Manual pages

Origin: perl v5.20.2.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
above(3pm) Auto "use lib" when a module is in the tree of the PWD.
accessors(3pm) Create accessor methods in caller's package.
accessors::chained(3pm) Create method chaining accessors in caller's package.
accessors::classic(3pm) Create 'classic' read/write accessor methods in caller's package.
accessors::ro(3pm) Create 'classic' read-only accessor methods in caller's package.
accessors::rw(3pm) Create 'classic' read/write accessor methods in caller's package.
acheck(1) Check common localization mistakes.
acheck(5) Acheck configuration file.
Acme::Bleach(3pm) For really clean programs.
Acme::Brainfuck(3pm) Embed Brainfuck in your perl code.
Acme::DWIM(3pm) Perl's confusing operators made easy.
Acme::EyeDrops(3pm) Visual Programming in Perl.
Acme::Morse(3pm) Perl programming in morse code.
Acme::POE::Knee(3pm) Time sliced pony race using the POE kernel.
Algorithm::C3(3pm) A module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm.
Algorithm::Diff(3pm) Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists.
Algorithm::DiffOld(3pm) Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists but use the old (.
Algorithm::Merge(3pm) Three-way merge and diff.
Algorithm::Munkres(3pm) Perl extension for Munkres' solution to.
aliased(3pm) Use shorter versions of class names.
alien(1p) Convert or install an alien binary package.
Alien::Gnuplot(3pm) Find and verify functionality of the gnuplot executable.
Alien::Package(3pm) An object that represents a package.
Alien::Package::Deb(3pm) An object that represents a deb package.
Alien::Package::Lsb(3pm) An object that represents a lsb package.
Alien::Package::Pkg(3pm) An object that represents a Solaris pkg package.
Alien::Package::Rpm(3pm) An object that represents a rpm package.
Alien::Package::Slp(3pm) An object that represents a slp package.
Alien::Package::Tgz(3pm) An object that represents a tgz package.
Alien::SDL(3pm) Building, finding and using SDL binaries.
Alien::SDL::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for Alien::SDL.
Alt(3pm) Alternate Module Implementations.
Alt::Assert(3pm) Assert alternate module implementation.
Alt::Base(3pm) Base class for alternate module.
Alzabo(3pm) A data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper.
Alzabo::BackCompat(3pm) Convert old data structures.
Alzabo::ChangeTracker(3pm) Saves a set of changes as callbacks that can be backed out if needed.
Alzabo::Column(3pm) Column objects.
Alzabo::ColumnDefinition(3pm) Holds the type attribute for a column.
Alzabo::Config(3pm) Alzabo configuration information.
Alzabo::Create(3pm) Loads all Alzabo::Create::* classes.
Alzabo::Create::Column(3pm) Column objects for use in schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::ColumnDefinition(3pm) Column definition object for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::ForeignKey(3pm) Foreign key objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::Index(3pm) Index objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::Schema(3pm) Schema objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::Table(3pm) Table objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Debug(3pm) Creates constants used to turn on debugging.
Alzabo::Design(3pm) Documentation on Alzabo's design.
Alzabo::Driver(3pm) Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers.
Alzabo::Driver::MySQL(3pm) MySQL specific Alzabo driver subclass.
Alzabo::Driver::PostgreSQL(3pm) PostgreSQL specific Alzabo driver subclass.
Alzabo::Exceptions(3pm) Creates all exception subclasses used in Alzabo.
Alzabo::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions.
Alzabo::ForeignKey(3pm) Foreign key (relation) objects.
Alzabo::Index(3pm) Index objects.
Alzabo::Intro(3pm) Introductory information about Alzabo.
Alzabo::MethodMaker(3pm) Auto-generate useful methods based on an existing schema.
Alzabo::MySQL(3pm) Alzabo and MySQL.
Alzabo::PostgreSQL(3pm) Alzabo and PostgreSQL.
Alzabo::QuickRef(3pm) A quick reference to methods in the Alzabo classes.
Alzabo::RDBMSRules(3pm) Base class for Alzabo RDBMS rulesets.
Alzabo::RDBMSRules::MySQL(3pm) MySQL specific database rules.
Alzabo::RDBMSRules::PostgreSQL(3pm) PostgreSQL specific database rules.
Alzabo::Runtime(3pm) Loads all Alzabo::Runtime::* classes.
Alzabo::Runtime::Column(3pm) Column objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::ColumnDefinition(3pm) Column definition objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::Cursor(3pm) Base class for Alzabo cursors.
Alzabo::Runtime::ForeignKey(3pm) Foreign key objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::Index(3pm) Index objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::InsertHandle(3pm) A handle representing an insert.
Alzabo::Runtime::JoinCursor(3pm) Cursor that returns arrays of "Alzabo::Runtime::Row" objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::Row(3pm) Row objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor(3pm) Cursor that returns "Alzabo::Runtime::Row" objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Deleted(3pm) Row objects that have been deleted.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::InCache(3pm) Cached row objects that represent actual database rows.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Live(3pm) Row objects representing rows in the database.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Potential(3pm) Row objects that are not in the database.
Alzabo::Runtime::Schema(3pm) Schema objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::Table(3pm) Table objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::UniqueRowCache(3pm) Implements a row cache for Alzabo.
Alzabo::Schema(3pm) Schema objects.
Alzabo::SQLMaker(3pm) Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers.
Alzabo::SQLMaker::MySQL(3pm) Alzabo SQL making class for MySQL.
Alzabo::SQLMaker::PostgreSQL(3pm) Alzabo SQL making class for PostgreSQL.
Alzabo::Table(3pm) Table objects.
Alzabo::Utils(3pm) Utility functions for other Alzabo modules.
Amazon::SQS::Simple(3pm) OO API for accessing the Amazon Simple Queue Service.
Amazon::SQS::Simple::Base(3pm) No user-serviceable parts included.
Amazon::SQS::Simple::Message(3pm) OO API for representing messages from the Amazon Simple Queue Service.
Amazon::SQS::Simple::Queue(3pm) OO API for representing queues from the Amazon Simple Queue Service.
Amazon::SQS::Simple::SendResponse(3pm) OO API for representing responses to messages sent to the Amazon Simple.
Any::Moose(3pm) (DEPRECATED) use Moo instead!.
Any::URI::Escape(3pm) Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape.
AnyData(3pm) (DEPRECATED) easy access to data in many formats.
AnyData::Format::CSV(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to CSV data.
AnyData::Format::Fixed(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to Fixed length data.
AnyData::Format::HTMLtable(3pm) Tied hash and DBI/SQL access to HTML tables.
AnyData::Format::Ini(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to ini files.
AnyData::Format::Mp3(3pm) Tied hash and DBI access to Mp3 files.
AnyData::Format::Paragraph(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to vertical files.
AnyData::Format::Passwd(3pm) Tied hash and DBI access to passwd files.
AnyData::Format::Pipe(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to Pipe delimited files.
AnyData::Format::Tab(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to Tab delimited files.
AnyData::Format::Weblog(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to HTTPD Logs.
AnyData::Format::XML(3pm) Tiedhash and DBI access to XML.
AnyEvent::CacheDNS(3pm) Simple DNS resolver with caching.
AnyEvent::Connection(3pm) Base class for tcp connectful clients.
AnyEvent::DBD::Pg(3pm) AnyEvent interface to DBD::Pg's async interface.
AnyEvent::DBI(3pm) Asynchronous DBI access.
AnyEvent::Gearman(3pm) Asynchronous Gearman client/worker module for AnyEvent applications.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Client(3pm) Gearman client for AnyEvent application.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Client::Connection(3pm) Connection class for client.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Connection(3pm) Common base class to handle connection.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Constants(3pm) Constants for Gearman client/worker.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Job(3pm) Gearman job.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Task(3pm) Gearman task.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Types(3pm) Some subtype definitions.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Worker(3pm) Gearman worker for AnyEvent application.
AnyEvent::Gearman::Worker::Connection(3pm) Connection class for worker.
AnyEvent::Handle::UDP(3pm) Client/server UDP handles for AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::HTTP(3pm) Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client.
AnyEvent::HTTP::ScopedClient(3pm) AnyEvent based.
AnyEvent::HTTPD(3pm) A simple lightweight event based web (application) server.
AnyEvent::HTTPD::HTTPConnection(3pm) A simple HTTP connection for request and response handling.
AnyEvent::HTTPD::HTTPServer(3pm) A simple and plain http server.
AnyEvent::HTTPD::Request(3pm) A web application request handle for AnyEvent::HTTPD.
AnyEvent::HTTPD::Util(3pm) Utility functions for AnyEvent::HTTPD.
AnyEvent::IRC(3pm) An event based IRC protocol client API.
AnyEvent::IRC::Client(3pm) A highlevel IRC connection.
AnyEvent::IRC::Connection(3pm) An IRC connection abstraction.
AnyEvent::IRC::Util(3pm) Common utilities that help with IRC protocol handling.
AnyEvent::Memcached(3pm) AnyEvent memcached client.
AnyEvent::Memcached::Hash::WithNext(3pm) Hashing algorythm for AE::Memcached.
AnyEvent::Processor(3pm) Base class to define an event-driven (AnyEvent) task that could periodically be.
AnyEvent::Processor::Conversion(3pm) Base class for conversion type subclasses.
AnyEvent::Processor::Converter(3pm) Role for any converter class.
AnyEvent::Processor::WatchableTask(3pm) Role for tasks which are watchable.
AnyEvent::Processor::Watcher(3pm) A watcher echoing a process messages, base class.
AnyEvent::RabbitMQ(3pm) An asynchronous and multi channel Perl AMQP client.
AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::Channel(3pm) Abstraction of an AMQP channel.
AnyEvent::Redis(3pm) Non-blocking Redis client.
AnyEvent::Redis::Protocol(3pm) Redis response parser (read handler) for AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::XMPP(3pm) An implementation of the XMPP Protocol.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Client(3pm) XMPP Client abstraction.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Component(3pm) "XML" stream that implements the XEP-0114.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Connection(3pm) XML stream that implements the XMPP RFC 3920.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error(3pm) Error class hierarchy for error reporting.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Exception(3pm) Some exception was thrown somewhere.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::IQ(3pm) IQ errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::IQAuth(3pm) IQ authentication error.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Message(3pm) Message errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::MUC(3pm) MUC error.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Parser(3pm) XML parse errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Presence(3pm) Presence errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Register(3pm) In-band registration error.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::SASL(3pm) SASL authentication error.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Stanza(3pm) Stanza errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Stream(3pm) XML Stream errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext(3pm) Extension baseclass and documentation.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::DataForm(3pm) XEP-0004 DataForm.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Disco(3pm) Service discovery manager class for XEP-0030.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Disco::Info(3pm) Service discovery info.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Disco::Items(3pm) Service discovery items.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC(3pm) Implements XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC::Message(3pm) A room message.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC::Room(3pm) Room class.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC::RoomInfo(3pm) Room information.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC::User(3pm) User class.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::OOB(3pm) XEP-0066 Out of Band Data.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Ping(3pm) Implementation of XMPP Ping XEP-0199.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Pubsub(3pm) Implements XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Receipts(3pm) XEP-0184 message receipts.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::RegisterForm(3pm) Handle for in band registration.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Registration(3pm) Handles all tasks of in band registration.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::VCard(3pm) VCards (XEP-0054 & XEP-0084).
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Version(3pm) Software version.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Extendable(3pm) Extendable baseclass.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Account(3pm) Instant messaging account.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Connection(3pm) "XML" stream that implements the XMPP RFC 3921.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Contact(3pm) Instant messaging roster contact.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Delayed(3pm) A delayed "XML" stanza.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Message(3pm) Instant message.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Presence(3pm) XMPP presence.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Roster(3pm) Instant messaging roster for XMPP.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Namespaces(3pm) XMPP namespace collection and aliasing class.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Node(3pm) XML node tree helper for the parser.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Parser(3pm) Parser for XML streams (helper for AnyEvent::XMPP).
AnyEvent::XMPP::SimpleConnection(3pm) Low level TCP/TLS connection.
AnyEvent::XMPP::TestClient(3pm) XMPP Test Client for tests.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Util(3pm) Utility functions for AnyEvent::XMPP.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Writer(3pm) "XML" writer for XMPP.
Apache2::AuthCASSimple(3pm) Apache2 module to authentificate through a CAS server.
Apache2::Reload(3pm) Reload Perl Modules when Changed on Disk.
Apache::ASP(3pm) Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl.
Apache::ASP::CGI::Table(3pm) Layer for compatibility with Apache::Table objects.
Apache::AuthzNetLDAP(3pm) Apache-Perl module that enables you to authorize a user for Website based on LDAP.
Apache::Gallery(3pm) Mod_perl handler to create an image gallery.
Apache::Session::Browseable(3pm) Add index and search methods to Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Browseable::LDAP(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session::LDAP.
Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL(3pm) Add index and search methods to Apache::Session::MySQL.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis(3pm) Add index and search methods to Apache::Session::Redis.
Apache::Session::Browseable::SQLite(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Store::LDAP(3pm) Use LDAP to store persistent objects.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Store::Redis(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session::Store.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Store::SQLite(3pm) Store persistent data in a SQLite database.
Apache::Session::LDAP(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Store::LDAP(3pm) Use LDAP to store persistent objects.
Apache::Session::Wrapper(3pm) A simple wrapper around Apache::Session.
Apache::Singleton(3pm) Singleton class for mod_perl.
Apache::Singleton::Process(3pm) One instance per One Process.
Apache::Singleton::Request(3pm) One instance per One Request.
Apache::SOAP(3pm) Mod_perl-based SOAP server with minimum configuration.
App::Asciio(3pm) Plain ASCII diagram.
App::Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable(3pm) Base class for bot applications.
App::Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Terminal(3pm) Alters the default bot class to Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Terminal.
App::CLI(3pm) Dispatcher module for command line interface programs.
App::CLI::Command(3pm) Base class for App::CLI commands.
App::CLI::Command::Help(3pm) Output PODs of each command.
App::ClusterSSH(3pm) A container for functions of the ClusterSSH programs.
App::ClusterSSH::Base(3pm) Base object provding utility functions.
App::ClusterSSH::Cluster(3pm) Object representing cluster configuration.
App::ClusterSSH::Config(3pm) Object representing application configuration.
App::ClusterSSH::Getopt(3pm) Module to process command line args.
App::ClusterSSH::Helper(3pm) Object representing helper script.
App::ClusterSSH::Host(3pm) Object representing a host.
App::ClusterSSH::L10N(3pm) Base translations module.
App::ClusterSSH::L10N::en(3pm) Base English translations module.
App::Cmd(3pm) Write command line apps with less suffering.
App::Cmd::ArgProcessor(3pm) App::Cmd-specific wrapper for Getopt::Long::Descriptive.
App::Cmd::Command(3pm) A base class for App::Cmd commands.
App::Cmd::Command::commands(3pm) List the application's commands.
App::Cmd::Command::help(3pm) Display a command's help screen.
App::Cmd::Command::version(3pm) Display an app's version.
App::Cmd::Plugin(3pm) A plugin for App::Cmd commands.
App::Cmd::Plugin::Prompt(3pm) Plug prompting routines into your commands.
App::Cmd::Setup(3pm) Helper for setting up App::Cmd classes.
App::Cmd::Simple(3pm) A helper for building one-command App::Cmd applications.
App::Cmd::Subdispatch(3pm) An App::Cmd::Command that is also an App::Cmd.
App::Cmd::Subdispatch::DashedStyle(3pm) "app cmd --subcmd" style subdispatching.
App::Cmd::Tester(3pm) For capturing the result of running an app.
App::Cmd::Tester::CaptureExternal(3pm) Extends App::Cmd::Tester to capture from external subprograms.
App::Cmd::Tutorial(3pm) Getting started with App::Cmd.
App::Control(3pm) Perl module for apachectl style control of another script or executable.
App::cpanlistchanges(3pm) List changes for CPAN modules.
App::cpanoutdated(3pm) Detect outdated CPAN modules in your environment.
App::CPANTS::Lint(3pm) Front-end to Module::CPANTS::Analyse.
App::FatPacker(3pm) Pack your dependencies onto your script file.
App::FatPacker::Trace(3pm) Tracing module usage using compilation checking.
App::Info(3pm) Information about software packages on a system.
App::Info::Handler(3pm) App::Info event handler base class.
App::Info::Handler::Carp(3pm) Use Carp to handle App::Info events.
App::Info::Handler::Print(3pm) Print App::Info event messages.
App::Info::Handler::Prompt(3pm) Prompting App::Info event handler.
App::Info::HTTPD(3pm) Information about web servers on a system.
App::Info::HTTPD::Apache(3pm) Information about Apache web server.
App::Info::Lib(3pm) Information about software libraries on a system.
App::Info::Lib::Expat(3pm) Information about the Expat XML parser.
App::Info::Lib::Iconv(3pm) Information about libiconv.
App::Info::Lib::OSSPUUID(3pm) Information about the OSSP UUID library.
App::Info::RDBMS(3pm) Information about databases on a system.
App::Info::RDBMS::PostgreSQL(3pm) Information about PostgreSQL.
App::Info::RDBMS::SQLite(3pm) Information about SQLite.
App::Info::Request(3pm) App::Info event handler request object.
App::Info::Util(3pm) Utility class for App::Info subclasses.
App::Nopaste(3pm) Easy access to any pastebin.
App::Nopaste::Command(3pm) Command-line utility for App::Nopaste.
App::Nopaste::Service(3pm) Base class for nopaste services.
App::Nopaste::Service::Codepeek(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Service for Codepeek -
App::Nopaste::Service::Debian(3pm) Service provider for Debian -
App::Nopaste::Service::Gist(3pm) Service provider for GitHub gist -
App::Nopaste::Service::Mojopaste(3pm) Service provider for mojopaste.
App::Nopaste::Service::PastebinCom(3pm) Service provider for Pastebin -
App::Nopaste::Service::Pastie(3pm) Service provider for Pastie -
App::Nopaste::Service::Shadowcat(3pm) Service provider for Shadowcat -
App::Nopaste::Service::Snitch(3pm) Service provider for Snitch -
App::Nopaste::Service::ssh(3pm) Copies files to your server using scp.
App::Nopaste::Service::Ubuntu(3pm) Service provider for Ubuntu -
App::Options(3pm) Combine command line options, environment vars, and option file values (for program.
App::Parcimonie(3pm) Tools for the parcimonie program.
App::Parcimonie::Applet(3pm) Systray applet object monitoring parcimonie's activities.
App::Parcimonie::Daemon(3pm) Parcimonie daemon class.
App::Parcimonie::DBus::Object(3pm) Provide parcimonie's D-Bus service and interface.
App::Parcimonie::GnuPG::Interface(3pm) Parcimonie's GnuPG::Interface subclass.
App::Parcimonie::Role::HasCodeset(3pm) Role to get the codeset being used.
App::Parcimonie::Role::HasEncoding(3pm) Role to provide an Encode::Encoding objet for the codeset being used.
App::perlbrew(3pm) Manage perl installations in your "$HOME".
App::Pinto(3pm) Command-line driver for Pinto.
App::Pinto::Command(3pm) Base class for pinto commands.
App::Pinto::Command::add(3pm) Add local archives to the repository.
App::Pinto::Command::clean(3pm) Remove orphaned distribution archives.
App::Pinto::Command::copy(3pm) Create a new stack by copying another.
App::Pinto::Command::default(3pm) Mark the default stack.
App::Pinto::Command::delete(3pm) Permanently remove an archive.
App::Pinto::Command::diff(3pm) Show difference between two stacks.
App::Pinto::Command::help(3pm) Display a command's help screen.
App::Pinto::Command::init(3pm) Create a new repository.
App::Pinto::Command::install(3pm) Install stuff from the repository.
App::Pinto::Command::kill(3pm) Permanently delete a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::list(3pm) Show the packages in a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::lock(3pm) Mark a stack as read-only.
App::Pinto::Command::log(3pm) Show the revision logs of a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::manual(3pm) Show the full manual for a command.
App::Pinto::Command::migrate(3pm) Migrate repository to a new version.
App::Pinto::Command::new(3pm) Create a new empty stack.
App::Pinto::Command::nop(3pm) Do nothing.
App::Pinto::Command::pin(3pm) Force a package to stay in a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::props(3pm) Show or set stack properties.
App::Pinto::Command::pull(3pm) Pull archives from upstream repositories.
App::Pinto::Command::register(3pm) Put existing packages on a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::rename(3pm) Change the name of a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::roots(3pm) Show the roots of a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::stacks(3pm) Show available stacks.
App::Pinto::Command::statistics(3pm) Report statistics about the repository.
App::Pinto::Command::thanks(3pm) Show some gratitude.
App::Pinto::Command::unlock(3pm) Mark a stack as writable.
App::Pinto::Command::unpin(3pm) Free packages that have been pinned.
App::Pinto::Command::unregister(3pm) Remove packages from a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::verify(3pm) Report archives that are missing.
App::pmuninstall(3pm) Uninstall modules.
App::Prove::Plugin::HTML(3pm) A prove plugin for HTML output.
App::PRT(3pm) Command line Perl Refactoring Tool.
App::Rad(3pm) Rapid (and easy!) creation of command line applications.
App::Rad::Exclude(3pm) 'exclude' command extension for App::Rad.
App::Rad::Help(3pm) 'help' command extension for App::Rad.
App::Rad::Include(3pm) 'include' command extension for App::Rad.
App::Rad::Plugin(3pm) Extend the App::Rad framework!.
App::rdfns(3pm) Quickly get common URI namespaces.
App::Termcast(3pm) Broadcast your terminal sessions for remote viewing.
AppConfig::Std(3pm) Subclass of AppConfig that provides standard options.
appendpdf(1p) Append one PDF to another.
applypatch(1p) Apply 'makepatch' generated script to update a source tree.
Arch(3pm) GNU Arch Perl library.
Arch::Backend(3pm) Arch backend feature specific functions.
Arch::Changes(3pm) Class representing a list of changes.
Arch::Changeset(3pm) Class representing Arch changeset.
Arch::DiffParser(3pm) Parse file's diff and perform some manipulations.
Arch::FileHighlighter(3pm) Syntax-highlight file's content using markup.
Arch::Inventory(3pm) Class representing a tree inventory.
Arch::Library(3pm) Access arch revision libraries.
Arch::LiteWeb(3pm) Simple way to access web pages.
Arch::Log(3pm) Class representing Arch patch-log.
Arch::Name(3pm) Parse, store and construct an arch name.
Arch::Registry(3pm) Manage registered archives, search archives on the web.
Arch::RevisionBunches(3pm) Manage bunches of related revisions.
Arch::Run(3pm) Run subprocesses and capture output.
Arch::RunLimit(3pm) Class to enforce a limit on the number of running processes.
Arch::Session(3pm) Access arch archives.
Arch::SharedCache(3pm) A synchronized data structure (map) for IPC.
Arch::SharedIndex(3pm) A synchronized data structure (map) for IPC.
Arch::Storage(3pm) Abstract class to access arch archives.
Arch::Tarball(3pm) An interface to create and work with tarballs.
Arch::TempFiles(3pm) Help to manage temporary files/dirs.
Arch::Test::Archive(3pm) A test framework for Arch-Perl.
Arch::Test::Cases(3pm) A test framework for Arch-Perl.
Arch::Test::Framework(3pm) A test framework for Arch-Perl.
Arch::Test::Tree(3pm) A test framework for Arch-Perl.
Arch::Tree(3pm) Class representing Arch tree.
Arch::Util(3pm) Arch utility functions.
Archive::Any(3pm) Single interface to deal with file archives.
Archive::Any::Create(3pm) Abstract API to create archives (tar.gz and zip).
Archive::Any::Lite(3pm) Simple CPAN package extractor.
Archive::Any::Plugin(3pm) Anatomy of an Archive::Any plugin.
Archive::Any::Plugin::Tar(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Tar.
Archive::Any::Plugin::Zip(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Zip.
Archive::Any::Tar(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Tar.
Archive::Any::Zip(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Zip.
Archive::Ar(3pm) Interface for manipulating ar archives.
Archive::Extract(3pm) A generic archive extracting mechanism.
Archive::Peek(3pm) Peek into archives without extracting them.
