for arrays using IP addresses as indices.
Authen::Htpasswd(3pm) Interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files.
Authen::Htpasswd::User(3pm) Represents a user line in a .htpasswd file.
Authen::Htpasswd::Util(3pm) Performs encryption of supported .htpasswd formats.
Catalyst::ActionRole::CheckTrailingSlash(3pm) Test URI path for trailing slash and redirect if needed.
Catalyst::ActionRole::NoSSL(3pm) Force an action to be plain.
Catalyst::ActionRole::RequireSSL(3pm) Force an action to be secure only.
Catalyst::ActionRole::RequireSSL::Role(3pm) Roles.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::DBIC::Schema(3pm) Helper for DBIC Schema Models.
Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::Caching(3pm) Query caching support for Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::PerRequestSchema(3pm) Clone the schema with attributes for each requests.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::Replicated(3pm) Replicated storage support for.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::SchemaProxy(3pm) Proxy Schema Methods and Options from Model.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_language(3pm) Limit string values in a Wikidata entity record to a selected language.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple(3pm) Simplify Wikidata entity records.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple_claims(3pm) Simplify claims of a Wikidata entity record.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple_strings(3pm) Simplify labels, descriptions, and aliases of Wikidata entity records.
Catmandu::Importer::Wikidata(3pm) Import from Wikidata.
Catmandu::Wikidata(3pm) Import from Wikidata for processing with Catmandu.
CGI::Session::Driver::chi(3pm) This driver allows CGI::Session to use CHI as a session store.
Class::Accessor::Grouped(3pm) Lets you build groups of accessors.
CLI::Framework(3pm) Build standardized, flexible, testable command-line applications.
CLI::Framework::Application(3pm) CLIF Application superclass.
CLI::Framework::Command(3pm) CLIF Command superclass.
CLI::Framework::Command::Alias(3pm) CLIF built-in command to display the command aliases that are in effect for.
CLI::Framework::Command::Console(3pm) CLIF built-in command supporting interactive mode.
CLI::Framework::Command::Dump(3pm) CLIF built-in command to show the internal state of a running application.
CLI::Framework::Command::Help(3pm) CLIF built-in command to print application or command-specific usage messages.
CLI::Framework::Command::List(3pm) CLIF built-in command to print a list of commands available to the running.
CLI::Framework::Command::Menu(3pm) CLIF built-in command to show a command menu including the commands that are.
CLI::Framework::Command::Meta(3pm) Represent "metacommands" (app-aware commands).
CLI::Framework::Command::Tree(3pm) CLIF built-in command to display a tree representation of the commands that.
CLI::Framework::Exceptions(3pm) Exceptions used by CLIF.
CLI::Framework::Tutorial(3pm) "HOWTO" develop CLIF applications using best practices.
CPAN::Mini(3pm) Create a minimal mirror of CPAN.
CPAN::Mini::App(3pm) The guts of the minicpan command.
Data::Phrasebook(3pm) Abstract your queries!.
Data::Phrasebook::Debug(3pm) Phrasebook debugging.
Data::Phrasebook::Generic(3pm) Base class for Phrasebook Models.
Data::Phrasebook::Loader(3pm) Plugin Loader module.
Data::Phrasebook::Loader::Base(3pm) Base loader plugin class.
Data::Phrasebook::Loader::Text(3pm) Absract your phrases with plain text files.
Data::Phrasebook::Plain(3pm) The Simple Phrasebook Model.
Data::Phrasebook::SQL(3pm) The SQL/DBI Phrasebook Model.
Data::Phrasebook::SQL::Query(3pm) Query Extension to the SQL/DBI Phrasebook Model.
Data::Serializer::Sereal(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Sereal.
DBI::Mock(3pm) Mock a DBI if we can't find the real one.
DBI::Test(3pm) Test suite for DBI API.
