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Origin: perl v5.22.2.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
AAT(3) Apache::ASP Toolkit module.
acidrip(1p) A Gtk2::Perl wrapper for MPlayer / Mencoder. Octopussy Alert module.
Algorithm::Dependency(3pm) Base class for implementing various dependency trees.
Algorithm::Dependency::Item(3pm) Implements an item in a dependency heirachy.
Algorithm::Dependency::Ordered(3pm) Implements an ordered dependency heirachy.
Algorithm::Dependency::Source(3pm) Implements a source of heirachy items.
Algorithm::Dependency::Source::File(3pm) File source for dependency heirachys.
Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA(3pm) Source for a HASH of ARRAYs.
Algorithm::Dependency::Source::Invert(3pm) Logically invert a source.
Algorithm::Dependency::Weight(3pm) Calculate dependency 'weights'.
Alien::FFI(3pm) Get libffi compiler and linker flags.
Alt::Alien::FFI::System(3pm) Simplified alternative to Alien::FFI that uses system libffi.
AnyEvent::FCGI(3pm) Non-blocking FastCGI server.
AnyEvent::FCGI::Connection(3pm) A single connection handle for AnyEvent::FCGI.
AnyEvent::FCGI::Request(3pm) A single FastCGI request handle for AnyEvent::FCGI.
AnyEvent::Yubico(3pm) AnyEvent based Perl extension for validating YubiKey OTPs. Though AnyEvent is used.
App::Cmd(3pm) Write command line apps with less suffering.
App::Cmd::ArgProcessor(3pm) App::Cmd-specific wrapper for Getopt::Long::Descriptive.
App::Cmd::Command(3pm) A base class for App::Cmd commands.
App::Cmd::Command::commands(3pm) List the application's commands.
App::Cmd::Command::help(3pm) Display a command's help screen.
App::Cmd::Command::version(3pm) Display an app's version.
App::Cmd::Plugin(3pm) A plugin for App::Cmd commands.
App::Cmd::Plugin::Prompt(3pm) Plug prompting routines into your commands.
App::Cmd::Setup(3pm) Helper for setting up App::Cmd classes.
App::Cmd::Simple(3pm) A helper for building one-command App::Cmd applications.
App::Cmd::Subdispatch(3pm) An App::Cmd::Command that is also an App::Cmd.
App::Cmd::Subdispatch::DashedStyle(3pm) "app cmd --subcmd" style subdispatching.
App::Cmd::Tester(3pm) For capturing the result of running an app.
App::Cmd::Tester::CaptureExternal(3pm) Extends App::Cmd::Tester to capture from external subprograms.
App::Cmd::Tutorial(3pm) Getting started with App::Cmd.
App::CPANTS::Lint(3pm) Front-end to Module::CPANTS::Analyse.
App::Daemon(3pm) Start an Application as a Daemon.
appendpdf(1p) Append one PDF to another. AAT Application module.
Archive::Any(3pm) Single interface to deal with file archives.
Archive::Any::Lite(3pm) Simple CPAN package extractor.
Archive::Any::Plugin(3pm) Anatomy of an Archive::Any plugin.
Archive::Any::Plugin::Tar(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Tar.
Archive::Any::Plugin::Zip(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Zip.
Archive::Any::Tar(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Tar.
Archive::Any::Zip(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Zip.
autobox::Junctions(3pm) Autoboxified junction-style operators.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope::PP(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation - PP implementation.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope::XS(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation - XS implementation.
backup-manager-purge(8) Backup-manager's wrapper for outdating files.
backup-manager-upload(8) Multiprotocol uploader for backup-manager.
boolean(3pm) Boolean support for Perl.
Bundle::DBD::CSV(3pm) A bundle to install the DBD::CSV driver.
Business::CreditCard(3pm) Validate/generate credit card checksums/names. Octopussy Cache module.
Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry(3pm) Simple, time-expiring cache.
CAM::PDF(3pm) PDF manipulation library.
CAM::PDF::Content(3pm) PDF page layout parser.
CAM::PDF::Decrypt(3pm) PDF security helper.
CAM::PDF::GS(3pm) PDF graphic state.
CAM::PDF::GS::NoText(3pm) PDF graphic state.
CAM::PDF::Node(3pm) PDF element.
CAM::PDF::PageText(3pm) Extract text from PDF page tree.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Dump(3pm) Print the graphic state of each node.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Images(3pm) Find all of the images in a page.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text(3pm) Render an ASCII image of a PDF page.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::TextFB(3pm) Framebuffer for CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text.
Carp::Clan(3pm) Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" of modules.
Carp::Datum(3pm) Debugging And Tracing Ultimate Module.
Carp::Datum::Assert(3pm) Assertion expression extractor.
Carp::Datum::Cfg(3pm) Dynamic Debug Configuration Setting for Datum.
Carp::Datum::Flags(3pm) Flag Constants.
Carp::Datum::MakeMaker(3pm) Offer to strip Carp::Datum calls statically.
Carp::Datum::Strip(3pm) Strips most Carp::Datum calls lexically.
Carton(3pm) Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl).
Carton::Doc::Bundle(3pm) Bundle cached tarballs in vendor/cache.
Carton::Doc::Check(3pm) Check if your cpanfile and local environment are in sync.
Carton::Doc::Exec(3pm) Execute your script in a carton local environment.
Carton::Doc::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions.
Carton::Doc::Fatpack(3pm) Fatpack carton executable into vendor/bin.
Carton::Doc::Install(3pm) Install the dependencies.
Carton::Doc::List(3pm) List dependencies tracked in the cpanfile.snapshot file.
Carton::Doc::Show(3pm) Show the module information.
Carton::Doc::Tree(3pm) Show the tree of dependency graph.
Carton::Doc::Update(3pm) Update the dependencies.
Carton::Doc::Upgrading(3pm) Upgrading document.
Carton::Doc::Version(3pm) Display version.
CDDB_get(3pm) Read the CDDB entry for an audio CD in your drive. AAT Certificate module.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization(3pm) Authorization framework for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver(3pm) Base module for building driver classes for.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::ActiveDirectory(3pm) ActiveDirectory Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::DBI(3pm) DBI Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::Dummy(3pm) Dummy Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::Generic(3pm) Generic Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::HTGroup(3pm) HTGroup Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::SimpleGroup(3pm) Simple Group based Authorization driver.
CGI::Github::Webhook(3pm) Easily create CGI based GitHub webhooks.
changepagestring(1p) Search and replace in all PDF pages.
changepdfstring(1p) Search and replace in PDF metadata.
changerefkeys(1p) Search and replace PDF object numbers in the Trailer.
Child(3pm) Object oriented simple interface to fork().
Child::IPC::Pipe(3pm) Pipe based IPC plugin for Child.
Child::Link(3pm) Base class for objects that link child and parent processes.
Child::Link::IPC(3pm) Base class for process links that provide IPC.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe(3pm) Base class for link objects used by the Child::IPC::Pipe plugin.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe::Parent(3pm) Parent object used by the pipe plugin.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe::Proc(3pm) Proc object used by the pipe plugin.
Child::Link::Parent(3pm) Proc object used by Child.
Child::Link::Proc(3pm) Proc object used by Child.
Child::Util(3pm) Utility functions for L>Child>.
Class::Default(3pm) Static calls apply to a default instantiation.
Class::MakeMethods(3pm) Generate common types of methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Attribute(3pm) Declare generated subs with attribute syntax.
Class::MakeMethods::Autoload(3pm) Declare generated subs with AUTOLOAD.