Archive::Tar::Wrapper(3pm) API wrapper around the 'tar' utility.
arename(1) Automatically rename audio files by tagging information.
Array::Diff(3pm) Find the differences between two arrays.
Array::Group(3pm) Convert an array into array of arrayrefs of uniform size N.
Array::Iterator(3pm) A simple class for iterating over Perl arrays.
Array::Iterator::BiDirectional(3pm) A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow forwards and backwards iteration.
Array::Iterator::Circular(3pm) A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow circular iteration.
Array::Iterator::Reusable(3pm) A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow reuse of iterators.
Array::PrintCols(3pm) Print or format array elements in vertically sorted columns.
Array::Unique(3pm) Tie-able array that allows only unique values.
Array::Utils(3pm) Small utils for array manipulation.
asa(3pm) Lets your class/object say it works like something else.
asp-perl(1p) Apache::ASP CGI and command line script processor.
Asterisk::AGI(3pm) Simple Asterisk Gateway Interface Class.
Asterisk::Manager(3pm) Asterisk Manager Interface.
Asterisk::Outgoing(3pm) Create outgoing call queue file.
Asterisk::Voicemail(3pm) Stuff to deal with asterisk voicemail.
Astro::FITS::Header(3pm) Object Orientated interface to FITS HDUs.
Astro::FITS::Header::AST(3pm) Manipulates FITS headers from an AST object.
Astro::FITS::Header::CFITSIO(3pm) Manipulates FITS headers from a FITS file.
Astro::FITS::Header::GSD(3pm) Manipulate FITS headers from GSD files.
Astro::FITS::Header::Item(3pm) A card image from a FITS header.
Astro::FITS::Header::NDF(3pm) Manipulate FITS headers from NDF files.
Async::MergePoint(3pm) Resynchronise diverged control flow.
ataglist(1) Print audio file metadata.
AtomBus(3pm) An AtomPub server for messaging.
Atompub(3pm) Atom Publishing Protocol implementation.
Atompub::Client(3pm) A client for the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Atompub::DateTime(3pm) A date and time object for the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Atompub::MediaType(3pm) A media type object for the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Atompub::Server(3pm) A server for the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Atompub::Util(3pm) Utility functions.
Audio::MPD(3pm) Class to talk to MPD (Music Player Daemon) servers.
Audio::MPD::Collection(3pm) Class to query MPD's collection.
Audio::MPD::Common(3pm) Common helper classes for mpd.
Audio::MPD::Common::Item(3pm) A generic collection item.
Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Directory(3pm) A directory object.
Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Playlist(3pm) A playlist object.
Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Song(3pm) A song object with some audio tags.
Audio::MPD::Common::Output(3pm) Class representing MPD output.
Audio::MPD::Common::Stats(3pm) Class representing MPD stats.
Audio::MPD::Common::Status(3pm) Class representing MPD status.
Audio::MPD::Common::Time(3pm) Class representing time of current song.
Audio::MPD::Common::Types(3pm) Types used in the distribution.
Audio::MPD::Playlist(3pm) Class to mess MPD's playlist.
Audio::MPD::Types(3pm) Types used in the distribution.
Authen::OATH(3pm) OATH One Time Passwords.
Authen::Passphrase(3pm) Hashed passwords/passphrases as objects.
Authen::Passphrase::AcceptAll(3pm) Accept any passphrase.
Authen::Passphrase::BigCrypt(3pm) Passphrases using bigcrypt algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::BlowfishCrypt(3pm) Passphrases using the Blowfish-based Unix crypt().
Authen::Passphrase::Clear(3pm) Cleartext passphrases.
Authen::Passphrase::Crypt16(3pm) Passphrases using Ultrix crypt16 algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::DESCrypt(3pm) Passphrases using the DES-based Unix crypt().
Authen::Passphrase::EggdropBlowfish(3pm) Passphrases using Eggdrop's blowfish.mod.
Authen::Passphrase::LANManager(3pm) Passphrases using the LAN Manager hash algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::LANManagerHalf(3pm) Passphrases using half the LAN Manager algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::MD5Crypt(3pm) Passphrases using the MD5-based Unix crypt().
Authen::Passphrase::MySQL323(3pm) Passphrases using the MySQL v3.23 algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::MySQL41(3pm) Passphrases using the MySQL v4.1 algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::NetscapeMail(3pm) Passphrases using Netscape Mail Server's method.
Authen::Passphrase::NTHash(3pm) Passphrases using the NT-Hash algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::PHPass(3pm) Passphrases using the phpass algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::RejectAll(3pm) Reject all passphrases.
Authen::Passphrase::SaltedDigest(3pm) Passphrases using the generic salted digest algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::VMSPurdy(3pm) Passphrases with the VMS Purdy polynomial system.
Authen::SASL::SASLprep(3pm) A Stringprep Profile for User Names and Passwords (RFC 4013).
Authen::SCRAM(3pm) Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (RFC 5802).
Authen::SCRAM::Client(3pm) RFC 5802 SCRAM client.
Authen::SCRAM::Server(3pm) RFC 5802 SCRAM Server.
Authen::Simple::CDBI(3pm) Simple Class::DBI authentication.
Authen::Simple::DBI(3pm) Simple DBI authentication.
Authen::Simple::DBM(3pm) Simple DBM authentication.
Authen::Simple::FTP(3pm) Simple FTP authentication.
Authen::Simple::HTTP(3pm) Simple HTTP authentication.
Authen::Simple::Kerberos(3pm) Simple Kerberos authentication.
Authen::Simple::PAM(3pm) Simple PAM authentication.
Authen::Simple::Passwd(3pm) Simple Passwd authentication.
Authen::Simple::POP3(3pm) Simple POP3 authentication.
Authen::Simple::RADIUS(3pm) Simple RADIUS authentication.
Authen::Simple::SMB(3pm) Simple SMB authentication.
Authen::Simple::SMTP(3pm) Simple SMTP authentication.
autobox::dump(3pm) Human/perl readable strings from the results of an EXPR.
autobox::List::Util(3pm) Bring the List::Util functions to autobox.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope::PP(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation - PP implementation.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope::XS(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation - XS implementation.
B::Keywords(3pm) Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names.
B::Lint(3pm) Perl lint.
B::Lint::Debug(3pm) Adds debugging stringification to B::.
B::Module::Info(3pm) Information about Perl modules.
Benchmark::Timer(3pm) Benchmarking with statistical confidence.
Bencode(3pm) BitTorrent serialisation format.
Biblio::Citation::Parser(3pm) Citation parsing framework.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Citebase(3pm) Citebase's citation parsing module.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao(3pm) Citation parsing using Zhuoan Jiao's parsing module.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao::Utility(3pm) Perl module containing text processing subroutines.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Standard(3pm) Citation parsing functionality.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Templates(3pm) Citation templates collection.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Utils(3pm) OpenURL utility functions.
Biblio::Thesaurus(3pm) Perl extension for managing ISO thesaurus.
Bio::Align::AlignI(3pm) An interface for describing sequence alignments.
Bio::Align::DNAStatistics(3pm) Calculate some statistics for a DNA alignment.
Bio::Align::Graphics(3pm) Graphic Rendering of Bio::Align::AlignI Objects.
Bio::Align::PairwiseStatistics(3pm) Base statistic object for Pairwise Alignments.
Bio::Align::ProteinStatistics(3pm) Calculate Protein Alignment statistics (mostly distances).
Bio::Align::StatisticsI(3pm) Calculate some statistics for an alignment.
Bio::Align::Utilities(3pm) A collection of utilities regarding converting and manipulating alignment objects.
Bio::AlignIO(3pm) Handler for AlignIO Formats.
Bio::AlignIO::arp(3pm) ARP MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::bl2seq(3pm) Bl2seq sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::clustalw(3pm) Clustalw sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::emboss(3pm) Parse EMBOSS alignment output (from applications water and needle).
Bio::AlignIO::fasta(3pm) Fasta MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::Handler::GenericAlignHandler(3pm) Bio::HandlerI-based generic data handler class for.
Bio::AlignIO::largemultifasta(3pm) Largemultifasta MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::maf(3pm) Multiple Alignment Format sequence input stream.
Bio::AlignIO::mase(3pm) Mase sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::mega(3pm) Parse and Create MEGA format data files.
Bio::AlignIO::meme(3pm) Meme sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::metafasta(3pm) Metafasta MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::msf(3pm) Msf sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::nexml(3pm) NeXML format sequence alignment input/output stream driver.
Bio::AlignIO::nexus(3pm) NEXUS format sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::pfam(3pm) Pfam sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::phylip(3pm) PHYLIP format sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::po(3pm) Po MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::proda(3pm) Proda sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::prodom(3pm) Prodom sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::psi(3pm) Read/Write PSI-BLAST profile alignment files.
Bio::AlignIO::selex(3pm) Selex sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::stockholm(3pm) Stockholm sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::xmfa(3pm) XMFA MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AnalysisI(3pm) An interface to any (local or remote) analysis tool.
Bio::AnalysisParserI(3pm) Generic analysis output parser interface.
Bio::AnalysisResultI(3pm) Interface for analysis result objects.
Bio::AnnotatableI(3pm) The base interface an annotatable object must implement.
Bio::Annotation::AnnotationFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::AnnotationI (or derived class) through a factory.
Bio::Annotation::Collection(3pm) Default Perl implementation of AnnotationCollectionI.
Bio::Annotation::Comment(3pm) A comment object, holding text.
Bio::Annotation::DBLink(3pm) Untyped links between databases.
Bio::Annotation::OntologyTerm(3pm) An ontology term adapted to AnnotationI.
Bio::Annotation::Reference(3pm) Specialised DBLink object for Literature References.
Bio::Annotation::Relation(3pm) Relationship (pairwise) with other objects SeqI and NodeI;.
Bio::Annotation::SimpleValue(3pm) A simple scalar.
Bio::Annotation::StructuredValue(3pm) A scalar with embedded structured information.
Bio::Annotation::TagTree(3pm) AnnotationI with tree-like hierarchal key-value relationships ('structured tags').
Bio::Annotation::Target(3pm) Provides an object which represents a target (ie, a similarity hit) from one object.
Bio::Annotation::Tree(3pm) Provide a tree as an annotation to a Bio::AnnotatableI object.
Bio::Annotation::TypeManager(3pm) Manages types for annotation collections.
Bio::AnnotationCollectionI(3pm) Interface for annotation collections.
Bio::AnnotationI(3pm) Annotation interface.
Bio::Assembly::Contig(3pm) Perl module to hold and manipulate.
Bio::Assembly::IO(3pm) Handler for Assembly::IO Formats.
Bio::Assembly::IO::ace(3pm) Module to load ACE files from various assembly programs.
Bio::Assembly::IO::bowtie(3pm) An IO module for assemblies in Bowtie format *BETA*.
Bio::Assembly::IO::maq(3pm) Driver to read assembly files in maq format *BETA*.
Bio::Assembly::IO::phrap(3pm) Driver to load phrap.out files.
Bio::Assembly::IO::sam(3pm) An IO module for assemblies in Sam format *BETA*.
Bio::Assembly::IO::tigr(3pm) Driver to read and write assembly files in the TIGR Assembler v2 default format.
Bio::Assembly::Scaffold(3pm) Perl module to hold and manipulate sequence assembly data.
Bio::Assembly::ScaffoldI(3pm) Abstract Inteface of Sequence Assemblies.
Bio::Assembly::Singlet(3pm) Perl module to hold and manipulate.
Bio::Assembly::Tools::ContigSpectrum(3pm) Create and manipulate contig spectra.
Bio::Cluster::ClusterFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::ClusterI (or derived class) through a factory.
Bio::Cluster::FamilyI(3pm) Family Interface.
Bio::Cluster::SequenceFamily(3pm) Sequence Family object.
Bio::Cluster::UniGene(3pm) UniGene object.
Bio::Cluster::UniGeneI(3pm) Abstract interface of UniGene object.
Bio::ClusterI(3pm) Cluster Interface.
Bio::ClusterIO(3pm) Handler for Cluster Formats.
Bio::ClusterIO::dbsnp(3pm) DbSNP input stream.
Bio::ClusterIO::unigene(3pm) UniGene input stream.
Bio::CodonUsage::IO(3pm) For reading and writing codon usage tables to file.
Bio::CodonUsage::Table(3pm) For access to the Codon usage Database at
Bio::Das::FeatureTypeI(3pm) Simple interface to Sequence Ontology feature types.
Bio::Das::SegmentI(3pm) DAS-style access to a feature database.
Bio::DasI(3pm) DAS-style access to a feature database.
Bio::DB::Ace(3pm) Database object interface to ACeDB servers.
Bio::DB::BioFetch(3pm) Database object interface to BioFetch retrieval.
Bio::DB::CUTG(3pm) For access to the Codon usage Database at
Bio::DB::DBFetch(3pm) Database object for retrieving using the dbfetch script.
Bio::DB::EMBL(3pm) Database object interface for EMBL entry retrieval.
Bio::DB::EntrezGene(3pm) Database object interface to Entrez Gene.
Bio::DB::ESoap(3pm) Client for the NCBI Entrez EUtilities SOAP server.
Bio::DB::ESoap::WSDL(3pm) WSDL parsing for Entrez SOAP EUtilities.
Bio::DB::Expression(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::DB::Expression::geo(3pm) *** DESCRIPTION of Class.
Bio::DB::Failover(3pm) A Bio::DB::RandomAccessI compliant class which wraps a prioritized list of DBs.
Bio::DB::Fasta(3pm) Fast indexed access to fasta files.
Bio::DB::FileCache(3pm) In file cache for BioSeq objects.
Bio::DB::Flat(3pm) Interface for indexed flat files.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB(3pm) Interface for BioHackathon standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::embl(3pm) Embl adaptor for Open-bio standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::fasta(3pm) Fasta adaptor for Open-bio standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::genbank(3pm) Genbank adaptor for Open-bio standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::swiss(3pm) Swissprot adaptor for Open-bio standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BinarySearch(3pm) BinarySearch search indexing system for sequence files.
Bio::DB::GenBank(3pm) Database object interface to GenBank.
Bio::DB::GenericWebAgent(3pm) Helper base class for parameter-based remote server access and response retrieval.
Bio::DB::GenPept(3pm) Database object interface to GenPept.
Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::berkeleydb::iterator(3pm) Iterator for Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::berkeleydb.
Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::dbi::iterator(3pm) Iterator for Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::dbi.
Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::memory::feature_serializer(3pm) Utility methods for serializing and deserializing GFF.
Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::memory::iterator(3pm) Iterator for Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::memory.
Bio::DB::GFF::Util::Binning(3pm) Binning utility for Bio::DB::GFF index.
Bio::DB::GFF::Util::Rearrange(3pm) Rearrange utility.
Bio::DB::HIV(3pm) Database object interface to the Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database.
Bio::DB::HIV::HIVAnnotProcessor(3pm) Adds HIV-specific annotations to Bio::SeqIO streams.
Bio::DB::HIV::HIVQueryHelper(3pm) Routines and packages used by Bio::DB::HIV and Bio::DB::Query::HIVQuery.
Bio::DB::IndexedBase(3pm) Base class for modules using indexed sequence files.
Bio::DB::InMemoryCache(3pm) Abstract interface for a sequence database.
Bio::DB::LocationI(3pm) A RandomAccessI-like abstract interface for retrieving location data from a sequence.
Bio::DB::MeSH(3pm) Term retrieval from a Web MeSH database.
Bio::DB::NCBIHelper(3pm) A collection of routines useful for queries to NCBI databases.
Bio::DB::Qual(3pm) Fast indexed access to quality files.
Bio::DB::Query::GenBank(3pm) Build a GenBank Entrez Query.
Bio::DB::Query::HIVQuery(3pm) Query interface to the Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database.
Bio::DB::Query::WebQuery(3pm) Helper class for web-based sequence queryies.
Bio::DB::QueryI(3pm) Object Interface to queryable sequence databases.
Bio::DB::RandomAccessI(3pm) Abstract interface for a sequence database.
Bio::DB::ReferenceI(3pm) A RandomAccessI-like abstract interface for retrieving Reference data from a sequence.
Bio::DB::RefSeq(3pm) Database object interface for RefSeq retrieval.
Bio::DB::Registry(3pm) Access to the Open Bio Database Access registry scheme.
Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store::bdb(3pm) Fetch and store objects from a BerkeleyDB.
Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store::DBI::Iterator(3pm) Utility methods for creating and iterating over SeqFeature records.
Bio::DB::SeqHound(3pm) Database object interface to SeqHound.
Bio::DB::SeqI(3pm) Abstract Interface for Sequence databases.
Bio::DB::SeqVersion(3pm) Front end to querying databases for identifier versions.
Bio::DB::SeqVersion::gi(3pm) Interface to NCBI Sequence Revision History page.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities(3pm) Interface to the NCBI Entrez web service *BETA*.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::DocSumAdaptor(3pm) Handle for Entrez SOAP DocSums.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::FetchAdaptor(3pm) Conversion of Entrez SOAP messages to BioPerl objects.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::FetchAdaptor::seq(3pm) Fetch adaptor for 'seq' efetch SOAP messages.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::FetchAdaptor::species(3pm) Fetch adaptor for 'taxonomy' efetch SOAP messages.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::GQueryAdaptor(3pm) Handle for Entrez SOAP GlobalQuery items.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::LinkAdaptor(3pm) Handle for Entrez SOAP LinkSets.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::Result(3pm) Accessor object for SoapEUtilities results.
Bio::DB::SwissProt(3pm) Database object interface to SwissProt retrieval.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy(3pm) Access to a taxonomy database.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::entrez(3pm) Taxonomy Entrez driver.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::flatfile(3pm) Use the NCBI taxonomy from local indexed flat files.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::greengenes(3pm) Use the Greengenes taxonomy.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::list(3pm) An implementation of Bio::DB::Taxonomy that accepts lists of words to build a.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::silva(3pm) Use the Silva taxonomy.
Bio::DB::TFBS(3pm) Access to a Transcription Factor Binding Site database.
Bio::DB::TFBS::transfac_pro(3pm) An implementation of Bio::DB::TFBS which uses local flat files for transfac pro.
Bio::DB::Universal(3pm) Artificial database that delegates to specific databases.
Bio::DB::UpdateableSeqI(3pm) An interface for writing to a database of sequences.
Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI(3pm) Object Interface to generalize Web Databases for retrieving sequences.
Bio::DBLinkContainerI(3pm) Abstract interface for any object wanting to use.
Bio::DescribableI(3pm) Interface for objects with human readable names and descriptions.
Bio::Draw::Pictogram(3pm) Generate SVG output of Pictogram display for consensus motifs.
Bio::Event::EventGeneratorI(3pm) This interface describes the basic event generator class.
Bio::Event::EventHandlerI(3pm) An Event Handler Interface.
Bio::Factory::AnalysisI(3pm) An interface to analysis tool factory.
Bio::Factory::ApplicationFactoryI(3pm) Interface class for Application Factories.
Bio::Factory::DriverFactory(3pm) Base class for factory classes loading drivers.
Bio::Factory::EMBOSS(3pm) EMBOSS application factory class.
Bio::Factory::FTLocationFactory(3pm) A FeatureTable Location Parser.
Bio::Factory::LocationFactoryI(3pm) A factory interface for generating locations from a string.
Bio::Factory::MapFactoryI(3pm) A Factory for getting markers.
Bio::Factory::ObjectBuilderI(3pm) Interface for an object builder.
Bio::Factory::ObjectFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::Root::RootI (or derived class) through a factory.
Bio::Factory::ObjectFactoryI(3pm) A General object creator factory.
Bio::Factory::SeqAnalysisParserFactory(3pm) Class capable of creating SeqAnalysisParserI compliant parsers.
Bio::Factory::SeqAnalysisParserFactoryI(3pm) Interface describing objects capable.
Bio::Factory::SequenceFactoryI(3pm) This interface allows for generic building of sequences in factories which.
Bio::Factory::SequenceProcessorI(3pm) Interface for chained sequence.
Bio::Factory::SequenceStreamI(3pm) Interface describing the basics of a Sequence Stream.
Bio::Factory::TreeFactoryI(3pm) Factory Interface for getting and writing trees.
Bio::FeatureHolderI(3pm) The base interface an object with features must implement.
Bio::Graphics(3pm) Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects.
Bio::Graphics::ConfiguratorI(3pm) A sectioned map of configuration options (a map of maps), with a default.
Bio::Graphics::DrawTransmembrane(3pm) Draw a cartoon of an Alpha-helical transmembrane protein.
Bio::Graphics::Feature(3pm) A simple feature object for use with Bio::Graphics::Panel.
Bio::Graphics::FeatureBase(3pm) Compatibility module.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph(3pm) Base class for Bio::Graphics::Glyph objects.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::alignment(3pm) The "alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::allele_tower(3pm) The "allele_tower" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::anchored_arrow(3pm) The "anchored_arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::arrow(3pm) The "arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::box(3pm) The "box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::broken_line(3pm) The "broken line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::cds(3pm) The "cds" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::christmas_arrow(3pm) The "christmas arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::crossbox(3pm) The "crossbox" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dashed_line(3pm) The "dashed line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::decorated_gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph with protein decorations.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::decorated_transcript(3pm) Draws processed transcript with protein decorations.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::diamond(3pm) The "diamond" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dna(3pm) The "dna" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dot(3pm) The "dot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dumbbell(3pm) A glyph that draws a "dumbbell" with the same shapes on both ends.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ellipse(3pm) The "ellipse" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ex(3pm) The "ex", or "crossed box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::Factory(3pm) Factory for Bio::Graphics::Glyph objects.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::fixedwidth(3pm) A base class fixed width glyphs.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::flag(3pm) The "flag" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::generic(3pm) The "generic" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::graded_segments(3pm) The "graded_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::group(3pm) The "group" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hat(3pm) The "hat" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heat_map(3pm) The "heat_map" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heat_map_ideogram(3pm) The "heat_map_ideogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heterogeneous_segments(3pm) The "heterogeneous_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hidden(3pm) The "hidden" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hybrid_plot(3pm) An xyplot plot drawing dual graph using data from two or more wiggle files.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ideogram(3pm) The "ideogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::image(3pm) A glyph that draws photographs & other images.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::lightning(3pm) The "lightning" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::line(3pm) The "line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::merge_parts(3pm) A base class which suppors semantic zooming of scored alignment features.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::merged_alignment(3pm) The "merged_alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::minmax(3pm) The minmax glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::operon(3pm) The "polycistronic operon" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::oval(3pm) The "oval" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pairplot(3pm) The "pairwise plot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pentagram(3pm) The "pentagram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::phylo_align(3pm) The "phylogenetic alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pinsertion(3pm) The "Drosophila P-element Insertion" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::primers(3pm) The "STS primers" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::processed_transcript(3pm) The sequence ontology transcript glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::protein(3pm) The "protein" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ragged_ends(3pm) The "ragged ends" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::rainbow_gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::redgreen_box(3pm) The "redgreen_box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::redgreen_segment(3pm) The "redgreen_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::repeating_shape(3pm) A glyph that draws the same shape repeatedly.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::rndrect(3pm) The "round rect" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ruler_arrow(3pm) Glyph for drawing an arrow as ruler (5' and 3' are marked as label).
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::saw_teeth(3pm) The "saw teeth" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::scale(3pm) The "scale" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::segmented_keyglyph(3pm) The "segmented_keyglyph" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::segments(3pm) The "segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::so_transcript(3pm) The sequence ontology transcript glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::span(3pm) The "span" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::spectrogram(3pm) The "spectrogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::splice_site(3pm) The "splice_site" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::stackedplot(3pm) The stackedplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ternary_plot(3pm) Draw ternary plot data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::text_in_box(3pm) The "text in box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::three_letters(3pm) DAS-compatible package to use for drawing a line of groups of three.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::tic_tac_toe(3pm) The "tic-tac-toe" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::toomany(3pm) The "too many to show" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::trace(3pm) A glyph that visualizes a trace file.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::track(3pm) The "track" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::transcript(3pm) The "transcript" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::transcript2(3pm) The "transcript2" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::translation(3pm) The "6-frame translation" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::triangle(3pm) The "triangle" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::two_bolts(3pm) The "two bolts" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::vista_plot(3pm) The "vista_plot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wave(3pm) The "wave" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::weighted_arrow(3pm) The "weighted arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::whiskerplot(3pm) The whiskerplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_box(3pm) A generic box glyph compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_density(3pm) A density plot compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_xyplot(3pm) An xyplot plot compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::xyplot(3pm) The xyplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Panel(3pm) Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects.
