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Origin: perl v5.26.0.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
Alien::Gnuplot(3pm) Find and verify functionality of the gnuplot executable. Converts an alignment into a kog file.
Apache2::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies.
Apache2::AuthCookie::Params(3pm) AuthCookie Params Driver for mod_perl 2.x.
Apache2_4::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies for Apache 2.4.
Apache::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies.
Apache::AuthCookie::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about Apache::AuthCookie.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params(3pm) AuthCookie Params Driver for mod_perl 1.x.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params::Base(3pm) Internal CGI AuthCookie Params Base Class.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params::CGI(3pm) Internal CGI Params Subclass.
Apache::AuthCookie::Util(3pm) Internal Utility Functions for AuthCookie.
Apache::Session::Wrapper(3pm) A simple wrapper around Apache::Session.
AppConfig(3pm) Perl5 module for reading configuration files and parsing command line arguments.
AppConfig::Args(3pm) Perl5 module for reading command line arguments.
AppConfig::CGI(3pm) Perl5 module for processing CGI script parameters.
AppConfig::File(3pm) Perl5 module for reading configuration files.
AppConfig::Getopt(3pm) Perl5 module for processing command line arguments via delegation to Getopt::Long.
AppConfig::State(3pm) Application configuration state.
AppConfig::Sys(3pm) Perl5 module defining platform-specific information and methods for other AppConfig::*.
arename(1) Automatically rename audio files by tagging information.
Array(3pm) Perl Array handling and conversion between Perl arrays and C array pointers.
ataglist(1) Print audio file metadata.
Authen::Captcha(3pm) Perl extension for creating captcha's to verify the human element in transactions.
Barcode::ZBar(3pm) Perl interface to the ZBar Barcode Reader.
Barcode::ZBar::Image(3pm) Image object to scan for bar codes.
Barcode::ZBar::ImageScanner(3pm) Scan images for bar codes.
Barcode::ZBar::Processor(3pm) Self-contained bar code reader.
Barcode::ZBar::Symbol(3pm) Bar code scan result object.
Bio::Graphics(3pm) Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects.
Bio::Graphics::ConfiguratorI(3pm) A sectioned map of configuration options (a map of maps), with a default.
Bio::Graphics::DrawTransmembrane(3pm) Draw a cartoon of an Alpha-helical transmembrane protein.
Bio::Graphics::Feature(3pm) A simple feature object for use with Bio::Graphics::Panel.
Bio::Graphics::FeatureBase(3pm) Compatibility module.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph(3pm) Base class for Bio::Graphics::Glyph objects.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::alignment(3pm) The "alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::allele_tower(3pm) The "allele_tower" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::anchored_arrow(3pm) The "anchored_arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::arrow(3pm) The "arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::box(3pm) The "box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::broken_line(3pm) The "broken line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::cds(3pm) The "cds" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::christmas_arrow(3pm) The "christmas arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::crossbox(3pm) The "crossbox" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dashed_line(3pm) The "dashed line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::decorated_gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph with protein decorations.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::decorated_transcript(3pm) Draws processed transcript with protein decorations.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::diamond(3pm) The "diamond" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dna(3pm) The "dna" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dot(3pm) The "dot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dumbbell(3pm) A glyph that draws a "dumbbell" with the same shapes on both ends.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ellipse(3pm) The "ellipse" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ex(3pm) The "ex", or "crossed box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::Factory(3pm) Factory for Bio::Graphics::Glyph objects.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::fixedwidth(3pm) A base class fixed width glyphs.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::flag(3pm) The "flag" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::generic(3pm) The "generic" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::graded_segments(3pm) The "graded_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::group(3pm) The "group" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hat(3pm) The "hat" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heat_map(3pm) The "heat_map" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heat_map_ideogram(3pm) The "heat_map_ideogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heterogeneous_segments(3pm) The "heterogeneous_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hidden(3pm) The "hidden" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hybrid_plot(3pm) An xyplot plot drawing dual graph using data from two or more wiggle files.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ideogram(3pm) The "ideogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::image(3pm) A glyph that draws photographs & other images.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::lightning(3pm) The "lightning" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::line(3pm) The "line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::merge_parts(3pm) A base class which suppors semantic zooming of scored alignment features.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::merged_alignment(3pm) The "merged_alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::minmax(3pm) The minmax glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::operon(3pm) The "polycistronic operon" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::oval(3pm) The "oval" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pairplot(3pm) The "pairwise plot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pentagram(3pm) The "pentagram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::phylo_align(3pm) The "phylogenetic alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pinsertion(3pm) The "Drosophila P-element Insertion" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::primers(3pm) The "STS primers" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::processed_transcript(3pm) The sequence ontology transcript glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::protein(3pm) The "protein" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ragged_ends(3pm) The "ragged ends" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::rainbow_gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::redgreen_box(3pm) The "redgreen_box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::redgreen_segment(3pm) The "redgreen_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::repeating_shape(3pm) A glyph that draws the same shape repeatedly.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::rndrect(3pm) The "round rect" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ruler_arrow(3pm) Glyph for drawing an arrow as ruler (5' and 3' are marked as label).
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::saw_teeth(3pm) The "saw teeth" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::scale(3pm) The "scale" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::segmented_keyglyph(3pm) The "segmented_keyglyph" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::segments(3pm) The "segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::so_transcript(3pm) The sequence ontology transcript glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::span(3pm) The "span" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::spectrogram(3pm) The "spectrogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::splice_site(3pm) The "splice_site" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::stackedplot(3pm) The stackedplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ternary_plot(3pm) Draw ternary plot data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::text_in_box(3pm) The "text in box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::three_letters(3pm) DAS-compatible package to use for drawing a line of groups of three.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::tic_tac_toe(3pm) The "tic-tac-toe" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::toomany(3pm) The "too many to show" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::trace(3pm) A glyph that visualizes a trace file.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::track(3pm) The "track" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::transcript(3pm) The "transcript" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::transcript2(3pm) The "transcript2" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::translation(3pm) The "6-frame translation" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::triangle(3pm) The "triangle" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::two_bolts(3pm) The "two bolts" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::vista_plot(3pm) The "vista_plot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wave(3pm) The "wave" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::weighted_arrow(3pm) The "weighted arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::whiskerplot(3pm) The whiskerplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_box(3pm) A generic box glyph compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_density(3pm) A density plot compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_xyplot(3pm) An xyplot plot compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::xyplot(3pm) The xyplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Panel(3pm) Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects.
Bio::Graphics::Pictogram(3pm) Generate SVG output of Pictogram display for consensus motifs.
Bio::Graphics::RendererI(3pm) A renderer for the Bio::Graphics class that renders Bio::SeqFeature::CollectionI.
Bio::Graphics::Util(3pm) Non-object-oriented utilities used in Bio::Graphics modules.
bisque(3pm) ↣ Tk::palette(3pm) Modify the Tk color palette.
BSON(3pm) BSON serialization and deserialization.
BSON::Binary(3pm) Legacy BSON type wrapper for binary data (DEPRECATED).
BSON::Bool(3pm) Legacy BSON type wrapper for Booleans (DEPRECATED).
BSON::Bytes(3pm) BSON type wrapper for binary byte strings.
BSON::Code(3pm) BSON type wrapper for Javascript code.
BSON::DBRef(3pm) BSON type wrapper for MongoDB DBRefs.
BSON::Decimal128(3pm) BSON type wrapper for Decimal128.
BSON::Doc(3pm) BSON type wrapper for ordered documents.
BSON::Double(3pm) BSON type wrapper for Double.
BSON::Int32(3pm) BSON type wrapper for Int32.
BSON::Int64(3pm) BSON type wrapper for Int64.
BSON::MaxKey(3pm) BSON type wrapper for MaxKey.
BSON::MinKey(3pm) BSON type wrapper for MinKey.
BSON::ObjectId(3pm) Legacy BSON type wrapper for Object IDs (DEPRECATED).
BSON::OID(3pm) BSON type wrapper for Object IDs.
BSON::PP(3pm) Pure Perl BSON implementation.
BSON::Raw(3pm) BSON type wrapper for pre-encoded BSON documents.
BSON::Regex(3pm) BSON type wrapper for regular expressions.
BSON::String(3pm) BSON type wrapper for strings.
BSON::Time(3pm) BSON type wrapper for date and time.
BSON::Timestamp(3pm) BSON type wrapper for timestamps.
BSON::Types(3pm) Helper functions to wrap BSON type classes.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::NoPassword(3pm) Authenticate a user without a password.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Password(3pm) Authenticate a user with a password.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Remote(3pm) Let the webserver (e.g. Apache) authenticate Catalyst.
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm(3pm) Base class for realm objects.
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm::Compatibility(3pm) Compatibility realm object.
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm::Progressive(3pm) Authenticate against multiple realms.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store(3pm) All about authentication stores.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Minimal(3pm) Minimal authentication store.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Null(3pm) Null authentication store.
Catalyst::Authentication::User(3pm) Base class for user objects.
Catalyst::Authentication::User::Hash(3pm) An easy authentication user object based on hashes.
Catalyst::Devel(3pm) Catalyst Development Tools.
Catalyst::Helper(3pm) Bootstrap a Catalyst application.
Catalyst::Manual(3pm) The Catalyst developer's manual.
Catalyst::Manual::About(3pm) The philosophy of Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Actions(3pm) Catalyst Reusable Actions.
Catalyst::Manual::CatalystAndMoose(3pm) How Catalyst 5.8+ and Moose relate.
Catalyst::Manual::Components(3pm) Reuseable components for Catalyst applications.
Catalyst::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) Cooking with Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment(3pm) Deploying Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::Apache::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with FastCGI on Apache.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::Apache::mod_perl(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with mod_perl.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::DevelopmentServer(3pm) Development server deployment.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with FastCGI.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::IIS::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with Microsoft IIS.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::lighttpd::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with lighttpd.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::nginx::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with nginx.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::SharedHosting(3pm) Deploying Catalyst on Shared Hosting.
Catalyst::Manual::DevelopmentProcess(3pm) Administrative structure of the Catalyst Development Process.
Catalyst::Manual::ExtendingCatalyst(3pm) Extending The Framework.
Catalyst::Manual::Internals(3pm) Catalyst Internals.
Catalyst::Manual::Intro(3pm) Introduction to Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial: Overview.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::01_Intro(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 1: Introduction.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::02_CatalystBasics(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 2: Catalyst Application.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::03_MoreCatalystBasics(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 3: More Catalyst Application.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::04_BasicCRUD(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 4: Basic CRUD.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::05_Authentication(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 5: Authentication.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::06_Authorization(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 6: Authorization.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::07_Debugging(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 7: Debugging.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::08_Testing(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 8: Testing.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormBuilder(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD -.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormFu(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD - FormFu.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormHandler(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD -.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::10_Appendices(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 10: Appendices.
Catalyst::Manual::WritingPlugins(3pm) DEPRECATED, see Catalyst::Manual::ExtendingCatalyst instead.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication(3pm) Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::Password(3pm) Compatibility shim.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Internals(3pm) All about authentication Stores and Credentials.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store::Minimal(3pm) Compatibility shim.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::User(3pm) Compatibility shim.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::User::Hash(3pm) Compatibility shim.
Catalyst::Restarter(3pm) Uses File::ChangeNotify to check for changed files and restart the server.
Catalyst::Restarter::Forking(3pm) Forks and restarts the child process.
Catalyst::Restarter::Win32(3pm) Uses Proc::Background to manage process restarts.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude(3pm) Use subincludes in your Catalyst views.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::ESI(3pm) Edge Side Includes (ESI) plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::HTTP(3pm) HTTP plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::SSI(3pm) Server Side Includes (SSI) plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::SubRequest(3pm) Sub-requests plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::Visit(3pm) Visit() plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catmandu::Fix::get_json(3pm) Get JSON data from an URL as fix function.
Catmandu::Importer::getJSON(3pm) Load JSON-encoded data from a server using a GET HTTP request.
ccconfig(1p) Get Convert::Binary::C configuration for a compiler.
CGI::Untaint(3pm) Process CGI input parameters.
CGI::Untaint::hex(3pm) Validate as a hexadecimal value.
CGI::Untaint::integer(3pm) Validate an integer.
CGI::Untaint::object(3pm) Base class for Input Handlers.
CGI::Untaint::printable(3pm) Validate as a printable value.
CHI(3pm) Unified cache handling interface.
CHI::Benchmarks(3pm) Benchmarks of CHI and non-CHI drivers.
CHI::CacheObject(3pm) Contains information about cache entries.
CHI::Constants(3pm) Internal constants.
CHI::Driver(3pm) Base class for all CHI drivers.
CHI::Driver::Base::CacheContainer(3pm) Caches that delegate to a contained cache.
CHI::Driver::CacheCache(3pm) CHI wrapper for Cache::Cache.
CHI::Driver::Development(3pm) Manual for developing new CHI drivers.
CHI::Driver::FastMmap(3pm) Persistent interprocess cache via mmap'ed files.
CHI::Driver::File(3pm) File-based cache using one file per entry in a multi-level directory structure.
CHI::Driver::Memory(3pm) In-process memory based cache.
CHI::Driver::Metacache(3pm) Metacache for internal CHI use.
CHI::Driver::Null(3pm) Nothing is cached.
CHI::Driver::RawMemory(3pm) In-process memory cache that stores direct references.
CHI::Stats(3pm) Record and report per-namespace cache statistics. Makes stitch files for feeding to to allow feeding of multiple chromosomes to.
Class::ErrorHandler(3pm) Base class for error handling.
Class::Virtual(3pm) Base class for virtual base classes.
Class::Virtually::Abstract(3pm) Compile-time enforcement of Class::Virtual.
Config::Augeas(3pm) Edit configuration files through Augeas C library.
Config::Crontab(3pm) Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab(5) files.
Convert::Binary::C(3pm) Binary Data Conversion using C Types.
Convert::Binary::C::Cached(3pm) Caching for Convert::Binary::C.
CPAN::SQLite(3pm) Maintain and search a minimal CPAN database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI(3pm) DBI information for the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Index(3pm) DBI information for indexing the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Search(3pm) DBI information for searching the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::Index(3pm) Set up or update database tables.
CPAN::SQLite::Info(3pm) Extract information from CPAN indices.
CPAN::SQLite::META(3pm) Helper module for integration.
CPAN::SQLite::Populate(3pm) Create and populate database tables.
CPAN::SQLite::Search(3pm) Perform queries on the database.
CPAN::SQLite::State(3pm) Get state information on the database.
CPAN::SQLite::Util(3pm) Export some common data structures used by CPAN::SQLite::*.
cpandb(1p) Interface to "CPAN::SQLite".
createcats(1) Helps you creating your own epgsearchcats.conf.
Crypt::Blowfish(3pm) Perl Blowfish encryption module.
Crypt::Cracklib(3pm) Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib.
Crypt::DES(3pm) Perl DES encryption module.
Crypt::DH::GMP(3pm) Crypt::DH Using GMP Directly.
Crypt::DH::GMP::Compat(3pm) Compatibility Mode For Crypt::DH.
Crypt::Eksblowfish(3pm) The Eksblowfish block cipher.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt(3pm) Blowfish-based Unix crypt() password hash.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Blowfish(3pm) Blowfish block cipher via Eksblowfish engine.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Family(3pm) Eksblowfish cipher family.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Subkeyed(3pm) Blowfish/Eksblowfish with access to subkeys.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Uklblowfish(3pm) Blowfish cipher with unrestricted key length.
Crypt::GCrypt(3pm) Perl interface to the GNU Cryptographic library.
Crypt::GCrypt::MPI(3pm) Perl interface to multi-precision integers from the GNU Cryptographic library.
Crypt::MySQL(3pm) Emulate MySQL PASSWORD() function.
Crypt::PBKDF2(3pm) The PBKDF2 password hashing algorithm.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash(3pm) Abstract role for PBKDF2 hashing algorithms.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::DigestHMAC(3pm) Digest::HMAC hash support for Crypt::PBKDF2.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA1(3pm) HMAC-SHA1 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA2(3pm) HMAC-SHA2 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA3(3pm) HMAC-SHA3 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::Rijndael(3pm) Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module.
Crypt::UnixCrypt_XS(3pm) Perl xs interface for a portable traditional crypt function.
CSS::Minifier::XS(3pm) XS based CSS minifier.
Curses(3pm) Terminal screen handling and optimization.
Daemon::Control(3pm) Create init scripts in Perl.
Data::Dump::Streamer(3pm) Accurately serialize a data structure as Perl code.
Data::Integer(3pm) Details of the native integer data type.
Data::MessagePack::Stream(3pm) Yet another messagepack streaming deserializer.
Data::StreamDeserializer(3pm) Non-blocking deserializer.
Data::StreamSerializer(3pm) Non-blocking serializer.
Data::Structure::Util(3pm) Change nature of data within a structure.
Data::Swap(3pm) Swap type and contents of variables.
Data::UUID(3pm) OSSP uuid Backward Compatibility Perl Binding.
Data::UUID::LibUUID(3pm) Uuid.h based UUID generation (versions 2 and 4 depending on platform).
Data::UUID::LibUUID::DataUUIDCompat(3pm) Drop in Data::UUID replacement.
Date::Calc::XS(3pm) XS wrapper and C library plug-in for Date::Calc.
Date::ISO8601(3pm) The three ISO 8601 numerical calendars.
Date::JD(3pm) Conversion between flavours of Julian Date.
Date::Pcalc(3pm) Gregorian calendar date calculations.
Date::Pcalc::Object(3pm) Object-oriented add-on for Date::Pcalc with overloaded operators.
Date::Pcalendar(3pm) Calendar objects for different holiday schemes.
Date::Pcalendar::Profiles(3pm) Some sample profiles for Date::Pcalendar and Date::Pcalendar::Year.
Date::Pcalendar::Year(3pm) Implements embedded "year" objects for Date::Pcalendar.
Date::Simple(3pm) A simple date object.
Date::Simple::D8(3pm) Sub class of Date::Simple with eight digit date style formatting as default.
Date::Simple::Fmt(3pm) Sub class of Date::Simple with per object level formatting for overloaded stringification.
Date::Simple::ISO(3pm) Sub class of Date::Simple.
Date::Simple::NoXS(3pm) Pure Perl support for Date::Simple.
DateTime::Event::Cron(3pm) DateTime extension for generating recurrence sets from crontab lines and files.
DateTime::Event::Recurrence(3pm) DateTime::Set extension for create basic recurrence sets.
DateTime::Format::Flexible(3pm) DateTime::Format::Flexible - Flexibly parse strings and turn them into DateTime.
DateTime::Format::Flexible::lang(3pm) Base language module to handle plugins for DateTime::Format::Flexible.
DateTime::Format::Flexible::lang::de(3pm) German language plugin.
DateTime::Format::Flexible::lang::en(3pm) The english language plugin.
DateTime::Format::Flexible::lang::es(3pm) Spanish language plugin.
DateTime::Format::Pg(3pm) Parse and format PostgreSQL dates and times.
DateTime::Format::W3CDTF(3pm) Parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings.
DateTime::TimeZone::SystemV(3pm) System V and POSIX timezone strings.
DateTime::TimeZone::Tzfile(3pm) Tzfile (zoneinfo) timezone files.
DBD::ODBC(3pm) ODBC Driver for DBI.
DBD::SQLite2(3pm) Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver (sqlite 2.x).
DBD::Sybase(3pm) Sybase database driver for the DBI module.
DBIx::Class::OptimisticLocking(3pm) Optimistic locking support for DBIx::Class.
Desktop::Notify(3pm) Communicate with the Desktop Notifications framework.
Desktop::Notify::Notification(3pm) A notification object for the desktop notifications framework.
Devel::CallChecker(3pm) Custom op checking attached to subroutines.
Devel::Caller(3pm) Meatier versions of "caller".
Devel::CallParser(3pm) Custom parsing attached to subroutines.
Devel::Callsite(3pm) Get caller return OP address and Perl interpreter context.
Devel::DProf(3pm) A DEPRECATED Perl code profiler.
Devel::Leak(3pm) Utility for looking for perl objects that are not reclaimed.
Devel::LexAlias(3pm) Alias lexical variables.
Devel::NYTProf(3pm) Powerful fast feature-rich Perl source code profiler.
Devel::NYTProf::Apache(3pm) Profile mod_perl applications with Devel::NYTProf.
Devel::NYTProf::Core(3pm) Load internals of Devel::NYTProf.
Devel::NYTProf::Data(3pm) Devel::NYTProf data loading and manipulation.
Devel::NYTProf::ReadStream(3pm) Read Devel::NYTProf data file as a stream.
Devel::NYTProf::Run(3pm) Invoke NYTProf on a piece of code and return the profile.
Devel::NYTProf::Util(3pm) General utility functions for Devel::NYTProf.
Devel::Pragma(3pm) Helper functions for developers of lexical pragmas.
Devel::Refcount(3pm) Obtain the REFCNT value of a referent.
Devel::StackTrace::WithLexicals(3pm) Devel::StackTrace + PadWalker.
Device::SerialPort(3pm) Linux/POSIX emulation of Win32::SerialPort functions.
dh_elpa(1) Install emacs lisp packages into package build directories.
dh_elpa_test(1) Run ELPA package testsuites.
dh_installtex(1) Register Type 1 fonts, hyphenation patterns, or formats with TeX.
dh_installxmlcatalogs(1) Install and register XML catalog files.
dh_movelibkdeinit(1) Move libkdeinit4_*.so from public to the private directory.
dh_pdl(1) Calculates pdl dependencies.
dh_qmlcdeps(1) Generate proper dependencies for QML cache files.
dh_sameversiondep(1) Generate versioned dependency based on the versioned dependencies of the reference.
dh_sodeps(1) Generate library dependencies for development *.so symlinks.
Digest::Elf(3pm) Perl extension for generating ElfHash values.
Digest::JHash(3pm) Perl extension for 32 bit Jenkins Hashing Algorithm.
Digest::MD2(3pm) Perl interface to the MD2 Algorithm.
Digest::MD4(3pm) Perl interface to the MD4 Algorithm.
Digest::Whirlpool(3pm) A 512-bit, collision-resistant, one-way hash function.
Dir::Self(3pm) A __DIR__ constant for the directory your source file is in.
Dist::Inkt::Profile::TOBYINK(3pm) A Dist::Inkt profile for TOBYINK.
Domain::PublicSuffix(3pm) Parse a domain down to root.
Domain::PublicSuffix::Default(3pm) Default PublicSuffix data file.
DPKG::Parse(3pm) Parse various dpkg files into Perl Objects.
DPKG::Parse::Available(3pm) Parse the "available" file.
DPKG::Parse::Entry(3pm) Parse a Package style entry.
DPKG::Parse::Packages(3pm) Parse the Packages file.
DPKG::Parse::Status(3pm) Parse the "status" file.
dprofpp(1p) Display perl profile data.
DR::SunDown(3pm) Perl bindings for sundown.