Class::MakeMethods::Basic(3pm) Make really simple methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Basic::Array(3pm) Basic array methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Basic::Global(3pm) Basic shared methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Basic::Hash(3pm) Basic hash methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite(3pm) Make extensible compound methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Array(3pm) Basic array methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Global(3pm) Global data.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Hash(3pm) Composite hash methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Inheritable(3pm) Overridable data.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Universal(3pm) Composite Method Tricks.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::Catalog(3pm) List of Makable Method Types.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::Changes(3pm) History of Class::MakeMethods.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::Examples(3pm) Sample Declarations and Usage.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::ReadMe(3pm) About Class::MakeMethods.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::RelatedModules(3pm) Survey of Class Builders.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::ToDo(3pm) Ideas, problems, and suggestions.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator(3pm) Demonstrate class-generator equivalency.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::AccessorFast(3pm) Emulate Class::Accessor::Fast.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::accessors(3pm) Emulate the accessors module.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::Inheritable(3pm) Emulate Class::Inheritable.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::mcoder(3pm) Emulate the mcoder module.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::MethodMaker(3pm) Emulate Class::MethodMaker.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::Singleton(3pm) Emulate Class::Singleton.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::Struct(3pm) Emulate Class::Struct.
Class::MakeMethods::Evaled(3pm) Make methods with simple string evals.
Class::MakeMethods::Evaled::Hash(3pm) Typical hash methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard(3pm) Make common object accessors.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Array(3pm) Methods for Array objects.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Global(3pm) Global data.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Hash(3pm) Standard hash methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Inheritable(3pm) Overridable data.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Universal(3pm) Generic Methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Template(3pm) Extensible code templates.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Array(3pm) Methods for manipulating positional values in arrays.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Class(3pm) Associate information with a package.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassInherit(3pm) Overridable class data.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassName(3pm) Access object's class.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassVar(3pm) Static methods with subclass variation.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Flyweight(3pm) Deprecated name for InsideOut.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Generic(3pm) Templates for common meta-method types.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Global(3pm) Method that are not instance-dependent.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Hash(3pm) Method interfaces for hash-based objects.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Inheritable(3pm) Overridable data.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::InsideOut(3pm) External data.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::PackageVar(3pm) Static methods with global variables.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Ref(3pm) Universal copy and compare methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Scalar(3pm) Methods for blessed scalars.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Static(3pm) Deprecated name for Global.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Struct(3pm) Deprecated name for Array.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::StructBuiltin(3pm) Generates a wrapper around some builtin function.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Universal(3pm) Meta-methods for any type of object.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::ArraySplicer(3pm) Common array ops.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::DiskCache(3pm) Optional Template feature.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::Inheritable(3pm) "Inheritable" data.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::Ref(3pm) Deep copying and comparison.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::TextBuilder(3pm) Basic text substitutions.
Class::Method::Modifiers(3pm) Provides Moose-like method modifiers.
clipaccumulate(1p) Make a bunch of little clipboards into one big one.
Clipboard(3pm) Copy and paste with any OS.
clipbrowse(1p) Load a URL from the clipboard into your browser.
clipedit(1p) Edit clipboard contents in one swoop.
clipfilter(1p) Run various conversions for your clipboard data.
clipjoin(1p) Remove superfluous spaces from the clipboard.
collect-reminders(1) Collect email reminders to be sent out.
collect-reminders(1p) Collect email reminders to be sent out.
Config::General(3pm) Generic Config Module.
Config::General::Extended(3pm) Extended access to Config files.
Config::General::Interpolated(3pm) Parse variables within Config files.
Config::Properties(3pm) Read and write property files. Octopussy Configuration module. Octopussy Contact module.
copyright-update(1) Update Copyright information in files.
CPAN::Checksums(3pm) Write a "CHECKSUMS" file for a directory as on CPAN.
CPAN::Reporter(3pm) Adds CPAN Testers reporting to
CPAN::Reporter::API(3pm) Programmer's interface to CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::Config(3pm) Config file options for CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::FAQ(3pm) Answers and tips for using CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::History(3pm) Read or write a CPAN::Reporter history log.
CPAN::Reporter::PrereqCheck(3pm) Modulino for prerequisite tests.
cpants_lint(1p) Commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse.
crunchjpgs(1p) Compress all JPG images in a PDF.
Crypt::HCE_SHA(3pm) Perl extension implementing one way hash chaining encryption using SHA.
Cwd::Guard(3pm) Temporary changing working directory (chdir).
Dancer::Plugin::Database(3pm) Easy database connections for Dancer applications.
Data::OptList(3pm) Parse and validate simple name/value option pairs.
Data::Show(3pm) Dump data structures with name and point-of-origin.
Data::Validate(3pm) Common data validation methods.
Data::Validate::Struct(3pm) Validate recursive Hash Structures.
Data::Walk(3pm) Traverse Perl data structures. Octopussy Data_Report module. AAT Datetime module.
DateTime::Event::Sunrise(3pm) Perl DateTime extension for computing the sunrise/sunset on a given day.
DateTime::Format::Human::Duration(3pm) Get a locale specific string describing the span of a given duration.
DateTime::Format::Mail(3pm) Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats.
DateTime::Format::MySQL(3pm) Parse and format MySQL dates and times.
DateTime::Tiny(3pm) A date object, with as little code as possible. Octopussy Database module.
DBD::CSV(3pm) DBI driver for CSV files.
DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn(3pm) Automatically encode columns.
DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn::Crypt(3pm) Encrypt columns using crypt().
DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn::Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt(3pm) Eksblowfish bcrypt backend.
DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn::Crypt::OpenPGP(3pm) Encrypt columns using Crypt::OpenPGP.
DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn::Digest(3pm) Digest backend.
DBIx::DBStag(3pm) Relational Database to Hierarchical (Stag/XML) Mapping.
DBIx::DBStag::Constraint(3pm) Recursive structure for representing query constraints.
DBIx::DBStag::Cookbook(3pm) Building and querying databases from XML.
DBIx::DBStag::SQLTemplate(3pm) A Template for an SQL query.
DBIx::RunSQL(3pm) Run SQL from a file.
DBIx::SearchBuilder(3pm) Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle(3pm) Perl extension which is a generic DBI handle.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Informix(3pm) An Informix specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::mysql(3pm) A mysql specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::mysqlPP(3pm) A mysql specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::ODBC(3pm) An ODBC specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle(3pm) An oracle specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Pg(3pm) A Postgres specific Handle object.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record(3pm) Superclass for records loaded by SearchBuilder.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record::Cachable(3pm) Records with caching behavior.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::SchemaGenerator(3pm) Generate table schemas from DBIx::SearchBuilder records.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Union(3pm) Deal with multiple SearchBuilder result sets as one.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Unique(3pm) Ensure uniqueness of records in a collection.
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Util(3pm) Utility and convenience functions for DBIx::SearchBuilder.
debconf(7cdebconf) Run a debconf-using program.
deillustrate(1p) Remove Adobe Illustrator metadata from a PDF file.
deletepdfpage(1p) Remove one or more pages from a PDF.
Devel::GraphVizProf(3pm) Per-line Perl profiler (with graph output). Octopussy Device module.
Device::Gsm(3pm) Perl extension to interface GSM phones / modems.
Device::Gsm::Pdu(3pm) Library to manage PDU encoded data for GSM messaging.
Device::Gsm::Sms(3pm) SMS message internal class that represents a single text SMS message. Octopussy DeviceGroup Module.
dh_gnustep(1) Moves files in the GNUstep hierarchy to FHS-compliant locations.
DIME::Identifier(3pm) Class that generate identifiers for DIME payloads.
DIME::Message(3pm) This class implements a DIME message.
DIME::Parser(3pm) Parse a DIME message.
DIME::Payload(3pm) Implementation of a payload of a DIME message.
DIME::Record(3pm) A class that represents a record of a DIME message.
DIME::Tools(3pm) Modules for parsing and generate DIME messages.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::EOLTests(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Release tests making sure correct line endings are used.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InstallGuide(3pm) Build an INSTALL file.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::LocaleMsgfmt(3pm) Compiles .po files to .mo files with Local::Msgfmt.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodWeaver(3pm) Weave your Pod together from configuration and Dist::Zilla.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::EOL(3pm) Author tests making sure correct line endings are used. AAT Download module.
downloadosmtiles(1p) Download map tiles from OpenStreetMap.
dpkg-preconfigure(8cdebconf) Let packages ask questions prior to their installation.
dpkg-reconfigure(8cdebconf) Reconfigure an already installed package.
dyndns(1) Update IP address to dynamic DNS (DDNS) provider.