Bio::Graphics::Pictogram(3pm) Generate SVG output of Pictogram display for consensus motifs.
Bio::Graphics::RendererI(3pm) A renderer for the Bio::Graphics class that renders Bio::SeqFeature::CollectionI.
Bio::Graphics::Util(3pm) Non-object-oriented utilities used in Bio::Graphics modules.
Bio::HandlerBaseI(3pm) Interface class for handler methods which interact with any event-driven parsers.
Bio::IdCollectionI(3pm) Interface for objects with multiple identifiers.
Bio::IdentifiableI(3pm) Interface for objects with identifiers.
Bio::Index::Abstract(3pm) Abstract interface for indexing a flat file.
Bio::Index::AbstractSeq(3pm) Base class for AbstractSeq.
Bio::Index::Blast(3pm) Indexes Blast reports and supports retrieval based on query accession(s).
Bio::Index::BlastTable(3pm) Indexes tabular Blast reports (-m 8 or -m 9 format) and supports retrieval based on.
Bio::Index::EMBL(3pm) Interface for indexing (multiple) EMBL/Swissprot .dat files (i.e. flat file EMBL/Swissprot.
Bio::Index::Fasta(3pm) Interface for indexing (multiple) fasta files.
Bio::Index::Fastq(3pm) Interface for indexing (multiple) fastq files.
Bio::Index::GenBank(3pm) Interface for indexing one or more GenBank files (i.e. flat file GenBank format).
Bio::Index::Hmmer(3pm) Indexes HMMER reports and supports retreival based on query.
Bio::Index::Qual(3pm) Interface for indexing (multiple) fasta qual files.
Bio::Index::SwissPfam(3pm) Interface for indexing swisspfam files.
Bio::Index::Swissprot(3pm) Interface for indexing one or more Swissprot files.
Bio::Installer::Clustalw(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::EMBOSS(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::Generic(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::Hyphy(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::Muscle(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::PAML(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::Probcons(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::SLR(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::TCoffee(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::LiveSeq::AARange(3pm) AARange abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Chain(3pm) DoubleChain DataStructure for Perl.
Bio::LiveSeq::ChainI(3pm) Double linked chain data structure.
Bio::LiveSeq::DNA(3pm) DNA object for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Exon(3pm) Range abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Gene(3pm) Range abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Intron(3pm) Range abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::IO::BioPerl(3pm) Loader for LiveSeq from EMBL entries with BioPerl.
Bio::LiveSeq::IO::Loader(3pm) Parent Loader for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Mutation(3pm) Mutation event descriptor class.
Bio::LiveSeq::Mutator(3pm) Package mutating LiveSequences.
Bio::LiveSeq::Prim_Transcript(3pm) Prim_Transcript class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Range(3pm) Range abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Repeat_Region(3pm) Repeat_Region class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Repeat_Unit(3pm) Repeat_Unit class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::SeqI(3pm) Abstract sequence interface class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Transcript(3pm) Transcript class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Translation(3pm) Translation class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LocatableSeq(3pm) A Bio::PrimarySeq object with start/end points on it that can be projected into a MSA or.
Bio::Location::Atomic(3pm) Implementation of a Atomic Location on a Sequence.
Bio::Location::AvWithinCoordPolicy(3pm) Class implementing Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicy as the average for.
Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicyI(3pm) Abstract interface for objects implementing a certain policy of computing.
Bio::Location::Fuzzy(3pm) Implementation of a Location on a Sequence which has unclear start and/or end locations.
Bio::Location::FuzzyLocationI(3pm) Abstract interface of a Location on a Sequence which has unclear start/end.
Bio::Location::NarrowestCoordPolicy(3pm) Class implementing Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicy as the narrowest.
Bio::Location::Simple(3pm) Implementation of a Simple Location on a Sequence.
Bio::Location::Split(3pm) Implementation of a Location on a Sequence which has multiple locations (start/end.
Bio::Location::SplitLocationI(3pm) Abstract interface of a Location on a Sequence which has multiple locations.
Bio::Location::WidestCoordPolicy(3pm) Class implementing Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicy as the widest possible.
Bio::LocationI(3pm) Abstract interface of a Location on a Sequence.
Bio::Map::Clone(3pm) An central map object representing a clone.
Bio::Map::Contig(3pm) A MapI implementation handling the contigs of a Physical Map (such as FPC).
Bio::Map::CytoMap(3pm) A Bio::MapI compliant map implementation handling cytogenic bands.
Bio::Map::CytoMarker(3pm) An object representing a marker.
Bio::Map::CytoPosition(3pm) Marker class with cytogenetic band storing attributes.
Bio::Map::EntityI(3pm) An Entity Interface.
Bio::Map::FPCMarker(3pm) An central map object representing a marker.
Bio::Map::Gene(3pm) An gene modelled as a mappable element.
Bio::Map::GeneMap(3pm) A MapI implementation to represent the area around a gene.
Bio::Map::GenePosition(3pm) A typed position, suitable for modelling the various.
Bio::Map::GeneRelative(3pm) Represents being relative to named sub-regions of a.
Bio::Map::LinkageMap(3pm) A representation of a genetic linkage map.
Bio::Map::LinkagePosition(3pm) Create a Position for a Marker that will be placed on.
Bio::Map::MapI(3pm) Interface for describing Map objects in bioperl.
Bio::Map::Mappable(3pm) An object representing a generic map element that can have multiple locations in several.
Bio::Map::MappableI(3pm) An object that can be placed in a map.
Bio::Map::Marker(3pm) An central map object representing a generic marker that can have multiple location in.
Bio::Map::MarkerI(3pm) Interface for basic marker functionality.
Bio::Map::Microsatellite(3pm) An object representing a Microsatellite marker.
Bio::Map::OrderedPosition(3pm) Abstracts the notion of a member of an ordered list of markers. Each marker.
Bio::Map::OrderedPositionWithDistance(3pm) Abstracts the notion of a member of an ordered list of markers.
Bio::Map::Physical(3pm) A class for handling a Physical Map (such as FPC).
Bio::Map::Position(3pm) A single position of a Marker, or the range over which.
Bio::Map::PositionHandler(3pm) A Position Handler Implementation.
Bio::Map::PositionHandlerI(3pm) A Position Handler Interface.
Bio::Map::PositionI(3pm) Abstracts the notion of a position having a value in the context of a marker and a Map.
Bio::Map::PositionWithSequence(3pm) A position with a sequence.
Bio::Map::Prediction(3pm) An object representing the predictions of something that can have multiple locations in.
Bio::Map::Relative(3pm) Represents what a Position's coordiantes are relative to.
Bio::Map::RelativeI(3pm) Interface for describing what a Position's coordiantes are.
Bio::Map::SimpleMap(3pm) A MapI implementation handling the basics of a Map.
Bio::Map::TranscriptionFactor(3pm) A transcription factor modelled as a mappable element.
Bio::MapIO(3pm) A Map Factory object.
Bio::MapIO::fpc(3pm) A FPC Map reader.
Bio::MapIO::mapmaker(3pm) A Mapmaker Map reader.
Bio::Matrix::Generic(3pm) A generic matrix implementation.
Bio::Matrix::IO(3pm) A factory for Matrix parsing.
Bio::Matrix::IO::mlagan(3pm) A parser for the mlagan substitution matrix.
Bio::Matrix::IO::phylip(3pm) A parser for PHYLIP distance matricies.
Bio::Matrix::IO::scoring(3pm) A parser for PAM/BLOSUM matricies.
Bio::Matrix::MatrixI(3pm) An interface for describing a Matrix.
Bio::Matrix::Mlagan(3pm) A generic matrix with mlagan fields.
Bio::Matrix::PhylipDist(3pm) A Phylip Distance Matrix object.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::InstanceSite(3pm) A PSM site occurance.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::InstanceSiteI(3pm) InstanceSite interface, holds an instance of a PSM.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO(3pm) PSM parser.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::mast(3pm) PSM mast parser implementation.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::masta(3pm) Motif fasta format parser.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::meme(3pm) PSM meme parser implementation.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::psiblast(3pm) PSM psiblast parser.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::transfac(3pm) PSM transfac parser.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::ProtMatrix(3pm) SiteMatrixI implementation, holds a position scoring matrix (or position weight.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::ProtPsm(3pm) Handle combination of site matricies.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::Psm(3pm) Handle combination of site matricies.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::PsmHeader(3pm) PSM mast parser implementation.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::PsmHeaderI(3pm) Handles the header data from a PSM file.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::PsmI(3pm) Abstract interface to handler of site matricies.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::SiteMatrix(3pm) SiteMatrixI implementation, holds a position scoring matrix (or position weight.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::SiteMatrixI(3pm) SiteMatrixI implementation, holds a position scoring matrix (or position.
Bio::Matrix::Scoring(3pm) Object which can hold scoring matrix information.
Bio::MolEvol::CodonModel(3pm) Codon Evolution Models.
Bio::Nexml::Factory(3pm) A factory module for creating BioPerl and Bio::Phylo objects from/to nexml documents.
Bio::NexmlIO(3pm) Stream handler for NeXML documents.
Bio::Ontology::DocumentRegistry(3pm) Keep track of where to find ontologies. Allows lookups by name.
Bio::Ontology::GOterm(3pm) Representation of GO terms.
Bio::Ontology::InterProTerm(3pm) Implementation of InterProI term interface.
Bio::Ontology::OBOEngine(3pm) An Ontology Engine for OBO style flat file format from the Gene Ontology Consortium.
Bio::Ontology::OBOterm(3pm) Representation of OBO terms.
Bio::Ontology::Ontology(3pm) Standard implementation of an Ontology.
Bio::Ontology::OntologyEngineI(3pm) Interface a minimal Ontology implementation should satisfy.
Bio::Ontology::OntologyI(3pm) Interface for an ontology implementation.
Bio::Ontology::OntologyStore(3pm) A repository of ontologies.
Bio::Ontology::Path(3pm) A path for an ontology term graph.
Bio::Ontology::PathI(3pm) Interface for a path between ontology terms.
Bio::Ontology::Relationship(3pm) A relationship for an ontology.
Bio::Ontology::RelationshipFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::Ontology::RelationshipI (or derived class).
Bio::Ontology::RelationshipI(3pm) Interface for a relationship between ontology terms.
Bio::Ontology::RelationshipType(3pm) A relationship type for an ontology.
Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine::GraphAdaptor(3pm) Graph adaptor for Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine.
Bio::Ontology::SimpleOntologyEngine(3pm) Implementation of OntologyEngineI interface.
Bio::Ontology::Term(3pm) Implementation of the interface for ontology terms.
Bio::Ontology::TermFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::Ontology::TermI (or derived class) through a factory.
Bio::Ontology::TermI(3pm) Interface for ontology terms.
Bio::OntologyIO(3pm) Parser factory for Ontology formats.
Bio::OntologyIO::dagflat(3pm) A base class parser for GO flat-file type formats.
Bio::OntologyIO::goflat(3pm) A parser for the Gene Ontology flat-file format.
Bio::OntologyIO::Handlers::InterPro_BioSQL_Handler(3pm) Parse an InterPro XML file and persist the resulting.
Bio::OntologyIO::Handlers::InterProHandler(3pm) XML handler class for InterProParser.
Bio::OntologyIO::InterProParser(3pm) Parser for InterPro xml files.
Bio::OntologyIO::obo(3pm) A parser for OBO flat-file format from Gene Ontology Consortium.
Bio::OntologyIO::simplehierarchy(3pm) A base class parser for simple hierarchy-by-indentation.
Bio::OntologyIO::soflat(3pm) A parser for the Sequence Ontology flat-file format.
Bio::ParameterBaseI(3pm) Simple interface class for any parameter-related data such as IDs, database name,.
Bio::Perl(3pm) Functional access to BioPerl for people who don't know objects.
Bio::Phenotype::Correlate(3pm) Representation of a correlating phenotype in a given species.
Bio::Phenotype::Measure(3pm) Representation of context/value(-range)/unit triplets.
Bio::Phenotype::MeSH::Term(3pm) A MeSH term.
Bio::Phenotype::MeSH::Twig(3pm) Context for a MeSH term.
Bio::Phenotype::OMIM::MiniMIMentry(3pm) Representation of a Mini MIM entry.
Bio::Phenotype::OMIM::OMIMentry(3pm) Represents OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) database entries.
Bio::Phenotype::OMIM::OMIMentryAllelicVariant(3pm) Representation of a allelic variant of the OMIM database.
Bio::Phenotype::OMIM::OMIMparser(3pm) Parser for the OMIM database.
Bio::Phenotype::Phenotype(3pm) A class for modeling phenotypes.
Bio::Phenotype::PhenotypeI(3pm) An interface for classes modeling phenotypes.
Bio::PhyloNetwork(3pm) Module to compute with Phylogenetic Networks.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::Factory(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Networks.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::FactoryX(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Networks.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz(3pm) Interface between PhyloNetwork and GraphViz.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::muVector(3pm) Module to compute with vectors of arbitrary dimension.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::RandomFactory(3pm) Module to generate random Phylogenetic Networks.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::TreeFactory(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Trees.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::TreeFactoryMulti(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Trees.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::TreeFactoryX(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Trees.
Bio::PopGen::Genotype(3pm) An implementation of GenotypeI which is just an allele container.
Bio::PopGen::GenotypeI(3pm) A marker and alleles for a specific individual.
Bio::PopGen::Individual(3pm) An implementation of an Individual who has Genotype or Sequence Results.
Bio::PopGen::IndividualI(3pm) An individual who has Genotype or Sequence Results.
Bio::PopGen::IO(3pm) Input individual,marker,allele information.
Bio::PopGen::IO::hapmap(3pm) A parser for HapMap output data.
Bio::PopGen::IO::phase(3pm) A parser for Phase format data.
Bio::PopGen::IO::prettybase(3pm) Extract individual allele data from PrettyBase format.
Bio::PopGen::Marker(3pm) A genetic marker which one uses to generate genotypes.
Bio::PopGen::MarkerI(3pm) A Population Genetic conceptual marker.
Bio::PopGen::PopStats(3pm) A collection of methods for calculating statistics about a population or sets of.
Bio::PopGen::Population(3pm) A population of individuals.
Bio::PopGen::PopulationI(3pm) Interface for Populations.
Bio::PopGen::Simulation::Coalescent(3pm) A Coalescent simulation factory.
Bio::PopGen::Simulation::GeneticDrift(3pm) A simple genetic drift simulation.
Bio::PopGen::Statistics(3pm) Population Genetics statistical tests.
Bio::PopGen::TagHaplotype(3pm) Haplotype tag object.
Bio::PopGen::Utilities(3pm) Utilities for working with PopGen data and objects.
Bio::PrimarySeq(3pm) Bioperl lightweight sequence object.
Bio::PrimarySeqI(3pm) Interface definition for a Bio::PrimarySeq.
Bio::PrimerDesigner(3pm) Design PCR Primers using primer3 and epcr.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::epcr(3pm) A class for accessing the epcr binary.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::ispcr(3pm) A class for accessing the isPcr (in-silico PCR) binary.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::primer3(3pm) An class for accessing primer3.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::Remote(3pm) A class for remote access to Bio::PrimerDesigner.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::Result(3pm) A class for handling primer design or validation results.
Bio::PullParserI(3pm) A base module for fast 'pull' parsing.
Bio::Range(3pm) Pure perl RangeI implementation.
Bio::RangeI(3pm) Range interface.
Bio::Restriction::Analysis(3pm) Cutting sequences with restriction enzymes.
Bio::Restriction::Enzyme(3pm) A single restriction endonuclease (cuts DNA at specific locations).
Bio::Restriction::Enzyme::MultiCut(3pm) A single restriction endonuclease.
Bio::Restriction::Enzyme::MultiSite(3pm) A single restriction endonuclease.
Bio::Restriction::EnzymeCollection(3pm) Set of restriction endonucleases.
Bio::Restriction::EnzymeI(3pm) Interface class for restriction endonuclease.
Bio::Restriction::IO(3pm) Handler for sequence variation IO Formats.
Bio::Restriction::IO::bairoch(3pm) Bairoch enzyme set.
Bio::Restriction::IO::base(3pm) Base enzyme set.
Bio::Restriction::IO::itype2(3pm) Itype2 enzyme set.
Bio::Restriction::IO::prototype(3pm) Prototype enzyme set.
Bio::Restriction::IO::withrefm(3pm) Withrefm enzyme set.
Bio::Root::HTTPget(3pm) Module for fallback HTTP get operations when LWP:: is unavailable.
Bio::Search::BlastStatistics(3pm) An object for Blast statistics.
Bio::Search::BlastUtils(3pm) Utility functions for Bio::Search:: BLAST objects.
Bio::Search::DatabaseI(3pm) Interface for a database used in a sequence search.
Bio::Search::GenericDatabase(3pm) Generic implementation of Bio::Search::DatabaseI.
Bio::Search::GenericStatistics(3pm) An object for statistics.
Bio::Search::Hit::BlastHit(3pm) Blast-specific subclass of Bio::Search::Hit::GenericHit.
Bio::Search::Hit::BlastPullHit(3pm) A parser and hit object for BLASTN hits.
Bio::Search::Hit::Fasta(3pm) Hit object specific for Fasta-generated hits.
Bio::Search::Hit::GenericHit(3pm) A generic implementation of the Bio::Search::Hit::HitI interface.
Bio::Search::Hit::HitFactory(3pm) A factory to create Bio::Search::Hit::HitI objects.
Bio::Search::Hit::HitI(3pm) Interface for a hit in a similarity search result.
Bio::Search::Hit::hmmer3Hit(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Search::Hit::HMMERHit(3pm) A Hit module for HMMER hits.
Bio::Search::Hit::HmmpfamHit(3pm) A parser and hit object for hmmpfam hits.
Bio::Search::Hit::ModelHit(3pm) A model-based implementation of the Bio::Search::Hit::HitI interface.
Bio::Search::Hit::PsiBlastHit(3pm) Bioperl BLAST Hit object.
Bio::Search::Hit::PullHitI(3pm) Bio::Search::Hit::HitI interface for pull parsers.
Bio::Search::HSP::BlastHSP(3pm) Bioperl BLAST High-Scoring Pair object.
Bio::Search::HSP::BlastPullHSP(3pm) A parser and HSP object for BlastN hsps.
Bio::Search::HSP::FastaHSP(3pm) HSP object for FASTA specific data.
Bio::Search::HSP::GenericHSP(3pm) A "Generic" implementation of a High Scoring Pair.
Bio::Search::HSP::HMMERHSP(3pm) A HSP object for HMMER results.
Bio::Search::HSP::HmmpfamHSP(3pm) A parser and HSP object for hmmpfam hsps.
Bio::Search::HSP::HSPFactory(3pm) A factory to create Bio::Search::HSP::HSPI objects.
Bio::Search::HSP::HSPI(3pm) Interface for a High Scoring Pair in a similarity search result.
Bio::Search::HSP::ModelHSP(3pm) A HSP object for model-based searches.
Bio::Search::HSP::PsiBlastHSP(3pm) Bioperl BLAST High-Scoring Pair object.
Bio::Search::HSP::PSLHSP(3pm) A HSP for PSL output.
Bio::Search::HSP::PullHSPI(3pm) Bio::Search::HSP::HSPI interface for pull parsers.
Bio::Search::HSP::WABAHSP(3pm) HSP object suitable for describing WABA alignments.
Bio::Search::Iteration::GenericIteration(3pm) A generic implementation of the Bio::Search::Iteration::IterationI.
Bio::Search::Iteration::IterationI(3pm) Abstract interface to an iteration from an iterated search result, such.
Bio::Search::Processor(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Search::Result::BlastPullResult(3pm) A parser and result object for BLASTN.
Bio::Search::Result::BlastResult(3pm) Blast-specific subclass of Bio::Search::Result::GenericResult.
Bio::Search::Result::CrossMatchResult(3pm) CrossMatch-specific subclass of Bio::Search::Result::GenericResult.
Bio::Search::Result::GenericResult(3pm) Generic Implementation of Bio::Search::Result::ResultI interface.
Bio::Search::Result::hmmer3Result(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Search::Result::HMMERResult(3pm) A Result object for HMMER results.
Bio::Search::Result::HmmpfamResult(3pm) A parser and result object for hmmpfam.
Bio::Search::Result::PullResultI(3pm) Bio::Search::Result::ResultI interface for.
Bio::Search::Result::ResultFactory(3pm) A factory to create Bio::Search::Result::ResultI objects.
Bio::Search::Result::ResultI(3pm) Abstract interface to Search Result objects.
Bio::Search::Result::WABAResult(3pm) Result object for WABA alignment output.
Bio::Search::SearchUtils(3pm) Utility functions for Bio::Search:: objects.
Bio::Search::StatisticsI(3pm) A Base object for statistics.
Bio::Search::Tiling::MapTileUtils(3pm) Utilities for manipulating closed intervals for an HSP tiling algorithm.
Bio::Search::Tiling::MapTiling(3pm) An implementation of an HSP tiling algorithm, with methods to obtain.
Bio::Search::Tiling::TilingI(3pm) Abstract interface for an HSP tiling module.
Bio::SearchDist(3pm) A perl wrapper around Sean Eddy's histogram object.
Bio::SearchIO(3pm) Driver for parsing Sequence Database Searches (BLAST, FASTA, ...).
Bio::SearchIO::axt(3pm) A parser for axt format reports.
Bio::SearchIO::blast(3pm) Event generator for event based parsing of blast reports.
Bio::SearchIO::blast_pull(3pm) A parser for BLAST output.
Bio::SearchIO::blasttable(3pm) Driver module for SearchIO for parsing NCBI -m 8/9 format.
Bio::SearchIO::blastxml(3pm) A SearchIO implementation of NCBI Blast XML parsing.
Bio::SearchIO::cross_match(3pm) CrossMatch-specific subclass of Bio::SearchIO.
Bio::SearchIO::erpin(3pm) SearchIO-based ERPIN parser.
Bio::SearchIO::EventHandlerI(3pm) An abstract Event Handler for Search Result parsing.
Bio::SearchIO::exonerate(3pm) Parser for Exonerate.
Bio::SearchIO::fasta(3pm) A SearchIO parser for FASTA results.
Bio::SearchIO::FastHitEventBuilder(3pm) Event Handler for SearchIO events.
Bio::SearchIO::gmap_f9(3pm) Event generator for parsing gmap reports (Z format).
Bio::SearchIO::hmmer(3pm) A parser for HMMER2 and HMMER3 output (hmmscan, hmmsearch, hmmpfam).
Bio::SearchIO::hmmer2(3pm) A parser for HMMER output (hmmpfam, hmmsearch).
Bio::SearchIO::hmmer_pull(3pm) A parser for HMMER output.
Bio::SearchIO::infernal(3pm) SearchIO-based Infernal parser.
Bio::SearchIO::IteratedSearchResultEventBuilder(3pm) Event Handler for SearchIO events.
Bio::SearchIO::megablast(3pm) A driver module for Bio::SearchIO to parse megablast reports (format 0).
Bio::SearchIO::psl(3pm) A parser for PSL output (UCSC).
Bio::SearchIO::rnamotif(3pm) SearchIO-based RNAMotif parser.
Bio::SearchIO::SearchResultEventBuilder(3pm) Event Handler for SearchIO events.
Bio::SearchIO::SearchWriterI(3pm) Interface for outputting parsed Search results.
Bio::SearchIO::sim4(3pm) Parser for Sim4 alignments.
Bio::SearchIO::waba(3pm) SearchIO parser for Jim Kent WABA program alignment output.
