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Origin: perl v5.22.1.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
a2query(1) Retrieve runtime configuration from a local Apache 2 HTTP server.
Ace(3pm) Object-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databases.
Ace::Browser::AceSubs(3pm) Subroutines for AceBrowser.
Ace::Browser::LocalSiteDefs(3pm) Master Configuration file for AceBrowser.
Ace::Browser::SearchSubs(3pm) Subroutines for AceBrowser search scripts.
Ace::Browser::SiteDefs(3pm) Access to AceBrowser configuration files.
Ace::Graphics::Fk(3pm) A dummy feature object used for generating panel key tracks.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph(3pm) Base class for Ace::Graphics::Glyph objects.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::anchored_arrow(3pm) The "anchored_arrow" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::arrow(3pm) The "arrow" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::box(3pm) The "box" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::dot(3pm) The "ellipse" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::ex(3pm) The "X" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::graded_segments(3pm) The "color-coded segments" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::group(3pm) The group glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::line(3pm) The "line" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::primers(3pm) The "STS primers" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::segments(3pm) The "discontinuous segments" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::span(3pm) The "span" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::toomany(3pm) The "too many to show" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::transcript(3pm) The "gene" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::triangle(3pm) The "triangle" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::GlyphFactory(3pm) Create Ace::Graphics::Glyphs.
Ace::Graphics::Panel(3pm) PNG graphics of Ace::Sequence::Feature objects.
Ace::Graphics::Track(3pm) PNG graphics of Ace::Sequence::Feature objects.
Ace::Iterator(3pm) Iterate Across an ACEDB Query.
Ace::Local(3pm) Use giface, tace or gifaceclient to open a local connection to an Ace database.
Ace::Model(3pm) Get information about AceDB models.
Ace::Object(3pm) Manipulate Ace Data Objects.
Ace::Sequence(3pm) Examine ACeDB Sequence Objects.
Ace::Sequence::Feature(3pm) Examine Sequence Feature Tables.
Ace::Sequence::FeatureList(3pm) Lightweight Access to Features.
Ace::Sequence::GappedAlignment(3pm) Gapped alignment object.
Ace::Sequence::Gene(3pm) Simple "Gene" Object.
Ace::Sequence::Homol(3pm) Temporary Sequence Homology Class.
Ace::Sequence::Multi(3pm) Combine Feature Tables from Multiple Databases.
Ace::Sequence::Transcript(3pm) Simple "Gene" Object.
acheck-rules(5) Rules set for acheck.
Acme::Damn(3pm) 'Unbless' Perl objects.
AE(3pm) Simpler/faster/newer/cooler AnyEvent API.
afs-newcell(8) Set up initial database server for AFS cell.
afs-rootvol(8) Generate and populate root volumes for new AFS cells.
AFS::PAG(3pm) Perl bindings for AFS PAG manipulation.
AI::FANN(3pm) Perl wrapper for the Fast Artificial Neural Network library.
Algorithm::Combinatorics(3pm) Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences.
Algorithm::Diff::XS(3pm) Algorithm::Diff with XS core loop.
Algorithm::LBFGS(3pm) Perl extension for L-BFGS.
Algorithm::Permute(3pm) Handy and fast permutation with object oriented interface.
Alias(3pm) Declare symbolic aliases for perl data.
Alien::wxWidgets(3pm) Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries.
Alien::wxWidgets::Utility(3pm) INTERNAL: do not use. Converts an alignment into a kog file.
altree(1p) Association and Localisation tests using phylogenetic Trees.
altree-add-S(1p) Title...
altree-convert(1p) Title...
ALTree::CUtils(3pm) Perl extension for blah blah blah.
ampliconnoise(1) Remove noise from high throughput nucleotide sequence data.
AnyDBM_File(3perl) Provide framework for multiple DBMs.
AnyEvent(3pm) The DBI of event loop programming.
AnyEvent::Debug(3pm) Debugging utilities for AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::DNS(3pm) Fully asynchronous DNS resolution.
AnyEvent::FAQ(3pm) Frequently asked questions.
AnyEvent::Handle(3pm) Non-blocking I/O on streaming handles via AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::Impl::Cocoa(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Cocoa::EventLoop.
AnyEvent::Impl::EV(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for EV.
AnyEvent::Impl::Event(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Event.
AnyEvent::Impl::EventLib(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Event::Lib.
AnyEvent::Impl::FLTK(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit version two).
AnyEvent::Impl::Glib(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Glib.
AnyEvent::Impl::IOAsync(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for IO::Async.
AnyEvent::Impl::Irssi(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Irssi.
AnyEvent::Impl::Perl(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for AnyEvent's pure perl AnyEvent::Loop.
AnyEvent::Impl::POE(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for POE.
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Qt.
AnyEvent::Impl::Tk(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Tk.
AnyEvent::Impl::UV(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for UV.
AnyEvent::Intro(3pm) An introductory tutorial to AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::IO(3pm) The DBI of asynchronous I/O implementations.
AnyEvent::IO::IOAIO(3pm) AnyEvent::IO backend based on IO::AIO.
AnyEvent::IO::Perl(3pm) Pure perl backend for AnyEvent::IO.
AnyEvent::Log(3pm) Simple logging "framework".
AnyEvent::Loop(3pm) AnyEvent's Pure-Perl event loop.
AnyEvent::Socket(3pm) Useful IPv4 and IPv6 stuff. also unix domain sockets. and stuff.
AnyEvent::Strict(3pm) Force strict mode on for the whole process.
AnyEvent::TermKey(3pm) Terminal key input using "libtermkey" with "AnyEvent".
AnyEvent::TLS(3pm) SSLv2/SSLv3/TLSv1 contexts for use in AnyEvent::Handle.
AnyEvent::Util(3pm) Various utility functions.
Apache2::Access(3pm) A Perl API for Apache request object: Access, Authentication and Authorization.
Apache2::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies.
Apache2::AuthCookie::Params(3pm) AuthCookie Params Driver for mod_perl 2.x.
Apache2::AuthenNTLM(3pm) Perform Microsoft NTLM and Basic User Authentication.
Apache2::Build(3pm) Methods for locating and parsing bits of Apache source code.
Apache2::CmdParms(3pm) Perl API for Apache command parameters object.
Apache2::Command(3pm) Perl API for accessing Apache module command information.
Apache2::Connection(3pm) Perl API for Apache connection object.
Apache2::ConnectionUtil(3pm) Perl API for Apache connection utils.
Apache2::Const(3pm) Perl Interface for Apache Constants.
Apache2::Cookie(3pm) HTTP Cookies Class.
Apache2::Directive(3pm) Perl API for manipulating the Apache configuration tree.
Apache2::Filter(3pm) Perl API for Apache 2.0 Filtering.
Apache2::FilterRec(3pm) Perl API for manipulating the Apache filter record.
Apache2::HookRun(3pm) Perl API for Invoking Apache HTTP phases.
Apache2::Log(3pm) Perl API for Apache Logging Methods.
Apache2::Module(3pm) Perl API for creating and working with Apache modules.
Apache2::MPM(3pm) Perl API for accessing Apache MPM information.
Apache2::PerlSections(3pm) Write Apache configuration files in Perl.
Apache2::Process(3pm) Perl API for Apache process record.
Apache2::Request(3pm) Methods for dealing with client request data.
Apache2::RequestIO(3pm) Perl API for Apache request record IO.
Apache2::RequestRec(3pm) Perl API for Apache request record accessors.
Apache2::RequestUtil(3pm) Perl API for Apache request record utils.
Apache2::Resource(3pm) Limit resources used by httpd children.
Apache2::Response(3pm) Perl API for Apache HTTP request response methods.
Apache2::ServerRec(3pm) Perl API for Apache server record accessors.
Apache2::ServerUtil(3pm) Perl API for Apache server record utils.
Apache2::SizeLimit(3pm) Because size does matter.
Apache2::Status(3pm) Embedded interpreter status information.
Apache2::SubRequest(3pm) Perl API for Apache subrequests.
Apache2::Upload(3pm) Methods for dealing with file uploads.
Apache2::URI(3pm) Perl API for manipulating URIs.
Apache2::Util(3pm) Perl API for Misc Apache Utility functions.
Apache2_4::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies for Apache 2.4.
Apache::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies.
Apache::AuthCookie::Autobox(3pm) Autobox Extensions for AuthCookie.
Apache::AuthCookie::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about Apache::AuthCookie.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params(3pm) AuthCookie Params Driver for mod_perl 1.x.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params::Base(3pm) Internal CGI AuthCookie Params Base Class.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params::CGI(3pm) Internal CGI Params Subclass.
Apache::AuthCookie::Util(3pm) Internal Utility Functions for AuthCookie.
Apache::AuthenHook(3pm) Perl API for Apache 2.1 authentication.
Apache::DB(3pm) Run the interactive Perl debugger under mod_perl.
Apache::DProf(3pm) Hook Devel::DProf into mod_perl.
Apache::ePerl(3pm) Fast emulated Embedded Perl (ePerl) facility.
Apache::LogFormat::Compiler(3pm) Compile a log format string to perl-code.
Apache::perl5db(3pm) The perl debugger.
Apache::Session(3pm) A persistence framework for session data.
Apache::Session::DB_File(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::File(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Flex(3pm) Specify everything at runtime.
Apache::Session::Generate::MD5(3pm) Use MD5 to create random object IDs.
Apache::Session::Generate::ModUniqueId(3pm) Mod_unique_id for session ID generation.
Apache::Session::Generate::ModUsertrack(3pm) Mod_usertrack for session ID generation.
Apache::Session::Informix(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Lock::File(3pm) Provides mutual exclusion using flock.
Apache::Session::Lock::MySQL(3pm) Provides mutual exclusion using MySQL.
Apache::Session::Lock::Null(3pm) Does not actually provides mutual exclusion.
Apache::Session::Lock::Semaphore(3pm) Provides mutual exclusion through semaphores.
Apache::Session::Lock::Sybase(3pm) Provides mutual exclusion using Sybase.
Apache::Session::MySQL(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::MySQL::NoLock(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session::MySQL without locking.
Apache::Session::Oracle(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Postgres(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Serialize::Base64(3pm) Use Storable and MIME::Base64 to zip up persistent data.
Apache::Session::Serialize::Storable(3pm) Use Storable to zip up persistent data.
Apache::Session::Serialize::Sybase(3pm) Use Storable to zip up persistent data and unpack/pack to put into.
Apache::Session::Serialize::UUEncode(3pm) Use Storable and "pack()" to zip up persistent data.
Apache::Session::Store::DB_File(3pm) Use DB_File to store persistent objects.
Apache::Session::Store::File(3pm) Store persistent data on the filesystem.
Apache::Session::Store::Informix(3pm) Store persistent data in a Informix database.
Apache::Session::Store::MySQL(3pm) Store persistent data in a MySQL database.
Apache::Session::Store::Oracle(3pm) Store persistent data in a Oracle database.
Apache::Session::Store::Postgres(3pm) Store persistent data in a Postgres database.
Apache::Session::Store::Sybase(3pm) Store persistent data in a Sybase database.
Apache::Session::Sybase(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::SizeLimit::Core(3pm) Because size does matter.
Apache::SmallProf(3pm) Hook Devel::SmallProf into mod_perl.
Apache::SSLLookup(3pm) Hooks for various mod_ssl functions.
Apache::Test(3pm) wrapper with helpers for testing Apache.
Apache::TestHandler(3pm) A few response handlers and helpers.
Apache::TestMB(3pm) Subclass of Module::Build to support Apache::Test.
Apache::TestMM(3pm) Provide MakeMaker Wrapper Methods.
Apache::TestReport(3pm) A parent class for generating bug/success reports.
Apache::TestRequest(3pm) Send requests to your Apache test server.
Apache::TestRun(3pm) Run the test suite.
Apache::TestRunPerl(3pm) Run mod_perl-requiring Test Suite.
Apache::TestRunPHP(3pm) Configure and run a PHP-based test suite.
Apache::TestSmoke(3pm) Special Tests Sequence Failure Finder.
Apache::TestTrace(3pm) Helper output generation functions.
Apache::TestUtil(3pm) Utility functions for writing tests.
Apache::TS::Config::Records(3pm) Manage the Apache Traffic Server records.config file.
App::Cme(3pm) Check or edit configuration data with Config::Model.
App::Cme::Command::check(3pm) Check the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::dump(3pm) Dump the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::edit(3pm) Edit the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::fix(3pm) Fix the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::fusefs(3pm) Edit the configuration of an application with fuse.
App::Cme::Command::gen_class_pod(3pm) Generates pod doc from model files.
App::Cme::Command::list(3pm) List applications handled by cme.
App::Cme::Command::meta(3pm) Edit the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::migrate(3pm) Migrate the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::modify(3pm) Modify the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::search(3pm) Search the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::shell(3pm) Edit the configuration of an application with a shell.
App::Cme::Command::update(3pm) Update the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Common(3pm) Common methods for App::Cme.
App::Cpan(3perl) Easily interact with CPAN from the command line.
App::cpanminus(3pm) Get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN.
App::cpanminus::fatscript(3pm) Get, unpack build and install modules from CPAN.
App::Packer::PAR(3pm) Pack applications in a single executable file.
App::perlrdf::Command::Query(3pm) SPARQL extension for App-perlrdf.
App::perlrdf::Command::Void(3pm) Generate VoID descriptions on the command line.
App::pherkin(3pm) Run Cucumber tests from the command line.
App::Prove(3perl) Implements the "prove" command.
App::Prove(3pm) Implements the "prove" command.
App::Prove::State(3perl) State storage for the "prove" command.
App::Prove::State(3pm) State storage for the "prove" command.
App::Prove::State::Result(3perl) Individual test suite results.
App::Prove::State::Result(3pm) Individual test suite results.
App::Prove::State::Result::Test(3perl) Individual test results.
App::Prove::State::Result::Test(3pm) Individual test results.
App::Stacktrace(3pm) Stack trace.
APR(3pm) Perl Interface for Apache Portable Runtime (libapr and libaprutil Libraries).
APR::Base64(3pm) Perl API for APR base64 encoding/decoding functionality.
APR::Brigade(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR Bucket Brigades.
APR::Bucket(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR Buckets.
APR::BucketAlloc(3pm) Perl API for Bucket Allocation.
APR::BucketType(3pm) Perl API for APR bucket types.
APR::Const(3pm) Perl Interface for APR Constants.
APR::Date(3pm) Perl API for APR date manipulating functions.
APR::Error(3pm) Perl API for APR/Apache/mod_perl exceptions.
APR::Finfo(3pm) Perl API for APR fileinfo structure.
APR::IpSubnet(3pm) Perl API for accessing APRs ip_subnet structures.
APR::OS(3pm) Perl API for Platform-specific APR API.
APR::Pool(3pm) Perl API for APR pools.
APR::Request(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's module/handle API.
APR::Request::Apache2(3pm) Wrapper for a mod_apreq2 handle.
APR::Request::CGI(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's CGI handle.
APR::Request::Cookie(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's cookie API.
APR::Request::Error(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's error API.
APR::Request::Hook(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's hook API.
APR::Request::Param(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's param API.
APR::Request::Parser(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's parser API.
APR::SockAddr(3pm) Perl API for APR socket address structure.
APR::Socket(3pm) Perl API for APR sockets.
APR::Status(3pm) Perl Interface to the APR_STATUS_IS_* macros.
APR::String(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs.
APR::Table(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR opaque string-content tables.
APR::ThreadMutex(3pm) Perl API for APR thread mutexes.
APR::ThreadRWLock(3pm) Perl API for APR thread read/write locks.
APR::URI(3pm) Perl API for URI manipulations.
APR::Util(3pm) Perl API for Various APR Utilities.
APR::UUID(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs.
apt-mirror(1) Apt sources mirroring tool.
apt-show-source(1p) Lists source-packages.
AptPkg(3pm) Interface to libapt-pkg.
AptPkg::Cache(3pm) APT package cache interface.
AptPkg::Config(3pm) APT configuration interface.
AptPkg::hash(3pm) A helper class for implementing tied hashes.
AptPkg::PkgRecords(3pm) APT package description class.
AptPkg::Policy(3pm) APT package version policy class.
AptPkg::Source(3pm) APT source package interface.
AptPkg::System(3pm) APT system abstraction class.
AptPkg::Version(3pm) APT package versioning class.
Archive::Tar(3perl) Module for manipulations of tar archives.
Archive::Tar::File(3perl) A subclass for in-memory extracted file from Archive::Tar.
Archive::Zip(3pm) Provide an interface to ZIP archive files.
Archive::Zip::FAQ(3pm) Answers to a few frequently asked questions about Archive::Zip.
Archive::Zip::MemberRead(3pm) A wrapper that lets you read Zip archive members as if they were files.
Archive::Zip::Tree(3pm) (DEPRECATED) methods for adding/extracting trees using Archive::Zip.
ArinWhois(3pm) Perl extension to retrieve information from ARIN Whois database.
Array(3pm) Perl Array handling and conversion between Perl arrays and C array pointers.
Array::RefElem(3pm) Set up array elements as aliases.
artemis(1) Interactive EXAFS data analysis.
arybase(3perl) Set indexing base via $[.
Astro::FITS::CFITSIO(3pm) Perl extension for using the cfitsio library.
asused(3pm) Summaries address space used and according to the RIPE DB and REG.
Async::Interrupt(3pm) Allow C/XS libraries to interrupt perl asynchronously.
atoms(1p) Make lists of atomic coordinates from crystallographic data.
Attean(3pm) A Semantic Web Framework.
Attean::AggregateExpression(3pm) Representation of aggregate expression trees.
Attean::Algebra(3pm) Representation of SPARQL algebra operators.
Attean::API(3pm) Utility package for loading all Attean role packages.
Attean::API::AbbreviatingParser(3pm) Role for parsers that use construct absolute IRIs based on prefixed names or.
Attean::API::AbbreviatingSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers that can abbreviate IRIs as prefixed names or.
Attean::API::AggregateExpression(3pm) Role representing an aggregate expression tree.
Attean::API::AppendableSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers that can be repeatedly invoked while keeping output.
Attean::API::AtOnceParser(3pm) Role for parsers that natively parse all input before returning any data.
Attean::API::Binding(3pm) Name to term bindings.
Attean::API::Blank(3pm) Role representing RDF blank terms.
Attean::API::BlankOrIRI(3pm) Role representing blank or IRI terms.
Attean::API::BulkUpdatableModel(3pm) Role representing models that can perform bulk update operations.
Attean::API::Expression(3pm) SPARQL expressions.
Attean::API::IRI(3pm) Role representing RDF IRI terms.
Attean::API::Iterator(3pm) Typed iterator.
Attean::API::Literal(3pm) Role representing RDF Literal terms.
Attean::API::MixedStatementParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::TripleOrQuad objects.
Attean::API::MixedStatementSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::TripleOrQuad objects.
Attean::API::Model(3pm) RDF Model.
Attean::API::MutableModel(3pm) Role representing mutable models.
Attean::API::MutableTripleStore(3pm) Role representing mutable triple stores.
Attean::API::Parser(3pm) Parser role.
Attean::API::Plan(3pm) Query plan.
Attean::API::PullParser(3pm) Role for parsers that natively return an iterator.
Attean::API::PushParser(3pm) Role for parsers that natively call a callback function for each parsed item.
Attean::API::Quad(3pm) Role representing quads.
Attean::API::QuadParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::Quad objects.
Attean::API::QuadPattern(3pm) Role representing quad patterns.
Attean::API::QuadSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::Quad objects.
Attean::API::Query(3pm) Utility package defining query-related roles.
Attean::API::QueryPlanner(3pm) Iterative dynamic programming query planning role.
Attean::API::RepeatableIterator(3pm) Role representing iterators that may be reset and iterated again.
Attean::API::Result(3pm) Role representing a set of variable bindings.
Attean::API::ResultParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::Result objects.
Attean::API::ResultSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::Result objects.
Attean::API::Serializer(3pm) Serializer role.
Attean::API::Store(3pm) Triple/quad store role.
Attean::API::Term(3pm) RDF Terms.
Attean::API::TermOrVariable(3pm) Role representing terms and variables.
Attean::API::TermParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::Term objects.
Attean::API::TermSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::Term objects.
Attean::API::Triple(3pm) Role representing triples.
Attean::API::TripleOrQuad(3pm) Role representing triples and quads.
Attean::API::TripleParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::Triple objects.
Attean::API::TriplePattern(3pm) Role representing triple patterns.
Attean::API::TripleSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::Triple objects.
Attean::API::Variable(3pm) Role representing term variables.
Attean::BindingEqualityTest(3pm) Test for equality of binding sets with bnode isomorphism.
Attean::Blank(3pm) RDF blank nodes.
Attean::CodeIterator(3pm) Iterator implementation backed by a generator function.
Attean::Expression(3pm) SPARQL Expressions.
Attean::IDPQueryPlanner(3pm) Iterative dynamic programming query planner.
Attean::IRI(3pm) RDF Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs).
Attean::IteratorSequence(3pm) Iterator implementation backed by zero or more sub-iterators.
Attean::ListIterator(3pm) Iterator implementation backed by a list/array of values.
Attean::Literal(3pm) RDF Literals.
Attean::Plan(3pm) Representation of SPARQL query plan operators.
Attean::Quad(3pm) RDF Quads.
Attean::QuadModel(3pm) RDF model backed by a quad-store.
Attean::QueryPlanner(3pm) Query planner.
Attean::RDF(3pm) Utility package for exporting shorthand functions for constructing RDF objects.
Attean::Result(3pm) SPARQL Result.
Attean::SimpleQueryEvaluator(3pm) Simple query evaluator.
Attean::TermMap(3pm) Mapping terms to new terms.
Attean::TreeRewriter(3pm) Walk and rewrite subtrees.
Attean::Triple(3pm) RDF Triples.
Attean::TripleModel(3pm) RDF model backed by a set of triple-stores.
Attean::Variable(3pm) Pattern matching variables.
AtteanX::API::JoinRotatingPlanner(3pm) Query planning role to produce alternative join plans.
AtteanX::API::Lexer(3pm) Role defining common functionality for lexers.
AtteanX::Model::SPARQL(3pm) Attean SPARQL Model.
AtteanX::Parser::NQuads(3pm) N-Quads Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::NTriples(3pm) N-Triples Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::NTuples(3pm) Shared functionality for N-Triples and N-Quads parsers.
AtteanX::Parser::RDFXML(3pm) RDF/XML Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL(3pm) SPARQL 1.1 Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLJSON(3pm) SPARQL JSON Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLLex(3pm) SPARQL Lexer.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLTSV(3pm) SPARQL Results TSV Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLXML(3pm) SPARQL XML Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLXML::SAXHandler(3pm) XML parser for SPARQL XML Results format.
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle(3pm) Turtle RDF Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Constants(3pm) Constant definitions for use in parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples.
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Lexer(3pm) Tokenizer for parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples.
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Token(3pm) Token objects used for parsing of Turtle.
AtteanX::RDFQueryTranslator(3pm) Translate RDF::Query objects to Attean::API::Algebra objects.
AtteanX::Serializer::CanonicalNTriples(3pm) Canonical N-Triples Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::NQuads(3pm) N-Triples Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::NTriples(3pm) N-Triples Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::NTuples(3pm) Shared functionality for N-Triples and N-Quads serializers.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQL(3pm) SPARQL Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLCSV(3pm) SPARQL Results CSV Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLHTML(3pm) SPARQL Results HTML Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLTSV(3pm) SPARQL Results TSV Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLXML(3pm) SPARQL Results XML Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::Turtle(3pm) Turtle Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::TurtleTokens(3pm) Turtle Serializer.
AtteanX::SPARQL::Constants(3pm) Constant definitions for use in parsing and serializing SPARQL.
AtteanX::SPARQL::Token(3pm) Token objects used for parsing and serializing SPARQL.
AtteanX::Store::Memory(3pm) Simple in-memory RDF store.
AtteanX::Store::README(3pm) Attean SPARQL store.
AtteanX::Store::Simple(3pm) Simple, unindexed, in-memory RDF store.
AtteanX::Store::SimpleTripleStore(3pm) SimpleTripleStore, unindexed, in-memory RDF store.
AtteanX::Store::SPARQL(3pm) Attean SPARQL store.
AtteanX::Store::SPARQL::Plan::BGP(3pm) Plan for efficient evaluation of SPARQL BGPs on remote endpoints.
Attribute::Handlers(3perl) Simpler definition of attribute handlers.
attributes(3perl) Get/set subroutine or variable attributes.