DBI::Test::Conf(3pm) Provides variants configuration for DBI::Test.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider(3pm) Choose appropriate DSN.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider::Base(3pm) Base class for DSN Provider Plugins.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider::Config(3pm) Provides DSN based on config file.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider::Dir(3pm) Provide DSN in own directory.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider::File(3pm) Provide DSN in shared directory.
DBI::Test::List(3pm) Provides tests cases list for DBI::Test.
Dist::Inkt::Role::Hg(3pm) Mercurial-related behaviour for Dist::Inkt.
Dist::Inkt::Role::Test(3pm) Run various tests on a distribution at build time.
Dist::Inkt::Role::Test::Kwalitee(3pm) Check a distribution's kwalitee at build time.
Email::Date::Format(3pm) Produce RFC 2822 date strings.
ex::monkeypatched(3pm) Experimental API for safe monkey-patching.
fcheck(8) IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker.
File::Flat(3pm) Implements a flat filesystem.
File::Share(3pm) Extend File::ShareDir to Local Libraries.
fpdns(1p) DNS server fingeprinting tool.
Graph::Writer::GraphViz(3pm) GraphViz Writer for Graph object.
HTML::HTML5::Entities(3pm) Drop-in replacement for HTML::Entities.
HTML::TagTree(3pm) An HTML generator via a tree of 'tag' objects.
icli(1p) Icinga Command Line Interface.
Ima::DBI(3pm) Database connection caching and organization.
JSON::MultiValueOrdered(3pm) Handle JSON like {"a":1, "a":2}.
JSON::Tiny::Subclassable(3pm) Subclass of JSON::Tiny which in practice is a fork.
kaget(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kanif.conf(5) Configuration file for kanif.
kaput(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kash(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kephra(1p) Kephra starter script.
Kephra(3pm) Crossplatform GUI-Texteditor along Perl alike Paradigms.
Kephra::API(3pm) Interface between Modules and Plugins.
Kephra::App::EditPanel::Fold(3pm) Code folding functions.
Kephra::App::EditPanel::Margin(3pm) Managing margin visuals for marker, linenumber, folding & extra space.
Kephra::App::Panel::Output(3pm) Output panel.
Kephra::App::Window(3pm) Frame of the main window.
Kephra::CommandList(3pm) External API for user callable functions.
Kephra::Config(3pm) Low level config stuff and basics.
Kephra::Config::File(3pm) IO of config files.
Kephra::Config::Global(3pm) Loading and storing the config settings for the app.
Kephra::Config::Tree(3pm) Manipulation of config data.
Kephra::Document(3pm) General doc functions.
Kephra::Document::Data(3pm) API for data assotiated with opened documents.
Kephra::Document::Property(3pm) External API for document handling.
Kephra::Document::SyntaxMode(3pm) Content language specific settings of a doc.
Kephra::Edit(3pm) Basic edit menu calls and internals for editing.
Kephra::Edit::Comment(3pm) Add and remove comments in your code text.
Kephra::Edit::Convert(3pm) Character and word translation functions.
Kephra::Edit::Format(3pm) Functions that play with indention and length of lines.
Kephra::Edit::Goto(3pm) Caret jump functions.
Kephra::Edit::History(3pm) Undo, redo and so on.
Kephra::Edit::Marker(3pm) Bookmark and marker functions.
Kephra::Edit::Search(3pm) Find and replace functions.
Kephra::Edit::Select(3pm) Calls to select different text parts.
Kephra::EventTable(3pm) API to internal events.
Kephra::File(3pm) Basic file menu functions.
Mail::Thread(3pm) Perl implementation of JWZ's mail threading algorithm.
minicpan(1p) Uses CPAN::Mini to create or update a local mirror.
Module::Build::Tiny(3pm) A tiny replacement for Module::Build.
Module::Bundled::Files(3pm) Access files bundled with Module.
Module::Faker(3pm) Build fake dists for testing CPAN tools.
Module::Faker::Appendix(3pm) A thing that appends.
