Manual pages

Origin: perl v5.20.1.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
ack(1p) Grep-like text finder.
ack-grep(1p) ↣ ack(1p) Grep-like text finder.
acsadmin(1) ION Aggregate Custody Signal (ACS) administration interface.
acslist(1) Aggregate Custody Signals (ACS) utility for checking custody IDs.
acsrc(5) Aggregate Custody Signal management commands file.
ams(3) CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service(AMS) communications library.
amsbenchr(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) benchmarking meter.
amsbenchs(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) benchmarking driver.
amsd(1) AMS configuration server and/or registrar daemon.
amshello(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) demo program for UNIX.
amslog(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test message receiver.
amslogprt(1) UNIX utility program for printing AMS log messages from amslog.
amsmib(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) MIB update utility.
amspub(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test driver for VxWorks.
amsrc(5) CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service MIB initialization file.
amsshell(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test message sender (UNIX).
amsstop(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) message space shutdown utility.
amssub(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test message receiver for VxWorks.
amsxml(5) CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service MIB initialization XML file.
AnyEvent::I3(3pm) Communicate with the i3 window manager.
aoslsi(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
aoslso(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
Apache::Qpsmtpd(3pm) A mod_perl-2 connection handler for qpsmtpd.
Apache::Session::Memcached(3pm) Stores persistent data using memcached (memory cache daemon) for Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Store::Memcached(3pm) Stores persistent data using memcached (memory cache daemon) for.
App::Cleo(3pm) Play back shell commands for live demonstrations.
App::Daemon(3pm) Start an Application as a Daemon.
App::Icli(3pm) Icinga Command Line Interface.
App::Icli::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for App::Icli.
App::KGB(3pm) Collaborative IRC helper.
App::KGB::Change(3pm) A single file change.
App::KGB::Client(3pm) Relay commits to KGB servers.
App::KGB::Client::CVS(3pm) KGB interface to CVS.
App::KGB::Client::Fake(3pm) Fake KGB client.
App::KGB::Client::Git(3pm) Git support for KGB client.
App::KGB::Client::RelayMsg(3pm) Simple message relay KGB client.
App::KGB::Client::ServerRef(3pm) Server instance in KGB client.
App::KGB::Client::Subversion(3pm) KGB interface to Subversion.
App::KGB::Commit(3pm) A single commit.
App::KGB::Commit::Tag(3pm) A helper class for describing tags.
apt-show-versions(1p) Lists available package versions with distribution.
Array::Compare(3pm) Perl extension for comparing arrays.
Array::IntSpan(3pm) Handles arrays of scalars or objects using integer ranges.
Array::IntSpan::Fields(3pm) IntSpan array using integer fields as indices.
Array::IntSpan::IP(3pm) A Module for arrays using IP addresses as indices.
Authen::Htpasswd(3pm) Interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files.
Authen::Htpasswd::User(3pm) Represents a user line in a .htpasswd file.
Authen::Htpasswd::Util(3pm) Performs encryption of supported .htpasswd formats.
bp(3) Bundle Protocol communications library.
bpadmin(1) ION Bundle Protocol (BP) administration interface.
bpcancel(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) bundle cancellation utility.
bpchat(1) Bundle Protocol chat test program.
bpclock(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) daemon task for managing scheduled events.
bpcounter(1) Bundle Protocol reception test program.
bpcp(1) A remote copy utility for delay tolerant networks utilizing NASA JPL's Interplanetary Overlay Network.
bpcpd(1) ION Delay Tolerant Networking remote file copy daemon.
bpdriver(1) Bundle Protocol transmission test program.
bpecho(1) Bundle Protocol reception test program.
bpextensions(3) Interface for adding extensions to Bundle Protocol.
bping(1) Send and receive Bundle Protocol echo bundles.
bplist(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) utility for listing queued bundles.
bprc(5) Bundle Protocol management commands file.
bprecvfile(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) file reception utility.
bpsendfile(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) file transmission utility.
bpsink(1) Bundle Protocol reception test program.
bpsource(1) Bundle Protocol transmission test shell.
bpstats(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) processing statistics query utility.
bpstats2(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) processing statistics query utility via bundles.
bptrace(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) network trace utility.
bputa(1) BP-based CFDP UT-layer adapter.
brsccla(1) BRSC-based BP convergence layer adapter (input and output) task.
brsscla(1) BRSS-based BP convergence layer adapter (input and output) task.
bss(3) Bundle Streaming Service library.
bssadmin(1) Interplanetary Internet (IPN) scheme administration interface for use with Bundle Streaming Service.
bsscounter(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bssdriver(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bssfw(1) Bundle route computation task for the IPN scheme, adapted for Bundle Streaming Service.
bssp(3) Bundle Streaming Service Protocol (BSSP) communications library.
bsspadmin(1) Bundle Streaming Service Protocol (BSSP) administration interface.
bsspcli(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bsspclo(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bsspclock(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bssprc(5) Bundle Streaming Service Protocol management commands file.
bssrc(5) IPN scheme configuration commands file adapted for Bundle Streaming Service.
bssrecv(1) Bundle Streaming Service reception test program.
bssStreamingApp(1) Bundle Streaming Service transmission test program.
Business::CreditCard(3pm) Validate/generate credit card checksums/names.
Catalyst::ActionRole::CheckTrailingSlash(3pm) Test URI path for trailing slash and redirect if needed.
Catalyst::ActionRole::NoSSL(3pm) Force an action to be plain.
Catalyst::ActionRole::RequireSSL(3pm) Force an action to be secure only.
Catalyst::ActionRole::RequireSSL::Role(3pm) Roles.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::HTTP(3pm) HTTP Basic and Digest authentication for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::IMAP(3pm) Authentication store accessing an IMAP server.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::IMAP::User(3pm) An authentication user for IMAP.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::DBIC::Schema(3pm) Helper for DBIC Schema Models.
Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::Caching(3pm) Query caching support for Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::PerRequestSchema(3pm) Clone the schema with attributes for each requests.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::Replicated(3pm) Replicated storage support for.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::SchemaProxy(3pm) Proxy Schema Methods and Options from Model.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_language(3pm) Limit string values in a Wikidata entity record to a selected language.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple(3pm) Simplify Wikidata entity records.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple_claims(3pm) Simplify claims of a Wikidata entity record.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple_strings(3pm) Simplify labels, descriptions, and aliases of Wikidata entity records.
Catmandu::Importer::Wikidata(3pm) Import from Wikidata.
Catmandu::Wikidata(3pm) Import from Wikidata for processing with Catmandu.
cfdp(3) CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) communications library.
cfdpadmin(1) ION's CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) administration interface.
cfdpclock(1) CFDP daemon task for managing scheduled events.
cfdprc(5) CCSDS File Delivery Protocol management commands file.
cfdptest(1) CFDP test shell for ION.
CGI::Session::Driver::chi(3pm) This driver allows CGI::Session to use CHI as a session store.
cgrfetch(1) Visualize CGR simulations.
CiderWebmail(3pm) Catalyst based application.
CiderWebmail::Controller::Addressbook(3pm) Catalyst Controller.
CiderWebmail::Controller::Mailbox(3pm) Catalyst Controller.
CiderWebmail::Controller::Message(3pm) Catalyst Controller.
CiderWebmail::Controller::Root(3pm) Root Controller for CiderWebmail.
CiderWebmail::Error(3pm) Error Handling in CiderWebmail.
CiderWebmail::Message::Forwarded(3pm) Represents a message/rfc822 body part.
CiderWebmail::Model::DB(3pm) Catalyst DBIC Schema Model =head1 SYNOPSIS.