Audio::CD(3pm) Perl interface to libcdaudio (cd + cddb).
Audio::Ecasound(3pm) Perl binding to the ecasound sampler, recorder, fx-processor.
Audio::FLAC::Decoder(3pm) An object-oriented FLAC decoder.
Audio::FLAC::Header(3pm) Interface to FLAC header metadata.
Audio::Mixer(3pm) Perl extension for Sound Mixer control.
Audio::Nama::ChainSetup(3pm) Routines for generating Ecasound chain setup.
Audio::Nama::Globals(3pm) Nama global variables.
Audio::Nama::Object(3pm) Class builder.
Audio::Scan(3pm) Fast C metadata and tag reader for all common audio file formats.
Authen::DecHpwd(3pm) DEC VMS password hashing.
Authen::Krb5(3pm) Perl extension for Kerberos 5.
Authen::Krb5::Admin(3pm) Perl extension for MIT Kerberos 5 admin interface.
Authen::Krb5::Simple(3pm) Basic user authentication using Kerberos 5.
Authen::PAM(3pm) Perl interface to PAM library.
Authen::PAM::FAQ(3pm) Frequently-Asked Questions about Authen::PAM.
Authen::SASL::Cyrus(3pm) XS code to glue Perl SASL to Cyrus SASL.
Authen::Smb(3pm) Perl extension to authenticate against an SMB server.
Authen::TacacsPlus(3pm) Perl extension for authentication using tacacs+ server.
autobox(3pm) Call methods on native types.
autobox::Core(3pm) Provide core functions to autoboxed scalars, arrays and hashes.
autodie(3perl) Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope.
autodie(3pm) Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope.
autodie::exception(3perl) Exceptions from autodying functions.
autodie::exception(3pm) Exceptions from autodying functions.
autodie::exception::system(3perl) Exceptions from autodying system().
autodie::exception::system(3pm) Exceptions from autodying system().
autodie::hints(3perl) Provide hints about user subroutines to autodie.
autodie::hints(3pm) Provide hints about user subroutines to autodie.
autodie::Scope::Guard(3perl) Wrapper class for calling subs at end of scope.
autodie::Scope::Guard(3pm) Wrapper class for calling subs at end of scope.
autodie::Scope::GuardStack(3perl) Hook stack for managing scopes via %^H.
autodie::Scope::GuardStack(3pm) Hook stack for managing scopes via %^H.
autodie::ScopeUtil(3perl) Utilities for managing %^H scopes.
autodie::skip(3perl) Skip a package when throwing autodie exceptions.
autodie::skip(3pm) Skip a package when throwing autodie exceptions.
autodie::Util(3pm) Internal Utility subroutines for autodie and Fatal.
AutoLoader(3perl) Load subroutines only on demand.
AutoSplit(3perl) Split a package for autoloading.
autouse(3perl) Postpone load of modules until a function is used.
autovivification(3pm) Lexically disable autovivification.
average_genome_size(1p) Calculate the average genome size (in bp) of species in a Grinder library.
B(3perl) The Perl Compiler Backend.
B::Clobbers(3pm) Clobbering analyzer.
B::Compiling(3pm) Expose PL_compiling to perl.
B::Concise(3perl) Walk Perl syntax tree, printing concise info about ops.
B::ConstOptree(3pm) Optree constant folding for $^O, $^V, and $].
B::Debug(3perl) Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops.
B::Deparse(3perl) Perl compiler backend to produce perl code.
B::Hooks::OP::Annotation(3pm) Annotate and delegate hooked OPs.
B::Hooks::OP::Check(3pm) Wrap OP check callbacks.
B::Hooks::OP::Check::EntersubForCV(3pm) Invoke callbacks on construction of entersub OPs for certain CVs.
B::Hooks::OP::PPAddr(3pm) Hook into opcode execution.
B::Hooks::Parser(3pm) Interface to perl's parser variables.
B::Op_private(3perl) OP op_private flag definitions.
B::PerlReq(3pm) Perl compiler backend to extract Perl dependencies.
B::Showlex(3perl) Show lexical variables used in functions or files.
B::Terse(3perl) Walk Perl syntax tree, printing terse info about ops.
B::Utils(3pm) Helper functions for op tree manipulation.
B::Utils::OP(3pm) Op related utility functions for perl.
B::Walker(3pm) Dumb walker, optree ranger.
B::Xref(3perl) Generates cross reference reports for Perl programs.
Barcode::ZBar(3pm) Perl interface to the ZBar Barcode Reader.
Barcode::ZBar::Image(3pm) Image object to scan for bar codes.
Barcode::ZBar::ImageScanner(3pm) Scan images for bar codes.
Barcode::ZBar::Processor(3pm) Self-contained bar code reader.
Barcode::ZBar::Symbol(3pm) Bar code scan result object.
bareword::filehandles(3pm) Disables bareword filehandles.
base(3perl) Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time.
basic_db_auth(8) Database auth helper for Squid.
bed2gff3(1p) Convert UCSC Genome Browser-format gene files into GFF files suitable for loading into.
Benchmark(3perl) Benchmark running times of Perl code.
BerkeleyDB(3pm) Perl extension for Berkeley DB version 2, 3, 4 or 5.
biber(1p) A bibtex replacement for users of biblatex.
Biber(3pm) Main module for biber, a bibtex replacement for users of biblatex.
Biber::Config(3pm) Configuration items which need to be saved across the.
Biber::Constants(3pm) Global constants for biber.
Biber::DataModel(3pm) Biber::DataModel objects.
Biber::Entries(3pm) Biber::Entries objects.
Biber::Entry(3pm) Biber::Entry objects.
Biber::Entry::Name(3pm) Biber::Entry::Name objects.
Biber::Entry::Names(3pm) Biber::Entry::Names objects.
Biber::Input::file::biblatexml(3pm) Look in a BibLaTeXML file for an entry and create it if found.
Biber::Input::file::bibtex(3pm) Look in a BibTeX file for an entry and create it if found.
Biber::Input::file::ris(3pm) Look in a RIS file for an entry and create it if found.
Biber::Internals(3pm) Internal methods for processing the bibliographic data.
Biber::LaTeX::Recode(3pm) Encode/Decode chars to/from UTF-8/lacros in LaTeX.
Biber::Output::base(3pm) Base class for Biber output modules.
Biber::Output::bbl(3pm) Class for Biber output of .bbl.
Biber::Output::biblatexml(3pm) Class for biblatexml output of tool mode.
Biber::Output::bibtex(3pm) Class for bibtex output.
Biber::Output::dot(3pm) Class for Biber output of GraphViz .dot files.
Biber::Output::test(3pm) Output class for loopback testing Essentially, this outputs to a string so we can look.
Biber::Section(3pm) Biber::Section objects.
Biber::Sections(3pm) Biber::Sections objects.
Biber::SortList(3pm) Biber::SortList objects.
Biber::SortLists(3pm) Biber::SortLists objects.
Biber::Utils(3pm) Various utility subs used in Biber.
bigint(3perl) Transparent BigInteger support for Perl.
bignum(3perl) Transparent BigNumber support for Perl.
bigrat(3perl) Transparent BigNumber/BigRational support for Perl.
Bio::Das::Lite(3pm) Perl extension for the DAS (HTTP+XML) Protocol (
Bio::Graphics::Browser2::CAlign(3pm) Compiled helper for Bio::Graphics::Browser::Realign.
Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Markup(3pm) Markup routines for sequences in text form.
Bio::Graphics::Browser2::PadAlignment(3pm) Insert pads into a multiple alignment.
Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Realign(3pm) Perl extension for Smith-Waterman alignments.
Bio::Roary(3pm) Create a pan genome.
Bio::Roary::AccessoryBinaryFasta(3pm) Output a FASTA file which represents the binary presence and absence of.
Bio::Roary::AccessoryClustering(3pm) Take an a clusters file from CD-hit and the fasta file and output a fasta.
Bio::Roary::AnalyseGroups(3pm) Take in a groups file and the original FASTA files and create plots and stats.
Bio::Roary::AnnotateGroups(3pm) Take in a group file and assosiated GFF files for the isolates and update the.
Bio::Roary::AssemblyStatistics(3pm) Given a spreadsheet of gene presence and absence calculate some statistics.
Bio::Roary::BedFromGFFRole(3pm) A role to create a bed file from a gff.
Bio::Roary::ChunkFastaFile(3pm) Take in a FASTA file and chunk it up into smaller pieces.
Bio::Roary::ClustersRole(3pm) A role to read a clusters file from CD hit.
Bio::Roary::CombinedProteome(3pm) Take in multiple FASTA sequences containing proteomes and concat them together.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::AssemblyStatistics(3pm) Given a spreadsheet of gene presence and absence calculate some.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::Common(3pm) Common command line settings.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::CreatePanGenome(3pm) Take in FASTA files of proteins and cluster them.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::ExtractProteomeFromGff(3pm) Take in GFF files and output the proteome.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::GeneAlignmentFromNucleotides(3pm) Take in a multifasta file of nucleotides, convert to.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::IterativeCdhit(3pm) Iteratively run cdhit.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::ParallelAllAgainstAllBlastp(3pm) Take in a FASTA file of proteins and blast against.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::QueryRoary(3pm) Take in a groups file and the protein fasta files and output selected.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::Roary(3pm) Take in FASTA files of proteins and cluster them.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::RoaryCoreAlignment(3pm) Take in the group statistics spreadsheet and the location of the.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::RoaryPostAnalysis(3pm) Perform the post analysis on the pan genome.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::RoaryReorderSpreadsheet(3pm) Take in a tree and a spreadsheet and output a reordered.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::TransferAnnotationToGroups(3pm) Take in a groups file and a set of GFF files and.
Bio::Roary::ContigsToGeneIDsFromGFF(3pm) Parse a GFF and efficiently and extract ordered gene ids on each contig.
Bio::Roary::Exceptions(3pm) Exceptions for input data.
Bio::Roary::External::Blastp(3pm) Wrapper around NCBIs blastp command.
Bio::Roary::External::Cdhit(3pm) Wrapper to run cd-hit.
Bio::Roary::External::CheckTools(3pm) Check external executables are available and are the correct version.
Bio::Roary::External::Fasttree(3pm) Wrapper to run Fasttree.
Bio::Roary::External::GeneAlignmentFromNucleotides(3pm) Take in multi-FASTA files of nucleotides and align each.
Bio::Roary::External::IterativeCdhit(3pm) Iteratively run CDhit.
Bio::Roary::External::Mafft(3pm) Wrapper to run mafft.
Bio::Roary::External::Makeblastdb(3pm) Wrapper around NCBIs makeblastdb command.
Bio::Roary::External::Mcl(3pm) Wrapper around MCL which takes in blast results and outputs clustered results.
Bio::Roary::External::PostAnalysis(3pm) Perform the post analysis.
Bio::Roary::External::Prank(3pm) Wrapper to run prank.
Bio::Roary::ExtractCoreGenesFromSpreadsheet(3pm) Take in a spreadsheet produced by the pipeline and identify the.
Bio::Roary::ExtractProteomeFromGFF(3pm) Take in a GFF file and create protein sequences in FASTA format.
Bio::Roary::ExtractProteomeFromGFFs(3pm) Take in GFF files and create protein sequences in FASTA format.
Bio::Roary::FilterFullClusters(3pm) Take an a clusters file from CD-hit and the fasta file and output a fasta.
Bio::Roary::FilterUnknownsFromFasta(3pm) Take in fasta files, remove sequences with too many unknowns and return.
Bio::Roary::GeneNamesFromGFF(3pm) Parse a GFF and efficiently extract ID -> Gene Name.
Bio::Roary::GroupLabels(3pm) Add labels to the groups.
Bio::Roary::GroupStatistics(3pm) Add labels to the groups.
Bio::Roary::InflateClusters(3pm) Take the clusters file from cd-hit and use it to inflate the output of MCL.
Bio::Roary::IterativeCdhit(3pm) Run CDhit iteratively with reducing thresholds, removing full clusters each time.
Bio::Roary::JobRunner::Local(3pm) Execute a set of commands locally.
Bio::Roary::JobRunner::Parallel(3pm) Use GNU Parallel.
Bio::Roary::JobRunner::Role(3pm) A role to add job runner functionality.
Bio::Roary::LookupGeneFiles(3pm) Take in an ordering of genes and a directory and return an ordered list of file.
Bio::Roary::MergeMultifastaAlignments(3pm) Merge multifasta alignment files with equal numbers of sequences.
Bio::Roary::OrderGenes(3pm) Take in GFF files and create a matrix of what genes are beside what other genes.
Bio::Roary::Output::BlastIdentityFrequency(3pm) Take in blast results and find the percentage identity graph.
Bio::Roary::Output::CoreGeneAlignmentCoordinatesEMBL(3pm) Create an embl file for the header with locations of.
Bio::Roary::Output::DifferenceBetweenSets(3pm) Given two sets of isolates and a group file, output whats unique.
Bio::Roary::Output::EmblGroups(3pm) Create a tab/embl file with the features for drawing pretty pictures.
Bio::Roary::Output::EMBLHeaderCommon(3pm) A role containing some common methods for embl header files.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupMultifasta(3pm) Take in a group and create a multifasta file.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupsMultifastaNucleotide(3pm) Take in a GFF files and a groups file and output one.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupsMultifastaProtein(3pm) Take a multifasta nucleotide file and output it as proteins.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupsMultifastas(3pm) Take in a list of groups and create multifastas files for each group.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupsMultifastasNucleotide(3pm) Take in a set of GFF files and a groups file and output one.
Bio::Roary::Output::NumberOfGroups(3pm) Create raw output files of group counts for turning into plots.
Bio::Roary::Output::QueryGroups(3pm) Output the groups of the union of a set of input isolates.
Bio::Roary::ParallelAllAgainstAllBlast(3pm) Run all against all blast in parallel.
Bio::Roary::ParseGFFAnnotationRole(3pm) A role for parsing a gff file efficiently.
Bio::Roary::PostAnalysis(3pm) Post analysis of pan genomes.
Bio::Roary::PrepareInputFiles(3pm) Take in a mixture of FASTA and GFF input files and output FASTA proteomes only.
Bio::Roary::PresenceAbsenceMatrix(3pm) Create a matrix with presence and absence.
Bio::Roary::QC::Report(3pm) Generate a report based on kraken output.
Bio::Roary::ReformatInputGFFs(3pm) Take in gff files and add suffix where a gene id is seen twice.
Bio::Roary::ReorderSpreadsheet(3pm) Take in a tree file and a spreadsheet and output a spreadsheet with reordered.
Bio::Roary::SampleOrder(3pm) Take in a tree file and return an ordering of the samples.
Bio::Roary::SequenceLengths(3pm) Take in a fasta file and create a hash with the length of each sequence.
Bio::Roary::SortFasta(3pm) Sort a fasta file by name.
Bio::Roary::SplitGroups(3pm) Split groups.
Bio::Roary::SpreadsheetRole(3pm) Read and write a spreadsheet.
Bio::SCF(3pm) Perl extension for reading and writing SCF sequence files.
bisque(3pm) ↣ Tk::palette(3pm) Modify the Tk color palette.
Bit::Vector(3pm) Efficient bit vector, set of integers and "big int" math library.
Bit::Vector::Overload(3pm) Overloaded operators add-on for Bit::Vector.
Bit::Vector::String(3pm) Generic string import/export for Bit::Vector.
blib(3perl) Use MakeMaker's uninstalled version of a package.
blinkenlights(1p) DNSSEC-Tools rollerd GUI.
blinkenlights.conf(5) Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools B.
Boost::Geometry::Utils(3pm) Bindings for the Boost Geometry library.
BSD::arc4random(3pm) Perl interface to the arc4 random number generator.
BSD::Resource(3pm) BSD process resource limit and priority functions.
bubbles(1p) DNSSEC-Tools Rollrec Simple GUI Display.
bucardo(1p) Utility script for controlling the Bucardo program.
Bucardo(3pm) Postgres multi-master replication system.
buildrealms(1p) Assist in building a DNSSEC-Tools realms environment.
Bundle::Apache2(3pm) Install Apache mod_perl2 and related modules.
Bundle::ApacheTest(3pm) A bundle to install all Apache-Test related modules.
Bundle::DBD::Pg(3pm) A bundle to install all DBD::Pg related modules.
Bundle::DBI(3pm) A bundle to install DBI and required modules.
Business::ISBN(3pm) Work with International Standard Book Numbers.
Business::ISBN10(3pm) Work with 10 digit International Standard Book Numbers.
Business::ISBN13(3pm) Work with 13 digit International Standard Book Numbers.
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet(3pm) AuthorizeNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet::AIM(3pm) AuthorizeNet AIM backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet::AIM::ErrorCodes(3pm) Easy lookup of Authorize.Net's AIM result reason.
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet::ARB(3pm) AuthorizeNet ARB backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::PayPal::API(3pm) PayPal SOAP API client with sandbox support.
Business::PayPal::API::AuthorizationRequest(3pm) PayPal AuthorizationRequest API.
Business::PayPal::API::CaptureRequest(3pm) PayPal CaptureRequest API.
Business::PayPal::API::DirectPayments(3pm) PayPal DirectPayments API.
Business::PayPal::API::ExpressCheckout(3pm) PayPal Express Checkout API.
Business::PayPal::API::GetBalance(3pm) PayPal GetBalance API.
Business::PayPal::API::GetTransactionDetails(3pm) PayPal GetTransactionDetails API.
Business::PayPal::API::MassPay(3pm) PayPal MassPay API.
Business::PayPal::API::ReauthorizationRequest(3pm) PayPal ReauthorizationRequest API.
Business::PayPal::API::RecurringPayments(3pm) PayPal RecurringPayments API.
Business::PayPal::API::RefundTransaction(3pm) PayPal RefundTransaction API.
Business::PayPal::API::TransactionSearch(3pm) PayPal TransactionSearch API.
Business::PayPal::API::VoidRequest(3pm) PayPal VoidRequest API.
bytes(3perl) Perl pragma to force byte semantics rather than character semantics.
c2ph(1) Dump C structures as generated from "cc -g -S" stabs.
Cache::FastMmap(3pm) Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache.
Cache::Memcached::Fast(3pm) Perl client for memcached, in C language.
Cache::Memcached::GetParserXS(3pm) GetParser implementation in XS for use with Cache::Memcached.
Cache::Mmap(3pm) Shared data cache using memory mapped files.
Cairo(3pm) Perl interface to the cairo 2d vector graphics library.
Cairo::GObject(3pm) Integrate Cairo into the Glib type system.
Capture::Tiny(3pm) Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs.
Carp(3perl) Alternative warn and die for modules.
Carton(3pm) Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl).
Carton::Doc::Bundle(3pm) Bundle cached tarballs in vendor/cache.
Carton::Doc::Check(3pm) Check if your cpanfile and local environment are in sync.
Carton::Doc::Exec(3pm) Execute your script in a carton local environment.
Carton::Doc::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions.
Carton::Doc::Fatpack(3pm) Fatpack carton executable into vendor/bin.
Carton::Doc::Install(3pm) Install the dependencies.
Carton::Doc::List(3pm) List dependencies tracked in the cpanfile.snapshot file.
Carton::Doc::Show(3pm) Show the module information.
Carton::Doc::Tree(3pm) Show the tree of dependency graph.
Carton::Doc::Update(3pm) Update the dependencies.
Carton::Doc::Upgrading(3pm) Upgrading document.
Carton::Doc::Version(3pm) Display version.
catmandu(1p) LibreCat command line tools.
Catmandu(3pm) A data toolkit.
Catmandu::Addable(3pm) Base class for all Catmandu modules need to implement add.
Catmandu::ArrayIterator(3pm) Convert an arrayref to an Iterable object.
Catmandu::Bag(3pm) A Catmandu::Store compartment to persist data.
Catmandu::Buffer(3pm) A base class for modules that need an array buffer.
Catmandu::CLI(3pm) The App::Cmd application class for the catmandu command line script.
Catmandu::Cmd(3pm) A base class for extending the Catmandu command line.
Catmandu::Cmd::config(3pm) Export the Catmandu config.
Catmandu::Cmd::convert(3pm) Convert objects.
Catmandu::Cmd::count(3pm) Count the number of objects in a store.
Catmandu::Cmd::data(3pm) Store, index, search, import, export or convert objects.
Catmandu::Cmd::delete(3pm) Delete objects from a store.
Catmandu::Cmd::export(3pm) Export objects from a store.
Catmandu::Cmd::help(3pm) Show help.
Catmandu::Cmd::import(3pm) Import objects into a store.
Catmandu::Cmd::info(3pm) List installed Catmandu modules.
Catmandu::Cmd::move(3pm) Move objects to another store.
Catmandu::Cmd::run(3pm) Run a fix command.
Catmandu::Counter(3pm) A Base class for modules who need to count things.
Catmandu::Env(3pm) A catmandu configuration file loader.
Catmandu::Error(3pm) Catmandu error hierarchy.
Catmandu::Exporter(3pm) Namespace for packages that can export.
Catmandu::Exporter::CSV(3pm) A CSV exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::JSON(3pm) A JSON exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::MAB2(3pm) Package that exports MAB2 data.
Catmandu::Exporter::Multi(3pm) Export you data to multiple exporters.
Catmandu::Exporter::Null(3pm) A expoter that doesn't export anything.
Catmandu::Exporter::RDF(3pm) Serialize RDF data.
Catmandu::Exporter::Text(3pm) A Text exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::YAML(3pm) A YAML exporter.
Catmandu::Fix(3pm) A Catmandu class used for data crunching.
Catmandu::Fix::add_field(3pm) Add or change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index.
Catmandu::Fix::add_to_exporter(3pm) Export a record as side effect.
Catmandu::Fix::add_to_store(3pm) Add matching values to a store as a side effect.
Catmandu::Fix::append(3pm) Add a suffix to the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::aref_query(3pm) Copy values of RDF in aREF to a new field.
Catmandu::Fix::array(3pm) Creates an array out of a hash.
Catmandu::Fix::assoc(3pm) Associate two values as a hash key and value.
Catmandu::Fix::Base(3pm) Base class for all code emitting Catmandu fixes.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind(3pm) A wrapper for Catmandu::Fix-es.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::benchmark(3pm) A binder that calculates the execution time of Fix functions.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::hashmap(3pm) A binder to add key/value pairs to an internal hashmap.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::identity(3pm) A binder that doesn't influence computation.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::importer(3pm) A binder runs fixes on records from an importer.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::list(3pm) A binder that computes Fix-es for every element in a list.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::mab_each(3pm) A binder that loops over MAB2 fields.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::maybe(3pm) A binder that skips fixes if one returns undef or dies.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::timeout(3pm) Run fixes that should run within a time limit.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::visitor(3pm) A binder that computes Fix-es for every element in record.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::with(3pm) A binder that computes Fix-es in the context of a path.
Catmandu::Fix::capitalize(3pm) Capitalize the value of a key.
Catmandu::Fix::clone(3pm) Create a clone of the data object.
Catmandu::Fix::code(3pm) Run arbitrary code as fix.
Catmandu::Fix::collapse(3pm) Convert nested data into a flat hash using the TT2 dot convention.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition(3pm) Role for all Catmandu::Fix conditionals.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::all_equal(3pm) Execute fixes when all path values equal a string value.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::all_match(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values match the given regex.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::any_equal(3pm) Execute fixes when at least one of the path values equal a string value.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::any_match(3pm) Only execute fixes if any path value matches the given regex.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::exists(3pm) Only execute fixes if the path exists.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::greater_than(3pm) Excute fixes when a field is greater than a value.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::in(3pm) Only execute fixes the data in one path is contained in another.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_false(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are the boolean false, 0 or "false".
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_true(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are the boolean true, 1 or "true".
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::less_than(3pm) Excute fixes when a field is less than a value.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::mab_match(3pm) Conditionals on MAB2 fields.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::SimpleAllTest(3pm) Base class to ease the construction of all match conditionals.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::SimpleAnyTest(3pm) Base class to ease the construction of any match conditionals.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::SimpleCompareTest(3pm) Base class to ease the construction of compare conditionals.
Catmandu::Fix::copy_field(3pm) Copy the value of one field to a new field.
Catmandu::Fix::count(3pm) Replace the value of an array or hash field with it's count.
Catmandu::Fix::downcase(3pm) Lowercase the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::expand(3pm) Convert a flat hash into nested data using the TT2 dot convention.
Catmandu::Fix::expand_date(3pm) Expand a date field into year, month and date.
Catmandu::Fix::filter(3pm) Filter values out of an array based on a regular expression.