Bio::SearchIO::wise(3pm) Parsing of wise output as alignments.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::BSMLResultWriter(3pm) BSML output writer.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::GbrowseGFF(3pm) Interface for outputting parsed search results in Gbrowse GFF format.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::HitTableWriter(3pm) Tab-delimited data for Bio::Search::Hit::HitI objects.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::HSPTableWriter(3pm) Tab-delimited data for Bio::Search::HSP::HSPI objects.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::HTMLResultWriter(3pm) Write a Bio::Search::ResultI in HTML.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::ResultTableWriter(3pm) Outputs tab-delimited data for each Bio::Search::Result::ResultI.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::TextResultWriter(3pm) Object to implement writing a Bio::Search::ResultI in Text.
Bio::SearchIO::XML::BlastHandler(3pm) XML Handler for NCBI Blast XML parsing.
Bio::SearchIO::XML::PsiBlastHandler(3pm) XML Handler for NCBI Blast PSIBLAST XML parsing.
Bio::Seq(3pm) Sequence object, with features.
Bio::Seq::BaseSeqProcessor(3pm) Base implementation for a SequenceProcessor.
Bio::Seq::EncodedSeq(3pm) Subtype of Bio::LocatableSeq to store DNA that encodes a protein.
Bio::Seq::LargeLocatableSeq(3pm) LocatableSeq object that stores sequence as files in the tempdir.
Bio::Seq::LargePrimarySeq(3pm) PrimarySeq object that stores sequence as files in the tempdir (as found by.
Bio::Seq::LargeSeq(3pm) SeqI compliant object that stores sequence as files in /tmp.
Bio::Seq::LargeSeqI(3pm) Interface class for sequences that cache their residues in a temporary file.
Bio::Seq::Meta(3pm) Generic superclass for sequence objects with residue-based meta information.
Bio::Seq::Meta::Array(3pm) Array-based generic implementation of a sequence class with residue-based meta.
Bio::Seq::MetaI(3pm) Interface for sequence objects with residue-based meta information.
Bio::Seq::PrimaryQual(3pm) Bioperl lightweight Quality Object.
Bio::Seq::PrimedSeq(3pm) A sequence and a pair of primers matching on it.
Bio::Seq::QualI(3pm) Interface definition for a Bio::Seq::Qual.
Bio::Seq::Quality(3pm) Implementation of sequence with residue quality.
Bio::Seq::RichSeq(3pm) Module implementing a sequence created from a rich sequence database entry.
Bio::Seq::RichSeqI(3pm) Interface for sequences from rich data sources, mostly databases.
Bio::Seq::SeqBuilder(3pm) Configurable object builder for sequence stream parsers.
Bio::Seq::SeqFactory(3pm) Instantiation of generic Bio::PrimarySeqI (or derived) objects through a factory.
Bio::Seq::SeqFastaSpeedFactory(3pm) Rapid creation of Bio::Seq objects through a factory.
Bio::Seq::SequenceTrace(3pm) Bioperl object packaging a sequence with its trace.
Bio::Seq::SeqWithQuality(3pm) Bioperl object packaging a sequence with its quality. Deprecated class, use.
Bio::Seq::SimulatedRead(3pm) Read with sequencing errors taken from a reference sequence.
Bio::Seq::TraceI(3pm) Interface definition for a Bio::Seq::Trace.
Bio::SeqAnalysisParserI(3pm) Sequence analysis output parser interface.
Bio::SeqEvolution::DNAPoint(3pm) Evolve a sequence by point mutations.
Bio::SeqEvolution::EvolutionI(3pm) The interface for evolving sequences.
Bio::SeqEvolution::Factory(3pm) Factory object to instantiate sequence evolving classes.
Bio::SeqFeature::Amplicon(3pm) Amplicon feature.
Bio::SeqFeature::AnnotationAdaptor(3pm) Integrates SeqFeatureIs annotation.
Bio::SeqFeature::Collection(3pm) A container class for SeqFeatures suitable for performing operations such as.
Bio::SeqFeature::CollectionI(3pm) An interface for a collection of SeqFeatureI objects.
Bio::SeqFeature::Computation(3pm) Computation SeqFeature.
Bio::SeqFeature::FeaturePair(3pm) Hold pair feature information e.g. blast hits.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Exon(3pm) A feature representing an exon.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::ExonI(3pm) Interface for a feature representing an exon.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::GeneStructure(3pm) A feature representing an arbitrarily complex structure of a gene.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::GeneStructureI(3pm) A feature representing an arbitrarily.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Intron(3pm) An intron feature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::NC_Feature(3pm) Superclass for non-coding features.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Poly_A_site(3pm) Poly A feature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Promoter(3pm) Describes a promoter.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Transcript(3pm) A feature representing a transcript.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::TranscriptI(3pm) Interface for a feature representing a.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::UTR(3pm) A feature representing an untranslated region.
Bio::SeqFeature::Generic(3pm) Generic SeqFeature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Lite(3pm) Lightweight Bio::SeqFeatureI class.
Bio::SeqFeature::PositionProxy(3pm) Handle features when truncation/revcom sequences span a feature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Primer(3pm) Primer Generic SeqFeature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Similarity(3pm) A sequence feature based on similarity.
Bio::SeqFeature::SimilarityPair(3pm) Sequence feature based on the similarity.
Bio::SeqFeature::SiRNA::Oligo(3pm) Perl object for small inhibitory RNAs.
Bio::SeqFeature::SiRNA::Pair(3pm) Perl object for small inhibitory RNA (SiRNA) oligo pairs.
Bio::SeqFeature::SubSeq(3pm) Feature representing a subsequence.
Bio::SeqFeature::Tools::FeatureNamer(3pm) Generates unique persistent names for features.
Bio::SeqFeature::Tools::IDHandler(3pm) Maps $seq_feature->primary_tag.
Bio::SeqFeature::Tools::TypeMapper(3pm) Maps $seq_feature->primary_tag.
Bio::SeqFeature::Tools::Unflattener(3pm) Turns flat list of genbank-sourced features into a nested SeqFeatureI.
Bio::SeqFeature::TypedSeqFeatureI(3pm) A strongly typed SeqFeature.
Bio::SeqFeatureI(3pm) Abstract interface of a Sequence Feature.
Bio::SeqI(3pm) [Developers] Abstract Interface of Sequence (with features).
Bio::SeqIO(3pm) Handler for SeqIO Formats.
Bio::SeqIO::abi(3pm) Abi trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::ace(3pm) Ace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::agave(3pm) AGAVE sequence output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::alf(3pm) Alf trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::asciitree(3pm) Asciitree sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::bsml(3pm) BSML sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::bsml_sax(3pm) BSML sequence input/output stream using SAX.
Bio::SeqIO::chadoxml(3pm) Chadoxml sequence output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::chaos(3pm) Chaos sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::chaosxml(3pm) Chaosxml sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::ctf(3pm) Ctf trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::embl(3pm) EMBL sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::embldriver(3pm) EMBL sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::entrezgene(3pm) Entrez Gene ASN1 parser.
Bio::SeqIO::excel(3pm) Sequence input/output stream from a.
Bio::SeqIO::exp(3pm) Exp trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::fasta(3pm) Fasta sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::fastq(3pm) Fastq sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::flybase_chadoxml(3pm) FlyBase variant of chadoxml with sequence output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::FTHelper(3pm) Helper class for EMBL/Genbank feature tables.
Bio::SeqIO::gbdriver(3pm) GenBank handler-based push parser.
Bio::SeqIO::gbxml(3pm) GenBank sequence input/output stream using SAX.
Bio::SeqIO::gcg(3pm) GCG sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::genbank(3pm) GenBank sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::Handler::GenericRichSeqHandler(3pm) Bio::HandlerI-based data handler for GenBank/EMBL/UniProt (and.
Bio::SeqIO::interpro(3pm) InterProScan XML input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::kegg(3pm) KEGG sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::largefasta(3pm) Method i/o on very large fasta sequence files.
Bio::SeqIO::lasergene(3pm) Lasergene sequence file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::locuslink(3pm) LocusLink input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::mbsout(3pm) Input stream for output by Teshima et al.'s mbs.
Bio::SeqIO::metafasta(3pm) Metafasta sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::msout(3pm) Input stream for output by Hudson's ms.
Bio::SeqIO::MultiFile(3pm) Treating a set of files as a single input stream.
Bio::SeqIO::nexml(3pm) NeXML sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::phd(3pm) Phd file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::pir(3pm) PIR sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::pln(3pm) Pln trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::qual(3pm) .qual file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::raw(3pm) Raw sequence file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::scf(3pm) .scf file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::seqxml(3pm) SeqXML sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::strider(3pm) DNA strider sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::swiss(3pm) Swissprot sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::swissdriver(3pm) SwissProt/UniProt handler-based push parser.
Bio::SeqIO::tab(3pm) Nearly raw sequence file input/output stream. Reads/writes id"\t"sequence"\n".
Bio::SeqIO::table(3pm) Sequence input/output stream from a delimited table.
Bio::SeqIO::tigr(3pm) TIGR XML sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::tigrxml(3pm) Parse TIGR (new) XML.
Bio::SeqIO::tinyseq(3pm) Reading/writing sequences in NCBI TinySeq format.
Bio::SeqIO::tinyseq::tinyseqHandler(3pm) XML event handlers to support NCBI TinySeq XML parsing.
Bio::SeqIO::ztr(3pm) Ztr trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqUtils(3pm) Additional methods for PrimarySeq objects.
Bio::SimpleAlign(3pm) Multiple alignments held as a set of sequences.
Bio::SimpleAnalysisI(3pm) A simple interface to any (local or remote) analysis tool.
Bio::Species(3pm) Generic species object.
Bio::Structure::Atom(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes an Atom.
Bio::Structure::Chain(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes a chain.
Bio::Structure::Entry(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes the whole entry.
Bio::Structure::IO(3pm) Handler for Structure Formats.
Bio::Structure::IO::pdb(3pm) PDB input/output stream.
Bio::Structure::Model(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes a Model.
Bio::Structure::Residue(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes a Residue.
Bio::Structure::SecStr::DSSP::Res(3pm) Module for parsing/accessing dssp output.
Bio::Structure::SecStr::STRIDE::Res(3pm) Module for parsing/accessing stride output.
Bio::Structure::StructureI(3pm) Abstract Interface for a Structure objects.
Bio::Symbol::Alphabet(3pm) BSANE/BioCORBA compliant symbol list alphabet.
Bio::Symbol::AlphabetI(3pm) A Symbol Alphabet.
Bio::Symbol::DNAAlphabet(3pm) A ready made DNA alphabet.
Bio::Symbol::ProteinAlphabet(3pm) A ready made Protein alphabet.
Bio::Symbol::Symbol(3pm) A biological symbol.
Bio::Symbol::SymbolI(3pm) Interface for a Symbol.
Bio::Taxon(3pm) A node in a represented taxonomy.
Bio::Taxonomy(3pm) Representing Taxonomy.
Bio::Taxonomy::FactoryI(3pm) Interface to define how to access NCBI Taxonoy.
Bio::Taxonomy::Node(3pm) A node in a represented taxonomy.
Bio::Taxonomy::Taxon(3pm) Generic Taxonomic Entity object.
Bio::Taxonomy::Tree(3pm) An Organism Level Implementation of TreeI interface.
Bio::Tools::AlignFactory(3pm) Base object for alignment factories.
Bio::Tools::Alignment::Consed(3pm) A module to work with objects from consed .ace files.
Bio::Tools::Alignment::Trim(3pm) A kludge to do specialized trimming of sequence based on quality.
Bio::Tools::AmpliconSearch(3pm) Find amplicons in a template using degenerate PCR primers.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::DNA::ESEfinder(3pm) A wrapper around ESEfinder server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Domcut(3pm) A wrapper around Domcut server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::ELM(3pm) A wrapper around the ELM server which predicts short functional motifs on.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::GOR4(3pm) A wrapper around GOR4 protein secondary structure prediction server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::HNN(3pm) A wrapper around the HNN protein secondary structure prediction server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Mitoprot(3pm) A wrapper around Mitoprot server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::NetPhos(3pm) A wrapper around NetPhos server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Scansite(3pm) A wrapper around the Scansite server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Sopma(3pm) A wrapper around the Sopma protein secondary structure prediction.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::SimpleAnalysisBase(3pm) Abstract superclass for SimpleAnalysis implementations.
Bio::Tools::AnalysisResult(3pm) Base class for analysis result objects and parsers.
Bio::Tools::Blat(3pm) Parser for Blat program.
Bio::Tools::CodonTable(3pm) Codon table object.
Bio::Tools::Coil(3pm) Parser for Coil output.
Bio::Tools::dpAlign(3pm) Perl extension to do pairwise dynamic programming sequence alignment.
Bio::Tools::ECnumber(3pm) Representation of EC numbers (Enzyme Classification).
Bio::Tools::EMBOSS::Palindrome(3pm) Parse EMBOSS palindrome output.
Bio::Tools::EPCR(3pm) Parse ePCR output and make features.
Bio::Tools::Eponine(3pm) Results of one Eponine run.
Bio::Tools::ERPIN(3pm) A parser for ERPIN output.
Bio::Tools::Est2Genome(3pm) Parse est2genome output, makes simple Bio::SeqFeature::Generic objects.
Bio::Tools::ESTScan(3pm) Results of one ESTScan run.
Bio::Tools::Fgenesh(3pm) Parse results of one Fgenesh run.
Bio::Tools::FootPrinter(3pm) Write sequence features in FootPrinter format.
Bio::Tools::Gel(3pm) Calculates relative electrophoretic migration distances.
Bio::Tools::Geneid(3pm) Results of one geneid run.
Bio::Tools::Genemark(3pm) Results of one Genemark run.
Bio::Tools::Genewise(3pm) Results of one Genewise run.
Bio::Tools::Genomewise(3pm) Results of one Genomewise run.
Bio::Tools::Genscan(3pm) Results of one Genscan run.
Bio::Tools::GFF(3pm) A Bio::SeqAnalysisParserI compliant GFF format parser.
Bio::Tools::Glimmer(3pm) Parser for Glimmer 2.X/3.X prokaryotic and GlimmerM/GlimmerHMM eukaryotic gene.
Bio::Tools::Grail(3pm) Results of one Grail run.
Bio::Tools::GuessSeqFormat(3pm) Module for determining the sequence format of the contents of a file, a string,.
Bio::Tools::HMMER::Domain(3pm) One particular domain hit from HMMER.
Bio::Tools::HMMER::Results(3pm) Object representing HMMER output results.
Bio::Tools::HMMER::Set(3pm) Set of identical domains from HMMER matches.
Bio::Tools::Hmmpfam(3pm) Parser for Hmmpfam program.
Bio::Tools::Infernal(3pm) A parser for Infernal output.
Bio::Tools::ipcress(3pm) Parse ipcress output and make features.
Bio::Tools::isPcr(3pm) Parse isPcr output and make features.
Bio::Tools::IUPAC(3pm) Generates unique sequence objects or regular expressions from an ambiguous IUPAC sequence.
Bio::Tools::Lucy(3pm) Object for analyzing the output from Lucy,.
Bio::Tools::Match(3pm) Parses output from Transfac's match(TM).
Bio::Tools::MZEF(3pm) Results of one MZEF run.
Bio::Tools::OddCodes(3pm) Object holding alternative alphabet coding for one protein sequence.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Gerp(3pm) Parses output from GERP.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Gumby(3pm) Parses output from gumby.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Molphy(3pm) Parser for Molphy output.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Molphy::Result(3pm) Container for data parsed from a ProtML run.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::PAML(3pm) Parses output from the PAML programs codeml, baseml, basemlg, codemlsites and yn00.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::PAML::Codeml(3pm) Parses output from the PAML program codeml.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::PAML::ModelResult(3pm) A container for NSSite Model Result from PAML.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::PAML::Result(3pm) A PAML result set object.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Phylip::ProtDist(3pm) Parser for ProtDist output.
Bio::Tools::pICalculator(3pm) Calculate the isoelectric point of a protein.
Bio::Tools::Prediction::Exon(3pm) A predicted exon feature.
Bio::Tools::Prediction::Gene(3pm) A predicted gene structure feature.
Bio::Tools::Primer3(3pm) Create input for and work with the output from the program primer3.
Bio::Tools::Primer::Assessor::Base(3pm) Base class for common assessor things.
Bio::Tools::Primer::AssessorI(3pm) Interface for assessing primer pairs.
Bio::Tools::Primer::Feature(3pm) Position of a single primer.
Bio::Tools::Primer::Pair(3pm) Two primers on left and right side.
Bio::Tools::Prints(3pm) Parser for FingerPRINTScanII program.
Bio::Tools::Profile(3pm) Parse Profile output.
Bio::Tools::Promoterwise(3pm) Parser for Promoterwise tab format output.
Bio::Tools::PrositeScan(3pm) Parser for ps_scan result.
Bio::Tools::Protparam(3pm) Submit to and parse output from protparam ;.
Bio::Tools::Pseudowise(3pm) Results of one Pseudowise run.
Bio::Tools::pSW(3pm) Pairwise Smith Waterman object.
Bio::Tools::QRNA(3pm) A Parser for qrna output.
Bio::Tools::RandomDistFunctions(3pm) A set of routines useful for generating random data in different.
Bio::Tools::RepeatMasker(3pm) A parser for RepeatMasker output.
Bio::Tools::RNAMotif(3pm) A parser for RNAMotif output.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Amap(3pm) Object for the calculation of an iterative multiple sequence alignment from.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Clustalw(3pm) Object for the calculation of a multiple sequence alignment from a set.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::DBA(3pm) Object for the alignment of two sequences using the DNA Block Aligner.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Gmap(3pm) Wrapper for running gmap.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Kalign(3pm) Object for the calculation of an iterative multiple sequence alignment.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Lagan(3pm) Object for the local execution of the LAGAN suite of tools (including.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::MAFFT(3pm) Run the MAFFT alignment tools.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Muscle(3pm) Object for the calculation of an iterative multiple sequence alignment.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Pal2Nal(3pm) Wrapper for Pal2Nal.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Probalign(3pm) Object for the calculation of a multiple sequence alignment from a set.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Probcons(3pm) Object for the calculation of an iterative multiple sequence alignment.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Proda(3pm) Object for the calculation of sets of multiple sequence alignments from a.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Sim4(3pm) Wrapper for Sim4 program that allows for alignment of cdna to genomic.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::StandAloneFasta(3pm) Object for the local execution of the Fasta3 programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::TCoffee(3pm) Object for the calculation of a multiple sequence alignment from a set.
Bio::Tools::Run::Analysis(3pm) Module representing any (remote or local) analysis tool.
Bio::Tools::Run::Analysis::soap(3pm) A SOAP-based access to the analysis tools.
Bio::Tools::Run::AnalysisFactory(3pm) A directory of analysis tools.
Bio::Tools::Run::AnalysisFactory::soap(3pm) A SOAP-based access to the list of analysis tools.
Bio::Tools::Run::AssemblerBase(3pm) Base class for wrapping external assemblers.
Bio::Tools::Run::BEDTools(3pm) Run wrapper for the BEDTools suite of programs *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::BEDTools::Config(3pm) Configuration data for bowtie commands.
Bio::Tools::Run::BlastPlus(3pm) A wrapper for NCBI's blast+ suite.
Bio::Tools::Run::Bowtie(3pm) Run wrapper for the Bowtie short-read assembler *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::Bowtie::Config(3pm) Configuration data for bowtie commands.
Bio::Tools::Run::BWA(3pm) Run wrapper for the BWA short-read assembler *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::BWA::Config(3pm) Configuration data for BWA commands.
Bio::Tools::Run::Cap3(3pm) Wrapper for CAP3.
Bio::Tools::Run::Coil(3pm) Wrapper for ncoils program.
Bio::Tools::Run::EMBOSSacd(3pm) Class for EMBOSS Application qualifiers.
Bio::Tools::Run::EMBOSSApplication(3pm) Class for EMBOSS Applications.
Bio::Tools::Run::Ensembl(3pm) A simplified front-end for setting up the registry.
Bio::Tools::Run::Eponine(3pm) Object for execution of the Eponine which is a mammalian TSS predictor.
Bio::Tools::Run::ERPIN(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of the ERPIN suite of programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::FootPrinter(3pm) Wrapper for the FootPrinter program.
Bio::Tools::Run::Genemark(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of the GeneMark family of programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::GenericParameters(3pm) An object for the parameters used to run programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::Genewise(3pm) Object for predicting genes in a given sequence given a protein.
Bio::Tools::Run::Genscan(3pm) Object for identifying genes in a given sequence given a matrix(for appropriate.
Bio::Tools::Run::Glimmer(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of Glimmer, GlimmerM and GlimmerHMM.
Bio::Tools::Run::Hmmer(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of hmmalign, hmmbuild, hmmcalibrate, hmmemit, hmmpfam,.
Bio::Tools::Run::Infernal(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of cmalign, cmbuild, cmsearch, cmscore.
Bio::Tools::Run::Maq(3pm) Run wrapper for the Maq short-read assembler *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::Maq::Config(3pm) Configuration data for maq commands.
Bio::Tools::Run::Match(3pm) Wrapper for Transfac's match(TM).
Bio::Tools::Run::MCS(3pm) Wrapper for MCS.
Bio::Tools::Run::Mdust(3pm) Perl extension for Mdust nucleotide filtering.
Bio::Tools::Run::Meme(3pm) Wrapper for Meme Program.
Bio::Tools::Run::Minimo(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of the Minimo assembler.
Bio::Tools::Run::Newbler(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of Newbler.
Bio::Tools::Run::ParametersI(3pm) A Base object for the parameters used to run programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phrap(3pm) A wrapper for running Phrap.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Gerp(3pm) Wrapper for GERP.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Gumby(3pm) Wrapper for gumby.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::Base(3pm) Hyphy wrapping base methods.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::FEL(3pm) Wrapper around the Hyphy FEL analysis.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::Modeltest(3pm) Wrapper around the Hyphy Modeltest analysis.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::REL(3pm) Wrapper around the Hyphy REL analysis.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::SLAC(3pm) Wrapper around the Hyphy SLAC analysis.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::LVB(3pm) Object for using the LVB program to create an array of Bio::Tree objects from a.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Molphy::ProtML(3pm) A wrapper for the Molphy pkg app ProtML.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Njtree::Best(3pm) Wrapper around the Njtree (Njtree/phyml) best program.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::PAML::Baseml(3pm) Wrapper aroud the PAML program baseml.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::PAML::Codeml(3pm) Wrapper aroud the PAML program codeml.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::PAML::Evolver(3pm) Wrapper aroud the PAML program evolver.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::PAML::Yn00(3pm) Wrapper aroud the PAML program yn00.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phast::PhastCons(3pm) Wrapper for footprinting using.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phast::PhyloFit(3pm) Wrapper for phyloFit.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::Base(3pm) Base object for Phylip modules.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::Consense(3pm) Wrapper for the phylip program Consense.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::DrawGram(3pm) Use Phylip DrawTree program to draw phylograms or phenograms.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::DrawTree(3pm) Use Phylip DrawTree program to draw trees.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::Neighbor(3pm) Wrapper for the phylip program neighbor by Joseph Felsenstein for.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::ProtDist(3pm) Wrapper for the phylip program protdist.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::ProtPars(3pm) Object for creating a Bio::Tree object from a multiple alignment.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::SeqBoot(3pm) Wrapper for the phylip program SeqBoot.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phyml(3pm) Wrapper for rapid reconstruction of phylogenies using Phyml.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::QuickTree(3pm) Wrapper for rapid reconstruction of.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Semphy(3pm) Wrapper for Semphy.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::SLR(3pm) Wrapper around the SLR program.
Bio::Tools::Run::Primer3(3pm) Create input for and work with the output from the program primer3.
Bio::Tools::Run::Promoterwise(3pm) Wrapper for aligning two sequences using promoterwise.
Bio::Tools::Run::Pseudowise(3pm) Object for prediting pseudogenes in a given sequence given a protein and a cdna.
Bio::Tools::Run::RemoteBlast(3pm) Object for remote execution of the NCBI Blast via HTTP.
Bio::Tools::Run::RepeatMasker(3pm) Wrapper for RepeatMasker Program.
Bio::Tools::Run::RNAMotif(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of rnamotif, rm2ct, rmfmt, rmprune.
Bio::Tools::Run::Samtools(3pm) A run wrapper for the samtools suite *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::Samtools::Config(3pm) Configurator for Bio::Tools::Run::Samtools.
Bio::Tools::Run::Seg(3pm) Object for identifying low complexity.