CiderWebmail::Model::IMAPClient(3pm) Catalyst Model.
CiderWebmail::View::Petal(3pm) Catalyst View.
CiderWebmail::View::RFC822(3pm) Catalyst View for sending e-Mail.
Class::Accessor::Grouped(3pm) Lets you build groups of accessors.
Class::Method::Modifiers(3pm) Provides Moose-like method modifiers.
cleo(1p) Play back shell commands for live demonstrations.
CLI::Framework(3pm) Build standardized, flexible, testable command-line applications.
CLI::Framework::Application(3pm) CLIF Application superclass.
CLI::Framework::Command(3pm) CLIF Command superclass.
CLI::Framework::Command::Alias(3pm) CLIF built-in command to display the command aliases that are in effect for.
CLI::Framework::Command::Console(3pm) CLIF built-in command supporting interactive mode.
CLI::Framework::Command::Dump(3pm) CLIF built-in command to show the internal state of a running application.
CLI::Framework::Command::Help(3pm) CLIF built-in command to print application or command-specific usage messages.
CLI::Framework::Command::List(3pm) CLIF built-in command to print a list of commands available to the running.
CLI::Framework::Command::Menu(3pm) CLIF built-in command to show a command menu including the commands that are.
CLI::Framework::Command::Meta(3pm) Represent "metacommands" (app-aware commands).
CLI::Framework::Command::Tree(3pm) CLIF built-in command to display a tree representation of the commands that.
CLI::Framework::Exceptions(3pm) Exceptions used by CLIF.
CLI::Framework::Tutorial(3pm) "HOWTO" develop CLIF applications using best practices.
collect-reminders(1) Collect email reminders to be sent out.
collect-reminders(1p) Collect email reminders to be sent out.
ConfigReader::Simple(3pm) A simple line-oriented configuration file parser.
Convert::BaseN(3pm) Encoding and decoding of base{2,4,8,16,32,64} strings.
CPAN::Mini(3pm) Create a minimal mirror of CPAN.
CPAN::Mini::App(3pm) The guts of the minicpan command.
Data::Phrasebook(3pm) Abstract your queries!.
Data::Phrasebook::Debug(3pm) Phrasebook debugging.
Data::Phrasebook::Generic(3pm) Base class for Phrasebook Models.
Data::Phrasebook::Loader(3pm) Plugin Loader module.
Data::Phrasebook::Loader::Base(3pm) Base loader plugin class.
Data::Phrasebook::Loader::Text(3pm) Absract your phrases with plain text files.
Data::Phrasebook::Loader::YAML(3pm) Absract your phrases with YAML.
Data::Phrasebook::Plain(3pm) The Simple Phrasebook Model.
Data::Phrasebook::SQL(3pm) The SQL/DBI Phrasebook Model.
Data::Phrasebook::SQL::Query(3pm) Query Extension to the SQL/DBI Phrasebook Model.
Data::Serializer::Sereal(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Sereal.
DBI::Mock(3pm) Mock a DBI if we can't find the real one.
DBI::Test(3pm) Test suite for DBI API.
DBI::Test::Conf(3pm) Provides variants configuration for DBI::Test.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider(3pm) Choose appropriate DSN.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider::Base(3pm) Base class for DSN Provider Plugins.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider::Config(3pm) Provides DSN based on config file.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider::Dir(3pm) Provide DSN in own directory.
DBI::Test::DSN::Provider::File(3pm) Provide DSN in shared directory.
DBI::Test::List(3pm) Provides tests cases list for DBI::Test.
DBIx::Class::Storage::Debug::PrettyPrint(3pm) Pretty Printing DebugObj.
DBIx::SearchBuilder(3pm) Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle(3pm) Perl extension which is a generic DBI handle.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Informix(3pm) An Informix specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::mysql(3pm) A mysql specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::mysqlPP(3pm) A mysql specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::ODBC(3pm) An ODBC specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle(3pm) An oracle specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Pg(3pm) A Postgres specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record(3pm) Superclass for records loaded by SearchBuilder.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record::Cachable(3pm) Records with caching behavior.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::SchemaGenerator(3pm) Generate table schemas from DBIx::SearchBuilder records.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Union(3pm) Deal with multiple SearchBuilder result sets as one.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Unique(3pm) Ensure uniqueness of records in a collection.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Util(3pm) Utility and convenience functions for DBIx::SearchBuilder.
dccpcli(1) DCCP-based BP convergence layer input task.
dccpclo(1) DCCP-based BP convergence layer output task.
dccplsi(1) DCCP-based LTP link service input task.
dccplso(1) DCCP-based LTP link service output task.
debget(1) Fetch a .deb for a package in APT's database.
degrep(1) ↣ dgrep(1)
Devel::GlobalDestruction(3pm) Provides function returning the equivalent of "${^GLOBAL_PHASE} eq 'DESTRUCT'" for.
Devel::TypeTiny::Perl56Compat(3pm) Shims to allow Type::Tiny to run on Perl 5.6.x.
Devel::TypeTiny::Perl58Compat(3pm) Shims to allow Type::Tiny to run on Perl 5.8.x.
dfgrep(1) ↣ dgrep(1)
dglob(1) Expand package names or files matching a pattern.
dgr(3) Datagram Retransmission system library.
dgr2file(1) DGR reception test program.
dgrcla(1) DGR-based BP convergence layer adapter (input and output) task.
dh_gnustep(1) Moves files in the GNUstep hierarchy to FHS-compliant locations.
Dist::Inkt(3pm) Yet another distribution builder.
Dist::Inkt::DOAP(3pm) Various DOAP-related roles for Dist::Inkt.
Dist::Inkt::Profile::TOBYINK(3pm) A Dist::Inkt profile for TOBYINK.
Dist::Inkt::Role::Hg(3pm) Mercurial-related behaviour for Dist::Inkt.
Dist::Inkt::Role::Release(3pm) Automatically upload a distribution to the CPAN.
Dist::Inkt::Role::Test(3pm) Run various tests on a distribution at build time.
Dist::Inkt::Role::Test::Kwalitee(3pm) Check a distribution's kwalitee at build time.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git(3pm) Update your git repository after release.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Check(3pm) Check your git repository before releasing.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Commit(3pm) Commit dirty files.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::CommitBuild(3pm) Checkin build results on separate branch.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::GatherDir(3pm) Gather all tracked files in a Git working directory.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Init(3pm) Initialize git repository on dzil new.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::NextVersion(3pm) Provide a version number by bumping the last git release tag.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Push(3pm) Push current branch.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Tag(3pm) Tag the new version.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::OurPkgVersion(3pm) No line insertion and does Package version with our.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodWeaver(3pm) Weave your Pod together from configuration and Dist::Zilla.
Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Git(3pm) All git plugins in one go.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::DirtyFiles(3pm) Provide the allow_dirty & changelog attributes.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::Repo(3pm) Provide repository information for Git plugins.
distinkt-dist(1p) Build a tarball for a Dist::Inkt-based distribution.
distinkt-travisyml(1p) Build a Travis-CI config file for a Dist::Inkt-based distribution.
Domain::PublicSuffix(3pm) Parse a domain down to root.