Catmandu::Fix::flatten(3pm) Flatten a nested array field.
Catmandu::Fix::format(3pm) Replace the value with a formatted (sprintf-like) version.
Catmandu::Fix::from_json(3pm) Replace a json field with the parsed value.
Catmandu::Fix::Has(3pm) Helper class for creating Fix-es with (optional) parameters.
Catmandu::Fix::hash(3pm) Creates a hash out of an array.
Catmandu::Fix::import(3pm) Change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index by replacing it's value with imported.
Catmandu::Fix::include(3pm) Include fixes from another file.
Catmandu::Fix::join_field(3pm) Join the ARRAY values of a field into a string.
Catmandu::Fix::log(3pm) Log::Any logger as fix.
Catmandu::Fix::lookup(3pm) Change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index by looking up it's value in a dictionary.
Catmandu::Fix::lookup_in_store(3pm) Change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index by looking up it's value in a.
Catmandu::Fix::mab_map(3pm) Copy mab values of one field to a new field.
Catmandu::Fix::move_field(3pm) Move a field to another place in the data structure.
Catmandu::Fix::nothing(3pm) Does nothing (for testing).
Catmandu::Fix::parse_text(3pm) Parses a text into an array or hash of values.
Catmandu::Fix::Parser(3pm) The parser of the Catmandu::Fix language.
Catmandu::Fix::perlcode(3pm) Execute Perl code as fix function.
Catmandu::Fix::prepend(3pm) Add a prefix to the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::reject(3pm) Remove a record form the data.
Catmandu::Fix::remove_field(3pm) Remove a field form the data.
Catmandu::Fix::replace_all(3pm) Search and replace using regex expressions.
Catmandu::Fix::retain(3pm) Delete everything except the paths given.
Catmandu::Fix::retain_field(3pm) Delete everything from a field except.
Catmandu::Fix::reverse(3pm) Reverse a string or an array.
Catmandu::Fix::set_array(3pm) Add or change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index to an array.
Catmandu::Fix::set_field(3pm) Add or change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index.
Catmandu::Fix::set_hash(3pm) Add or change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index to a hash.
Catmandu::Fix::SimpleGetValue(3pm) Helper class for creating emit Fix-es.
Catmandu::Fix::sleep(3pm) Do nothing for a specified ammount of time.
Catmandu::Fix::sort_field(3pm) Sort the values of an array.
Catmandu::Fix::split_field(3pm) Split a string value in a field into an ARRAY.
Catmandu::Fix::substring(3pm) Extract a substring out of the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::sum(3pm) Replace the value of an array field with the sum of it's elements.
Catmandu::Fix::to_json(3pm) Convert the value of a field to json.
Catmandu::Fix::trim(3pm) Trim leading and ending junk from the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::uniq(3pm) Strip duplicate values from an array.
Catmandu::Fix::upcase(3pm) Uppercase the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::vacuum(3pm) Delete all empty fields from your data.
Catmandu::Fixable(3pm) A Catmandu role to apply fixes.
Catmandu::Hits(3pm) Iterable object that wraps Catmandu::Store search hits.
Catmandu::IdGenerator(3pm) A base class for modules that needs to generate identifiers.
Catmandu::IdGenerator::Mock(3pm) Generator of increasing identifiers.
Catmandu::IdGenerator::UUID(3pm) Generator of UUID identifiers.
Catmandu::Importer(3pm) Namespace for packages that can import.
Catmandu::Importer::CSV(3pm) Package that imports CSV data.
Catmandu::Importer::JSON(3pm) Package that imports JSON data.
Catmandu::Importer::MAB2(3pm) Package that imports MAB2 data.
Catmandu::Importer::Mock(3pm) Mock importer used for testing purposes.
Catmandu::Importer::Modules(3pm) List installed perl modules in a given namespace.
Catmandu::Importer::Multi(3pm) Chain multiple importers together.
Catmandu::Importer::Null(3pm) Null importer used for testing purposes.
Catmandu::Importer::RDF(3pm) Parse RDF data.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::mabxml(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses into Catmandu MAB2.
Catmandu::Importer::Text(3pm) Package that imports textual data.
Catmandu::Importer::YAML(3pm) Package that imports YAML data.
Catmandu::Interactive(3pm) An interactive command line interpreter of the Fix language.
Catmandu::Introduction(3pm) A Catmandu HOW TO.
Catmandu::Iterable(3pm) Base class for all iterable Catmandu classes.
Catmandu::Iterator(3pm) Base class for all Catmandu iterators.
Catmandu::Logger(3pm) A role for classes that need logging capabilities.
Catmandu::MAB2(3pm) Catmandu modules for working with MAB2 data.
Catmandu::MultiIterator(3pm) Chain multiple iterators together.
Catmandu::Paged(3pm) Base class for packages that need paging result sets.
Catmandu::Pluggable(3pm) A role for classes that need plugin capabilities.
Catmandu::Plugin::Datestamps(3pm) Automatically add datestamps to Catmandu::Store records.
Catmandu::Plugin::Versioning(3pm) Automatically adds versioning to Catmandu::Store records.
Catmandu::RDF(3pm) Modules for handling RDF data within the Catmandu framework.
Catmandu::Sane(3pm) Package boilerplate.
Catmandu::Searchable(3pm) Base class for all searchable Catmandu classes.
Catmandu::Serializer(3pm) Base class for all Catmandu Serializers.
Catmandu::Serializer::json(3pm) A (de)serializer from and to json.
Catmandu::Store(3pm) Namespace for packages that can make data persistent.
Catmandu::Store::Hash(3pm) An in-memory store.
Catmandu::Store::Hash::Bag(3pm) Bag implementation for the Hash store.
Catmandu::Store::MongoDB(3pm) A searchable store backed by MongoDB.
Catmandu::Store::Multi(3pm) A store that adds your data to multiple stores.
Catmandu::Store::Multi::Bag(3pm) Bag implementation for the Multi store.
Catmandu::Util(3pm) A collection of utility functions.
Catmandu::Validator(3pm) Namespace for packages that can validate records in Catmandu.
Catmandu::Validator::Simple(3pm) Simple Validator for Catmandu.
ccconfig(1p) Get Convert::Binary::C configuration for a compiler.
CDB_File(3pm) Perl extension for access to cdb databases.
Cflow(3pm) Find "interesting" flows in raw IP flow files.
CGI(3pm) Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses.
CGI::Application::Plugin::MessageStack(3pm) A message stack for your CGI::Application.
CGI::Carp(3pm) CGI routines for writing to the HTTPD (or other) error log.
CGI::Compile(3pm) Compile .cgi scripts to a code reference like ModPerl::Registry.
CGI::Cookie(3pm) Interface to HTTP Cookies.
CGI::HTML::Functions(3pm) Documentation for Legacy HTML Functionality.
CGI::Pretty(3pm) Module to produce nicely formatted HTML code.
CGI::Push(3pm) Simple Interface to Server Push.
CGI::Session(3pm) Persistent session data in CGI applications.
CGI::Session::Driver(3pm) CGI::Session driver specifications.
CGI::Session::Driver::db_file(3pm) CGI::Session driver for BerkeleyDB using DB_File.
CGI::Session::Driver::DBI(3pm) Base class for native DBI-related CGI::Session drivers.
CGI::Session::Driver::file(3pm) Default CGI::Session driver.
CGI::Session::Driver::mysql(3pm) CGI::Session driver for MySQL database.
CGI::Session::Driver::postgresql(3pm) PostgreSQL driver for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::Driver::sqlite(3pm) CGI::Session driver for SQLite.
CGI::Session::ErrorHandler(3pm) Error handling routines for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::ID::incr(3pm) CGI::Session ID driver.
CGI::Session::ID::md5(3pm) Default CGI::Session ID generator.
CGI::Session::ID::static(3pm) CGI::Session ID Driver for generating static IDs.
CGI::Session::Serialize::default(3pm) Default CGI::Session serializer.
CGI::Session::Serialize::freezethaw(3pm) Serializer for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::Serialize::storable(3pm) Serializer for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::Test::Default(3pm) Run a suite of tests for a given CGI::Session::Driver.
CGI::Session::Tutorial(3pm) Extended CGI::Session manual.
CGI::Struct::XS(3pm) Build structures from CGI data. Fast.
CGI::Test(3pm) CGI regression test framework.
CGI::Test::Form(3pm) Querying interface to CGI form widgets.
CGI::Test::Form::Group(3pm) Records groups of box-type widgets.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget(3pm) Ancestor of all form widget classes.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box(3pm) Abstract representation of a tickable box.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Check(3pm) A checkbox widget.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Radio(3pm) A radio button widget.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button(3pm) Abstract representation of a button.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Image(3pm) A nice submit button.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Plain(3pm) A button with client-side processing.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Reset(3pm) A reset button.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Submit(3pm) A submit button.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Hidden(3pm) A hidden field.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input(3pm) Abstract representation of an input field.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::File(3pm) A file upload control.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Password(3pm) A password field.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Text_Area(3pm) A text area.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Text_Field(3pm) A text field.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu(3pm) Abstract representation of a menu.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu::List(3pm) A scrolling list menu.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu::Popup(3pm) A popup menu.
CGI::Test::Input(3pm) Abstract representation of POST input.
CGI::Test::Input::Multipart(3pm) POST input encoded as multipart/form-data.
CGI::Test::Input::URL(3pm) POST input encoded as application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
CGI::Test::Page(3pm) Abstract represention of an HTTP reply content.
CGI::Test::Page::Error(3pm) An HTTP error page.
CGI::Test::Page::HTML(3pm) A HTML page reply.
CGI::Test::Page::Other(3pm) A real page, but neither text nor HTML.
CGI::Test::Page::Real(3pm) Abstract representation of a real page.
CGI::Test::Page::Text(3pm) A text page reply.
CGI::Util(3pm) Internal utilities used by CGI module.
change_paired_read_orientation(1p) Change the orientation of paired-end reads in a FASTA file.
charnames(3perl) Access to Unicode character names and named character sequences; also define character names.
check-zone-expiration(1p) Displays how long until a zone's records expire.
check_email_delivery(7) Sends email and verifies delivery.
check_imap_quota(7) Connects to an IMAP account and checks the quota.
check_imap_receive(7) Connects to and searches an IMAP account for messages.
check_lm_sensors(7) Nagios plugin to monitor hardware sensors and disk temperatures.
check_rbl(7) A Nagios plugin to check if an SMTP server is blacklisted.
check_smtp_send(7) Connects to an SMTP server and sends a message.
Chemistry::Formula(3pm) Enumerate elements in a chemical formula.
CHI::Driver::Redis(3pm) Redis driver for CHI.
Chipcard::PCSC(3pm) Smart card reader interface library.
Chipcard::PCSC::Card(3pm) Smart card communication library. Makes stitch files for feeding to to allow feeding of multiple chromosomes to.
Clang(3pm) Perl bindings to the Clang compiler's indexing interface.
Clang::Cursor(3pm) Clang cursor class.
Clang::CursorKind(3pm) Clang cursor kind class.
Clang::Diagnostic(3pm) Clang diagnostic class.
Clang::Index(3pm) Clang index class.
Clang::TUnit(3pm) Clang translation unit class.
Clang::Type(3pm) Clang type class.
Clang::TypeKind(3pm) Clang type kind class.
Class::C3::XS(3pm) XS speedups for Class::C3.
Class::Date(3pm) Class for easy date and time manipulation.
Class::Load::XS(3pm) XS implementation of parts of Class::Load.
Class::MethodMaker(3pm) Create generic methods for OO Perl.
Class::MethodMaker::array(3pm) Create methods for handling an array value.
Class::MethodMaker::Constants(3pm) The Constants Class for Class::MethodMaker.
Class::MethodMaker::Engine(3pm) The parameter passing, method installation & non-data-structure methods of.
Class::MethodMaker::hash(3pm) Create methods for handling a hash value.
Class::MethodMaker::OptExt(3pm) Constants for C::MM's option extension mechanism.
Class::MethodMaker::scalar(3pm) Create methods for handling a scalar value.
Class::MethodMaker::V1Compat(3pm) V1 compatibility code for C::MM.
Class::MOP(3pm) A Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5.
Class::MOP::Attribute(3pm) Attribute Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Class(3pm) Class Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Class::Immutable::Trait(3pm) Implements immutability for metaclass objects.
Class::MOP::Deprecated(3pm) Manages deprecation warnings for Class::MOP.
Class::MOP::Instance(3pm) Instance Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Method(3pm) Method Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Method::Accessor(3pm) Method Meta Object for accessors.
Class::MOP::Method::Constructor(3pm) Method Meta Object for constructors.
Class::MOP::Method::Generated(3pm) Abstract base class for generated methods.
Class::MOP::Method::Inlined(3pm) Method base class for methods which have been inlined.
Class::MOP::Method::Meta(3pm) Method Meta Object for "meta" methods.
Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped(3pm) Method Meta Object for methods with before/after/around modifiers.
Class::MOP::MiniTrait(3pm) Extremely limited trait application.
Class::MOP::Mixin(3pm) Base class for mixin classes.
Class::MOP::Mixin::AttributeCore(3pm) Core attributes shared by attribute metaclasses.
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasAttributes(3pm) Methods for metaclasses which have attributes.
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasMethods(3pm) Methods for metaclasses which have methods.
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasOverloads(3pm) Methods for metaclasses which have overloads.
Class::MOP::Module(3pm) Module Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Object(3pm) Base class for metaclasses.
Class::MOP::Overload(3pm) Overload Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Package(3pm) Package Meta Object.
Class::Struct(3perl) Declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes.
Class::XSAccessor(3pm) Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation.
Class::XSAccessor::Array(3pm) Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation.
Class::XSAccessor::Heavy(3pm) Guts you don't care about.
cleanarch(1p) Clean a DNSSEC-Tools key archive of old keys.
cleankrf(1p) Clean a DNSSEC-Tools keyrec files of old data.
Clone(3pm) Recursively copy Perl datatypes.
Clutter(3pm) Perl interface to the 1.x series of the Clutter toolkit.
cme(1p) Check or edit configuration data with Config::Model.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSBeautifier(3pm) Use JavaScript::Beautifier with tidyall.
Collectd::Unixsock(3pm) Abstraction layer for accessing the functionality by collectd's unixsock plugin.
common::sense(3pm) Save a tree AND a kitten, use common::sense!.
Compress::Bzip2(3pm) Interface to Bzip2 compression library.
Compress::Raw::Bzip2(3perl) Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library.
Compress::Raw::Bzip2(3pm) Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library.
Compress::Raw::Lzma(3pm) Low-Level Interface to lzma compression library.
Compress::Raw::Zlib(3perl) Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library.
Compress::Raw::Zlib(3pm) Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library.
Compress::Zlib(3perl) Interface to zlib compression library.
Config(3perl) Access Perl configuration information.
config-model-edit(1p) Deprecated use cme meta edit.
Config::Augeas(3pm) Edit configuration files through Augeas C library.
Config::Extensions(3perl) Hash lookup of which core extensions were built.
Config::Grammar(3pm) A grammar-based, user-friendly config parser.
Config::Grammar::Dynamic(3pm) A grammar-based, user-friendly config parser.
Config::Model(3pm) Create tools to validate, migrate and edit configuration files.
Config::Model::Annotation(3pm) Read and write configuration annotations.
Config::Model::AnyId(3pm) Base class for hash or list element.
Config::Model::AnyThing(3pm) Base class for configuration tree item.
Config::Model::Backend::Any(3pm) Virtual class for other backends.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg(3pm) Read and write config as plain file.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Control(3pm) Read and write Debian Dpkg control information.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm) Read and write Debian Dpkg License information.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Patch(3pm) Read and write Debian Dpkg Patch information.
Config::Model::Backend::DpkgSyntax(3pm) Role to read and write files with Dpkg syntax.
Config::Model::Backend::Fstab(3pm) Read and write config from fstab file.
Config::Model::Backend::IniFile(3pm) Read and write config as a INI file.
Config::Model::Backend::Json(3pm) Read and write config as a JSON data structure.
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh(3pm) Common backend methods for Ssh and Sshd backends.
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh::Ssh(3pm) Backend for ssh configuration files.
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh::Sshd(3pm) Backend for sshd configuration files.
Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile(3pm) Read and write config as plain file.
Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar(3pm) Read and write config as a "SHELLVAR" data structure.
Config::Model::Backend::Yaml(3pm) Read and write config as a YAML data structure.
Config::Model::BackendMgr(3pm) Load configuration node on demand.
Config::Model::CheckList(3pm) Handle check list element.
Config::Model::Cookbook::CreateModelFromDoc(3pm) Create a configuration model from application documentation.
Config::Model::CursesUI(3pm) Curses interface to edit config data.
Config::Model::Describe(3pm) Provide a description of a node element.
Config::Model::Dpkg(3pm) Edit and validate Dpkg source files.
Config::Model::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm) Fill the File sections of debian/copyright file.
Config::Model::Dpkg::Dependency(3pm) Checks Debian dependency declarations.
Config::Model::DumpAsData(3pm) Dump configuration content as a perl data structure.
Config::Model::Dumper(3pm) Serialize data of config tree.
Config::Model::Exception(3pm) Exception mechanism for configuration model.
Config::Model::FuseUI(3pm) Fuse virtual file interface for Config::Model.
Config::Model::HashId(3pm) Handle hash element for configuration model.
Config::Model::IdElementReference(3pm) Refer to id element(s) and extract keys.
Config::Model::Instance(3pm) Instance of configuration tree.
Config::Model::Iterator(3pm) Iterates forward or backward a configuration tree.
Config::Model::Itself(3pm) Model editor for Config::Model.
Config::Model::Itself::BackendDetector(3pm) Detect available read/write backends usable by config models.
Config::Model::LcdProc(3pm) Edit and validate LcdProc configuration file.
Config::Model::Lister(3pm) List available models and applications.
Config::Model::ListId(3pm) Handle list element for configuration model.
Config::Model::Loader(3pm) Load serialized data into config tree.
Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationAdvanced(3pm) Creating a model with advanced features.
Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationIntroduction(3pm) Introduction to model creation with Config::Model.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Control(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Control.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Control::Binary(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Control::Binary.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Control::Source(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Control::Source.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::Content(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::Content.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FileLicense(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::FileLicense.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FillBlanks(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::FillBlanks.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FillBlanks::Pattern(3pm) Configuration class.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::GlobalLicense(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::GlobalLicense.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::LicenseSpec(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::LicenseSpec.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::ScanPatterns(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::ScanPatterns.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::ScanPatterns::Lists(3pm) Configuration class.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Meta(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Meta.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Patch(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Patch.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Patches(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Patches.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Source(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Source.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Source::Options(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Source::Options.
Config::Model::models::Fstab(3pm) Configuration class Fstab.
Config::Model::models::Fstab::FsLine(3pm) Configuration class Fstab::FsLine.
Config::Model::models::Itself::Class(3pm) Configuration class Itself::Class.
Config::Model::models::Itself::CommonElement::Assert(3pm) Configuration class Itself::CommonElement::Assert.
Config::Model::models::Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch(3pm) Configuration class.
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigAccept(3pm) Configuration class Itself::ConfigAccept.
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigRead(3pm) Configuration class Itself::ConfigRead.
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigWR::DefaultLayer(3pm) Configuration class Itself::ConfigWR::DefaultLayer.
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigWrite(3pm) Configuration class Itself::ConfigWrite.
Config::Model::models::Itself::Element(3pm) Configuration class Itself::Element.
Config::Model::models::LCDd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::bayrad(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::bayrad.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::CFontz(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::CFontz.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::CFontzPacket(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::CFontzPacket.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::curses(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::curses.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::CwLnx(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::CwLnx.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::ea65(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::ea65.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::EyeboxOne(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::EyeboxOne.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::g15(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::g15.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::glcd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::glcd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::glcdlib(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::glcdlib.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::glk(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::glk.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::hd44780(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::hd44780.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::icp_a106(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::icp_a106.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::imon(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::imon.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::imonlcd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::imonlcd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::IOWarrior(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::IOWarrior.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::IrMan(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::IrMan.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::irtrans(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::irtrans.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::joy(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::joy.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lb216(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lb216.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lcdm001(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lcdm001.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lcterm(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lcterm.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lirc(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lirc.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lis(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lis.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::MD8800(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::MD8800.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::mdm166a(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::mdm166a.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::menu(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::menu.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::ms6931(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::ms6931.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::mtc_s16209x(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::mtc_s16209x.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::MtxOrb(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::MtxOrb.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::mx5000(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::mx5000.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::NoritakeVFD(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::NoritakeVFD.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::picolcd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::picolcd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::pyramid(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::pyramid.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::rawserial(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::rawserial.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::sdeclcd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::sdeclcd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::sed1330(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::sed1330.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::sed1520(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::sed1520.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::serialPOS(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::serialPOS.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::serialVFD(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::serialVFD.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::server(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::server.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::shuttleVFD(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::shuttleVFD.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::sli(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::sli.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::stv5730(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::stv5730.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::SureElec(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::SureElec.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::svga(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::svga.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::t6963(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::t6963.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::text(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::text.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::tyan(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::tyan.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::ula200(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::ula200.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::vlsys_m428(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::vlsys_m428.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::xosd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::xosd.
Config::Model::models::Multistrap(3pm) Configuration class Multistrap.
Config::Model::models::Multistrap::Section(3pm) Configuration class Multistrap::Section.
Config::Model::models::PopCon(3pm) Configuration class PopCon.
Config::Model::models::Ssh::HostElement(3pm) Configuration class Ssh::HostElement.
Config::Model::models::Ssh::PortForward(3pm) Configuration class Ssh::PortForward.
Config::Model::models::Sshd(3pm) Configuration class Sshd.
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchBlock(3pm) Configuration class Sshd::MatchBlock.
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchCondition(3pm) Configuration class Sshd::MatchCondition.
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchElement(3pm) Configuration class Sshd::MatchElement.
Config::Model::models::SystemSsh(3pm) Configuration class SystemSsh.
Config::Model::Node(3pm) Class for configuration tree node.
Config::Model::ObjTreeScanner(3pm) Scan config tree and perform call-backs for each element or node.
Config::Model::OpenSsh(3pm) OpenSSH config editor.
Config::Model::Report(3pm) Reports data from config tree.
Config::Model::Role::NodeLoader(3pm) Load Node element in configuration tree.
Config::Model::Role::WarpMaster(3pm) Register and trigger a warped element.
Config::Model::SearchElement(3pm) Search an element in a configuration model.
Config::Model::SimpleUI(3pm) Simple interface for Config::Model.
Config::Model::TermUI(3pm) Provides Config::Model UI with Term::ReadLine.
Config::Model::Tester(3pm) Test framework for Config::Model.
Config::Model::TkUI(3pm) Tk GUI to edit config data through Config::Model.
Config::Model::TreeSearcher(3pm) Search tree for match in value, description...
Config::Model::Utils::GenClassPod(3pm) Generate pod documentation from configuration models.
Config::Model::Value(3pm) Strongly typed configuration value.
Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude(3pm) Include a sub layer configuration.
Config::Model::ValueComputer(3pm) Provides configuration value computation.
Config::Model::WarpedNode(3pm) Node that change config class properties.
Config::Model::Warper(3pm) Warp tree properties.
Config::Onion(3pm) Layered configuration, because configs are like ogres.
Config::Onion::Simple(3pm) Simple interface to a Config::Onion singleton.
Config::Perl::V(3perl) Structured data retrieval of perl -V output.
config_data(1p) Query or change configuration of Perl modules.
constant(3perl) Perl pragma to declare constants.
Convert::Binary::C(3pm) Binary Data Conversion using C Types.
Convert::Binary::C::Cached(3pm) Caching for Convert::Binary::C.
Convert::NLS_DATE_FORMAT(3pm) Convert Oracle NLS_DATE_FORMAT strftime Format Strings.
Convert::UUlib(3pm) Perl interface to the uulib library (a.k.a. uudeview/uuenview).
convertar(1p) Converts trust anchor repositories from one format to another.
CORE(3perl) Namespace for Perl's core routines.
corelist(1) A commandline frontend to Module::CoreList.
corelist(1p) A commandline frontend to Module::CoreList.
Courriel(3pm) High level email parsing and manipulation.
Courriel::Builder(3pm) Build emails with sugar.
Courriel::Header(3pm) A single header's name and value.
Courriel::Header::ContentType(3pm) The content type for an email part.
Courriel::Header::Disposition(3pm) The content disposition for an email part.
Courriel::HeaderAttribute(3pm) A single attribute belonging to a header.
