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[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
fcomp(1) File compare.
fhist(1) File history.
fmerge(1) Merge files.
srec_aomf(5) Intel Absolute Object Module Format.
srec_ascii_hex(5) Ascii‐Hex file format.
srec_atmel_generic(5) Atmel Generic file format.
srec_binary(5) Binary file format.
srec_brecord(5) Freescale MC68EZ328 Dragonball bootstrap record format.
srec_cat(1) Manipulate EPROM load files.
srec_cmp(1) Compare two EPROM load files for equality.
srec_cosmac(5) RCA Cosmac Elf file format.
srec_dec_binary(5) DEC Binary (XXDP) file format.
srec_emon52(5) Elektor Monitor (EMON52) file format.
srec_examples(1) Examples of how to use SRecord.
srec_fairchild(5) Fairchild Fairbug file format.
srec_fastload(5) LSI Logic Fast Load file format.
srec_formatted_binary(5) Formatted Binary file format.
srec_forth(5) FORTH file format.
srec_fpc(5) Four packed code file format.
srec_info(1) Information about EPROM load files.
srec_input(1) Input file specifications.
srec_intel(5) Intel Hexadecimal object file format specification.
srec_intel16(5) Intel Hexadecimal 16‐bit file format specification.
srec_mif(5) Memory Initialization File (MIF) format.
srec_mos_tech(5) MOS Technology file format.
srec_motorola(5) Motorola S‐Record hexadecimal file format.
srec_msbin(5) Windows CE Binary Image Data Format.
srec_needham(5) Needham EMP‐series programmer ASCII file format.
srec_os65v(5) OS65V Loader file format.
srec_signetics(5) Signetics file format.
srec_spasm(5) SPASM file format.
srec_spectrum(5) Spectrum file format.
srec_stewie(5) Stewie's binary file format.
srec_tektronix(5) Tektronix hexadecimal file format.
srec_tektronix_extended(5) Tektronix Extended hexadecimal file format.
srec_ti_tagged(5) Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC) file format.
srec_ti_tagged_16(5) Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC 320) file format.
srec_ti_txt(5) Texas Instruments ti‐txt (MSP430) file format.
srec_vmem(5) Vmem file format.
srec_wilson(5) Wilson file format.
srecord(3) Library to manipulate EPROM load files.
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