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Origin: Red Hat.

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audisp-prelude(8) Plugin for IDMEF alerts.
audisp-prelude.conf(5) The audisp-prelude configuration file.
audisp-remote(8) Plugin for remote logging.
audisp-remote.conf(5) The audisp-remote configuration file.
audispd(8) An event multiplexor.
audispd.conf(5) The audit event dispatcher configuration file.
audit.rules(7) A set of rules loaded in the kernel audit system.
audit_add_rule_data(3) Add new audit rule.
audit_add_watch(3) Create a rule layout for a watch.
audit_delete_rule_data(3) Delete audit rule.
audit_detect_machine(3) Detects the current machine type.
audit_encode_nv_string(3) Encode a name/value pair in a string.
audit_get_reply(3) Get the audit system's reply.
audit_get_session(3) Get a program's login session id value.
audit_getloginuid(3) Get a program's loginuid value.
audit_log_acct_message(3) Log a user account message.
audit_log_semanage_message(3) Log a semanage message.
audit_log_user_avc_message(3) Log a user avc message.
audit_log_user_comm_message(3) Log a user message from a console app.
audit_log_user_command(3) Log a user command.
audit_log_user_message(3) Log a general user message.
audit_open(3) Open a audit netlink socket connection.
audit_request_rules_list_data(3) Request list of current audit rules.
audit_request_signal_info(3) Request signal info for the audit system.
audit_request_status(3) Request status of the audit system.
audit_set_enabled(3) Enable or disable auditing.
audit_set_failure(3) Set audit failure flag.
audit_set_pid(3) Set audit daemon process ID.
audit_set_rate_limit(3) Set audit rate limit.
audit_setloginuid(3) Set a program's loginuid value.
audit_update_watch_perms(3) Update permissions field of watch command.
auditctl(8) A utility to assist controlling the kernel's audit system.
auditd(8) The Linux Audit daemon.
auditd.conf(5) Audit daemon configuration file.
augenrules(8) A script that merges component audit rule files.
aulast(8) A program similar to last.
aulastlog(8) A program similar to lastlog.
auparse_add_callback(3) Add a callback handler for notifications.
auparse_destroy(3) Release instance of parser.
auparse_feed(3) Feed data into parser.
auparse_feed_age_events(3) Check events for complete based on time.
auparse_feed_has_data(3) Check if there is any data accumulating that might need flushing.
auparse_find_field(3) Search for field name.
auparse_find_field_next(3) Find next occurrence of field name.
auparse_first_field(3) Reposition field cursor.
auparse_first_record(3) Reposition record cursor.
auparse_flush_feed(3) Flush any unconsumed feed data through parser.
auparse_get_field_int(3) Get current field's value as an int.
auparse_get_field_name(3) Get current field's name.
auparse_get_field_num(3) Get current field cursor location.
auparse_get_field_str(3) Get current field's value.
auparse_get_field_type(3) Get current field's data type.
auparse_get_filename(3) Get the filename where record was found.
auparse_get_line_number(3) Get line number where record was found.
auparse_get_milli(3) Get the millisecond value of the event.
auparse_get_node(3) Get the event's machine node name.
auparse_get_num_fields(3) Get the number of fields.
auparse_get_num_records(3) Get the number of records.
auparse_get_record_num(3) Get current record cursor location.
auparse_get_record_text(3) Access unparsed record data.
auparse_get_serial(3) Get the event's serial number.
auparse_get_time(3) Get event's time.
auparse_get_timestamp(3) Access timestamp of the event.
auparse_get_type(3) Get record's type.
auparse_get_type_name(3) Get record's type translation.
auparse_goto_field_num(3) Move field cursor to specific field.
auparse_goto_record_num(3) Move record cursor to specific record.
auparse_init(3) Initialize an instance of the audit parsing library.
auparse_interpret_field(3) Get current field's interpreted value.
auparse_next_event(3) Get the next event.
auparse_next_field(3) Move field cursor.
auparse_next_record(3) Move record cursor.
auparse_node_compare(3) Compares node name values.
auparse_normalize(3) Normalize the current event.
auparse_normalize_functions(3) Access normalized fields.
auparse_reset(3) Reset audit parser instance.
auparse_set_escape_mode(3) Choose escape method.
auparse_timestamp_compare(3) Compares timestamp values.
aureport(8) A tool that produces summary reports of audit daemon logs.
ausearch(8) A tool to query audit daemon logs.
ausearch-expression(5) Audit search expression format.
ausearch_add_expression(3) Build up search expression.
ausearch_add_interpreted_item(3) Build up search rule.
ausearch_add_item(3) Build up search rule.
ausearch_add_regex(3) Use regular expression search rule.
ausearch_add_timestamp_item(3) Build up search rule.
ausearch_add_timestamp_item_ex(3) Build up search rule.
ausearch_clear(3) Clear search parameters.
ausearch_next_event(3) Find the next event that meets search criteria.
ausearch_set_stop(3) Set the cursor position.
ausyscall(8) A program that allows mapping syscall names and numbers.
autrace(8) A program similar to strace.
capng_apply(3) Apply the stored capabilities settings.
capng_capability_to_name(3) Convert capability integer to text.
capng_change_id(3) Change the credentials retaining capabilities.
capng_clear(3) Clear chosen capabilities set.
capng_fill(3) Fill chosen capabilities set.
capng_get_caps_fd(3) Read file-based capabilities from extended attributes.
capng_get_caps_process(3) Get the capabilities from a process.
capng_have_capabilities(3) General check for capabilities.
capng_have_capability(3) Check for specific capability.
capng_lock(3) Lock the current process capabilities settings.
capng_name_to_capability(3) Convert capability text to integer.
capng_print_caps_numeric(3) Print numeric values for capabilities set.
capng_print_caps_text(3) Print names of values for capabilities set.
capng_restore_state(3) Set the internal library state.
capng_save_state(3) Get the internal library state.
capng_set_caps_fd(3) Write file-based capabilities to extended attributes.
capng_setpid(3) Set working pid.
capng_update(3) Update the stored capabilities settings.
capng_updatev(3) Update the stored capabilities settings.
captest(8) A program to demonstrate capabilities.
consolehelper-gtk(8) A helper program for consolehelper.
filecap(8) A program to see capabilities.
libaudit.conf(5) Libaudit configuration file.
netcap(8) A program to see capabilities.
oscap(8) OpenSCAP command line tool.
oscapd(8) OpenSCAP-daemon service.
oscapd-cli(8) OpenSCAP-daemon command line interface.
oscapd-evaluate(8) OpenSCAP-daemon one-off non-daemonized evaluator.
pam-panel-icon(1) A notification area indicator of pam_timestamp status.
pscap(8) A program to see capabilities.
scap-workbench(8) GUI tool for systems compliance evaluation.
usermount(1) A graphical tool to mount, unmount and format filesystems.
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