Courriel::Headers(3pm) The headers for an email part.
Courriel::Part::Multipart(3pm) A part which contains other parts.
Courriel::Part::Single(3pm) A part which does not contain other parts, only content.
cover(1p) Report coverage statistics.
cpan(1) Easily interact with CPAN from the command line.
CPAN(3perl) Query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites.
cpan-upload(1p) Upload a distribution to the CPAN.
cpan2dist(1p) The CPANPLUS distribution creator.
cpan5.22-i386-linux-gnu(1) Easily interact with CPAN from the command line.
CPAN::API::HOWTO(3perl) A recipe book for programming with
CPAN::Debug(3perl) Internal debugging for
CPAN::FirstTime(3perl) Utility for CPAN::Config file Initialization.
CPAN::HandleConfig(3perl) Internal configuration handling for
CPAN::Kwalify(3perl) Interface between and
CPAN::Meta(3perl) The distribution metadata for a CPAN dist.
CPAN::Meta::Converter(3perl) Convert CPAN distribution metadata structures.
CPAN::Meta::Feature(3perl) An optional feature provided by a CPAN distribution.
CPAN::Meta::History(3perl) History of CPAN Meta Spec changes.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_0(3perl) Version 1.0 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_1(3perl) Version 1.1 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_2(3perl) Version 1.2 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_3(3perl) Version 1.3 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_4(3perl) Version 1.4 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::Merge(3perl) Merging CPAN Meta fragments.
CPAN::Meta::Prereqs(3perl) A set of distribution prerequisites by phase and type.
CPAN::Meta::Requirements(3perl) A set of version requirements for a CPAN dist.
CPAN::Meta::Spec(3perl) Specification for CPAN distribution metadata.
CPAN::Meta::Validator(3perl) Validate CPAN distribution metadata structures.
CPAN::Meta::YAML(3perl) Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files.
CPAN::Mirrors(3perl) Get CPAN mirror information and select a fast one.
CPAN::Nox(3perl) Wrapper around without using any XS module.
CPAN::Perl::Releases(3pm) Mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs.
CPAN::Plugin(3perl) Base class for CPAN shell extensions.
CPAN::Plugin::Specfile(3perl) Proof of concept implementation of a trivial CPAN::Plugin.
CPAN::Queue(3perl) Internal queue support for
CPAN::Tarzip(3perl) Internal handling of tar archives for
CPAN::Uploader(3pm) Upload things to the CPAN.
CPAN::Version(3perl) Utility functions to compare CPAN versions.
cpancover(1p) Report coverage statistics on CPAN modules.
Cpanel::JSON::XS(3pm) CPanel fork of JSON::XS, fast and correct serializing.
Cpanel::JSON::XS::Boolean(3pm) Dummy module providing JSON::XS::Boolean.
cpanel_json_xs(1p) Cpanel::JSON::XS commandline utility.
cpanfile(3pm) A format for describing CPAN dependencies for Perl applications.
cpanfile-dump(1p) Dump prerequisites from a cpanfile.
cpanfile-faq(3pm) Cpanfile FAQ.
cpanm(1p) Get, unpack build and install modules from CPAN.
cpanp(1p) The CPANPLUS launcher.
CPANPLUS(3pm) API & CLI access to the CPAN mirrors.
CPANPLUS::Backend(3pm) Programmer's interface to CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Backend::RV(3pm) Return value objects.
CPANPLUS::Config(3pm) Configuration defaults and heuristics for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Config::HomeEnv(3pm) Set the environment for the CPANPLUS base dir.
CPANPLUS::Config::System(3pm) CPANPLUS configuration file for Debian systems.
CPANPLUS::Configure(3pm) Configuration for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Dist(3pm) Base class for plugins.
CPANPLUS::Dist::Autobundle(3pm) Distribution class for installation snapshots.
CPANPLUS::Dist::Base(3pm) Base class for custom distribution classes.
CPANPLUS::Dist::MM(3pm) Distribution class for MakeMaker related modules.
CPANPLUS::Error(3pm) Error handling for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::FAQ(3pm) CPANPLUS Frequently Asked Questions.
CPANPLUS::Hacking(3pm) Developing CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Internals(3pm) CPANPLUS internals.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Extract(3pm) Internals for archive extraction.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Fetch(3pm) Internals for fetching files.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Report(3pm) Internals for sending test reports.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Search(3pm) Internals for searching for modules.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source(3pm) Internals for updating source files.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source::Memory(3pm) In memory implementation.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source::SQLite(3pm) SQLite implementation.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Utils(3pm) Convenience functions for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Module(3pm) CPAN module objects for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Module::Author(3pm) CPAN author object for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Module::Author::Fake(3pm) Dummy author object for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Module::Checksums(3pm) Checking the checksum of a distribution.
CPANPLUS::Module::Fake(3pm) Fake module object for internal use.
CPANPLUS::Selfupdate(3pm) Self-updating for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Shell(3pm) Base class for CPANPLUS shells.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Classic(3pm) emulation for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default(3pm) The default CPANPLUS shell.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::CustomSource(3pm) Add custom sources to CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Remote(3pm) Connect to a remote CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Source(3pm) Read in CPANPLUS commands.
create_pan_genome(1p) Create a pan genome from a set of GFF files with WTSI defaults.
create_pan_genome_plots(1p) Create R plots.
Crypt::Blowfish(3pm) Perl Blowfish encryption module.
Crypt::CAST5(3pm) CAST5 block cipher.
Crypt::CipherSaber(3pm) Perl module implementing CipherSaber encryption.
Crypt::Cracklib(3pm) Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib.
Crypt::DES(3pm) Perl DES encryption module.
Crypt::DH::GMP(3pm) Crypt::DH Using GMP Directly.
Crypt::DH::GMP::Compat(3pm) Compatibility Mode For Crypt::DH.
Crypt::Eksblowfish(3pm) The Eksblowfish block cipher.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt(3pm) Blowfish-based Unix crypt() password hash.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Blowfish(3pm) Blowfish block cipher via Eksblowfish engine.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Family(3pm) Eksblowfish cipher family.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Subkeyed(3pm) Blowfish/Eksblowfish with access to subkeys.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Uklblowfish(3pm) Blowfish cipher with unrestricted key length.
Crypt::Format(3pm) Conversion utilities for encryption applications.
Crypt::GCrypt(3pm) Perl interface to the GNU Cryptographic library.
Crypt::GCrypt::MPI(3pm) Perl interface to multi-precision integers from the GNU Cryptographic library.
Crypt::MySQL(3pm) Emulate MySQL PASSWORD() function.
Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum(3pm) OpenSSL's multiprecision integer arithmetic.
Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum::CTX(3pm) Perl interface to the OpenSSL BN_CTX structure.
Crypt::OpenSSL::DSA(3pm) Digital Signature Algorithm using OpenSSL.
Crypt::OpenSSL::DSA::Signature(3pm) Digital Signature Object.
Crypt::OpenSSL::PKCS10(3pm) Perl extension to OpenSSL's PKCS10 API.
Crypt::OpenSSL::PKCS12(3pm) Perl extension to OpenSSL's PKCS12 API.
Crypt::OpenSSL::Random(3pm) OpenSSL/LibreSSL pseudo-random number generator access.
Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA(3pm) RSA encoding and decoding, using the openSSL libraries.
Crypt::OpenSSL::X509(3pm) Perl extension to OpenSSL's X509 API.
Crypt::PBKDF2(3pm) The PBKDF2 password hashing algorithm.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash(3pm) Abstract role for PBKDF2 hashing algorithms.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::DigestHMAC(3pm) Digest::HMAC hash support for Crypt::PBKDF2.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA1(3pm) HMAC-SHA1 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA2(3pm) HMAC-SHA2 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA3(3pm) HMAC-SHA3 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::Rijndael(3pm) Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module.
Crypt::RSA::Parse(3pm) Parse RSA keys.
Crypt::SSLeay(3pm) OpenSSL support for LWP.
Crypt::SSLeay::Version(3pm) Obtain OpenSSL version information.
Crypt::Twofish(3pm) The Twofish Encryption Algorithm.
Crypt::UnixCrypt_XS(3pm) Perl xs interface for a portable traditional crypt function.
CSS::Minifier::XS(3pm) XS based CSS minifier.
csv2mipe(1) Generates MIPE file based on 3 tab-delimited files.
cupt(1) Console package management tool.
cupt.conf(5) Configuration file for Cupt.
cupt_vs_apt(5) Overview of things Cupt and APT differ in.
Curses(3pm) Terminal screen handling and optimization.
Cwd(3perl) Get pathname of current working directory.
cyradm(1p) Cyrus administration shell, alter ego of Cyrus::IMAP::Shell.
Cyrus::IMAP(3pm) Interface to Cyrus imclient library.
Cyrus::IMAP::Admin(3pm) Cyrus administrative interface Perl module.
Cyrus::IMAP::IMSP(3pm) Perl module for Cyrus IMSP user options.
Cyrus::IMAP::Shell(3pm) Perl version of cyradm.
Cyrus::SIEVE::managesieve(3pm) Perl extension for blah blah blah.
dahdi_genconf(8) Generate configuration for Dahdi channels.
dahdi_hardware(8) Shows Dahdi hardware devices.
dahdi_registration(8) Handle registration of Xorcom XPD modules in dahdi.
dancer2(1p) Dancer2 command line interface.
Dancer2(3pm) Lightweight yet powerful web application framework.
Dancer2::CLI(3pm) Dancer2 cli application.
Dancer2::CLI::Command::gen(3pm) Create new Dancer2 application.
Dancer2::CLI::Command::version(3pm) Display version.
Dancer2::Config(3pm) Configure Dancer2 to suit your needs.
Dancer2::Cookbook(3pm) Example-driven quick-start to the Dancer2 web framework.
Dancer2::Core(3pm) Core libraries for Dancer2 2.0.
Dancer2::Core::App(3pm) Encapsulation of Dancer2 packages.
Dancer2::Core::Cookie(3pm) A cookie representing class.
Dancer2::Core::Dispatcher(3pm) Class for dispatching request to the appropriate route handler.
Dancer2::Core::DSL(3pm) Dancer2's Domain Specific Language (DSL).
Dancer2::Core::Error(3pm) Class representing fatal errors.
Dancer2::Core::Factory(3pm) Instantiate components by type and name.
Dancer2::Core::Hook(3pm) Manipulate hooks with Dancer2.
Dancer2::Core::HTTP(3pm) Helper for rendering HTTP status codes for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Core::MIME(3pm) Class to ease manipulation of MIME types.
Dancer2::Core::Request(3pm) Interface for accessing incoming requests.
Dancer2::Core::Request::Upload(3pm) Class representing file upload requests.
Dancer2::Core::Response(3pm) Response object for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Core::Response::Delayed(3pm) Delayed responses.
Dancer2::Core::Role::ConfigReader(3pm) Config role for Dancer2 core objects.
Dancer2::Core::Role::DSL(3pm) Role for DSL.
Dancer2::Core::Role::Engine(3pm) Role for engines.
Dancer2::Core::Role::Handler(3pm) Role for Handlers.
Dancer2::Core::Role::HasLocation(3pm) Role for application location "guessing".
Dancer2::Core::Role::Hookable(3pm) Role for hookable objects.
Dancer2::Core::Role::Logger(3pm) Role for logger engines.
Dancer2::Core::Role::Serializer(3pm) Role for Serializer engines.
Dancer2::Core::Role::SessionFactory(3pm) Role for session factories.
Dancer2::Core::Role::SessionFactory::File(3pm) Role for file-based session factories.
Dancer2::Core::Role::StandardResponses(3pm) Role to provide commonly used responses.
Dancer2::Core::Role::Template(3pm) Role for template engines.
Dancer2::Core::Route(3pm) Dancer2's route handler.
Dancer2::Core::Runner(3pm) Top-layer class to start a dancer app.
Dancer2::Core::Session(3pm) Class to represent any session object.
Dancer2::Core::Time(3pm) Class to handle common helpers for time manipulations.
Dancer2::Core::Types(3pm) Moo types for Dancer2 core.
Dancer2::FileUtils(3pm) File utility helpers.
Dancer2::Handler::AutoPage(3pm) Class for handling the AutoPage feature.
Dancer2::Handler::File(3pm) Class for handling file content rendering.
Dancer2::Logger::Capture(3pm) Capture dancer logs.
Dancer2::Logger::Capture::Trap(3pm) A place to store captured Dancer2 logs.
Dancer2::Logger::Console(3pm) Console logger.
Dancer2::Logger::Diag(3pm) Test::More diag() logging engine for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Logger::File(3pm) File-based logging engine for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Logger::LogReport(3pm) Reroute Dancer2 logs into Log::Report.
Dancer2::Logger::Note(3pm) Test::More note() logging engine for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Logger::Null(3pm) Blackhole-like silent logging engine for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Manual(3pm) A gentle introduction to Dancer2.
Dancer2::Manual::Deployment(3pm) Common ways to put your Dancer app into use.
Dancer2::Manual::Migration(3pm) Migrating from Dancer to Dancer2.
Dancer2::Manual::Testing(3pm) Writing tests for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Plugin(3pm) Extending Dancer2's DSL with plugins.
Dancer2::Plugin::Database(3pm) Easy database connections for Dancer2 applications.
Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport(3pm) Logging and exceptions via Log::Report.
Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport::Message(3pm) Extended Log::Report message class.
Dancer2::Plugins(3pm) Recommended Dancer2 plugins.
Dancer2::Policy(3pm) Dancer core and community policy and standards of conduct.
Dancer2::Serializer::Dumper(3pm) Serializer for handling Dumper data.
Dancer2::Serializer::JSON(3pm) Serializer for handling JSON data.
Dancer2::Serializer::Mutable(3pm) Serialize and deserialize content based on HTTP header.
Dancer2::Serializer::YAML(3pm) Serializer for handling YAML data.
Dancer2::Session::Simple(3pm) In-memory session backend for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Session::YAML(3pm) YAML-file-based session backend for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Template::Implementation::ForkedTiny(3pm) Dancer2 own implementation of Template::Tiny.
Dancer2::Template::Simple(3pm) Pure Perl 5 template engine for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Template::TemplateToolkit(3pm) Template toolkit engine for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Template::Tiny(3pm) Template::Tiny engine for Dancer2.
Dancer2::Test(3pm) Useful routines for testing Dancer2 apps.
Dancer2::Tutorial(3pm) An example to get you dancing.
Dancer::Logger::LogReport(3pm) Reroute Dancer logs into Log::Report.
Dancer::Plugin::Database(3pm) Easy database connections for Dancer applications.
Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core(3pm) Shared core for D1 and D2 Database plugins.
Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core::Handle(3pm) Subclassed DBI connection handle.
Data::Alias(3pm) Comprehensive set of aliasing operations.
Data::Clone(3pm) Polymorphic data cloning.
Data::Compare(3pm) Compare perl data structures.
Data::Compare::Plugins(3pm) How to extend Data::Compare.
Data::Compare::Plugins::Scalar::Properties(3pm) Plugin for Data::Compare to handle Scalar::Properties objects.
Data::Dmp(3pm) Dump Perl data structures as Perl code.
Data::DP(3pm) Alias for Data::Peek.
Data::Dump::Streamer(3pm) Accurately serialize a data structure as Perl code.
Data::Dumper(3perl) Stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and "eval".
Data::Faker(3pm) Perl extension for generating fake data.
Data::Faker::Company(3pm) Data::Faker plugin.
Data::Faker::DateTime(3pm) Data::Faker plugin.
Data::Faker::Internet(3pm) Data::Faker plugin.
Data::Faker::Name(3pm) Data::Faker plugin.
Data::Faker::PhoneNumber(3pm) Data::Faker plugin.
Data::Faker::StreetAddress(3pm) Data::Faker plugin.
Data::HAL(3pm) Hypertext Application Language resource.
Data::HAL::Link(3pm) Hypertext Application Language link.
Data::HAL::URI(3pm) URI wrapper.
Data::MessagePack(3pm) MessagePack serializing/deserializing.
Data::MessagePack::PP(3pm) Pure Perl implementation of Data::MessagePack.
Data::MessagePack::Stream(3pm) Yet another messagepack streaming deserializer.
Data::MessagePack::Unpacker(3pm) (DEPRECATED)messagepack streaming deserializer.
Data::ObjectDriver(3pm) Simple, transparent data interface, with caching.
Data::ObjectDriver::BaseObject(3pm) Base class for modeled objects.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::BaseCache(3pm) Parent class for caching object drivers.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Apache(3pm) Object driver for caching objects in Apache's request space.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Memcached(3pm) Object driver for caching objects with memcached.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::DBD(3pm) Base class for database drivers.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::DBD::Oracle(3pm) Oracle Driver for Data::ObjectDriver.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::DBD::SQLite(3pm) SQLite driver.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::MultiPartition(3pm) Search thru partitioned objects without the partition_key.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Multiplexer(3pm) Multiplex multiple partitioned drivers.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Partition(3pm) Base class for partitioned object drivers.
Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::SimplePartition(3pm) Basic partitioned object driver.
Data::ObjectDriver::Errors(3pm) Container class for common database error codes.
Data::ObjectDriver::Profiler(3pm) Query profiling.
Data::ObjectDriver::ResultSet(3pm) Manage a DB query.
Data::ObjectDriver::SQL(3pm) An SQL statement.
Data::ObjectDriver::SQL::Oracle(3pm) An SQL statement for Oracle.
Data::Peek(3pm) A collection of low-level debug facilities.
Data::Pond(3pm) Perl-based open notation for data.
Data::Sah::Normalize(3pm) Normalize Sah schema.
Data::Stag(3pm) Structured Tags datastructures.
Data::Stag::Arr2HTML(3pm) Array to HTML handler.
Data::Stag::BaseGenerator(3pm) Base class for parsers and other event generators.
Data::Stag::BaseHandler(3pm) Base class for writing tag stream handlers.
Data::Stag::ChainHandler(3pm) Chain Handler.
Data::Stag::DTDWriter(3pm) DTD Writer.
Data::Stag::GraphHandler(3pm) Graph Handler.
Data::Stag::HashDB(3pm) Build indexes over Stag files or objects.
Data::Stag::IndentParser(3pm) Parses stag indent format into stag events.
Data::Stag::IndentWriter(3pm) Writes stag events into stag indent format.
Data::Stag::ITextParser(3pm) Parses stag IText format into stag events.
Data::Stag::ITextWriter(3pm) Writes stag events into stag IText format.
Data::Stag::JSONWriter(3pm) Writes stag events into JSON files.
Data::Stag::null(3pm) Null.
Data::Stag::PerlWriter(3pm) Writes stag events into perl POD documentation.
Data::Stag::PodParser(3pm) Parses perl POD documentation into stag events.
Data::Stag::SAX2Stag(3pm) Converts SAX events into Stag events.
Data::Stag::Simple(3pm) Simple.
Data::Stag::StagDB(3pm) Persistent storage and retrieval of stag nodes.
Data::Stag::StagImpl(3pm) Default implementation for Data::Stag.
Data::Stag::SxprParser(3pm) Parses Stag S-expression format.
Data::Stag::SxprWriter(3pm) Writes Stag S-expression format.
Data::Stag::Writer(3pm) Base class for all Writers.
Data::Stag::XMLParser(3pm) Parses XML files into stag events.
Data::Stag::XMLWriter(3pm) Writes stag events into XML files.
Data::Stag::XSLHandler(3pm) XSL Handler.
Data::Stag::XSLTHandler(3pm) XSLT Handler.
Data::StreamDeserializer(3pm) Non-blocking deserializer.
Data::StreamSerializer(3pm) Non-blocking serializer.
Data::Structure::Util(3pm) Change nature of data within a structure.
Data::Swap(3pm) Swap type and contents of variables.
Data::Util(3pm) A selection of utilities for data and data types.
Data::Util::Curry(3pm) Curries functions and methods.
Data::Util::Error(3pm) Deals with class-specific error handlers in Data::Util.
Data::Util::JA(3pm) データとデータ型のためのユーティリティ集.
Data::Util::PurePerl(3pm) The Pure Perl backend for Data::Util.
Data::UUID(3pm) OSSP uuid Backward Compatibility Perl Binding.
Data::UUID::LibUUID(3pm) Uuid.h based UUID generation (versions 2 and 4 depending on platform).
Data::UUID::LibUUID::DataUUIDCompat(3pm) Drop in Data::UUID replacement.
Data::Validate::IP(3pm) IPv4 and IPv6 validation methods.
Date::Calc::XS(3pm) XS wrapper and C library plug-in for Date::Calc.
Date::Pcalc(3pm) Gregorian calendar date calculations.
Date::Pcalc::Object(3pm) Object-oriented add-on for Date::Pcalc with overloaded operators.
Date::Pcalendar(3pm) Calendar objects for different holiday schemes.
Date::Pcalendar::Profiles(3pm) Some sample profiles for Date::Pcalendar and Date::Pcalendar::Year.
Date::Pcalendar::Year(3pm) Implements embedded "year" objects for Date::Pcalendar.
Date::Simple(3pm) A simple date object.
Date::Simple::D8(3pm) Sub class of Date::Simple with eight digit date style formatting as default.
Date::Simple::Fmt(3pm) Sub class of Date::Simple with per object level formatting for overloaded stringification.
Date::Simple::ISO(3pm) Sub class of Date::Simple.
Date::Simple::NoXS(3pm) Pure Perl support for Date::Simple.
DateTime(3pm) A date and time object for Perl.
DateTime::Duration(3pm) Duration objects for date math.
DateTime::Format::Duration(3pm) Format and parse DateTime::Durations.
DateTime::Format::Strptime(3pm) Parse and format strp and strf time patterns.
DateTime::Infinite(3pm) Infinite past and future DateTime objects.
DateTime::LeapSecond(3pm) Leap seconds table and utilities.
DateTime::TimeZone(3pm) Time zone object base class and factory.
DateTime::TimeZone::Catalog(3pm) Provides a list of all valid time zone names.
DateTime::TimeZone::Floating(3pm) A time zone that is always local.
DateTime::TimeZone::Local(3pm) Determine the local system's time zone.
DateTime::TimeZone::Local::Unix(3pm) Determine the local system's time zone on Unix.
DateTime::TimeZone::Local::VMS(3pm) Determine the local system's time zone on VMS.
DateTime::TimeZone::OffsetOnly(3pm) A DateTime::TimeZone object that just contains an offset.
DateTime::TimeZone::OlsonDB(3pm) An object to represent an Olson time zone database.
DateTime::TimeZone::UTC(3pm) The UTC time zone.
DB(3perl) Programmatic interface to the Perl debugging API.
DB_File(3perl) Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x.
DBD::DBM(3pm) A DBI driver for DBM & MLDBM files.
DBD::File(3pm) Base class for writing file based DBI drivers.
DBD::File::Developers(3pm) Developers documentation for DBD::File.
DBD::File::HowTo(3pm) Guide to create DBD::File based driver.
DBD::File::Roadmap(3pm) Planned Enhancements for DBD::File and pure Perl DBD's.
DBD::Firebird(3pm) DBI driver for Firebird RDBMS server.
DBD::Firebird::TableInfo::Basic(3pm) A base class for lowest-common denominator Firebird table_info() querying.
DBD::FirebirdEmbedded(3pm) Embedded Firebird server (and client).
DBD::Gofer(3pm) A stateless-proxy driver for communicating with a remote DBI.
DBD::Gofer::Policy::Base(3pm) Base class for DBD::Gofer policies.
DBD::Gofer::Policy::classic(3pm) The 'classic' policy for DBD::Gofer.
DBD::Gofer::Policy::pedantic(3pm) The 'pedantic' policy for DBD::Gofer.
DBD::Gofer::Policy::rush(3pm) The 'rush' policy for DBD::Gofer.
DBD::Gofer::Transport::Base(3pm) Base class for DBD::Gofer client transports.
DBD::Gofer::Transport::corostream(3pm) Async DBD::Gofer stream transport using Coro and AnyEvent.
DBD::Gofer::Transport::null(3pm) DBD::Gofer client transport for testing.
DBD::Gofer::Transport::pipeone(3pm) DBD::Gofer client transport for testing.
DBD::Gofer::Transport::stream(3pm) DBD::Gofer transport for stdio streaming.
DBD::mysql(3pm) MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI).
DBD::ODBC(3pm) ODBC Driver for DBI.
DBD::Pg(3pm) PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module.
DBD::Proxy(3pm) A proxy driver for the DBI.
DBD::README(3pm) Database driver for Perl.
DBD::Sponge(3pm) Create a DBI statement handle from Perl data.