Domain::PublicSuffix::Default(3pm) Default PublicSuffix data file.
downloadosmtiles(1p) Download map tiles from OpenStreetMap.
dpigs(1) Show which installed packages occupy the most space.
dtn2admin(1) Baseline "dtn" scheme administration interface.
dtn2adminep(1) Administrative endpoint task for the "dtn" scheme.
dtn2fw(1) Bundle route computation task for the "dtn" scheme.
dtn2rc(5) "dtn" scheme configuration commands file.
dtnperf_vION(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
dtpc(3) Delay-Tolerant Payload Conditioning (DTPC) communications library.
dtpcadmin(1) Delay-Tolerant Payload Conditioning (DTPC) administration interface.
dtpcclock(1) DTPC daemon task for managing scheduled events.
dtpcd(1) DTPC daemon task for receiving and processing DTPC ADUs in bundles.
dtpcrc(5) Delay-Tolerant Payload Conditioning management commands file.
dtpcreceive(1) Delay-Tolerant Payload Conditioning reception test program.
dtpcsend(1) Delay-Tolerant Payload Conditioning transmission test program.
dzegrep(1) ↣ dgrep(1)
dzfgrep(1) ↣ dgrep(1)
dzgrep(1) ↣ dgrep(1)
email-reminder-editor(1) Edit special occasion reminders.
email-reminder-editor(1p) Edit special occasion reminders.
Email::Date::Format(3pm) Produce RFC 2822 date strings.
Email::Folder(3pm) Read all the messages from a folder as Email::Simple objects.
Email::Folder::Ezmlm(3pm) Reads raw RFC822 mails from an ezmlm archive.
Email::Folder::Maildir(3pm) Reads raw RFC822 mails from a maildir.
Email::Folder::Mbox(3pm) Reads raw RFC822 mails from an mbox file.
Email::Folder::MH(3pm) Reads raw RFC822 mails from an mh folder.
Email::Folder::Reader(3pm) Reads raw RFC822 mails from a box.
Email::Sender::Transport::SMTPS(3pm) Email::Sender joins Net::SMTPS.
Error::TypeTiny(3pm) Exceptions for Type::Tiny and friends.
Error::TypeTiny::Assertion(3pm) Exception when a value fails a type constraint.
Error::TypeTiny::Compilation(3pm) Exception for Eval::TypeTiny.
Error::TypeTiny::WrongNumberOfParameters(3pm) Exception for Type::Params.
Eval::TypeTiny(3pm) Utility to evaluate a string of Perl code in a clean environment.
ex::monkeypatched(3pm) Experimental API for safe monkey-patching.
fairymax(6) Xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'Fairy-Max'.
fcheck(8) IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker.
file2dgr(1) DGR transmission test program.
file2sdr(1) SDR data ingestion test program.
file2sm(1) Shared-memory linked list data ingestion test program.
file2tcp(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
file2udp(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
File::Flat(3pm) Implements a flat filesystem.
File::Share(3pm) Extend File::ShareDir to Local Libraries.
fpdns(1p) DNS server fingeprinting tool.
Geo::Coder::Googlev3(3pm) Google Maps v3 Geocoding API.
Geo::OSM::Tiles(3pm) Calculate tile numbers for OpenStreetMap.
get_root_domain(1p) Retrieve suffix info from a domain using Domain::PublicSuffix.
Graph::Writer::GraphViz(3pm) GraphViz Writer for Graph object.
gsdh_gnustep(1) ↣ dh_gnustep(1) Moves files in the GNUstep hierarchy to FHS-compliant locations.
hapolicy(1) Policy delegation high availability script.
hmackeys(1) Utility program for generating good HMAC-SHA1 keys.
Hook::LexWrap(3pm) Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers.
HTML::FillInForm(3pm) Populates HTML Forms with data.
HTML::HTML5::Entities(3pm) Drop-in replacement for HTML::Entities.
HTML::Selector::XPath(3pm) CSS Selector to XPath compiler.
HTML::TableParser(3pm) Extract data from an HTML table.
HTML::TableParser::Table(3pm) Support class for HTML::TableParser.
HTML::TagTree(3pm) An HTML generator via a tree of 'tag' objects.
HTML::WikiConverter::Markdown(3pm) Convert HTML to Markdown markup.
HTTP::Cookies(3pm) HTTP cookie jars.
HTTP::Cookies::Netscape(3pm) Access to Netscape cookies files.
icli(1p) Icinga Command Line Interface.
Ima::DBI(3pm) Database connection caching and organization.
imcadmin(1) Interplanetary Multicast (IMC) scheme administration interface.
imcfw(1) Bundle route computation task for the IMC scheme.
imcrc(5) IMC scheme configuration commands file.
ion(3) Interplanetary Overlay Network common definitions and functions.
ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
ionadmin(1) ION node administration interface.
ionconfig(5) ION node configuration parameters file.
ionexit(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
ionrc(5) ION node management commands file.
ionrestart(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
ionscript(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
ionsecadmin(1) ION security policy administration interface.
ionsecrc(5) ION security policy management commands file.
ionstart(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
ionstop(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
ionwarn(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
ipnadmin(1) Interplanetary Internet (IPN) scheme administration interface.
ipnadminep(1) Administrative endpoint task for the IPN scheme.
ipnfw(1) Bundle route computation task for the IPN scheme.
ipnrc(5) IPN scheme configuration commands file.
IRI(3pm) Internationalized Resource Identifiers.
JSON::MultiValueOrdered(3pm) Handle JSON like {"a":1, "a":2}.
JSON::PP(3pm) JSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module.
JSON::PP::Boolean(3pm) Dummy module providing JSON::PP::Boolean.
JSON::Tiny::Subclassable(3pm) Subclass of JSON::Tiny which in practice is a fork.
json_pp(1p) JSON::PP command utility.
kaget(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kanif.conf(5) Configuration file for kanif.
kaput(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kash(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kephra(1p) Kephra starter script.
Kephra(3pm) Crossplatform GUI-Texteditor along Perl alike Paradigms.
Kephra::API(3pm) Interface between Modules and Plugins.
Kephra::App::EditPanel::Fold(3pm) Code folding functions.
Kephra::App::EditPanel::Margin(3pm) Managing margin visuals for marker, linenumber, folding & extra space.
Kephra::App::Panel::Output(3pm) Output panel.
Kephra::App::Window(3pm) Frame of the main window.
Kephra::CommandList(3pm) External API for user callable functions.
Kephra::Config(3pm) Low level config stuff and basics.
Kephra::Config::File(3pm) IO of config files.
Kephra::Config::Global(3pm) Loading and storing the config settings for the app.
Kephra::Config::Tree(3pm) Manipulation of config data.
Kephra::Document(3pm) General doc functions.
Kephra::Document::Data(3pm) API for data assotiated with opened documents.
Kephra::Document::Property(3pm) External API for document handling.
Kephra::Document::SyntaxMode(3pm) Content language specific settings of a doc.
Kephra::Edit(3pm) Basic edit menu calls and internals for editing.
Kephra::Edit::Comment(3pm) Add and remove comments in your code text.
Kephra::Edit::Convert(3pm) Character and word translation functions.
Kephra::Edit::Format(3pm) Functions that play with indention and length of lines.
Kephra::Edit::Goto(3pm) Caret jump functions.
Kephra::Edit::History(3pm) Undo, redo and so on.
Kephra::Edit::Marker(3pm) Bookmark and marker functions.
Kephra::Edit::Search(3pm) Find and replace functions.
Kephra::Edit::Select(3pm) Calls to select different text parts.
Kephra::EventTable(3pm) API to internal events.
Kephra::File(3pm) Basic file menu functions.
kgb-add-project(1p) Helper script for adding new projects to kgb-bot configuration file.
kgb-bot(1p) An IRC bot helping collaborative work.
kgb-client(1p) Relay commits to KGB servers.
kgb-protocol(7p) Specification of the client-server communication protocol.
kgb-split-config(1p) Helper script for splitting out project configurations.
killm(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
l4p-tmpl(1p) Print out a Log4perl template configuration.
latex-encode(1p) LaTeX-encode data.