EB(3pm) EekBoek * Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses.
ebshell(1) Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses.
ebwxshell(1) Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses.
EekBoek(3pm) Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses.
email-reminder-editor(1) Edit special occasion reminders.
email-reminder-editor(1p) Edit special occasion reminders.
Email::FolderType(3pm) Determine the type of a mail folder.
Email::FolderType::Ezmlm(3pm) Class to help Email::FolderType recognise ezmlm archives.
Email::FolderType::Maildir(3pm) Class to help Email::FolderType recognise maildirs.
Email::FolderType::Mbox(3pm) Class to help Email::FolderType recognise MH mail directories.
Email::FolderType::MH(3pm) Class to help Email::FolderType recognise MH mail directories.
Encode::Arabic(3pm) Encodings of Arabic.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX(3pm) Interpreter of the ArabTeX notation of Arabic.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::RE(3pm) Deprecated Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX implemented with regular expressions.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::Verbatim(3pm) Interpreter of the Verbatim variant of the ArabTeX notation.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::ZDMG(3pm) ZDMG phonetic transcription of Arabic using the ArabTeX notation.
Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::ZDMG::RE(3pm) Deprecated Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::ZDMG implemented with regular.
Encode::Arabic::Buckwalter(3pm) Tim Buckwalter's transliteration of Arabic.
Encode::Arabic::Habash(3pm) Habash-Soudi-Buckwalter transliteration of Arabic.
Encode::Arabic::Parkinson(3pm) Dil Parkinson's transliteration of Arabic.
Encode::Mapper(3pm) Rewrite rules compiler and interpreter.
Eval::Closure(3pm) Safely and cleanly create closures via string eval. Octopussy Export module.
extractallimages(1p) Save copies of all PDF images to a directory.
extractjpgs(1p) Save copies of all PDF JPG images to a directory.
fdpowermon(1) Add a battery level icon to a system tray. AAT File module.
File::Rsync(3pm) Perl module interface to rsync(1)
File::Util(3pm) Easy, versatile, portable file handling.
File::Util::Cookbook(3pm) File::Util in Action.
File::Util::Definitions(3pm) Global symbols and constants used in most File::Util classes.
File::Util::Exception(3pm) Base exception class for File::Util.
File::Util::Exception::Diagnostic(3pm) Diagnostic (verbose) error messages.
File::Util::Exception::Standard(3pm) Standard (non-verbose) error messages.
File::Util::Interface::Classic(3pm) Legacy call interface to File::Util.
File::Util::Interface::Modern(3pm) Modern call interface to File::Util.
File::Util::Manual(3pm) File::Util Reference.
File::Util::Manual::Examples(3pm) File::Util Examples.
File::Which(3pm) Perl implementation of the which utility as an API.
fillpdffields(1p) Replace PDF form fields with specified values.
Filter::EOF(3pm) Run a callback after a file has been compiled.
flexml(1) Generate validating XML processor and applications from DTD.
freetable(1) Tool for making HTML tables generation easier. Octopussy FileSystem (FS) module.
Gearman::Server(3pm) Function call "router" and load balancer.
Gearman::Server::Client(3pm) Client for gearmand.
gearmand(1p) Gearman client/worker connector.
Geo::OSM::Tiles(3pm) Calculate tile numbers for OpenStreetMap.
Getopt::ArgParse(3pm) Parsing command line arguments with a richer and more user-friendly API interface, similar.
Getopt::ArgParse::ActionAppend(3pm) Utility functions internal to Getopt::ArgParse.
Getopt::ArgParse::ActionCount(3pm) Utility functions internal to Getopt::ArgParse.
Getopt::ArgParse::ActionStore(3pm) Utility functions internal to Getopt::ArgParse.
Getopt::ArgParse::Namespace(3pm) Utility functions internal to Getopt::ArgParse.
Getopt::ArgParse::Parser(3pm) Utility functions internal to Getopt::ArgParse.
Getopt::Mixed(3pm) Getopt processing with both long and short options.
getpdffontobject(1p) Print the PDF form field names.
getpdfpage(1p) Print the PDF page layout commands.
getpdfpageobject(1p) Print the PDF page metadata.
getpdftext(1p) Extracts and print the text from one or more PDF pages.
Git::Repository::Log(3pm) Class representing git log data.
Git::Repository::Log::Iterator(3pm) Split a git log stream into records.
Git::Repository::Plugin::Log(3pm) Add a log() method to Git::Repository.
Git::Version::Compare(3pm) Functions to compare Git versions.
gitkeeper(8) Mirror files between git and an installed location.
gk(8) ↣ gitkeeper(8) Mirror files between git and an installed location.
graph-easy(1p) Render/convert graphs in/from various formats. Octopussy Graph module.
Graph::Easy(3pm) Convert or render graphs (as ASCII, HTML, SVG or via Graphviz).
Graph::Easy::As_ascii(3pm) Generate ASCII art.
Graph::Easy::As_graphml(3pm) Generate a GraphML text from a Graph::Easy object.
Graph::Easy::As_graphviz(3pm) Generate graphviz description from graph object.
Graph::Easy::As_txt(3pm) Generate textual description from graph object.
Graph::Easy::As_vcg(3pm) Generate VCG/GDL text from Graph::Easy object.
Graph::Easy::Attributes(3pm) Define and check attributes for Graph::Easy.
Graph::Easy::Base(3pm) Base class for Graph::Easy objects like nodes, edges etc.
Graph::Easy::Edge(3pm) An edge (a path connecting one ore more nodes).
Graph::Easy::Edge::Cell(3pm) A cell in an edge in Graph::Easy.
Graph::Easy::Group(3pm) A group of nodes (aka subgraph) in Graph::Easy.
Graph::Easy::Group::Anon(3pm) An anonymous group of nodes in Graph::Easy.
Graph::Easy::Group::Cell(3pm) A cell in a group.
Graph::Easy::Layout(3pm) Layout the graph from Graph::Easy.
Graph::Easy::Layout::Chain(3pm) Chain of nodes for layouter.
Graph::Easy::Layout::Force(3pm) Force-based layouter for Graph::Easy.
Graph::Easy::Layout::Grid(3pm) Grid management and size calculation.
Graph::Easy::Layout::Path(3pm) Path management for Manhattan-style grids.
Graph::Easy::Layout::Repair(3pm) Repair spliced layout with group cells.
Graph::Easy::Layout::Scout(3pm) Find paths in a Manhattan-style grid.
Graph::Easy::Node(3pm) Represents a node in a Graph::Easy graph.
Graph::Easy::Node::Anon(3pm) An anonymous, invisible node in Graph::Easy.
Graph::Easy::Node::Cell(3pm) An empty filler cell.
Graph::Easy::Node::Empty(3pm) An empty, borderless cell in a node cluster.
Graph::Easy::Parser(3pm) Parse Graph::Easy from textual description.
Graph::Easy::Parser::Graphviz(3pm) Parse Graphviz text into Graph::Easy.
Graph::Easy::Parser::VCG(3pm) Parse VCG or GDL text into Graph::Easy.
Graph::Reader(3pm) Base class for Graph file format readers.
Graph::Reader::Dot(3pm) Class for reading a Graph instance from Dot format.
Graph::Reader::HTK(3pm) Read an HTK lattice in as an instance of Graph.
Graph::Reader::XML(3pm) Class for reading a Graph instance from XML.
Graph::ReadWrite(3pm) Modules for reading and writing directed graphs.
Graph::Writer(3pm) Base class for Graph file format writers.
Graph::Writer::daVinci(3pm) Write out directed graph in daVinci format.
Graph::Writer::Dot(3pm) Write out directed graph in Dot format.
Graph::Writer::HTK(3pm) Write a perl Graph out as an HTK lattice file.
Graph::Writer::VCG(3pm) Write out directed graph in VCG format.
Graph::Writer::XML(3pm) Write out directed graph as XML.
GraphViz(3pm) Interface to AT&T's GraphViz. Deprecated. See GraphViz2.
GraphViz::Data::Grapher(3pm) Visualise data structures as a graph.