DBD::SQLite(3pm) Self-contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver.
DBD::SQLite2(3pm) Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver (sqlite 2.x).
DBD::SQLite::Cookbook(3pm) The DBD::SQLite Cookbook.
DBD::SQLite::Fulltext_search(3pm) Using fulltext searches with DBD::SQLite.
DBD::Sybase(3pm) Sybase database driver for the DBI module.
DBI(3pm) Database independent interface for Perl.
DBI::Const::GetInfo::ANSI(3pm) ISO/IEC SQL/CLI Constants for GetInfo.
DBI::Const::GetInfo::ODBC(3pm) ODBC Constants for GetInfo.
DBI::Const::GetInfoReturn(3pm) Data and functions for describing GetInfo results.
DBI::Const::GetInfoType(3pm) Data describing GetInfo type codes.
DBI::DBD(3pm) Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide.
DBI::DBD::Metadata(3pm) Generate the code and data for some DBI metadata methods.
DBI::DBD::SqlEngine(3pm) Base class for DBI drivers without their own SQL engine.
DBI::DBD::SqlEngine::Developers(3pm) Developers documentation for DBI::DBD::SqlEngine.
DBI::DBD::SqlEngine::HowTo(3pm) Guide to create DBI::DBD::SqlEngine based driver.
DBI::Gofer::Execute(3pm) Executes Gofer requests and returns Gofer responses.
DBI::Gofer::Request(3pm) Encapsulate a request from DBD::Gofer to DBI::Gofer::Execute.
DBI::Gofer::Response(3pm) Encapsulate a response from DBI::Gofer::Execute to DBD::Gofer.
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::Base(3pm) Base class for Gofer serialization.
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::DataDumper(3pm) Gofer serialization using DataDumper.
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::Storable(3pm) Gofer serialization using Storable.
DBI::Gofer::Transport::Base(3pm) Base class for Gofer transports.
DBI::Gofer::Transport::pipeone(3pm) DBD::Gofer server-side transport for pipeone.
DBI::Gofer::Transport::stream(3pm) DBD::Gofer server-side transport for stream.
DBI::Profile(3pm) Performance profiling and benchmarking for the DBI.
DBI::ProfileData(3pm) Manipulate DBI::ProfileDumper data dumps.
DBI::ProfileDumper(3pm) Profile DBI usage and output data to a file.
DBI::ProfileDumper::Apache(3pm) Capture DBI profiling data from Apache/mod_perl.
DBI::ProfileSubs(3pm) Subroutines for dynamic profile Path.
DBI::ProxyServer(3pm) A server for the DBD::Proxy driver.
DBI::SQL::Nano(3pm) A very tiny SQL engine.
DBI::Util::CacheMemory(3pm) A very fast but very minimal subset of Cache::Memory.
DBI::W32ODBC(3pm) An experimental DBI emulation layer for Win32::ODBC.
dbicadmin(1p) Utility for administrating DBIx::Class schemata.
dbicdump(1p) Dump a schema using DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.
dbilogstrip(1p) Filter to normalize DBI trace logs for diff'ing.
dbiprof(1p) Command-line client for DBI::ProfileData.
dbiproxy(1p) A proxy server for the DBD::Proxy driver.
DBIx::Class(3pm) Extensible and flexible object relational mapper.
DBIx::Class::AccessorGroup(3pm) See Class::Accessor::Grouped.
DBIx::Class::Admin(3pm) Administration object for schemas.
DBIx::Class::Carp(3pm) Provides advanced Carp::Clan-like warning functions for DBIx::Class internals.
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat(3pm) Class::DBI Compatibility layer.
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat::AbstractSearch(3pm) Emulates Class::DBI::AbstractSearch.
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat::ColumnsAsHash(3pm) Emulates the behavior of Class::DBI where the object can be accessed.
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat::Copy(3pm) Emulates Class::DBI->copy($new_id).
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat::Iterator(3pm) Emulates the extra behaviors of the Class::DBI search iterator.
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat::NoObjectIndex(3pm) Defines empty methods for object indexing. They do nothing.
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat::Relationship(3pm) Emulate the Class::DBI::Relationship object returned from meta_info().
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat::Relationships(3pm) Emulate has_a(), has_many(), might_have() and meta_info().
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat::SQLTransformer(3pm) Transform SQL.
DBIx::Class::Core(3pm) Core set of DBIx::Class modules.
DBIx::Class::Cursor(3pm) Abstract object representing a query cursor on a resultset.
DBIx::Class::DB(3pm) (DEPRECATED) classdata schema component.
DBIx::Class::Exception(3pm) Exception objects for DBIx::Class.
DBIx::Class::FilterColumn(3pm) Automatically convert column data.
DBIx::Class::InflateColumn(3pm) Automatically create references from column data.
DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::DateTime(3pm) Auto-create DateTime objects from date and datetime columns.
DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::File(3pm) DEPRECATED (superseded by DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::FS).
DBIx::Class::Manual(3pm) Index of the Manual.
DBIx::Class::Manual::Component(3pm) Developing DBIx::Class Components.
DBIx::Class::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) Miscellaneous recipes.
DBIx::Class::Manual::DocMap(3pm) What documentation do we have?.
DBIx::Class::Manual::Example(3pm) Simple CD database example.
DBIx::Class::Manual::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions (in theory).
DBIx::Class::Manual::Features(3pm) A boatload of DBIx::Class features with links to respective documentation.
DBIx::Class::Manual::Glossary(3pm) Clarification of terms used.
DBIx::Class::Manual::Intro(3pm) Introduction to DBIx::Class.
DBIx::Class::Manual::Joining(3pm) Manual on joining tables with DBIx::Class.
DBIx::Class::Manual::QuickStart(3pm) Up and running with DBIC in 10 minutes.
DBIx::Class::Manual::Reading(3pm) How to read and write DBIx::Class POD.
DBIx::Class::Manual::ResultClass(3pm) Representing a single result (row) from a DB query.
DBIx::Class::Manual::Troubleshooting(3pm) Got a problem? Shoot it.
DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies(3pm) Optional module dependency specifications (for module authors).
DBIx::Class::Ordered(3pm) Modify the position of objects in an ordered list.
DBIx::Class::PK(3pm) Primary Key class.
DBIx::Class::PK::Auto(3pm) Automatic primary key class.
DBIx::Class::PK::Auto::DB2(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Automatic primary key class for DB2.
DBIx::Class::PK::Auto::MSSQL(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Automatic primary key class for MSSQL.
DBIx::Class::PK::Auto::MySQL(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Automatic primary key class for MySQL.
DBIx::Class::PK::Auto::Oracle(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Automatic primary key class for Oracle.
DBIx::Class::PK::Auto::Pg(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Automatic primary key class for Pg.
DBIx::Class::PK::Auto::SQLite(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Automatic primary key class for SQLite.
DBIx::Class::Relationship(3pm) Inter-table relationships.
DBIx::Class::Relationship::Base(3pm) Inter-table relationships.
DBIx::Class::ResultClass::HashRefInflator(3pm) Get raw hashrefs from a resultset.
DBIx::Class::ResultSet(3pm) Represents a query used for fetching a set of results.
DBIx::Class::ResultSetColumn(3pm) Helpful methods for messing.
DBIx::Class::ResultSetManager(3pm) Scheduled for deletion in 09000.
DBIx::Class::ResultSource(3pm) Result source object.
DBIx::Class::ResultSource::Table(3pm) Table object.
DBIx::Class::ResultSource::View(3pm) ResultSource object representing a view.
DBIx::Class::ResultSourceHandle(3pm) Serializable pointers to ResultSource instances.
DBIx::Class::ResultSourceProxy::Table(3pm) Provides a classdata table object and method proxies.
DBIx::Class::Row(3pm) Basic row methods.
DBIx::Class::Schema(3pm) Composable schemas.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader(3pm) Create a DBIx::Class::Schema based on a database.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Base(3pm) Base DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Column(3pm) Class for Columns in DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader DBI Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ADO(3pm) DBD::ADO proxy.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ADO::Microsoft_SQL_Server(3pm) ADO wrapper for.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ADO::MS_Jet(3pm) ADO wrapper for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ODBC::ACCESS.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::DB2(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI DB2 Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::Firebird(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI DBD::Firebird subclass.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::Informix(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI Informix Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::InterBase(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI Firebird Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::MSSQL(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI MSSQL Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::mysql(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI mysql Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ODBC(3pm) DBD::ODBC proxy.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ODBC::ACCESS(3pm) Microsoft Access driver for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ODBC::Firebird(3pm) ODBC wrapper for.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ODBC::Microsoft_SQL_Server(3pm) ODBC wrapper for.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::ODBC::SQL_Anywhere(3pm) ODBC wrapper for.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::Oracle(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI Oracle Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::Pg(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI PostgreSQL Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::SQLAnywhere(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI SQL Anywhere Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::SQLite(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI SQLite Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::Sybase(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI Sybase ASE Implementation.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::Sybase::Common(3pm) Common methods for Sybase and MSSQL.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::Sybase::Microsoft_SQL_Server(3pm) Driver for using Microsoft SQL Server through.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::Writing(3pm) Loader subclass writing guide for DBI.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBObject(3pm) Base Class for Database Objects Such as Tables and Views in.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBObject::Informix(3pm) Class for Database Objects for Informix Such as Tables and.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBObject::Sybase(3pm) Class for Database Objects for Sybase ASE and MSSQL Such as.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Manual::UpgradingFromV4(3pm) Important Information Related to Upgrading from Version.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Optional::Dependencies(3pm) Optional module dependency specifications (for module authors) EOC.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder(3pm) Builds relationships for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder::Compat::v0_040(3pm) RelBuilder for compatibility with.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder::Compat::v0_05(3pm) RelBuilder for compatibility with.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder::Compat::v0_06(3pm) RelBuilder for compatibility with.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder::Compat::v0_07(3pm) RelBuilder for compatibility with.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Table(3pm) Class for Tables in DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Table::Informix(3pm) Class for Informix Tables in DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Table::Sybase(3pm) Class for Sybase ASE and MSSQL Tables in.
DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema plugin for Schema upgrades.
DBIx::Class::Serialize::Storable(3pm) Hooks for Storable nfreeze/thaw.
DBIx::Class::SQLMaker(3pm) An SQL::Abstract-based SQL maker class.
DBIx::Class::SQLMaker::LimitDialects(3pm) SQL::Abstract::Limit-like functionality for DBIx::Class::SQLMaker.
DBIx::Class::SQLMaker::OracleJoins(3pm) Pre-ANSI Joins-via-Where-Clause Syntax.
DBIx::Class::StartupCheck(3pm) Run environment checks on startup.
DBIx::Class::Storage(3pm) Generic Storage Handler.
DBIx::Class::Storage::BlockRunner(3pm) Try running a block of code until success with a configurable retry logic.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI(3pm) DBI storage handler.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ACCESS(3pm) Support specific to MS Access.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ADO(3pm) Support for DBD::ADO.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ADO::Microsoft_SQL_Server(3pm) Support for Microsoft SQL Server via DBD::ADO.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ADO::Microsoft_SQL_Server::Cursor(3pm) Remove trailing NULLs in binary data and.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ADO::MS_Jet(3pm) Support for MS Access over ADO.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ADO::MS_Jet::Cursor(3pm) GUID Support for MS Access over ADO.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::AutoCast(3pm) Storage component for RDBMS requiring explicit placeholder typing.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Cursor(3pm) Object representing a query cursor on a resultset.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::DB2(3pm) IBM DB2 support for DBIx::Class.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Firebird(3pm) Driver for the Firebird RDBMS via DBD::Firebird.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Firebird::Common(3pm) Driver Base Class for the Firebird RDBMS.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::IdentityInsert(3pm) Storage Component for Sybase ASE and MSSQL for Identity Inserts /.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Informix(3pm) Base Storage Class for Informix Support.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::InterBase(3pm) Driver for the Firebird RDBMS via DBD::InterBase.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::MSSQL(3pm) Base Class for Microsoft SQL Server support in DBIx::Class.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::mysql(3pm) Storage::DBI class implementing MySQL specifics.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::NoBindVars(3pm) Sometime DBDs have poor to no support for bind variables.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ODBC(3pm) Base class for ODBC drivers.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ODBC::ACCESS(3pm) Support specific to MS Access over ODBC.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ODBC::DB2_400_SQL(3pm) Support specific to DB2/400 over ODBC.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ODBC::Firebird(3pm) Driver for using the Firebird RDBMS through ODBC.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ODBC::Microsoft_SQL_Server(3pm) Support specific to Microsoft SQL Server over ODBC.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ODBC::SQL_Anywhere(3pm) Driver for using Sybase SQL Anywhere through ODBC.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Oracle(3pm) Base class for Oracle driver.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Oracle::Generic(3pm) Oracle Support for DBIx::Class.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Oracle::WhereJoins(3pm) Oracle joins in WHERE syntax support (instead of ANSI).
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Pg(3pm) Automatic primary key class for PostgreSQL.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated(3pm) BETA Replicated database support.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated::Balancer(3pm) A Software Load Balancer.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated::Balancer::First(3pm) Just get the First Balancer.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated::Balancer::Random(3pm) A 'random' Balancer.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated::Introduction(3pm) Minimum Need to Know.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated::Pool(3pm) Manage a pool of replicants.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated::Replicant(3pm) A replicated DBI Storage Role.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated::WithDSN(3pm) A DBI Storage Role with DSN information in trace output.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::SQLAnywhere(3pm) Driver for SQL Anywhere.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::SQLAnywhere::Cursor(3pm) GUID Support for SQL Anywhere over DBD::SQLAnywhere.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::SQLite(3pm) Automatic primary key class for SQLite.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase(3pm) Base class for drivers using DBD::Sybase.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase::ASE(3pm) Sybase ASE SQL Server support for DBIx::Class.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase::ASE::NoBindVars(3pm) Storage::DBI subclass for Sybase ASE without placeholder.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase::FreeTDS(3pm) Base class for drivers using DBD::Sybase over FreeTDS.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase::Microsoft_SQL_Server(3pm) Support for Microsoft SQL Server via DBD::Sybase.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase::Microsoft_SQL_Server::NoBindVars(3pm) Support for Microsoft SQL Server via.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase::MSSQL(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Legacy storage class for MSSQL via DBD::Sybase.
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::UniqueIdentifier(3pm) Storage component for RDBMSes supporting GUID types.
DBIx::Class::Storage::Statistics(3pm) SQL Statistics.
DBIx::Class::Storage::TxnScopeGuard(3pm) Scope-based transaction handling.
DBIx::Class::UTF8Columns(3pm) Force UTF8 (Unicode) flag on columns (DEPRECATED).
DBM::Deep(3pm) A pure perl multi-level hash/array DBM that supports transactions.
DBM::Deep::Cookbook(3pm) Cookbook for DBM::Deep.
DBM::Deep::Engine(3pm) Mediate mapping between DBM::Deep objects and storage medium.
DBM::Deep::Engine::File(3pm) Engine for use with DBM::Deep::Storage::File.
DBM::Deep::Internals(3pm) Out of date documentation on DBM::Deep internals.
DBM::Deep::Iterator(3pm) Iterator for FIRSTKEY() and NEXTKEY().
DBM::Deep::Iterator::File::BucketList(3pm) Mediate between DBM::Deep::Iterator and.
DBM::Deep::Iterator::File::Index(3pm) Mediate between DBM::Deep::Iterator and DBM::Deep::Engine::Sector::Index.
DBM::Deep::Null(3pm) NULL object.
DBM::Deep::Storage(3pm) Abstract base class for storage.
DBM::Deep::Storage::File(3pm) Mediate low-level interaction with storage mechanism.
DBM_Filter::compress(3perl) Filter for DBM_Filter.
DBM_Filter::encode(3perl) Filter for DBM_Filter.
DBM_Filter::int32(3perl) Filter for DBM_Filter.
DBM_Filter::null(3perl) Filter for DBM_Filter.
DBM_Filter::utf8(3perl) Filter for DBM_Filter.
ddtc(1) Ddts client tool to help translators and reviewers.
ddtcrc(5) Ddtc script configuration file.
deb-systemd-helper(1p) Subset of systemctl for machines not running systemd.
deb-systemd-invoke(1p) Wrapper around systemctl, respecting policy-rc.d.
debaux-build(1p) Debian package building script.
debaux-publish(1p) Debian package publishing script.
DebAux::Debconf(3pm) Easy interface to Debconf::Client::ConfModule.
DebAux::Util(3pm) Utility functions for scripts of the debaux suite.
debget(1p) Download source and binary Debian packages.
debget-madison(1p) Show what versions of a package are in Debian.
Debian::Debget(3pm) Helper functions used by debget et al.
debmirror(1) Debian partial mirror script, with ftp, http or rsync and package pool support.
debugperl(1) ↣ perl(1) The Perl 5 language interpreter.
deprecate(3perl) Perl pragma for deprecating the core version of a module.
Devel::BeginLift(3pm) Make selected sub calls evaluate at compile time.
Devel::CallChecker(3pm) Custom op checking attached to subroutines.
Devel::Caller(3pm) Meatier versions of "caller".
Devel::CallParser(3pm) Custom parsing attached to subroutines.
Devel::Callsite(3pm) Get caller return OP address and Perl interpreter context.
Devel::Cover(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Annotation::Git(3pm) Annotate with git information.
Devel::Cover::Annotation::Random(3pm) Example annotation for formatters.
Devel::Cover::Annotation::Svk(3pm) Annotate with svk information.
Devel::Cover::Branch(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Collection(3pm) Code coverage for a collection of modules.
Devel::Cover::Condition(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Condition_and_2(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Condition_and_3(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Condition_or_2(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Condition_or_3(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Condition_xor_4(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Criterion(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::DB(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::DB::Digests(3pm) Store digests for Devel::Cover::DB.
Devel::Cover::DB::File(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::DB::IO(3pm) IO routines for Devel::Cover::DB.
Devel::Cover::DB::IO::JSON(3pm) JSON based IO routines for Devel::Cover::DB.
Devel::Cover::DB::IO::Sereal(3pm) Sereal based IO routines for Devel::Cover::DB.
Devel::Cover::DB::IO::Storable(3pm) Storable based IO routines for Devel::Cover::DB.
Devel::Cover::DB::Structure(3pm) Internal: abstract structure of a source file.
Devel::Cover::Dumper(3pm) Internal module for debugging purposes.
Devel::Cover::Html_Common(3pm) Common code for HTML reporters.
Devel::Cover::Op(3pm) B::Concise with coverage data.
Devel::Cover::Pod(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Report::Compilation(3pm) Backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Html(3pm) HTML backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Html_basic(3pm) HTML backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Html_minimal(3pm) HTML backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Html_subtle(3pm) HTML backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Json(3pm) JSON backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Sort(3pm) Backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Text(3pm) Text backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Text2(3pm) Text backend for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Report::Vim(3pm) Backend for displaying coverage data in Vim.
Devel::Cover::Statement(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Subroutine(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Test(3pm) Internal module for testing.
Devel::Cover::Time(3pm) Code coverage metrics for Perl.
Devel::Cover::Truth_Table(3pm) Truth tables for coverage objects.
Devel::Cover::Tutorial(3pm) An introduction to code coverage.
Devel::Cover::Util(3pm) Utility subroutines for Devel::Cover.
Devel::Cover::Web(3pm) Files for JavaScript or CSS.
Devel::Declare(3pm) Adding keywords to perl, in perl.
Devel::DProf(3pm) A DEPRECATED Perl code profiler.
Devel::GraphVizProf(3pm) Per-line Perl profiler (with graph output).
Devel::Leak(3pm) Utility for looking for perl objects that are not reclaimed.
Devel::LexAlias(3pm) Alias lexical variables.
Devel::NYTProf(3pm) Powerful fast feature-rich Perl source code profiler.
Devel::NYTProf::Apache(3pm) Profile mod_perl applications with Devel::NYTProf.
Devel::NYTProf::Core(3pm) Load internals of Devel::NYTProf.
Devel::NYTProf::Data(3pm) Devel::NYTProf data loading and manipulation.
Devel::NYTProf::ReadStream(3pm) Read Devel::NYTProf data file as a stream.
Devel::NYTProf::Run(3pm) Invoke NYTProf on a piece of code and return the profile.
Devel::NYTProf::Util(3pm) General utility functions for Devel::NYTProf.
Devel::PatchPerl(3pm) Patch perl source a la Devel::PPPort's
Devel::PatchPerl::Hints(3pm) Replacement 'hints' files.
Devel::PatchPerl::Plugin(3pm) Devel::PatchPerl plugins explained.
Devel::Peek(3perl) A data debugging tool for the XS programmer.
Devel::PPPort(3perl) Perl/Pollution/Portability.
Devel::Pragma(3pm) Helper functions for developers of lexical pragmas.
Devel::Refcount(3pm) Obtain the REFCNT value of a referent.
Devel::REPL(3pm) A modern perl interactive shell.
Devel::REPL::Overview(3pm) Overview of Devel::REPL.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::B::Concise(3pm) B::Concise dumping of expression optrees.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Colors(3pm) Add color to return values, warnings, and errors.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Commands(3pm) Generic command creation plugin using injected functions.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Completion(3pm) Extensible tab completion.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::CompletionDriver::Globals(3pm) Complete global variables, packages, namespaced functions.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::CompletionDriver::INC(3pm) Complete module names in use and require.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::CompletionDriver::Keywords(3pm) Complete Perl keywords and operators.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::CompletionDriver::LexEnv(3pm) Complete variable names in the REPL's lexical environment.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::CompletionDriver::Methods(3pm) Complete class or object method names.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::CompletionDriver::Turtles(3pm) Complete Turtles-based commands.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::DDC(3pm) Format results with Data::Dumper::Concise.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::DDS(3pm) Format results with Data::Dump::Streamer.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::DumpHistory(3pm) Plugin for Devel::REPL to save or print the history.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::FancyPrompt(3pm) Facilitate user-defined prompts.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::FindVariable(3pm) Finds variables by name.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::History(3pm) Keep track of all input, provide shortcuts !1, !-1.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Interrupt(3pm) Traps SIGINT to kill long-running lines.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::LexEnv(3pm) Provide a lexical environment for the REPL.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::MultiLine::PPI(3pm) Read lines until all blocks are closed.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Nopaste(3pm) #nopaste to upload session's input and output.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::OutputCache(3pm) Remember past results, _ is most recent.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Packages(3pm) Keep track of which package the user is in.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Peek(3pm) Devel::Peek plugin for Devel::REPL.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::PPI(3pm) PPI dumping of Perl code.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::ReadLineHistory(3pm) Integrate history with the facilities provided by Term::ReadLine.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Refresh(3pm) Reload libraries with Module::Refresh.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::ShowClass(3pm) Dump classes initialized with Class::MOP.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Timing(3pm) Display execution times.
Devel::REPL::Plugin::Turtles(3pm) Generic command creation using a read hook.
Devel::REPL::Profile(3pm) Code to execute when starts.
Devel::SelfStubber(3perl) Generate stubs for a SelfLoading module.
Devel::Size(3pm) Perl extension for finding the memory usage of Perl variables.
Devel::Symdump(3pm) Dump symbol names or the symbol table.
Device::Cdio(3pm) Module for CD Input and Control library.
Device::Cdio::Device(3pm) Class for disc and device aspects of Cdio.
Device::Cdio::ISO9660(3pm) Module for ISO 9660 handling.
Device::Cdio::ISO9660::FS(3pm) Class for ISO 9660 CD reading.
Device::Cdio::ISO9660::IFS(3pm) Class for ISO 9660 Filesystem image reading.
Device::Cdio::Track(3pm) Class for track aspects of Device::Cdio.
Device::Cdio::Util(3pm) Internal utilities used by Cdio modules.
Device::SerialPort(3pm) Linux/POSIX emulation of Win32::SerialPort functions.
Device::USB(3pm) Use libusb to access USB devices.
Device::USB::Bus(3pm) Use libusb to access USB devices.
Device::USB::DevConfig(3pm) Access the device configuration returned by libusb.
Device::USB::DevEndpoint(3pm) Access a device endpoint returned by libusb.
Device::USB::Device(3pm) Use libusb to access USB devices.
Device::USB::DevInterface(3pm) Access a device interface returned by libusb.