LaTeX::Encode(3pm) Encode characters for LaTeX formatting.
lexical::underscore(3pm) Access your caller's lexical underscore.
lgagent(1) ION Load/Go remote agent program.
lgfile(5) ION Load/Go source file.
lgsend(1) ION Load/Go command program.
List::AllUtils(3pm) Combines List::Util and List::MoreUtils in one bite-sized package.
llcv(3) Library for manipulating linked-list condition variable objects.
Log::Log4perl(3pm) Log4j implementation for Perl.
Log::Log4perl::Appender(3pm) Log appender class.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Buffer(3pm) Buffering Appender.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::DBI(3pm) Implements appending to a DB.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::File(3pm) Log to file.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Limit(3pm) Limit message delivery via block period.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::RRDs(3pm) Log to a RRDtool Archive.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Screen(3pm) Log to STDOUT/STDERR.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::ScreenColoredLevels(3pm) Colorize messages according to level.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Socket(3pm) Log to a socket.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::String(3pm) Append to a string.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Synchronized(3pm) Synchronizing other appenders.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestArrayBuffer(3pm) Subclass of Appender::TestBuffer.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestBuffer(3pm) Appender class for testing.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestFileCreeper(3pm) Intentionally slow test appender.
Log::Log4perl::Catalyst(3pm) Log::Log4perl Catalyst Module.
Log::Log4perl::Config(3pm) Log4perl configuration file syntax.
Log::Log4perl::Config::BaseConfigurator(3pm) Configurator Base Class.
Log::Log4perl::Config::DOMConfigurator(3pm) Reads xml config files.
Log::Log4perl::Config::PropertyConfigurator(3pm) Reads properties file.
Log::Log4perl::Config::Watch(3pm) Detect file changes.
Log::Log4perl::DateFormat(3pm) Log4perl advanced date formatter helper class.
Log::Log4perl::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions on Log::Log4perl.
Log::Log4perl::Filter(3pm) Log4perl Custom Filter Base Class.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::Boolean(3pm) Special filter to combine the results of others.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::LevelMatch(3pm) Filter to match the log level exactly.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::LevelRange(3pm) Filter for a range of log levels.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::MDC(3pm) Filter to match on values of a MDC key.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::StringMatch(3pm) Filter on log message string.
Log::Log4perl::InternalDebug(3pm) Dark Magic to enable _INTERNAL_DEBUG.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap(3pm) Maps java log4j appenders to Log::Dispatch classes.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::ConsoleAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::Screen.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::FileAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::File.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::JDBCAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Log4perl::Appender::DBI.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::NTEventLogAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::Win32EventLog.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::RollingFileAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::FileRotate.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::SyslogAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::Syslog.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::TestBuffer(3pm) Wraps Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestBuffer.
Log::Log4perl::Layout(3pm) Log4perl Layout Virtual Base Class.
Log::Log4perl::Layout::NoopLayout(3pm) Pass-thru Layout.
Log::Log4perl::Layout::PatternLayout(3pm) Pattern Layout.
Log::Log4perl::Layout::PatternLayout::Multiline(3pm) Multiline Pattern Layout.
Log::Log4perl::Layout::SimpleLayout(3pm) Simple Layout.
Log::Log4perl::Level(3pm) Predefined log levels.
Log::Log4perl::Logger(3pm) Main Logger Class.
Log::Log4perl::MDC(3pm) Mapped Diagnostic Context.
Log::Log4perl::NDC(3pm) Nested Diagnostic Context.
Log::Log4perl::Resurrector(3pm) Dark Magic to resurrect hidden L4p statements.
Log::Log4perl::Util(3pm) Internal utility functions.
Log::Log4perl::Util::Semaphore(3pm) Easy to use semaphores.
Log::Log4perl::Util::TimeTracker(3pm) Track time elapsed.
ltp(3) Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP) communications library.
ltpadmin(1) ION Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP) administration interface.
ltpcli(1) LTP-based BP convergence layer input task.
ltpclo(1) LTP-based BP convergence layer adapter output task.
ltpclock(1) LTP daemon task for managing scheduled events.
ltpcounter(1) LTP reception test program.
ltpdriver(1) LTP transmission test program.
ltpmeter(1) LTP daemon task for aggregating and segmenting transmission blocks.
ltprc(5) Licklider Transmission Protocol management commands file.
lyst(3) Library for manipulating generalized doubly linked lists.
Mail::Thread(3pm) Perl implementation of JWZ's mail threading algorithm.
MARC::Transform(3pm) Perl module to transform a MARC record using a YAML configuration file.
maxqi(6) ↣ fairymax(6) Xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'Fairy-Max'.
memmgr(3) Memory manager abstraction functions.
Method::Signatures(3pm) Method and function declarations with signatures and no source filter.
Method::Signatures::Modifiers(3pm) Use Method::Signatures from within MooseX::Declare.
migrate-ebs-image(1p) Copy an EBS-backed Amazon Image from one region to another.
MIME::EncWords(3pm) Deal with RFC 2047 encoded words (improved).
minicpan(1p) Uses CPAN::Mini to create or update a local mirror.
Module::Build::Tiny(3pm) A tiny replacement for Module::Build.
Module::Bundled::Files(3pm) Access files bundled with Module.
Module::Faker(3pm) Build fake dists for testing CPAN tools.
Module::Faker::Appendix(3pm) A thing that appends.
Module::Faker::Dist(3pm) A fake CPAN distribution.
Module::Faker::File(3pm) A fake file in a fake dist.
Module::Faker::Heavy(3pm) Where the fake sausage gets made.
Module::Faker::Module(3pm) A faked module.
Module::Faker::Package(3pm) A faked package in a faked module.
Module::Implementation(3pm) Loads one of several alternate underlying implementations for a module.
Module::Install::ManifestSkip(3pm) Generate a MANIFEST.SKIP file.
Module::Manifest::Skip(3pm) MANIFEST.SKIP Manangement for Modules.
Module::Reader(3pm) Read the source of a module like perl does.
Mojolicious::Plugin::BasicAuth(3pm) Basic HTTP Auth Helper.
Mojolicious::Plugin::MailException(3pm) Mojolicious plugin to send crash information by email.
Mojolicious::Plugin::README(3pm) Basic HTTP Auth Helper.
Monitoring::Availability(3pm) Calculate Availability Data from Nagios / Icinga and Shinken Logfiles.
Monitoring::Availability::Logs(3pm) Load/Store/Access Logfiles.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class(3pm) Object-Oriented interface for Monitoring::Livestatus.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Abstract::Filter(3pm) Class to generate livestatus filters.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Abstract::Stats(3pm) Class to generate livestatus stats.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Base::Abstract(3pm) Base class to generate livestatus statments.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Base::Table(3pm) Base class for all table objects.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Columns(3pm) Class for columns table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Commands(3pm) Class for commands table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Comments(3pm) Class for comments table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Contactgroups(3pm) Class for contactgroups table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Contacts(3pm) Class for contacts table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Downtimes(3pm) Class for downtimes table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Hostgroups(3pm) Class for hostgroups table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Hosts(3pm) Class for hosts table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Log(3pm) Class for log table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Servicegroups(3pm) Class for servicegroups table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Services(3pm) Class for services table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Servicesbygroup(3pm) Class for servicesbygroup table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Servicesbyhostgroup(3pm) Class for servicesbyhostgroup table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Status(3pm) Class for status table.
Monitoring::Livestatus::Class::Table::Timeperiods(3pm) Class for timeperiods table.
MooseX::ArrayRef(3pm) Blessed arrayrefs with Moose.