DR::Tarantool(3pm) A Perl driver for Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::AsyncClient(3pm) Async client for tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::CoroClient(3pm) An asynchronous coro driver for Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::Iterator(3pm) An iterator and a container class for DR::Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::LLClient(3pm) A low level async client for Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::MsgPack(3pm) Msgpack encoder/decoder.
DR::Tarantool::MsgPack::AsyncClient(3pm) Async client for tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::RealSyncClient(3pm) A synchronous driver for Tarantool/Box.
DR::Tarantool::Spaces(3pm) Tarantool schema description.
DR::Tarantool::StartTest(3pm) Finds and starts Tarantool on free port.
DR::Tarantool::SyncClient(3pm) A synchronous driver for Tarantool .
DR::Tarantool::Tuple(3pm) A tuple container for DR::Tarantool.
DR::Tarantool::Tuple::MsgPack(3pm) A tuple container for DR::Tarantool (v >= 1.6).
Email::Sender(3pm) A library for sending email.
Email::Sender::Failure(3pm) A report of failure from an email sending transport.
Email::Sender::Failure::Multi(3pm) An aggregate of multiple failures.
Email::Sender::Failure::Permanent(3pm) A permanent delivery failure.
Email::Sender::Failure::Temporary(3pm) A temporary delivery failure.
Email::Sender::Manual(3pm) Table of contents for the Email::Sender manual.
Email::Sender::Manual::QuickStart(3pm) How to start using Email::Sender right now.
Email::Sender::Role::CommonSending(3pm) The common sending tasks most Email::Sender classes will need.
Email::Sender::Role::HasMessage(3pm) An object that has a message.
Email::Sender::Simple(3pm) The simple interface for sending mail with Sender.
Email::Sender::Success(3pm) The result of successfully sending mail.
Email::Sender::Success::Partial(3pm) A report of partial success when delivering.
Email::Sender::Transport(3pm) A role for email transports.
Email::Sender::Transport::DevNull(3pm) Happily throw away your mail.
Email::Sender::Transport::Failable(3pm) A wrapper to makes things fail predictably.
Email::Sender::Transport::Maildir(3pm) Deliver mail to a maildir on disk.
Email::Sender::Transport::Mbox(3pm) Deliver mail to an mbox on disk.
Email::Sender::Transport::Print(3pm) Print email to a filehandle (like stdout).
Email::Sender::Transport::Sendmail(3pm) Send mail via sendmail(1).
Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP(3pm) Send email over SMTP.
Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP::Persistent(3pm) An SMTP client that stays online.
Email::Sender::Transport::Test(3pm) Deliver mail in memory for testing.
Email::Sender::Transport::Wrapper(3pm) A mailer to wrap a mailer for mailing mail.
Email::Sender::Util(3pm) Random stuff that makes Email::Sender go.
Embperl(3pm) Building dynamic Websites with Perl.
Embperl::App(3pm) Embperl base class for application objects.
Embperl::Config(3pm) Embperl configuration and calling.
Embperl::Faq(3pm) How to embed Perl code in your HTML docs.
Embperl::Features(3pm) Main features of Embperl 2.0.
Embperl::Form(3pm) Embperl Form class.
Embperl::Form::Control(3pm) Base class for controls inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::addremove(3pm) A control to add and remove items from two select boxes inside an Embperl.
Embperl::Form::Control::age(3pm) A age input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::blank(3pm) A blank area inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::button(3pm) A button inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::checkbox(3pm) A checkbox control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::checkboxes(3pm) A multiple checkbox control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::datetime(3pm) A price input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::display(3pm) A text display control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::displaylink(3pm) A control to display links inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::dump(3pm) A debug control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::duration(3pm) A price input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::file(3pm) A file upload input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::grid(3pm) A grid control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::hidden(3pm) A hidden form field control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::info(3pm) A info area inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::input(3pm) A text input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::inputjoin(3pm) A number of text input controls inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::inputlist(3pm) A number of text input controls inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::label(3pm) A label area inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::line(3pm) A horizontal line an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::mult(3pm) A grid control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::number(3pm) A numeric input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::password(3pm) A password input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::price(3pm) A price input control with optional unit inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::radio(3pm) A radio control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::scriptcode(3pm) A control to add script code to an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::select(3pm) A select control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::selectdyn(3pm) A dynamic select control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::show(3pm) A text display control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::submit(3pm) A submit button inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::table(3pm) A table which get data from array of arrays or array of hashs.
Embperl::Form::Control::tabs(3pm) A tab control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::textarea(3pm) A textarea input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::tinymce(3pm) A tinymce input control inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::Control::transparent(3pm) A transparent area inside an Embperl Form.
Embperl::Form::ControlMultValue(3pm) Base class for controls inside an Embperl Form which have multiple values to.
Embperl::Form::DataSource(3pm) Base class for data source objects which provides the data for ControlMutlValue.
Embperl::Form::Validate(3pm) Form validation with server- and client-side support.
Embperl::Inline(3pm) Inline Embperl code in Perl modules.
Embperl::Intro(3pm) Introduction to Embperl.
Embperl::Mail(3pm) Sends results from Embperl via E-Mail.
Embperl::Object(3pm) Extents Embperl for building whole website with reusable components and objects.
Embperl::Recipe(3pm) Base class for defining custom recipes.
Embperl::Recipe::Embperl(3pm) The default Embperl recipe.
Embperl::Recipe::EmbperlXSLT(3pm) Recipe to perform an XSLT transformation last.
Embperl::Recipe::XSLT(3pm) Recipe for performing an XSLT transformation.
Embperl::Session(3pm) Adaptation of Apache::Session to work with HTML::Embperl.
Embperl::SVN(3pm) Access to the Embperl SVN development tree.
Embperl::Syntax(3pm) Base class for defining custom syntaxes.
Embperl::Syntax::ASP(3pm) ASP syntax module for Embperl.
Embperl::Syntax::Embperl(3pm) Embperl syntax module for Embperl.
Embperl::Syntax::EmbperlBlocks(3pm) Syntax for Embperl Blocks and metacommands.
Embperl::Syntax::EmbperlHTML(3pm) Syntax for HTML tags that Embperl processes.
Embperl::Syntax::HTML(3pm) Define the syntax for HTML.
Embperl::Syntax::Mail(3pm) Tag library for sending mail.
Embperl::Syntax::MsgIdExtract(3pm) Define syntax for i18n using Embperl blocks.
Embperl::Syntax::Perl(3pm) Define Perl syntax for Embperl.
Embperl::Syntax::POD(3pm) Convert POD to XML on-the-fly.
Embperl::Syntax::RTF(3pm) Define syntax for RTF files.
Embperl::Syntax::SSI(3pm) Define SSI syntax for Embperl.
Embperl::Syntax::Text(3pm) Define text syntax for Embperl.
Embperl::TipsAndTricks(3pm) Embperl Tips and Tricks.
Embperl::TOC(3pm) Embperl Documentation: Table of Contents.
embpexec(1p) Run an Embperl file offline.
embpmsgid(1p) Extract message ids from Embperl files.
epgsearch(1) Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu.
epgsearch(4) Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu.
epgsearchblacklists.conf(5) Blacklist.
epgsearchchangrps.conf(5) Channel groups.
epgsearchcmds.conf(5) EPG Commands.
epgsearchdirs.conf(5) List of directories for selecting in epgsearch.
epgsearchmenu.conf(5) Customizing the EPG menus.
epgsearchswitchtimers.conf(5) The list of switchtimer.
epgsearchtemplates.conf(5) Searchtimer templates.
epgsearchuservars.conf(5) User defined variables.
EV(3pm) Perl interface to libev, a high performance full-featured event loop.
EV::libev(3pm) A high performance full-featured event loop written in C.
EV::MakeMaker(3pm) MakeMaker glue for the C-level EV API.
Event(3pm) Event loop processing.
Event::generic(3pm) Generic event handling.
Event::MakeMaker(3pm) MakeMaker glue for the C-level Event API.
FCGI(3pm) Fast CGI module.
File::ExtAttr(3pm) Perl extension for accessing extended attributes of files.
File::ExtAttr::Tie(3pm) Tie interface to extended attributes of files.
File::FcntlLock(3pm) File locking with fcntl(2).
File::FcntlLock::Inline(3pm) File locking with fcntl(2).
File::FcntlLock::Pure(3pm) File locking with fcntl(2).
File::FcntlLock::XS(3pm) File locking with fcntl(2).
File::Find::Object::Rule(3pm) Alternative interface to File::Find::Object.
File::Find::Object::Rule::Extending(3pm) The mini-guide to extending File::Find::Object::Rule.
File::Find::Object::Rule::Procedural(3pm) File::Find::Object::Rule's procedural interface.
File::Find::Rule::Perl(3pm) Common rules for searching for Perl things.
File::FnMatch(3pm) Simple filename and pathname matching.
File::lchown(3pm) Modify attributes of symlinks without dereferencing them.
File::MMagic::XS(3pm) Guess File Type With XS (a la mod_mime_magic).
File::Next(3pm) File-finding iterator.
File::PathConvert(3pm) Convert an absolute path to a relative path.
File::RsyncP(3pm) Perl Rsync client.
File::RsyncP::Digest(3pm) Perl interface to rsync message digest algorithms.
File::RsyncP::FileIO(3pm) Perl Rsync client file system IO.
File::RsyncP::FileList(3pm) Perl interface to rsync file list encoding and decoding.
File::Sync(3pm) Perl access to fsync() and sync() function calls.
File::Tail(3pm) Perl extension for reading from continuously updated files.
FileHandle::Fmode(3pm) Determine whether a filehandle is opened for reading, writing, or both.
Filesys::Df(3pm) Perl extension for filesystem disk space information.
Filesys::SmbClient(3pm) Interface for access Samba filesystem with
Filesys::Statvfs(3pm) Perl extension for statvfs() and fstatvfs(). Filters output from murasaki based on various filters.
findorule(1p) Command line wrapper to File::Find::Object::Rule.
forks(3pm) Drop-in replacement for Perl threads using fork().
forks::Devel::Symdump(3pm) Dump symbol names or the symbol table.
forks::shared(3pm) Drop-in replacement for Perl threads::shared with forks().
forks::signals(3pm) Signal management for forks.
frogatto(6) 2D platformer game starring a quixotic frog.
Fuse(3pm) Write filesystems in Perl using FUSE.
GD(3pm) Interface to Gd Graphics Library.
GD::Group(3pm) Simple object for recursive grouping.
GD::Image(3pm) Image class for the GD image library.
GD::Polygon(3pm) Polygon class for the GD image library.
GD::Polyline(3pm) Polyline object and Polygon utilities (including splines) for use with GD.
GD::Simple(3pm) Simplified interface to GD library.
Geo::Distance::XS(3pm) Speed up Geo::Distance.
get_root_domain(1p) Retrieve suffix info from a domain using Domain::PublicSuffix. CDS extraction from various annotation formats.
GetData(3pm) Perl bindings to the GetData library for Dirfile access. Grab the dna for a gene using annotation.
getOpenFile(3pm) ↣ Tk::getOpenFile(3pm) Pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
Getopt::ArgvFile(3pm) Interpolates script options from files into @ARGV or another array.
getSaveFile(3pm) ↣ Tk::getOpenFile(3pm) Pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
Glib(3pm) Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries.
Glib::BookmarkFile(3pm) Parser for bookmark files.
Glib::Boxed(3pm) Generic wrappers for C structures.
Glib::Bytes(3pm) Wrappers for bytes objects in GLib.
Glib::CodeGen(3pm) Code generation utilities for Glib-based bindings.
Glib::devel(3pm) Binding developer's overview of Glib's internals.
Glib::Error(3pm) Exception Objects based on GError.
Glib::Flags(3pm) Methods and overloaded operators for flags.
Glib::GenPod(3pm) POD generation utilities for Glib-based modules.
Glib::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Glib::KeyFile(3pm) Parser for .ini-like files.
Glib::Log(3pm) A flexible logging mechanism.
Glib::MainLoop(3pm) An event source manager.
Glib::MakeHelper(3pm) Makefile.PL utilities for Glib-based extensions.
Glib::Markup(3pm) Markup handling functions.
Glib::Object(3pm) Bindings for GObject.
Glib::Object::Subclass(3pm) Register a perl class as a GObject class.
Glib::OptionContext(3pm) Defines options accepted by the commandline option parser.
Glib::OptionGroup(3pm) Group of options for command line option parsing.
Glib::Param::Boolean(3pm) Wrapper for boolean parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Double(3pm) Wrapper for double parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Enum(3pm) Wrapper for enum parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Flags(3pm) Wrapper for flag parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::GType(3pm) Wrapper for type parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Int(3pm) Paramspecs for integer types.
Glib::Param::Int64(3pm) Wrapper for int64 parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::String(3pm) Wrapper for string parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::UInt(3pm) Wrapper for uint parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::UInt64(3pm) Wrapper for uint64 parameters in GLib.
Glib::Param::Unichar(3pm) Wrapper for unichar parameters in GLib.
Glib::ParamSpec(3pm) Encapsulates metadate needed to specify parameters.
Glib::ParseXSDoc(3pm) Parse POD and XSub declarations from XS files.
Glib::Signal(3pm) Object customization and general purpose notification.
Glib::Type(3pm) Utilities for dealing with the GLib Type system.
Glib::Utils(3pm) Miscellaneous utility functions.
Glib::Variant(3pm) Strongly typed value datatype.
Glib::VariantType(3pm) Utilities for dealing with the GVariant type system.
Glib::version(3pm) Library Versioning Utilities.
Glib::xsapi(3pm) Internal API reference for GPerl. Adds an entry to the organism table. Bulk loads gff3 files into a chado database. Stores pubmed entries in the database. Reads or modifies the chadoprop table. Extracts Dbxrefs from GFF3 lines that have Target attributes. Convert FASTA to simple GFF3. Prepares a GFF3 file for bulk loading into a chado database. Compares which terms are new in the file compared to the database and inserts them. Calculates the transitive closure on the ontology terms in the cvterm table. A tool for creating a gff3 file given a list of dbxrefs and fasta files. A tool for creating and mangaing materialized views for Chado. Sorts a GFF3 file to put lines with Parent tags after their parent.
Gnome2(3pm) Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME libraries.
Gnome2::About(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeAbout.
Gnome2::App(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeApp.
Gnome2::AppBar(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeAppBar.
Gnome2::Bonobo::Dock(3pm) Wrapper for BonoboDock.
Gnome2::Bonobo::DockItem(3pm) Wrapper for BonoboDockItem.
Gnome2::Canvas(3pm) A structured graphics canvas.
Gnome2::Canvas::Bpath(3pm) Bezier path canvas item.
Gnome2::Canvas::Ellipse(3pm) Ellipses as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::Group(3pm) A group of Gnome2::CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::Canvas::Item(3pm) Base class for all canvas items.
Gnome2::Canvas::Line(3pm) Lines as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::PathDef(3pm) Container and functions for manipulating ArtBpaths.
Gnome2::Canvas::Pixbuf(3pm) Pixbufs as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::RE(3pm) Base class for rectangles and ellipses.
Gnome2::Canvas::Rect(3pm) Rectangles as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::RichText(3pm) Rich text canvas item.
Gnome2::Canvas::Shape(3pm) Base class for canvas item shapes.
Gnome2::Canvas::Text(3pm) Text as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Canvas::version(3pm) Libgnomecanvas version.
Gnome2::Canvas::Widget(3pm) Gtk2::Widgets as CanvasItems.
Gnome2::Client(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeClient.
Gnome2::ColorPicker(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeColorPicker.
Gnome2::DateEdit(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDateEdit.
Gnome2::Druid(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDruid.
Gnome2::DruidPage(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDruidPage.
Gnome2::DruidPageEdge(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDruidPageEdge.
Gnome2::DruidPageStandard(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeDruidPageStandard.
Gnome2::Entry(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeEntry.
Gnome2::enums(3pm) Enumeration and flag values for Gnome2.
Gnome2::FileEntry(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeFileEntry.
Gnome2::FontPicker(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeFontPicker.
Gnome2::GConf(3pm) Perl wrappers for the GConf configuration engine.
Gnome2::GConf::ChangeSet(3pm) A set of configuration changes to be made.
Gnome2::GConf::Client(3pm) Client module for GConf.
Gnome2::GConf::Engine(3pm) A Configuration Engine.
Gnome2::GConf::Entry(3pm) Container Objects for key/value pairs.
Gnome2::GConf::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::GConf::main(3pm) Utility functions for Gnome2::GConf.
Gnome2::GConf::Schema(3pm) Schema Objects for key description.
Gnome2::GConf::Value(3pm) Opaque datatype for generic values.
Gnome2::GConf::version(3pm) The version that of libgconf that Gnome2::GConf was built against.
Gnome2::HRef(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeHRef.
Gnome2::IconEntry(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconEntry.
Gnome2::IconList(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconList.
Gnome2::IconSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconSelection.
Gnome2::IconTextItem(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconTextItem.
Gnome2::IconTheme(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeIconTheme.
Gnome2::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::ModuleInfo(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeModuleInfo.
Gnome2::PasswordDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GnomePasswordDialog.
Gnome2::PixmapEntry(3pm) Wrapper for GnomePixmapEntry.
Gnome2::Program(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeProgram.
Gnome2::Scores(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeScores.
Gnome2::ThumbnailFactory(3pm) Wrapper for GnomeThumbnailFactory.
Gnome2::VFS(3pm) Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME VFS library.
Gnome2::VFS::Address(3pm) Represents a DNS address.
Gnome2::VFS::Application(3pm) Represents an application for the application registry.
Gnome2::VFS::ApplicationRegistry(3pm) Registry for applications.
Gnome2::VFS::Async(3pm) Handles asynchronous file operations.
Gnome2::VFS::Async::Handle(3pm) Handles asynchronous file operations.
Gnome2::VFS::Directory(3pm) Represents a directory.
Gnome2::VFS::Directory::Handle(3pm) Respresents a directory.
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD(3pm) Network service discovery.
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD::Browse::Handle(3pm) Used for browsing for services on the network.
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD::Resolve::Handle(3pm) Used for resolving services on the network.
Gnome2::VFS::Drive(3pm) Container around Gnome2::VFS::Volume.
Gnome2::VFS::FileInfo(3pm) Stores information about files, like stat.
Gnome2::VFS::Handle(3pm) Basic file operations.
Gnome2::VFS::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::VFS::main(3pm) Filesystem Abstraction library.
Gnome2::VFS::Mime(3pm) Functions for getting information about applications and components associated with MIME.
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Application(3pm) Functions for getting information about applications and components.
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Monitor(3pm) Functions for getting information about applications and components associated.
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Type(3pm) Represents a Mime type.
Gnome2::VFS::Monitor(3pm) Monitors volume mounts and unmounts.
Gnome2::VFS::Monitor::Handle(3pm) Monitors volume mounts and unmounts.
Gnome2::VFS::Resolve(3pm) Address resolution.
Gnome2::VFS::Resolve::Handle(3pm) Address resolution.
Gnome2::VFS::URI(3pm) Uniform resource identifier.
Gnome2::VFS::Volume(3pm) Abstraction for a mounted file system or a network location.
Gnome2::VFS::VolumeMonitor(3pm) Monitors volume mounts and unmounts.
Gnome2::VFS::Xfer(3pm) Transfers stuff.
Gnome2::Wnck(3pm) Perl interface to the Window Navigator Construction Kit.
Gnome2::Wnck::Application(3pm) An object representing a group of windows of the same application.
Gnome2::Wnck::ClassGroup(3pm) An object representing a group of windows of the same class.
Gnome2::Wnck::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gnome2::Wnck::main(3pm) Provides version info about the version of Wnck Gnome2::Wnck was built against.
Gnome2::Wnck::Pager(3pm) A pager widget, showing the content of workspaces.
Gnome2::Wnck::Screen(3pm) An object representing a screen.
Gnome2::Wnck::Selector(3pm) A window selector widget, showing the list of windows as a menu.
Gnome2::Wnck::Tasklist(3pm) A tasklist widget, showing the list of windows as a list of buttons.
Gnome2::Wnck::Window(3pm) An object representing a window.
Gnome2::Wnck::Workspace(3pm) An object representing a workspace.
GnuPG(3pm) Perl module interface to the GNU Privacy Guard (v1.x.x series).
GnuPG::Tie(3pm) Tied filehandle interface to encryption with the GNU Privacy Guard.
goldendict(1) A feature-rich dictionary lookup program.
gpgmailtunl(1p) Encrypts an email message into the body of another email. Command-line interface to An Gramadóir. Check the grammar of Irish language documents.
GSSAPI(3pm) Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library.
GSSAPI::OID(3pm) Methods for handling GSSAPI OIDs and some constant OIDs.
GSSAPI::OID::Set(3pm) Methods for handling sets of GSSAPI OIDs, and some constant OID sets.
GSSAPI::Status(3pm) Methods for handlings GSSAPI statuses.
Gtk2(3pm) Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library.
Gtk2::AboutDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAboutDialog.
Gtk2::AccelGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAccelGroup.
Gtk2::AccelLabel(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAccelLabel.
Gtk2::AccelMap(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAccelMap.
Gtk2::Action(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAction.
Gtk2::ActionGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkActionGroup.
Gtk2::Activatable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkActivatable.
Gtk2::Adjustment(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAdjustment.
Gtk2::Alignment(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAlignment.
Gtk2::api(3pm) Mapping the Gtk+ C API to perl.
Gtk2::Arrow(3pm) Wrapper for GtkArrow.
Gtk2::AspectFrame(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAspectFrame.
Gtk2::Assistant(3pm) Wrapper for GtkAssistant.
Gtk2::Bin(3pm) Wrapper for GtkBin.
Gtk2::BindingSet(3pm) Wrapper for GtkBindingSet.
Gtk2::Box(3pm) Wrapper for GtkBox.
Gtk2::Buildable(3pm) Interface for objects that can be built by Gtk2::Builder.
Gtk2::Builder(3pm) Wrapper for GtkBuilder.
Gtk2::Button(3pm) Wrapper for GtkButton.
Gtk2::ButtonBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkButtonBox.
Gtk2::Calendar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCalendar.
Gtk2::CellEditable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellEditable.
Gtk2::CellLayout(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellLayout.
Gtk2::CellRenderer(3pm) An object that renders a single cell onto a Gtk2::Gdk::Drawable.
Gtk2::CellRendererAccel(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererAccel.
Gtk2::CellRendererCombo(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererCombo.
Gtk2::CellRendererPixbuf(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererPixbuf.
Gtk2::CellRendererProgress(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererProgress.
Gtk2::CellRendererSpin(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererSpin.
Gtk2::CellRendererSpinner(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererSpinner.
Gtk2::CellRendererText(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererText.
Gtk2::CellRendererToggle(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellRendererToggle.
Gtk2::CellView(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCellView.
Gtk2::CheckButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCheckButton.
Gtk2::CheckMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCheckMenuItem.
Gtk2::Clipboard(3pm) Wrapper for GtkClipboard.
Gtk2::CodeGen(3pm) Code generation utilities for Glib-based bindings.
Gtk2::ColorButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkColorButton.
Gtk2::ColorSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GtkColorSelection.