Bio::Tools::Run::Simprot(3pm) Wrapper around the Simprot program. Wrapper for the calculation of a multiple.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast(3pm) Object for the local execution of the NCBI BLAST program suite (blastall,.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus(3pm) Compute with NCBI's blast+ suite *ALPHA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus::BlastMethods(3pm) Provides BLAST methods to StandAloneBlastPlus.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneNCBIBlast(3pm) Object for the local execution of the NCBI BLAST program suite.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneWUBlast(3pm) Object for the local execution of WU-Blast.
Bio::Tools::Run::TigrAssembler(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of TIGR Assembler.
Bio::Tools::Run::Tmhmm(3pm) Object for identifying transmembrane helixes.
Bio::Tools::Run::tRNAscanSE(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of tRNAscan-SE.
Bio::Tools::Run::WrapperBase(3pm) A Base object for wrappers around executables.
Bio::Tools::Run::WrapperBase::CommandExts(3pm) Extensions to WrapperBase for handling programs with commands.
Bio::Tools::Seg(3pm) Parse "seg" output.
Bio::Tools::SeqPattern(3pm) Represent a sequence pattern or motif.
Bio::Tools::SeqStats(3pm) Object holding statistics for one particular sequence.
Bio::Tools::SeqWords(3pm) Object holding n-mer statistics for a sequence.
Bio::Tools::Sigcleave(3pm) Bioperl object for sigcleave analysis.
Bio::Tools::Signalp(3pm) Parser for Signalp output.
Bio::Tools::Signalp::ExtendedSignalp(3pm) Enhanced parser for Signalp output.
Bio::Tools::Sim4::Exon(3pm) A single exon determined by an alignment.
Bio::Tools::Sim4::Results(3pm) Results of one Sim4 run.
Bio::Tools::SiRNA(3pm) Perl object for designing small inhibitory RNAs.
Bio::Tools::SiRNA::Ruleset::saigo(3pm) Perl object implementing the Saigo group's rules for designing small.
Bio::Tools::SiRNA::Ruleset::tuschl(3pm) Perl object implementing the tuschl group's rules for designing small.
Bio::Tools::Spidey::Exon(3pm) A single exon determined by an alignment.
Bio::Tools::Spidey::Results(3pm) Results of a Spidey run.
Bio::Tools::TandemRepeatsFinder(3pm) A parser for Tandem Repeats Finder output.
Bio::Tools::TargetP(3pm) Results of one TargetP run.
Bio::Tools::Tmhmm(3pm) Parse TMHMM output (TransMembrane HMM).
Bio::Tools::tRNAscanSE(3pm) A parser for tRNAscan-SE output.
Bio::Tree::AlleleNode(3pm) A Node with Alleles attached.
Bio::Tree::AnnotatableNode(3pm) A Tree Node with support for annotation.
Bio::Tree::Compatible(3pm) Testing compatibility of phylogenetic trees with nested taxa.
Bio::Tree::DistanceFactory(3pm) Construct a tree using distance based methods.
Bio::Tree::Draw::Cladogram(3pm) Drawing phylogenetic trees in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format.
Bio::Tree::Node(3pm) A Simple Tree Node.
Bio::Tree::NodeI(3pm) Interface describing a Tree Node.
Bio::Tree::NodeNHX(3pm) A Simple Tree Node with support for NHX tags.
Bio::Tree::RandomFactory(3pm) TreeFactory for generating Random Trees.
Bio::Tree::Statistics(3pm) Calculate certain statistics for a Tree.
Bio::Tree::Tree(3pm) An implementation of the TreeI interface.
Bio::Tree::TreeFunctionsI(3pm) Decorated Interface implementing basic Tree exploration methods.
Bio::Tree::TreeI(3pm) A Tree object suitable for lots of things, designed.
Bio::TreeIO(3pm) Parser for Tree files.
Bio::TreeIO::cluster(3pm) A TreeIO driver module for parsing Algorithm::Cluster::treecluster() output.
Bio::TreeIO::lintree(3pm) Parser for lintree output trees.
Bio::TreeIO::nexml(3pm) A TreeIO driver module for parsing NeXML tree files.
Bio::TreeIO::nexus(3pm) A TreeIO driver module for parsing Nexus tree output from PAUP.
Bio::TreeIO::nhx(3pm) TreeIO implementation for parsing.
Bio::TreeIO::pag(3pm) Bio::TreeIO driver for Pagel format.
Bio::TreeIO::phyloxml(3pm) TreeIO implementation for parsing PhyloXML format.
Bio::TreeIO::svggraph(3pm) A simple output format that converts a Tree object to an SVG output.
Bio::TreeIO::tabtree(3pm) A simple output format which displays a tree as an ASCII drawing.
Bio::TreeIO::TreeEventBuilder(3pm) Build Bio::Tree::Tree's and.
Bio::UpdateableSeqI(3pm) Descendant of Bio::SeqI that allows updates.
Bio::Variation::AAChange(3pm) Sequence change class for polypeptides.
Bio::Variation::AAReverseMutate(3pm) Point mutation and codon.
Bio::Variation::Allele(3pm) Sequence object with allele-specific attributes.
Bio::Variation::DNAMutation(3pm) DNA level mutation class.
Bio::Variation::IO(3pm) Handler for sequence variation IO Formats.
Bio::Variation::IO::flat(3pm) Flat file sequence variation input/output stream.
Bio::Variation::IO::xml(3pm) XML sequence variation input/output stream.
Bio::Variation::RNAChange(3pm) Sequence change class for RNA level.
Bio::Variation::SeqDiff(3pm) Container class for mutation/variant descriptions.
Bio::Variation::SNP(3pm) Submitted SNP.
Bio::Variation::VariantI(3pm) Sequence Change SeqFeature abstract class.
Bio::WebAgent(3pm) A base class for Web (any protocol) access.
blhc(1) Build log hardening check, checks build logs for missing hardening flags.
Bloom::Filter(3pm) Sample Perl Bloom filter implementation.
bones-info(1) Display information about a Nethack bones file.
boolean(3pm) Boolean support for Perl.
bot-basicbot-pluggable(1p) A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script.
bot-basicbot-pluggable-cgi(1p) A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script.
bot-training(1p) Command-line interface Bot::Training.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable(3pm) Extended simple IRC bot for pluggable modules.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module(3pm) Base module for all BasicBot plugins.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Auth(3pm) Authentication for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable modules.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::ChanOp(3pm) Channel operator.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::DNS(3pm) DNS lookups for hostnames or IP addresses.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Google(3pm) Searches Google for terms and spellings.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Infobot(3pm) Infobot clone redone in B::B::P.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Join(3pm) Join and leave channels; remembers state.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Karma(3pm) Tracks karma for various concepts.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Loader(3pm) Loads and unloads bot modules; remembers state.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Seen(3pm) Track when and where people were seen.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Title(3pm) Speaks the title of URLs mentioned.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Vars(3pm) Change internal module variables.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store(3pm) Base class for the back-end pluggable store.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store::DBI(3pm) Use DBI to provide a storage backend.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store::Deep(3pm) Use DBM::Deep to provide a storage backend.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store::Memory(3pm) Use memory (RAM) to provide a storage backend.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store::Storable(3pm) Use Storable to provide a storage backend.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Terminal(3pm) A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script.
Bot::Training(3pm) Plain text training material for bots like Hailo and AI::MegaHAL.
botch(1) Bootstrap/build order tool chain.
botch-add-arch(1) Add architecture to source packages.
botch-annotate-strong(1) Add strong dependency information to a dependency graph.
botch-apply-ma-diff(1) Applies a multiarch diff as created by botch-ma-diff.
botch-bin2src(1) Convert binary packages to their source packages.
botch-build-fixpoint(1) Find build order until dependency cycles occur.
botch-build-order-from-zero(1) Find a build order for a non-existing architecture.
botch-buildcheck-more-problems(1) A tool like dose-builddebcheck but return more than the first reason.
botch-buildgraph2packages(1) Convert buildgraph to packages.
botch-buildgraph2srcgraph(1) Converts a buildgraph into a srcgraph.
botch-calcportsmetric(1) Calculate source package importance.
botch-calculate-fas(1) Calculate a feedback arc set.
botch-check-ma-same-versions(1) Check if Multi-Arch:same versions are in sync.
botch-checkfas(1) Check which edges in the fas are not droppable.
botch-clean-repository(1) Clean errors in a repository by removing transitively uninstallable or compilable.
botch-collapse-srcgraph(1) Make a srcgraph acyclic by collapsing its strongly connected components.
botch-convert-arch(1) Convert the architecture of a Packages file.
botch-create-graph(1) Create graph based on installation sets, strong dependency sets or dependency closures.
botch-cross(1) Execute botch tools in the cross phase.
botch-distcheck-more-problems(1) A tool like dose-distcheck but return more than the first reason.
botch-dose2html(1) Turn the yaml output by dose-builddebcheck into html.
botch-download-pkgsrc(1) Download Packages and Sources.
botch-droppable-diff(1) Difference between two *.droppable files.
botch-droppable-union(1) Union of two *.droppable files.
botch-extract-scc(1) Extract all strongly connected components.
botch-fasofstats(1) Extract feedback arc set from output of botch-print-stats.
botch-filter-src-builds-for(1) Filter a Sources file for the packages building for a certain architecture.
botch-find-fvs(1) Calculate a feedback vertex set.
botch-fix-cross-problems(1) Fix Packages files with the output of botch-cross-problems.
botch-graph-ancestors(1) Find all ancestors of a vertex in a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-descendants(1) Find all descendants of a vertex in a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-difference(1) Graph diff.
botch-graph-info(1) Show info about a buildgraph or sourcegraph.
botch-graph-neighborhood(1) Extract the neighborhood around a vertex.
botch-graph-shortest-path(1) Find the shortest path(s) between two vertices of a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-sinks(1) Find all sinks (vertices without successors) in a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-sources(1) Find all sources (vertices without predecessors) in a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-tred(1) Find the transitive reduction of a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph2text(1) For each vertex in a graph print a formatted line on standard output.
botch-graphml2dot(1) Converts graphml to dot.
botch-latest-version(1) Only keep the latest version.
botch-ma-diff(1) Diff two packages files for differences in their multiarch values.
botch-multiarch-interpreter-problem(1) Find all arch:all packages that allow switching architectures.
botch-native(1) Execute botch tools in the native phase.
botch-optuniv(1) Self contained repository with minimal number of source packages.
botch-packages-diff(1) Create a diff between two Packages or Sources files.
botch-packages-difference(1) Calculate the asymmetric set difference.
botch-packages-intersection(1) Calculate the set intersection.
botch-packages-union(1) Calculate the set union.
botch-partial-order(1) Calculate the partial vertex order.
botch-print-stats(1) Find cycles, selfcycles, amount of cycles through edges, feedback arc and vertex set,.
botch-profile-build-fvs(1) Remove droppable dependencies from graph.
botch-remove-virtual-disjunctions(1) Remove virtual dependency disjunctions.
botch-src2bin(1) Turn source packages into their binary packages.
botch-stat-html(1) Turn the JSON output of botch-print-stats into human readable HTML.
botch-transition(1) Calculate a transition order.
botch-wanna-build-sortblockers(1) Importance of source packages for ports.
botch-y-u-b-d-transitive-essential(1) Find out why source packages are B-D transitive essential.
botch-y-u-no-bootstrap(1) Find out why Debian cannot be bootstrapped.
Boulder(3pm) An API for hierarchical tag/value structures.
Boulder::Blast(3pm) Parse and read BLAST files.
Boulder::Blast::NCBI(3pm) Parse and read NCBI BLAST files.
Boulder::Blast::WU(3pm) Parse and read WU-BLAST files.
Boulder::Genbank(3pm) Fetch Genbank data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::LocusLink(3pm) Fetch LocusLink data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::Medline(3pm) Fetch Medline data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::Omim(3pm) Fetch Omim data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::Store(3pm) Simple persistent storage for Stone tag/value objects.
Boulder::Stream(3pm) Read and write tag/value data from an input stream.
Boulder::String(3pm) Read and write tag/value data from a string.
Boulder::Swissprot(3pm) Fetch SwissProt data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::Unigene(3pm) Fetch Unigene data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::XML(3pm) XML format input/output for Boulder streams.
boxer(1p) Boxer command line utils.
Boxer(3pm) System deployment ninja tricks.
Boxer::CLI(3pm) Boxer command line utils.
bp_aacomp(1p) Amino acid composition of protein sequences.
bp_biofetch_genbank_proxy(1p) Caching BioFetch-compatible web proxy for GenBank.
bp_bioflat_index(1p) Index sequence files using Bio::DB::Flat.
bp_biogetseq(1p) Sequence retrieval using OBDA registry. Downloads and installs runnables.
bp_blast2tree(1p) Builds a phylogenetic tree based on a sequence search (FastA,BLAST,HMMER).
bp_bulk_load_gff(1p) Bulk-load a Bio::DB::GFF database from GFF files.
bp_chaos_plot(1p) A chaos plot from DNA and RNA sequences.
bp_classify_hits_kingdom(1p) Classify BLAST hits by taxonomic kingdom.
bp_dbsplit(1p) Script to split an input set of database(s) into smaller pieces.
bp_download_query_genbank(1p) Script to query Genbank and retrieve records.
bp_extract_feature_seq(1p) Extract the corresponding sequence for a specified feature type.
bp_fast_load_gff(1p) Fast-load a Bio::DB::GFF database from GFF files.
bp_fastam9_to_table(1p) Turn FASTA -m 9 output into NCBI -m 9 tabular output.
bp_fetch(1p) Fetches sequences from bioperl indexed databases.
bp_filter_search(1p) Filters searchio results, outputting a tab delimited summary.
bp_flanks(1p) Finding flanking sequences for a variant in a sequence position.
bp_gccalc(1p) GC content of nucleotide sequences.
bp_genbank2gff(1p) Load a Bio::DB::GFF database from GENBANK files.
bp_heterogeneity_test(1p) A test for distinguishing between selection and population expansion.
bp_hivq(1p) An interactive command-line interface to Bio::DB::HIV and Bio::DB::Query::HIVQuery.
bp_hmmer_to_table(1p) Turn HMMER output into tabular format.
bp_index(1p) Indexes files for use by
bp_load_gff(1p) Load a Bio::DB::GFF database from GFF files.
bp_local_taxonomydb_query(1p) Query a local TaxonomyDB for species or taxonid.
bp_make_mrna_protein(1p) Convert an input mRNA/cDNA sequence into protein.
bp_mask_by_search(1p) Mask sequence(s) based on its alignment results.
bp_meta_gff(1p) Get/set Bio::DB::GFF meta-data.
bp_mrtrans(1p) Implement a transformer of alignments from protein to mrna coordinates. Perform a hmmsearch into multiple FASTA files using.
bp_mutate(1p) Randomly mutagenize a single protein or DNA sequence.
bp_nexus2nh(1p) Convert nexus format trees (from PAUP* and MrBayes) to new hampshire.
bp_nrdb(1p) A script to emulate Warren Gish's nrdb, make a unique sequence database from a set of input.
bp_oligo_count(1p) Oligo count and frequency.
bp_pairwise_kaks(1p) Script to calculate pairwise Ka,Ks for a set of sequences. An example/tutorial script how to access analysis tools. Analysis tools module generator.
bp_parse_hmmsearch(1p) Parse single/multiple HMMSEARCH results file(s) with.
bp_process_gadfly(1p) Massage Gadfly/FlyBase GFF files into a version suitable for the Generic Genome Browser.
bp_process_sgd(1p) Massage SGD annotation flat files into a version suitable for the Generic Genome Browser.
bp_process_wormbase(1p) Massage WormBase GFF files into a version suitable for the Generic Genome Browser.
bp_query_entrez_taxa(1p) Query Entrez taxonomy database and print out information.
bp_remote_blast(1p) Script for submitting jobs to a remote blast server (ncbi blast queue at this time).
bp_revtrans-motif(1p) Reverse translate a Profam-like protein motif. Run Phylip's 'neighbor' program through Bioperl. Run Phylip's 'protdist' program through Bioperl.
bp_search2alnblocks(1p) Turn SearchIO parseable reports(s) into a set of aligned blocks.
bp_search2BSML(1p) Turn SearchIO parseable reports(s) into a BSML report.
bp_search2table(1p) Turn SearchIO parseable reports into tab delimited format like NCBI's -m 9.
bp_search2tribe(1p) Turn SearchIO parseable reports(s) into TRIBE matrix.
bp_seq_length(1p) Lists the number of bases and number of sequences in specified sequence database files.
bp_seqconvert(1p) Generic BioPerl sequence format converter.
bp_seqfeature_load(1p) Load GFF into a SeqFeature database.
bp_seqpart(1p) Takes one or more sequence files and splits them into a number of load balanced files.
bp_seqret(1p) Bioperl implementation of sequence fetch from local db (like EMBOSS seqret).
bp_seqretsplit(1p) Split a sequence (or stream) into a single file per sequence.
bp_split_seq(1p) Splits a sequence into equal sized chunks with an optional.
bp_sreformat(1p) Convert sequence formats.
bp_taxid4species(1p) Simple script which returns the NCBI Taxonomic id for a requested species.
bp_taxonomy2tree(1p) Building a taxonomic tree based on the full lineages of a set of species names.
bp_translate_seq(1p) Translates a sequence.
bp_tree2pag(1p) Convert Bio::TreeIO parseable format trees to pagel format.
bp_unflatten_seq(1p) Unflatten a genbank or genbank-style feature file into a nested SeqFeature hierarchy.
Bundle::Apache::ASP(3pm) Install Apache::ASP and required.
Bundle::Apache::ASP::Extra(3pm) Install modules that provide additional functionality to Apache::ASP.
Bundle::DBD::CSV(3pm) A bundle to install the DBD::CSV driver.
Bundle::Net::LDAP(3pm) A bundle for Net::LDAP.
Bundle::Object::InsideOut(3pm) A bundle of modules for full Object::InsideOut support.
Bundle::SNMP::MIB::Compiler(3pm) A bundle to install all SNMP::MIB::Compiler related modules.
Business::EDI(3pm) Top level class for generating U.N. EDI interchange objects and subobjects.
Business::EDI::CodeList(3pm) Abstract object class for UN/EDIFACT objects that do not have further descendant.
Business::EDI::Composite(3pm) EDI Composite class.
Business::EDI::Spec(3pm) Object class for CSV-based U.N. EDI specifications.
Business::FraudDetect(3pm) A cohort to Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::FraudDetect::preCharge(3pm) Backend for Business::FraudDetect (part of Business::OnlinePayment).
Business::ISBN::Data(3pm) Data pack for Business::ISBN.
Business::ISMN(3pm) Work with International Standard Music Numbers.
Business::ISMN::Data(3pm) Data pack for Business::ISMN.
Business::OnlinePayment(3pm) Perl extension for online payment processing.
Business::OnlinePayment::HTTPS(3pm) Base class for HTTPS payment APIs.
Business::OnlinePayment::PayflowPro(3pm) Payflow Pro backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::Tax::VAT::Validation(3pm) Validate EU VAT numbers against VIES.
Cache(3pm) The Cache interface.
Cache::BDB(3pm) An object caching wrapper around BerkeleyDB.
Cache::Entry(3pm) Interface for a cache entry.
Cache::File(3pm) Filesystem based implementation of the Cache interface.
Cache::File::Entry(3pm) An entry in the file based implementation of Cache.
Cache::File::Handle(3pm) Wrapper for IO::File to use in Cache::File implementation.
Cache::File::Heap(3pm) A file based heap for use by Cache::File.
Cache::IOString(3pm) Wrapper for IO::String to use in Cache implementations.
Cache::LRU(3pm) A simple, fast implementation of LRU cache in pure perl.
Cache::Memory(3pm) Memory based implementation of the Cache interface.
Cache::Memory::Entry(3pm) An entry in the memory based implementation of Cache.
Cache::Memory::HeapElem(3pm) Wrapper for Heap::Elem that stores keys.
Cache::Null(3pm) Null implementation of the Cache interface.
Cache::Null::Entry(3pm) An entry in the Null implementation of Cache.
Cache::RemovalStrategy(3pm) Abstract Removal Strategy interface for a Cache.
Cache::RemovalStrategy::FIFO(3pm) FIFO Removal Strategy for a Cache.
Cache::RemovalStrategy::LRU(3pm) LRU Removal Strategy for a Cache.
Cache::Tester(3pm) Test utility for Cache implementations.
caff(1) Fire and Forget.
Cal::DAV(3pm) A CalDAV client.
Calendar::Simple(3pm) Perl extension to create simple calendars.
CAM::PDF(3pm) PDF manipulation library.
CAM::PDF::Content(3pm) PDF page layout parser.
CAM::PDF::Decrypt(3pm) PDF security helper.
CAM::PDF::GS(3pm) PDF graphic state.
CAM::PDF::GS::NoText(3pm) PDF graphic state.
CAM::PDF::Node(3pm) PDF element.
CAM::PDF::PageText(3pm) Extract text from PDF page tree.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Dump(3pm) Print the graphic state of each node.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Images(3pm) Find all of the images in a page.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text(3pm) Render an ASCII image of a PDF page.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::TextFB(3pm) Framebuffer for CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text.
camera-calib(1) GUI for calibrating a monocular camera using a checker-board.
Canary::Stability(3pm) Canary to check perl compatibility for schmorp's modules.
carmen2rawlog(1) Convert robotic datasets between CARMEN and Rawlog formats.
carmen2simplemap(1) Convert robotic datasets between CARMEN and simplemap formats.
Carp::Clan(3pm) Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" of modules.
Carp::Datum(3pm) Debugging And Tracing Ultimate Module.
Carp::Datum::Assert(3pm) Assertion expression extractor.
Carp::Datum::Cfg(3pm) Dynamic Debug Configuration Setting for Datum.
Carp::Datum::Flags(3pm) Flag Constants.
Carp::Datum::MakeMaker(3pm) Offer to strip Carp::Datum calls statically.
Carp::Datum::Strip(3pm) Strips most Carp::Datum calls lexically.
Carp::Fix::1_25(3pm) Smooth over incompatible changes in Carp 1.25.
Catalyst(3pm) The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework. Bootstrap a Catalyst application.
Catalyst::Action(3pm) Catalyst Action.
Catalyst::Action::Deserialize(3pm) Deserialize Data in a Request.
Catalyst::Action::DeserializeMultiPart(3pm) Deserialize Data in a Multipart Request.
Catalyst::Action::REST(3pm) Automated REST Method Dispatching.
Catalyst::Action::REST::ForBrowsers(3pm) Automated REST Method Dispatching that Accommodates Browsers.
Catalyst::Action::Serialize(3pm) Serialize Data in a Response.
Catalyst::Action::SerializeBase(3pm) Base class for Catalyst::Action::Serialize and.
Catalyst::ActionChain(3pm) Chain of Catalyst Actions.
Catalyst::ActionContainer(3pm) Catalyst Action Container.
Catalyst::ActionRole::ConsumesContent(3pm) Match on HTTP Request Content-Type.
Catalyst::ActionRole::HTTPMethods(3pm) Match on HTTP Methods.
Catalyst::ActionRole::QueryMatching(3pm) Match on GET parameters using type constraints.
Catalyst::ActionRole::Scheme(3pm) Match on HTTP Request Scheme.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Authen::Simple(3pm) Verify credentials with the Authen::Simple framework.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Htpasswd(3pm) Authen::Htpasswd based user storage/authentication.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Htpasswd::User(3pm) A user object representing an entry in an htpasswd file.
Catalyst::Base(3pm) Deprecated base class.
Catalyst::ClassData(3pm) Class data accessors.
Catalyst::Component(3pm) Catalyst Component Base Class.
Catalyst::Component::ApplicationAttribute(3pm) Moose Role for components which capture the application context.
Catalyst::Component::ContextClosure(3pm) Moose Role for components which need to close over the $ctx, without.
Catalyst::Controller(3pm) Catalyst Controller base class.
Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Apply roles to action instances.
Catalyst::Controller::REST(3pm) A RESTful controller.
Catalyst::Controller::SRU(3pm) Dispatch SRU methods with Catalyst.
Catalyst::Delta(3pm) Overview of changes between versions of Catalyst.