MooseX::Has::Sugar(3pm) Sugar Syntax for moose 'has' fields.
MooseX::Has::Sugar::Minimal(3pm) Less Sugary Syntax for moose 'has' fields.
MooseX::Has::Sugar::Saccharin(3pm) Experimental sweetness.
MooseX::LazyRequire(3pm) Required attributes which fail only when trying to use them.
MooseX::Role::Parameterized(3pm) Roles with composition parameters.
MooseX::Role::Parameterized::Extending(3pm) Extending MooseX::Role::Parameterized roles.
MooseX::Role::Parameterized::Meta::Role::Parameterized(3pm) Metaclass for parameterized roles.
MooseX::Role::Parameterized::Meta::Trait::Parameterizable(3pm) Trait for parameterizable roles.
MooseX::Role::Parameterized::Meta::Trait::Parameterized(3pm) Trait for parameterized roles.
MooseX::Role::Parameterized::Parameters(3pm) Base class for parameters.
MooseX::Role::Parameterized::Tutorial(3pm) Why and how.
MooseX::Runnable(3pm) Tag a class as a runnable application.
MooseX::Runnable::Invocation::Plugin::Debug(3pm) Print debugging information.
MooseX::Runnable::Invocation::Scheme::MooseX::Getopt(3pm) Run MX::Getopt classes.
MooseX::Runnable::Run(3pm) Run a MooseX::Runnable class as an application.
MooseX::Runnable::Util::ArgParser(3pm) Parse @ARGV for "mx-run".
MooseX::SemiAffordanceAccessor(3pm) Name your accessors foo() and set_foo().
MooseX::SemiAffordanceAccessor::Role::Attribute(3pm) This meta trait is applied to attributes in order to change.
MooseX::Types::JSON(3pm) JSON datatype for Moose.
MooseX::Types::Path::Tiny(3pm) Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose.
MooX::Struct(3pm) Make simple lightweight record-like structures that make sounds like cows.
MooX::Struct::Util(3pm) Extensions for MooX::Struct that would have been overkill to include.
mpcp(1) ↣ mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mpfade(1) Fade mpd volume in or out.
mpgenplaylists(1) Generate mpd playlists for each subdirectory of music.
mpinsert(1) Insert song after currently playing song.
mplength(1) Calculates length of mpd playlist.
mpload(1) ↣ mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mpmv(1) ↣ mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mprand(1) Play a random playlist.
mprandomwalk(1) Play random bits of all queued songs.
mprev(1) Reverse the mpd playlist.
mprompt(1) Simple prompt-based control for mpd.
mpskip(1) Emulate a skipping record.
mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mpswap(1) ↣ mpstore(1) Store and transfer mpd state between daemons.
mptoggle(1) Single button control for mpd.
mx-run(1p) Script to run MooseX::Runnable classes.
mythtv-status(1) Display the status of a MythTV backend.
Net::DNS::Keyset(3pm) DNSSEC Keyset object class.
Net::DNS::RR::DLV(3pm) DNS DLV resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::DNSKEY(3pm) DNS DNSKEY resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::DS(3pm) DNS DS resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::KEY(3pm) DNS KEY resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC(3pm) DNS NSEC resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC3(3pm) DNS NSEC3 resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC3PARAM(3pm) DNS NSEC3PARAM resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::RRSIG(3pm) DNS RRSIG resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::SIG(3pm) DNS SIG resource record.
Net::DNS::SEC(3pm) DNSSEC extensions to Net::DNS.
Net::DNS::SEC::Private(3pm) DNSSEC Private key object.
Net::OpenSSH::Parallel(3pm) Run SSH jobs in parallel.
Net::OpenSSH::Parallel::Constants(3pm) Constant definitions for Net::OpenSSH::Parallel.
Net::Traceroute::PurePerl(3pm) Traceroute(1) functionality in perl via raw sockets.
nm_agent(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
nm_mgr(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
OpenGL::Image(3pm) OpenGL wrapper to load images.
OpenGL::Image::Common(3pm) Class for OpenGL imaging engines.
OpenGL::Image::Magick(3pm) Load images with Image::Magick in OpenGL.
owltsim(1) One-way light time transmission delay simulator.
owlttb(1) One-way light time transmission delay simulator.
Oxford::Calendar(3pm) University of Oxford calendar conversion routines.
Package::Stash(3pm) Routines for manipulating stashes.
Package::Stash::PP(3pm) Pure perl implementation of the Package::Stash API.
Path::FindDev(3pm) Find a development path somewhere in an upper hierarchy.
Path::FindDev::Object(3pm) Object oriented guts to FindDev.
Path::IsDev(3pm) Determine if a given Path resembles a development source tree.
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Changelog(3pm) Determine if a path contains a Changelog (or similar).
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::DevDirMarker(3pm) Determine if a path contains a .devdir file.
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Makefile(3pm) Determine if a path contains a Makefile.
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::META(3pm) Determine if a path contains META.(json|yml).
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::MYMETA(3pm) Determine if a path contains MYMETA.(json|yml).
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::TestDir(3pm) Determine if a path contains a t/ or xt/ directory.
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::Dzil(3pm) Determine if a path is a Dist::Zilla Source tree.
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::MakeMaker(3pm) Determine if a path is an ExtUtils::MakeMaker Tooled source.
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::ModuleBuild(3pm) Determine if a path is a Module::Build Source tree.
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::VCS::Git(3pm) Determine if a path contains a .git repository.
Path::IsDev::HeuristicSet::Basic(3pm) Basic IsDev set of Heuristics.
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::HomeDir(3pm) User home directories are not development roots.
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::IsDev::IgnoreFile(3pm) An explicit exclusion file heuristic.
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::PerlINC(3pm) White-list paths in as being non-development roots.
Path::IsDev::Object(3pm) Object Oriented guts for IsDev export.
Path::IsDev::Result(3pm) Result container.
Path::IsDev::Role::Heuristic(3pm) Base role for Heuristic things.
Path::IsDev::Role::HeuristicSet(3pm) Role for sets of Heuristics.
Path::IsDev::Role::HeuristicSet::Simple(3pm) Simple excludes/includes set.
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp(3pm) Match when a path has a child file matching an.
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp::File(3pm) Match if any children have basename's that.
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any(3pm) Match if any of a list of children exists.
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any::Dir(3pm) Match if a path contains one of any of a list of.
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any::File(3pm) Match if a path contains one of any of a list of files.
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::FullPath::Is::Any(3pm) Match if the current directory is the same directory from a.
Path::IsDev::Role::NegativeHeuristic(3pm) Base role for Negative Heuristic things.
Perl::MinimumVersion(3pm) Find a minimum required version of perl for Perl code.
perlver(1p) The Perl Minimum Version Analyzer.
PerlX::Maybe(3pm) Return a pair only if they are both defined.
PGObject::Simple(3pm) Minimalist stored procedure mapper based on LedgerSMB's DBObject.
Plack::Middleware::Expires(3pm) Mod_expires for plack.
platform(3) C software portability definitions and functions.
POD2::JA::MIME::EncWords(3pm) RFC 2047 encoded-word XX (XXX).
pod2test(1p) Convert embedded tests and code examples to .t files.
Pod::Tests(3pm) Extracts embedded tests and code examples from POD.
Pod::WSDL(3pm) Creates WSDL documents from (extended) pod.
Pod::WSDL::Attr(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod for an attribute of a class (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::AUTOLOAD(3pm) Base class for autoloading (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Doc(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod for the documentation of methods (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Fault(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod describing the fault of a method (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Method(3pm) Represents a method in Pod::WSDL (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Param(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod for a parameter of a method (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Return(3pm) Represents the WSDL pod for the return value of a method (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Type(3pm) Represents a type in Pod::WSDL (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Utils(3pm) Utilities and constants for Pod::WSDL (internal use only).
