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Origin: Reference Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
ae-cvs-ci(1) Checkin a change set to CVS.
ae-repo-ci(1) Redundant repository checkin.
ae-sccs-put(1) Put sccs version.
ae_c(1) Set change number.
ae_diff2htm(1) Wraps the diff2html command.
ae_p(1) Set project name.
aeannotate(1) Annotated source file listing.
aeb(1) Build a change.
aebuffy(1) Watch for changes.
aeca(1) Modify the attributes of a change.
aecattr(5) Aegis change attributes file.
aecd(1) Change directory.
aechown(1) Set change owner.
aeclean(1) Clean files from development directory.
aeclone(1) Make an exact copy of a change.
aecomp(1) Compare two changes.
aecomplete(1) Command completion.
aecp(1) Copy a file into a change.
aecpu(1) Reverse action of aecp.
aecstate(5) Aegis change state file.
aecvsserver(1) Serve CVS client protocol against Aegis projects.
aed(1) Find differences between a change and the baseline.
aedb(1) Begin development of a change.
aedbu(1) Undo the effects of aedb.
aede(1) Complete development of a change.
aede-policy(1) Check change set is ready for aede.
aedeu(1) Recall a change for further development.
aediff(1) File differences between deltas.
aedir(5) Aegis directory structures.
aedist(1) Remotely distribute a change.
aedn(1) Assign a symbolic name to a project delta.
aeedit(1) Edit a change's files.
aefa(1) Modify the attributes of a file.
aefattr(5) Aegis file attribute file format.
aefind(1) Search for files in directory hierarchy.
aefinish(1) Finish a change.
aefp(1) Calculate file fingerprint.
aefstate(5) Aegis file state file.
aeget(1) Aegis CGI file access.
aegis(1) Project change supervisor.
aegis(5) Meta-data file format.
aegstate(5) Aegis global state file.
aeib(1) Begin integrating a change.
aeibu(1) Reverse the aeib command.
aeifail(1) Fail a change integration.
aeimport(1) Import foreign repository into Aegis.
aeintegratq(1) Integrate changes into projects.
aeipass(1) Pass a change integration.
ael(1) List (possibly) interesting things.
aelcf(1) List change files.
aelock(1) Take a lock while a command runs.
aelock(5) How locking works, and which commands use them.
aelpf(1) List project files.
aels(1) Annotated directory listing.
aemeasure(1) Simple file metrics.
aemetrics(5) Metrics values file format.
aemt(1) Make branch file transparent.
aemtu(1) No longer make branch file transparent.
aemv(1) Rename one or more files as part of a change.
aemvu(1) Undo the rename a file as part of a change.
aena(1) Add a new administrator to a project.
aenbr(1) Create a new branch.
aenbru(1) Remove a branch.
aenc(1) Add a new change to a project.
aencu(1) Remove a new change from a project.
aend(1) Add new developers to a project.
aenf(1) Add new files to be created by a change.
aenfu(1) Remove new files from a change.
aeni(1) Add new integrators to a project.
aenpa(1) Create a new project alias.
aenpr(1) Create a new project.
aenrls(1) Create a new project from an old-style project.
aenrv(1) Add new reviewers to a project.
aent(1) Add a new test to a change.
aentu(1) Remove new tests from a change.
aepa(1) Modify the attributes of a project.
aepatch(1) Send and receive changes as patches.
aepattr(5) Aegis project attribute file.
aepconf(5) Aegis project configuration file.
aepromptcmd(1) Change prompt color by change state.
aepstate(5) Aegis project state file.
aer(1) Report generator.
aer(5) Aegis report script language definition.
aera(1) Remove administrators from a project.
aerb(1) Begin a change review.
aerbu(1) Stop reviewing a change.
aerd(1) Remove developers from a project.
aerect(1) Draw a rectangle.
aereport(1) ↣ aer(1) Report generator.
aerevml(1) Send and receive RevML change sets.