GraphViz::No(3pm) Subclass of GraphViz with no nodes.
GraphViz::Parse::RecDescent(3pm) Visualise grammars.
GraphViz::Parse::Yacc(3pm) Visualise grammars.
GraphViz::Parse::Yapp(3pm) Visualise grammars.
GraphViz::Regex(3pm) Visualise a regular expression.
GraphViz::Small(3pm) Subclass of GraphViz with small nodes.
GraphViz::XML(3pm) Visualise XML as a tree.
gsdh_gnustep(1) ↣ dh_gnustep(1) Moves files in the GNUstep hierarchy to FHS-compliant locations.
Hash::Util::FieldHash::Compat(3pm) Use Hash::Util::FieldHash or ties, depending on availability.
Hash::Util::FieldHash::Compat::Heavy(3pm) Emulate Hash::Util::FieldHash using Tie::RefHash etc.
HTML::Auto(3pm) Write HTML for common elements.
HTML::Auto::Templates(3pm) Stores HTML::Auto templates.
HTML::CalendarMonth(3pm) Generate and manipulate HTML calendar months.
HTML::CalendarMonth::DateTool(3pm) Base class for determining which date package to use for calendrical.
HTML::CalendarMonth::Locale(3pm) Front end class for DateTime::Locale.
HTML::Element::Library(3pm) HTML::Element convenience functions.
HTML::Entities::Numbered(3pm) Conversion of numbered HTML entities.
HTML::Entities::Numbered::Table(3pm) HTML entities table.
HTML::StripScripts(3pm) Strip scripting constructs out of HTML.
HTML::Template::Compiled(3pm) Template System Compiles HTML::Template files to Perl code.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Classic(3pm) Provide the classic functionality like HTML::Template.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Compiler(3pm) Compiler class for HTC.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Compiler::Classic(3pm) Provide the classic functionality like HTML::Template.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Exception(3pm) Exception class for HTC.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Expr(3pm) Expressions for HTC.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Expression(3pm) A compiled HTML template expression.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Filter(3pm) Filter functions for HTML::Template::Compiled.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Formatter(3pm) HTC subclass for using a formatter.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Lazy(3pm) Lazy Loading for HTML::Template::Compiled.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Parser(3pm) Parser module for HTML::Template::Compiled.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Plugin::XMLEscape(3pm) XML-Escaping for HTC.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Reference(3pm) A quick reference for HTML::Template::Compiled syntax.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Token(3pm) A compiled HTML template token.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Utils(3pm) Utility functions for HTML::Template::Compiled.
HTTP::Proxy(3pm) A pure Perl HTTP proxy.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter(3pm) A base class for HTTP messages body filters.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete(3pm) A filter that passes on a complete body or nothing.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::htmlparser(3pm) Filter using HTML::Parser.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::htmltext(3pm) A filter to transmogrify HTML text.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::lines(3pm) A filter that outputs only complete lines.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save(3pm) A filter that saves transferred data to a file.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::simple(3pm) A class for creating simple filters.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::tags(3pm) A filter that outputs only complete tags.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine(3pm) Generic child process manager engine for HTTP::Proxy.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Legacy(3pm) The "older" HTTP::Proxy engine.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine::NoFork(3pm) A basic, non forking HTTP::Proxy engine.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine::ScoreBoard(3pm) A scoreboard-based HTTP::Proxy engine.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Threaded(3pm) A scoreboard-based HTTP::Proxy engine.
HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack(3pm) A class to manage filter stacks.
HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter(3pm) A base class for HTTP message header filters.
HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::simple(3pm) A class for creating simple filters.
HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::standard(3pm) An internal filter to respect RFC2616.
HTTP::Thin(3pm) A Thin Wrapper around HTTP::Tiny to play nice with HTTP::Message.
Image::Base(3pm) Base class for loading, manipulating and saving images.
Image::Xbm(3pm) Load, create, manipulate and save xbm image files.
Image::Xpm(3pm) Load, create, manipulate and save xpm image files. Octopussy Information module.
IO::AtomicFile(3pm) Write a file which is updated atomically.
IO::InnerFile(3pm) Define a file inside another file.
IO::Lines(3pm) IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of lines.
IO::Scalar(3pm) IO:: interface for reading/writing a scalar.
IO::ScalarArray(3pm) IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of scalars.
IO::Stringy(3pm) I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays.
IO::Wrap(3pm) Wrap raw filehandles in IO::Handle interface.
IO::WrapTie(3pm) Wrap tieable objects in IO::Handle interface.
ispellaff2myspell(1) A program to convert ispell affix tables to myspell format.
kpcli(1) A command line interface to KeePass database files. AAT LDAP module.
Lingua::EN::NameParse(3pm) Extract the components of a person or couples full name, presented as a text string.
Lingua::EN::NameParse::Grammar(3pm) Grammar tree for Lingua::EN::NameParse.
linklint(1) Fast link checker and website maintenance tool. AAT List module.
listfonts(1p) Print details of the fonts used in the PDF.
listimages(1p) Save copies of all PDF JPG images to a directory.
listpdffields(1p) Print the PDF form field names. Octopussy Location module.
Log::Handler(3pm) Log messages to several outputs.
Log::Handler::Config(3pm) The main config loader.
Log::Handler::Examples(3pm) Examples.
Log::Handler::Levels(3pm) All levels for Log::Handler.
Log::Handler::Output(3pm) The output builder class.
Log::Handler::Output::DBI(3pm) Log messages to a database.
Log::Handler::Output::Email(3pm) Log messages as email (via Net::SMTP).
Log::Handler::Output::File(3pm) Log messages to a file.
Log::Handler::Output::Forward(3pm) Forward messages to routines.
Log::Handler::Output::Screen(3pm) Log messages to the screen.
Log::Handler::Output::Sendmail(3pm) Log messages with sendmail.
Log::Handler::Output::Socket(3pm) Send messages to a socket.
Log::Handler::Pattern(3pm) The pattern builder class.
Log::Handler::Plugin::Config::General(3pm) Config loader for Config::General.
Log::Handler::Plugin::Config::Properties(3pm) Config loader for Config::Properties.
Log::Handler::Plugin::YAML(3pm) Config loader for YAML. Octopussy Loglevel module. Octopussy Logs module.
Mail::Milter(3pm) Perl extension modules for mail filtering via milter.
Mail::Milter::Chain(3pm) Perl extension for chaining milter callbacks.
Mail::Milter::ContextWrapper(3pm) Perl extension for wrappering the milter context.
Mail::Milter::Module::AccessDB(3pm) Emulator for Sendmail "access_db" in a milter.
Mail::Milter::Module::ConnectDNSBL(3pm) Milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching DNSBLs.
Mail::Milter::Module::ConnectMatchesHostname(3pm) Milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching regex(es).
Mail::Milter::Module::ConnectRegex(3pm) Milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching regex(es).
Mail::Milter::Module::HeaderFromMissing(3pm) Milter to reject messages missing a From: header.
Mail::Milter::Module::HeaderRegex(3pm) Milter to accept/reject messages with certain headers.
Mail::Milter::Module::HeaderValidateMIME(3pm) Enforce MIME header conformance.
Mail::Milter::Module::HeloRawLiteral(3pm) Milter to check for an IP literal without brackets in HELO.
Mail::Milter::Module::HeloRegex(3pm) Milter to accept/reject connections with certain HELO values.
Mail::Milter::Module::HeloUnqualified(3pm) Milter to check for an unqualified HELO name.
Mail::Milter::Module::MailBogusNull(3pm) Milter to reject null-sender mail to multiple recipients.
Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDNSBL(3pm) Milter to accept/reject mail whose sender domain matches a DNSBL.
Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDotMX(3pm) Milter to reject mail whose sender domain publishes a null MX record.
Mail::Milter::Module::SPF(3pm) Milter to use Sender Policy Framework for accept/reject.
Mail::Milter::Module::VirusBounceSpew(3pm) Milter to reject antivirus messages typically sent to forged "senders".
Mail::Milter::Object(3pm) Perl extension to encapsulate a milter in an object.
