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Origin: RDS API command line tools.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
rds-add-option-to-option-group(1) Add an option to a specific option group Adds or updats an option in the.
rds-add-tag-to-resource(1) Add a tag to a specific resource.
rds-authorize-db-security-group-ingress(1) Authorize ingress traffic to be subject to a security group defini‐.
rds-copy-db-snapshot(1) Creates a copy of all data and configuration associated with the specified database.
rds-create-db-instance(1) Create new database instance.
rds-create-db-instance-read-replica(1) Create a read-replica database instance.
rds-create-db-parameter-group(1) Create a database parameter group.
rds-create-db-security-group(1) Create a DB security group.
rds-create-db-snapshot(1) Create a restorable backup for a database instance.
rds-create-db-subnet-group(1) Creates a DB subnet group.
rds-create-option-group(1) Creates an option group.
rds-delete-db-instance(1) Initiate the delete process for a database instance.
rds-delete-db-parameter-group(1) Delete a DBParameterGroup.
rds-delete-db-security-group(1) Delete a DB security group.
rds-delete-db-snapshot(1) Permanently remove a database snapshot.
rds-delete-db-subnet-group(1) Deletes a DB subnet group which is not in use.
rds-delete-option-group(1) Deletes an option group which is not in use.
rds-describe-db-engine-versions(1) List the available database engine versions.
rds-describe-db-instances(1) List database instances.
rds-describe-db-parameter-groups(1) List parameter groups.
rds-describe-db-parameters(1) List parameters that are part of a DBParameterGroup.
rds-describe-db-security-groups(1) List database security group information.
rds-describe-db-snapshots(1) List information about database snapshots.
rds-describe-db-subnet-groups(1) Describes a given or all database subnet groups.
rds-describe-engine-default-parameters(1) List DBParameterGroup parameter values for a DB engine.
rds-describe-events(1) List events related to database instances.
rds-describe-option-group-options(1) Returns a list of options that can be added to option groups associated.
rds-describe-option-groups(1) Describes a specific, engine specific, or all option groups.
rds-describe-orderable-db-instance-options(1) List information available orderable database instance options.
rds-describe-reserved-db-instances(1) List database instance reservations.
rds-describe-reserved-db-instances-offerings(1) List reserved database instances offerings.
rds-list-tags-for-resource(1) Lists all tags associated with a resource.
rds-modify-db-instance(1) Modify settings for an existing database instance.
rds-modify-db-parameter-group(1) Modify the parameters in a DBParameterGroup.
rds-modify-db-subnet-group(1) Changes the settings on an existing DBSubnetGroup.
rds-promote-read-replica(1) Promotes a Read Replica instance into a standard DB instance.
rds-purchase-reserved-db-instances-offering(1) Purchase a reserved database instance.
rds-reboot-db-instance(1) Reboot a database instance.
rds-remove-option-from-option-group(1) Removes one or more options from a specific option group.
rds-remove-tags-from-resource(1) Remove tags from a resource.
rds-reset-db-parameter-group(1) Reset parameter group values to their defaults.
rds-restore-db-instance-from-db-snapshot(1) Create a new database database instance from a snapshot.
rds-restore-db-instance-to-point-in-time(1) Create a new database instance from a source instance at a speci‐.
rds-revoke-db-security-group-ingress(1) Unauthorize ingress traffic subject to a security group definition.
rds-version(1) Print the version of the CLI tool and the API.