Device::USB::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions for Device::USB.
dh_apache2(1) Register configuration snippets to the Apache web server.
dh_cme_upgrade(1p) Add cme based configuration merge.
dh_consoledata(1) Declare console data files.
dh_elpa(1) Install emacs lisp packages into package build directories.
dh_golang(1p) Generates Built-Using substvar.
dh_installtex(1) Register Type 1 fonts, hyphenation patterns, or formats with TeX.
dh_movelibkdeinit(1) Move libkdeinit4_*.so from public to the private directory.
dh_nativejava(1) Compile jar files to native code and register them.
dh_pdl(1) Calculates pdl dependencies.
dh_perl_dbi(1) Add dependencies required for DBI modules.
dh_perl_imager(1) Add dependencies required for Imager modules.
dh_ppp(1p) Calculate ppp dependencies.
dh_sameversiondep(1) Generate versioned dependency based on the versioned dependencies of the reference.
dh_scour(1) Run scour optimizer on shipped SVG files.
dh_sodeps(1) Generate library dependencies for development *.so symlinks.
dh_strip_nondeterminism(1p) Strip uninteresting, non-deterministic information from files.
dh_swi_prolog(1) Calculates SWI Prolog packages dependencies.
dh_ubuntu_defaults(1) Build defaults customization package.
dh_vdrplugin_depends(1) Calculates vdr dependencies.
dh_vdrplugin_enable(1) Enables plugin loading in /etc/vdr/conf.d.
diagnostics(3perl) Produce verbose warning diagnostics.
Digest(3perl) Modules that calculate message digests.
Digest::base(3perl) Digest base class.
Digest::CRC(3pm) Generic CRC functions.
Digest::file(3perl) Calculate digests of files.
Digest::JHash(3pm) Perl extension for 32 bit Jenkins Hashing Algorithm.
Digest::MD2(3pm) Perl interface to the MD2 Algorithm.
Digest::MD4(3pm) Perl interface to the MD4 Algorithm.
Digest::MD5(3perl) Perl interface to the MD5 Algorithm.
Digest::SHA(3perl) Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512.
Digest::SHA(3pm) Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512.
Digest::SHA3(3pm) Perl extension for SHA-3.
Digest::Whirlpool(3pm) A 512-bit, collision-resistant, one-way hash function.
DirHandle(3perl) Supply object methods for directory handles.
Dist::Zilla(3pm) Distribution builder; installer not included!.
Dist::Zilla::App(3pm) Dist::Zilla's App::Cmd.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command(3pm) Base class for dzil commands.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::add(3pm) Add a module to a dist.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::authordeps(3pm) List your distribution's author dependencies.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::build(3pm) Build your dist.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::clean(3pm) Clean up after build, test, or install.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::install(3pm) Install your dist.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::listdeps(3pm) Print your distribution's prerequisites.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::new(3pm) Mint a new dist.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::nop(3pm) Initialize dzil, then exit.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::release(3pm) Release your dist to the CPAN.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::run(3pm) Run stuff in a dir where your dist is built.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::setup(3pm) Set up a basic global config file.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::smoke(3pm) Smoke your dist.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::test(3pm) Test your dist.
Dist::Zilla::App::Command::version(3pm) Display dzil's version.
Dist::Zilla::App::Tester(3pm) Testing library for Dist::Zilla::App.
Dist::Zilla::Chrome::Term(3pm) Chrome used for terminal-based interaction.
Dist::Zilla::Chrome::Test(3pm) The chrome used by Dist::Zilla::Tester.
Dist::Zilla::Dist::Builder(3pm) Dist zilla subclass for building dists.
Dist::Zilla::Dist::Minter(3pm) Distribution builder; installer not included!.
Dist::Zilla::File::FromCode(3pm) A file whose content is (re-)built on demand.
Dist::Zilla::File::InMemory(3pm) A file that you build entirely in memory.
Dist::Zilla::File::OnDisk(3pm) A file that comes from your filesystem.
Dist::Zilla::MetaProvides::ProvideRecord(3pm) Data Management Record for MetaProvider::Provides Based Class.
Dist::Zilla::MetaProvides::Types(3pm) Utility Types for the MetaProvides Plugin.
Dist::Zilla::MintingProfile::Default(3pm) Default minting profile provider.
Dist::Zilla::MVP::Assembler(3pm) Dist::Zilla-specific subclass of Config::MVP::Assembler.
Dist::Zilla::MVP::Assembler::GlobalConfig(3pm) Dist::Zilla::MVP::Assembler for global configuration.
Dist::Zilla::MVP::Assembler::Zilla(3pm) Dist::Zilla::MVP::Assembler for the Dist::Zilla object.
Dist::Zilla::MVP::Reader::Finder(3pm) The reader for dist.ini files.
Dist::Zilla::MVP::Reader::Perl(3pm) The reader for files.
Dist::Zilla::MVP::RootSection(3pm) A standard section in Dist::Zilla's configuration sequence.
Dist::Zilla::MVP::Section(3pm) A standard section in Dist::Zilla's configuration sequence.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AutoPrereq(3pm) (DEPRECATED) the old name for Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AutoPrereqs.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AutoPrereqs(3pm) Automatically extract prereqs from your modules.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AutoVersion(3pm) Take care of numbering versions so you don't have to.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::BumpVersion(3pm) (DEPRECATED) bump the version number by one before building.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ConfirmRelease(3pm) Prompt for confirmation before releasing.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CPANFile(3pm) Produce a cpanfile prereqs file.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::DistINI(3pm) A plugin to add a dist.ini to newly-minted dists.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::EmailNotify(3pm) Send an email on dist release.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Encoding(3pm) Set the encoding of arbitrary files.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ExecDir(3pm) Install a directory's contents as executables.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ExtraTests(3pm) Rewrite ./xt tests to ./t tests with skips.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::FakeRelease(3pm) Fake plugin to test release.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::FileFinder::ByName(3pm) FileFinder matching on pathnames.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::FileFinder::Filter(3pm) Filter matches from other FileFinders.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::FinderCode(3pm) A callback-based FileFinder plugin.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GatherDir(3pm) Gather all the files in a directory.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GatherDir::Template(3pm) Gather all the files in a directory and use them as templates.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GenerateFile(3pm) Build a custom file from only the plugin configuration.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InlineFiles(3pm) Files in a data section.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::License(3pm) Output a LICENSE file.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker(3pm) Build a Makefile.PL that uses ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker::Runner(3pm) Test and build dists with a Makefile.PL.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Manifest(3pm) Build a MANIFEST file.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ManifestSkip(3pm) Decline to build files that appear in a MANIFEST.SKIP-like file.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaConfig(3pm) Summarize Dist::Zilla configuration into distmeta.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaJSON(3pm) Produce a META.json.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaNoIndex(3pm) Stop CPAN from indexing stuff.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides(3pm) Generating and Populating 'provides' in your META.yml.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaResources(3pm) Provide arbitrary "resources" for distribution metadata.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaTests(3pm) Common extra tests for META.yml.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaYAML(3pm) Produce a META.yml.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ModuleBuild(3pm) Build a Build.PL that uses Module::Build.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ModuleShareDirs(3pm) Install a directory's contents as module-based "ShareDir" content.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::NextRelease(3pm) Update the next release number in your changelog.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PkgDist(3pm) Add a $DIST to your packages.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PkgVersion(3pm) Add a $VERSION to your packages.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodCoverageTests(3pm) A author test for Pod coverage.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodSyntaxTests(3pm) A author test for Pod syntax.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodVersion(3pm) Add a VERSION head1 to each Perl document.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Prereq(3pm) (DEPRECATED) the old name of the Prereqs plugin.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Prereqs(3pm) List simple prerequisites.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PruneCruft(3pm) Prune stuff that you probably don't mean to include.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PruneFiles(3pm) Prune arbitrary files from the dist.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Readme(3pm) Build a README file.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::RemovePrereqs(3pm) A plugin to remove gathered prereqs.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::RequiresExternal(3pm) Make dists require external commands.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run(3pm) Run external commands and code at specific phases of Dist::Zilla.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::AfterBuild(3pm) Execute a command of the distribution after build.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::AfterMint(3pm) Execute a command after a new distribution is minted.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::AfterRelease(3pm) Execute a command of the distribution after release.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::BeforeArchive(3pm) Execute a command of the distribution before creating the archive.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::BeforeBuild(3pm) Execute a command of the distribution before build.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::BeforeRelease(3pm) Execute a command of the distribution before release.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::Clean(3pm) Execute a command of the distribution on 'dzil clean'.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::Release(3pm) Execute a command of the distribution on release.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::Test(3pm) Execute a command of the distribution after build.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ShareDir(3pm) Install a directory's contents as "ShareDir" content.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::TemplateModule(3pm) A simple module-from-template plugin.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::TestRelease(3pm) Extract archive and run tests before releasing the dist.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::UploadToCPAN(3pm) Upload the dist to CPAN.
Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Basic(3pm) The basic plugins to maintain and release CPAN dists.
Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Classic(3pm) The classic (old) default configuration for Dist::Zilla.
Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::FakeClassic(3pm) Build something more or less like a "classic" CPAN dist.
Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Filter(3pm) Use another bundle, with some plugins removed.
Dist::Zilla::Prereqs(3pm) The prerequisites of a Dist::Zilla distribution.
Dist::Zilla::Role::AfterBuild(3pm) Something that runs after building is mostly complete.
Dist::Zilla::Role::AfterMint(3pm) Something that runs after minting is mostly complete.
Dist::Zilla::Role::AfterRelease(3pm) Something that runs after release is mostly complete.
Dist::Zilla::Role::BeforeArchive(3pm) Something that runs before the archive file is built.
Dist::Zilla::Role::BeforeBuild(3pm) Something that runs before building really begins.
Dist::Zilla::Role::BeforeMint(3pm) Something that runs before minting really begins.
Dist::Zilla::Role::BeforeRelease(3pm) Something that runs before release really begins.
Dist::Zilla::Role::BuildPL(3pm) Common ground for Build.PL based builders.
Dist::Zilla::Role::BuildRunner(3pm) Something used as a delegating agent during 'dzil run'.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Chrome(3pm) Something that provides a user interface for Dist::Zilla.
Dist::Zilla::Role::ConfigDumper(3pm) Something that can dump its (public, simplified) configuration.
Dist::Zilla::Role::EncodingProvider(3pm) Something that sets a files' encoding.
Dist::Zilla::Role::ExecFiles(3pm) Something that finds files to install as executables.
Dist::Zilla::Role::File(3pm) Something that can act like a file.
Dist::Zilla::Role::FileFinder(3pm) Something that finds files within the distribution.
Dist::Zilla::Role::FileFinderUser(3pm) Something that uses FileFinder plugins.
Dist::Zilla::Role::FileGatherer(3pm) Something that gathers files into the distribution.
Dist::Zilla::Role::FileInjector(3pm) Something that can add files to the distribution.
Dist::Zilla::Role::FileMunger(3pm) Something that alters a file's destination or content.
Dist::Zilla::Role::FilePruner(3pm) Something that removes found files from the distribution.
Dist::Zilla::Role::InstallTool(3pm) Something that creates an install program for a dist.
Dist::Zilla::Role::LicenseProvider(3pm) Something that provides a license for the dist.
Dist::Zilla::Role::MetaProvider(3pm) Something that provides metadata (for META.yml/json).
Dist::Zilla::Role::MetaProvider::Provider(3pm) A Role for Metadata providers specific to the 'provider' key.
Dist::Zilla::Role::MintingProfile(3pm) Something that can find a minting profile dir.
Dist::Zilla::Role::MintingProfile::ShareDir(3pm) Something that keeps its minting profile in a sharedir.
Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleMaker(3pm) Something that injects module files into the dist.
Dist::Zilla::Role::MutableFile(3pm) Something that can act like a file with changeable contents.
Dist::Zilla::Role::NameProvider(3pm) Something that provides a name for the dist.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Plugin(3pm) Something that gets plugged in to Dist::Zilla.
Dist::Zilla::Role::PluginBundle(3pm) Something that bundles a bunch of plugins.
Dist::Zilla::Role::PluginBundle::Easy(3pm) Something that bundles a bunch of plugins easily.
Dist::Zilla::Role::PPI(3pm) A role for plugins which use PPI.
Dist::Zilla::Role::PrereqSource(3pm) Something that registers prerequisites.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Releaser(3pm) Something that makes a release of the dist.
Dist::Zilla::Role::ReleaseStatusProvider(3pm) Something that provides a release status for the dist.
Dist::Zilla::Role::ShareDir(3pm) Something that picks a directory to install as shared files.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Stash(3pm) Something that stores options or data for later reference.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Stash::Authors(3pm) A stash that provides a list of author strings.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Stash::Login(3pm) A stash with username/password credentials.
Dist::Zilla::Role::StubBuild(3pm) Provides an empty BUILD methods.
Dist::Zilla::Role::TestRunner(3pm) Something used as a delegating agent to 'dzil test'.
Dist::Zilla::Role::TextTemplate(3pm) Something that renders a Text::Template template string.
Dist::Zilla::Role::VersionProvider(3pm) Something that provides a version number for the dist.
Dist::Zilla::Stash::Mint(3pm) A stash of your default minting provider/profile.
Dist::Zilla::Stash::PAUSE(3pm) A stash of your PAUSE credentials.
Dist::Zilla::Stash::Rights(3pm) A stash of your default licensing terms.
Dist::Zilla::Stash::User(3pm) A stash of user name and email.
Dist::Zilla::Tester(3pm) A testing-enabling stand-in for Dist::Zilla.
Dist::Zilla::Tutorial(3pm) How to use this "Dist::Zilla" thing.
Dist::Zilla::Types(3pm) Dzil-specific type library.
Dist::Zilla::Util(3pm) Random snippets of code that Dist::Zilla wants.
Dist::Zilla::Util::AuthorDeps(3pm) Utils for listing your distribution's author dependencies.
dnspktflow(1p) Analyze and draw DNS flow diagrams from a tcpdump file.
dnssec-tools.conf(5) Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools programs.
dnsval.conf(3) Configuration policy for the DNSSEC validator library libval(3).
dnsval_conf_get(3) ↣ libval(3) Manage validator context.
dnsval_conf_set(3) ↣ libval(3) Manage validator context.
donuts(1p) Analyze DNS zone files for errors and warnings.
donutsd(1p) Run the donuts syntax checker periodically and report the results to an administrator.
Dpkg::Copyright::Scanner(3pm) Scan files to provide copyright data.
dprofpp(1p) Display perl profile data.
DR::SunDown(3pm) Perl bindings for sundown.
DR::Tarantool(3pm) A Perl driver for Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::AsyncClient(3pm) Async client for tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::CoroClient(3pm) An asynchronous coro driver for Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::Iterator(3pm) An iterator and a container class for DR::Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::LLClient(3pm) A low level async client for Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::MsgPack(3pm) Msgpack encoder/decoder.
DR::Tarantool::MsgPack::AsyncClient(3pm) Async client for tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::RealSyncClient(3pm) A synchronous driver for Tarantool/Box.
DR::Tarantool::Spaces(3pm) Tarantool schema description.
DR::Tarantool::StartTest(3pm) Finds and starts Tarantool on free port.
DR::Tarantool::SyncClient(3pm) A synchronous driver for Tarantool .
DR::Tarantool::Tuple(3pm) A tuple container for DR::Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::Tuple::MsgPack(3pm) A tuple container for DR::Tarantool (v >= 1.6).
drawvalmap(1p) Generate a graphical output of validation status values.
dt-getaddr(1) Command-line test program for the val_getaddrinfo() function.
dt-gethost(1) Command-line test program for the val_gethostbyname() (and related) functions.
dt-getname(1) Command-line test program for the val_getnameinfo() function.
dt-getquery(1) Command-line test program for the val_res_query() function.
dt-getrrset(1) Command-line test program for the val_get_rrset() function.
dt-libval_check_conf(1) Command-line program for checking validity of the validator configuration files.
dt-validate(1) Query the Domain Name System and display results of the DNSSEC validation process.
dtck(1p) Check the DNSSEC-Tools data files for sanity.
dtconf(1p) Display the contents of a DNSSEC-Tools configuration file.
dtconfchk(1p) Check a DNSSEC-Tools configuration file for sanity.
dtdefs(1p) Displays defaults defined for DNSSEC-Tools.
dtinitconf(1p) Creates a DNSSEC-Tools configuration file.
dtrealms(1p) Displays defaults defined for DNSSEC-Tools.
Dumpvalue(3perl) Provides screen dump of Perl data.
dvdrip(1p) GUI for copying DVDs.
DynaLoader(3perl) Dynamically load C libraries into Perl code.
Dynamic(3pm) Data package containing a dynamic PARL.
Email::Abstract::Courriel(3pm) Email::Abstract wrapper for Courriel.
Email::MIME(3pm) Easy MIME message handling.
Email::MIME::Creator(3pm) Obsolete do-nothing library.
Email::MIME::Encode(3pm) A private helper for MIME header encoding.
Email::MIME::Header(3pm) The header of a MIME message.
Email::MIME::Modifier(3pm) Obsolete do-nothing library.
Embperl(3pm) Building dynamic Websites with Perl.
Embperl::App(3pm) Embperl base class for application objects.
Embperl::Config(3pm) Embperl configuration and calling.
Embperl::Faq(3pm) How to embed Perl code in your HTML docs.
Embperl::Features(3pm) Main features of Embperl 2.0.
Embperl::Form(3pm) Embperl Form class.
Embperl::Form::Control(3pm) Base class for controls inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::addremove(3pm) A control to add and remove items from two select boxes inside an Embperl.
Embperl::Form::Control::age(3pm) A age input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::blank(3pm) A blank area inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::button(3pm) A button inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::checkbox(3pm) A checkbox control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::checkboxes(3pm) A multiple checkbox control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::datetime(3pm) A price input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::display(3pm) A text display control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::displaylink(3pm) A control to display links inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::dump(3pm) A debug control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::duration(3pm) A price input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::file(3pm) A file upload input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::grid(3pm) A grid control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::hidden(3pm) A hidden form field control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::info(3pm) A info area inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::input(3pm) A text input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::inputjoin(3pm) A number of text input controls inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::inputlist(3pm) A number of text input controls inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::label(3pm) A label area inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::line(3pm) A horizontal line an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::mult(3pm) A grid control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::number(3pm) A numeric input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::password(3pm) A password input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::price(3pm) A price input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::radio(3pm) A radio control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::scriptcode(3pm) A control to add script code to an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::select(3pm) A select control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::selectdyn(3pm) A dynamic select control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::show(3pm) A text display control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::submit(3pm) A submit button inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::table(3pm) A table which get data from array of arrays or array of hashs.
Embperl::Form::Control::tabs(3pm) A tab control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::textarea(3pm) A textarea input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::tinymce(3pm) A tinymce input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::transparent(3pm) A transparent area inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::ControlMultValue(3pm) Base class for controls inside an Embperl Form which have multiple values to.
Embperl::Form::DataSource(3pm) Base class for data source objects which provides the data for ControlMutlValue.
Embperl::Form::Validate(3pm) Form validation with server- and client-side support.
Embperl::Inline(3pm) Inline Embperl code in Perl modules.
Embperl::Intro(3pm) Introduction to Embperl.
Embperl::Mail(3pm) Sends results from Embperl via E-Mail.
Embperl::Object(3pm) Extents Embperl for building whole website with reusable components and objects.
Embperl::Recipe(3pm) Base class for defining custom recipes.
Embperl::Recipe::Embperl(3pm) The default Embperl recipe.
Embperl::Recipe::EmbperlXSLT(3pm) Recipe to perform an XSLT transformation last.
Embperl::Recipe::XSLT(3pm) Recipe for performing an XSLT transformation.
Embperl::Session(3pm) Adaptation of Apache::Session to work with HTML::Embperl.
Embperl::SVN(3pm) Access to the Embperl SVN development tree.
Embperl::Syntax(3pm) Base class for defining custom syntaxes.
Embperl::Syntax::ASP(3pm) ASP syntax module for Embperl.
Embperl::Syntax::Embperl(3pm) Embperl syntax module for Embperl.
Embperl::Syntax::EmbperlBlocks(3pm) Syntax for Embperl Blocks and metacommands.
Embperl::Syntax::EmbperlHTML(3pm) Syntax for HTML tags that Embperl processes.
Embperl::Syntax::HTML(3pm) Define the syntax for HTML.
Embperl::Syntax::Mail(3pm) Tag library for sending mail.
Embperl::Syntax::MsgIdExtract(3pm) Define syntax for i18n using Embperl blocks.
Embperl::Syntax::Perl(3pm) Define Perl syntax for Embperl.
Embperl::Syntax::POD(3pm) Convert POD to XML on-the-fly.
Embperl::Syntax::RTF(3pm) Define syntax for RTF files.
Embperl::Syntax::SSI(3pm) Define SSI syntax for Embperl.
Embperl::Syntax::Text(3pm) Define text syntax for Embperl.
Embperl::TipsAndTricks(3pm) Embperl Tips and Tricks.
Embperl::TOC(3pm) Embperl Documenation: Table of Contents.
embpexec(1p) Run an Embperl file offline.
embpmsgid(1p) Extract message ids from Embperl files.
encguess(1) Guess character encodings of files.
Encode(3perl) Character encodings in Perl.
Encode(3pm) Character encodings in Perl.
Encode::Alias(3perl) Alias definitions to encodings.
Encode::Alias(3pm) Alias definitions to encodings.
Encode::Arabic(3pm) Encodings of Arabic.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX(3pm) Interpreter of the ArabTeX notation of Arabic.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::RE(3pm) Deprecated Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX implemented with regular expressions.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::Verbatim(3pm) Interpreter of the Verbatim variant of the ArabTeX notation.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::ZDMG(3pm) ZDMG phonetic transcription of Arabic using the ArabTeX notation.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::ZDMG::RE(3pm) Deprecated Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::ZDMG implemented with regular.
Encode::Arabic::Buckwalter(3pm) Tim Buckwalter's transliteration of Arabic.
Encode::Arabic::Exec(3pm) Interface to the Encode Arabic executables.
Encode::Arabic::Habash(3pm) Habash-Soudi-Buckwalter transliteration of Arabic.
Encode::Arabic::Parkinson(3pm) Dil Parkinson's transliteration of Arabic.
Encode::Byte(3perl) Single Byte Encodings.
Encode::CN(3perl) China-based Chinese Encodings.
Encode::Detect(3pm) An Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data.
Encode::Detect::Detector(3pm) Detects the encoding of data.
Encode::EBCDIC(3perl) EBCDIC Encodings.
Encode::Encoding(3perl) Encode Implementation Base Class.
Encode::Encoding(3pm) Encode Implementation Base Class.
Encode::HanExtra(3pm) Extra sets of Chinese encodings.
Encode::JP(3perl) Japanese Encodings.
Encode::KR(3perl) Korean Encodings.
Encode::Mapper(3pm) Rewrite rules compiler and interpreter.
Encode::Symbol(3perl) Symbol Encodings.
Encode::TW(3perl) Taiwan-based Chinese Encodings.
Encode::TW::Unisys::SOSI1(3pm) Internal module for unisys_sosi1 characters.
Encode::TW::Unisys::SOSI2(3pm) Internal module for unisys_sosi2 characters.
encoding(3perl) Allows you to write your script in non-ASCII and non-UTF-8.
encoding(3pm) Allows you to write your script in non-ASCII and non-UTF-8.
encoding::warnings(3perl) Warn on implicit encoding conversions.
English(3perl) Use nice English (or awk) names for ugly punctuation variables.
Env(3perl) Perl module that imports environment variables as scalars or arrays.
Errno(3perl) System errno constants.
Estraier(3pm) Perl Binding of Hyper Estraier.
EV(3pm) Perl interface to libev, a high performance full-featured event loop.
EV::libev(3pm) A high performance full-featured event loop written in C.
EV::MakeMaker(3pm) MakeMaker glue for the C-level EV API.
Event(3pm) Event loop processing.
Event::generic(3pm) Generic event handling.
Event::MakeMaker(3pm) MakeMaker glue for the C-level Event API.
Exception::Class(3pm) A module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl.
Exception::Class::Base(3pm) A base class for exception objects.
exiftool(1p) Read and write meta information in files.
eximstats(8) Generates statistics from Exim mainlog or syslog files.
exipick(8) Selectively display messages from an Exim queue.
expchk(1p) Check a keyrec file for expired zones.
experimental(3perl) Experimental features made easy.
Exporter(3perl) Implements default import method for modules.
Exporter::Heavy(3perl) Exporter guts.
Exporter::Lite(3pm) Lightweight exporting of functions and variables.
ext_sql_session_acl(8) SQL Database session lookup helper for Squid.
ext_wbinfo_group_acl(8) External ACL helper for Squid to verify NT Domain group membership using wbinfo.
extract_proteome_from_gff(1p) Take in GFF files and output the proteome.