Module::Faker::Dist(3pm) A fake CPAN distribution.
Module::Faker::File(3pm) A fake file in a fake dist.
Module::Faker::Heavy(3pm) Where the fake sausage gets made.
Module::Faker::Module(3pm) A faked module.
Module::Faker::Package(3pm) A faked package in a faked module.
Module::Implementation(3pm) Loads one of several alternate underlying implementations for a module.
Module::Install::ManifestSkip(3pm) Generate a MANIFEST.SKIP file.
Module::Manifest::Skip(3pm) MANIFEST.SKIP Manangement for Modules.
Mojolicious::Plugin::BasicAuth(3pm) Basic HTTP Auth Helper.
Mojolicious::Plugin::README(3pm) Basic HTTP Auth Helper.
Monitoring::Availability(3pm) Calculate Availability Data from Nagios / Icinga and Shinken Logfiles.
Monitoring::Availability::Logs(3pm) Load/Store/Access Logfiles.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class(3pm) Object-Oriented interface for Monitoring::Livestatus.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Abstract::Filter(3pm) Class to generate livestatus filters.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Abstract::Stats(3pm) Class to generate livestatus stats.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Base::Abstract(3pm) Base class to generate livestatus statments.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Base::Table(3pm) Base class for all table objects.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Columns(3pm) Class for columns table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Commands(3pm) Class for commands table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Comments(3pm) Class for comments table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Contactgroups(3pm) Class for contactgroups table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Contacts(3pm) Class for contacts table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Downtimes(3pm) Class for downtimes table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Hostgroups(3pm) Class for hostgroups table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Hosts(3pm) Class for hosts table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Log(3pm) Class for log table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Servicegroups(3pm) Class for servicegroups table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Services(3pm) Class for services table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Servicesbygroup(3pm) Class for servicesbygroup table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Servicesbyhostgroup(3pm) Class for servicesbyhostgroup table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Status(3pm) Class for status table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Timeperiods(3pm) Class for timeperiods table.
MooseX::ArrayRef(3pm) Blessed arrayrefs with Moose.
MooseX::LazyRequire(3pm) Required attributes which fail only when trying to use them.
MooseX::Runnable(3pm) Tag a class as a runnable application.
MooseX::Runnable::Invocation::Plugin::Debug(3pm) Print debugging information.
MooseX::Runnable::Invocation::Scheme::MooseX::Getopt(3pm) Run MX::Getopt classes.
MooseX::Runnable::Run(3pm) Run a MooseX::Runnable class as an application.
MooseX::Runnable::Util::ArgParser(3pm) Parse @ARGV for "mx-run".
MooseX::SemiAffordanceAccessor(3pm) Name your accessors foo() and set_foo().
MooseX::SemiAffordanceAccessor::Role::Attribute(3pm) This meta trait is applied to attributes in order to change.
MooseX::Types::JSON(3pm) JSON datatype for Moose.
mpcp(1) ↣ mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mpfade(1) Fade mpd volume in or out.
mpgenplaylists(1) Generate mpd playlists for each subdirectory of music.
mpinsert(1) Insert song after currently playing song.
mplength(1) Calculates length of mpd playlist.
mpload(1) ↣ mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mpmv(1) ↣ mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mprand(1) Play a random playlist.
mprandomwalk(1) Play random bits of all queued songs.
mprev(1) Reverse the mpd playlist.
mprompt(1) Simple prompt-based control for mpd.
mpskip(1) Emulate a skipping record.
mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mpswap(1) ↣ mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mptoggle(1) Single button control for mpd.
mx-run(1p) Script to run MooseX::Runnable classes.
Net::OpenSSH::Parallel(3pm) Run SSH jobs in parallel.
Net::OpenSSH::Parallel::Constants(3pm) Constant definitions for Net::OpenSSH::Parallel.
Net::Traceroute::PurePerl(3pm) Traceroute(1) functionality in perl via raw sockets.
