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blkdeactivate(8) Utility to deactivate block devices.
clvmd(8) Cluster LVM daemon.
cmirrord(8) Cluster mirror log daemon.
dmeventd(8) Device-mapper event daemon.
fsadm(8) Utility to resize or check filesystem on a device.
lvchange(8) Change the attributes of logical volume(s).
lvconvert(8) Change logical volume layout.
lvcreate(8) Create a logical volume.
lvdisplay(8) Display information about a logical volume.
lvextend(8) Add space to a logical volume.
lvm(8) LVM2 tools.
lvm-config(8) ↣ lvmconfig(8) Display and manipulate configuration information.
lvm-dumpconfig(8) ↣ lvmconfig(8) Display and manipulate configuration information.
lvm.conf(5) Configuration file for LVM2.
lvm2-activation-generator(8) Generator for systemd units to activate LVM2 volumes on boot.
lvmcache(7) LVM caching.
lvmconf(8) LVM configuration modifier.
lvmconfig(8) Display and manipulate configuration information.
lvmdbusd(8) LVM D-Bus daemon.
lvmdiskscan(8) List devices that may be used as physical volumes.
lvmdump(8) Create lvm2 information dumps for diagnostic purposes.
lvmetad(8) LVM metadata cache daemon.
lvmlockctl(8) Control for lvmlockd.
lvmlockd(8) LVM locking daemon.
lvmpolld(8) LVM poll daemon.
lvmraid(7) LVM RAID.
lvmreport(7) LVM reporting and related features.
lvmsadc(8) LVM system activity data collector.
lvmsar(8) LVM system activity reporter.
lvmsystemid(7) LVM system ID.
lvmthin(7) LVM thin provisioning.
lvreduce(8) Reduce the size of a logical volume.
lvremove(8) Remove logical volume(s) from the system.
lvrename(8) Rename a logical volume.
lvresize(8) Resize a logical volume.
lvs(8) Display information about logical volumes.
lvscan(8) List all logical volumes in all volume groups.
pam_pwquality(8) PAM module to perform password quality checking.
pvchange(8) Change attributes of physical volume(s).
pvck(8) Check the consistency of physical volume(s).
pvcreate(8) Initialize physical volume(s) for use by LVM.
pvdisplay(8) Display various attributes of physical volume(s).
pvmove(8) Move extents from one physical volume to another.
pvremove(8) Remove LVM label(s) from physical volume(s).
pvresize(8) Resize physical volume(s).
pvs(8) Display information about physical volumes.
pvscan(8) List all physical volumes.
pwmake(1) Simple tool for generating random relatively easily pronounceable passwords.
pwquality(3) Documentation of the libpwquality API.
pwquality.conf(5) Configuration for the libpwquality library.
pwscore(1) Simple configurable tool for checking quality of a password.
rpm(8) RPM Package Manager.
rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit(8) Plugin for the RPM Package Manager.
rpm2archive(8) Extract archive archive from RPM Package Manager (RPM) package.
rpm2cpio(8) Extract cpio archive from RPM Package Manager (RPM) package.
rpmbuild(8) Build RPM Package(s).
rpmdb(8) RPM Database Tool.
rpmdeps(8) Generate RPM Package Dependencies.
rpmgraph(8) Display RPM Package Dependency Graph.
rpmkeys(8) RPM Keyring.
rpmquery(8) ↣ rpm(8) RPM Package Manager.
rpmspec(8) RPM Spec Tool.
rpmverify(8) ↣ rpm(8) RPM Package Manager.
userhelper(8) A helper interface to PAM.
vgcfgbackup(8) Backup volume group configuration(s).
vgcfgrestore(8) Restore volume group configuration.
vgchange(8) Change volume group attributes.
vgck(8) Check the consistency of volume group(s).
vgconvert(8) Change volume group metadata format.
vgcreate(8) Create a volume group.
vgdisplay(8) Display volume group information.
vgexport(8) Unregister volume group(s) from the system.
vgextend(8) Add physical volumes to a volume group.
vgimport(8) Register exported volume group with system.
vgimportclone(8) Import a VG from cloned PVs.
vgmerge(8) Merge volume groups.
vgmknodes(8) Create the special files for volume group devices in /dev.
vgreduce(8) Remove physical volume(s) from a volume group.
vgremove(8) Remove volume group(s).
vgrename(8) Rename a volume group.
vgs(8) Display information about volume groups.
vgscan(8) Search for all volume groups.
vgsplit(8) Move physical volumes into a new or existing volume group.
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