Mail::Milter::Wrapper(3pm) Perl extension for wrappering milter objects.
Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DecodeSRS(3pm) Milter wrapper to decode SRS-encoded return path.
Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT(3pm) Milter wrapper to delay failure returns.
Mail::Milter::Wrapper::RejectMsgEditor(3pm) Milter wrapper to edit rejection messages.
Mail::RFC822::Address(3pm) Perl extension for validating email addresses according to RFC822.
make_method(1p) Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server.
Mango(3pm) Pure-Perl non-blocking I/O MongoDB driver.
Mango::Auth(3pm) Authentication.
Mango::Auth::SCRAM(3pm) SCRAM-SHA-1 Authentication.
Mango::BSON(3pm) BSON.
Mango::BSON::Binary(3pm) Binary type.
Mango::BSON::Code(3pm) Code type.
Mango::BSON::Document(3pm) Document type.
Mango::BSON::Number(3pm) Numerical types.
Mango::BSON::ObjectID(3pm) Object ID type.
Mango::BSON::Time(3pm) Datetime type.
Mango::BSON::Timestamp(3pm) Timestamp type.
Mango::Bulk(3pm) MongoDB bulk operations.
Mango::Collection(3pm) MongoDB collection.
Mango::Cursor(3pm) MongoDB cursor.
Mango::Cursor::Query(3pm) MongoDB query cursor.
Mango::Database(3pm) MongoDB database.
Mango::GridFS(3pm) GridFS.
Mango::GridFS::Reader(3pm) GridFS reader.
Mango::GridFS::Writer(3pm) GridFS writer.
Mango::Protocol(3pm) The MongoDB wire protocol. Octopussy Map module.
Math::BaseCnv(3pm) Basic functions to CoNVert between number Bases.
MediaWiki::Bot(3pm) A high-level bot framework for interacting with MediaWiki wikis.
MediaWiki::Bot::Constants(3pm) Constants for MediaWiki::Bot.
MediaWiki::DumpFile(3pm) Process various dump files from a MediaWiki instance.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::Benchmarks(3pm) Documentation on parsing speeds.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat(3pm) Compatibility with Parse::MediaWikiDump.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat::link(3pm) Object representing a link from one article to another.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat::Links(3pm) Object capable of processing link dump files.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat::page(3pm) Object representing a specific revision of a MediaWiki page.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat::Pages(3pm) Object capable of processing dump files with a single revision per article.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat::Revisions(3pm) Object capable of processing dump files with multiple revisions per article.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::FastPages(3pm) Fastest way to parse a page dump file.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::Pages(3pm) Process an XML dump file of pages from a MediaWiki instance.
MediaWiki::DumpFile::SQL(3pm) Process SQL dump files from a MediaWiki instance. Octopussy Message module.
Method::Alias(3pm) Create method aliases (and do it safely).
MIDI(3pm) Read, compose, modify, and write MIDI files.
MIDI::Event(3pm) MIDI events.
MIDI::Score(3pm) MIDI scores.
MIDI::Simple(3pm) Procedural/OOP interface for MIDI composition.
MIME::EncWords(3pm) Deal with RFC 2047 encoded words (improved).
Mock::Quick(3pm) Quickly mock objects and classes, even temporarily replace them, side-effect free.
Mock::Quick::Class(3pm) Class mocking for Mock::Quick.
Mock::Quick::Method(3pm) Simple method wrapper.
Mock::Quick::Object(3pm) Object mocking for Mock::Quick.
Mock::Quick::Object::Control(3pm) Control a mocked object after creation.
Mock::Quick::Util(3pm) Uitls for Mock::Quick.
Module::Build::WithXSpp(3pm) XS++ enhanced flavour of Module::Build.
Module::Compile(3pm) Perl Module Compilation.
Module::Compile::Opt(3pm) Provide options to Module::Compile.
Module::Compile::Optimize(3pm) Perl Module Optimization.
Module::Depends(3pm) Identify the dependencies of a distribution.
Module::Depends::Intrusive(3pm) Intrusive discovery of distribution dependencies.
Module::Load::Conditional(3pm) Looking up module information / loading at runtime.
Mojolicious::Plugin::MailException(3pm) Mojolicious plugin to send crash information by email.
Moose::Autobox(3pm) Autoboxed wrappers for Native Perl datatypes.
Moose::Autobox::Array(3pm) The Array role.
Moose::Autobox::Code(3pm) The Code role.
Moose::Autobox::Defined(3pm) The Defined role.
Moose::Autobox::Hash(3pm) The Hash role.
Moose::Autobox::Indexed(3pm) The Indexed role.
Moose::Autobox::Item(3pm) The Item role.
Moose::Autobox::List(3pm) The List role.
Moose::Autobox::Number(3pm) Moose::Autobox::Number - the Number role.
Moose::Autobox::Ref(3pm) The Ref role.
Moose::Autobox::Scalar(3pm) The Scalar role.
Moose::Autobox::String(3pm) The String role.
Moose::Autobox::Undef(3pm) The Undef role.
Moose::Autobox::Value(3pm) Moose::Autobox::Value - the Value role.
MooseX::ClassAttribute(3pm) Declare class attributes Moose-style.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Meta::Role::Attribute(3pm) An attribute metaclass for class attributes in roles.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Application(3pm) A trait that supports role application for roles with class.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Application::ToClass(3pm) A trait that supports applying class attributes to.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Application::ToRole(3pm) A trait that supports applying class attributes to roles.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Attribute(3pm) A trait for class attributes.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Class(3pm) A trait for classes with class attributes.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Mixin::HasClassAttributes(3pm) A mixin trait for things which have class.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Role(3pm) A trait for roles with class attributes.
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Role::Composite(3pm) A trait that supports applying multiple roles at once.
MooseX::Getopt(3pm) A Moose role for processing command line options.
MooseX::Getopt::Basic(3pm) MooseX::Getopt::Basic - role to implement the Getopt::Long functionality.
MooseX::Getopt::Dashes(3pm) Convert underscores in attribute names to dashes.
MooseX::Getopt::GLD(3pm) A Moose role for processing command line options with Getopt::Long::Descriptive.
MooseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute(3pm) Optional meta attribute for custom option names.
MooseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute::NoGetopt(3pm) Optional meta attribute for ignoring parameters.
MooseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute::Trait(3pm) Optional meta attribute trait for custom option names.
MooseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute::Trait::NoGetopt(3pm) Optional meta attribute trait for ignoring parameters.
MooseX::Getopt::OptionTypeMap(3pm) Storage for the option to type mappings.
MooseX::Getopt::ProcessedArgv(3pm) MooseX::Getopt::ProcessedArgv - Class containing the results of process_argv.
MooseX::Getopt::Strict(3pm) Only make options for attributes with the Getopt metaclass.
MooseX::Storage(3pm) A serialization framework for Moose classes.
MooseX::Storage::Base::WithChecksum(3pm) A more secure serialization role.
MooseX::Storage::Basic(3pm) The simplest level of serialization.
MooseX::Storage::Deferred(3pm) A role for indecisive programmers.
MooseX::Storage::Engine(3pm) The meta-engine to handle collapsing and expanding objects.
MooseX::Storage::Engine::IO::AtomicFile(3pm) The actual atomic file storage mechanism.
MooseX::Storage::Engine::IO::File(3pm) The actual file storage mechanism.
MooseX::Storage::Engine::Trait::DisableCycleDetection(3pm) A custom trait to bypass cycle detection.
MooseX::Storage::Engine::Trait::OnlyWhenBuilt(3pm) An engine trait to bypass serialization.
MooseX::Storage::Format::JSON(3pm) A JSON serialization role.
MooseX::Storage::Format::Storable(3pm) A Storable serialization role.
MooseX::Storage::Format::YAML(3pm) A YAML serialization role.
MooseX::Storage::IO::AtomicFile(3pm) An Atomic File I/O role.
MooseX::Storage::IO::File(3pm) A basic File I/O role.
MooseX::Storage::IO::StorableFile(3pm) An Storable File I/O role.
MooseX::Storage::Meta::Attribute::DoNotSerialize(3pm) A custom meta-attribute to bypass serialization.