Catalyst::Dispatcher(3pm) The Catalyst Dispatcher.
Catalyst::DispatchType(3pm) DispatchType Base Class.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Chained(3pm) Path Part DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Default(3pm) Default DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Index(3pm) Index DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::LocalRegex(3pm) LocalRegex DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::LocalRegexp(3pm) LocalRegexp DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Path(3pm) Path DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex(3pm) Regex DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Regexp(3pm) Regex DispatchType.
Catalyst::Engine(3pm) The Catalyst Engine.
Catalyst::Engine::HTTP(3pm) Removed module.
Catalyst::EngineLoader(3pm) The Catalyst Engine Loader.
Catalyst::Exception(3pm) Catalyst Exception Class.
Catalyst::Exception::Basic(3pm) Basic Catalyst Exception Role.
Catalyst::Exception::Detach(3pm) Exception for redispatching using $ctx->detach().
Catalyst::Exception::Go(3pm) Exception for redispatching using $ctx->go().
Catalyst::Exception::Interface(3pm) Role defining the interface for Catalyst exceptions.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Email(3pm) Helper for Email Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Email::Template(3pm) Helper for Templated Email Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Excel::Template::Plus(3pm) Helper Class for Catalyst::View::Excel::Template::Plus.
Catalyst::Helper::View::JSON(3pm) Helper for JSON Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Mason(3pm) Helper for Mason Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::TT(3pm) Helper for TT Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::TTSite(3pm) Helper for TT view which builds a skeleton web site.
Catalyst::Log(3pm) Catalyst Log Class.
Catalyst::Manual(3pm) The Catalyst developer's manual.
Catalyst::Manual::About(3pm) The philosophy of Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Actions(3pm) Catalyst Reusable Actions.
Catalyst::Manual::CatalystAndMoose(3pm) How Catalyst 5.8+ and Moose relate.
Catalyst::Manual::Components(3pm) Reuseable components for Catalyst applications.
Catalyst::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) Cooking with Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment(3pm) Deploying Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::Apache::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with FastCGI on Apache.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::Apache::mod_perl(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with mod_perl.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::DevelopmentServer(3pm) Development server deployment.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with FastCGI.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::IIS::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with Microsoft IIS.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::lighttpd::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with lighttpd.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::nginx::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with nginx.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::SharedHosting(3pm) Deploying Catalyst on Shared Hosting.
Catalyst::Manual::DevelopmentProcess(3pm) Administrative structure of the Catalyst Development Process.
Catalyst::Manual::ExtendingCatalyst(3pm) Extending The Framework.
Catalyst::Manual::Internals(3pm) Catalyst Internals.
Catalyst::Manual::Intro(3pm) Introduction to Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial: Overview.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::01_Intro(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 1: Introduction.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::02_CatalystBasics(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 2: Catalyst Application.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::03_MoreCatalystBasics(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 3: More Catalyst Application.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::04_BasicCRUD(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 4: Basic CRUD.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::05_Authentication(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 5: Authentication.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::06_Authorization(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 6: Authorization.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::07_Debugging(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 7: Debugging.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::08_Testing(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 8: Testing.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormBuilder(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD -.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormFu(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD - FormFu.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormHandler(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD -.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::10_Appendices(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 10: Appendices.
Catalyst::Manual::WritingPlugins(3pm) DEPRECATED, see Catalyst::Manual::ExtendingCatalyst instead.
Catalyst::Middleware::Stash(3pm) The Catalyst stash - in middleware.
Catalyst::Model(3pm) Catalyst Model base class.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::OpenID(3pm) OpenID credential for Catalyst::Auth framework.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Backend::FastMmap(3pm) A thin wrapper for Cache::FastMmap that can handle non refs.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Store::FastMmap(3pm) DEPRECATED - FastMmap cache store for Catalyst::Plugin::Cache.
Catalyst::Plugin::CustomErrorMessage(3pm) Catalyst plugin to have more "cute" error message.
Catalyst::Plugin::I18N(3pm) I18N for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::I18N::Manual(3pm) (Draft) I18N and L10N with Catalyst and Template Toolkit.
Catalyst::Plugin::Log::Dispatch(3pm) Log module of Catalyst that uses Log::Dispatch.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session(3pm) Generic Session plugin - ties together server side storage and client side state.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State(3pm) Base class for session state preservation plugins.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store(3pm) Base class for session storage drivers.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::Dummy(3pm) Doesn't really store sessions - useful for tests.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Test::Store(3pm) Reusable sanity for session storage engines.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Tutorial(3pm) Understanding and using sessions.
Catalyst::Plugin::Setenv(3pm) Allows you to set up the environment from Catalyst's config file.
Catalyst::Plugin::SmartURI(3pm) Configurable URIs for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple(3pm) Make serving static pages painless.
Catalyst::Plugin::SubRequest(3pm) Make subrequests to actions in Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding(3pm) Unicode aware Catalyst.
Catalyst::PSGI(3pm) How Catalyst and PSGI work together.
Catalyst::Request(3pm) Provides information about the current client request.
Catalyst::Request::PartData(3pm) Handles file upload requests.
Catalyst::Request::REST(3pm) A REST-y subclass of Catalyst::Request.
Catalyst::Request::REST::ForBrowsers(3pm) A Catalyst::Request::REST subclass for dealing with browsers.
Catalyst::Request::Upload(3pm) Handles file upload requests.
Catalyst::Response(3pm) Stores output responding to the current client request.
Catalyst::Response::Writer(3pm) Proxy over the PSGI Writer.
Catalyst::Runtime(3pm) The Catalyst Framework Runtime.
Catalyst::Script::CGI(3pm) The CGI Catalyst Script.
Catalyst::Script::Create(3pm) Create a new Catalyst Component.
Catalyst::Script::FastCGI(3pm) The FastCGI Catalyst Script.
Catalyst::Script::Server(3pm) Catalyst test server.
Catalyst::Script::Test(3pm) Test Catalyst application on the command line.
Catalyst::ScriptRole(3pm) Common functionality for Catalyst scripts.
Catalyst::ScriptRunner(3pm) The Catalyst Framework script runner.
Catalyst::Stats(3pm) Catalyst Timing Statistics Class.
Catalyst::Test(3pm) Test Catalyst Applications.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Request::REST(3pm) A role to apply to Catalyst::Request giving it REST methods and.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Request::REST::ForBrowsers(3pm) A request trait for REST and browsers.
Catalyst::Upgrading(3pm) Instructions for upgrading to the latest Catalyst.
Catalyst::Utils(3pm) The Catalyst Utils.
Catalyst::View(3pm) Catalyst View base class.
Catalyst::View::Email(3pm) Send Email from Catalyst.
Catalyst::View::Email::Template(3pm) Send Templated Email from Catalyst.
Catalyst::View::Excel::Template::Plus(3pm) A Catalyst View for Excel::Template::Plus.
Catalyst::View::GD(3pm) A Catalyst View for GD images.
Catalyst::View::JSON(3pm) JSON view for your data.
Catalyst::View::Mason(3pm) Mason View Class.
Catalyst::View::TT(3pm) Template View Class.
Catmandu::Atom(3pm) Modules for working with Atom feeds.
Catmandu::Exporter::Atom(3pm) An Atom exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC(3pm) Exporter for MARC records.
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::ALEPHSEQ(3pm) Exporter for MARC records to Ex Libris' Aleph sequential.
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::MARCMaker(3pm) Exporter for MARC records to USMARC.
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::MiJ(3pm) Exporter for MARC records to MARC in JSON.
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::USMARC(3pm) Exporter for MARC records to USMARC.
Catmandu::Exporter::MARC::XML(3pm) Exporter for MARC records to MARCXML.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::marc_each(3pm) A binder that loops over MARC fields.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::marc_match(3pm) Conditionals on MARC fields.
Catmandu::Fix::get_json(3pm) Get JSON data from an URL as fix function.
Catmandu::Fix::Inline::marc_map(3pm) A marc_map-er for Perl scripts.
Catmandu::Fix::Inline::marc_remove(3pm) Remove marc fields.
Catmandu::Fix::Inline::marc_set(3pm) A marc_set-er for Perl scripts.
Catmandu::Fix::marc_add(3pm) Add new fields to marc.
Catmandu::Fix::marc_decode_dollar_subfields(3pm) Decode double encoded dollar subfields.
Catmandu::Fix::marc_in_json(3pm) Transform a Catmandu MARC record into MARC-in-JSON.
Catmandu::Fix::marc_map(3pm) Copy marc values of one field to a new field.
Catmandu::Fix::marc_remove(3pm) Remove marc (sub)fields.
Catmandu::Fix::marc_set(3pm) Set a marc value of one (sub)field to a new value.
Catmandu::Fix::marc_xml(3pm) Transform a Catmandu MARC record into MARCXML.
Catmandu::Importer::Atom(3pm) Package that imports Atom feeds.
Catmandu::Importer::getJSON(3pm) Load JSON-encoded data from a server using a GET HTTP request.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC(3pm) Package that imports MARC data.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::ALEPHSEQ(3pm) Package that imports Ex Libris' Aleph sequential MARC records.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::Lint(3pm) Package that imports USMARC records validated with MARC::Lint.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::MARCMaker(3pm) Package that imports MARCMaker records.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::MicroLIF(3pm) Package that imports MicroLIF records.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::MiJ(3pm) Package that imports MARC-in-JSON records.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::RAW(3pm) Package that imports ISO 2709 encoded MARC records.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::Record(3pm) Package that imports an array of MARC::Record.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::USMARC(3pm) Package that imports USMARC records.
Catmandu::Importer::MARC::XML(3pm) Package that imports MARCXML records.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU(3pm) Package that imports SRU data.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses into Perl.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::marcxml(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses into Catmandu MARC.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::raw(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses into a Perl hash.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::simple(3pm) Parse SRU records as simple XML.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::struct(3pm) Transform SRU responses into structured XML records.
Catmandu::MARC(3pm) Catmandu modules for working with MARC data.
Catmandu::SRU(3pm) Catmandu module for working with SRU data.
Catmandu::Store::Lucy(3pm) A searchable store backed by Lucy.
ccon(1p) Cluster administration tool.
cdck(1) Simple CD/DVD check program.
CGI::Application(3pm) Framework for building reusable web-applications.
CGI::Application::Dispatch(3pm) Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects.
CGI::Application::Dispatch::PSGI(3pm) Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects using PSGI.
CGI::Application::Dispatch::Regexp(3pm) Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects using regular.
CGI::Application::Mailform(3pm) A simple HTML form to email system.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ActionDispatch(3pm) Perl extension.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ActionDispatch::Attributes(3pm) Hidden attribute support for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate(3pm) Use any templating system from within CGI::Application using a unified.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Base(3pm) Base class for templates.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::ComponentHandler(3pm) Embed run modes within a template.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::HTMLTemplate(3pm) HTML::Template driver to AnyTemplate.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::HTMLTemplateExpr(3pm) HTML::Template::Expr driver to AnyTemplate.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::HTMLTemplatePluggable(3pm) HTML::Template::Pluggable driver to.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::Petal(3pm) Petal plugin to AnyTemplate.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::TemplateToolkit(3pm) Template::Toolkit plugin to AnyTemplate.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication(3pm) Authentication framework for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Display(3pm) Generate bits of HTML needed for authentication.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Display::Basic(3pm) XHTML compliant no frills login display driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Display::Classic(3pm) Login box that works out of the box.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver(3pm) Base module for building driver classes for.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Authen::Simple(3pm) Authen::Simple Authentication driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::CDBI(3pm) Class::DBI Authentication Driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::DBI(3pm) DBI Authentication driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::DBIC(3pm) DBIx::Class Authentication Driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Dummy(3pm) Dummy Authentication driver which lets anyone.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::crypt(3pm) Crypt Filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::lc(3pm) Lowercase Filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::md5(3pm) MD5 filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::sha1(3pm) SHA1 Password filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::strip(3pm) Filter that strips whitespace from the.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::uc(3pm) Uppercase Filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Generic(3pm) Generic Authentication driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::HTPasswd(3pm) HTPasswd Authentication driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Store(3pm) Base module for building storage classes for the.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Store::Cookie(3pm) Cookie based Store.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Store::Session(3pm) Session based Store.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization(3pm) Authorization framework for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver(3pm) Base module for building driver classes for.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::ActiveDirectory(3pm) ActiveDirectory Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::DBI(3pm) DBI Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::Dummy(3pm) Dummy Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::Generic(3pm) Generic Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::HTGroup(3pm) HTGroup Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::SimpleGroup(3pm) Simple Group based Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AutoRunmode(3pm) CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AutoRunmode::FileDelegate(3pm) Delegate CGI::App run modes to a directory of files.
CGI::Application::Plugin::CAPTCHA(3pm) Easily create, use, and verify CAPTCHAs in CGI::Application-based web.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Config::Simple(3pm) Add Config::Simple support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ConfigAuto(3pm) Easy config file management for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile(3pm) DBI profiling plugin.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Driver(3pm) Driver module.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::GDGraphInline(3pm) Inlined GD Graph output for CAP:DBIProfile.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::HTML(3pm) VERY basic pure html vertical bar graphing for.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::HTML::Horizontal(3pm) Horizontal bar graph for CAP::DBIProfile.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::HTMLBarGraph(3pm) If it weren't for HTML::BarGraph bugs, this would.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::SVGTT(3pm) SVT::TT::Graph::Bar Graph output for CAP:DBIProfile.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DebugScreen(3pm) Add Debug support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup(3pm) Runtime cgiapp info in a popup window.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::HTTPHeaders(3pm) Show incoming and outgoing HTTP headers.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::Log(3pm) Show all data written to an IO::Scalar handle.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::Params(3pm) Show CGI::Application parameters in DevPopup window.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::Query(3pm) Show CGI query in DevPopup window.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::Timing(3pm) Show timing information about cgiapp stages.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ErrorPage(3pm) A simple error page plugin for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::FillInForm(3pm) Integrate with HTML::FillInForm.
CGI::Application::Plugin::FormState(3pm) Store Form State without Hidden Fields.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Forward(3pm) Pass control from one run mode to another.
CGI::Application::Plugin::JSON(3pm) Easy manipulation of JSON headers.
CGI::Application::Plugin::LinkIntegrity(3pm) Make tamper-resisistent links in CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::LogDispatch(3pm) Add Log::Dispatch support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ProtectCSRF(3pm) Generate and verify anti-CSRF tickets.
CGI::Application::Plugin::RateLimit(3pm) Limits runmode call rate per user.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Redirect(3pm) Easy external redirects in CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::RequireSSL(3pm) Force SSL in specified pages or modules.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Session(3pm) Plugin that adds session support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Stream(3pm) CGI::Application Plugin for streaming files.
CGI::Application::Plugin::TT(3pm) Add Template Toolkit support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::TT::LastModified(3pm) Set "Last-Modified" header based on TT template.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ValidateRM(3pm) Help validate CGI::Application run modes using Data::FormValidator.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ViewCode(3pm) View the source of the running application.
CGI::Application::Server(3pm) A simple HTTP server for developing with CGI::Application.
CGI::Compress::Gzip(3pm) CGI with automatically compressed output.
CGI::Compress::Gzip::FileHandle(3pm) CGI::Compress::Gzip helper package.
CGI::Cookie::Splitter(3pm) Split big cookies into smaller ones.
CGI::Emulate::PSGI(3pm) PSGI adapter for CGI.
CGI::Expand(3pm) Convert flat hash to nested data using TT2's dot convention.
CGI::Fast(3pm) CGI Interface for Fast CGI.
CGI::Formalware(3pm) Convert an XML file into a suite of CGI forms.
CGI::FormBuilder(3pm) Easily generate and process stateful forms.
CGI::FormBuilder::Field(3pm) Base class for FormBuilder fields.
CGI::FormBuilder::Messages(3pm) Localized message support for FormBuilder.
CGI::FormBuilder::Multi(3pm) Create multi-page FormBuilder forms.
CGI::FormBuilder::Source(3pm) Source adapters for FormBuilder.
CGI::FormBuilder::Source::File(3pm) Initialize FormBuilder from external file.
CGI::FormBuilder::Source::YAML(3pm) Initialize FormBuilder from YAML file.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template(3pm) Template adapters for FormBuilder.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Builtin(3pm) Builtin HTML rendering.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::CGI_SSI(3pm) FormBuilder interface to CGI::SSI.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Div(3pm) Div HTML rendering.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Fast(3pm) FormBuilder interface to CGI::FastTemplate.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::HTML(3pm) FormBuilder interface to HTML::Template.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Text(3pm) FormBuilder interface to Text::Template.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::TT2(3pm) FormBuilder interface to Template Toolkit.
CGI::FormBuilder::Test(3pm) Test harness for FormBuilder.
CGI::FormBuilder::Util(3pm) Utility functions for FormBuilder.
CGI::Parse::PSGI(3pm) Parses CGI output and creates PSGI response out of it.
CGI::PSGI(3pm) Adapt to the PSGI protocol.
CGI::Session::ExpireSessions(3pm) Expires CGI::Session db-based and file-based sessions.
CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml(3pm) Serializer for CGI::Session.
CGI::Simple(3pm) A Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant.
CGI::Simple::Cookie(3pm) Interface to HTTP cookies.
CGI::Simple::Standard(3pm) A wrapper module for CGI::Simple that provides a function style interface.
CGI::Simple::Util(3pm) Internal utilities used by CGI::Simple module.
CGI::SSI(3pm) Use SSI from CGI scripts.
CGI::SSI_Parser(3pm) Implement SSI for Perl CGI.
CGI::Untaint(3pm) Process CGI input parameters.
CGI::Untaint::date(3pm) Validate a date.
CGI::Untaint::email(3pm) Validate an email address.
CGI::Untaint::hex(3pm) Validate as a hexadecimal value.
CGI::Untaint::integer(3pm) Validate an integer.
CGI::Untaint::object(3pm) Base class for Input Handlers.
CGI::Untaint::printable(3pm) Validate as a printable value.
CGI::Uploader(3pm) Manage CGI uploads using SQL database.
CGI::Uploader::Cookbook(3pm) Examples of CGI::Uploader usage.
CGI::Uploader::Transform::ImageMagick(3pm) Generate thumbnails with ImageMagick.
CGI::ValidOp(3pm) Simple validation of CGI parameters and runmodes.
CGI::ValidOp::Base(3pm) Base class for CGI::ValidOp and its associates.
CGI::ValidOp::Check(3pm) Base class for CGI::ValidOp checks.
CGI::ValidOp::Check::checkbox(3pm) CGI::ValidOp::Check module to validate a checkbox control.
CGI::ValidOp::Check::date(3pm) CGI::ValidOp::Check module to check if input looks like a date.
CGI::ValidOp::Check::demographics(3pm) CGI::ValidOp::Check module to validate various demographics.
CGI::ValidOp::Check::length(3pm) CGI::ValidOp::Check module to check length of value.
CGI::ValidOp::Check::number(3pm) CGI::ValidOp::Check module to check for numericity.
CGI::ValidOp::Check::sql(3pm) CGI::ValidOp::Check module to validate SQL.
CGI::ValidOp::Check::text(3pm) CGI::ValidOp::Check module to validate text.
CGI::ValidOp::Object(3pm) CG-object bridge for CGI::ValidOp.
CGI::ValidOp::Op(3pm) Op object for CGI::ValidOp.
CGI::ValidOp::Param(3pm) Parameter object for CGI::ValidOp.
CGI::ValidOp::Test(3pm) Test class for CGI::ValidOp and its associates.
CGI::XML(3pm) Perl extension for converting variables to/from XML.
CGI::XMLForm(3pm) Extension of which reads/generates formated XML.
cgiapp-starter(1p) Creates a skeleton CGI::Application project.
changepagestring(1p) Search and replace in all PDF pages.
changepdfstring(1p) Search and replace in PDF metadata.
changerefkeys(1p) Search and replace PDF object numbers in the Trailer.
Chart(3pm) A series of charting modules.
Chart::Gnuplot(3pm) Plot graph using Gnuplot in Perl on the fly.
Chatbot::Eliza(3pm) A clone of the classic Eliza program.
check_perldiag(1p) Check a localized version of peldiag for consistency.
check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_archive_ready(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_autovac_freeze(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_backends(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_bloat(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_checkpoint(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_cluster_id(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_commitratio(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_connection(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_custom_query(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_database_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_dbstats(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_disabled_triggers(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_disk_space(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_fsm_pages(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_fsm_relations(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_hitratio(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_hot_standby_delay(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_index_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_last_analyze(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_last_autoanalyze(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_last_autovacuum(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_last_vacuum(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_listener(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_locks(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_logfile(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_bc(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_box(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_cp(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_pg(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_tnm(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgagent_jobs(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_cl_active(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_cl_waiting(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_maxwait(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_active(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_idle(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_login(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_tested(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_used(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgbouncer_backends(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgbouncer_checksum(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_prepared_txns(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_query_runtime(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_query_time(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_relation_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_replicate_row(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_same_schema(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_sequence(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_settings_checksum(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_slony_status(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_table_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_timesync(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_txn_idle(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_txn_time(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_txn_wraparound(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_version(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_wal_files(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
checklink(1p) Check the validity of links in an HTML or XHTML document.
CHI(3pm) Unified cache handling interface.
CHI::Benchmarks(3pm) Benchmarks of CHI and non-CHI drivers.
CHI::CacheObject(3pm) Contains information about cache entries.
CHI::Constants(3pm) Internal constants.
CHI::Driver(3pm) Base class for all CHI drivers.
CHI::Driver::Base::CacheContainer(3pm) Caches that delegate to a contained cache.
CHI::Driver::CacheCache(3pm) CHI wrapper for Cache::Cache.
CHI::Driver::Development(3pm) Manual for developing new CHI drivers.
CHI::Driver::FastMmap(3pm) Persistent interprocess cache via mmap'ed files.
CHI::Driver::File(3pm) File-based cache using one file per entry in a multi-level directory structure.
CHI::Driver::Memory(3pm) In-process memory based cache.
CHI::Driver::Metacache(3pm) Metacache for internal CHI use.
CHI::Driver::Null(3pm) Nothing is cached.
CHI::Driver::RawMemory(3pm) In-process memory cache that stores direct references.
CHI::Stats(3pm) Record and report per-namespace cache statistics.
Child(3pm) Object oriented simple interface to fork().
Child::IPC::Pipe(3pm) Pipe based IPC plugin for Child.
Child::Link(3pm) Base class for objects that link child and parent processes.
Child::Link::IPC(3pm) Base class for process links that provide IPC.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe(3pm) Base class for link objects used by the Child::IPC::Pipe plugin.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe::Parent(3pm) Parent object used by the pipe plugin.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe::Proc(3pm) Proc object used by the pipe plugin.
Child::Link::Parent(3pm) Proc object used by Child.
Child::Link::Proc(3pm) Proc object used by Child.
Child::Util(3pm) Utility functions for L>Child>.
cil(1) The command-line issue list.
CipUX(3pm) Common CipUX functions.
CipUX::CAT::Web::Module::ExternalLink(3pm) Lists all perl versions of CipUX.
CipUX::CAT::Web::Module::PerlVersion(3pm) Lists all perl versions of CipUX.
CipUX::CAT::Web::Module::ServerInfo(3pm) Lists all perl versions of CipUX.
CipUX::Cfg::Client(3pm) Common CipUX configuration client.
CipUX::Dog(3pm) Adds a hook to CipUX::Task to execute commands.
CipUX::Object(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action(3pm) Object Action layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action::Attribute::Change(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action::Attribute::List(3pm) List object attribute actions.
CipUX::Object::Action::Create(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action::Destroy(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action::List(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Client(3pm) Command line client for CipUX objects.
CipUX::Passwd(3pm) XML-RPC client to change own password.
CipUX::RBAC::Simple(3pm) RBAC class for CipUX.
CipUX::RPC(3pm) RPC server base class for CipUX.
CipUX::RPC::Client(3pm) XML-RPC client call library.
CipUX::RPC::Server(3pm) RPC server class for CipUX.
CipUX::RPC::Server::Daemon(3pm) Command line interface for CipUX::RPC::Server.
CipUX::RPC::Test::Client(3pm) Libray for test clients.
CipUX::Storage(3pm) Storage abstraction layer for CipUX.