OpenGL::Image(3pm) OpenGL wrapper to load images.
OpenGL::Image::Common(3pm) Class for OpenGL imaging engines.
OpenGL::Image::Magick(3pm) Load images with Image::Magick in OpenGL.
Package::Stash(3pm) Routines for manipulating stashes.
Package::Stash::PP(3pm) Pure perl implementation of the Package::Stash API.
Perl::MinimumVersion(3pm) Find a minimum required version of perl for Perl code.
perlver(1p) The Perl Minimum Version Analyzer.
PerlX::Maybe(3pm) Return a pair only if they are both defined.
Plack::Middleware::Expires(3pm) Mod_expires for plack.
pod2test(1p) Convert embedded tests and code examples to .t files.
Pod::Tests(3pm) Extracts embedded tests and code examples from POD.
Pod::WSDL(3pm) Creates WSDL documents from (extended) pod.
Pod::WSDL::Attr(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod for an attribute of a class (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::AUTOLOAD(3pm) Base class for autoloading (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Doc(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod for the documentation of methods (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Fault(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod describing the fault of a method (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Method(3pm) Represents a method in Pod::WSDL (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Param(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod for a parameter of a method (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Return(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod for the return value of a method (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Type(3pm) Represents a type in Pod::WSDL (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Utils(3pm) Utilities and constants for Pod::WSDL (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Writer(3pm) Writes XML output for Pod::WSDL (internal use only).
POE::Component::Pool::Thread(3pm) A POE Managed Boss/Worker threadpool.
POE::Component::Server::JSONRPC(3pm) POE tcp or http based JSON-RPC server.
POE::Component::Server::JSONRPC::Http(3pm) POE http based JSON-RPC server.
POE::Component::Server::JSONRPC::Tcp(3pm) POE tcp based JSON-RPC server.
PostScript::Simple(3pm) Produce PostScript files from Perl.
PostScript::Simple::EPS(3pm) EPS support for PostScript::Simple.
Proc::Queue(3pm) Limit the number of child processes running.
Qpsmtpd(3pm) Base class for the qpsmtpd mail server.
Qpsmtpd::Address(3pm) Lightweight E-Mail address objects.
Qpsmtpd::Command(3pm) Parse arguments to SMTP commands.
Qpsmtpd::ConfigServer(3pm) A configuration server for qpsmtpd.
Qpsmtpd::Connection(3pm) A single SMTP connection.
Qpsmtpd::Constants(3pm) Constants for plugins to use.
Qpsmtpd::DSN(3pm) Enhanced Mail System Status Codes - RFC 1893.
Qpsmtpd::Postfix(3pm) Postfix queueing support for qpsmtpd.
Qpsmtpd::Transaction(3pm) Single SMTP session transaction data.
RDF::ACL(3pm) Access control lists for the semantic web.
RDF::iCalendar(3pm) Convert from RDF to iCalendar.
RDF::iCalendar::Entity(3pm) Represents an iCalendar calendar, event, todo, etc.
RDF::iCalendar::Exporter(3pm) Export RDF data to iCalendar format.
RDF::iCalendar::Line(3pm) Represents a line within a vCard.
RDF::Prefixes(3pm) Simple way to turn URIs into QNames.
RDF::Query::Client(3pm) Get data from W3C SPARQL Protocol 1.0 servers.
RDF::QueryX::Lazy(3pm) Yeah, all those PREFIX definitions get boring.
RDF::TrineX::Functions(3pm) Some shortcut functions for RDF::Trine's object-oriented interface.
RDF::TrineX::Serializer::MockTurtleSoup(3pm) He's a bit slow, but he's sure good lookin'.
ReverseProxy::FormFiller(3pm) Let Apache fill and submit any html form in place of the user.
sats(1) Mpd stop after this song.
shogivar(6) Program to play shogi variants.
Spiffy(3pm) Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You.
Sub::Infix(3pm) Create a fake infix operator.