MooseX::Storage::Meta::Attribute::Trait::DoNotSerialize(3pm) A custom meta-attribute-trait to bypass.
MooseX::Storage::Traits::DisableCycleDetection(3pm) A custom trait to bypass cycle detection.
MooseX::Storage::Traits::OnlyWhenBuilt(3pm) A custom trait to bypass serialization.
MooseX::Storage::Util(3pm) A MooseX::Storage Swiss Army chainsaw.
MooseX::Types::Path::Class(3pm) A Path::Class type library for Moose.
MP3::Info(3pm) Manipulate / fetch info from MP3 audio files.
mysql-schema-diff(1p) Compare MySQL database schemas.
MySQL::Diff(3pm) Generates a database upgrade instruction set.
MySQL::Diff::Database(3pm) Database Definition Class.
MySQL::Diff::Table(3pm) Table Definition Class.
MySQL::Diff::Utils(3pm) Supporting functions for MySQL:Diff.
namespace::clean(3pm) Keep imports and functions out of your namespace.
Net::CIDR(3pm) Manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation.
Net::OpenSSH::Compat(3pm) Compatibility modules for Net::OpenSSH.
Net::OpenSSH::Compat::Perl(3pm) Net::OpenSSH adapter for Net::SSH::Perl API compatibility.
Net::OpenSSH::Compat::SSH(3pm) Net::OpenSSH adapter for Net::SSH API compatibility.
Net::OpenSSH::Compat::SSH2(3pm) Net::OpenSSH adapter for Net::SSH2 API compatibility.
Net::RBLClient(3pm) Queries multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists in parallel.
Net::Route(3pm) Portable interface to the routing table.
Net::Route::Parser(3pm) Internal class.
Net::Route::Parser::linux(3pm) Internal class.
Net::Route::Parser::MSWin32(3pm) Internal class.
Net::Route::Parser::solaris(3pm) Internal class.
Net::Route::Table(3pm) A routing table, such as your system's.
Net::SFTP::SftpServer(3pm) A Perl implementation of the SFTP subsystem with user access controls.
Net::SNPP(3pm) Simple Network Pager Protocol Client.
Net::SNPP::Server(3pm) SNPP server library.
Net::SSLGlue(3pm) Add/extend SSL support for common perl modules.
Net::SSLGlue::FTP(3pm) Extend Net::FTP for FTPS (SSL) and IPv6.
Net::SSLGlue::LDAP(3pm) Proper certificate checking for ldaps in Net::LDAP.
Net::SSLGlue::LWP(3pm) Proper certificate checking for https in LWP.
Net::SSLGlue::POP3(3pm) Make Net::POP3 able to use SSL.
Net::SSLGlue::SMTP(3pm) Make Net::SMTP able to use SSL.
Net::SSLGlue::Socket(3pm) Socket which can be either SSL or plain IP (IPv4/IPv6).
Net::Stomp(3pm) A Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol Client.
Net::Stomp::Frame(3pm) A STOMP Frame.
Net::Stomp::StupidLogger(3pm) Stub logger.
Net::Syslogd(3pm) Perl implementation of Syslog Listener. AAT NSCA module.
numaverage(1) Find the average of a set of numbers.
numbound(1) Find boundary numbers in files or STDIN.
numgrep(1) This program is the numeric equivilent of the grep utility.
numinterval(1) Show the numeric intervals between each line in a file.
numnormalize(1) Normalize a set of numbers. By default between 0 and 1.
numprocess(1) This program mutates numbers as it encounters them.
numrandom(1) Print out a random number.
numrange(1) Print out a range of numbers for use in for loops and such.
numround(1) A program that rounds off numbers it encounters.
numsum(1) Numsum program file. AAT Object module.
Object::Quick(3pm) Depricated, see Mock::Quick.
octo_commander(1) Octopussy Commander program.
octo_data(1) Octopussy Data Extractor program.
octo_dispatcher(1) Octopussy Dispatcher program.
octo_extractor(1) Octopussy Logs Extractor program.
octo_extractor_fields(1) Octopussy Logs Extractor (by table fields) program.
octo_logrotate(1) Octopussy Logrotate program.
octo_msg_finder(1) Octopussy message finder program.
octo_parser(1) Octopussy Parser program.
octo_pusher(1) Octopussy Pusher program.
octo_replay(1) Octopussy Replay program.
octo_reporter(1) Octopussy Reporter program.
octo_rrd(1) Octopussy RRD Graphing program.
octo_scheduler(1) Octopussy Scheduler program.
octo_sender(1) Octopussy Sender program.
octo_statistic_reporter(1) Octopussy Statistics Reporter program.
octo_syslog2iso8601(1) Octopussy program to convert 'syslog format' logs to 'iso8601' logs.
octo_tool(1) Octopussy tool to do simple tasks.
octo_uparser(1) Octopussy UParser program.
octo_world_stats(1) Octopussy World Statistics program.
octopussy(1) Octopussy Main program.
Octopussy(3) Octopussy main module. Octopussy Open Flash Chart (OFC) module.
OpaL::action(3pm) Perl extension for easier handling of what information that should be presented when a action.
OpaL::dir(3pm) Perl extension for directory access.
OpaL::manipulate(3pm) Perl extension for manipulating files.
OpaL::read(3pm) Perl extension for reading files and commands.
OpaL::where(3pm) Perl extension for locating system resources.
OpenGuides(3pm) A complete web application for managing a collaboratively-written guide to a city or town.
OpenGuides::CGI(3pm) An OpenGuides helper for CGI-related things.
OpenGuides::Config(3pm) Handle OpenGuides configuration variables.
OpenGuides::Feed(3pm) Generate data feeds for OpenGuides in various formats.
OpenGuides::JSON(3pm) An OpenGuides plugin to output JSON.
OpenGuides::RDF(3pm) An OpenGuides plugin to output RDF/XML.
OpenGuides::Search(3pm) Search form generation and processing for OpenGuides.
OpenGuides::Search::Lucy(3pm) Run Lucy-backed text searches for OpenGuides.
OpenGuides::Template(3pm) Do Template Toolkit related stuff for OpenGuides applications.
OpenGuides::Test(3pm) Methods to help test OpenGuides applications.
OpenGuides::Utils(3pm) General utility methods for OpenGuides scripts.
Package::DeprecationManager(3pm) Manage deprecation warnings for your distribution.
Parallel::ForkManager(3pm) A simple parallel processing fork manager.
Path::Class(3pm) Cross-platform path specification manipulation.
Path::Class::Dir(3pm) Objects representing directories.
Path::Class::Entity(3pm) Base class for files and directories.
Path::Class::File(3pm) Objects representing files. Print information about PDF file(s).
Perinci::Sub::Util::PropertyModule(3pm) Given a Rinci function metadata, find what property modules are required.
Perl::osnames(3pm) List possible $^O ($OSNAME) values, with description.
PGP::Sign(3pm) Create detached PGP signatures for data, securely.
Plack::Handler::AnyEvent::FCGI(3pm) Asynchronous FCGI handler for PSGI using AnyEvent::FCGI.
Plack::Middleware::Header(3pm) Modify HTTP response headers. Octopussy Plugin module.
POD2::JA::Encode::MIME::EncWords(3pm) MIME の「B」・「Q」ヘッダエンコーディング (代替案).
POD2::JA::MIME::EncWords(3pm) RFC 2047 encoded-word 関連 (改良版).
Pod::Constants(3pm) Include constants from POD.
Pod::Index(3pm) Index and search PODs using X entries.
Pod::Index::Builder(3pm) Build a pod index.
Pod::Index::Entry(3pm) Represents Pod search result.
Pod::Index::Extract(3pm) Extracts a "pod scope".
Pod::Index::Search(3pm) Search for keywords in an indexed pod.
podindex(1p) Build index from pods.
POE::Component::Client::DNS(3pm) Non-blocking, parallel DNS client.
POE::Component::Client::HTTP(3pm) A HTTP user-agent component.
POE::Component::Client::HTTP::Request(3pm) An HTTP request class.