Gtk2::ColorSelectionDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkColorSelectionDialog.
Gtk2::Combo(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCombo.
Gtk2::ComboBox(3pm) A widget used to choose from a list of items.
Gtk2::ComboBoxEntry(3pm) A text entry field with a dropdown list.
Gtk2::Container(3pm) Wrapper for GtkContainer.
Gtk2::Curve(3pm) Wrapper for GtkCurve.
Gtk2::devel(3pm) The internal workings of the gtk2-perl language bindings.
Gtk2::Dialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkDialog.
Gtk2::DrawingArea(3pm) Wrapper for GtkDrawingArea.
Gtk2::Editable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEditable.
Gtk2::Entry(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEntry.
Gtk2::EntryBuffer(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEntryBuffer.
Gtk2::EntryCompletion(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEntryCompletion.
Gtk2::enums(3pm) Enumeration and flag values for Gtk2.
Gtk2::EventBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkEventBox.
Gtk2::Expander(3pm) Wrapper for GtkExpander.
Gtk2::FileChooser(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileChooser.
Gtk2::FileChooserButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileChooserButton.
Gtk2::FileChooserDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileChooserDialog.
Gtk2::FileChooserWidget(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileChooserWidget.
Gtk2::FileFilter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileFilter.
Gtk2::FileSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFileSelection.
Gtk2::Fixed(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFixed.
Gtk2::FontButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFontButton.
Gtk2::FontSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFontSelection.
Gtk2::FontSelectionDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFontSelectionDialog.
Gtk2::Frame(3pm) Wrapper for GtkFrame.
Gtk2::GammaCurve(3pm) Wrapper for GtkGammaCurve.
Gtk2::Gdk::Color(3pm) Wrapper for GdkColor.
Gtk2::Gdk::Colormap(3pm) Wrapper for GdkColormap.
Gtk2::Gdk::Cursor(3pm) Wrapper for GdkCursor.
Gtk2::Gdk::Device(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDevice.
Gtk2::Gdk::Display(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDisplay.
Gtk2::Gdk::DisplayManager(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDisplayManager.
Gtk2::Gdk::DragContext(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDragContext.
Gtk2::Gdk::Drawable(3pm) Wrapper for GdkDrawable.
Gtk2::Gdk::Event(3pm) Wrapper for GdkEvent.
Gtk2::Gdk::GC(3pm) Wrapper for GdkGC.
Gtk2::Gdk::Image(3pm) Wrapper for GdkImage.
Gtk2::Gdk::Keymap(3pm) Wrapper for GdkKeymap.
Gtk2::Gdk::Keysyms(3pm) Key codes for Gtk2 programs.
Gtk2::Gdk::PangoRenderer(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPangoRenderer.
Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbuf.
Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf::Draw::Cache(3pm) Cache for drawing scaled pixbufs.
Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufAnimation(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbufAnimation.
Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufAnimationIter(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbufAnimationIter.
Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufLoader(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbufLoader.
Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufSimpleAnim(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixbufSimpleAnim.
Gtk2::Gdk::Pixmap(3pm) Wrapper for GdkPixmap.
Gtk2::Gdk::Rectangle(3pm) Wrapper for GdkRectangle.
Gtk2::Gdk::Region(3pm) Wrapper for GdkRegion.
Gtk2::Gdk::Screen(3pm) Wrapper for GdkScreen.
Gtk2::Gdk::Visual(3pm) Wrapper for GdkVisual.
Gtk2::Gdk::Window(3pm) Wrapper for GdkWindow.
Gtk2::GladeXML(3pm) Create user interfaces directly from Glade XML files.
Gtk2::HandleBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHandleBox.
Gtk2::HBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHBox.
Gtk2::HButtonBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHButtonBox.
Gtk2::Helper(3pm) Convenience functions for the Gtk2 module.
Gtk2::HPaned(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHPaned.
Gtk2::HRuler(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHRuler.
Gtk2::HScale(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHScale.
Gtk2::HScrollbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHScrollbar.
Gtk2::HSeparator(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHSeparator.
Gtk2::HSV(3pm) Wrapper for GtkHSV.
Gtk2::IconFactory(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconFactory.
Gtk2::IconInfo(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconInfo.
Gtk2::IconSet(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconSet.
Gtk2::IconSize(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconSize.
Gtk2::IconSource(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconSource.
Gtk2::IconTheme(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconTheme.
Gtk2::IconView(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIconView.
Gtk2::Image(3pm) Wrapper for GtkImage.
Gtk2::ImageMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkImageMenuItem.
Gtk2::ImageView(3pm) General purpose image viewer for Gtk+.
Gtk2::ImageView::Anim(3pm) Subclass of Gtk2::ImageView capable of playing.
Gtk2::ImageView::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::ImageView::Nav(3pm) Navigation window showing a thumbnailed overview of a Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::ScrollWin(3pm) Scrollable window suitable for Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool(3pm) Interface for objects capable of being used as tools by Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Dragger(3pm) Default image tool for panning the image.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Painter(3pm) Demo image tool for painting on a Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Selector(3pm) Image tool for selecting rectangular regions.
Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom(3pm) Functions for dealing with zoom factors.
Gtk2::IMContext(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIMContext.
Gtk2::IMContextSimple(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIMContextSimple.
Gtk2::IMMulticontext(3pm) Wrapper for GtkIMMulticontext.
Gtk2::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::InfoBar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkInfoBar.
Gtk2::InputDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkInputDialog.
Gtk2::Invisible(3pm) Wrapper for GtkInvisible.
Gtk2::Item(3pm) Wrapper for GtkItem.
Gtk2::ItemFactory(3pm) Wrapper for GtkItemFactory.
Gtk2::Label(3pm) Wrapper for GtkLabel.
Gtk2::Layout(3pm) Wrapper for GtkLayout.
Gtk2::LinkButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkLinkButton.
Gtk2::List(3pm) Wrapper for GtkList.
Gtk2::ListItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkListItem.
Gtk2::ListStore(3pm) Wrapper for GtkListStore.
Gtk2::Menu(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenu.
Gtk2::MenuBar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenuBar.
Gtk2::MenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenuItem.
Gtk2::MenuShell(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenuShell.
Gtk2::MenuToolButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMenuToolButton.
Gtk2::MessageDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMessageDialog.
Gtk2::Misc(3pm) Wrapper for GtkMisc.
Gtk2::Notebook(3pm) Wrapper for GtkNotebook.
Gtk2::Object(3pm) Wrapper for GtkObject.
Gtk2::OffscreenWindow(3pm) Wrapper for GtkOffscreenWindow.
Gtk2::OptionMenu(3pm) Wrapper for GtkOptionMenu.
Gtk2::Orientable(3pm) Interface for flippable widgets.
Gtk2::PageSetup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPageSetup.
Gtk2::Paned(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPaned.
Gtk2::Pango(3pm) Constants for use with Pango.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrBackground(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrBackground.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrColor(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrColor.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrFallback(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrFallback.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrFamily(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrFamily.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrFontDesc(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrFontDesc.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrForeground(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrForeground.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrGravity(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrGravity.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrGravityHint(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrGravityHint.
Gtk2::Pango::Attribute(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Attribute.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrInt(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrInt.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrIterator(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrIterator.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrLanguage(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrLanguage.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrLetterSpacing(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrLetterSpacing.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrList(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrList.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrRise(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrRise.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrScale(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrScale.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrShape(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrShape.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrSize(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrSize.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrStretch(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrStretch.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrStrikethrough(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrStrikethrough.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrStrikethroughColor(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrStrikethroughColor.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrString(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrString.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrStyle(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrStyle.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrUnderline(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrUnderline.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrUnderlineColor(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrUnderlineColor.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrVariant(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrVariant.
Gtk2::Pango::AttrWeight(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::AttrWeight.
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Cairo.
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo::Context(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Cairo::Context.
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo::Font(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Cairo::Font.
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo::FontMap(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Cairo::FontMap.
Gtk2::Pango::Color(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Color.
Gtk2::Pango::Context(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Context.
Gtk2::Pango::Font(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Font.
Gtk2::Pango::FontDescription(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontDescription.
Gtk2::Pango::FontFace(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontFace.
Gtk2::Pango::FontFamily(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontFamily.
Gtk2::Pango::FontMap(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontMap.
Gtk2::Pango::FontMetrics(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::FontMetrics.
Gtk2::Pango::Fontset(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Fontset.
Gtk2::Pango::Gravity(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Gravity.
Gtk2::Pango::Language(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Language.
Gtk2::Pango::Layout(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Layout.
Gtk2::Pango::LayoutIter(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::LayoutIter.
Gtk2::Pango::LayoutLine(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::LayoutLine.
Gtk2::Pango::Matrix(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Matrix.
Gtk2::Pango::Renderer(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Renderer.
Gtk2::Pango::Script(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::Script.
Gtk2::Pango::ScriptIter(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::ScriptIter.
Gtk2::Pango::TabArray(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::TabArray.
Gtk2::Pango::version(3pm) Backwards compatibility wrapper for Pango::version.
Gtk2::PaperSize(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPaperSize.
Gtk2::Plug(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPlug.
Gtk2::PrintContext(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPrintContext.
Gtk2::PrintOperation(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPrintOperation.
Gtk2::PrintOperationPreview(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPrintOperationPreview.
Gtk2::PrintSettings(3pm) Wrapper for GtkPrintSettings.
Gtk2::ProgressBar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkProgressBar.
Gtk2::RadioAction(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRadioAction.
Gtk2::RadioButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRadioButton.
Gtk2::RadioMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRadioMenuItem.
Gtk2::RadioToolButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRadioToolButton.
Gtk2::Range(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRange.
Gtk2::RcStyle(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRcStyle.
Gtk2::RecentAction(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentAction.
Gtk2::RecentChooser(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentChooser.
Gtk2::RecentChooserDialog(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentChooserDialog.
Gtk2::RecentChooserMenu(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentChooserMenu.
Gtk2::RecentChooserWidget(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentChooserWidget.
Gtk2::RecentFilter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentFilter.
Gtk2::RecentInfo(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentInfo.
Gtk2::RecentManager(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRecentManager.
Gtk2::Requisition(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRequisition.
Gtk2::Ruler(3pm) Wrapper for GtkRuler.
Gtk2::Scale(3pm) Wrapper for GtkScale.
Gtk2::ScaleButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkScaleButton.
Gtk2::Scrollbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkScrollbar.
Gtk2::ScrolledWindow(3pm) Wrapper for GtkScrolledWindow.
Gtk2::SelectionData(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSelectionData.
Gtk2::Separator(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSeparator.
Gtk2::SeparatorMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSeparatorMenuItem.
Gtk2::SeparatorToolItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSeparatorToolItem.
Gtk2::SimpleList(3pm) A simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC list widget.
Gtk2::SimpleMenu(3pm) A simple interface to Gtk2's ItemFactory for creating application menus.
Gtk2::SizeGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSizeGroup.
Gtk2::Socket(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSocket.
Gtk2::SourceView2::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::Spell(3pm) Bindings for GtkSpell with Gtk2.
Gtk2::SpinButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSpinButton.
Gtk2::Spinner(3pm) Wrapper for GtkSpinner.
Gtk2::Statusbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkStatusbar.
Gtk2::StatusIcon(3pm) Wrapper for GtkStatusIcon.
Gtk2::Style(3pm) Wrapper for GtkStyle.
Gtk2::Table(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTable.
Gtk2::TargetList(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTargetList.
Gtk2::TearoffMenuItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTearoffMenuItem.
Gtk2::TextAttributes(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextAttributes.
Gtk2::TextBuffer(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextBuffer.
Gtk2::TextChildAnchor(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextChildAnchor.
Gtk2::TextIter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextIter.
Gtk2::TextMark(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextMark.
Gtk2::TextTag(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextTag.
Gtk2::TextTagTable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextTagTable.
Gtk2::TextView(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTextView.
Gtk2::ToggleAction(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToggleAction.
Gtk2::ToggleButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToggleButton.
Gtk2::ToggleToolButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToggleToolButton.
Gtk2::Toolbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolbar.
Gtk2::ToolButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolButton.
Gtk2::ToolItem(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolItem.
Gtk2::ToolItemGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolItemGroup.
Gtk2::ToolPalette(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolPalette.
Gtk2::ToolShell(3pm) Wrapper for GtkToolShell.
Gtk2::Tooltip(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTooltip.
Gtk2::Tooltips(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTooltips.
Gtk2::TrayIcon(3pm) Perl interface to the EggTrayIcon library.
Gtk2::TrayManager(3pm) Perl bindings for EggTrayManager.
Gtk2::TreeDragDest(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeDragDest.
Gtk2::TreeDragSource(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeDragSource.
Gtk2::TreeIter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeIter.
Gtk2::TreeModel(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeModel.
Gtk2::TreeModelFilter(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeModelFilter.
Gtk2::TreeModelSort(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeModelSort.
Gtk2::TreePath(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreePath.
Gtk2::TreeRowReference(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeRowReference.
Gtk2::TreeSelection(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeSelection.
Gtk2::TreeSortable(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeSortable.
Gtk2::TreeStore(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeStore.
Gtk2::TreeView(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeView.
Gtk2::TreeViewColumn(3pm) Wrapper for GtkTreeViewColumn.
Gtk2::UIManager(3pm) Wrapper for GtkUIManager.
Gtk2::Unique(3pm) Use single instance applications.
Gtk2::Unique::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Gtk2::UniqueApp(3pm) Base class for singleton applications.
Gtk2::UniqueBackend(3pm) IPC backend used by libunique.
Gtk2::UniqueMessageData(3pm) Message container for Gtk2::UniqueApp.
Gtk2::VBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVBox.
Gtk2::VButtonBox(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVButtonBox.
Gtk2::version(3pm) Library Version Information.
Gtk2::Viewport(3pm) Wrapper for GtkViewport.
Gtk2::VolumeButton(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVolumeButton.
Gtk2::VPaned(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVPaned.
Gtk2::VRuler(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVRuler.
Gtk2::VScale(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVScale.
Gtk2::VScrollbar(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVScrollbar.
Gtk2::VSeparator(3pm) Wrapper for GtkVSeparator.
Gtk2::Widget(3pm) Wrapper for GtkWidget.
Gtk2::Window(3pm) Wrapper for GtkWindow.
Gtk2::WindowGroup(3pm) Wrapper for GtkWindowGroup.
Guard(3pm) Safe cleanup blocks.
hachu(6) Xboard-compatible engine for Chu Shogi and other variants. Generates homology scorse from murasaki anchor files.
HTML::Entities(3pm) Encode or decode strings with HTML entities.
HTML::Filter(3pm) Filter HTML text through the parser.
HTML::Gumbo(3pm) HTML5 parser based on gumbo C library.
HTML::HeadParser(3pm) Parse section of a HTML document.
HTML::LinkExtor(3pm) Extract links from an HTML document.
HTML::Parser(3pm) HTML parser class.
HTML::PullParser(3pm) Alternative HTML::Parser interface.
HTML::Strip(3pm) Perl extension for stripping HTML markup from text.
HTML::Template::PerlInterface(3pm) Perl interface of HTML::Template::Pro.
HTML::Template::Pro(3pm) Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts.
HTML::Template::SYNTAX(3pm) Syntax of html template language for HTML::Template.
HTML::TokeParser(3pm) Alternative HTML::Parser interface.
HTML::Truncate(3pm) (beta software) truncate HTML by percentage or character count while preserving.
HTTP::Parser::XS(3pm) A fast, primitive HTTP request parser.
i3-dmenu-desktop(1) Run .desktop files with dmenu.
i3-save-tree(1) Save (parts of) the layout tree for restoring.
Ifeffit(3pm) Perl interface to the IFEFFIT XAFS Analysis library.
ifeffit_shell(3pm) Shell Interface to IFEFFIT.
Image::EXIF(3pm) Perl extension for exif library.
Image::Imlib2(3pm) Interface to the Imlib2 image library.
Image::LibRSVG(3pm) Perl extension for librsvg.
Image::Sane(3pm) Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project.
Imager::QRCode(3pm) Generate QR Code with Imager using libqrencode.
ImVirt(3pm) Detects several virtualizations.
Inline::Java(3pm) Write Perl classes in Java.
Inline::Java::Callback(3pm) Callback into Perl from Java.
Internals(3pm) Write-protect variables, manipulate refcounts. Chop anchors into arbitrarily sized tiny anchor bits, interpolate anchor break points based.
IntroEmbperlObject(3pm) Introduction to EmbperlObject.
IO::AIO(3pm) Asynchronous Input/Output.
IO::Dirent(3pm) Access to dirent structs returned by readdir.
IO::Epoll(3pm) Scalable IO Multiplexing for Linux 2.5.44 and higher.
IO::Interface(3pm) Perl extension for access to network card configuration information.
IO::Interface::Simple(3pm) Perl extension for access to network card configuration information.
IO::Pager(3pm) Select a pager and pipe text to it if destination is a TTY.
IO::Pager::Buffered(3pm) Pipe deferred output to PAGER if destination is a TTY.
IO::Pager::Page(3pm) Emulate IO::Page, pipe STDOUT to a pager if STDOUT is a TTY.
IO::Pager::Unbuffered(3pm) Pipe output to PAGER if destination is a TTY.
IO::Pty(3pm) Pseudo TTY object class.
IO::Socket::Multicast(3pm) Send and receive multicast messages.
IO::Tty(3pm) Low-level allocate a pseudo-Tty, import constants.
IO::Tty::Constant(3pm) Terminal Constants (autogenerated).
IPC::Run(3pm) System() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys (Unix, Win32).
IPC::Run::Debug(3pm) Debugging routines for IPC::Run.
IPC::ShareLite(3pm) Lightweight interface to shared memory.
IPC::Signal(3pm) Utility functions dealing with signals.
JavaScript::Minifier::XS(3pm) XS based JavaScript minifier.
JSON::Syck(3pm) JSON is YAML (but consider using JSON::XS instead!).
KinoSearch1(3pm) Search engine library.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Analyzer(3pm) Base class for analyzers.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::LCNormalizer(3pm) Convert input to lower case.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::PolyAnalyzer(3pm) Multiple analyzers in series.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Stemmer(3pm) Reduce related words to a shared root.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Stopalizer(3pm) Suppress a "stoplist" of common words.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Token(3pm) Unit of text.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::TokenBatch(3pm) A collection of tokens.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Tokenizer(3pm) Customizable tokenizing.
KinoSearch1::Docs::FileFormat(3pm) Overview of invindex file format.
KinoSearch1::Docs::Tutorial(3pm) Sample indexing and search applications.
KinoSearch1::Document::Doc(3pm) A document.
KinoSearch1::Document::Field(3pm) A field within a document.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::Encoder(3pm) Encode excerpted text.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::Formatter(3pm) Format highlighted bits within excerpts.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::Highlighter(3pm) Create and highlight excerpts.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::SimpleHTMLEncoder(3pm) Encode a few HTML entities.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::SimpleHTMLFormatter(3pm) Surround highlight bits with tags.
KinoSearch1::Index::Term(3pm) String of text associated with a field.
KinoSearch1::InvIndexer(3pm) Build inverted indexes.
KinoSearch1::QueryParser::QueryParser(3pm) Transform a string into a Query object.
KinoSearch1::Search::BooleanQuery(3pm) Match boolean combinations of Queries.
KinoSearch1::Search::Hit(3pm) Successful match against a Query.
KinoSearch1::Search::Hits(3pm) Access search results.
KinoSearch1::Search::MultiSearcher(3pm) Aggregate results from multiple searchers.
KinoSearch1::Search::PhraseQuery(3pm) Match ordered list of Terms.
KinoSearch1::Search::Query(3pm) Base class for search queries.
KinoSearch1::Search::QueryFilter(3pm) Build a filter based on results of a query.
KinoSearch1::Search::SearchClient(3pm) Connect to a remote SearchServer.
KinoSearch1::Search::SearchServer(3pm) Make a Searcher remotely accessible.
KinoSearch1::Search::TermQuery(3pm) Match individual Terms.
KinoSearch1::Searcher(3pm) Execute searches.
KinoSearch1::Store::FSInvIndex(3pm) File system InvIndex.
KinoSearch1::Store::InvIndex(3pm) Inverted index.
KinoSearch1::Store::RAMInvIndex(3pm) In-memory InvIndex.
l4p-tmpl(1p) Print out a Log4perl template configuration.
latexdiff(1) Determine and markup differences between two latex files.
latexdiff-cvs(1) ↣ latexdiff-vc(1) Wrapper script that calls latexdiff for different versions of a file under version management.
latexdiff-fast(1) ↣ latexdiff(1) Determine and markup differences between two latex files.
latexdiff-git(1) ↣ latexdiff-vc(1) Wrapper script that calls latexdiff for different versions of a file under version management.
latexdiff-hg(1) ↣ latexdiff-vc(1) Wrapper script that calls latexdiff for different versions of a file under version management.
latexdiff-rcs(1) ↣ latexdiff-vc(1) Wrapper script that calls latexdiff for different versions of a file under version management.
latexdiff-svn(1) ↣ latexdiff-vc(1) Wrapper script that calls latexdiff for different versions of a file under version management.
latexdiff-vc(1) Wrapper script that calls latexdiff for different versions of a file under version management.
latexrevise(1) Selectively remove markup and text from latexdiff output.
Lchown(3pm) Use the lchown(2) system call from Perl.
Lexical::Sub(3pm) Subroutines without namespace pollution.
Lexical::Var(3pm) Static variables without namespace pollution.
Lingua::GA::Gramadoir(3pm) Check the grammar of Irish language text.
Lingua::Stem::Snowball(3pm) Perl interface to Snowball stemmers.
Linux::Epoll(3pm) O(1) multiplexing for Linux.
Linux::FD(3pm) Linux specific special filehandles.
Linux::FD::Event(3pm) Event filehandles for Linux.
Linux::FD::Signal(3pm) Signal filehandles for Linux.
Linux::FD::Timer(3pm) Timer filehandles for Linux.
Linux::Inotify2(3pm) Scalable directory/file change notification.
Linux::Pid(3pm) Get the native PID and the PPID on Linux.
Linux::Prctl(3pm) Perl extension for controlling process characteristics.
List::MoreUtils(3pm) Provide the stuff missing in List::Util.
List::MoreUtils::Contributing(3pm) Gives rough introduction into contributing to List::MoreUtils.
List::MoreUtils::PP(3pm) Provide List::MoreUtils pure Perl implementation.
List::MoreUtils::XS(3pm) Provide compiled List::MoreUtils functions.
List::SomeUtils(3pm) Provide the stuff missing in List::Util.
List::SomeUtils::PP(3pm) Pure Perl implementation for List::SomeUtils.
Locale::gettext(3pm) Message handling functions.
Locale::gettext_dumb(3pm) Locale unaware Implementation of Uniforum Message Translation.
Locale::gettext_pp(3pm) Pure Perl Implementation of Uniforum Message Translation.
Locale::gettext_xs(3pm) XS Implementation of Uniforum Message Translation.
Locale::Hebrew(3pm) Bidirectional Hebrew support.