ExtUtils::CBuilder(3perl) Compile and link C code for Perl modules.
ExtUtils::CBuilder::Platform::Windows(3perl) Builder class for Windows platforms.
ExtUtils::Command(3perl) Utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc.
ExtUtils::Command::MM(3perl) Commands for the MM's to use in Makefiles.
ExtUtils::Constant(3perl) Generate XS code to import C header constants.
ExtUtils::Constant::Base(3perl) Base class for ExtUtils::Constant objects.
ExtUtils::Constant::Utils(3perl) Helper functions for ExtUtils::Constant.
ExtUtils::Constant::XS(3perl) Generate C code for XS modules' constants.
ExtUtils::Embed(3perl) Utilities for embedding Perl in C/C++ applications.
ExtUtils::Install(3perl) Install files from here to there.
ExtUtils::Installed(3perl) Inventory management of installed modules.
ExtUtils::Liblist(3perl) Determine libraries to use and how to use them.
ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3perl) Create a module Makefile.
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Config(3perl) Wrapper around
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::FAQ(3perl) Frequently Asked Questions About MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Locale(3perl) Bundled Encode::Locale.
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial(3perl) Writing a module with MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::Manifest(3perl) Utilities to write and check a MANIFEST file.
ExtUtils::Miniperl(3perl) Write the C code for perlmain.c.
ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap(3perl) Make a bootstrap file for use by DynaLoader.
ExtUtils::Mksymlists(3perl) Write linker options files for dynamic extension.
ExtUtils::MM(3perl) OS adjusted ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass.
ExtUtils::MM_AIX(3perl) AIX specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix.
ExtUtils::MM_Any(3perl) Platform-agnostic MM methods.
ExtUtils::MM_BeOS(3perl) Methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin(3perl) Methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::MM_Darwin(3perl) Special behaviors for OS X.
ExtUtils::MM_DOS(3perl) DOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix.
ExtUtils::MM_MacOS(3perl) Once produced Makefiles for MacOS Classic.
ExtUtils::MM_NW5(3perl) Methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::MM_OS2(3perl) Methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::MM_QNX(3perl) QNX specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix.
ExtUtils::MM_Unix(3perl) Methods used by ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::MM_UWIN(3perl) U/WIN specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix.
ExtUtils::MM_VMS(3perl) Methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::MM_VOS(3perl) VOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix.
ExtUtils::MM_Win32(3perl) Methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
ExtUtils::MM_Win95(3perl) Method to customize MakeMaker for Win9X.
ExtUtils::MY(3perl) ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass for customization.
ExtUtils::Packlist(3perl) Manage .packlist files.
ExtUtils::ParseXS(3perl) Converts Perl XS code into C code.
ExtUtils::ParseXS::Constants(3perl) Initialization values for some globals.
ExtUtils::ParseXS::Eval(3perl) Clean package to evaluate code in.
ExtUtils::ParseXS::Utilities(3perl) Subroutines used with ExtUtils::ParseXS.
ExtUtils::testlib(3perl) Add blib/* directories to @INC.
ExtUtils::Typemaps(3perl) Read/Write/Modify Perl/XS typemap files.
ExtUtils::Typemaps::Cmd(3perl) Quick commands for handling typemaps.
ExtUtils::Typemaps::InputMap(3perl) Entry in the INPUT section of a typemap.
ExtUtils::Typemaps::OutputMap(3perl) Entry in the OUTPUT section of a typemap.
ExtUtils::Typemaps::Type(3perl) Entry in the TYPEMAP section of a typemap.
ExtUtils::XSSymSet(3perl) Keep sets of symbol names palatable to the VMS linker.
FastaUnique(1) ↣ ampliconnoise(1) Remove noise from high throughput nucleotide sequence data.
Fatal(3perl) Replace functions with equivalents which succeed or die.
Fatal(3pm) Replace functions with equivalents which succeed or die.
FCGI(3pm) Fast CGI module.
FCluster(1) ↣ ampliconnoise(1) Remove noise from high throughput nucleotide sequence data.
Fcntl(3perl) Load the C Fcntl.h defines.
feature(3perl) Perl pragma to enable new features.
feedgnuplot(1) General purpose pipe-oriented plotting tool.
fields(3perl) Compile-time class fields.
File::Basename(3perl) Parse file paths into directory, filename and suffix.
File::Cache(3pm) Share data between processes via filesystem.
File::Compare(3perl) Compare files or filehandles.
File::Copy(3perl) Copy files or filehandles.
File::DosGlob(3perl) DOS like globbing and then some.
File::ExtAttr(3pm) Perl extension for accessing extended attributes of files.
File::ExtAttr::Tie(3pm) Tie interface to extended attributes of files.
File::FcntlLock(3pm) File locking with fcntl(2).
File::FcntlLock::Inline(3pm) File locking with fcntl(2).
File::FcntlLock::Pure(3pm) File locking with fcntl(2).
File::FcntlLock::XS(3pm) File locking with fcntl(2).
File::Fetch(3perl) A generic file fetching mechanism.
File::Find(3perl) Traverse a directory tree.
File::FnMatch(3pm) Simple filename and pathname matching.
File::Glob(3perl) Perl extension for BSD glob routine.
File::GlobMapper(3perl) Extend File Glob to Allow Input and Output Files.
File::Grep(3pm) Find matches to a pattern in a series of files and related.
File::lchown(3pm) Modify attributes of symlinks without dereferencing them.
File::LibMagic(3pm) Determine MIME types of data or files using libmagic.
File::MMagic::XS(3pm) Guess File Type With XS (a la mod_mime_magic).
File::Path(3perl) Create or remove directory trees.
File::Path::Tiny(3pm) Recursive versions of mkdir() and rmdir() without as much overhead as File::Path.
File::PathConvert(3pm) Convert an absolute path to a relative path.
File::RandomAccess(3pm) Random access reads of sequential file or scalar.
File::Remove(3pm) Remove files and directories.
File::RsyncP(3pm) Perl Rsync client.
File::RsyncP::Digest(3pm) Perl interface to rsync message digest algorithms.
File::RsyncP::FileIO(3pm) Perl Rsync client file system IO.
File::RsyncP::FileList(3pm) Perl interface to rsync file list encoding and decoding.
File::Spec(3perl) Portably perform operations on file names.
File::Spec::Cygwin(3perl) Methods for Cygwin file specs.
File::Spec::Epoc(3perl) Methods for Epoc file specs.
File::Spec::Functions(3perl) Portably perform operations on file names.
File::Spec::Mac(3perl) File::Spec for Mac OS (Classic).
File::Spec::OS2(3perl) Methods for OS/2 file specs.
File::Spec::Unix(3perl) File::Spec for Unix, base for other File::Spec modules.
File::Spec::VMS(3perl) Methods for VMS file specs.
File::Spec::Win32(3perl) Methods for Win32 file specs.
File::stat(3perl) By-name interface to Perl's built-in stat() functions.
File::Sync(3pm) Perl access to fsync() and sync() function calls.
File::Temp(3perl) Return name and handle of a temporary file safely.
FileCache(3perl) Keep more files open than the system permits.
FileHandle(3perl) Supply object methods for filehandles.
FileHandle::Fmode(3pm) Determine whether a filehandle is opened for reading, writing, or both.
Filesys::Df(3pm) Perl extension for filesystem disk space information.
Filesys::SmbClient(3pm) Interface for access Samba filesystem with
Filesys::Statvfs(3pm) Perl extension for statvfs() and fstatvfs().
filetest(3perl) Perl pragma to control the filetest permission operators. Filters output from murasaki based on various filters.
Filter::cpp(3pm) Cpp source filter.
Filter::decrypt(3pm) Template for a decrypt source filter.
Filter::exec(3pm) Exec source filter.
Filter::sh(3pm) Sh source filter.
Filter::Simple(3perl) Simplified source filtering.
Filter::tee(3pm) Tee source filter.
Filter::Util::Call(3perl) Perl Source Filter Utility Module.
Filter::Util::Call(3pm) Perl Source Filter Utility Module.
Filter::Util::Exec(3pm) Exec source filter.
FindBin(3perl) Locate directory of original perl script.
findimagedupes(1p) Finds visually similar or duplicate images.
fixkrf(1p) Fixes DNSSEC-Tools keyrec files whose encryption key files have been moved.
FKO(3pm) Perl module wrapper for libfko.
flexml(1) Generate validating XML processor and applications from DTD.
Flickr::Upload(3pm) Upload images to "".
flickr_upload(1p) Upload photos to "".
flowdumper(1p) A grep(1)-like utility for raw flow files.
Font::FreeType(3pm) Read font files and render glyphs from Perl using FreeType2.
Font::FreeType::BoundingBox(3pm) A structure used to hold an outline's bounding box.
Font::FreeType::CharMap(3pm) Character map from font typefaces loaded from Font::FreeType.
Font::FreeType::Face(3pm) Font typefaces loaded from Font::FreeType.
Font::FreeType::Glyph(3pm) Glyphs from font typefaces loaded from Font::FreeType.
Font::FreeType::NamedInfo(3pm) Information from 'names table' in font file.
forks(3pm) Drop-in replacement for Perl threads using fork().
forks::Devel::Symdump(3pm) Dump symbol names or the symbol table.
forks::shared(3pm) Drop-in replacement for Perl threads::shared with forks().
forks::signals(3pm) Signal management for forks.
fpc-depends-3.0.0(1) Calculates free pascal dependencies.
FreeContact(3pm) Fast protein contact predictor.
frozen-bubble(1p) Arcade/reflex game.
frozen-bubble-editor(1p) A level editor for Frozen Bubble.
ftp-upload(1p) Batch transfer local files to an FTP server.
Function::Fallback::CoreOrPP(3pm) Functions that use non-core XS module but provide pure-Perl/core fallback.
Fuse(3pm) Write filesystems in Perl using FUSE.
G2(3pm) A simple graphics library ported to Perl.
Games::FrozenBubble(3pm) Arcade/reflex game - THIS IS A BETA VERSION.
Games::FrozenBubble::NetDiscover(3pm) High performance server discovery plugin for frozen bubble.
GBrowse::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for GBrowse.
gbrowse_clean(1p) Clean up sessions and other temporary gbrowse2 files.
gcov2perl(1p) Convert gcov files to Devel::Cover databases.
GD(3pm) Interface to Gd Graphics Library.
GD::Image(3pm) Image class for the GD image library.
GD::Polygon(3pm) Polygon class for the GD image library.
GD::Polyline(3pm) Polyline object and Polygon utilities (including splines) for use with GD.
GD::Simple(3pm) Simplified interface to GD library.
GDBM_File(3perl) Perl5 access to the gdbm library.
gen-auth(1) Generate various authentication strings.
Genders(3) Perl library for querying a genders file.
genkrf(1p) Generate a keyrec file from Key Signing Key (KSK) and/or Zone Signing Key (ZSK) files.
genome-music(1p) Mutational Significance in Cancer (Cancer Mutation Analysis).
genome-music-bmr(1p) Calculate gene coverages and background mutation rates.
genome-music-bmr-calc-bmr(1p) Calculates mutation rates given per-gene coverage (from "music bmr calc-covg"),.
genome-music-bmr-calc-covg(1p) Uses calcRoiCovg.c to count covered bases per-gene for each given tumor-normal.
genome-music-bmr-calc-covg-helper(1p) Uses calcRoiCovg.c to count covered bases per-gene for a tumor-normal pair.
genome-music-bmr-calc-wig-covg(1p) Count covered bases per-gene for each given wiggle track format file.
genome-music-clinical-correlation(1p) Correlate phenotypic traits against mutated genes, or against individual.
genome-music-cosmic-omim(1p) Compare the amino acid changes of supplied mutations to COSMIC and OMIM databases.
genome-music-galaxy(1p) Run the full suite of MuSiC tools sequentially.
genome-music-mutation-relation(1p) Identify relationships of mutation concurrency or mutual exclusivity in genes.
genome-music-path-scan(1p) Find signifcantly mutated pathways in a cohort given a list of somatic mutations.
genome-music-pfam(1p) Add Pfam annotation to a MAF file.
genome-music-play(1p) Run the full suite of MuSiC tools sequentially.
genome-music-plot(1p) Generate relevant plots and visualizations for MuSiC.
genome-music-plot-mutation-relation(1p) Makes plots for results from the mutation-relation tool.
genome-music-proximity(1p) Perform a proximity analysis on a list of mutations.
genome-music-smg(1p) Identify significantly mutated genes.
genome-music-survival(1p) Create survival plots and P-values for clinical and mutational phenotypes.
Genome::Model::Tools::Music::PathScan::CombinePvals(3pm) Combining probabilities from independent tests of significance into a single aggregate figure.
Genome::Model::Tools::Music::PathScan::PathScan(3pm) The Path-Scan significance test for mutations in groups of putative cancer genes.
Genome::Model::Tools::Music::PathScan::PopulationPathScan(3pm) Apply PathScan test to populations rather than just single individuals.
genotype2mipe(1) Inserts SNP data into MIPE file.
Geo::Coordinates::OSGB(3pm) Convert coordinates between Lat/Lon and the British National Grid.
Geo::Coordinates::OSGB::Background(3pm) Background and extended description.
Geo::Coordinates::OSGB::Grid(3pm) Format and parse British National Grid references.
Geo::Coordinates::OSGB::Maps(3pm) Data for OSGB Maps.
Geo::Distance::XS(3pm) Speed up Geo::Distance.
Geo::IP(3pm) Look up location and network information by IP Address.
Geo::IP::Record(3pm) Contains city information for GeoIP Legacy City Edition.
Geo::Mirror(3pm) Find closest Mirror.
Geo::Proj4(3pm) PROJ.4 cartographic projections library.
Getargs::Long(3pm) Named subroutine arguments, with optional type checking. CDS extraction from various annotation formats.
GetData(3pm) Perl bindings to the GetData library for Dirfile access.
getdnskeys(1p) Manage lists of DNSKEYs from DNS zones.
getds(1p) Create a DS record from DNSKEYing information. Grab the dna for a gene using annotation.
getOpenFile(3pm) ↣ Tk::getOpenFile(3pm) Pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
Getopt::Long(3perl) Extended processing of command line options.
Getopt::Lucid(3pm) Clear, readable syntax for command line processing.
Getopt::Lucid::Exception(3pm) Exception classes for Getopt::Lucid.
Getopt::Std(3perl) Process single-character switches with switch clustering.
getSaveFile(3pm) ↣ Tk::getOpenFile(3pm) Pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
Git(3pm) Perl interface to the Git version control system.
git-merge-changelog(1) Git merge driver for GNU ChangeLog files.
git-pbuilder(1) Wrapper around cowbuilder/qemubuilder for gbp buildpackage.
Git::I18N(3pm) Perl interface to Git's Gettext localizations.
Git::Repository(3pm) Perl interface to Git repositories.
Git::Repository::Command(3pm) Command objects for running git.
Git::Repository::Log(3pm) Class representing git log data.
Git::Repository::Log::Iterator(3pm) Split a git log stream into records.
Git::Repository::Plugin(3pm) Base class for Git::Repository plugins.
Git::Repository::Plugin::Log(3pm) Add a log() method to Git::Repository.
Git::Repository::Tutorial(3pm) Control git from Perl using Git::Repository.
Git::Repository::Util(3pm) A selection of general-utility Git-related subroutines.
Git::SVN::Editor(3pm) Commit driver for "git svn set-tree" and dcommit.
Git::SVN::Fetcher(3pm) Tree delta consumer for "git svn fetch".
Git::SVN::Memoize::YAML(3pm) Store Memoized data in YAML format.
Git::SVN::Prompt(3pm) Authentication callbacks for git-svn.
Git::SVN::Ra(3pm) Subversion remote access functions for git-svn.
Git::SVN::Utils(3pm) Utility functions used across Git::SVN.
Glib(3pm) Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries.
Glib::BookmarkFile(3pm) Parser for bookmark files.
Glib::Boxed(3pm) Generic wrappers for C structures.
Glib::CodeGen(3pm) Code generation utilities for Glib-based bindings.
Glib::devel(3pm) Binding developer's overview of Glib's internals.
Glib::Error(3pm) Exception Objects based on GError.
Glib::Flags(3pm) Overloaded operators representing GLib flags.
Glib::GenPod(3pm) POD generation utilities for Glib-based modules.
Glib::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Glib::KeyFile(3pm) Parser for .ini-like files.
Glib::Log(3pm) A flexible logging mechanism.
Glib::MainLoop(3pm) An event source manager.
Glib::MakeHelper(3pm) Makefile.PL utilities for Glib-based extensions.
Glib::Markup(3pm) Wrapper for markup handling functions in GLib.
Glib::Object(3pm) Bindings for GObject.
Glib::Object::Introspection(3pm) Dynamically create Perl language bindings.
Glib::Object::Subclass(3pm) Register a perl class as a GObject class.
Glib::OptionContext(3pm) Defines options accepted by the commandline option parser.
Glib::OptionGroup(3pm) Group of options for command line option parsing.
Glib::Param::Boolean(3pm) Wrapper for boolean parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Double(3pm) Wrapper for double parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Enum(3pm) Wrapper for enum parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Flags(3pm) Wrapper for flag parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::GType(3pm) Paramspecs for glib types.
Glib::Param::Int(3pm) Paramspecs for integer types.
Glib::Param::Int64(3pm) Wrapper for int64 parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::String(3pm) Wrapper for string parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::UInt(3pm) Wrapper for uint parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::UInt64(3pm) Wrapper for uint64 parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Unichar(3pm) Wrapper for unichar parameters in GLib.
Glib::ParamSpec(3pm) Wrapper to encapsulate metadate needed to specify parameters.
Glib::ParseXSDoc(3pm) Parse POD and XSub declarations from XS files.
Glib::Signal(3pm) Object customization and general purpose notification.
Glib::Type(3pm) Utilities for dealing with the GLib Type system.
Glib::Utils(3pm) Miscellaneous utility functions.
Glib::Variant(3pm) Strongly typed value datatype.
Glib::version(3pm) Library Versioning Utilities.
Glib::xsapi(3pm) Internal API reference for GPerl.
gmt-music(1p) Mutational Significance in Cancer (Cancer Mutation Analysis).
gmt-music-bmr(1p) Calculate gene coverages and background mutation rates.
gmt-music-bmr-calc-bmr(1p) Calculates mutation rates given per-gene coverage (from "music bmr calc-covg"), and a.
gmt-music-bmr-calc-covg(1p) Uses calcRoiCovg.c to count covered bases per-gene for each given tumor-normal pair.
gmt-music-bmr-calc-covg-helper(1p) Uses calcRoiCovg.c to count covered bases per-gene for a tumor-normal pair of.
gmt-music-bmr-calc-wig-covg(1p) Count covered bases per-gene for each given wiggle track format file.
gmt-music-clinical-correlation(1p) Correlate phenotypic traits against mutated genes, or against individual.
gmt-music-cosmic-omim(1p) Compare the amino acid changes of supplied mutations to COSMIC and OMIM databases.
gmt-music-galaxy(1p) Run the full suite of MuSiC tools sequentially.
gmt-music-mutation-relation(1p) Identify relationships of mutation concurrency or mutual exclusivity in genes.
gmt-music-path-scan(1p) Find signifcantly mutated pathways in a cohort given a list of somatic mutations.
gmt-music-pfam(1p) Add Pfam annotation to a MAF file.
gmt-music-play(1p) Run the full suite of MuSiC tools sequentially.
gmt-music-plot(1p) Generate relevant plots and visualizations for MuSiC.
gmt-music-plot-mutation-relation(1p) Makes plots for results from the mutation-relation tool.
gmt-music-proximity(1p) Perform a proximity analysis on a list of mutations.
gmt-music-smg(1p) Identify significantly mutated genes.
gmt-music-survival(1p) Create survival plots and P-values for clinical and mutational phenotypes.
gnc-fq-check(1) Check for the presence of Finance::Quote.
Gnome2(3pm) Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME libraries.
Gnome2::About(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeAbout.
Gnome2::App(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeApp.
Gnome2::AppBar(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeAppBar.
Gnome2::Bonobo::Dock(3pm) Wrapper for BonoboDock.
Gnome2::Bonobo::DockItem(3pm) Wrapper for BonoboDockItem.
Gnome2::Canvas(3pm) A structured graphics canvas.
Gnome2::Canvas::Bpath(3pm) Bezier path canvas item.
Gnome2::Canvas::Ellipse(3pm) Ellipses as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::Group(3pm) A group of Gnome2::CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::Canvas::Item(3pm) Base class for all canvas items.
Gnome2::Canvas::Line(3pm) Lines as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::PathDef(3pm) Container and functions for manipulating ArtBpaths.
Gnome2::Canvas::Pixbuf(3pm) Pixbufs as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::RE(3pm) Base class for rectangles and ellipses.
Gnome2::Canvas::Rect(3pm) Rectangles as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::RichText(3pm) Rich text canvas item.
Gnome2::Canvas::Shape(3pm) Base class for canvas item shapes.
Gnome2::Canvas::Text(3pm) Text as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::version(3pm) Libgnomecanvas version.
Gnome2::Canvas::Widget(3pm) Gtk2::Widgets as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Client(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeClient.
Gnome2::ColorPicker(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeColorPicker.
Gnome2::DateEdit(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDateEdit.
Gnome2::Druid(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDruid.
Gnome2::DruidPage(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDruidPage.
Gnome2::DruidPageEdge(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDruidPageEdge.
Gnome2::DruidPageStandard(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDruidPageStandard.
Gnome2::Entry(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeEntry.
Gnome2::enums(3pm) Enumeration and flag values for Gnome2.
Gnome2::FileEntry(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeFileEntry.
Gnome2::FontPicker(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeFontPicker.
Gnome2::GConf(3pm) Perl wrappers for the GConf configuration engine.
Gnome2::GConf::ChangeSet(3pm) A set of configuration changes to be made.
Gnome2::GConf::Client(3pm) Client module for GConf.
Gnome2::GConf::Engine(3pm) A Configuration Engine.
Gnome2::GConf::Entry(3pm) Container Objects for key/value pairs.
Gnome2::GConf::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::GConf::main(3pm) Utility functions for Gnome2::GConf.
Gnome2::GConf::Schema(3pm) Schema Objects for key description.
Gnome2::GConf::Value(3pm) Opaque datatype for generic values.
Gnome2::GConf::version(3pm) The version that of libgconf that Gnome2::GConf was built against.
Gnome2::HRef(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeHRef.
Gnome2::IconEntry(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconEntry.
Gnome2::IconList(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconList.
Gnome2::IconSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconSelection.
Gnome2::IconTextItem(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconTextItem.
Gnome2::IconTheme(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconTheme.
Gnome2::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::ModuleInfo(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeModuleInfo.
Gnome2::PasswordDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GnomePasswordDialog.
Gnome2::PixmapEntry(3pm) Wrapper for GnomePixmapEntry.
Gnome2::Program(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeProgram.
Gnome2::Scores(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeScores.
Gnome2::ThumbnailFactory(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeThumbnailFactory.
Gnome2::VFS(3pm) Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME VFS library.
Gnome2::VFS::Address(3pm) Represents a DNS address.
Gnome2::VFS::Application(3pm) Represents an application for the application registry.
Gnome2::VFS::ApplicationRegistry(3pm) Registry for applications.
Gnome2::VFS::Async(3pm) Handles asynchronous file operations.
Gnome2::VFS::Async::Handle(3pm) Handles asynchronous file operations.
Gnome2::VFS::Directory(3pm) Represents a directory.
Gnome2::VFS::Directory::Handle(3pm) Respresents a directory.
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD(3pm) Network service discovery.
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD::Browse::Handle(3pm) Used for browsing for services on the network.
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD::Resolve::Handle(3pm) Used for resolving services on the network.
Gnome2::VFS::Drive(3pm) Container around Gnome2::VFS::Volume.
Gnome2::VFS::FileInfo(3pm) Stores information about files, like stat.
Gnome2::VFS::Handle(3pm) Basic file operations.
Gnome2::VFS::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::VFS::main(3pm) Filesystem Abstraction library.
Gnome2::VFS::Mime(3pm) Functions for getting information about applications and components associated with MIME.
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Application(3pm) Functions for getting information about applications and components.
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Monitor(3pm) Functions for getting information about applications and components associated.
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Type(3pm) Represents a Mime type.
Gnome2::VFS::Monitor(3pm) Monitors volume mounts and unmounts.