POE::Component::Client::HTTP::RequestFactory(3pm) An HTTP request factory object.
POE::Component::Client::Ident(3pm) A component that provides non-blocking ident lookups to your sessions.
POE::Component::Client::Ident::Agent(3pm) A component to provide a one-shot non-blocking Ident query.
POE::Component::Client::MPD(3pm) Full-blown poe-aware mpd client library.
POE::Component::Client::MPD::Collection(3pm) Module handling collection commands.
POE::Component::Client::MPD::Commands(3pm) Module handling basic mpd commands.
POE::Component::Client::MPD::Connection(3pm) Module handling the tcp connection with mpd.
POE::Component::Client::MPD::Message(3pm) A message from POCOCM.
POE::Component::Client::MPD::Playlist(3pm) Module handling playlist commands.
POE::Component::Client::MPD::Test(3pm) Automate pococ-mpd testing.
POE::Component::Client::MPD::Types(3pm) Types used in the distribution.
POE::Filter::HTTPChunk(3pm) Non-blocking incremental HTTP chunk parser.
POE::Filter::HTTPHead(3pm) Filter data as HTTP::Response objects.
Progress::Any(3pm) Record progress to any output.
Progress::Any::Output(3pm) Assign output to progress indicators.
Progress::Any::Output::Null(3pm) Null output. AAT Proxy module.
pwget(1) Perl Web URL fetch program.
randomplay(1) Command-line based shuffle music player that remembers songs between sessions.
Readonly(3pm) Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes.
readpdf(1p) Read a PDF document.
renderpdf(1p) Applies a renderer to one or more PDF pages.
replacepdfobj(1p) Copy a metadata object from one PDF to another. Octopussy Report module.
revertpdf(1p) Remove the last edits to a PDF document.
rewritepdf(1p) Rebuild a PDF file.
RoPkg(3pm) Collection of perl classes.
RoPkg::DB(3pm) A Singleton database pool class.
RoPkg::DBCollection(3pm) Base class who can be used for collections of database objects.
RoPkg::DBObject(3pm) General pourpose database object.
RoPkg::Exceptions(3pm) Exceptions used by RoPkg packages.
RoPkg::Rsync::Atom(3pm) The smallest unit in a rsync configuration file.
RoPkg::Rsync::LogParser(3pm) A rsync log parser class.
RoPkg::Simba(3pm) The main class of simba.
RoPkg::Simba::Mirror(3pm) A mirror class.
RoPkg::Simba::Plugin::GenHTML(3pm) Html generator plugin for Simba.
RoPkg::Utils(3pm) General pourpose class.
RPC::XML(3pm) A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling.
RPC::XML::Client(3pm) An XML-RPC client class.
RPC::XML::Parser(3pm) Interface for parsers created by RPC::XML::ParserFactory.
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLLibXML(3pm) A container class for XML::LibXML.
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser(3pm) A container class for XML::Parser.
RPC::XML::ParserFactory(3pm) A factory class for RPC::XML::Parser objects.
RPC::XML::Procedure(3pm) Object encapsulation of server-side RPC procedures.
RPC::XML::Server(3pm) A server base-class for XML-RPC. Octopussy RRDTool module. Octopussy Schedule module.
schwartzmon(1p) Monitor The Schwartz. Octopussy Search Template module.
send-reminders(1) Send email reminders for special occasions.
send-reminders(1p) Send email reminders for special occasions. Octopussy Service module. Octopussy ServiceGroup Module.
setpdfbackground(1p) Apply a background color to a PDF page.
setpdfpage(1p) Replace a page of PDF layout.
smbldap-config(8) Configure the smbldap-tools.
smbldap-groupadd(8) Create a new group.
smbldap-groupdel(8) Delete a group.
smbldap-grouplist(8) List groups.
smbldap-groupmod(8) Modify a group.
smbldap-groupshow(8) Display group informations.
smbldap-passwd(8) Change user password.
smbldap-populate(8) Populate your LDAP database.
smbldap-useradd(8) Create a new user.
smbldap-userdel(8) Delete a user account and related files.
smbldap-userinfo(8) Change user real name, information and shell.
smbldap-userlist(8) List users or machines with some info.
smbldap-usermod(8) Modify a user account.
smbldap-usershow(8) Show a user account informations. AAT SMTP module.
SOAP::WSDL(3pm) SOAP with WSDL support.
SOAP::WSDL::Client(3pm) SOAP::WSDL's SOAP Client.
SOAP::WSDL::Client::Base(3pm) Factory class for WSDL-based SOAP access.
SOAP::WSDL::Definitions(3pm) Model a WSDL >definitions< element.
SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::Hash(3pm) Deserializer SOAP messages into perl hash refs.
SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM(3pm) Deserializer SOAP messages into SOM objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::XSD(3pm) Deserializer SOAP messages into SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib:: objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::Base(3pm) Base class for XML::Parser::Expat based XML parsers.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::Message2Hash(3pm) Convert SOAP messages to perl hash refs.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::MessageParser(3pm) Convert SOAP messages to custom object trees.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::MessageStreamParser(3pm) Convert SOAP messages to custom object trees.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::WSDLParser(3pm) Parse WSDL files into object trees.
SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Deserializer(3pm) Factory for retrieving Deserializer objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Generator(3pm) Factory for retrieving generator objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Serializer(3pm) Factory for retrieving serializer objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Transport(3pm) Factory for retrieving transport objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Iterator::WSDL11(3pm) WSDL 1.1 Iterator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::PrefixResolver(3pm) Prefixes for different classes.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Template(3pm) Template-based code generator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Template::Plugin::XSD(3pm) Template plugin for the XSD generator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Template::XSD(3pm) XSD code generator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Visitor(3pm) SOAP::WSDL's Visitor-based Code Generator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Visitor::Typemap(3pm) Visitor class for generating typemaps.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual(3pm) Accessing WSDL based web services.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::CodeFirst(3pm) Writing Code-First Web Services with SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) SOAP::WSDL recipes.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Deserializer(3pm) Deserializer classes.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions (and answers).
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Glossary(3pm) Those acronyms and stuff.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Parser(3pm) How SOAP::WSDL parses XML messages.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Serializer(3pm) Serializer classes.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::WS_I(3pm) How SOAP::WSDL complies to WS-I Basic Profile 1.0.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::XSD(3pm) SOAP::WSDL's XML Schema implementation.
SOAP::WSDL::Serializer::XSD(3pm) Serializer for SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib:: objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Server(3pm) WSDL based SOAP server base class.
SOAP::WSDL::Server::CGI(3pm) CGI based SOAP server.
SOAP::WSDL::Server::Mod_Perl2(3pm) Mod_perl based SOAP server using SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::Server::Simple(3pm) CGI based SOAP server for HTTP::Server::Simple.
SOAP::WSDL::SOAP::Typelib::Fault11(3pm) SOAP 1.1 Fault class.
SOAP::WSDL::Transport::HTTP(3pm) Fallback http(s) transport class.
SOAP::WSDL::Transport::Loopback(3pm) Loopback transport class for SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::Transport::Test(3pm) Test transport class for SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Schema::Builtin(3pm) Provides builtin XML Schema datatypes for parsing WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::Builtin(3pm) Built-in XML Schema datatypes.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::Builtin::list(3pm) List derivation base class.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::ComplexType(3pm) Base class for complexType node classes.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::Element(3pm) Element base clase.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::SimpleType(3pm) SimpleType base class.
spamalyze(1p) Apply multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists to all messages in an mbox.
stag-autoddl(1p) Wrapper for the Data::Stag modules.
stag-autotemplate(1p) Generates Stag SQL Templates files.
stag-ir(1p) Information retrieval using a simple relational index.
stag-qsh(1p) DBStag query shell.
stag-selectall_html(1p) Select all elements from database.
stag-selectall_xml(1p) Query all elements from database with an XML output.
stag-storenode(1p) Script is for storing data in database.
stamppdf(1p) Apply a mark to each page of a PDF. Octopussy System Stats module. Octopussy Storage module.
String::Dirify(3pm) Convert a string into a directory name.