Locale::libintlFAQ(3pm) Frequently asked questions for libintl-perl.
Locale::Messages(3pm) Gettext Like Message Retrieval.
Locale::Msgcat(3pm) Perl extension for blah blah blah.
Locale::Recode(3pm) Object-Oriented Portable Charset Conversion.
Locale::Recode::_Aliases(3pm) Internal Charset Alias Database for libintl-perl.
Locale::Recode::_Conversions(3pm) Internal Table of Known Conversions.
Locale::RecodeData(3pm) Abstract Base Class for Charset Converters.
Locale::RecodeData::_Encode(3pm) Internal wrapper around Encode.
Locale::RecodeData::ASMO_449(3pm) Conversion routines for ASMO_449.
Locale::RecodeData::ATARI_ST(3pm) Conversion routines for ATARI-ST.
Locale::RecodeData::ATARI_ST_EURO(3pm) Conversion routines for ATARI-ST-EURO.
Locale::RecodeData::CP10007(3pm) Conversion routines for CP10007.
Locale::RecodeData::CP1250(3pm) Conversion routines for CP1250.
Locale::RecodeData::CP1251(3pm) Conversion routines for CP1251.
Locale::RecodeData::CP1252(3pm) Conversion routines for CP1252.
Locale::RecodeData::CP1253(3pm) Conversion routines for CP1253.
Locale::RecodeData::CP1254(3pm) Conversion routines for CP1254.
Locale::RecodeData::CP1256(3pm) Conversion routines for CP1256.
Locale::RecodeData::CP1257(3pm) Conversion routines for CP1257.
Locale::RecodeData::CSN_369103(3pm) Conversion routines for CSN_369103.
Locale::RecodeData::CWI(3pm) Conversion routines for CWI.
Locale::RecodeData::DEC_MCS(3pm) Conversion routines for DEC_MCS.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_AT_DE(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_AT_DE.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_AT_DE_A(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_AT_DE_A.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_CA_FR(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_CA_FR.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_DK_NO(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_DK_NO.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_DK_NO_A(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_DK_NO_A.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_ES(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_ES.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_ES_A(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_ES_A.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_ES_S(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_ES_S.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_FI_SE(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_FI_SE.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_FI_SE_A(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_FI_SE_A.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_FR(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_FR.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_IS_FRISS(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_IS_FRISS.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_IT(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_IT.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_PT(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_PT.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_UK(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_UK.
Locale::RecodeData::EBCDIC_US(3pm) Conversion routines for EBCDIC_US.
Locale::RecodeData::ECMA_CYRILLIC(3pm) Conversion routines for ECMA_CYRILLIC.
Locale::RecodeData::GEORGIAN_ACADEMY(3pm) Conversion routines for GEORGIAN-ACADEMY.
Locale::RecodeData::GEORGIAN_PS(3pm) Conversion routines for GEORGIAN-PS.
Locale::RecodeData::GOST_19768_74(3pm) Conversion routines for GOST_19768_74.
Locale::RecodeData::GREEK7(3pm) Conversion routines for GREEK7.
Locale::RecodeData::GREEK7_OLD(3pm) Conversion routines for GREEK7_OLD.
Locale::RecodeData::GREEK_CCITT(3pm) Conversion routines for GREEK_CCITT.
Locale::RecodeData::HP_ROMAN8(3pm) Conversion routines for HP_ROMAN8.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM037(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM037.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM038(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM038.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM1004(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM1004.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM1026(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM1026.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM1047(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM1047.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM256(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM256.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM273(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM273.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM274(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM274.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM275(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM275.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM277(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM277.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM278(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM278.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM280(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM280.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM281(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM281.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM284(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM284.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM285(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM285.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM290(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM290.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM297(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM297.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM420(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM420.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM423(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM423.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM424(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM424.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM437(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM437.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM500(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM500.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM850(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM850.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM851(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM851.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM852(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM852.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM855(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM855.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM857(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM857.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM860(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM860.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM861(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM861.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM862(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM862.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM863(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM863.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM864(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM864.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM865(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM865.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM866(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM866.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM868(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM868.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM869(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM869.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM870(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM870.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM871(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM871.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM874(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM874.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM875(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM875.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM880(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM880.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM891(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM891.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM903(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM903.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM904(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM904.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM905(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM905.
Locale::RecodeData::IBM918(3pm) Conversion routines for IBM918.
Locale::RecodeData::IEC_P27_1(3pm) Conversion routines for IEC_P27_1.
Locale::RecodeData::INIS(3pm) Conversion routines for INIS.
Locale::RecodeData::INIS_8(3pm) Conversion routines for INIS_8.
Locale::RecodeData::INIS_CYRILLIC(3pm) Conversion routines for INIS_CYRILLIC.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_10367_BOX(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO_10367_BOX.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_2033_1983(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO_2033_1983.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_5427(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO_5427.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_5427_EXT(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO_5427_EXT.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_5428(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO_5428.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_1(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-1.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_10(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-10.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_11(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-11.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_13(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-13.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_14(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-14.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_15(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-15.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_16(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-16.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_2(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-2.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_3(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-3.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_4(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-4.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_5(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-5.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_6(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-6.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_7(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-7.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_8(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-8.
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_9(3pm) Conversion routines for ISO-8859-9.
Locale::RecodeData::KOI8_R(3pm) Conversion routines for KOI8-R.
Locale::RecodeData::KOI8_RU(3pm) Conversion routines for KOI8-RU.
Locale::RecodeData::KOI8_T(3pm) Conversion routines for KOI8-T.
Locale::RecodeData::KOI8_U(3pm) Conversion routines for KOI8-U.
Locale::RecodeData::KOI_8(3pm) Conversion routines for KOI-8.
Locale::RecodeData::LATIN_GREEK(3pm) Conversion routines for LATIN_GREEK.
Locale::RecodeData::LATIN_GREEK_1(3pm) Conversion routines for LATIN_GREEK_1.
Locale::RecodeData::MAC_IS(3pm) Conversion routines for MAC-IS.
Locale::RecodeData::MAC_SAMI(3pm) Conversion routines for MAC-SAMI.
Locale::RecodeData::MAC_UK(3pm) Conversion routines for MAC-UK.
Locale::RecodeData::MACARABIC(3pm) Conversion routines for MACARABIC.
Locale::RecodeData::MACCROATIAN(3pm) Conversion routines for MACCROATIAN.
Locale::RecodeData::MACCYRILLIC(3pm) Conversion routines for MACCYRILLIC.
Locale::RecodeData::MACGREEK(3pm) Conversion routines for MACGREEK.
Locale::RecodeData::MACHEBREW(3pm) Conversion routines for MACHEBREW.
Locale::RecodeData::MACICELAND(3pm) Conversion routines for MACICELAND.
Locale::RecodeData::MACINTOSH(3pm) Conversion routines for MACINTOSH.
Locale::RecodeData::MACROMANIA(3pm) Conversion routines for MACROMANIA.
Locale::RecodeData::MACTHAI(3pm) Conversion routines for MACTHAI.
Locale::RecodeData::MACTURKISH(3pm) Conversion routines for MACTURKISH.
Locale::RecodeData::MACUKRAINE(3pm) Conversion routines for MACUKRAINE.
Locale::RecodeData::NATS_DANO(3pm) Conversion routines for NATS_DANO.
Locale::RecodeData::NATS_SEFI(3pm) Conversion routines for NATS_SEFI.
Locale::RecodeData::NEXTSTEP(3pm) Conversion routines for NEXTSTEP.
Locale::RecodeData::SAMI_WS2(3pm) Conversion routines for SAMI_WS2.
Locale::RecodeData::TIS_620(3pm) Conversion routines for TIS-620.
Locale::RecodeData::US_ASCII(3pm) Conversion routines for US-ASCII.
Locale::RecodeData::UTF_8(3pm) Conversion routines for UTF-8.
Locale::RecodeData::VISCII(3pm) Conversion routines for VISCII.
Locale::TextDomain(3pm) Perl Interface to Uniforum Message Translation.
Locale::Util(3pm) Portable l10n and i10n functions.
Log::Dispatch::Message::Passing(3pm) Log events to Message::Passing.
Log::Log4perl(3pm) Log4j implementation for Perl.
Log::Log4perl::Appender(3pm) Log appender class.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Buffer(3pm) Buffering Appender.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::DBI(3pm) Implements appending to a DB.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::File(3pm) Log to file.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Limit(3pm) Limit message delivery via block period.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::RRDs(3pm) Log to a RRDtool Archive.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Screen(3pm) Log to STDOUT/STDERR.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::ScreenColoredLevels(3pm) Colorize messages according to level.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Socket(3pm) Log to a socket.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::String(3pm) Append to a string.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::Synchronized(3pm) Synchronizing other appenders.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestArrayBuffer(3pm) Subclass of Appender::TestBuffer.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestBuffer(3pm) Appender class for testing.
Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestFileCreeper(3pm) Intentionally slow test appender.
Log::Log4perl::Catalyst(3pm) Log::Log4perl Catalyst Module.
Log::Log4perl::Config(3pm) Log4perl configuration file syntax.
Log::Log4perl::Config::BaseConfigurator(3pm) Configurator Base Class.
Log::Log4perl::Config::DOMConfigurator(3pm) Reads xml config files.
Log::Log4perl::Config::PropertyConfigurator(3pm) Reads properties file.
Log::Log4perl::Config::Watch(3pm) Detect file changes.
Log::Log4perl::DateFormat(3pm) Log4perl advanced date formatter helper class.
Log::Log4perl::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions on Log::Log4perl.
Log::Log4perl::Filter(3pm) Log4perl Custom Filter Base Class.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::Boolean(3pm) Special filter to combine the results of others.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::LevelMatch(3pm) Filter to match the log level exactly.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::LevelRange(3pm) Filter for a range of log levels.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::MDC(3pm) Filter to match on values of a MDC key.
Log::Log4perl::Filter::StringMatch(3pm) Filter on log message string.
Log::Log4perl::InternalDebug(3pm) Dark Magic to enable _INTERNAL_DEBUG.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap(3pm) Maps java log4j appenders to Log::Dispatch classes.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::ConsoleAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::Screen.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::FileAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::File.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::JDBCAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Log4perl::Appender::DBI.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::NTEventLogAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::Win32EventLog.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::RollingFileAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::FileRotate.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::SyslogAppender(3pm) Wraps Log::Dispatch::Syslog.
Log::Log4perl::JavaMap::TestBuffer(3pm) Wraps Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestBuffer.
Log::Log4perl::Layout(3pm) Log4perl Layout Virtual Base Class.
Log::Log4perl::Layout::NoopLayout(3pm) Pass-thru Layout.
Log::Log4perl::Layout::PatternLayout(3pm) Pattern Layout.
Log::Log4perl::Layout::PatternLayout::Multiline(3pm) Multiline Pattern Layout.
Log::Log4perl::Layout::SimpleLayout(3pm) Simple Layout.
Log::Log4perl::Level(3pm) Predefined log levels.
Log::Log4perl::Logger(3pm) Main Logger Class.
Log::Log4perl::MDC(3pm) Mapped Diagnostic Context.
Log::Log4perl::NDC(3pm) Nested Diagnostic Context.
Log::Log4perl::Resurrector(3pm) Dark Magic to resurrect hidden L4p statements.
Log::Log4perl::Util(3pm) Internal utility functions.
Log::Log4perl::Util::Semaphore(3pm) Easy to use semaphores.
Log::Log4perl::Util::TimeTracker(3pm) Track time elapsed.
Lucy(3pm) Apache Lucy search engine library.
Lucy::Analysis::Analyzer(3pm) Tokenize/modify/filter text.
Lucy::Analysis::CaseFolder(3pm) Normalize case, facilitating case-insensitive search.
Lucy::Analysis::EasyAnalyzer(3pm) A simple analyzer chain.
Lucy::Analysis::Normalizer(3pm) Unicode normalization, case folding and accent stripping.
Lucy::Analysis::PolyAnalyzer(3pm) Multiple Analyzers in series.
Lucy::Analysis::RegexTokenizer(3pm) Split a string into tokens.
Lucy::Analysis::SnowballStemmer(3pm) Reduce related words to a shared root.
Lucy::Analysis::SnowballStopFilter(3pm) Suppress a "stoplist" of common words.
Lucy::Analysis::StandardTokenizer(3pm) Split a string into tokens.
Lucy::Docs::Cookbook(3pm) Apache Lucy recipes.
Lucy::Docs::Cookbook::CustomQuery(3pm) Sample subclass of Query.
Lucy::Docs::Cookbook::CustomQueryParser(3pm) Sample subclass of QueryParser.
Lucy::Docs::Cookbook::FastUpdates(3pm) Near real-time index updates.
Lucy::Docs::DevGuide(3pm) Quick-start guide to hacking on Apache Lucy.
Lucy::Docs::DocIDs(3pm) Characteristics of Apache Lucy document ids.
Lucy::Docs::FileFormat(3pm) Overview of index file format.
Lucy::Docs::FileLocking(3pm) Manage indexes on shared volumes.
Lucy::Docs::IRTheory(3pm) Crash course in information retrieval.
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial(3pm) Step-by-step introduction to Apache Lucy.
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::Analysis(3pm) How to choose and use Analyzers.
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::BeyondSimple(3pm) A more flexible app structure.
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::FieldType(3pm) Specify per-field properties and behaviors.
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::Highlighter(3pm) Augment search results with highlighted excerpts.
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::QueryObjects(3pm) Use Query objects instead of query strings.
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::Simple(3pm) Bare-bones search app.
Lucy::Document::Doc(3pm) A document.
Lucy::Document::HitDoc(3pm) A document read from an index.
Lucy::Highlight::Highlighter(3pm) Create and highlight excerpts.
Lucy::Index::BackgroundMerger(3pm) Consolidate index segments in the background.
Lucy::Index::DataReader(3pm) Abstract base class for reading index data.
Lucy::Index::DataWriter(3pm) Write data to an index.
Lucy::Index::DeletionsWriter(3pm) Abstract base class for marking documents as deleted.
Lucy::Index::DocReader(3pm) Retrieve stored documents.
Lucy::Index::Indexer(3pm) Build inverted indexes.
Lucy::Index::IndexManager(3pm) Policies governing index updating, locking, and file deletion.
Lucy::Index::IndexReader(3pm) Read from an inverted index.
Lucy::Index::Lexicon(3pm) Iterator for a field's terms.
Lucy::Index::LexiconReader(3pm) Read Lexicon data.
Lucy::Index::PolyReader(3pm) Multi-segment implementation of IndexReader.
Lucy::Index::PostingList(3pm) Term-Document pairings.
Lucy::Index::PostingListReader(3pm) Read postings data.
Lucy::Index::Segment(3pm) Warehouse for information about one segment of an inverted index.
Lucy::Index::SegReader(3pm) Single-segment IndexReader.
Lucy::Index::SegWriter(3pm) Write one segment of an index.
Lucy::Index::Similarity(3pm) Judge how well a document matches a query.
Lucy::Index::Snapshot(3pm) Point-in-time index file list.
Lucy::Object::BitVector(3pm) An array of bits.
Lucy::Object::Err(3pm) Exception.
Lucy::Object::Obj(3pm) Base class for all Lucy objects.
Lucy::Plan::Architecture(3pm) Configure major components of an index.
Lucy::Plan::BlobType(3pm) Default behaviors for binary fields.
Lucy::Plan::FieldType(3pm) Define a field's behavior.
Lucy::Plan::FullTextType(3pm) Full-text search field type.
Lucy::Plan::Schema(3pm) User-created specification for an inverted index.
Lucy::Plan::StringType(3pm) Non-tokenized text type.
Lucy::Search::ANDQuery(3pm) Intersect multiple result sets.
Lucy::Search::Collector(3pm) Process hits.
Lucy::Search::Collector::BitCollector(3pm) Collector which records doc nums in a BitVector.
Lucy::Search::Compiler(3pm) Query-to-Matcher compiler.
Lucy::Search::Hits(3pm) Access search results.
Lucy::Search::IndexSearcher(3pm) Execute searches against a single index.
Lucy::Search::LeafQuery(3pm) Leaf node in a tree created by QueryParser.
Lucy::Search::MatchAllQuery(3pm) Query which matches all documents.
Lucy::Search::Matcher(3pm) Match a set of document ids.
Lucy::Search::NoMatchQuery(3pm) Query which matches no documents.
Lucy::Search::NOTQuery(3pm) Invert the result set of another Query.
Lucy::Search::ORQuery(3pm) Union multiple result sets.
Lucy::Search::PhraseQuery(3pm) Query matching an ordered list of terms.
Lucy::Search::PolyQuery(3pm) Base class for composite Query objects.
Lucy::Search::PolySearcher(3pm) Aggregate results from multiple Searchers.
Lucy::Search::Query(3pm) A specification for a search query.
Lucy::Search::QueryParser(3pm) Transform a string into a Query object.
Lucy::Search::RangeQuery(3pm) Match a range of values.
Lucy::Search::RequiredOptionalQuery(3pm) Join results for two Queries, one required, one optional.
Lucy::Search::Searcher(3pm) Base class for searching collections of documents.
Lucy::Search::SortRule(3pm) Element of a SortSpec.
Lucy::Search::SortSpec(3pm) Specify a custom sort order for search results.
Lucy::Search::Span(3pm) An offset, a length, and a weight.
Lucy::Search::TermQuery(3pm) Query which matches individual terms.
Lucy::Simple(3pm) Basic search engine.
Lucy::Store::Folder(3pm) Abstract class representing a directory.
Lucy::Store::FSFolder(3pm) File System implementation of Folder.
Lucy::Store::Lock(3pm) Abstract class representing an interprocess mutex lock.
Lucy::Store::LockErr(3pm) Lock exception.
Lucy::Store::LockFactory(3pm) Create Locks.
Lucy::Store::RAMFolder(3pm) In-memory Folder implementation.
LucyX::Index::ByteBufDocReader(3pm) Read a Doc as a fixed-width byte array.
LucyX::Index::ByteBufDocWriter(3pm) Write a Doc as a fixed-width byte array.
LucyX::Index::LongFieldSim(3pm) Similarity optimized for long fields.
LucyX::Index::ZlibDocReader(3pm) Compressed doc storage.
LucyX::Index::ZlibDocWriter(3pm) Compressed doc storage.
LucyX::Remote::ClusterSearcher(3pm) Search multiple remote indexes.
LucyX::Remote::SearchServer(3pm) Make a Searcher remotely accessible.
LucyX::Search::Filter(3pm) Build a caching filter based on results of a Query.
LucyX::Search::MockMatcher(3pm) Matcher with arbitrary docs and scores.
LucyX::Search::ProximityQuery(3pm) Query matching an ordered list of terms.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2(3pm) Make requests to OAuth2 APIs.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2::AccessToken(3pm) Access tokens for OAuth 2.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2::AccessToken::Bearer(3pm) Bearer access tokens for OAuth 2.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2::Overview(3pm) Overview of accessing OAuth2 APIs with LWP::Authen::OAuth2.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2::ServiceProvider(3pm) Understand OAuth2 Service Providers.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2::ServiceProvider::Dwolla(3pm) Access Dwolla API v2.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2::ServiceProvider::Google(3pm) Access Google OAuth2 APIs.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2::ServiceProvider::Line(3pm) Access Line OAuth2 API v2.
LWP::Authen::OAuth2::ServiceProvider::Strava(3pm) Access Strava API v3 OAuth2 APIs.
LWP::Protocol::https(3pm) Provide https support for LWP::UserAgent.
Mail::IMAPClient(3pm) An IMAP Client API.
Mail::IMAPClient::BodyStructure(3pm) Parse fetched results.
Mail::IMAPClient::BodyStructure::Parse(3pm) Used internally by Mail::IMAPClient::BodyStructure.
Mail::IMAPClient::MessageSet(3pm) Ranges of message sequence numbers.
Mail::IMAPClient::Thread(3pm) Used internally by Mail::IMAPClient->thread.
Mail::SPF_XS(3pm) An XS implementation of Mail::SPF.
Makefile::DOM(3pm) Simple DOM parser for Makefiles.
MARC::Batch(3pm) Perl module for handling files of MARC::Record objects.
MARC::Doc::Tutorial(3pm) A documentation-only module for new users of MARC::Record.
MARC::Field(3pm) Perl extension for handling MARC fields.
MARC::File(3pm) Base class for files of MARC records.
MARC::File::Encode(3pm) Encode wrapper for MARC::Record.
MARC::File::MicroLIF(3pm) MicroLIF-specific file handling.
MARC::File::USMARC(3pm) USMARC-specific file handling.
MARC::Lint(3pm) Perl extension for checking validity of MARC records.
MARC::Record(3pm) Perl extension for handling MARC records.
marcdump(1p) MARC record dump utility.
marclint(1p) MARC record linting utility.
Marpa::R2(3pm) Release 2 of Marpa.
Marpa::R2::Acknowledgements(3pm) Marpa acknowledgements.
Marpa::R2::Advanced::Bibliography(3pm) A Marpa bibliography.
Marpa::R2::Advanced::Models(3pm) Other input models.
Marpa::R2::Advanced::Thin(3pm) Direct access to Libmarpa.
Marpa::R2::Changes(3pm) Differences between Marpa::R2 and Marpa::XS.
Marpa::R2::HTML(3pm) High-level HTML Parser.
Marpa::R2::NAIF(3pm) Marpa named argument interface (NAIF).
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Grammar(3pm) NAIF grammars.
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Progress(3pm) Progress reports for the NAIF.
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Recognizer(3pm) NAIF recognizers.
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Semantics(3pm) How the NAIF evaluates parses.
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Semantics::Infinite(3pm) How the NAIF deals with infinite ambiguity.
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Semantics::Null(3pm) How the NAIF evaluates null rules and symbols.
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Semantics::Order(3pm) How the NAIF ranks ambiguous parses.
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Semantics::Phases(3pm) Details of NAIF parse evaluation.
Marpa::R2::NAIF::Tracing(3pm) Tracing a NAIF grammar.
Marpa::R2::Progress(3pm) Progress reports on your parse.
Marpa::R2::Semantics(3pm) How the SLIF evaluates parses.
Marpa::R2::Semantics::Null(3pm) How the SLIF evaluates null rules and symbols.
Marpa::R2::Semantics::Order(3pm) How the SLIF ranks ambiguous parses.
Marpa::R2::Semantics::Phases(3pm) Phases of SLIF parse evaluation.
Marpa::R2::Support(3pm) Support, and how to report bugs.
Marpa::R2::Tracing(3pm) Tracing your grammar.
Marpa::R2::Vocabulary(3pm) Standard parsing terms as used within Marpa.
match::simple::XS(3pm) XS backend for match::simple.
Math::BaseCalc(3pm) Convert numbers between various bases.
Math::BigFloat(3pm) Arbitrary size floating point math package.
Math::BigInt(3pm) Arbitrary size integer/float math package.
Math::BigInt::Calc(3pm) Pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt.
Math::BigInt::CalcEmu(3pm) Emulate low-level math with BigInt code.
Math::BigInt::GMP(3pm) Backend library for Math::BigInt etc. based on GMP.