Gnome2::VFS::Monitor::Handle(3pm) Monitors volume mounts and unmounts.
Gnome2::VFS::Resolve(3pm) Address resolution.
Gnome2::VFS::Resolve::Handle(3pm) Address resolution.
Gnome2::VFS::URI(3pm) Uniform resource identifier.
Gnome2::VFS::Volume(3pm) Abstraction for a mounted file system or a network location.
Gnome2::VFS::VolumeMonitor(3pm) Monitors volume mounts and unmounts.
Gnome2::VFS::Xfer(3pm) Transfers stuff.
Gnome2::Wnck(3pm) Perl interface to the Window Navigator Construction Kit.
Gnome2::Wnck::Application(3pm) An object representing a group of windows of the same application.
Gnome2::Wnck::ClassGroup(3pm) An object representing a group of windows of the same class.
Gnome2::Wnck::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::Wnck::main(3pm) Provides version info about the version of Wnck Gnome2::Wnck was built against.
Gnome2::Wnck::Pager(3pm) A pager widget, showing the content of workspaces.
Gnome2::Wnck::Screen(3pm) An object representing a screen.
Gnome2::Wnck::Selector(3pm) A window selector widget, showing the list of windows as a menu.
Gnome2::Wnck::Tasklist(3pm) A tasklist widget, showing the list of windows as a list of buttons.
Gnome2::Wnck::Window(3pm) An object representing a window.
Gnome2::Wnck::Workspace(3pm) An object representing a workspace.
Goo::Cairo::Matrix(3pm) Wrapper for GooCairoMatrix.
Goo::Cairo::Pattern(3pm) Wrapper for GooCairoPattern.
Goo::Canvas(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvas.
Goo::Canvas::Bounds(3pm) Represents the bounding box of an item in the canvas.
Goo::Canvas::Ellipse(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasEllipse.
Goo::Canvas::EllipseModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasEllipseModel.
Goo::Canvas::Group(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasGroup.
Goo::Canvas::GroupModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasGroupModel.
Goo::Canvas::Image(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasImage.
Goo::Canvas::ImageModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasImageModel.
Goo::Canvas::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Goo::Canvas::Item(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasItem.
Goo::Canvas::ItemModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasItemModel.
Goo::Canvas::ItemSimple(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasItemSimple.
Goo::Canvas::LineDash(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasLineDash.
Goo::Canvas::Path(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasPath.
Goo::Canvas::PathModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasPathModel.
Goo::Canvas::Points(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasPoints.
Goo::Canvas::Polyline(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasPolyline.
Goo::Canvas::PolylineModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasPolylineModel.
Goo::Canvas::Rect(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasRect.
Goo::Canvas::RectModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasRectModel.
Goo::Canvas::Style(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasStyle.
Goo::Canvas::Table(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasTable.
Goo::Canvas::TableModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasTableModel.
Goo::Canvas::Text(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasText.
Goo::Canvas::TextModel(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasTextModel.
Goo::Canvas::Widget(3pm) Wrapper for GooCanvasWidget.
grandvizier(1p) DNSSEC-Tools dtrealms GUI. Application for generating graphs from mimedefang log files.
Graphics::ColorNames(3pm) Defines RGB values for common color names.
Graphics::ColorNames::HTML(3pm) HTML color names and equivalent RGB values.
Graphics::ColorNames::Netscape(3pm) Netscape 1.1 Color Names.
Graphics::ColorNames::Windows(3pm) Windows color names and equivalent RGB values.
Graphics::ColorNames::X(3pm) X-Windows color names and equivalent RGB values.
Graphics::ColorObject(3pm) Convert between color spaces.
Graphics::Libplot(3pm) Perl extension for libplot plotting library.
Graphics::Magick(3pm) Perl extension for calling GraphicsMagick's libGraphicsMagick routines.
GraphViz(3pm) Interface to AT&T's GraphViz. Deprecated. See GraphViz2.
GraphViz::Data::Grapher(3pm) Visualise data structures as a graph.
GraphViz::No(3pm) Subclass of GraphViz with no nodes.
GraphViz::Parse::RecDescent(3pm) Visualise grammars.
GraphViz::Parse::Yacc(3pm) Visualise grammars.
GraphViz::Parse::Yapp(3pm) Visualise grammars.
GraphViz::Regex(3pm) Visualise a regular expression.
GraphViz::Small(3pm) Subclass of GraphViz with small nodes.
GraphViz::XML(3pm) Visualise XML as a tree.
grepmail(1p) Search mailboxes for mail matching a regular expression.
Grinder(3pm) A versatile omics shotgun and amplicon sequencing read simulator.
Grinder::KmerCollection(3pm) A collection of kmers from sequences.
gscan2pdf(1p) A GUI to produce PDFs or DjVus from scanned documents.
GSSAPI(3pm) Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library.
GSSAPI::OID(3pm) Methods for handling GSSAPI OIDs and some constant OIDs.
GSSAPI::OID::Set(3pm) Methods for handling sets of GSSAPI OIDs, and some constant OID sets.
GSSAPI::Status(3pm) Methods for handlings GSSAPI statuses.
gtf2gff3(1p) Converts GTF formatted files to valid GFF3 files.
Gtk2(3pm) Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library.
Gtk2::AboutDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAboutDialog.
Gtk2::AccelGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAccelGroup.
Gtk2::AccelLabel(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAccelLabel.
Gtk2::AccelMap(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAccelMap.
Gtk2::Action(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAction.
Gtk2::ActionGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkActionGroup.
Gtk2::Activatable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkActivatable.
Gtk2::Adjustment(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAdjustment.
Gtk2::Alignment(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAlignment.
Gtk2::api(3pm) Mapping the Gtk+ C API to perl.
Gtk2::AppIndicator(3pm) Perl extension for libappindicator.
Gtk2::Arrow(3pm) Wrapper for GtkArrow.
Gtk2::AspectFrame(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAspectFrame.
Gtk2::Assistant(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAssistant.
Gtk2::Bin(3pm) Wrapper for GtkBin.
Gtk2::BindingSet(3pm) Wrapper for GtkBindingSet.
Gtk2::Box(3pm) Wrapper for GtkBox.
Gtk2::Buildable(3pm) Interface for objects that can be built by Gtk2::Builder.
Gtk2::Builder(3pm) Wrapper for GtkBuilder.
Gtk2::Button(3pm) Wrapper for GtkButton.
Gtk2::ButtonBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkButtonBox.
Gtk2::Calendar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCalendar.
Gtk2::CellEditable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellEditable.
Gtk2::CellLayout(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellLayout.
Gtk2::CellRenderer(3pm) An object that renders a single cell onto a Gtk2::Gdk::Drawable.
Gtk2::CellRendererAccel(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererAccel.
Gtk2::CellRendererCombo(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererCombo.
Gtk2::CellRendererPixbuf(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererPixbuf.
Gtk2::CellRendererProgress(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererProgress.
Gtk2::CellRendererSpin(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererSpin.
Gtk2::CellRendererSpinner(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererSpinner.
Gtk2::CellRendererText(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererText.
Gtk2::CellRendererToggle(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererToggle.
Gtk2::CellView(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellView.
Gtk2::CheckButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCheckButton.
Gtk2::CheckMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCheckMenuItem.
Gtk2::Clipboard(3pm) Wrapper for GtkClipboard.
Gtk2::CodeGen(3pm) Code generation utilities for Glib-based bindings.
Gtk2::ColorButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkColorButton.
Gtk2::ColorSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GtkColorSelection.
Gtk2::ColorSelectionDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkColorSelectionDialog.
Gtk2::Combo(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCombo.
Gtk2::ComboBox(3pm) A widget used to choose from a list of items.
Gtk2::ComboBoxEntry(3pm) A text entry field with a dropdown list.
Gtk2::Container(3pm) Wrapper for GtkContainer.
Gtk2::Curve(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCurve.
Gtk2::devel(3pm) The internal workings of the gtk2-perl language bindings.
Gtk2::Dialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkDialog.
Gtk2::DrawingArea(3pm) Wrapper for GtkDrawingArea.
Gtk2::Editable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEditable.
Gtk2::Entry(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEntry.
Gtk2::EntryBuffer(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEntryBuffer.
Gtk2::EntryCompletion(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEntryCompletion.
Gtk2::enums(3pm) Enumeration and flag values for Gtk2.
Gtk2::EventBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEventBox.
Gtk2::Expander(3pm) Wrapper for GtkExpander.
Gtk2::FileChooser(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileChooser.
Gtk2::FileChooserButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileChooserButton.
Gtk2::FileChooserDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileChooserDialog.
Gtk2::FileChooserWidget(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileChooserWidget.
Gtk2::FileFilter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileFilter.
Gtk2::FileSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileSelection.
Gtk2::Fixed(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFixed.
Gtk2::FontButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFontButton.
Gtk2::FontSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFontSelection.
Gtk2::FontSelectionDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFontSelectionDialog.
Gtk2::Frame(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFrame.
Gtk2::GammaCurve(3pm) Wrapper for GtkGammaCurve.
Gtk2::Gdk::Color(3pm) Wrapper for GdkColor.
Gtk2::Gdk::Colormap(3pm) Wrapper for GdkColormap.
Gtk2::Gdk::Cursor(3pm) Wrapper for GdkCursor.
Gtk2::Gdk::Device(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDevice.
Gtk2::Gdk::Display(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDisplay.
Gtk2::Gdk::DisplayManager(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDisplayManager.
Gtk2::Gdk::DragContext(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDragContext.
Gtk2::Gdk::Drawable(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDrawable.
Gtk2::Gdk::Event(3pm) Wrapper for GdkEvent.
Gtk2::Gdk::GC(3pm) Wrapper for GdkGC.
Gtk2::Gdk::Image(3pm) Wrapper for GdkImage.
Gtk2::Gdk::Keymap(3pm) Wrapper for GdkKeymap.
Gtk2::Gdk::Keysyms(3pm) Key codes for Gtk2 programs.
Gtk2::Gdk::PangoRenderer(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPangoRenderer.
Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbuf.
Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf::Draw::Cache(3pm) Cache for drawing scaled pixbufs.
Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufAnimation(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbufAnimation.
Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufAnimationIter(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbufAnimationIter.
Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufLoader(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbufLoader.
Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufSimpleAnim(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbufSimpleAnim.
Gtk2::Gdk::Pixmap(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixmap.
Gtk2::Gdk::Rectangle(3pm) Wrapper for GdkRectangle.
Gtk2::Gdk::Region(3pm) Wrapper for GdkRegion.
Gtk2::Gdk::Screen(3pm) Wrapper for GdkScreen.
Gtk2::Gdk::Visual(3pm) Wrapper for GdkVisual.
Gtk2::Gdk::Window(3pm) Wrapper for GdkWindow.
Gtk2::GladeXML(3pm) Create user interfaces directly from Glade XML files.
Gtk2::HandleBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHandleBox.
Gtk2::HBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHBox.
Gtk2::HButtonBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHButtonBox.
Gtk2::Helper(3pm) Convenience functions for the Gtk2 module.
Gtk2::HPaned(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHPaned.
Gtk2::HRuler(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHRuler.
Gtk2::HScale(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHScale.
Gtk2::HScrollbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHScrollbar.
Gtk2::HSeparator(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHSeparator.
Gtk2::HSV(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHSV.
Gtk2::IconFactory(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconFactory.
Gtk2::IconInfo(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconInfo.
Gtk2::IconSet(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconSet.
Gtk2::IconSize(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconSize.
Gtk2::IconSource(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconSource.
Gtk2::IconTheme(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconTheme.
Gtk2::IconView(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconView.
Gtk2::Image(3pm) Wrapper for GtkImage.
Gtk2::ImageMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkImageMenuItem.
Gtk2::ImageView(3pm) General purpose image viewer for Gtk+.
Gtk2::ImageView::Anim(3pm) Subclass of Gtk2::ImageView capable of playing.
Gtk2::ImageView::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::ImageView::Nav(3pm) Navigation window showing a thumbnailed overview of a Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::ScrollWin(3pm) Scrollable window suitable for Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool(3pm) Interface for objects capable of being used as tools by Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Dragger(3pm) Default image tool for panning the image.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Painter(3pm) Demo image tool for painting on a Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Selector(3pm) Image tool for selecting rectangular regions.
Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom(3pm) Functions for dealing with zoom factors.
Gtk2::IMContext(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIMContext.
Gtk2::IMContextSimple(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIMContextSimple.
Gtk2::IMMulticontext(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIMMulticontext.
Gtk2::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::InfoBar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkInfoBar.
Gtk2::InputDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkInputDialog.
Gtk2::Invisible(3pm) Wrapper for GtkInvisible.
Gtk2::Item(3pm) Wrapper for GtkItem.
Gtk2::ItemFactory(3pm) Wrapper for GtkItemFactory.
Gtk2::Label(3pm) Wrapper for GtkLabel.
Gtk2::Layout(3pm) Wrapper for GtkLayout.
Gtk2::LinkButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkLinkButton.
Gtk2::List(3pm) Wrapper for GtkList.
Gtk2::ListItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkListItem.
Gtk2::ListStore(3pm) Wrapper for GtkListStore.
Gtk2::Menu(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenu.
Gtk2::MenuBar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenuBar.
Gtk2::MenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenuItem.
Gtk2::MenuShell(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenuShell.
Gtk2::MenuToolButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenuToolButton.
Gtk2::MessageDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMessageDialog.
Gtk2::Misc(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMisc.
Gtk2::Notebook(3pm) Wrapper for GtkNotebook.
Gtk2::Notify(3pm) Perl interface to libnotify.
Gtk2::Notify::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::Object(3pm) Wrapper for GtkObject.
Gtk2::OffscreenWindow(3pm) Wrapper for GtkOffscreenWindow.
Gtk2::OptionMenu(3pm) Wrapper for GtkOptionMenu.
Gtk2::Orientable(3pm) Interface for flippable widgets.
Gtk2::PageSetup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPageSetup.
Gtk2::Paned(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPaned.
Gtk2::Pango(3pm) Constants for use with Pango.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrBackground(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrBackground.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrColor(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrColor.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrFallback(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrFallback.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrFamily(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrFamily.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrFontDesc(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrFontDesc.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrForeground(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrForeground.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrGravity(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrGravity.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrGravityHint(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrGravityHint.
Gtk2::Pango::Attribute(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Attribute.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrInt(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrInt.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrIterator(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrIterator.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrLanguage(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrLanguage.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrLetterSpacing(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrLetterSpacing.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrList(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrList.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrRise(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrRise.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrScale(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrScale.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrShape(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrShape.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrSize(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrSize.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrStretch(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrStretch.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrStrikethrough(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrStrikethrough.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrStrikethroughColor(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrStrikethroughColor.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrString(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrString.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrStyle(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrStyle.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrUnderline(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrUnderline.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrUnderlineColor(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrUnderlineColor.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrVariant(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrVariant.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrWeight(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrWeight.
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Cairo.
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo::Context(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Cairo::Context.
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo::Font(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Cairo::Font.
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo::FontMap(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Cairo::FontMap.
Gtk2::Pango::Color(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Color.
Gtk2::Pango::Context(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Context.
Gtk2::Pango::Font(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Font.
Gtk2::Pango::FontDescription(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontDescription.
Gtk2::Pango::FontFace(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontFace.
Gtk2::Pango::FontFamily(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontFamily.
Gtk2::Pango::FontMap(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontMap.
Gtk2::Pango::FontMetrics(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontMetrics.
Gtk2::Pango::Fontset(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Fontset.
Gtk2::Pango::Gravity(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Gravity.
Gtk2::Pango::Language(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Language.
Gtk2::Pango::Layout(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Layout.
Gtk2::Pango::LayoutIter(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::LayoutIter.
Gtk2::Pango::LayoutLine(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::LayoutLine.
Gtk2::Pango::Matrix(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Matrix.
Gtk2::Pango::Renderer(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Renderer.
Gtk2::Pango::Script(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Script.
Gtk2::Pango::ScriptIter(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::ScriptIter.
Gtk2::Pango::TabArray(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::TabArray.
Gtk2::Pango::version(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::version.
Gtk2::PaperSize(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPaperSize.
Gtk2::Plug(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPlug.
Gtk2::PrintContext(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPrintContext.
Gtk2::PrintOperation(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPrintOperation.
Gtk2::PrintOperationPreview(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPrintOperationPreview.
Gtk2::PrintSettings(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPrintSettings.
Gtk2::ProgressBar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkProgressBar.
Gtk2::RadioAction(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRadioAction.
Gtk2::RadioButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRadioButton.
Gtk2::RadioMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRadioMenuItem.
Gtk2::RadioToolButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRadioToolButton.
Gtk2::Range(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRange.
Gtk2::RcStyle(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRcStyle.
Gtk2::RecentAction(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentAction.
Gtk2::RecentChooser(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentChooser.
Gtk2::RecentChooserDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentChooserDialog.
Gtk2::RecentChooserMenu(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentChooserMenu.
Gtk2::RecentChooserWidget(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentChooserWidget.
Gtk2::RecentFilter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentFilter.
Gtk2::RecentInfo(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentInfo.
Gtk2::RecentManager(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentManager.
Gtk2::Requisition(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRequisition.
Gtk2::Ruler(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRuler.
Gtk2::Scale(3pm) Wrapper for GtkScale.
Gtk2::ScaleButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkScaleButton.
Gtk2::Scrollbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkScrollbar.
Gtk2::ScrolledWindow(3pm) Wrapper for GtkScrolledWindow.
Gtk2::SelectionData(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSelectionData.
Gtk2::Separator(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSeparator.
Gtk2::SeparatorMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSeparatorMenuItem.
Gtk2::SeparatorToolItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSeparatorToolItem.
Gtk2::SimpleList(3pm) A simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC list widget.
Gtk2::SimpleMenu(3pm) A simple interface to Gtk2's ItemFactory for creating application menus.
Gtk2::SizeGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSizeGroup.
Gtk2::Socket(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSocket.
Gtk2::SourceView2::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::Spell(3pm) Bindings for GtkSpell with Gtk2.
Gtk2::SpinButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSpinButton.
Gtk2::Spinner(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSpinner.
Gtk2::Statusbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkStatusbar.
Gtk2::StatusIcon(3pm) Wrapper for GtkStatusIcon.
Gtk2::Style(3pm) Wrapper for GtkStyle.
Gtk2::Table(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTable.
Gtk2::TargetList(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTargetList.
Gtk2::TearoffMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTearoffMenuItem.
Gtk2::TextAttributes(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextAttributes.
Gtk2::TextBuffer(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextBuffer.
Gtk2::TextChildAnchor(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextChildAnchor.
Gtk2::TextIter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextIter.
Gtk2::TextMark(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextMark.
Gtk2::TextTag(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextTag.
Gtk2::TextTagTable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextTagTable.
Gtk2::TextView(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextView.
Gtk2::ToggleAction(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToggleAction.
Gtk2::ToggleButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToggleButton.
Gtk2::ToggleToolButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToggleToolButton.
Gtk2::Toolbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolbar.
Gtk2::ToolButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolButton.
Gtk2::ToolItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolItem.
Gtk2::ToolItemGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolItemGroup.
Gtk2::ToolPalette(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolPalette.
Gtk2::ToolShell(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolShell.
Gtk2::Tooltip(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTooltip.
Gtk2::Tooltips(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTooltips.
Gtk2::TrayIcon(3pm) Perl interface to the EggTrayIcon library.
Gtk2::TrayManager(3pm) Perl bindings for EggTrayManager.
Gtk2::TreeDragDest(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeDragDest.
Gtk2::TreeDragSource(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeDragSource.
Gtk2::TreeIter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeIter.
Gtk2::TreeModel(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeModel.
Gtk2::TreeModelFilter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeModelFilter.
Gtk2::TreeModelSort(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeModelSort.
Gtk2::TreePath(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreePath.
Gtk2::TreeRowReference(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeRowReference.
Gtk2::TreeSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeSelection.
Gtk2::TreeSortable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeSortable.
Gtk2::TreeStore(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeStore.
Gtk2::TreeView(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeView.
Gtk2::TreeViewColumn(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeViewColumn.
Gtk2::UIManager(3pm) Wrapper for GtkUIManager.
Gtk2::Unique(3pm) Use single instance applications.
Gtk2::Unique::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::UniqueApp(3pm) Base class for singleton applications.
Gtk2::UniqueBackend(3pm) IPC backend used by libunique.
Gtk2::UniqueMessageData(3pm) Message container for Gtk2::UniqueApp.
Gtk2::VBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVBox.
Gtk2::VButtonBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVButtonBox.
Gtk2::version(3pm) Library Version Information.
Gtk2::Viewport(3pm) Wrapper for GtkViewport.
Gtk2::VolumeButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVolumeButton.
Gtk2::VPaned(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVPaned.
Gtk2::VRuler(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVRuler.
Gtk2::VScale(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVScale.
Gtk2::VScrollbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVScrollbar.
Gtk2::VSeparator(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVSeparator.
Gtk2::Widget(3pm) Wrapper for GtkWidget.
Gtk2::Window(3pm) Wrapper for GtkWindow.
Gtk2::WindowGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkWindowGroup.
Guard(3pm) Safe cleanup blocks.
gunicorn(1) Event-based HTTP/WSGI server.
gunicorn3(1) Event-based HTTP/WSGI server.
gunicorn3_django(1) Event-based HTTP/WSGI server, Django application entry-point.
gunicorn3_paster(1) Event-based HTTP/WSGI server, Paste application entry-point.
gunicorn_django(1) Event-based HTTP/WSGI server, Django application entry-point.
gunicorn_paster(1) Event-based HTTP/WSGI server, Paste application entry-point.
h2ph(1) Convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files.
h2xs(1) Convert .h C header files to Perl extensions.
hardening-check(1) Check binaries for security hardening features.
Hash::FieldHash(3pm) Lightweight field hash for inside-out objects.
Hash::StoredIterator(3pm) Functions for accessing a hashes internal iterator.
Hash::Util(3perl) A selection of general-utility hash subroutines.
Hash::Util::FieldHash(3perl) Support for Inside-Out Classes.
Heimdal::Kadm5(3pm) Perl extension for adminstration of Heimdal Kerberos servers (kadmin).
Hobbit(3pm) Generates homology scorse from murasaki anchor files.
Hook::WrapSub(3pm) Wrap subs with pre- and post-call hooks.
HTML::Defang(3pm) Cleans HTML as well as CSS of scripting and other executable contents, and neutralises XSS.
HTML::Entities(3pm) Encode or decode strings with HTML entities.
HTML::Filter(3pm) Filter HTML text through the parser.
HTML::HeadParser(3pm) Parse section of a HTML document.
HTML::LinkExtor(3pm) Extract links from an HTML document.
HTML::LinkList(3pm) Create a 'smart' list of HTML links.
HTML::Packer(3pm) Another HTML code cleaner.
HTML::Parser(3pm) HTML parser class.
HTML::PullParser(3pm) Alternative HTML::Parser interface.
HTML::Strip(3pm) Perl extension for stripping HTML markup from text.
HTML::Template::PerlInterface(3pm) Perl interface of HTML::Template::Pro.
HTML::Template::Pro(3pm) Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts.
HTML::Template::SYNTAX(3pm) Syntax of html template language for HTML::Template.
HTML::Tidy(3pm) (X)HTML validation in a Perl object.
HTML::Tidy::Message(3pm) Message object for the Tidy functionality.
HTML::TokeParser(3pm) Alternative HTML::Parser interface.
HTML::WikiConverter::MediaWiki(3pm) Convert HTML to MediaWiki markup.
HTTP::BrowserDetect(3pm) Determine Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string.
HTTP::Parser::XS(3pm) A fast, primitive HTTP request parser.
HTTP::Throwable(3pm) A set of strongly-typed, PSGI-friendly HTTP 1.1 exception libraries.
HTTP::Throwable::Factory(3pm) A factory that throws HTTP::Throwables for you.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::BoringText(3pm) Provide the simplest text_body method possible.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Generic(3pm) A generic built-by-hand exception.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::NoBody(3pm) An exception with no body.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Redirect(3pm) An exception that is a redirect.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::BadGateway(3pm) 502 Bad Gateway.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::BadRequest(3pm) 400 Bad Request.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::Conflict(3pm) 409 Conflict.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::ExpectationFailed(3pm) 417 Expectation Failed.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::Forbidden(3pm) 403 Forbidden.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::Found(3pm) 302 Found.