CipUX::Storage::Client(3pm) Command line client library for CipUX-Storage.
CipUX::Task(3pm) Task layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Task::Client(3pm) CLI for CipUX Tasks.
CipUX::Trait(3pm) Common CipUX functions.
cipux_configuration(1p) Prints CipUX configuration values.
cipux_mkcertkey(1p) Simple script to generate certificate for stunnel.
cipux_object_client(1p) Create, destroy CipUX objects.
cipux_rpc_list(1p) Prints CipUX RPC command list.
cipux_rpc_test_client(1p) Command line tool to test the RPC server.
cipux_rpcd(1p) CipUX XML-RPC server daemon.
cipux_storage_client(1p) Command line interface to CipUX storage abstraction layer.
cipuxpasswd(1p) XML-RPC Client to change own password.
Class::Accessor::Chained(3pm) Make chained accessors.
Class::Accessor::Chained::Fast(3pm) Faster, but less expandable, chained accessors.
Class::Accessor::Class(3pm) Simple class variable accessors.
Class::Accessor::Classy(3pm) Accessors with minimal inheritance.
Class::Accessor::Lite(3pm) A minimalistic variant of Class::Accessor.
Class::Accessor::Lvalue(3pm) Create Lvalue accessors.
Class::Accessor::Lvalue::Fast(3pm) Create simplified Lvalue accessors.
Class::AutoloadCAN(3pm) Make AUTOLOAD, can and inheritance cooperate.
Class::C3(3pm) A pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm.
Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT(3pm) Make NEXT suck less.
Class::C3::next(3pm) Pure-perl next::method and friends.
Class::Container(3pm) Glues object frameworks together transparently.
Class::DBI::Pg(3pm) Class::DBI extension for Postgres.
Class::DBI::Plugin::Pager(3pm) Paged queries for CDBI.
Class::DBI::Sweet(3pm) Making sweet things sweeter.
Class::DBI::Sweet::Topping(3pm) Topping for Class::DBI::Sweet.
Class::Factory::Util(3pm) Provide utility methods for factory classes.
Class::Gomor(3pm) Another class and object builder.
Class::Gomor::Array(3pm) Class and object builder, array version.
Class::Gomor::Hash(3pm) Class and object builder, hash version.
Class::Load(3pm) A working (require "Class::Name") and more.
Class::Meta(3pm) Class automation, introspection, and data validation.
Class::Meta::AccessorBuilder(3pm) Perl style accessor generation.
Class::Meta::AccessorBuilder::Affordance(3pm) Affordance style accessor generation.
Class::Meta::AccessorBuilder::SemiAffordance(3pm) Semi-Affordance style accessor generation.
Class::Meta::Attribute(3pm) Class::Meta class attribute introspection.
Class::Meta::Class(3pm) Class::Meta class introspection.
Class::Meta::Constructor(3pm) Class::Meta class constructor introspection.
Class::Meta::Method(3pm) Class::Meta class method introspection.
Class::Meta::Type(3pm) Data type validation and accessor building.
Class::Meta::Types::Boolean(3pm) Boolean data types.
Class::Meta::Types::Numeric(3pm) Numeric data types.
Class::Meta::Types::Perl(3pm) Perl data types.
Class::Meta::Types::String(3pm) String data types.
Class::Mix(3pm) Dynamic class mixing.
Class::ObjectTemplate(3pm) Perl extension for an optimized template builder base class.
Class::Prototyped(3pm) Fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl.
Class::Singleton(3pm) Implementation of a "Singleton" class.
Class::Std(3pm) Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes.
Class::Std::Fast(3pm) Faster but less secure than Class::Std.
Class::Std::Fast::Storable(3pm) Fast Storable InsideOut objects.
Class::Std::Storable(3pm) Support for creating serializable "inside-out" classes.
Class::Std::Utils(3pm) Utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects.
Class::Throwable(3pm) A minimal lightweight exception class.
Class::Tiny(3pm) Minimalist class construction.
Class::Unload(3pm) Unload a class.
clusterssh(1) ↣ cssh(1p) Cluster administration tool.
Code::TidyAll(3pm) Engine for tidyall, your all-in-one code tidier and validator.
Code::TidyAll::CacheModel(3pm) Caching model for Code::TidyAll.
Code::TidyAll::CacheModel::Shared(3pm) Shared cache model for Code::TidyAll.
Code::TidyAll::Git::Precommit(3pm) Git pre-commit hook that requires files to be tidyall'd.
Code::TidyAll::Git::Prereceive(3pm) Git pre-receive hook that requires files to be tidyall'd.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin(3pm) Create plugins for tidying or validating code.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::DiffOnTidyError(3pm) Include a diff in error message when code needs tidying.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSBeautify(3pm) Use js-beautify with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSHint(3pm) Use jshint with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSLint(3pm) Use jslint with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSON(3pm) Use the JSON::MaybeXS module to tidy JSON documents with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::MasonTidy(3pm) Use masontidy with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlCritic(3pm) Use perlcritic with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlTidy(3pm) Use perltidy with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlTidySweet(3pm) Use perltidy-sweet with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PHPCodeSniffer(3pm) Use phpcs with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PodChecker(3pm) Use podchecker with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PodSpell(3pm) Use Pod::Spell + ispell with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PodTidy(3pm) Use podtidy with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::SortLines(3pm) Sort the lines in a file.
Code::TidyAll::Result(3pm) Result returned from processing a file/source.
Code::TidyAll::Role::Tempdir(3pm) Provides a _tempdir attribute for Code::TidyAll classes.
Code::TidyAll::SVN::Precommit(3pm) Subversion pre-commit hook that requires files to be tidyall'd.
Color::Calc(3pm) Simple calculations with RGB colors.
Color::Calc::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for Color::Calc.
Color::Calc::WWW(3pm) Simple calculations with colors for the WWW.
Color::Scheme(3pm) Generate pleasant color schemes.
Command::DynamicSubCommands(3pm) Auto-generate sub-commands based on other classes.
Command::V1(3pm) Base class for modules implementing the command pattern.
Command::V2(3pm) Base class for modules implementing the command pattern.
Compress::Zlib(3pm) Interface to zlib compression library.
Config::Any(3pm) Load configuration from different file formats, transparently.
Config::Any::Base(3pm) Base class for loaders.
Config::Any::General(3pm) Load Config::General files.
Config::Any::INI(3pm) Load INI config files.
Config::Any::JSON(3pm) Load JSON config files.
Config::Any::Perl(3pm) Load Perl config files.
Config::Any::XML(3pm) Load XML config files.
Config::Any::YAML(3pm) Load YAML config files.
Config::AutoConf(3pm) A module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure perl.
Config::File(3pm) Parse a simple configuration file.
Config::Find(3pm) Find configuration files in the native OS fashion.
Config::Find::Any(3pm) Perl base class for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Unix(3pm) Config::Find plugin for Unixen.
Config::Find::Where(3pm) Find locations in the native OS fashion.
Config::Find::Win2k(3pm) Win2k idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Win2k3(3pm) Win2k idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Win7(3pm) Win7 idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Win95(3pm) Win95 idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Win98(3pm) Win98 idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinAny(3pm) Behaviours common to any Win32 OS for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinCE(3pm) WinCE idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinME(3pm) WinME idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinNT(3pm) WinNT idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinXP(3pm) WinXP idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::General(3pm) Generic Config Module.
Config::General::Extended(3pm) Extended access to Config files.
Config::General::Interpolated(3pm) Parse variables within Config files.
Config::GitLike(3pm) Git-compatible config file parsing.
Config::GitLike::Cascaded(3pm) Git-like config file parsing with cascaded inheritance.
Config::GitLike::Git(3pm) Load Git configuration files.
Config::Identity(3pm) Load (and optionally decrypt via GnuPG) user/pass identity information.
Config::INI(3pm) Simple .ini-file format.
Config::INI::Reader(3pm) A subclassable .ini-file parser.
Config::INI::Reader::Ordered(3pm) .ini-file parser that returns sections in order.
Config::INI::Writer(3pm) A subclassable .ini-file emitter.
Config::IniFiles(3pm) A module for reading .ini-style configuration files.
Config::IniHash(3pm) Perl extension for reading and writing INI files.
Config::JSON(3pm) A JSON based config file system.
Config::Merge(3pm) Load a configuration directory tree containing YAML, JSON, XML, Perl, INI or Config::General.
Config::Merge::Perl(3pm) Load Perl config files.
Config::Model::Approx(3pm) Approx configuration file editor.
Config::Model::Backend::Approx(3pm) Approx configuration file editor.
Config::Model::Backend::Augeas(3pm) Read and write config data through Augeas.
Config::Model::models::Approx(3pm) Configuration class Approx.
Config::MVP(3pm) Multivalue-property package-oriented configuration.
Config::MVP::Assembler(3pm) Multivalue-property config-loading state machine.
Config::MVP::Assembler::WithBundles(3pm) A role to make assemblers expand bundles.
Config::MVP::Error(3pm) Common exceptions class.
Config::MVP::Reader(3pm) Object to read config from storage into an assembler.
Config::MVP::Reader::Findable(3pm) A config class that Config::MVP::Reader::Finder can find.
Config::MVP::Reader::Findable::ByExtension(3pm) A Findable Reader that looks for files by extension.
Config::MVP::Reader::Finder(3pm) A reader that finds an appropriate file.
Config::MVP::Reader::Hash(3pm) A reader that tries to cope with a plain old hashref.
Config::MVP::Section(3pm) One section of an MVP configuration sequence.
Config::MVP::Sequence(3pm) An ordered set of named configuration sections.
Config::Scoped(3pm) Feature rich configuration file parser.
Config::Scoped::Error(3pm) An exception class hierarchy based on for Config::Scoped.
Config::Std(3pm) Load and save configuration files in a standard format.
Config::Tiny(3pm) Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible.
Contextual::Return(3pm) Create context-sensitive return values.
Contextual::Return::Failure(3pm) Utility module for Contextual::Return.
Convert::ASN1(3pm) ASN.1 Encode/Decode library.
Convert::Base(3pm) Base object for performing unit conversions.
Convert::Base32(3pm) Encoding and decoding of base32 strings.
Convert::BinHex(3pm) Extract data from Macintosh BinHex files.
Convert::Color(3pm) Color space conversions and named lookups.
Convert::Color::CMY(3pm) A color value represented as cyan/magenta/yellow.
Convert::Color::CMYK(3pm) A color value represented as cyan/magenta/yellow/key.
Convert::Color::HSL(3pm) A color value represented as hue/saturation/lightness.
Convert::Color::HSV(3pm) A color value represented as hue/saturation/value.
Convert::Color::RGB(3pm) A color value represented as red/green/blue.
Convert::Color::RGB16(3pm) A color value represented as red/green/blue in 16-bit integers.
Convert::Color::RGB8(3pm) A color value represented as red/green/blue in 8-bit integers.
Convert::Color::VGA(3pm) Named lookup for the basic VGA colors.
Convert::Color::X11(3pm) Named lookup of colors from X11's rgb.txt.
Convert::PEM(3pm) Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files.
Convert::PEM::CBC(3pm) Cipher Block Chaining Mode implementation.
Convert::YText(3pm) Quotes strings suitably for rfc2822 local part.
convmv(1) Converts filenames from one encoding to another.
Cookie::Baker(3pm) Cookie string generator / parser.
copylink(1p) Replace a link with a copy of the linked file.
countperl(1p) Count lines, packages, subs and complexity of Perl files.
courier-filter-perl(8p) A Courier::Filter-based filter for the Courier MTA.
Courier::Config(3pm) Class providing configuration information for Perl modules related to the Courier MTA.
Courier::Error(3pm) Exception class for Perl modules related to the Courier MTA.
Courier::Filter(3pm) Purely Perl-based mail filter framework for the Courier MTA.
Courier::Filter::Logger(3pm) Abstract base class for loggers used by the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Logger::File(3pm) File logger for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle(3pm) I/O handle logger for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Logger::Syslog(3pm) Syslog logger for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module(3pm) Abstract Perl base class for filter modules used by the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::BlankBody(3pm) Blank-body message filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::ClamAVd(3pm) ClamAV clamd filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::DNSBL(3pm) DNS black-list filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::Envelope(3pm) Message envelope filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::FakeDate(3pm) Fake "Date:" message header filter module for the Courier::Filter.
Courier::Filter::Module::Header(3pm) Message header filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::MIMEParts(3pm) Message (MIME multipart and ZIP archive) parts filter module for the.
Courier::Filter::Module::Parts(3pm) Message (MIME multipart and ZIP archive) parts filter module for the.
Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy(3pm) Pseudo-filter for the Courier::Filter framework that sends a copy of.
Courier::Filter::Module::SpamAssassin(3pm) SpamAssassin message filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::SPF(3pm) SPF filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::SPFout(3pm) Outbound SPF filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Overview(3pm) Architectural and administrative overview of Courier::Filter.
Courier::Filter::Util(3pm) Utility class used by the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Message(3pm) Class implementing an interface to a mail message in the Courier MTA's message queue.
cpan-listchanges(1p) List changes for CPAN modules.
cpan-outdated(1p) Detect outdated CPAN modules in your environment.
cpan2deb(1p) ↣ dh-make-perl(1p) Create debian source packages from Perl modules.
cpan2dsc(1p) ↣ dh-make-perl(1p) Create debian source packages from Perl modules.
CPAN::Changes(3pm) Read and write Changes files.
CPAN::Changes::Group(3pm) A group of related change information within a release.
CPAN::Changes::Release(3pm) Information about a particular release.
CPAN::Changes::Spec(3pm) Specification for CPAN Changes files.
CPAN::Meta(3pm) The distribution metadata for a CPAN dist.
CPAN::Meta::Check(3pm) Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object.
CPAN::Meta::Converter(3pm) Convert CPAN distribution metadata structures.
CPAN::Meta::Feature(3pm) An optional feature provided by a CPAN distribution.
CPAN::Meta::History(3pm) History of CPAN Meta Spec changes.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_0(3pm) Version 1.0 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_1(3pm) Version 1.1 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_2(3pm) Version 1.2 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_3(3pm) Version 1.3 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_4(3pm) Version 1.4 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::Merge(3pm) Merging CPAN Meta fragments.
CPAN::Meta::Prereqs(3pm) A set of distribution prerequisites by phase and type.
CPAN::Meta::Requirements(3pm) A set of version requirements for a CPAN dist.
CPAN::Meta::Spec(3pm) Specification for CPAN distribution metadata.
CPAN::Meta::Validator(3pm) Validate CPAN distribution metadata structures.
CPAN::Meta::YAML(3pm) Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files.
CPAN::Mini::Inject(3pm) Inject modules into a CPAN::Mini mirror.
CPAN::Mini::Inject::Config(3pm) Config for CPAN::Mini::Inject.
CPAN::Reporter(3pm) Adds CPAN Testers reporting to
CPAN::Reporter::API(3pm) Programmer's interface to CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::Config(3pm) Config file options for CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::FAQ(3pm) Answers and tips for using CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::History(3pm) Read or write a CPAN::Reporter history log.
CPAN::Reporter::PrereqCheck(3pm) Modulino for prerequisite tests.
CPAN::Reporter::Smoker(3pm) Turnkey CPAN Testers smoking.
CPAN::SQLite(3pm) Maintain and search a minimal CPAN database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI(3pm) DBI information for the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Index(3pm) DBI information for indexing the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Search(3pm) DBI information for searching the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::Index(3pm) Set up or update database tables.
CPAN::SQLite::Info(3pm) Extract information from CPAN indices.
CPAN::SQLite::META(3pm) Helper module for integration.
CPAN::SQLite::Populate(3pm) Create and populate database tables.
CPAN::SQLite::Search(3pm) Perform queries on the database.
CPAN::SQLite::State(3pm) Get state information on the database.
CPAN::SQLite::Util(3pm) Export some common data structures used by CPAN::SQLite::*.
cpandb(1p) Interface to "CPAN::SQLite".
CPANPLUS::Dist::Build(3pm) CPANPLUS plugin to install packages that use Build.PL.
CPANPLUS::Dist::Build::Constants(3pm) Constants for CPANPLUS::Dist::Build.
cpansign(1p) CPAN signature management utility.
cpants_lint(1p) Commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse.
CPS(3pm) Manage flow of control in Continuation-Passing Style.
CPS::Functional(3pm) Functional utilities in Continuation-Passing Style.
CPS::Future(3pm) Compatibility wrapper around Future.
CPS::Governor(3pm) Control the iteration of the "CPS" functions.
CPS::Governor::Deferred(3pm) Iterate at some later point.
CPS::Governor::Simple(3pm) Iterate immediately as fast as possible.
createcats(1) Helps you creating your own epgsearchcats.conf.
criticism(3pm) Perl pragma to enforce coding standards and best-practices.
crsh(1p) Cluster administration tool.
crunchjpgs(1p) Compress all JPG images in a PDF.
Crypt::DSA(3pm) DSA Signatures and Key Generation.
Crypt::DSA::Key(3pm) DSA key.
Crypt::DSA::Key::PEM(3pm) Read/write DSA PEM files.
Crypt::DSA::Key::SSH2(3pm) Read/write DSA SSH2 files.
Crypt::DSA::KeyChain(3pm) DSA key generation system.
Crypt::DSA::Signature(3pm) DSA signature object.
Crypt::DSA::Util(3pm) DSA Utility functions.
Crypt::GeneratePassword(3pm) Generate secure random pronounceable passwords.
Crypt::GPG(3pm) An Object Oriented Interface to GnuPG.
Crypt::HCE_SHA(3pm) Perl extension implementing one way hash chaining encryption using SHA.
Crypt::Random::Source(3pm) Get weak or strong random data from pluggable sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Base(3pm) Abstract base class for Crypt::Random::Source classes.
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::File(3pm) File (or device) random data sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::Handle(3pm) IO::Handle based random data sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::Proc(3pm) Base class for helper processes (e.g. "openssl").
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::RandomDevice(3pm) Base class for random devices.
Crypt::Random::Source::Factory(3pm) Load and instantiate sources of random data.
Crypt::Random::Source::Strong(3pm) Abstract base class for strong random data sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Strong::devrandom(3pm) A strong random data source using /dev/random.
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak(3pm) Abstract base class for weak random data sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::devurandom(3pm) A weak random data source using /dev/urandom.
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand(3pm) Use "rand" to create random bytes.
Crypt::URandom(3pm) Provide non blocking randomness.
csftp(1p) Cluster administration tool.
CSS::DOM(3pm) Document Object Model for Cascading Style Sheets.
CSS::DOM::Array(3pm) Array class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Constants(3pm) Constants for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Exception(3pm) The Exception interface for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Interface(3pm) A list of CSS::DOM's interface members in machine-readable format.
CSS::DOM::MediaList(3pm) Medium list class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Parser(3pm) Parser for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::PropertyParser(3pm) Parser for CSS property values.
CSS::DOM::Rule(3pm) CSS rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Charset(3pm) CSS @font-face rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::FontFace(3pm) CSS @font-face rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Import(3pm) CSS @import rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Media(3pm) CSS @media rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Page(3pm) CSS @page rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Style(3pm) CSS style rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::RuleList(3pm) Rule list class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Style(3pm) CSS style declaration class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::StyleSheetList(3pm) Style sheet list class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Util(3pm) Utility functions for dealing with CSS tokens.
CSS::DOM::Value(3pm) CSSValue class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Value::List(3pm) CSSValueList class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Value::Primitive(3pm) CSSPrimitiveValue class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::LESSp(3pm) LESS for perl. Parse .less files and returns valid css ( for more info about less.
cssh(1p) Cluster administration tool.
csv2pdf(1p) A simple but yet powerful LaTeX::Table example application.
ctel(1p) Cluster administration tool.
Curses::Widgets(3pm) Base widget class for use with the Curses::Application framework.
Curses::Widgets::ButtonSet(3pm) Button Set Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::Calendar(3pm) Calendar Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::ComboBox(3pm) Combo-Box Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::Label(3pm) Label Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::ListBox(3pm) List Box Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::ListBox::MultiColumn(3pm) Multi-Column List Box Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::Menu(3pm) Menu Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::ProgressBar(3pm) Progress Bar Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::TextField(3pm) Text Field Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::TextMemo(3pm) Text Memo Widgets.
Cwd::Guard(3pm) Temporary changing working directory (chdir).
dancer(1p) Helper script to create new Dancer applications.
Dancer(3pm) Lightweight yet powerful web application framework.
Dancer::Config(3pm) How to configure Dancer to suit your needs.
Dancer::Config::Object(3pm) Access the config via methods instead of hashrefs.
Dancer::Cookbook(3pm) A quick-start guide to the Dancer web framework.
Dancer::Cookie(3pm) Class representing cookies.
Dancer::Cookies(3pm) A singleton storage for all cookies.
Dancer::Deployment(3pm) Common ways to put your Dancer app into use.
Dancer::Deprecation(3pm) Handle deprecation messages.
Dancer::Development(3pm) Guide for developers interested in contributing.
Dancer::Development::Integration(3pm) Guide for Dancer's core-team members.
Dancer::Engine(3pm) Base class for Dancer engines.
Dancer::Error(3pm) Class for representing fatal errors.
Dancer::Exception(3pm) Class for throwing and catching exceptions.
Dancer::Exception::Base(3pm) The base class of all Dancer exceptions.
Dancer::FileUtils(3pm) Helper providing file utilities.
Dancer::Handler::Debug(3pm) A debug handler for easy tracing.
Dancer::Handler::PSGI(3pm) A PSGI handler for Dancer applications.
Dancer::Hook(3pm) Class to manipulate hooks with Dancer.
Dancer::Hook::Properties(3pm) Properties attached to a hook.
Dancer::HTTP(3pm) Helper for rendering HTTP status codes for Dancer.
Dancer::Introduction(3pm) A gentle introduction to Dancer.
Dancer::Logger(3pm) Common interface for logging in Dancer.
Dancer::Logger::Abstract(3pm) Abstract logging engine for Dancer.
Dancer::Logger::Capture(3pm) Capture dancer logs.
Dancer::Logger::Capture::Trap(3pm) A place to store captured Dancer logs.
Dancer::Logger::Console(3pm) Console-based logging engine for Dancer.
Dancer::Logger::Diag(3pm) Test::More diag() logging engine for Dancer.
Dancer::Logger::File(3pm) File-based logging engine for Dancer.
Dancer::Logger::Note(3pm) Test::More note() logging engine for Dancer.
Dancer::Logger::Null(3pm) Blackhole-like silent logging engine for Dancer.
Dancer::MIME(3pm) Singleton object to handle MimeTypes.
Dancer::ModuleLoader(3pm) Dynamic module loading helpers for Dancer core components.
Dancer::Object(3pm) Objects base class for Dancer.
Dancer::Object::Singleton(3pm) Singleton base class for Dancer.
Dancer::Plugin(3pm) Helper for writing Dancer plugins.
Dancer::Plugin::Ajax(3pm) A plugin for adding Ajax route handlers.
Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible(3pm) Extensible authentication framework for Dancer apps.
Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible::Provider::Base(3pm) Base class for authentication providers.
Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible::Provider::Config(3pm) Example auth provider using app config.
Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible::Provider::Database(3pm) Authenticate via a database.
Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible::Provider::Example(3pm) Example authentication provider.
Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible::Provider::Unix(3pm) Authenticate *nix system accounts.
Dancer::Plugin::DBIC(3pm) DBIx::Class interface for Dancer applications.
Dancer::Plugin::FlashMessage(3pm) Dancer plugin to display temporary messages, so called "flash messages".
Dancer::Plugins(3pm) Interesting plugins to add to Dancer's capabilities.
Dancer::Policy(3pm) Dancer core and community policy and standards of conduct.
Dancer::Request(3pm) Interface for accessing incoming requests.
Dancer::Request::Upload(3pm) Class representing file uploads requests.
Dancer::Response(3pm) Response object for Dancer.
Dancer::Route::Cache(3pm) Route caching mechanism for Dancer.
Dancer::Serializer(3pm) Serializer wrapper for Dancer.
Dancer::Serializer::JSON(3pm) Serializer for handling JSON data.
Dancer::Serializer::JSONP(3pm) Serializer for handling JSONP data.
Dancer::Serializer::Mutable(3pm) Serialize and deserialize content using the appropriate HTTP header.