Math::BigInt::Lib(3pm) Virtual parent class for Math::BigInt libraries.
Math::Clipper(3pm) Polygon clipping in 2D.
Math::ConvexHull::MonotoneChain(3pm) Andrew's monotone chain algorithm for finding a convex hull in 2D.
Math::GSL(3pm) Perl interface to the GNU Scientific Library (GSL).
Math::GSL::BLAS(3pm) Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms.
Math::GSL::BSpline(3pm) Functions for the computation of smoothing basis splines.
Math::GSL::CBLAS(3pm) Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms based on C functions.
Math::GSL::CDF(3pm) Cumulative Distribution Functions.
Math::GSL::Chebyshev(3pm) Univariate Chebyshev Series Approximation.
Math::GSL::Combination(3pm) Combinations.
Math::GSL::Complex(3pm) Complex Numbers.
Math::GSL::Const(3pm) Constants.
Math::GSL::Deriv(3pm) Numerical Derivatives.
Math::GSL::DHT(3pm) Discrete Hankel Transforms.
Math::GSL::Diff(3pm) Numerical differentiation routines.
Math::GSL::Eigen(3pm) Functions for computing eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices.
Math::GSL::Errno(3pm) Error Handling.
Math::GSL::FFT(3pm) Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT).
Math::GSL::Fit(3pm) Least-squares functions for a general linear model with one- or two-parameter regression.
Math::GSL::Heapsort(3pm) Functions for sorting data, both directly and indirectly (using an index).
Math::GSL::Histogram(3pm) Create and manipulate histograms of data.
Math::GSL::Histogram2D(3pm) Create and manipulate histograms of data in 2 dimensions.
Math::GSL::IEEEUtils(3pm) IEEE Utility Functions.
Math::GSL::Integration(3pm) Routines for performing numerical integration (quadrature) of a function in one.
Math::GSL::Interp(3pm) Interpolation.
Math::GSL::Linalg(3pm) Functions for solving linear systems.
Math::GSL::Machine(3pm) Machine constants.
Math::GSL::Matrix(3pm) Mathematical functions concerning Matrices.
Math::GSL::MatrixComplex(3pm) Complex Matrices.
Math::GSL::Min(3pm) 1-D Minimization.
Math::GSL::Monte(3pm) Multidimensional Monte Carlo integration.
Math::GSL::Multifit(3pm) Least-squares functions for a general linear model with multiple parameters.
Math::GSL::Multilarge(3pm) Least-squares functions for a general linear model with multiple parameters.
Math::GSL::Multimin(3pm) Routines for finding minima of arbitrary multidimensional functions.
Math::GSL::Multiroots(3pm) Multidimensional root-finding.
Math::GSL::NTuple(3pm) Functions for creating and manipulating ntuples, sets of values.
Math::GSL::ODEIV(3pm) Functions for solving ordinary differential equation (ODE) initial value problems.
Math::GSL::Permutation(3pm) Functions for creating and manipulating permutations.
Math::GSL::Poly(3pm) Solve and evaluate polynomials.
Math::GSL::PowInt(3pm) Integer Power functions.
Math::GSL::QRNG(3pm) Quasi-random number generators.
Math::GSL::Randist(3pm) Probability Distributions.
Math::GSL::RNG(3pm) Random Number Generators.
Math::GSL::Roots(3pm) Find roots of arbitrary 1-D functions.
Math::GSL::SF(3pm) Special Functions.
Math::GSL::Siman(3pm) Simulated Annealing.
Math::GSL::Sort(3pm) Functions for sorting data.
Math::GSL::Spline(3pm) Splines.
Math::GSL::Statistics(3pm) Statistical functions.
Math::GSL::Sum(3pm) Sum series with the Levin u-transform.
Math::GSL::Sys(3pm) Misc Math Functions.
Math::GSL::Test(3pm) Assertions and such.
Math::GSL::Vector(3pm) Functions concerning vectors.
Math::GSL::VectorComplex(3pm) Complex Vectors.
Math::GSL::Wavelet(3pm) 1-D (Real) Wavelets.
Math::GSL::Wavelet2D(3pm) 2-D Wavelets.
Math::Int64(3pm) Manipulate 64 bits integers in Perl.
Math::Int64::die_on_overflow(3pm) Catch overflows when using Math::Int64.
Math::Int64::native_if_available(3pm) Use the native Perl 64-bit integer implementation when available.
Math::Libm(3pm) Perl extension for the C math library, libm.
Math::Random(3pm) Random Number Generators.
Math::Random::ISAAC::XS(3pm) C implementation of the ISAAC PRNG algorithm.
Math::Random::MT(3pm) The Mersenne Twister PRNG.
Math::Random::TT800(3pm) Matsumoto's TT800 Pseudorandom number generator.
Math::TamuAnova(3pm) Perl extension for the tamuanova library.
Math::UInt64(3pm) Manipulate 64 bit unsigned integers from Perl.
Math::Vector::Real::XS(3pm) Real vector arithmetic in fast XS. Converts a Mauve alignment into Murasaki anchor format. Converts a Mauve alignment into Murasaki anchor format based on gapped alignment data. Converts mbgd cluster files to kog files.
MDOM::Assignment(3pm) DOM Assignment Node for Makefiles.
MDOM::Command(3pm) DOM Command Node for Makefiles.
MDOM::Directive(3pm) DOM Directive Node for Makefiles.
MDOM::Document::Gmake(3pm) Represents a GNU makefile for Makefile::DOM.
MDOM::Dumper(3pm) Dumping of MDOM trees.
MDOM::Element(3pm) The abstract Element class, a base for all source objects.
MDOM::Node(3pm) Abstract MDOM Node class, an Element that can contain other Elements.
MDOM::Rule(3pm) DOM Rule Abstract Node for Makefiles.
MDOM::Rule::Simple(3pm) DOM simple rule node for Makefiles.
MDOM::Rule::StaticPattern(3pm) DOM static pattern rule node for Makefiles.
MDOM::Token(3pm) A single token of Makefile source code.
MDOM::Token::Bare(3pm) A Bare Token node for Makefile DOM.
MDOM::Token::Comment(3pm) A comment in Makefile source code.
MDOM::Token::Interpolation(3pm) A Interpolation Token node for Makefile DOM.
MDOM::Token::Modifier(3pm) A Modifier Token node for Makefile DOM.
MDOM::Token::Separator(3pm) Makefile separators like colons and leading tabs.
MDOM::Token::Whitespace(3pm) Tokens representing ordinary white space.
MDOM::Unknown(3pm) DOM Unknown Node for Makefiles.
MDOM::Util(3pm) Utilities methods for Makefile::DOM.
Memcached::libmemcached(3pm) Thin fast full interface to the libmemcached client API.
Memcached::libmemcached::API(3pm) Private volitile module.
Memcached::libmemcached::constants(3pm) Document list of constants defined by libmemcached.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_analyze(3pm) Analyze server information.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_behavior(3pm) Manipulate behavior.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_callback(3pm) Get and set a callback.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_delete(3pm) Delete a key.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_dump(3pm) Get a list of keys found on memcached servers.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_flush(3pm) Wipe contents of memcached servers.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_flush_buffers(3pm) Flush buffers and send buffered commands.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_generate_hash_value(3pm) Hash a key value.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_get(3pm) Get a.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_pool(3pm) Manage pools.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_quit(3pm) Disconnect from all servers.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_set(3pm) Store value on server.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_stats(3pm) Get memcached.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_strerror(3pm) Get error string.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_user_data(3pm) Manage user specific data.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_verbosity(3pm) Modifiy verbosity of servers.
Memcached::libmemcached::memcached_version(3pm) Get library version.
message-pass(1p) Command line Message::Passing runner script.
Message::Passing(3pm) A simple way of doing messaging.
Message::Passing::AMQP(3pm) Input and output message-pass messages via AMQP.
Message::Passing::AMQP::ConnectionManager(3pm) Implements the Message::Passing::Role::HasAConnection interface.
Message::Passing::AMQP::Role::DeclaresExchange(3pm) Role for instances which have an AMQP exchange.
Message::Passing::AMQP::Role::DeclaresQueue(3pm) Role for instances which have an AMQP queue.
Message::Passing::AMQP::Role::HasAChannel(3pm) Role for instances which have an AMQP channel.
Message::Passing::AMQP::Role::HasAConnection(3pm) Implements the Message::Passing::Role::HasAConnection.
Message::Passing::DSL(3pm) An easy way to make chains of Message::Passing components.
Message::Passing::DSL::Factory(3pm) Build a set of chains using symbolic names.
Message::Passing::Exception(3pm) Base role for Message::Passing exceptions.
Message::Passing::Exception::ConnectionDisconnected(3pm) A connection disconnected.
Message::Passing::Exception::ConnectionTimeout(3pm) A connection timed out.
Message::Passing::Exception::Decoding(3pm) An issue when decoding data.
Message::Passing::Exception::Encoding(3pm) An issue when encoding data.
Message::Passing::Filter::All(3pm) Filter all messages out.
Message::Passing::Filter::Decoder::Bzip2(3pm) Use Compress:Bzip2 to encrypt messages.
Message::Passing::Filter::Decoder::Crypt::CBC(3pm) Use Crypt::CBC to decrypt messages.
Message::Passing::Filter::Decoder::Gzip(3pm) Decompresses messages with Compress::Zlib.
Message::Passing::Filter::Delay(3pm) Delay messages for some time.
Message::Passing::Filter::Encoder::Bzip2(3pm) Use Compress:Bzip2 to encrypt messages.
Message::Passing::Filter::Encoder::Crypt::CBC(3pm) Use Crypt::CBC to encrypt messages.
Message::Passing::Filter::Encoder::Gzip(3pm) Compresses messages with Compress::Zlib.
Message::Passing::Filter::Encoder::JSON(3pm) Encodes data structures as JSON for output.
Message::Passing::Filter::Key(3pm) Filter a subset of messages out.
Message::Passing::Filter::Mangle(3pm) Filter and/or mangle messages the way you want.
Message::Passing::Filter::Null(3pm) Filter no messages out.
Message::Passing::Filter::T(3pm) Send a message stream to multiple outputs.
Message::Passing::Input::AMQP(3pm) Input logstash messages from AMQP.
Message::Passing::Input::FileTail(3pm) File tailing input.
Message::Passing::Input::Null(3pm) Null input.
Message::Passing::Input::Socket::UDP(3pm) UDP input.
Message::Passing::Input::STDIN(3pm) STDIN input.
Message::Passing::Input::ZeroMQ(3pm) Input messages from ZeroMQ.
Message::Passing::Manual(3pm) Table of contents for Message::Passing documentation.
Message::Passing::Manual::Components(3pm) Writing inputs, outputs and filters.
Message::Passing::Manual::Concepts(3pm) The concepts behind the framework.
Message::Passing::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) Common recipies.
Message::Passing::Output::AMQP(3pm) Output messages to AMQP.
Message::Passing::Output::Callback(3pm) Output to call back into your code.
Message::Passing::Output::File(3pm) File output.
Message::Passing::Output::IO::Handle(3pm) Output to an IO handle.
Message::Passing::Output::Null(3pm) /dev/null for messages.
Message::Passing::Output::STDERR(3pm) STDOUT output.
Message::Passing::Output::STDOUT(3pm) STDOUT output.
Message::Passing::Output::Test(3pm) Output for use in unit tests.
Message::Passing::Output::ZeroMQ(3pm) Output messages to ZeroMQ.
Message::Passing::Role::CLIComponent(3pm) Package::Variant providing 'foo' and 'foo_options' attributes.
Message::Passing::Role::ConnectionManager(3pm) A simple manager for inputs and outputs that need to make network.
Message::Passing::Role::Crypt::CBC(3pm) Common attributes for encoding or decoding encrypted messages.
Message::Passing::Role::Filter(3pm) Simple abstraction for filtering messages.
Message::Passing::Role::HasAConnection(3pm) Role for components which have a connection.
Message::Passing::Role::HasErrorChain(3pm) A role for components which can report errors.
Message::Passing::Role::HasUsernameAndPassword(3pm) Common username and password attributes.
Message::Passing::Role::Output(3pm) Consumes messages.
Message::Passing::Role::Script(3pm) Handy role for building messaging scripts.
Message::Passing::ZeroMQ(3pm) Input and output messages to ZeroMQ.
Message::Passing::ZeroMQ::Role::HasAContext(3pm) Components with a ZeroMQ context consume this role.
Message::Passing::ZeroMQ::Role::HasASocket(3pm) Role for instances which have a ZeroMQ socket.
metabase-profile(1p) Create a metabase profile.
Metabase::Fact(3pm) Base class for Metabase Facts.
Metabase::Fact::Hash(3pm) Fact subtype for simple hashes.
Metabase::Fact::String(3pm) Fact subtype for simple strings.
Metabase::Report(3pm) A base class for collections of Metabase facts.
Metabase::Resource(3pm) Factory class for Metabase resource descriptors.
Metabase::Resource::cpan(3pm) Class for Metabase resources.
Metabase::Resource::cpan::distfile(3pm) Class for Metabase resources.
Metabase::Resource::metabase(3pm) Class for Metabase resources.
Metabase::Resource::metabase::fact(3pm) Class for Metabase facts.
Metabase::Resource::metabase::user(3pm) Class for Metabase user profiles.
Metabase::Resource::perl(3pm) Class for Metabase resources under the perl scheme.
Metabase::Resource::perl::commit(3pm) Class for Metabase resources about perl commits.
Metabase::User::EmailAddress(3pm) Metabase fact for user email address.
Metabase::User::FullName(3pm) Metabase fact for user full name.
Metabase::User::Profile(3pm) Metabase report class for user-related facts.
Metabase::User::Secret(3pm) Metabase fact for user shared authentication secret.
migrate-ebs-image(1p) Copy an EBS-backed Amazon Image from one region to another.
MIME::Explode(3pm) Perl extension for explode MIME messages.
Minion(3pm) Job queue.
Minion::Backend(3pm) Backend base class.
Minion::Backend::Pg(3pm) PostgreSQL backend.
Minion::Command::minion(3pm) Minion command.
Minion::Command::minion::job(3pm) Minion job command.
Minion::Command::minion::worker(3pm) Minion worker command.
Minion::Job(3pm) Minion job.
Minion::Worker(3pm) Minion worker.
modemtest(1p) Tool to examining your modem through Perl's Device::SerialPort.
module-starter(1p) Creates a skeleton module distribution.
Module::Build::SDL(3pm) Module::Build subclass for building SDL apps/games [not stable yet].
Module::Install::Catalyst(3pm) Module::Install extension for Catalyst.
Module::Starter(3pm) A simple starter kit for any module.
Module::Starter::App(3pm) The code behind the command line program.
Module::Starter::BuilderSet(3pm) Determine builder metadata.
Module::Starter::Plugin::Template(3pm) Module starter with templates.
Module::Starter::Simple(3pm) A simple, comprehensive Module::Starter plugin.
Module::Util(3pm) Module name tools and transformations.
Mojolicious::Command::swagger2(3pm) Deprecated.
Mojolicious::Plugin::CGI(3pm) Run CGI script from Mojolicious.
Mojolicious::Plugin::Minion(3pm) Minion job queue plugin.
Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2(3pm) Deprecated.
MouseX::Types(3pm) Organize your Mouse types in libraries.
MouseX::Types::Moose(3pm) MouseX::Types::Mouse plus drop-in compatibility with Any::Moose.
MouseX::Types::Mouse(3pm) Types shipped with Mouse.
Mozilla::LDAP::API(3pm) Perl methods for LDAP C API calls.
Mozilla::LDAP::Conn(3pm) Object Oriented API for the LDAP SDK.
Mozilla::LDAP::Entry(3pm) Object class to hold one LDAP entry.
Mozilla::LDAP::LDIF(3pm) Read or write LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format).
Mozilla::LDAP::Utils(3pm) Collection of useful little utilities. Builds a kog-set based only on gene "names".
NanoMsg::Raw(3pm) Low-level interface to the nanomsg scalability protocols library.
NanoMsg::Raw::Message(3pm) Message buffer for NanoMsg::Raw.
Net::ARP(3pm) Perl extension for creating ARP packets.
Net::DBus(3pm) Perl extension for the DBus message system.
Net::DBus::Annotation(3pm) Annotations for changing behaviour of APIs.
Net::DBus::ASyncReply(3pm) Asynchronous method reply handler.
Net::DBus::BaseObject(3pm) Base class for exporting objects to the bus.
Net::DBus::Binding::Bus(3pm) Handle to a well-known message bus instance.
Net::DBus::Binding::Connection(3pm) A connection between client and server.
Net::DBus::Binding::Introspector(3pm) Handler for object introspection data.
Net::DBus::Binding::Iterator(3pm) Reading and writing message parameters.
Net::DBus::Binding::Message(3pm) Base class for messages.
Net::DBus::Binding::Message::Error(3pm) A message encoding a method call error.
Net::DBus::Binding::Message::MethodCall(3pm) A message encoding a method call.
Net::DBus::Binding::Message::MethodReturn(3pm) A message encoding a method return.
Net::DBus::Binding::Message::Signal(3pm) A message encoding a signal.
Net::DBus::Binding::PendingCall(3pm) A handler for pending method replies.
Net::DBus::Binding::Server(3pm) A server to accept incoming connections.
Net::DBus::Binding::Value(3pm) Strongly typed data value.
Net::DBus::Binding::Watch(3pm) Binding to the dbus watch API.
Net::DBus::Callback(3pm) A callback for receiving reactor events.
Net::DBus::Dumper(3pm) Stringify Net::DBus objects suitable for printing.
Net::DBus::Error(3pm) Error details for remote method invocation.
Net::DBus::Exporter(3pm) Export object methods and signals to the bus.
Net::DBus::GLib(3pm) Perl extension for the DBus GLib bindings.
Net::DBus::Object(3pm) Implement objects to export to the bus.
Net::DBus::ProxyObject(3pm) Implement objects to export to the bus.
Net::DBus::Reactor(3pm) Application event loop.
Net::DBus::RemoteObject(3pm) Access objects provided on the bus.
Net::DBus::RemoteService(3pm) Access services provided on the bus.
Net::DBus::Service(3pm) Provide a service to the bus for clients to use.
Net::DBus::Test::MockConnection(3pm) Fake a connection to the bus unit testing.
Net::DBus::Test::MockIterator(3pm) Iterator over a mock message.
Net::DBus::Test::MockMessage(3pm) Fake a message object when unit testing.
Net::DBus::Test::MockObject(3pm) Fake an object from the bus for unit testing.
Net::DBus::Tutorial(3pm) Tutorials on the Perl DBus APIs.
Net::DBus::Tutorial::ExportingObjects(3pm) Tutorials on providing a DBus service.
Net::DBus::Tutorial::UsingObjects(3pm) Tutorial on accessing a DBus service.
Net::DNS(3pm) Perl Interface to the Domain Name System.
Net::DNS::Domain(3pm) DNS domains.
Net::DNS::DomainName(3pm) DNS name representation.
Net::DNS::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Net::DNS Questions.
Net::DNS::Header(3pm) DNS packet header.
Net::DNS::Mailbox(3pm) DNS mailbox representation.
Net::DNS::Nameserver(3pm) DNS server class.
Net::DNS::Packet(3pm) DNS protocol packet.
Net::DNS::Parameters(3pm) DNS parameter assignments.
Net::DNS::Question(3pm) DNS question record.
Net::DNS::Resolver(3pm) DNS resolver class.
Net::DNS::Resolver::android(3pm) Android resolver class.
Net::DNS::Resolver::Base(3pm) DNS resolver base class.
Net::DNS::Resolver::cygwin(3pm) Cygwin resolver class.
Net::DNS::Resolver::MSWin32(3pm) MS Windows resolver class.
Net::DNS::Resolver::os2(3pm) OS2 resolver class.
Net::DNS::Resolver::os390(3pm) IBM OS/390 resolver class.
Net::DNS::Resolver::Recurse(3pm) DNS recursive resolver.
Net::DNS::Resolver::UNIX(3pm) Unix resolver class.
Net::DNS::RR(3pm) DNS resource record base class.
Net::DNS::RR::A(3pm) DNS A resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::AAAA(3pm) DNS AAAA resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::AFSDB(3pm) DNS AFSDB resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::APL(3pm) DNS APL resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::CAA(3pm) DNS CAA resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::CDNSKEY(3pm) DNS CDNSKEY resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::CDS(3pm) DNS CDS resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::CERT(3pm) DNS CERT resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::CNAME(3pm) DNS CNAME resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::CSYNC(3pm) DNS CSYNC resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::DHCID(3pm) DNS DHCID resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::DLV(3pm) DNS DLV resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::DNAME(3pm) DNS DNAME resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::DNSKEY(3pm) DNS DNSKEY resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::DS(3pm) DNS DS resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::EUI48(3pm) DNS EUI48 resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::EUI64(3pm) DNS EUI64 resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::GPOS(3pm) DNS GPOS resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::HINFO(3pm) DNS HINFO resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::HIP(3pm) DNS HIP resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::IPSECKEY(3pm) DNS IPSECKEY resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::ISDN(3pm) DNS ISDN resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::KEY(3pm) DNS KEY resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::KX(3pm) DNS KX resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::L32(3pm) DNS L32 resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::L64(3pm) DNS L64 resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::LOC(3pm) DNS LOC resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::LP(3pm) DNS LP resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::MB(3pm) DNS MB resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::MG(3pm) DNS MG resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::MINFO(3pm) DNS MINFO resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::MR(3pm) DNS MR resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::MX(3pm) DNS MX resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NAPTR(3pm) DNS NAPTR resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NID(3pm) DNS NID resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NS(3pm) DNS NS resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC(3pm) DNS NSEC resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC3(3pm) DNS NSEC3 resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NSEC3PARAM(3pm) DNS NSEC3PARAM resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::NULL(3pm) DNS NULL resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::OPENPGPKEY(3pm) DNS OPENPGPKEY resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::OPT(3pm) DNS OPT resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::PTR(3pm) DNS PTR resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::PX(3pm) DNS PX resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::RP(3pm) DNS RP resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::RRSIG(3pm) DNS RRSIG resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::RT(3pm) DNS RT resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::SIG(3pm) DNS SIG resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::SMIMEA(3pm) DNS SMIMEA resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::SOA(3pm) DNS SOA resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::SPF(3pm) DNS SPF resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::SRV(3pm) DNS SRV resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::SSHFP(3pm) DNS SSHFP resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::TKEY(3pm) DNS TKEY resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::TLSA(3pm) DNS TLSA resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::TSIG(3pm) DNS TSIG resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::TXT(3pm) DNS TXT resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::URI(3pm) DNS URI resource record.
Net::DNS::RR::X25(3pm) DNS X25 resource record.
Net::DNS::Text(3pm) DNS text representation.
Net::DNS::Update(3pm) DNS dynamic update packet.
Net::DNS::ZoneFile(3pm) DNS zone file.
Net::FreeDB(3pm) Perl interface to freedb server(s).
Net::IDN::Encode(3pm) Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA).
Net::IDN::Overview(3pm) Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA).