Pod::WSDL::Writer(3pm) Writes XML output for Pod::WSDL (internal use only).
POE::Component::Client::DNS(3pm) Non-blocking, parallel DNS client.
POE::Component::Pool::Thread(3pm) A POE Managed Boss/Worker threadpool.
POE::Component::Server::JSONRPC(3pm) POE tcp or http based JSON-RPC server.
POE::Component::Server::JSONRPC::Http(3pm) POE http based JSON-RPC server.
POE::Component::Server::JSONRPC::Tcp(3pm) POE tcp based JSON-RPC server.
policy-test(8) Postfix Policy Daemon Testing Tool.
postgrey(8) Postfix Greylisting Policy Server.
postgreyreport(1) Fatal report for Postfix Greylisting Policy Server.
PostScript::Simple(3pm) Produce PostScript files from Perl.
PostScript::Simple::EPS(3pm) EPS support for PostScript::Simple.
Proc::InvokeEditor(3pm) Perl extension for starting a text editor.
Proc::Queue(3pm) Limit the number of child processes running.
psm(3) Personal Space Management.
psmshell(1) PSM memory management test shell.
psmwatch(1) PSM memory partition activity monitor.
Qpsmtpd(3pm) Base class for the qpsmtpd mail server.
Qpsmtpd::Address(3pm) Lightweight E-Mail address objects.
Qpsmtpd::Command(3pm) Parse arguments to SMTP commands.
Qpsmtpd::ConfigServer(3pm) A configuration server for qpsmtpd.
Qpsmtpd::Connection(3pm) A single SMTP connection.
Qpsmtpd::Constants(3pm) Constants for plugins to use.
Qpsmtpd::DSN(3pm) Enhanced Mail System Status Codes - RFC 1893.
Qpsmtpd::Postfix(3pm) Postfix queueing support for qpsmtpd.
Qpsmtpd::Transaction(3pm) Single SMTP session transaction data.
ramsgate(1) Remote AMS gateway daemon.
RDF::ACL(3pm) Access control lists for the semantic web.
RDF::DOAP(3pm) An object-oriented interface for DOAP (Description of a Project) data.
RDF::iCalendar(3pm) Convert from RDF to iCalendar.
RDF::iCalendar::Entity(3pm) Represents an iCalendar calendar, event, todo, etc.
RDF::iCalendar::Exporter(3pm) Export RDF data to iCalendar format.
RDF::iCalendar::Line(3pm) Represents a line within a vCard.
RDF::Prefixes(3pm) Simple way to turn URIs into QNames.
RDF::Query::Client(3pm) Get data from W3C SPARQL Protocol 1.0 servers.
RDF::QueryX::Lazy(3pm) Yeah, all those PREFIX definitions get boring.
RDF::TrineX::Functions(3pm) Some shortcut functions for RDF::Trine's object-oriented interface.
RDF::TrineX::Serializer::MockTurtleSoup(3pm) He's a bit slow, but he's sure good lookin'.
Regexp::Common::time(3pm) Date and time regexps.
Reply::Plugin::TypeTiny(3pm) Improved type constraint exceptions in Reply.
Return::MultiLevel(3pm) Return across multiple call levels.
ReverseProxy::FormFiller(3pm) Let Apache fill and submit any html form in place of the user.
rfxclock(1) ION daemon task for managing scheduled events.
Safe::Isa(3pm) Call isa, can, does and DOES safely on things that may not be objects.
sats(1) Mpd stop after this song.
sdatest(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
sdr(3) Simple Data Recorder library.
sdr2file(1) SDR data extraction test program.
sdrhash(3) Simple Data Recorder hash table management functions.
sdrlist(3) Simple Data Recorder list management functions.
sdrmend(1) SDR corruption repair utility.
sdrstring(3) Simple Data Recorder string functions.
sdrtable(3) Simple Data Recorder table management functions.
sdrwatch(1) SDR non-volatile data store activity monitor.
send-reminders(1) Send email reminders for special occasions.
send-reminders(1p) Send email reminders for special occasions.
sendxmpp(1p) Send xmpp messages from the commandline.
shamax(6) ↣ fairymax(6) Xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'Fairy-Max'.
shogivar(6) Program to play shogi variants.
sm2file(1) Shared-memory linked list data extraction test program.
smlist(3) Shared memory list management library.
smlistsh(1) Shared-memory linked list test shell.
Spiffy(3pm) Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You.
SQL::Abstract(3pm) Generate SQL from Perl data structures.
SQL::Abstract::Test(3pm) Helper function for testing SQL::Abstract.
SQL::Abstract::Tree(3pm) Represent SQL as an AST.
stcpcli(1) DTN simple TCP convergence layer input task.
stcpclo(1) DTN simple TCP convergence layer adapter output task.
String::Flogger(3pm) String munging for loggers.
Sub::Infix(3pm) Create a fake infix operator.
SVN::Class(3pm) Manipulate Subversion workspaces with Perl objects.
SVN::Class::Dir(3pm) Represents a directory in a Subversion workspace.
SVN::Class::File(3pm) Represents a file in a Subversion workspace.
SVN::Class::Info(3pm) Subversion workspace info.
SVN::Class::Repos(3pm) Represents the repository of a Subversion workspace.
Switch(3pm) A switch statement for Perl, do not use if you can use given/when.
Syntax::Feature::Maybe(3pm) Use syntax qw/maybe/.
Syntax::Keyword::Gather(3pm) Implements the Perl 6 'gather/take' control structure in Perl 5.
Sys::Syscall(3pm) Access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to.
tcp2file(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
tcpbsi(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
tcpbso(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
tcpcli(1) DTN TCPCL-compliant convergence layer input task.
tcpclo(1) DTN TCPCL-compliant convergence layer adapter output task.
Template::Plugin::DateTime::Format(3pm) Format DateTime objects from inside TT with DateTime::Format-style.
Test::Class(3pm) Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style.
Test::Class::Load(3pm) Load "Test::Class" classes automatically.
Test::Class::MethodInfo(3pm) The info associated with a test method.
Test::LongString(3pm) Tests strings for equality, with more helpful failures.
Test::Output(3pm) Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages.
Test::Perl::Critic::Progressive(3pm) Gradually enforce coding standards.
Test::RDF(3pm) Test RDF data for content, validity and equality, etc.
Test::RDF::DOAP::Version(3pm) Tests 'meta/changes.ttl' is up to date.
Test::Roo(3pm) Composable, reusable tests with roles and Moo.
Test::Roo::Class(3pm) Base class for Test::Roo test classes.
Test::Roo::Cookbook(3pm) Test::Roo examples.
Test::Roo::Role(3pm) Composable role for Test::Roo.
Test::Routine(3pm) Composable units of assertion.
Test::Routine::Common(3pm) A role composed by all Test::Routine roles.
Test::Routine::Compositor(3pm) The tool for turning test routines into runnable classes.
Test::Routine::Manual::Demo(3pm) A walkthrough, in code, of Test::Routine.
Test::Routine::Runner(3pm) Tools for running Test::Routine tests.
Test::Routine::Test(3pm) A test method in a Test::Routine role.
Test::Routine::Test::Role(3pm) Role providing test attributes.
Test::Routine::Util(3pm) Helpful exports for dealing with test routines.
Test::Spelling(3pm) Check for spelling errors in POD files.
Test::Tabs(3pm) Check the presence of tabs in your project.
