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Origin: Rivet.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
aida2flat(1) Convert AIDA data files to a flat format.
compare-histos(1) Generate comparison histograms.
flat2aida(1) Convert make-plots data files to AIDA XML format.
make-plots(1) Plots histograms in FLAT format.
rivet(1) Robust Independent Validation of Experiment and Theory.
rivet-buildplugin(1) Compilation helper for Rivet analysis plugins.
rivet-chopbins(1) Strip specified bins from data sets.
rivet-config(1) Configuration tool for Rivet.
rivet-mergeruns(1) Merge Rivet histo files into one.
rivet-mkanalysis(1) Make templates of analysis source files for Rivet.
rivet-mkhtml(1) Make web pages from histogram files written out by Rivet.
rivet-rescale(1) Rescale histos in observable-file of AIDAFILE to the area of the corresponding histos in REF‐.
rivet-rmgaps(1) Remove binnning gaps in Rivet-generated MC AIDA files.
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