Net::IDN::Punycode(3pm) A Bootstring encoding of Unicode for IDNA (RFC 3492).
Net::IDN::Punycode::PP(3pm) Pure-perl implementation of Net::IDN::Punycode.
Net::IDN::UTS46(3pm) Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing (UTS #46).
Net::IDN::UTS46::_Mapping(3pm) Tables from Unicode Technical Standard #46 (UTS #46).
Net::Interface(3pm) Perl extension to access network interfaces.
Net::Interface::Developer(3pm) Api, notes, hints.
Net::Interface::NetSymbols(3pm) AF_ PF_ IFxxx type symbols.
Net::Jabber::Loudmouth(3pm) Perl interface for the loudmouth jabber library.
Net::Jabber::Loudmouth::Connection(3pm) Jabber connection.
Net::Jabber::Loudmouth::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Net::Jabber::Loudmouth::Message(3pm) Jabber message.
Net::Jabber::Loudmouth::MessageHandler(3pm) Jabber message handler.
Net::Jabber::Loudmouth::MessageNode(3pm) Jabber message node.
Net::Jabber::Loudmouth::Proxy(3pm) Jabber proxy.
Net::Jabber::Loudmouth::SSL(3pm) SSL handling for Net::Jabber::Loudmouth.
Net::LDNS(3pm) DNS-talking module based on the ldns C library.
Net::LDNS::Packet(3pm) Objects representing DNS packets.
Net::LDNS::RR(3pm) Common baseclass for all classes representing resource records.
Net::LDNS::RR::A(3pm) Type A record.
Net::LDNS::RR::A6(3pm) Type A6 record.
Net::LDNS::RR::AAAA(3pm) Type AAAA record.
Net::LDNS::RR::AFSDB(3pm) Type AFSDB record.
Net::LDNS::RR::APL(3pm) Type APL record.
Net::LDNS::RR::ATMA(3pm) Type ATMA record.
Net::LDNS::RR::CAA(3pm) Type CAA record.
Net::LDNS::RR::CDS(3pm) Type CDS record.
Net::LDNS::RR::CERT(3pm) Type CERT record.
Net::LDNS::RR::CNAME(3pm) Type CNAME record.
Net::LDNS::RR::DHCID(3pm) Type DHCID record.
Net::LDNS::RR::DLV(3pm) Type DLV record.
Net::LDNS::RR::DNAME(3pm) Type DNAME record.
Net::LDNS::RR::DNSKEY(3pm) Type DNSKEY record.
Net::LDNS::RR::DS(3pm) Type DS record.
Net::LDNS::RR::EID(3pm) Type EID record.
Net::LDNS::RR::EUI48(3pm) Type EUI48 record.
Net::LDNS::RR::EUI64(3pm) Type EUI64 record.
Net::LDNS::RR::GID(3pm) Type GID record.
Net::LDNS::RR::GPOS(3pm) Type GPOS record.
Net::LDNS::RR::HINFO(3pm) Type HINFO record.
Net::LDNS::RR::HIP(3pm) Type HIP record.
Net::LDNS::RR::IPSECKEY(3pm) Type IPSECKEY record.
Net::LDNS::RR::ISDN(3pm) Type ISDN record.
Net::LDNS::RR::KEY(3pm) Type KEY record.
Net::LDNS::RR::KX(3pm) Type KX record.
Net::LDNS::RR::L32(3pm) Type L32 record.
Net::LDNS::RR::L64(3pm) Type L64 record.
Net::LDNS::RR::LOC(3pm) Type LOC record.
Net::LDNS::RR::LP(3pm) Type LP record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MAILA(3pm) Type MAILA record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MAILB(3pm) Type MAILB record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MB(3pm) Type MB record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MD(3pm) Type MD record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MF(3pm) Type MF record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MG(3pm) Type MG record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MINFO(3pm) Type MINFO record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MR(3pm) Type MR record.
Net::LDNS::RR::MX(3pm) Type MX record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NAPTR(3pm) Type NAPTR record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NID(3pm) Type NID record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NIMLOC(3pm) Type NIMLOC record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NINFO(3pm) Type NINFO record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NS(3pm) Type NS record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NSAP(3pm) Type NSAP record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NSEC(3pm) Type NSEC record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NSEC3(3pm) Type NSEC3 record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NSEC3PARAM(3pm) Type NSEC3PARAM record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NULL(3pm) Type NULL record.
Net::LDNS::RR::NXT(3pm) Type NXT record.
Net::LDNS::RR::PTR(3pm) Type PTR record.
Net::LDNS::RR::PX(3pm) Type PX record.
Net::LDNS::RR::RKEY(3pm) Type RKEY record.
Net::LDNS::RR::RP(3pm) Type RP record.
Net::LDNS::RR::RRSIG(3pm) Type RRSIG record.
Net::LDNS::RR::RT(3pm) Type RT record.
Net::LDNS::RR::SIG(3pm) Type SIG record.
Net::LDNS::RR::SINK(3pm) Type SINK record.
Net::LDNS::RR::SOA(3pm) Type SOA record.
Net::LDNS::RR::SPF(3pm) Type SPF record.
Net::LDNS::RR::SRV(3pm) Type SRV record.
Net::LDNS::RR::SSHFP(3pm) Type SSHFP record.
Net::LDNS::RR::TA(3pm) Type TA record.
Net::LDNS::RR::TALINK(3pm) Type TALINK record.
Net::LDNS::RR::TKEY(3pm) Type TKEY record.
Net::LDNS::RR::TLSA(3pm) Type TLSA record.
Net::LDNS::RR::TXT(3pm) Type TXT record.
Net::LDNS::RR::TYPE(3pm) Type TYPE record.
Net::LDNS::RR::UID(3pm) Type UID record.
Net::LDNS::RR::UINFO(3pm) Type UINFO record.
Net::LDNS::RR::UNSPEC(3pm) Type UNSPEC record.
Net::LDNS::RR::URI(3pm) Type URI record.
Net::LDNS::RR::WKS(3pm) Type WKS record.
Net::LDNS::RR::X25(3pm) Type X25 record.
Net::LDNS::RRList(3pm) Common baseclass for all classes representing resource records.
Net::Libdnet(3pm) Binding for Dug Song's libdnet.
Net::Libdnet::Arp(3pm) High level API to access libdnet arp_* functions.
Net::Libdnet::Entry::Intf(3pm) Intf Entry object.
Net::Libdnet::Eth(3pm) High level API to access libdnet eth_* functions.
Net::Libdnet::Fw(3pm) High level API to access libdnet fw_* functions.
Net::Libdnet::Intf(3pm) High level API to access libdnet intf_* functions.
Net::Libdnet::Ip(3pm) High level API to access libdnet ip_* functions.
Net::Libdnet::Route(3pm) High level API to access libdnet route_* functions.
Net::Libdnet::Tun(3pm) High level API to access libdnet tun_* functions.
Net::LibIDN(3pm) Perl bindings for GNU Libidn.
Net::Nessus::XMLRPC(3pm) Communicate with Nessus scanner(v4.2+) via XMLRPC.
Net::NIS(3pm) Interface to Sun's Network Information Service.
Net::NISTable(3pm) Object Interface to Sun's Network Information Service.
Net::Nslookup(3pm) Provide nslookup(1)-like capabilities.
Net::Oping(3pm) ICMP latency measurement module using the oping library.
Net::Patricia(3pm) Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups.
Net::Pcap(3pm) Interface to the pcap(3) LBL packet capture library.
Net::RawIP(3pm) Perl extension to manipulate raw IP packets with interface to libpcap.
Net::RawIP::libpcap(3pm) An interface to libpcap in Net::RawIP(3pm).
Net::SNMP(3pm) Object oriented interface to SNMP.
Net::Telnet::Cisco(3pm) Interact with a Cisco router.
Net::Z3950::GRS1(3pm) Perl package used to encode GRS-1 records.
Net::Z3950::SimpleServer(3pm) Simple Perl API for building Z39.50 servers.
Net::Z3950::ZOOM(3pm) Perl extension for invoking the ZOOM-C API.
NetAddr::IP(3pm) Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets.
NetAddr::IP::Lite(3pm) Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets.
NKF(3pm) Perl extension for Network Kanji Filter.
noannounce.conf(5) List of events that have been marked to not be announced via OSD.
nytprofcalls(1p) Experimental.
nytprofcg(1p) Convert an NYTProf profile into Callgrind format.
nytprofcsv(1p) (DEPRECATED) Devel::NYTProf::Reader CSV format implementation.
nytprofhtml(1p) Generate reports from Devel::NYTProf data.
nytprofmerge(1p) Reads multiple NYTProf profiles and outputs a merged one.
nytprofpf(1p) Generate a report for plat_forms () from Devel::NYTProf data.
Ogg::Vorbis::Decoder(3pm) An object-oriented Ogg Vorbis to decoder.
OIS(3pm) Perl binding for the OIS C++ input framework.
OpenGL(3pm) V0.70.
OpenGL::XScreenSaver(3pm) Prepare environment for writing OpenGL-based XScreenSaver hacks.
OSSP::uuid(3pm) OSSP uuid Perl Binding. Overlay a couple of images, offsetting the hue in each.
Package::Stash::XS(3pm) Faster and more correct implementation of the Package::Stash API.
Pango(3pm) Layout and render international text.
Pango::AttrBackground(3pm) Pango background color attribute.
Pango::AttrColor(3pm) Pango color attribute.
Pango::AttrFallback(3pm) Pango fallback attribute.
Pango::AttrFamily(3pm) Pango attribute family.
Pango::AttrFontDesc(3pm) Pango description of a font.
Pango::AttrForeground(3pm) Pango foreground attribute.
Pango::AttrGravity(3pm) Pango gravity attribute.
Pango::AttrGravityHint(3pm) Pango gravity hint attribute.
Pango::Attribute(3pm) Pango base class for attributes.
Pango::AttrInt(3pm) Structure used to represent attributes with an integer value.
Pango::AttrIterator(3pm) Used to represent iterators through Pango::AttrLists.
Pango::AttrLanguage(3pm) Used to represent attributes that are languages.
Pango::AttrLetterSpacing(3pm) Pango letter spacing attribute.
Pango::AttrList(3pm) Holds attributes that apply to a section of text.
Pango::AttrRise(3pm) Pango baseline displacement attribute.
Pango::AttrScale(3pm) Pango font size scale attribute.
Pango::AttrShape(3pm) Pango shape attribute.
Pango::AttrSize(3pm) Pango font-size attribute.
Pango::AttrStretch(3pm) Pango font stretch attribute.
Pango::AttrStrikethrough(3pm) Pango strike-through attribute.
Pango::AttrStrikethroughColor(3pm) Pango color strikethrough color attribute.
Pango::AttrString(3pm) Used to represent attributes with a string value.
Pango::AttrStyle(3pm) Pango font slant style attribute.
Pango::AttrUnderline(3pm) Pango underline style attribute.
Pango::AttrUnderlineColor(3pm) Pango underline color attribute.
Pango::AttrVariant(3pm) Pango font variant attribute.
Pango::AttrWeight(3pm) Pango font weight attribute.
Pango::Cairo(3pm) Pango rendering with the Cairo backend.
Pango::Cairo::Context(3pm) Using Cairo contexts with pango.
Pango::Cairo::Font(3pm) Pango using cairo fonts for rendering.
Pango::Cairo::FontMap(3pm) Pango font maps with Cairo.
Pango::Color(3pm) An object to represent a color for Pango.
Pango::Context(3pm) Pango object that stores global information used to control the itemization process.
Pango::Font(3pm) A rendering-system independent font representation.
Pango::FontDescription(3pm) Pango object to represent a description of a font.
Pango::FontFace(3pm) Object for Pango representing a group of fonts varying only in size.
Pango::FontFamily(3pm) Pango object representing a family of related font faces.
Pango::FontMap(3pm) An object that represents the set of fonts available for a particular rendering system.
Pango::FontMetrics(3pm) Object for Pango containing overall metric information for a font.
Pango::Fontset(3pm) Object containing a set of Pango::Font objects.
Pango::Gravity(3pm) Represents the orientation of glyphs in a segment of text.
Pango::index(3pm) API Reference Pod Index.
Pango::Language(3pm) An object that represents a language tag.
Pango::Layout(3pm) An object representing a paragraph of text with attributes.
Pango::LayoutIter(3pm) An object used to iterate over the visual extents of a Pango::Layout.
Pango::LayoutLine(3pm) A line in a Pango::Layout.
Pango::Matrix(3pm) A structure specifying a transformation between user-space coordinates and device coordinates.
Pango::Renderer(3pm) A base class for pango rendering.
Pango::Script(3pm) Identifies different writing systems.
Pango::ScriptIter(3pm) Used to break a string of Unicode into runs by text.
Pango::TabArray(3pm) An object containing an array of tab stops.
Pango::version(3pm) Get and check the version of Pango that this was compiled against.
PAR(3pm) Perl Archive Toolkit.
PAR::Environment(3pm) Index and reference of PAR environment variables.
PAR::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about PAR.
PAR::Heavy(3pm) PAR guts.
PAR::SetupProgname(3pm) Setup $ENV{PAR_PROGNAME}.
PAR::SetupTemp(3pm) Setup $ENV{PAR_TEMP}.
PAR::Tutorial(3pm) Cross-Platform Packaging and Deployment with PAR.
Params::Util(3pm) Simple, compact and correct param-checking functions.
Params::Validate(3pm) Validate method/function parameters.
Parse::ExuberantCTags(3pm) Efficiently parse exuberant ctags files.
Parse::Keyword(3pm) DEPRECATED: write syntax extensions in perl.
Parse::Yapp(3pm) Perl extension for generating and using LALR parsers.
Parser::MGC(3pm) Build simple recursive-descent parsers.
Parser::MGC::Examples::EvaluateExpression(3pm) An example parser to evaluate simple numerical expressions.
pcapinfo(1p) Prints detailed information about the network devices.
PDL(3pm) The Perl Data Language.
pdl2(1p) Simple shell (version 2) for PDL.
PDL::API(1p) Making piddles from Perl and C/XS code.
PDL::AutoLoader(3pm) MatLab style AutoLoader for PDL.
PDL::Bad(3pm) PDL does process bad values.
PDL::BadValues(1p) Discussion of bad value support in PDL.
PDL::Bugs(1p) How to diagnose and report PDL problems.
PDL::CallExt(3pm) Call functions in external shared libraries.
PDL::Complex(3pm) Handle complex numbers.
PDL::Compression(3pm) Compression utilities.
PDL::Core(3pm) Fundamental PDL functionality and vectorization/threading.
PDL::Course(1p) A journey through PDL's documentation, from beginner to advanced.
PDL::Dbg(3pm) Functions to support debugging of PDL scripts.
PDL::Delta(1p) PDL changes between V1.0 and V2.0.
PDL::Dev(3pm) PDL development module.
PDL::Doc(3pm) Support for PDL online documentation.
PDL::Doc::Perldl(3pm) Commands for accessing PDL doc database from 'perldl' shell.
PDL::Exporter(3pm) PDL export control.
PDL::FAQ(1p) Frequently asked questions about PDL.
PDL::FFT(3pm) FFTs for PDL.
PDL::Fit::Gaussian(3pm) Routines for fitting gaussians.
PDL::Func(3pm) Interpolation, integration, & gradient estimation (differentiation) of functions.
PDL::GIS::Proj(3pm) PDL interface to the Proj4 projection library.
PDL::Graphics2D(3pm) An object oriented interface to PDL graphics.
PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot(3pm) Gnuplot-based plotting for PDL.
PDL::Graphics::IIS(3pm) Display PDL images on IIS devices (saoimage/ximtool).
PDL::Graphics::Limits(3pm) Derive limits for display purposes.
PDL::Graphics::LUT(3pm) Provides access to a number of look-up tables.
PDL::Graphics::OpenGL::Perl::OpenGL(3pm) PDL TriD OpenGL interface using POGL.
PDL::Graphics::OpenGLQ(3pm) Quick routines to plot lots of stuff from piddles.
PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT(3pm) PGPLOT enhanced interface for PDL.
PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT::Window(3pm) A OO interface to PGPLOT windows.
PDL::Graphics::PGPLOTOptions(3pm) Setting PGPLOT options.
PDL::Graphics::TriD::ButtonControl(3pm) Default event handler subroutines.
PDL::Graphics::TriD::Contours(3pm) 3D Surface contours for TriD.
PDL::Graphics::TriD::Objects(3pm) Simple Graph Objects for TriD.
PDL::Graphics::TriD::Rout(3pm) Helper routines for Three-dimensional graphics.
PDL::GSL::CDF(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Cumulative Distribution Functions.
PDL::GSL::DIFF(3pm) PDL interface to numerical differentiation routines in GSL.
PDL::GSL::INTEG(3pm) PDL interface to numerical integration routines in GSL.
PDL::GSL::INTERP(3pm) PDL interface to Interpolation routines in GSL.
PDL::GSL::MROOT(3pm) PDL interface to multidimensional root-finding routines in GSL.
PDL::GSL::RNG(3pm) PDL interface to RNG and randist routines in GSL.
PDL::GSLSF::AIRY(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::BESSEL(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::CLAUSEN(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::COULOMB(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::COUPLING(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::DAWSON(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::DEBYE(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::DILOG(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::ELEMENTARY(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::ELLINT(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::ELLJAC(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::ERF(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::EXP(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::EXPINT(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::FERMI_DIRAC(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::GAMMA(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::GEGENBAUER(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::HYPERG(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::LAGUERRE(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::LEGENDRE(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::LOG(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::POLY(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::POW_INT(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::PSI(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::SYNCHROTRON(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::TRANSPORT(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::TRIG(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::GSLSF::ZETA(3pm) PDL interface to GSL Special Functions.
PDL::Image2D(3pm) Miscellaneous 2D image processing functions.
PDL::ImageND(3pm) Useful image processing in N dimensions.
PDL::Indexing(1p) Introduction to indexing and slicing piddles.
PDL::Internals(1p) Description of some aspects of the current internals.
PDL::IO(3pm) An overview of the modules in the PDL::IO namespace.
PDL::IO::Dicom(3pm) A module for reading DICOM images.
PDL::IO::GD(3pm) Interface to the GD image library.
PDL::IO::HDF(3pm) A PDL interface to the HDF4 library.
PDL::IO::HDF5(3pm) PDL Interface to the HDF5 Data Format.
PDL::IO::HDF5::Dataset(3pm) PDL::IO::HDF5 Helper Object representing HDF5 datasets.
PDL::IO::HDF5::Group(3pm) PDL::IO::HDF5 Helper Object representing HDF5 groups.
PDL::IO::HDF5::tkview(3pm) View HDF5 files using perl/tk and PDL::IO::HDF5 modules.
PDL::IO::HDF::SD(3pm) PDL interface to the HDF4 SD library.
PDL::IO::HDF::VS(3pm) An interface library for HDF4 files.
PDL::IO::Misc(3pm) Misc IO routines for PDL.
PDL::IO::Storable(3pm) Helper functions to make PDL usable with Storable.
PDL::Linear(3pm) Linear filtering for PDL.
PDL::LinearAlgebra(3pm) Linear Algebra utils for PDL.
PDL::LinearAlgebra::Complex(3pm) PDL interface to the lapack linear algebra programming library (complex number).
PDL::LinearAlgebra::Real(3pm) PDL interface to the real lapack linear algebra programming library.
PDL::LinearAlgebra::Special(3pm) Special matrices for PDL.
PDL::LinearAlgebra::Trans(3pm) Linear Algebra based transcendental functions for PDL.
PDL::Linfit(3pm) Routines for fitting data with linear combinations of functions.
PDL::LinPred(3pm) Linear predictive filtering.
PDL::Lite(3pm) Minimum PDL module OO loader.
PDL::LiteF(3pm) Minimum PDL module function loader.
PDL::Lvalue(3pm) Declare PDL lvalue subs.
PDL::Math(3pm) Extended mathematical operations and special functions.
PDL::MATLAB(1p) A guide for MATLAB users.
PDL::Modules(1p) A guide to PDL's module reference.
PDL::NetCDF(3pm) Object-oriented interface between NetCDF files and PDL objects.
PDL::NiceSlice(3pm) Toward a nicer slicing syntax for PDL.
PDL::Ops(3pm) Fundamental mathematical operators.
PDL::Options(3pm) Simplifies option passing by hash in PerlDL.
PDL::ParallelCPU(1p) Parallel Processor MultiThreading Support in PDL (Experimental).
PDL::pdl2(3pm) Simple shell (version 2) for PDL.
PDL::Perldl2::CleanErrors(3pm) Filter out Moose cruft.
PDL::Perldl2::NiceSlice(3pm) Enable PDL NiceSlice syntax.
PDL::Perldl2::PDLCommands(3pm) Implement perldl aliases/escapes.
PDL::Perldl2::Perldl2(3pm) Profile for Perldl2 shell.
PDL::Perldl2::PrintControl(3pm) Disable default print output.
PDL::Polynomial(3pm) Routines for fitting with polynomials.
PDL::PP(1p) Generate PDL routines from concise descriptions.
PDL::PP-Inline(1p) Write PDL Subroutines inline with PDL::PP.
PDL::PP::Signature(3pm) Internal module to handle signatures.
PDL::pptemplate(3pm) Script to generate Makefile.PL and PP file skeleton.
PDL::Prima(3pm) PDL demo for PDL::Graphics::Prima.
PDL::Primitive(3pm) Primitive operations for pdl.
PDL::QuickStart(1p) Quick introduction to PDL features.
PDL::Scilab(1p) A guide for Scilab users.
PDL::Slatec(3pm) PDL interface to the slatec numerical programming library.
PDL::State(3pm) A package to keep track of plotting commands.
PDL::Stats(3pm) A collection of statistics modules in Perl Data Language, with a quick-start guide for non-PDL.
PDL::Threading(1p) Tutorial for PDL's Threading feature.
PDL::Tips(1p) Small tidbits of useful arcana. Programming tidbits and such.
PDL::Transform(3pm) Coordinate transforms, image warping, and N-D functions.
PDL::Transform::Cartography(3pm) Useful cartographic projections.
PDL::Transform::Proj4(3pm) PDL::Transform interface to the Proj4 projection library.
PDL::Tutorials(1p) A guide to PDL's tutorial documentation.
PDL::Types(3pm) Define fundamental PDL Datatypes.
PDL::Ufunc(3pm) Primitive ufunc operations for pdl.
pdldoc(1p) Shell interface to PDL documentation.
Pdlpp(3pm) Write PDL Subroutines inline with PDL::PP.
perl-tk(3pm) ↣ Tk::UserGuide(3pm) Writing Tk applications in Perl 5.
Perl::Destruct::Level(3pm) Allow to change perl's destruction level.
Perlbal::XS::HTTPHeaders(3pm) Perlbal extension for processing HTTP headers.
perldl(1p) Simple shell for PDL (see also pdl2).
PerlIO::gzip(3pm) Perl extension to provide a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip.
PerlIO::Layers(3pm) Querying your filehandle's capabilities.