Test::TypeTiny(3pm) Useful functions for testing the efficacy of type constraints.
Test::Without::Module(3pm) Test fallback behaviour in absence of modules.
Test::WWW::Mechanize::Mojo(3pm) Test::WWW::Mechanize for Mojo / Mojolicious.
Text::Greeking(3pm) Generate meaningless text (eg to fill a page when designing).
Tie::Hash::MultiValueOrdered(3pm) Hash with multiple values per key, and ordered keys.
Transmission::AttributeRole(3pm) For Torrent and Client.
Transmission::Client(3pm) Interface to Transmission.
Transmission::Session(3pm) Transmission session.
Transmission::Stats(3pm) Transmission session statistics.
Transmission::Torrent(3pm) Transmission torrent object.
Transmission::Torrent::File(3pm) File within a Transmission torrent.
Transmission::Types(3pm) Moose types for Transmission.
Transmission::Utils(3pm) Utilies for modules that use Transmission::*.
Tree(3pm) An N-ary tree.
Tree::Binary2(3pm) An implementation of a binary tree.
Tree::Fast(3pm) The fastest possible implementation of a tree in pure Perl.
Tree::XPathEngine(3pm) A re-usable XPath engine.
Tree::XPathEngine::Boolean(3pm) Boolean true/false values.
Tree::XPathEngine::Expr(3pm) Handles expressions in XPath queries.
Tree::XPathEngine::Function(3pm) Evaluates XPath functions.
Tree::XPathEngine::Literal(3pm) Simple string values.
Tree::XPathEngine::NodeSet(3pm) A list of XML document nodes.
Tree::XPathEngine::Number(3pm) Simple numeric values.
Tree::XPathEngine::Root(3pm) Going back to the root node in an XPath expression.
Tree::XPathEngine::Step(3pm) Implements a step in an XPath location path.
Tree::XPathEngine::Variable(3pm) A variable in a Tree::XPathEngine object.
Try::Tiny::SmartCatch(3pm) Lightweight Perl module for powerful exceptions handling.
Type::Coercion(3pm) A set of coercions to a particular target type constraint.
Type::Coercion::FromMoose(3pm) A set of coercions borrowed from Moose.
Type::Coercion::Union(3pm) A set of coercions to a union type constraint.
Type::Library(3pm) Tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type libraries.
Type::Params(3pm) Params::Validate-like parameter validation using Type::Tiny type constraints and coercions.
Type::Parser(3pm) Parse type constraint strings.
Type::Registry(3pm) A glorified hashref for looking up type constraints.
Type::Tiny(3pm) Tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint.
Type::Tiny::_HalfOp(3pm) Half-completed overloaded operation.
Type::Tiny::Class(3pm) Type constraints based on the "isa" method.
Type::Tiny::Duck(3pm) Type constraints based on the "can" method.
Type::Tiny::Enum(3pm) String enum type constraints.
Type::Tiny::Intersection(3pm) Intersection type constraints.
Type::Tiny::Manual(3pm) An overview of Type::Tiny.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Coercions(3pm) Adding coercions to type constraints.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Libraries(3pm) How to build a type library with Type::Tiny, Type::Library and Type::Utils.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Optimization(3pm) Squeeze the most out of your CPU.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Params(3pm) Coerce and validate arguments to functions and methods.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Policies(3pm) Type::Tiny policies.
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoo(3pm) How to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Moo.
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoose(3pm) How to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Moose.
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMouse(3pm) How to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Mouse.
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithOther(3pm) How to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with other OO frameworks.
Type::Tiny::Role(3pm) Type constraints based on the "DOES" method.
Type::Tiny::Union(3pm) Union type constraints.
Type::Utils(3pm) Utility functions to make defining and using type constraints a little easier.
Types::Common::Numeric(3pm) Drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common::Numeric.
Types::Common::String(3pm) Drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common::String.
Types::Standard(3pm) Bundled set of built-in types for Type::Tiny.
Types::Standard::ArrayRef(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard ArrayRef type constraint.
Types::Standard::Dict(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard Dict type constraint.
Types::Standard::HashRef(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard HashRef type constraint.
Types::Standard::Map(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard Map type constraint.
Types::Standard::ScalarRef(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard ScalarRef type constraint.
Types::Standard::Tuple(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard Tuple type constraint.
Types::TypeTiny(3pm) Type constraints used internally by Type::Tiny.
Types::URI(3pm) Type constraints and coercions for URIs.
Types::UUID(3pm) Type constraints for UUIDs.
uci2wb(6) Protocol adapter for UCI dialects to XBoard.
udp2file(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
udpbsi(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
udpbso(1) UDP-based best-effort link service output task for BSSP.
udpcli(1) UDP-based BP convergence layer input task.
udpclo(1) UDP-based BP convergence layer output task.
udplsi(1) UDP-based LTP link service input task.
udplso(1) UDP-based LTP link service output task.
Unicode::Stringprep(3pm) Preparation of Internationalized Strings (RFC 3454).
Unicode::Stringprep::_Common(3pm) Internal functions for "Unicode::Stringprep::*".
Unicode::Stringprep::BiDi(3pm) Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix D.
Unicode::Stringprep::Mapping(3pm) Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix B.
Unicode::Stringprep::Prohibited(3pm) Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix C.
Unicode::Stringprep::Unassigned(3pm) Tables from RFC 3454, Appendix A.
UPGRADING(3pm) Upgrade notes.
URI::Find::Simple(3pm) A simple interface to URI::Find.
vipl(1) Edit mpd playlist.
VM::EC2(3pm) Perl interface to Amazon EC2, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancing, Autoscaling, and.
VM::EC2::AccountAttributes(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 account attributes set.
VM::EC2::ASG(3pm) Object describing an AutoScaling Group.
VM::EC2::AvailabilityZone(3pm) Object describing an Amazon availability zone.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice(3pm) Object describing how to construct an EC2 block device when launching an image.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Attachment(3pm) Object describing the attachment of an EBS volume to an instance.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::EBS(3pm) Object describing how to initialize an Amazon EBS volume from an image.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Mapping(3pm) Object describing an EC2 block device attached to an instance.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Mapping::EBS(3pm) Object describing an EBS volume that has been mapped onto an Amazon EC2.
VM::EC2::DB::AvailabilityZone(3pm) An RDS Database Availability Zone.
VM::EC2::DB::CharacterSet(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Character Set.
VM::EC2::DB::EC2SecurityGroup(3pm) An RDS Database EC2 Security Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Endpoint(3pm) An RDS Database Endpoint.
VM::EC2::DB::Engine::Defaults(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Parameter Defaults.
VM::EC2::DB::Engine::Version(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Version.
VM::EC2::DB::Event(3pm) An RDS Database Event.
VM::EC2::DB::Event::Category(3pm) An RDS Database Event Category.
VM::EC2::DB::Event::Subscription(3pm) An RDS Database Event Subscription.
VM::EC2::DB::Instance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon RDS instance.
VM::EC2::DB::Instance::OrderableOption(3pm) An RDS Database Orderable Option.
VM::EC2::DB::IPRange(3pm) An RDS Database IP Range.
VM::EC2::DB::Option(3pm) An RDS Database IP Range.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Membership.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Option(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Option.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Option::Setting(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Option Setting.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter::Group::Status(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter Group Status object.
VM::EC2::DB::PendingModifiedValues(3pm) An RDS Database Pending Modifed Values object.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::Instance(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::Instance::Offering(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance Offering.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::RecurringCharge(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance Recurring Charge.
VM::EC2::DB::SecurityGroup(3pm) An RDS Database Security Group.