Dancer::Serializer::XML(3pm) Serializer for handling XML data.
Dancer::Serializer::YAML(3pm) Serializer for handling YAML data.
Dancer::Session(3pm) Session engine for the Dancer framework.
Dancer::Session::Abstract(3pm) Abstract class for session engine.
Dancer::Session::Cookie(3pm) Encrypted cookie-based session backend for Dancer.
Dancer::Session::Memcached(3pm) Memcached-based session backend for Dancer.
Dancer::Session::Simple(3pm) In-memory session backend for Dancer.
Dancer::Session::YAML(3pm) YAML-file-based session backend for Dancer.
Dancer::Template(3pm) Template wrapper for Dancer.
Dancer::Template::Abstract(3pm) Abstract class for Dancer's template engines.
Dancer::Template::Simple(3pm) Pure Perl 5 template engine for Dancer.
Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit(3pm) Template Toolkit wrapper for Dancer.
Dancer::Test(3pm) Test helpers to test a Dancer application.
Dancer::Timer(3pm) A timer for Dancer.
Dancer::Tutorial(3pm) An example to get you dancing.
Data::BitMask(3pm) Bitmask manipulation.
Data::DPath(3pm) DPath is not XPath!.
Data::DPath::Attrs(3pm) Abstraction for internal attributes attached to a point.
Data::DPath::Context(3pm) Abstraction for a current context that enables incremental searches.
Data::DPath::Filters(3pm) Magic functions available inside filter conditions.
Data::DPath::Path(3pm) Abstraction for a DPath.
Data::DPath::Point(3pm) Abstraction for a single reference (a "point") in the datastructure.
Data::DPath::Step(3pm) Abstraction for a single Step through a Path.
Data::Dump(3pm) Pretty printing of data structures.
Data::Dump::Filtered(3pm) Pretty printing with filtering.
Data::Dump::OneLine(3pm) Dump data structures as single-line strings.
Data::Dump::Trace(3pm) Helpers to trace function and method calls.
Data::Dumper::Simple(3pm) Easily dump variables with names.
Data::Entropy(3pm) Entropy (randomness) management.
Data::Entropy::Algorithms(3pm) Basic entropy-using algorithms.
Data::Entropy::RawSource::CryptCounter(3pm) Counter mode of block cipher as I/O handle.
Data::Entropy::RawSource::Local(3pm) Read randomness from local device.
Data::Entropy::RawSource::RandomnumbersInfo(3pm) Download entropy from
Data::Entropy::RawSource::RandomOrg(3pm) Download entropy from
Data::Entropy::Source(3pm) Encapsulated source of entropy.
Data::Float(3pm) Details of the floating point data type.
Data::FormValidator(3pm) Validates user input (usually from an HTML form) based on input profile.
Data::FormValidator::Constraints(3pm) Basic sets of constraints on input profile.
Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Dates(3pm) Validate Dates and Times.
Data::FormValidator::Constraints::DateTime(3pm) D::FV constraints for dates and times.
Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Upload(3pm) Validate File Uploads.
Data::FormValidator::ConstraintsFactory(3pm) Module to create constraints for HTML::FormValidator.
Data::FormValidator::Filters(3pm) Basic set of filters available in an Data::FormValidator profile.
Data::FormValidator::Results(3pm) Results of form input validation.
Data::ICal(3pm) Generates iCalendar (RFC 2445) calendar files.
Data::ICal::Entry(3pm) Represents an entry in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm(3pm) Abstract base class for alarms.
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Audio(3pm) Represents an audio alarm in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Display(3pm) Represents a displayed alarm in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Email(3pm) Represents an emailed alarm in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::None(3pm) Represents an default no-op alarm.
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Procedure(3pm) Represents a procedure-call alarm in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::URI(3pm) Represents notification via a custom URI.
Data::ICal::Entry::Event(3pm) Represents an event in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::FreeBusy(3pm) Represents blocks of free and busy time in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::Journal(3pm) Represents a journal entry in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::TimeZone(3pm) Represents a time zone definition in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Entry::TimeZone::Daylight(3pm) Represents a Daylight Time base offset from UTC for parent TimeZone.
Data::ICal::Entry::TimeZone::Standard(3pm) Represents a Standard Time base offset from UTC for parent TimeZone.
Data::ICal::Entry::Todo(3pm) Represents a to-do entry in an iCalendar file.
Data::ICal::Property(3pm) Represents a property on an entry in an iCalendar file.
Data::Integer(3pm) Details of the native integer data type.
Data::Munge(3pm) Various utility functions.
Data::Pageset(3pm) Page numbering and page sets.
Data::Paginator(3pm) Pagination with Moose.
Data::Paginator::Types(3pm) Defines types used by Data::Paginator.
Data::Password(3pm) Perl extension for assessing password quality.
Data::Perl::Bool::MooseLike(3pm) Data::Perl::Bool subclass that simulates Moose's native traits.
Data::Perl::Collection::Array::MooseLike(3pm) Collection::Array subclass that simulates Moose's native traits.
Data::Perl::Collection::Hash::MooseLike(3pm) Collection::Hash subclass that simulates Moose's native traits.
Data::Perl::Number::MooseLike(3pm) Data::Perl::Number subclass that simulates Moose's native traits.
Data::Perl::String::MooseLike(3pm) Data::Perl::String subclass that simulates Moose's native traits.
Data::Printer(3pm) Colored pretty-print of Perl data structures and objects.
Data::Printer::Filter(3pm) Create powerful stand-alone filters for Data::Printer.
Data::Printer::Filter::DateTime(3pm) Pretty-printing date and time objects (not just DateTime!).
Data::Printer::Filter::DB(3pm) Pretty printing database objects.
Data::Printer::Filter::Digest(3pm) Pretty-printing MD5, SHA and friends.
Data::Random(3pm) Perl module to generate random data.
Data::Random::WordList(3pm) Perl module to get random words from a word list.
Data::Report(3pm) Framework for flexible reporting.
Data::Report::Base(3pm) Base class for reporter plugins.
Data::Rmap(3pm) Recursive map, apply a block to a data structure.
Data::Serializer(3pm) Modules that serialize data structures.
Data::Serializer::Bencode(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Bencode.
Data::Serializer::Config::General(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Config::General.
Data::Serializer::Convert::Bencode(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Convert::Bencode.
Data::Serializer::Convert::Bencode_XS(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Convert::Bencode_XS.
Data::Serializer::Cookbook(3pm) Examples of how to use Data::Serializer.
Data::Serializer::Data::Denter(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Data::Denter.
Data::Serializer::Data::Dumper(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Data::Dumper.
Data::Serializer::Data::Taxi(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Data::Taxi.
Data::Serializer::FreezeThaw(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and FreezeThaw.
Data::Serializer::JSON(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and JSON.
Data::Serializer::JSON::Syck(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and JSON::Syck.
Data::Serializer::Persistent(3pm) Provide means of persistently storing serialized data in a file.
Data::Serializer::PHP::Serialization(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and PHP::Serialization.
Data::Serializer::Raw(3pm) Provides unified raw interface to perl serializers.
Data::Serializer::Storable(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Storable.
Data::Serializer::XML::Dumper(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and XML::Dumper.
Data::Serializer::XML::Simple(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and XML::Simple.
Data::Serializer::YAML(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and YAML.
Data::Serializer::YAML::Syck(3pm) Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and YAML::Syck.
Data::Show(3pm) Dump data structures with name and point-of-origin.
Data::Types(3pm) Validate and convert data types.
Data::Uniqid(3pm) Perl extension for simple genrating of unique id's.
Data::Walk(3pm) Traverse Perl data structures.
Data::YAML(3pm) Easy YAML serialisation of Perl data structures.
Data::YAML::Reader(3pm) Parse YAML created by Data::YAML::Writer.
Data::YAML::Writer(3pm) Easy YAML serialisation.
Database::DumpTruck(3pm) Relaxing interface to SQLite.
Date::Calc(3pm) Gregorian calendar date calculations.
Date::Calc::Object(3pm) Object-oriented add-on for Date::Calc with overloaded operators.
Date::Calc::PP(3pm) Pure-Perl plug-in for Date::Calc.
Date::Calendar(3pm) Calendar objects for different holiday schemes.
Date::Calendar::Profiles(3pm) Some sample profiles for Date::Calendar and Date::Calendar::Year.
Date::Calendar::Year(3pm) Implements embedded "year" objects for Date::Calendar.
Date::ISO8601(3pm) The three ISO 8601 numerical calendars.
Date::JD(3pm) Conversion between flavours of Julian Date.
Date::Manip(3pm) Date manipulation routines.
Date::Manip::Base(3pm) Base methods for date manipulation.
Date::Manip::Calc(3pm) Describes date calculations.
Date::Manip::Changes5(3pm) Changes in Date::Manip 5.xx.
Date::Manip::Changes5to6(3pm) Describes differences between 5.xx and 6.00.
Date::Manip::Changes6(3pm) Changes in Date::Manip 6.xx.
Date::Manip::Config(3pm) Date::Manip configuration.
Date::Manip::ConfigFile(3pm) Sample config file.
Date::Manip::Date(3pm) Methods for working with dates.
Date::Manip::Delta(3pm) Methods for working with deltas.
Date::Manip::DM5(3pm) Date manipulation routines.
Date::Manip::DM5abbrevs(3pm) A list of all timezone abbreviations.
Date::Manip::DM6(3pm) Date manipulation routines.
Date::Manip::Examples(3pm) Examples of how to use Date::Manip.
Date::Manip::Holidays(3pm) Describes holidays and events.
Date::Manip::Lang(3pm) Language support for Date::Manip.
Date::Manip::Lang::catalan(3pm) Catalan language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::danish(3pm) Danish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::dutch(3pm) Dutch language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::english(3pm) English language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::finnish(3pm) Finnish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::french(3pm) French language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::german(3pm) German language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::index(3pm) An index of languages supported by Date::Manip.
Date::Manip::Lang::italian(3pm) Italian language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::norwegian(3pm) Norwegian language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::polish(3pm) Polish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::portugue(3pm) Portuguese language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::romanian(3pm) Romanian language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::russian(3pm) Russian language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::spanish(3pm) Spanish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::swedish(3pm) Swedish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::turkish(3pm) Turkish language support.
Date::Manip::Migration5to6(3pm) How to upgrade from 5.xx to 6.00.
Date::Manip::Misc(3pm) Miscellaneous information about Date::Manip.
Date::Manip::Obj(3pm) Base class for Date::Manip objects.
Date::Manip::Objects(3pm) A description of the various Date::Manip objects.
Date::Manip::Problems(3pm) Problems and bugs.
Date::Manip::Recur(3pm) Methods for working with recurring events.
Date::Manip::TZ(3pm) An interface to the time zone data.
Date::Manip::TZ_Base(3pm) Methods common to the TZ and Base classes.
Date::Manip::Zones(3pm) Time zone information.
Date::Range(3pm) Work with a range of dates.
DateTime::Calendar::Discordian(3pm) Perl extension for the Discordian Calendar.
DateTime::Event::ICal(3pm) Perl DateTime extension for computing rfc2445 recurrences.
DateTime::Event::Recurrence(3pm) DateTime::Set extension for create basic recurrence sets.
DateTime::Event::Sunrise(3pm) Perl DateTime extension for computing the sunrise/sunset on a given day.
DateTime::Format::DateParse(3pm) Parses Date::Parse compatible formats.
DateTime::Format::DBI(3pm) Find a parser class for a database connection.
DateTime::Format::Epoch(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from epoch seconds.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::ActiveDirectory(3pm) Active Directory epoch seconds.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::DotNet(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from .NET epoch seconds.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from Julian Days.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from Lilian Days.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from Mac OS epoch seconds.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from Modified Julian Days.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::NTP(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from NTP epoch seconds.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from Rata Die.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from Reduced Julian Days.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from TAI64 values.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from Truncated Julian Days.
DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix(3pm) Convert DateTimes to/from Unix epoch seconds.
DateTime::Format::HTTP(3pm) Date conversion routines.
DateTime::Format::ICal(3pm) Parse and format iCal datetime and duration strings.
DateTime::Format::ISO8601(3pm) Parses ISO8601 formats.
DateTime::Format::Mail(3pm) Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats.
DateTime::Format::MySQL(3pm) Parse and format MySQL dates and times.
DateTime::Format::Natural(3pm) Parse informal natural language date/time strings.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Calc(3pm) Basic calculations.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Compat(3pm) Methods with more than one implementation.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Duration(3pm) Duration hooks and state handling.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Expand(3pm) Expand grammar at runtime.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Extract(3pm) Extract parsable expressions from strings.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Formatted(3pm) Processing of formatted dates.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Helpers(3pm) Various helper methods.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Lang::Base(3pm) Base class for DateTime::Format::Natural::Lang::.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Lang::EN(3pm) English language metadata.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Rewrite(3pm) Aliasing and rewriting of date strings.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Test(3pm) Common test routines/data.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Utils(3pm) Handy utility methods.
DateTime::Format::Natural::Wrappers(3pm) Wrappers for DateTime operations.
DateTime::Format::Pg(3pm) Parse and format PostgreSQL dates and times.
DateTime::Format::RFC3339(3pm) Parse and format RFC3339 datetime strings.
DateTime::Incomplete(3pm) An incomplete datetime, like January 5.
DateTime::Locale(3pm) Localization support for
DateTime::Locale::af(3pm) Locale data examples for the af locale.
DateTime::Locale::af_NA(3pm) Locale data examples for the af-NA locale.
DateTime::Locale::af_ZA(3pm) Locale data examples for the af-ZA locale.
DateTime::Locale::agq(3pm) Locale data examples for the agq locale.
DateTime::Locale::agq_CM(3pm) Locale data examples for the agq-CM locale.
DateTime::Locale::ak(3pm) Locale data examples for the ak locale.
DateTime::Locale::ak_GH(3pm) Locale data examples for the ak-GH locale.
DateTime::Locale::am(3pm) Locale data examples for the am locale.
DateTime::Locale::am_ET(3pm) Locale data examples for the am-ET locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_001(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-001 locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_AE(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-AE locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_BH(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-BH locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_DJ(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-DJ locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_DZ(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-DZ locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_EG(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-EG locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_EH(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-EH locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_ER(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-ER locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_IL(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-IL locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_IQ(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-IQ locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_JO(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-JO locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_KM(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-KM locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_KW(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-KW locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_LB(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-LB locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_LY(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-LY locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_MA(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-MA locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_MR(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-MR locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_OM(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-OM locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_PS(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-PS locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_QA(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-QA locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_SA(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-SA locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_SD(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-SD locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_SO(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-SO locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_SS(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-SS locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_SY(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-SY locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_TD(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-TD locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_TN(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-TN locale.
DateTime::Locale::ar_YE(3pm) Locale data examples for the ar-YE locale.
DateTime::Locale::as(3pm) Locale data examples for the as locale.
DateTime::Locale::as_IN(3pm) Locale data examples for the as-IN locale.
DateTime::Locale::asa(3pm) Locale data examples for the asa locale.
DateTime::Locale::asa_TZ(3pm) Locale data examples for the asa-TZ locale.
DateTime::Locale::ast(3pm) Locale data examples for the ast locale.
DateTime::Locale::ast_ES(3pm) Locale data examples for the ast-ES locale.
DateTime::Locale::az(3pm) Locale data examples for the az locale.
DateTime::Locale::az_Cyrl(3pm) Locale data examples for the az-Cyrl locale.
DateTime::Locale::az_Cyrl_AZ(3pm) Locale data examples for the az-Cyrl-AZ locale.
DateTime::Locale::az_Latn(3pm) Locale data examples for the az-Latn locale.
DateTime::Locale::az_Latn_AZ(3pm) Locale data examples for the az-Latn-AZ locale.
DateTime::Locale::bas(3pm) Locale data examples for the bas locale.
DateTime::Locale::bas_CM(3pm) Locale data examples for the bas-CM locale.
DateTime::Locale::Base(3pm) Base class for individual locale objects.
DateTime::Locale::be(3pm) Locale data examples for the be locale.
DateTime::Locale::be_BY(3pm) Locale data examples for the be-BY locale.
DateTime::Locale::bem(3pm) Locale data examples for the bem locale.
DateTime::Locale::bem_ZM(3pm) Locale data examples for the bem-ZM locale.
DateTime::Locale::bez(3pm) Locale data examples for the bez locale.
DateTime::Locale::bez_TZ(3pm) Locale data examples for the bez-TZ locale.
DateTime::Locale::bg(3pm) Locale data examples for the bg locale.
DateTime::Locale::bg_BG(3pm) Locale data examples for the bg-BG locale.
DateTime::Locale::bm(3pm) Locale data examples for the bm locale.
DateTime::Locale::bm_ML(3pm) Locale data examples for the bm-ML locale.
DateTime::Locale::bn(3pm) Locale data examples for the bn locale.
DateTime::Locale::bn_BD(3pm) Locale data examples for the bn-BD locale.
DateTime::Locale::bn_IN(3pm) Locale data examples for the bn-IN locale.
DateTime::Locale::bo(3pm) Locale data examples for the bo locale.
DateTime::Locale::bo_CN(3pm) Locale data examples for the bo-CN locale.
DateTime::Locale::bo_IN(3pm) Locale data examples for the bo-IN locale.
DateTime::Locale::br(3pm) Locale data examples for the br locale.
DateTime::Locale::br_FR(3pm) Locale data examples for the br-FR locale.
DateTime::Locale::brx(3pm) Locale data examples for the brx locale.
DateTime::Locale::brx_IN(3pm) Locale data examples for the brx-IN locale.
DateTime::Locale::bs(3pm) Locale data examples for the bs locale.
DateTime::Locale::bs_Cyrl(3pm) Locale data examples for the bs-Cyrl locale.
DateTime::Locale::bs_Cyrl_BA(3pm) Locale data examples for the bs-Cyrl-BA locale.
DateTime::Locale::bs_Latn(3pm) Locale data examples for the bs-Latn locale.
DateTime::Locale::bs_Latn_BA(3pm) Locale data examples for the bs-Latn-BA locale.
DateTime::Locale::ca(3pm) Locale data examples for the ca locale.
DateTime::Locale::ca_AD(3pm) Locale data examples for the ca-AD locale.
DateTime::Locale::ca_ES(3pm) Locale data examples for the ca-ES locale.
DateTime::Locale::ca_ES_VALENCIA(3pm) Locale data examples for the ca-ES-VALENCIA locale.
DateTime::Locale::ca_FR(3pm) Locale data examples for the ca-FR locale.
DateTime::Locale::ca_IT(3pm) Locale data examples for the ca-IT locale.
DateTime::Locale::Catalog(3pm) Provides a catalog of all valid locale names.
DateTime::Locale::ce(3pm) Locale data examples for the ce locale.
DateTime::Locale::ce_RU(3pm) Locale data examples for the ce-RU locale.
DateTime::Locale::cgg(3pm) Locale data examples for the cgg locale.
DateTime::Locale::cgg_UG(3pm) Locale data examples for the cgg-UG locale.
DateTime::Locale::chr(3pm) Locale data examples for the chr locale.
DateTime::Locale::chr_US(3pm) Locale data examples for the chr-US locale.
DateTime::Locale::ckb(3pm) Locale data examples for the ckb locale.
DateTime::Locale::ckb_IQ(3pm) Locale data examples for the ckb-IQ locale.
DateTime::Locale::ckb_IR(3pm) Locale data examples for the ckb-IR locale.
DateTime::Locale::cs(3pm) Locale data examples for the cs locale.
DateTime::Locale::cs_CZ(3pm) Locale data examples for the cs-CZ locale.
DateTime::Locale::cu(3pm) Locale data examples for the cu locale.
DateTime::Locale::cu_RU(3pm) Locale data examples for the cu-RU locale.
DateTime::Locale::cy(3pm) Locale data examples for the cy locale.
DateTime::Locale::cy_GB(3pm) Locale data examples for the cy-GB locale.
DateTime::Locale::da(3pm) Locale data examples for the da locale.
DateTime::Locale::da_DK(3pm) Locale data examples for the da-DK locale.
DateTime::Locale::da_GL(3pm) Locale data examples for the da-GL locale.
DateTime::Locale::Data(3pm) Locale data generated from CLDR.
DateTime::Locale::dav(3pm) Locale data examples for the dav locale.
DateTime::Locale::dav_KE(3pm) Locale data examples for the dav-KE locale.
DateTime::Locale::de(3pm) Locale data examples for the de locale.
DateTime::Locale::de_AT(3pm) Locale data examples for the de-AT locale.
DateTime::Locale::de_BE(3pm) Locale data examples for the de-BE locale.
DateTime::Locale::de_CH(3pm) Locale data examples for the de-CH locale.
DateTime::Locale::de_DE(3pm) Locale data examples for the de-DE locale.
DateTime::Locale::de_LI(3pm) Locale data examples for the de-LI locale.
DateTime::Locale::de_LU(3pm) Locale data examples for the de-LU locale.
DateTime::Locale::dje(3pm) Locale data examples for the dje locale.
DateTime::Locale::dje_NE(3pm) Locale data examples for the dje-NE locale.
DateTime::Locale::dsb(3pm) Locale data examples for the dsb locale.
DateTime::Locale::dsb_DE(3pm) Locale data examples for the dsb-DE locale.
DateTime::Locale::dua(3pm) Locale data examples for the dua locale.
DateTime::Locale::dua_CM(3pm) Locale data examples for the dua-CM locale.
DateTime::Locale::dyo(3pm) Locale data examples for the dyo locale.
DateTime::Locale::dyo_SN(3pm) Locale data examples for the dyo-SN locale.
DateTime::Locale::dz(3pm) Locale data examples for the dz locale.
DateTime::Locale::dz_BT(3pm) Locale data examples for the dz-BT locale.
DateTime::Locale::ebu(3pm) Locale data examples for the ebu locale.
DateTime::Locale::ebu_KE(3pm) Locale data examples for the ebu-KE locale.
DateTime::Locale::ee(3pm) Locale data examples for the ee locale.
DateTime::Locale::ee_GH(3pm) Locale data examples for the ee-GH locale.
DateTime::Locale::ee_TG(3pm) Locale data examples for the ee-TG locale.
DateTime::Locale::el(3pm) Locale data examples for the el locale.
DateTime::Locale::el_CY(3pm) Locale data examples for the el-CY locale.
DateTime::Locale::el_GR(3pm) Locale data examples for the el-GR locale.
DateTime::Locale::en(3pm) Locale data examples for the en locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_001(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-001 locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_150(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-150 locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_AG(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-AG locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_AI(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-AI locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_AS(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-AS locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_AT(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-AT locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_AU(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-AU locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_BB(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-BB locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_BE(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-BE locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_BI(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-BI locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_BM(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-BM locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_BS(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-BS locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_BW(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-BW locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_BZ(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-BZ locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_CA(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-CA locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_CC(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-CC locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_CH(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-CH locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_CK(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-CK locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_CM(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-CM locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_CX(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-CX locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_CY(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-CY locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_DE(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-DE locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_DG(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-DG locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_DK(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-DK locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_DM(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-DM locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_ER(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-ER locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_FI(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-FI locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_FJ(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-FJ locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_FK(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-FK locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_FM(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-FM locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_GB(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-GB locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_GD(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-GD locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_GG(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-GG locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_GH(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-GH locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_GI(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-GI locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_GM(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-GM locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_GU(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-GU locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_GY(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-GY locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_HK(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-HK locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_IE(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-IE locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_IL(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-IL locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_IM(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-IM locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_IN(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-IN locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_IO(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-IO locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_JE(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-JE locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_JM(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-JM locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_KE(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-KE locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_KI(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-KI locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_KN(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-KN locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_KY(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-KY locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_LC(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-LC locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_LR(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-LR locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_LS(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-LS locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_MG(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-MG locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_MH(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-MH locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_MO(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-MO locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_MP(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-MP locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_MS(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-MS locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_MT(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-MT locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_MU(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-MU locale.
DateTime::Locale::en_MW(3pm) Locale data examples for the en-MW locale.