PerlX::Maybe::XS(3pm) XS backend for PerlX::Maybe.
Pg(3pm) Perl5 extension for PostgreSQL.
Pg::hstore(3pm) Perl extension for encoding/decoding postgresql's hstore data type.
pgbadger(1p) A fast PostgreSQL log analysis report.
pgperl(3) ↣ PGPLOT(3pm) Allow subroutines in the PGPLOT graphics library to be called from Perl.
PGPLOT(3pm) Allow subroutines in the PGPLOT graphics library to be called from Perl. Converts a PatternHunter alignment into Murasaki anchor format.
pkgkde-override-sc-dev-latest(1) Loosen kde-sc-dev-latest Break restrictions.
pm_which(1p) Find installed modules.
POD2::JA::Text::LineFold(3pm) プレインテキストの行折り.
POD2::JA::Unicode::GCString(3pm) UAX #29 書記素クラスタの列としての文字列.
POD2::JA::Unicode::LineBreak(3pm) UAX #14 Unicode 行分割アルゴリズム.
pod2readme(1p) Intelligently generate a README file from POD.
Pod::Readme(3pm) Intelligently generate a README file from POD.
Pod::Readme::Filter(3pm) Filter README from POD.
Pod::Readme::Plugin(3pm) Plugin role for Pod::Readme.
Pod::Readme::Plugin::changes(3pm) Include latest Changes in README.
Pod::Readme::Plugin::requires(3pm) Include requirements in README.
Pod::Readme::Plugin::version(3pm) Include version in README.
Pod::Readme::Types(3pm) Types used by Pod::Readme.
POE(3pm) Portable multitasking and networking framework for any event loop.
POE::Component(3pm) Event driven objects or subsystems.
POE::Component::Client::TCP(3pm) A simplified TCP client.
POE::Component::Server::TCP(3pm) A simplified TCP server.
POE::Driver(3pm) An abstract interface for buffered, non-blocking I/O.
POE::Driver::SysRW(3pm) Buffered, non-blocking I/O using sysread and syswrite.
POE::Filter(3pm) Protocol abstractions for POE::Wheel and standalone use.
POE::Filter::Block(3pm) Translate data between streams and blocks.
POE::Filter::Grep(3pm) Select or remove items based on simple rules.
POE::Filter::HTTPD(3pm) Parse simple HTTP requests, and serialize HTTP::Response.
POE::Filter::Line(3pm) Serialize and parse terminated records (lines).
POE::Filter::Map(3pm) Transform input and/or output within a filter stack.
POE::Filter::RecordBlock(3pm) Translate between discrete records and blocks of them.
POE::Filter::Reference(3pm) Freeze and thaw arbitrary Perl data.
POE::Filter::Stackable(3pm) Combine multiple POE::Filter objects.
POE::Filter::Stream(3pm) A no-op filter that passes data through unchanged.
POE::Kernel(3pm) An event-based application kernel in Perl.
POE::Loop(3pm) Documentation for POE's event loop bridge interface.
POE::Loop::IO_Poll(3pm) A bridge that allows POE to be driven by IO::Poll.
POE::Loop::PerlSignals(3pm) Common signal handling routines for POE::Loop bridges.
POE::Loop::Select(3pm) A bridge that allows POE to be driven by select(2).
POE::NFA(3pm) An event-driven state machine (nondeterministic finite automaton).
POE::Pipe(3pm) Deprecated and replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.
POE::Pipe::OneWay(3pm) Deprecated and replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.
POE::Pipe::TwoWay(3pm) Deprecated and replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.
POE::Queue(3pm) A flexible, generic priority queue API.
POE::Queue::Array(3pm) A high-performance array-based priority queue.
POE::Resource(3pm) Internal resource managers for POE::Kernel.
POE::Resource::Aliases(3pm) Internal session alias manager for POE::Kernel.
POE::Resource::Clock(3pm) Internal clock used for ordering the queue.
POE::Resource::Events(3pm) Internal event manager for POE::Kernel.
POE::Resource::Extrefs(3pm) Internal reference counts manager for POE::Kernel.
POE::Resource::FileHandles(3pm) Internal filehandle manager for POE::Kernel.
POE::Resource::Sessions(3pm) Internal session manager for POE::Kernel.
POE::Resource::SIDs(3pm) Internal session ID manager for POE::Kernel.
POE::Resource::Signals(3pm) Internal signal manager for POE::Kernel.
POE::Resources(3pm) Loader of POE resources.
POE::Session(3pm) A generic event-driven task.
POE::Test::Sequence(3pm) POE test helper to verify a sequence of events.
POE::Wheel(3pm) Event-driven mixins for POE::Session.
POE::Wheel::Curses(3pm) Non-blocking input for Curses.
POE::Wheel::FollowTail(3pm) Follow the tail of an ever-growing file.
POE::Wheel::ListenAccept(3pm) Accept connections from regular listening sockets.
POE::Wheel::ReadLine(3pm) Non-blocking Term::ReadLine for POE.
POE::Wheel::ReadWrite(3pm) Non-blocking buffered I/O mix-in for POE::Session.
POE::Wheel::Run(3pm) Portably run blocking code and programs in subprocesses.
POE::Wheel::SocketFactory(3pm) Non-blocking socket creation.
POSIX::AtFork(3pm) Hook registrations at fork(2).
POSIX::strptime(3pm) Perl extension to the POSIX date parsing strptime(3) function.
pptemplate(1p) Script to generate Makefile.PL and PP file skeleton.
Proc::Wait3(3pm) Perl extension for wait3 system call.
Proc::WaitStat(3pm) Interpret and act on wait() status values.
Quota(3pm) Perl interface to file system quotas.
razor-admin(1p) Razor Registering Agent.
razor-agent.conf(5) Configuration file for Razor Agents.
razor-agents(5) Collection of files for checking, reporting, and revoking spam.
razor-check(1p) Razor Filtering Agent.
razor-report(1p) Razor Reporting Agent.
razor-revoke(1p) Razor Revoking Agent.
razor-whitelist(5) Format for Vipul's Razor Whitelist.
Razor2::Errorhandler(3pm) Error handling mechanism for Razor.
Razor2::Preproc::deHTMLxs(3pm) Perl extension for libpreproc deHTMLxs code.
Readonly::XS(3pm) Companion module for, to speed up read-only scalar variables.
reflow(1p) Perl script for reflowing text files using Knuth's paragraphing algorithm. Computes ROC/sensitivity/specificity at various/all thresholds.
RRDTool::OO(3pm) Object-oriented interface to RRDTool.
RT::Extension::CommandByMail(3pm) Change ticket metadata via email.
RT::Interface::Email::Action::CommandByMail(3pm) Change metadata of ticket via email.
RT::Interface::Email::Filter::TakeAction(3pm) Change metadata of ticket via email.
Safe::Hole(3pm) Make a hole to the original main compartment in the Safe compartment.
Scalar::String(3pm) String aspects of scalars.
Scalar::Util::Numeric(3pm) Numeric tests for perl scalars.
scan_mojibake(1p) Scan Perl source and report bad character encoding.
SDL(3pm) Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl.
SDL::Audio(3pm) SDL Bindings for Audio.
SDL::Color(3pm) Format independent color description.
SDL::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for SDL.
SDL::Cookbook(3pm) SDL recipes.
SDL::Cookbook::OpenGL(3pm) Using SDL with OpenGL.
SDL::Credits(3pm) Authors and contributors of the SDL Perl project.
SDL::Cursor(3pm) Mouse cursor structure.
SDL::Deprecated(3pm) Log of Deprecated items per release.
SDL::Event(3pm) General event structure.
SDL::Events(3pm) Bindings to the Events Category in SDL API.
SDL::GFX::BlitFunc(3pm) Blitting functions.
SDL::GFX::FPSManager(3pm) Data structure used by SDL::GFX::Framerate.
SDL::GFX::Framerate(3pm) Framerate calculating functions.
SDL::GFX::ImageFilter(3pm) Image filtering functions.
SDL::GFX::Primitives(3pm) Basic drawing functions.
SDL::GFX::Rotozoom(3pm) Rotation and zooming functions for surfaces.
SDL::Image(3pm) Bindings for the SDL_Image library.
SDL::Mixer(3pm) Sound and music functions.
SDL::Mixer::Effects(3pm) Sound effect functions.
SDL::Mixer::Groups(3pm) Audio channel group functions.
SDL::Mixer::MixMusic(3pm) SDL Bindings for structure SDL_MixMusic.
SDL::Mixer::Music(3pm) Functions for music.
SDL::Mixer::Samples(3pm) Functions for loading sound samples.
SDL::Mouse(3pm) SDL Bindings for the Mouse device.
SDL::MPEG(3pm) A SDL perl extension.
SDL::MultiThread(3pm) Bindings to the MultiThread category in SDL API.
SDL::Overlay(3pm) YUV Video overlay.
SDL::Pango(3pm) Text rendering engine.
SDL::Pango::Context(3pm) Context object for SDL::Pango.
SDL::PixelFormat(3pm) Stores surface format information.
SDL::Platform(3pm) Platform Specific Information about SDL Perl.
SDL::Rect(3pm) Defines a rectangular area.
SDL::SMPEG(3pm) A SDL perl extension.
SDL::Surface(3pm) Graphic surface structure.
SDL::Time(3pm) An SDL Perl extension for managing timers.
SDL::TTF(3pm) True Type Font functions (libfreetype).
SDL::TTF::Font(3pm) Font object type for SDL_ttf.
SDL::Tutorial(3pm) Introduction to Perl SDL.
SDL::Tutorial::Animation(3pm) Creating animations with SDL.
SDL::Tutorial::LunarLander(3pm) A small tutorial on Perl SDL.
SDL::Version(3pm) SDL Bindings for structure SDL_Version.
SDL::Video(3pm) Bindings to the video category in SDL API.
SDL::VideoInfo(3pm) Video Target Information.
SDLx::App(3pm) A SDL perl extension.
SDLx::Controller(3pm) Handles the loops for events, movement and rendering.
SDLx::Controller::Interface(3pm) Interface Physics and Rendering with the Controller with callbacks.
SDLx::Controller::State(3pm) The state of a SDLx::Controller::Interface.
SDLx::FPS(3pm) A more convenient way to set a framerate.
SDLx::Layer(3pm) Storage object for surface and position information.
SDLx::LayerManager(3pm) Extension for managing layers in a 2D world.
SDLx::Music(3pm) A powerful, convenient interface to "SDL::Mixer::Music".
SDLx::Rect(3pm) SDL extension for storing and manipulating rectangular coordinates.
SDLx::SFont(3pm) Extension making fonts out of images and printing them.
SDLx::Sound(3pm) SDL sound extension.
SDLx::Sprite(3pm) Interact with images quick and easily in SDL.
SDLx::Sprite::Animated(3pm) Create animated SDL sprites easily!.
SDLx::Surface(3pm) Graphic surface matrix extension.
SDLx::Text(3pm) SDL extension for manipulating text.
Session::Token(3pm) Secure, efficient, simple random session token generation.
setPalette(3pm) ↣ Tk::palette(3pm) Modify the Tk color palette.
SGML::Parser::OpenSP(3pm) Parse SGML documents using OpenSP.
SGML::Parser::OpenSP::Tools(3pm) Tools to process OpenSP output.
shell-quote(1p) Quote arguments for safe use, unmodified in a shell command. Provides dotplot/chaos style plot of murasaki alignments.
sjaakii(6) Xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'SjaakII'.
snmpkey(1p) Create SNMPv3 security keys for the Net::SNMP module.
Socket6(3pm) IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure manipulators.
Socket::Linux(3pm) Socket constants defined in Linux.
Socket::MsgHdr(3pm) Sendmsg, recvmsg and ancillary data operations.
Socket::Multicast6(3pm) Constructors and constants for IPv4 and IPv6 multicast socket operations.
Store::Opaque(3pm) Opaque objects to prevent accidental Dumping or appearance in stack traces.
String::Compare::ConstantTime(3pm) Timing side-channel protected string compare.
String::ShellQuote(3pm) Quote strings for passing through the shell.
Sub::Name(3pm) (Re)name a sub.
Swagger2(3pm) Deprecated.
Swagger2::Client(3pm) Deprecated.
Swagger2::Editor(3pm) Deprecated.
Swagger2::POD(3pm) Deprecated.
Swagger2::SchemaValidator(3pm) Deprecated.
SWISH::API(3pm) Perl interface to the Swish-e C Library.
Sys::CPU(3pm) Perl extension for getting CPU information. Currently only number of CPU's supported.
Sys::CpuAffinity(3pm) Set CPU affinity for processes.
Sys::CpuLoad(3pm) A module to retrieve system load averages.
Sys::Gamin(3pm) Perl interface to Gamin (File Access Monitor implementation).
Sys::HostIP(3pm) Try extra hard to get IP address related info.
Sys::MemInfo(3pm) Query the total free and used physical memory.
Tangram(3pm) Store pure objects in standard relational databases.
Tangram::Complicity(3pm) How to make Tangram-friendly classes.
Tangram::Core(3pm) Import core Tangram modules.
Tangram::Cursor(3pm) Traverse a result set.
Tangram::Deploy(3pm) Obsolete.
Tangram::Driver::mysql(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Mysql databases.
Tangram::Driver::Oracle(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Oracle databases.
Tangram::Driver::Pg(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in PostgreSQL databases.
Tangram::Driver::SQLite(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in SQLite databases.
Tangram::Driver::Sybase(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Sybase databases.
Tangram::Expr(3pm) Represent expressions on database server side.
Tangram::Intro(3pm) An introduction to Tangram.
Tangram::Relational(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Relational Databases.
Tangram::Relational::Mappings(3pm) Mapping inheritance.
Tangram::Remote(3pm) Represent persistent objects in client space.
Tangram::Schema(3pm) Describe a system of persistent classes.
Tangram::Springfield(3pm) Classes and schema used in the Guided Tour.
Tangram::Storage(3pm) Persistent object database.
Tangram::Sucks(3pm) What there is to be improved in Tangram.
Tangram::Tour(3pm) Guided Tour.
Tangram::Type(3pm) Mapping individual fields.
Tangram::Type::Array::FromMany(3pm) Map Perl arrays using a link table.
Tangram::Type::Array::FromOne(3pm) Map Perl arrays using a foreign key.
Tangram::Type::Array::Scalar(3pm) Map Perl array of strings or numbers.
Tangram::Type::Dump(3pm) Handy functions for Pixie-like dumping of data.
Tangram::Type::Dump::Any(3pm) Intuitive DataBase InterFace.
Tangram::Type::Dump::Perl(3pm) Map any Perl object as scalar dump.
Tangram::Type::Dump::Storable(3pm) Map any Perl object as scalar dump via Storable.
Tangram::Type::Dump::YAML(3pm) Serialise fields of an object via YAML to a column.
Tangram::Type::Extending(3pm) Teaching Tangram about new types.
Tangram::Type::Hash::Scalar(3pm) Map Perl hash of scalar keys and values.
Tangram::Type::Ref::FromMany(3pm) Map references to persistent objects.
Tangram::Type::Scalar(3pm) Map scalar fields.
Tangram::Type::Set::FromMany(3pm) Maps Set::Object using a link table.
Tangram::Type::Set::FromOne(3pm) Map Set::Object using a foreign key.
Tangram::Type::TimeAndDate(3pm) Map date & time fields.
Tcl(3pm) Tcl extension module for Perl.
Term::ProgressBar(3pm) Provide a progress meter on a standard terminal.
Term::ReadKey(3pm) A perl module for simple terminal control.
Term::Size(3pm) Retrieve terminal size (Unix version).
Term::Size::Params(3pm) Parameters for Term::Size::Perl.
Term::Size::Perl(3pm) Perl extension for retrieving terminal size (Perl version).
Term::TermKey(3pm) Perl wrapper around "libtermkey".
Tessellation(3pm) Discussion of tessellation in POGL.
Test::Deep(3pm) Extremely flexible deep comparison.
Test::Deep::NoTest(3pm) Use Test::Deep outside of the testing framework.
Test::Dir(3pm) Test directory attributes.
Test::Dir::Base(3pm) Support functions for Test::Dir and Test::Folder.
Test::EOL(3pm) Check the correct line endings in your project.
Test::Expect(3pm) Automated driving and testing of terminal-based programs.
Test::File::ShareDir(3pm) Create a Fake ShareDir for your modules for testing.
Test::File::ShareDir::Dist(3pm) Simplified dist oriented ShareDir tester.
Test::File::ShareDir::Module(3pm) Simplified module oriented ShareDir tester.
Test::File::ShareDir::Object::Dist(3pm) Object Oriented ShareDir creation for distributions.
Test::File::ShareDir::Object::Inc(3pm) Shared tempdir object code to inject into @INC.
Test::File::ShareDir::Object::Module(3pm) Object Oriented ShareDir creation for modules.
Test::File::ShareDir::TempDirObject(3pm) Internal Object to make code simpler.
Test::File::ShareDir::Utils(3pm) Simple utilities for File::ShareDir testing.
Test::Folder(3pm) Test folder attributes.
Test::LeakTrace(3pm) Traces memory leaks.
Test::LWP::UserAgent(3pm) A LWP::UserAgent suitable for simulating and testing network calls.
Test::Manifest(3pm) Interact with a t/test_manifest file.
Test::Mock::Redis(3pm) Use in place of Redis for unit testing.
Test::Mojibake(3pm) Check your source for encoding misbehavior.
Test::NoBreakpoints(3pm) Test that files do not contain soft breakpoints.
Test::NoTabs(3pm) Check the presence of tabs in your project.
Test::Output(3pm) Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages.
Test::Regression(3pm) Test library that can be run in two modes; one to generate outputs and a second to compare.
Test::RequiresInternet(3pm) Easily test network connectivity.
Test::Script(3pm) Basic cross-platform tests for scripts.
Test::Taint(3pm) Tools to test taintedness.
Text::Aspell(3pm) Perl interface to the GNU Aspell library.
Text::Bidi(3pm) Unicode bidi algorithm using libfribidi.
Text::Bidi::Array(3pm) Base class for dual life arrays.
Text::Bidi::Array::Byte(3pm) Dual-life byte arrays.
Text::Bidi::Array::Long(3pm) Dual-life long arrays.
Text::Bidi::Constants(3pm) Constants for Text::Bidi.
Text::Bidi::Paragraph(3pm) Run the bidi algorithm on one paragraph.
Text::CharWidth(3pm) Get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal.
Text::ChaSen(3pm) ChaSen library module for perl.
Text::CSV(3pm) Comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl).
Text::CSV::Encoded(3pm) Encoding aware Text::CSV.
Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::Base(3pm) Interface for Text::CSV::Encoded coder base class.
Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::Encode(3pm) Text::CSV::Encoded coder class using Encode.
Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::EncodeGuess(3pm) Text::CSV::Encoded coder class using Encode::Guess.
Text::CSV_PP(3pm) Text::CSV_XS compatible pure-Perl module.
Text::Hunspell(3pm) Perl interface to the Hunspell library.
Text::Iconv(3pm) Perl interface to iconv() codeset conversion function.
Text::Kakasi(3pm) Perl frontend to kakasi.
Text::Kakasi::JP(3pm) Text::Kakasi ÆüËܸì¥É¥¥å¥á¥ó¥È.
Text::LevenshteinXS(3pm) An XS implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance.
Text::LineFold(3pm) Line Folding for Plain Text.
Text::MeCab(3pm) Alternate Interface To libmecab.
Text::MeCab::Dict(3pm) Utility To Work With MeCab Dictionary.
Text::MeCab::Node(3pm) MeCab Node Object.
Text::Metaphone(3pm) A modern soundex. Phonetic encoding of words.
Text::QRCode(3pm) Generate text base QR Code.
Text::Reflow(3pm) Perl module for reflowing text files using Knuth's paragraphing algorithm.
Text::Soundex(3pm) Implementation of the soundex algorithm.
Text::Unaccent(3pm) Remove accents from a string.
Thread::SigMask(3pm) Thread specific signal masks.
threads::shared::array(3pm) Default class for tie-ing arrays to threads with forks.
threads::shared::handle(3pm) Default class for tie-ing handles to threads with forks.
threads::shared::hash(3pm) Default class for tie-ing hashes to threads with forks.
threads::shared::scalar(3pm) Default class for tie-ing scalars to threads with forks.
Time::Moment(3pm) Represents a date and time of day with an offset from UTC.
Time::Moment::Adjusters(3pm) Adjusters for Time::Moment.
Time::Period(3pm) A Perl module to deal with time periods.
Time::Warp(3pm) Control over the flow of time.
Time::y2038(3pm) Versions of Perl's time functions which work beyond 2038.
Time::y2038::Everywhere(3pm) Use Time::y2038's gmtime and localtime everywhere.
timersdone.conf(5) List of current timers created by search timers.
Tk::804delta(3pm) What is new for perl/Tk 804.
Tk::Adjuster(3pm) Allow size of packed widgets to be adjusted by user.
Tk::after(3pm) Execute a command after a time delay.
Tk::Animation(3pm) Display sequence of Tk::Photo images.
Tk::Balloon(3pm) Pop up help balloons.
Tk::bind(3pm) Arrange for X events to invoke callbacks.
Tk::bindtags(3pm) Determine which bindings apply to a window, and order of evaluation.
Tk::Bitmap(3pm) Images that display two colors.
Tk::BrowseEntry(3pm) Entry widget with popup choices.
Tk::Button(3pm) Create and manipulate Button widgets.
Tk::callbacks(3pm) Specifying code for Tk to call.
Tk::Canvas(3pm) Create and manipulate Canvas widgets.
Tk::Checkbutton(3pm) Create and manipulate Checkbutton widgets.
Tk::chooseColor(3pm) Pops up a dialog box for the user to select a color.
Tk::chooseDirectory(3pm) Pops up a dialog box for the user to select a directory.
Tk::Clipboard(3pm) Manipulate Tk clipboard.
Tk::CmdLine(3pm) Process standard X11 command line options and set initial resources.
Tk::ColorEditor(3pm) A general purpose Tk widget Color Editor.
Tk::composite(3pm) Defining a new composite widget class.
Tk::Compound(3pm) Create multi-line compound images.
Tk::ConfigSpecs(3pm) Defining behaviour of 'configure' for composite widgets.
Tk::Derived(3pm) Base class for widgets derived from others.
Tk::Dialog(3pm) Create modal dialog and wait for a response.
Tk::DialogBox(3pm) Create and manipulate a dialog screen.
Tk::DirTree(3pm) Create and manipulate DirTree widgets.
Tk::DItem(3pm) Tix Display Items.
Tk::Entry(3pm) Create and manipulate Entry widgets.
Tk::Error(3pm) Method invoked to process background errors.
Tk::ErrorDialog(3pm) Method invoked to process background errors.
Tk::event(3pm) Miscellaneous event facilities: define virtual events and generate events.
Tk::Eventloop(3pm) ToolKit for Events.
Tk::exit(3pm) End the application.
Tk::FBox(3pm) A file dialog.
Tk::fileevent(3pm) Execute a callback when a filehandle becomes readable or writable.
Tk::FileSelect(3pm) A widget for choosing files.