String::Errf(3pm) A simple sprintf-like dialect.
Sys::Syscall(3pm) Access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to. AAT Syslog module. Syslog Message Tests. Simple Syslog Server. Octopussy System module.
System::Command(3pm) Object for running system commands.
System::Command::Reaper(3pm) Reap processes started by System::Command.
t2html(1) Simple text to HTML converter. Relies on text indentation rules. Octopussy Table module.
Task::Kensho(3pm) A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl. Octopussy Taxonomy module.
Template::Plugin::DateTime(3pm) A Template Plugin To Use DateTime Objects.
Template::Plugin::Digest::MD5(3pm) TT2 interface to the MD5 Algorithm.
Template::Plugin::IPAddr(3pm) Template::Toolkit plugin handling IP-addresses.
Template::Plugin::Lingua::EN::Inflect(3pm) Interface to Lingua::EN::Inflect module.
Tenjin(3pm) Fast templating engine with support for embedded Perl.
Tenjin::Context(3pm) In charge of managing variables passed to Tenjin templates.
Tenjin::Preprocessor(3pm) Preprocessing Tenjin templates.
Tenjin::Template(3pm) A Tenjin template object, either built from a file or from memory.
Tenjin::Util(3pm) Utility methods for Tenjin.
Test::Block(3pm) DEPRECIATED: Specify fine granularity test plans.
Test::Class(3pm) Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style.
Test::Class::Load(3pm) Load "Test::Class" classes automatically.
Test::Class::MethodInfo(3pm) The info associated with a test method.
Test::Fixme(3pm) Check code for FIXMEs.
Test::Valgrind(3pm) Generate suppressions, analyse and test any command with valgrind.
Test::Valgrind::Action(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind actions.
Test::Valgrind::Action::Captor(3pm) Mock Test::Valgrind::Action for capturing output.
Test::Valgrind::Action::Suppressions(3pm) Generate suppressions for a given tool.
Test::Valgrind::Action::Test(3pm) Test that an analysis didn't generate any error report.
Test::Valgrind::Carp(3pm) Carp-like private methods for Test::Valgrind objects.
Test::Valgrind::Command(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind commands.
Test::Valgrind::Command::Aggregate(3pm) A Test::Valgrind command that aggregates several other commands.
Test::Valgrind::Command::Perl(3pm) A Test::Valgrind command that invokes perl.
Test::Valgrind::Command::PerlScript(3pm) A Test::Valgrind command that invokes a perl script.
Test::Valgrind::Component(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind components.
Test::Valgrind::Parser(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind parsers.
Test::Valgrind::Parser::Suppressions::Text(3pm) Parse valgrind suppressions output as text blocks.
Test::Valgrind::Parser::Text(3pm) Parse valgrind output as a text stream.
Test::Valgrind::Parser::XML(3pm) Parse valgrind output as an XML stream.
Test::Valgrind::Parser::XML::Twig(3pm) Parse valgrind XML output with XML::Twig.
Test::Valgrind::Report(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind error reports.
Test::Valgrind::Session(3pm) Test::Valgrind session object.
Test::Valgrind::Suppressions(3pm) Generate suppressions for given tool and command.
Test::Valgrind::Tool(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind tools.
Test::Valgrind::Tool::memcheck(3pm) Run an analysis through the memcheck tool.
Test::Valgrind::Util(3pm) Utility routines for Test::Valgrind.
Test::Valgrind::Version(3pm) Object class for valgrind versions.
Text::German(3pm) German grundform reduction. AAT Theme module.
TheSchwartz(3pm) Reliable job queue.
TheSchwartz::Job(3pm) Jobs for the reliable job queue.
TheSchwartz::Worker(3pm) Superclass for defining task behavior. Octopussy TimePeriod module. AAT Translation module.
Transmission::AttributeRole(3pm) For Torrent and Client.
Transmission::Client(3pm) Interface to Transmission.
Transmission::Session(3pm) Transmission session.
Transmission::Stats(3pm) Transmission session statistics.
Transmission::Torrent(3pm) Transmission torrent object.
Transmission::Torrent::File(3pm) File within a Transmission torrent.
Transmission::Types(3pm) Moose types for Transmission.
Transmission::Utils(3pm) Utilies for modules that use Transmission::*.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::BreadthFirstTraversal(3pm) A Visitor for breadth-first traversal a Tree::Simple hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::CreateDirectoryTree(3pm) A Visitor for create a set of directories and files from a.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByNodeValue(3pm) A Visitor for finding an element in a Tree::Simple hierarchy by node.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByPath(3pm) A Visitor for finding an element in a Tree::Simple hierarchy with a path.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByUID(3pm) A Visitor for finding an element in a Tree::Simple hierarchy by UID.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FromNestedArray(3pm) A Visitor for creating Tree::Simple objects from nested array trees.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FromNestedHash(3pm) A Visitor for creating Tree::Simple objects from nested hash trees.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::GetAllDescendents(3pm) A Visitor for fetching all the descendents of a Tree::Simple object.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::LoadClassHierarchy(3pm) A Visitor for loading class hierarchies into a Tree::Simple.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::LoadDirectoryTree(3pm) A Visitor for loading the contents of a directory into a.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::PathToRoot(3pm) A Visitor for finding the path back a Tree::Simple object's root.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::PostOrderTraversal(3pm) A Visitor for post-order traversal a Tree::Simple hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::PreOrderTraversal(3pm) A Visitor for pre-order traversal a Tree::Simple hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::Sort(3pm) A Visitor for sorting a Tree::Simple object hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::ToNestedArray(3pm) A Visitor for creating nested array trees from Tree::Simple objects.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::ToNestedHash(3pm) A Visitor for creating nested hash trees from Tree::Simple objects.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::VariableDepthClone(3pm) A Visitor for cloning parts of Tree::Simple hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::VisitorFactory(3pm) A factory object for dispensing Visitor objects. Octopussy Type module.
uninlinepdfimages(1p) Save copies of all PDF JPG images to a directory.
URI::Encode(3pm) Simple percent Encoding/Decoding. AAT User module. AAT Utils module.
Validate::Yubikey(3pm) Validate Yubikey OTPs.
Web::Query(3pm) Yet another scraping library like jQuery.
Web::Query::LibXML(3pm) Fast, drop-in replacement for Web::Query. Octopussy World Statistics module.
writeboost(8) Create dm-writeboost device-mapper mappings.
wsdl2perl(1p) Create perl bindings for SOAP webservices.
WWW::Shorten(3pm) Interface to URL shortening sites.
WWW::Shorten::_dead(3pm) Where dead link-shortening services go.
WWW::Shorten::generic(3pm) Methods shared across all WWW::Shorten modules.
WWW::Shorten::LinkToolbot(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Linkz(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::MakeAShorterLink(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Metamark(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Qurl(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Qwer(3pm) (DEPRECATED) URL Shorten Service.
WWW::Shorten::TinyClick(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Tinylink(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::TinyURL(3pm) Perl interface to.
WWW::Shorten::UserAgent(3pm) LWP::UserAgent subclass for WWW::Shorten modules.
WWW::YouTube::Download(3pm) Very simple YouTube video download interface. AAT XML module.
XML::Dumper(3pm) Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML.
XML::TreePuller(3pm) Pull interface to work with XML document fragments.
XML::TreePuller::CookBook::Intro(3pm) Various ways to work with an Atom feed.
XML::TreePuller::CookBook::Patterns(3pm) Recipes for dealing with XML patterns.
XML::TreePuller::CookBook::Performance(3pm) Increasing the rate of data through XML::TreePuller.
XML::Twig(3pm) A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode.
xml_grep(1p) Grep XML files looking for specific elements.
xml_merge(1p) Merge back XML files split with C.
xml_pp(1p) Xml pretty-printer.
xml_spellcheck(1p) Spellcheck XML files.
xml_split(1p) Cut a big XML file into smaller chunks. AAT XMPP module.
youtube-download(1p) Download video(s) from YouTube.
youtube-playlists(1p) Find a YouTube video URLs from playlist(s). AAT Zabbix module.
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