VM::EC2::DB::SecurityGroup::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database Security Group Membership.
VM::EC2::DB::Snapshot(3pm) An RDS Database Snapshot.
VM::EC2::DB::Subnet(3pm) An RDS Database Subnet.
VM::EC2::DB::Subnet::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Subnet Group.
VM::EC2::DB::VpcSecurityGroup::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database VPC Security Group Membership.
VM::EC2::Dispatch(3pm) Create Perl objects from AWS XML requests.
VM::EC2::ElasticAddress(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Elastic Address.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes(3pm) Object describing the attributes of an Elastic Load Balancer.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::AccessLog(3pm) Object describing the AccessLog attributes of an Elastic Load Balancer.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::ConnectionDraining(3pm) Object describing the ConnectionDraining attribute of an Elastic.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::ConnectionSettings(3pm) Object describing the ConnectionSettings attribute of an Elastic.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::CrossZoneLoadBalancing(3pm) Object describing the CrossZoneLoadBalancing attribute of an.
VM::EC2::ELB::BackendServerDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Backend Server Description.
VM::EC2::ELB::HealthCheck(3pm) Load Balancer Health Check Parameters.
VM::EC2::ELB::InstanceState(3pm) Object describing the state of an instance attached to a load balancer. It is.
VM::EC2::ELB::Listener(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Listener.
VM::EC2::ELB::ListenerDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Listener Description.
VM::EC2::ELB::ParmParser(3pm) Format parameters for passing to the ELB API.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policies.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies::AppCookieStickinessPolicy(3pm) Object describing an Application Cookie Stickiness Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies::LBCookieStickinessPolicy(3pm) Object describing a Load Balancer Cookie Stickiness Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyAttribute(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policy Attribute.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyAttributeType(3pm) Load Balancer Policy Attribute Type.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyTypeDescription(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policy Type.
VM::EC2::ELB::TagDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Tag Description.
VM::EC2::Error(3pm) Object describing an error emitted by the Amazon API.
VM::EC2::Generic(3pm) Base class for VM::EC2 objects.
VM::EC2::Group(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 security group name.
VM::EC2::Image(3pm) Object describing an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
VM::EC2::Image::LaunchPermission(3pm) Object describing AMI launch permissions.
VM::EC2::Instance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::ConsoleOutput(3pm) Object describing console output from an Amazon EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::IamProfile(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Identity Access Management profile.
VM::EC2::Instance::Metadata(3pm) Object describing the metadata of a running instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::MonitoringState(3pm) Object describing the monitoring state of an EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::PasswordData(3pm) Object describing the administrative password stored in an EC2 Windows instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::Placement(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 instance's placement.
VM::EC2::Instance::Set(3pm) Object describing a set of instances.
VM::EC2::Instance::State(3pm) Object describing the state of an EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::State::Change(3pm) Represent an EC2 instance's change in state.
VM::EC2::Instance::State::Reason(3pm) Object describing the reason for an EC2 instance state change.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status(3pm) Object describing an instance/system status check.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status::Details(3pm) Object describing the details of an instance status check.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status::Event(3pm) Object describing a scheduled instance maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Instance::StatusItem(3pm) Object describing a instance status event.
VM::EC2::KeyPair(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 ssh key pair.
VM::EC2::LaunchConfiguration(3pm) Object describing a Launch Configuration.
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface(3pm) Object describing an Amazon Elastic Network Interface (ENI).
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface::PrivateIpAddress(3pm) Manage EC2 private IP address.
VM::EC2::ParmParser(3pm) Format parameters for passing to the API.
VM::EC2::PlacementGroup(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 cluster placement group.
VM::EC2::ProductCode(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 product code.
VM::EC2::Region(3pm) Object describing an Amazon region.
VM::EC2::ReservationSet(3pm) Object describing an instance reservation set.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing::InstanceCount(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing::PriceSchedule(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification::Configuration(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification::Result(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Offering(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance offering.
VM::EC2::REST::ebs(3pm) Modules for EC2 EBS volumes.
VM::EC2::REST::instance(3pm) VM::EC2 methods for controlling instances.
VM::EC2::ScalingPolicy(3pm) Object describing an AutoScaling Policy.
VM::EC2::Security::Token(3pm) Temporary security token object.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 security group.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::GroupPermission(3pm) Object describing an authorized group within a security group.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::IpPermission(3pm) Object describing a firewall rule in an EC2 security group.
VM::EC2::Snapshot(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EBS snapshot.
VM::EC2::Snapshot::CreateVolumePermission(3pm) Object describing AMI create volume permissions.
VM::EC2::Spot::DatafeedSubscription(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance datafeed subscription.
VM::EC2::Spot::InstanceRequest(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance request.
VM::EC2::Spot::LaunchSpecification(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance launch specification.
VM::EC2::Spot::PriceHistory(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance price history record.
VM::EC2::Spot::Status(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance status message.
VM::EC2::Staging::Manager(3pm) Automate VMs and volumes for moving data in and out of cloud.
VM::EC2::Staging::Server(3pm) High level interface to EC2-based servers.
VM::EC2::Staging::Volume(3pm) High level functions for provisioning and populating EC2 volumes.
VM::EC2::Volume(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EBS volume.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status(3pm) Object describing an volume/system status check.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Action(3pm) Object describing a scheduled volume maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Details(3pm) Object describing the details of an volume status check.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Event(3pm) Object describing a scheduled volume maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Volume::StatusItem(3pm) Object describing a volume status event.
VM::EC2::VPC(3pm) Manage EC2 VPC.
VM::EC2::VPC::CustomerGateway(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Virtual Private Cloud customer gateway.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud network ACL.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl::Association(3pm) The association between a network acl and a subnet.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl::Entry(3pm) VPC Network ACL entry.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection::StateReason(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection State Reason.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection::VpcInfo(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection VPC Information.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnConnection(3pm) VPC VPN connection.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnGateway(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud VPN gateway.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnTunnelTelemetry(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud VPN tunnel telemetry.
Web::Scraper(3pm) Web Scraping Toolkit using HTML and CSS Selectors or XPath expressions.
Web::Scraper::Filter(3pm) Base class for Web::Scraper filters.
Web::Scraper::LibXML(3pm) Drop-in replacement for Web::Scraper to use LibXML.
WWW::Shorten::Debli(3pm) Perl interface to
XML::AutoWriter(3pm) DOCTYPE based XML output.
XML::CompactTree(3pm) Builder of compact tree structures from XML documents.
XML::Doctype(3pm) A DTD object class.
XML::Doctype::AttDef(3pm) A class representing a definition in an tag.
XML::Doctype::ElementDecl(3pm) A class representing an tag.
XML::Smart(3pm) A smart, easy and powerful way to access or create XML from fiels, data and URLs.
XML::Smart::DTD(3pm) DTD parser for XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::Shared(3pm) Shared functions and variables for XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::Tutorial(3pm) Tutorial and examples for XML::Smart.
XML::Structured(3pm) Simple conversion API from XML to perl structures and back.
XML::Twig(3pm) A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode.
XML::ValidWriter(3pm) DOCTYPE driven valid XML output.
XML::Writer::Simple(3pm) Create XML files easily!.
xml_grep(1p) Grep XML files looking for specific elements.
xml_merge(1p) Merge back XML files split with C.
xml_pp(1p) Xml pretty-printer.
xml_spellcheck(1p) Spellcheck XML files.
xml_split(1p) Cut a big XML file into smaller chunks.
XXX(3pm) See Your Data in the Nude.
zco(3) Library for manipulating zero-copy objects.