Tk::focus(3pm) Manage the input focus.
Tk::Font(3pm) Create and inspect fonts.
Tk::FontDialog(3pm) A font dialog widget for perl/Tk.
Tk::form(3pm) Geometry manager based on attachment rules.
Tk::Frame(3pm) Create and manipulate Frame widgets.
Tk::getOpenFile(3pm) Pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
Tk::grab(3pm) Confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub-tree.
Tk::grid(3pm) Geometry manager that arranges widgets in a grid.
Tk::HList(3pm) Create and manipulate Tix Hierarchial List widgets.
Tk::IconList(3pm) An icon list widget.
Tk::Image(3pm) Create and manipulate images.
Tk::InputO(3pm) Create and manipulate TIX InputO widgets.
Tk::Internals(3pm) What is Perl Tk interface doing when you call Tk functions.
Tk::IO(3pm) High level interface to Tk's 'fileevent' mechanism.
Tk::Label(3pm) Create and manipulate Label widgets.
Tk::Labelframe(3pm) Create and manipulate Labelframe widgets.
Tk::LabFrame(3pm) Labeled frame.
Tk::Listbox(3pm) Create and manipulate Listbox widgets.
Tk::MainWindow(3pm) Root widget of a widget tree.
Tk::mega(3pm) Perl/Tk support for writing widgets in pure Perl.
Tk::Menu(3pm) Create and manipulate Menu widgets.
Tk::Menu::Item(3pm) Base class for Menu items.
Tk::Menubutton(3pm) Create and manipulate Menubutton widgets.
Tk::Message(3pm) Create and manipulate Message widgets.
Tk::messageBox(3pm) Pop up a message window and wait for user response.
Tk::MsgBox(3pm) Create and manipulate a message dialog.
Tk::Mwm(3pm) Communicate with the Motif(tm) window manager.
Tk::NoteBook(3pm) Display several windows in limited space with notebook metaphor.
Tk::option(3pm) Using the option database in Perl/Tk.
Tk::Optionmenu(3pm) Let the user select one of some predefined options values.
Tk::options(3pm) Standard options supported by widgets and their manipulation.
Tk::overview(3pm) An overview of an Object Oriented Tk8 extension for perl5.
Tk::pack(3pm) Geometry manager that packs around edges of cavity.
Tk::palette(3pm) Modify the Tk color palette.
Tk::Panedwindow(3pm) Create and manipulate Panedwindow widgets.
Tk::Photo(3pm) Full-color images.
Tk::Pixmap(3pm) Create color images from XPM files.
Tk::place(3pm) Geometry manager for fixed or rubber-sheet placement.
Tk::Popup(3pm) Popup dialog windows.
Tk::pTk(3pm) How to make your Tk source portable to other interpreted languages.
Tk::Radiobutton(3pm) Create and manipulate Radiobutton widgets.
Tk::ROText(3pm) 'readonly' perl/Tk Text widget.
Tk::Scale(3pm) Create and manipulate Scale widgets.
Tk::Scrollbar(3pm) Create and manipulate Scrollbar widgets.
Tk::Scrolled(3pm) Create a widget with attached scrollbar(s).
Tk::selection(3pm) Manipulate the X selection.
Tk::send(3pm) Execute a command in a different application.
Tk::Spinbox(3pm) Create and manipulate Spinbox widgets.
Tk::Submethods(3pm) Add aliases for tk sub-commands.
Tk::Table(3pm) Scrollable 2 dimensional table of Tk widgets.
Tk::TableMatrix(3pm) Create and manipulate tables.
Tk::Tcl-perl(3pm) Very old suspect documentation on porting.
Tk::Text(3pm) Create and manipulate Text widgets.
Tk::TextUndo(3pm) Perl/tk text widget with bindings to undo changes.
Tk::Tiler(3pm) Scrollable frame with sub-widgets arranged into rows.
Tk::TixGrid(3pm) Create and manipulate Tix Grid widgets.
Tk::tixWm(3pm) Tix's addition to the standard TK wm command.
Tk::tkvars(3pm) Variables used or set by Tk.
Tk::TList(3pm) Create and manipulate Tix Tabular List widgets.
Tk::Toplevel(3pm) Create and manipulate Toplevel widgets.
Tk::Tree(3pm) Create and manipulate Tree widgets.
Tk::UserGuide(3pm) Writing Tk applications in Perl 5.
Tk::Widget(3pm) Base class of all widgets.
Tk::WidgetDemo(3pm) Create a standard widget demonstration window.
Tk::widgets(3pm) Preload widget classes.
Tk::Wm(3pm) Communicate with window manager.
Tk::X(3pm) Perl extension for Xlib constants.
Tk::X11Font(3pm) A class for finding X Fonts.
Tk::Xrm(3pm) X Resource/Defaults/Options routines that obey the rules.
tm(1p) Topic Map client and work-bench.
TM(3pm) Topic Maps, Base Class.
TM::Analysis(3pm) Topic Maps, analysis functions.
TM::Axes(3pm) Topic Maps, Axes for TM::match*.
TM::Bulk(3pm) Topic Maps, Bulk Retrieval Trait.
TM::Coverage(3pm) Topic Maps, Code Coverage.
TM::CTM::Parser(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing maps in CTM format.
TM::DM(3pm) Topic Maps, read-only TMDM layer.
TM::FAQ(3pm) Topic Maps, Frequently Angering Quirks.
TM::Graph(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for graph-like operations.
TM::Index(3pm) Topic Maps, generic indexing support.
TM::Index::Characteristics(3pm) Topic Maps, Indexing support (match layer).
TM::Index::Match(3pm) Topic Maps, Indexing support (match layer).
TM::Index::Reified(3pm) Topic Maps, Indexing support (reification axis).
TM::Index::Taxonomy(3pm) Topic Maps, Indexing support (match layer).
TM::IndexAble(3pm) Topic Maps, Trait to provide lazy and eager indices.
TM::Literal(3pm) Topic Maps, simple values (literals).
TM::LTM::Parser(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing maps in LTM format.
TM::MapSphere(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for a hierarchical TM repository.
TM::Materialized::AsTMa(3pm) Topic Maps, Parsing of AsTMa instances.
TM::Materialized::CTM(3pm) Topic Maps, Parsing of CTM instances.
TM::Materialized::JTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for JSON Topic Map instances.
TM::Materialized::LTM(3pm) Topic Maps, Parsing of LTM instances.
TM::Materialized::MLDBM(3pm) Topic Maps, DBM Storage (asynchronous).
TM::Materialized::MLDBM2(3pm) Topic Maps, DBM Storage (synchronous).
TM::Materialized::Stream(3pm) Topic Maps, abstract class for maps with stream based input/output drivers.
TM::Materialized::XTM(3pm) Topic Maps, Parsing and dumping of XTM instances.
TM::ObjectAble(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for storing objects into backends.
TM::Overview(3pm) Topic Maps, Overview.
TM::PSI(3pm) Topic Maps, PSI (published subject identifiers).
TM::ResourceAble(3pm) Topic Maps, abstract trait for resource-backed Topic Maps.
TM::ResourceAble::MemCached(3pm) Topic Maps, Memcached server backend.
TM::ResourceAble::MLDBM(3pm) Topic Maps, DBM Storage (synchronous).
TM::Serializable(3pm) Topic Maps, abstract trait for stream (map) based input/output drivers.
TM::Serializable::AsTMa(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing AsTMa instances.
TM::Serializable::CSV(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing (and later dumping) CSV stream.
TM::Serializable::CTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing of CTM instances.
TM::Serializable::JTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for reading/writing JSON Topic Map instances.
TM::Serializable::LTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing of LTM instances.
TM::Serializable::XTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing and dumping XTM instances.
TM::Synchronizable(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for synchronizable resources.
TM::Synchronizable::MapSphere(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for a syncing a hierarchical TM repository.
TM::Synchronizable::MLDBM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for DBM Storage, synchronous.
TM::Tau(3pm) Topic Maps, Tau Expressions.
TM::Tau::Filter(3pm) Topic Maps, abstract filter class.
TM::Tau::Filter::Analyze(3pm) Topic Maps, Analysis Filter.
TM::Tree(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for induced tree retrieval.
TokyoCabinet(3pm) Perl Binding of Tokyo Cabinet.
true(3pm) Automatically return a true value when a file is required.
true::VERSION(3pm) Shim to allow modules to depend on
TryCatch(3pm) First class try catch semantics for Perl, without source filters.
Types::Namespace(3pm) Type constraints for dealing with namespaces.
uci2wb(6) Protocol adapter for UCI dialects to XBoard.
umap(1p) Map between different character sets.
Unicode::CharName(3pm) Look up Unicode character names.
Unicode::GCString(3pm) String as Sequence of UAX #29 Grapheme Clusters.
Unicode::Japanese(3pm) Convert encoding of japanese text.
Unicode::Japanese::JA(3pm) 日本語文字コード変換.
Unicode::LineBreak(3pm) UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm.
Unicode::Map8(3pm) Mapping table between 8-bit chars and Unicode.
Unicode::String(3pm) String of Unicode characters (UTF-16BE).
Unicode::UTF8(3pm) Encoding and decoding of UTF-8 encoding form.
UNIVERSAL::ref(3pm) Turns ref() into a multimethod.
Unix::Syslog(3pm) Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls.
update-xmlcatalog(8) Maintain XML catalog files.
URI::Escape::XS(3pm) Drop-In replacement for URI::Escape.
URI::Find(3pm) Find URIs in arbitrary text.
URI::Find::Schemeless(3pm) Find schemeless URIs in arbitrary text.
URI::Namespace(3pm) A namespace URI/IRI class with autoload methods.
URI::NamespaceMap(3pm) Class holding a collection of namespaces.
URI::NamespaceMap::ReservedLocalParts(3pm) Permissible local parts for NamespaceMap.
urifind(1p) Find URIs in a document and dump them to STDOUT.
UUID(3pm) DCE compatible Universally Unique Identifier library for Perl.
validxml(1p) Command-line driver for XML::Validate.
version(3pm) Perl extension for Version Objects.
version::Internals(3pm) Perl extension for Version Objects.
Video::ivtv(3pm) Perl extension for using V4l2 in the ivtv perl scripts.
vm(1) VoiceModem is the program for handling the voice modem functionality from shell scripts.
VM::EC2(3pm) Perl interface to Amazon EC2, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancing, Autoscaling, and.
VM::EC2::AccountAttributes(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 account attributes set.
VM::EC2::ASG(3pm) Object describing an AutoScaling Group.
VM::EC2::AvailabilityZone(3pm) Object describing an Amazon availability zone.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice(3pm) Object describing how to construct an EC2 block device when launching an image.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Attachment(3pm) Object describing the attachment of an EBS volume to an instance.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::EBS(3pm) Object describing how to initialize an Amazon EBS volume from an image.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Mapping(3pm) Object describing an EC2 block device attached to an instance.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Mapping::EBS(3pm) Object describing an EBS volume that has been mapped onto an Amazon EC2.
VM::EC2::DB::AvailabilityZone(3pm) An RDS Database Availability Zone.
VM::EC2::DB::CharacterSet(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Character Set.
VM::EC2::DB::EC2SecurityGroup(3pm) An RDS Database EC2 Security Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Endpoint(3pm) An RDS Database Endpoint.
VM::EC2::DB::Engine::Defaults(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Parameter Defaults.
VM::EC2::DB::Engine::Version(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Version.
VM::EC2::DB::Event(3pm) An RDS Database Event.
VM::EC2::DB::Event::Category(3pm) An RDS Database Event Category.
VM::EC2::DB::Event::Subscription(3pm) An RDS Database Event Subscription.
VM::EC2::DB::Instance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon RDS instance.
VM::EC2::DB::Instance::OrderableOption(3pm) An RDS Database Orderable Option.
VM::EC2::DB::IPRange(3pm) An RDS Database IP Range.
VM::EC2::DB::Option(3pm) An RDS Database IP Range.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Membership.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Option(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Option.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Option::Setting(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Option Setting.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter::Group::Status(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter Group Status object.
VM::EC2::DB::PendingModifiedValues(3pm) An RDS Database Pending Modified Values object.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::Instance(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::Instance::Offering(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance Offering.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::RecurringCharge(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance Recurring Charge.
VM::EC2::DB::SecurityGroup(3pm) An RDS Database Security Group.
VM::EC2::DB::SecurityGroup::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database Security Group Membership.
VM::EC2::DB::Snapshot(3pm) An RDS Database Snapshot.
VM::EC2::DB::Subnet(3pm) An RDS Database Subnet.
VM::EC2::DB::Subnet::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Subnet Group.
VM::EC2::DB::VpcSecurityGroup::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database VPC Security Group Membership.
VM::EC2::Dispatch(3pm) Create Perl objects from AWS XML requests.
VM::EC2::ElasticAddress(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Elastic Address.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes(3pm) Object describing the attributes of an Elastic Load Balancer.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::AccessLog(3pm) Object describing the AccessLog attributes of an Elastic Load Balancer.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::ConnectionDraining(3pm) Object describing the ConnectionDraining attribute of an Elastic.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::ConnectionSettings(3pm) Object describing the ConnectionSettings attribute of an Elastic.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::CrossZoneLoadBalancing(3pm) Object describing the CrossZoneLoadBalancing attribute of an.
VM::EC2::ELB::BackendServerDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Backend Server Description.
VM::EC2::ELB::HealthCheck(3pm) Load Balancer Health Check Parameters.
VM::EC2::ELB::InstanceState(3pm) Object describing the state of an instance attached to a load balancer. It is.
VM::EC2::ELB::Listener(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Listener.
VM::EC2::ELB::ListenerDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Listener Description.
VM::EC2::ELB::ParmParser(3pm) Format parameters for passing to the ELB API.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policies.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies::AppCookieStickinessPolicy(3pm) Object describing an Application Cookie Stickiness Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies::LBCookieStickinessPolicy(3pm) Object describing a Load Balancer Cookie Stickiness Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyAttribute(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policy Attribute.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyAttributeType(3pm) Load Balancer Policy Attribute Type.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyTypeDescription(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policy Type.
VM::EC2::ELB::TagDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Tag Description.
VM::EC2::Error(3pm) Object describing an error emitted by the Amazon API.
VM::EC2::Generic(3pm) Base class for VM::EC2 objects.
VM::EC2::Group(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 security group name.
VM::EC2::Image(3pm) Object describing an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
VM::EC2::Image::LaunchPermission(3pm) Object describing AMI launch permissions.
VM::EC2::Instance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::ConsoleOutput(3pm) Object describing console output from an Amazon EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::IamProfile(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Identity Access Management profile.
VM::EC2::Instance::Metadata(3pm) Object describing the metadata of a running instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::MonitoringState(3pm) Object describing the monitoring state of an EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::PasswordData(3pm) Object describing the administrative password stored in an EC2 Windows instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::Placement(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 instance's placement.
VM::EC2::Instance::Set(3pm) Object describing a set of instances.
VM::EC2::Instance::State(3pm) Object describing the state of an EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::State::Change(3pm) Represent an EC2 instance's change in state.
VM::EC2::Instance::State::Reason(3pm) Object describing the reason for an EC2 instance state change.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status(3pm) Object describing an instance/system status check.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status::Details(3pm) Object describing the details of an instance status check.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status::Event(3pm) Object describing a scheduled instance maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Instance::StatusItem(3pm) Object describing a instance status event.
VM::EC2::KeyPair(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 ssh key pair.
VM::EC2::LaunchConfiguration(3pm) Object describing a Launch Configuration.
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface(3pm) Object describing an Amazon Elastic Network Interface (ENI).
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface::PrivateIpAddress(3pm) Manage EC2 private IP address.
VM::EC2::ParmParser(3pm) Format parameters for passing to the API.
VM::EC2::PlacementGroup(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 cluster placement group.
VM::EC2::ProductCode(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 product code.
VM::EC2::Region(3pm) Object describing an Amazon region.
VM::EC2::ReservationSet(3pm) Object describing an instance reservation set.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing::InstanceCount(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing::PriceSchedule(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification::Configuration(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification::Result(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Offering(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance offering.
VM::EC2::REST::ebs(3pm) Modules for EC2 EBS volumes.
VM::EC2::REST::instance(3pm) VM::EC2 methods for controlling instances.
VM::EC2::ScalingPolicy(3pm) Object describing an AutoScaling Policy.
VM::EC2::Security::Token(3pm) Temporary security token object.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 security group.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::GroupPermission(3pm) Object describing an authorized group within a security group.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::IpPermission(3pm) Object describing a firewall rule in an EC2 security group.
VM::EC2::Snapshot(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EBS snapshot.
VM::EC2::Snapshot::CreateVolumePermission(3pm) Object describing AMI create volume permissions.
VM::EC2::Spot::DatafeedSubscription(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance datafeed subscription.
VM::EC2::Spot::InstanceRequest(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance request.
VM::EC2::Spot::LaunchSpecification(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance launch specification.
VM::EC2::Spot::PriceHistory(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance price history record.
VM::EC2::Spot::Status(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance status message.
VM::EC2::Staging::Manager(3pm) Automate VMs and volumes for moving data in and out of cloud.
VM::EC2::Staging::Server(3pm) High level interface to EC2-based servers.
VM::EC2::Staging::Volume(3pm) High level functions for provisioning and populating EC2 volumes.
VM::EC2::Volume(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EBS volume.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status(3pm) Object describing an volume/system status check.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Action(3pm) Object describing a scheduled volume maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Details(3pm) Object describing the details of an volume status check.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Event(3pm) Object describing a scheduled volume maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Volume::StatusItem(3pm) Object describing a volume status event.
VM::EC2::VPC(3pm) Manage EC2 VPC.
VM::EC2::VPC::CustomerGateway(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Virtual Private Cloud customer gateway.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud network ACL.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl::Association(3pm) The association between a network acl and a subnet.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl::Entry(3pm) VPC Network ACL entry.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection::StateReason(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection State Reason.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection::VpcInfo(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection VPC Information.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnConnection(3pm) VPC VPN connection.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnGateway(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud VPN gateway.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnTunnelTelemetry(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud VPN tunnel telemetry.
Want(3pm) A generalisation of "wantarray".
whirlpoolsum(1p) Print or check WHIRLPOOL checksums.
WWW::Curl(3pm) Perl extension interface for libcurl.
X11::GUITest(3pm) Provides GUI testing/interaction routines.
xacobeo(1p) Graphical interface for running XPath queries.
Xacobeo(3pm) XPath (XML Path Language) visualizer.
Xacobeo::Accessors(3pm) Generate accessors/setters easily.
Xacobeo::App(3pm) Application.
Xacobeo::Conf(3pm) Application's configuration.
Xacobeo::Document(3pm) An XML document and its related information.
Xacobeo::Error(3pm) A simple wrapper over an error.
Xacobeo::GObject(3pm) Build GObjects easily.
Xacobeo::I18n(3pm) Utilities for internationalization (i18n).
Xacobeo::Plugin(3pm) Parent class for all plugins.
Xacobeo::Timer(3pm) A custom made timer.
Xacobeo::UI::DomView(3pm) DOM tree view.
Xacobeo::UI::SourceView(3pm) Text editor that displays XML.
Xacobeo::UI::Statusbar(3pm) Xacobeo's statusbar.
Xacobeo::UI::Window(3pm) Main window of Xacobeo.
Xacobeo::UI::XPathEntry(3pm) XPath text entry.
Xacobeo::Utils(3pm) Utilities.
Xacobeo::XS(3pm) Functions rewritten in XS.
XML::Bare(3pm) Minimal XML parser implemented via a C state engine.
XML::Easy(3pm) XML processing with a clean interface.
XML::Easy::Classify(3pm) Classification of XML-related items.
XML::Easy::Content(3pm) Abstract form of XML content.
XML::Easy::Element(3pm) Abstract form of XML element.
XML::Easy::NodeBasics(3pm) Basic manipulation of XML data nodes.
XML::Easy::Syntax(3pm) Excruciatingly correct XML syntax.
XML::Easy::Text(3pm) XML parsing and serialisation.
XML::Easy::Transform(3pm) XML processing with a clean interface.
XML::LibXSLT(3pm) Interface to the GNOME libxslt library.
XML::Parser(3pm) A perl module for parsing XML documents.
XML::Parser::Expat(3pm) Lowlevel access to James Clark's expat XML parser.
XML::Parser::Style::Debug(3pm) Debug style for XML::Parser.
XML::Parser::Style::Objects(3pm) Objects styler parser.
XML::Parser::Style::Stream(3pm) Stream style for XML::Parser.
XML::Parser::Style::Subs(3pm) Glue for handling element callbacks.
XML::Parser::Style::Tree(3pm) Tree style parser.
XML::SAX::ExpatXS(3pm) Perl SAX 2 XS extension to Expat parser.
XML::SAX::ExpatXS::Encoding(3pm) Encoding support for XML::SAX::ExpatXS.
XML::SAX::ExpatXS::Preload(3pm) Helper class for XML-SAX-ExpatXS.
XML::SAX::Writer(3pm) SAX2 XML Writer.
XML::SAX::Writer::XML(3pm) XML::SAX::Writer's SAX Handler.
XML::Simple(3pm) An API for simple XML files.
XML::Simple::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about XML::Simple.
XML::Tidy(3pm) Tidy indenting of XML documents.
XML::Validate(3pm) An XML validator factory.
XML::Validate::Base(3pm) Abstract base class to be used by XML::Validate modules.
XML::Validate::LibXML(3pm) Interface to LibXML validator.
XML::Validate::MSXML(3pm) Interface to MSXML validator.
XML::Validate::Xerces(3pm) Interface to Xerces validator.
XML::XPath(3pm) Parse and evaluate XPath statements.
XML::XPath::Boolean(3pm) Boolean true/false values.
XML::XPath::Builder(3pm) SAX handler for building an XPath tree.
XML::XPath::Literal(3pm) Simple string values.
XML::XPath::Node(3pm) Internal representation of a node.
XML::XPath::Node::Attribute(3pm) A single attribute.
XML::XPath::Node::Comment(3pm) An XML comment:.
XML::XPath::Node::Element(3pm) An.
XML::XPath::Node::Namespace(3pm) An XML namespace node.
XML::XPath::Node::PI(3pm) An XML processing instruction node.
XML::XPath::Node::Text(3pm) An XML text node.
XML::XPath::NodeSet(3pm) A list of XML document nodes.
XML::XPath::Number(3pm) Simple numeric values.
XML::XPath::PerlSAX(3pm) A PerlSAX event generator for my weird node structure.
XML::XPath::XMLParser(3pm) The default XML parsing class that produces a node tree.
xmltidy(1p) Tidy an XML document.
xpath(1p) A script to query XPath statements in XML documents.
XS::Object::Magic(3pm) Opaque, extensible XS pointer backed objects using "sv_magic".
YAML::Syck(3pm) Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper.
yapp(1p) A perl frontend to the Parse::Yapp module.
ZOOM(3pm) Perl extension implementing the ZOOM API for Information Retrieval.
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