Switch(3pm) A switch statement for Perl, do not use if you can use given/when.
Syntax::Feature::Maybe(3pm) Use syntax qw/maybe/.
Syntax::Keyword::Gather(3pm) Implements the Perl 6 'gather/take' control structure in Perl 5.
Template::Plugin::DateTime::Format(3pm) Format DateTime objects from inside TT with DateTime::Format-style.
Test::LongString(3pm) Tests strings for equality, with more helpful failures.
Test::Perl::Critic::Progressive(3pm) Gradually enforce coding standards.
Test::RDF::DOAP::Version(3pm) Tests 'meta/changes.ttl' is up to date.
Test::Roo(3pm) Composable, reusable tests with roles and Moo.
Test::Roo::Class(3pm) Base class for Test::Roo test classes.
Test::Roo::Cookbook(3pm) Test::Roo examples.
Test::Roo::Role(3pm) Composable role for Test::Roo.
Test::Spelling(3pm) Check for spelling errors in POD files.
Test::Tabs(3pm) Check the presence of tabs in your project.
Text::Greeking(3pm) Generate meaningless text (eg to fill a page when designing).
Tie::Hash::MultiValueOrdered(3pm) Hash with multiple values per key, and ordered keys.
Tree::XPathEngine(3pm) A re-usable XPath engine.
Tree::XPathEngine::Boolean(3pm) Boolean true/false values.
Tree::XPathEngine::Expr(3pm) Handles expressions in XPath queries.
Tree::XPathEngine::Function(3pm) Evaluates XPath functions.
Tree::XPathEngine::Literal(3pm) Simple string values.
Tree::XPathEngine::NodeSet(3pm) A list of XML document nodes.
Tree::XPathEngine::Number(3pm) Simple numeric values.
Tree::XPathEngine::Root(3pm) Going back to the root node in an XPath expression.
Tree::XPathEngine::Step(3pm) Implements a step in an XPath location path.
Tree::XPathEngine::Variable(3pm) A variable in a Tree::XPathEngine object.
Try::Tiny::SmartCatch(3pm) Lightweight Perl module for powerful exceptions handling.
Types::URI(3pm) Type constraints and coercions for URIs.
Types::UUID(3pm) Type constraints for UUIDs.
Unicode::Stringprep(3pm) Preparation of Internationalized Strings (RFC 3454).
Unicode::Stringprep::_Common(3pm) Internal functions for "Unicode::Stringprep::*".
Unicode::Stringprep::BiDi(3pm) Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix D.
Unicode::Stringprep::Mapping(3pm) Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix B.
Unicode::Stringprep::Prohibited(3pm) Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix C.
Unicode::Stringprep::Unassigned(3pm) Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix A.
UPGRADING(3pm) Upgrade notes.
URI::Find::Simple(3pm) A simple interface to URI::Find.
vipl(1) Edit mpd playlist.
Web::Scraper(3pm) Web Scraping Toolkit using HTML and CSS Selectors or XPath expressions.
Web::Scraper::Filter(3pm) Base class for Web::Scraper filters.
Web::Scraper::LibXML(3pm) Drop-in replacement for Web::Scraper to use LibXML.
XML::AutoWriter(3pm) DOCTYPE based XML output.
XML::CompactTree(3pm) Builder of compact tree structures from XML documents.
XML::Doctype(3pm) A DTD object class.
XML::Doctype::AttDef(3pm) A class representing a definition in an tag.
XML::Doctype::ElementDecl(3pm) A class representing an tag.
XML::Smart(3pm) A smart, easy and powerful way to access or create XML from fiels, data and URLs.
XML::Smart::DTD(3pm) DTD parser for XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::Shared(3pm) Shared functions and variables for XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::Tutorial(3pm) Tutorial and examples for XML::Smart.
XML::ValidWriter(3pm) DOCTYPE driven valid XML output.
XML::Writer::Simple(3pm) Create XML files easily!.
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