aerfail(1) Fail a change review.
aeri(1) Remove integrators from a project.
aerm(1) Add files to be deleted to a change.
aermpr(1) Remove project.
aermu(1) Remove files to be deleted from a change.
aerpa(1) Remove a project alias.
aerpass(1) Pass a change review.
aerptidx(5) Aegis report index file format.
aerpu(1) Rescind a change review pass.
aerrv(1) Remove reviewers from a project.
aesub(1) Substitute and echo strings.
aesub(5) Aegis command substitutions.
aesubunit(1) Run SubUnit tests.
aesvt(1) Simple version tool.
aet(1) Run tests.
aetar(1) Remotely distribute a change via tar.
aetest(5) Aegis test results file format.
aeuconf(5) User configuration file.
aeustate(5) Aegis user state file.
aev(1) Give version information.
aexml(1) Aegis database to XML.
aexver(1) Graphical file history.
c_incl(1) Determine dependencies.
cook(1) A file construction tool.
cook_bom(1) Bill of materials.
cook_rsh(1) Load balancing rsh.
cookfp(1) Calculate file fingerprint.
cooktime(1) Set file times.
fcomp(1) File compare.
fhist(1) File history.
find_libs(1) Find pathnames of libraries.
fmerge(1) Merge files.
make2cook(1) Translate makefiles into cookbooks.
roffpp(1) Replace .so requests within *roff sources.
srec_aomf(5) Intel Absolute Object Module Format.
srec_ascii_hex(5) Ascii‐Hex file format.
srec_atmel_generic(5) Atmel Generic file format.
srec_binary(5) Binary file format.
srec_brecord(5) Freescale MC68EZ328 Dragonball bootstrap record format.
srec_cat(1) Manipulate EPROM load files.
srec_cmp(1) Compare two EPROM load files for equality.
srec_cosmac(5) RCA Cosmac Elf file format.
srec_dec_binary(5) DEC Binary (XXDP) file format.
srec_emon52(5) Elektor Monitor (EMON52) file format.
srec_examples(1) Examples of how to use SRecord.
srec_fairchild(5) Fairchild Fairbug file format.
srec_fastload(5) LSI Logic Fast Load file format.
srec_formatted_binary(5) Formatted Binary file format.
srec_forth(5) FORTH file format.
srec_fpc(5) Four packed code file format.
srec_info(1) Information about EPROM load files.
srec_input(1) Input file specifications.
srec_intel(5) Intel Hexadecimal object file format specification.
srec_intel16(5) Intel Hexadecimal 16‐bit file format specification.
srec_mif(5) Memory Initialization File (MIF) format.
srec_mos_tech(5) MOS Technology file format.
srec_motorola(5) Motorola S‐Record hexadecimal file format.
srec_msbin(5) Windows CE Binary Image Data Format.
srec_needham(5) Needham EMP‐series programmer ASCII file format.
srec_os65v(5) OS65V Loader file format.
srec_signetics(5) Signetics file format.
srec_spasm(5) SPASM file format.
srec_spectrum(5) Spectrum file format.
srec_stewie(5) Stewie's binary file format.
srec_tektronix(5) Tektronix hexadecimal file format.
srec_tektronix_extended(5) Tektronix Extended hexadecimal file format.
srec_ti_tagged(5) Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC) file format.
srec_ti_tagged_16(5) Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC 320) file format.
srec_ti_txt(5) Texas Instruments ti‐txt (MSP430) file format.
srec_vmem(5) Vmem file format.
srec_wilson(5) Wilson file format.
srecord(3) Library to manipulate EPROM load files.
tkaeca(1) GUI interface for aeca, using TCL/TK.
tkaegis(1) GUI interface for Aegis, using TCL/TK.
tkaenc(1) GUI interface for aenc, using TCL/TK.
tkaepa(1) GUI interface for aeca, using TCL/TK.
tkaer(1) GUI tool for reviewing Aegis change sets, using TCL/TK.