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Origin: s3d.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
dot_mcp(1) Mcp for s3d.
kism3d(1) 802.11 visualizer for s3d.
mcp_object(9) Master control program object.
meshs3d(1) Olsr/batman topology visualizer for s3d.
s3d(1) Network display server.
s3d_angle_to_cam(3) Calculate angle between vector and cam.
s3d_but_info(9) Status of a button.
s3d_clear_callback(3) Clears a callback.
s3d_clone(3) Clone object.
s3d_clone_target(3) Changes the target of a clone-object.
s3d_del_object(3) Delete an object.
s3d_delete_event(3) Delete event from stack.
s3d_draw_string(3) Draw a simple string.
s3d_evt(9) Event information.
s3d_find_event(3) Find eevnt on stack.
s3d_flags_off(3) Disable flags of object.
s3d_flags_on(3) Enable flags of object.
s3d_get_callback(3) Get callback of event.
s3d_ignore_callback(3) Ignores an event.
s3d_import_model_file(3) Read model from file.
s3d_init(3) Initialize s3d library.
s3d_key_event(9) Key event information.
s3d_link(3) Link object to another one.
s3d_load_line_normals(3) Add normals to line.
s3d_load_materials_a(3) Add materials with alpha to polygons.
s3d_load_polygon_normals(3) Add normals to polygon.
s3d_load_polygon_tex_coords(3) Add texture coordinates to polygons.
s3d_load_texture(3) Load texture from memory.
s3d_mainloop(3) Set mainloop of program.
s3d_mcp_focus(3) Focus mcp object.
s3d_net_check(3) Get events from server.
s3d_new_object(3) Create new object.
s3d_obj_info(9) Object information.
s3d_open_file(3) Copy file into memory.
s3d_pep_line(3) Rewrite line.
s3d_pep_line_normals(3) Add normals to lines.
s3d_pep_lines(3) Rewrite lines.
s3d_pep_material(3) Rewrite material.
s3d_pep_material_a(3) Rewrite material with alpha.
s3d_pep_material_texture(3) Add texture to material.
s3d_pep_materials_a(3) Rewrite materials with alpha.
s3d_pep_polygon_normals(3) Add normals to polygon.
s3d_pep_polygon_tex_coord(3) Add texture coordinates to polygon.
s3d_pep_polygon_tex_coords(3) Add texture coordinates to polygons.
s3d_pep_vertex(3) Rewrite vertex.
s3d_pep_vertices(3) Rewrite lines.
s3d_pop_event(3) Pop event from stack.
s3d_pop_line(3) Remove lines.
s3d_pop_material(3) Remove materials.
s3d_pop_polygon(3) Remove polygons.
s3d_pop_texture(3) Remove textures.
s3d_pop_vertex(3) Remove vertices.
s3d_process_stack(3) Process all events on stack.
s3d_push_event(3) Push event onto stack.
s3d_push_line(3) Push line.
s3d_push_lines(3) Push many lines.
s3d_push_material(3) Push material.
s3d_push_material_a(3) Push material with alpha.
s3d_push_materials_a(3) Push many materials.
s3d_push_polygon(3) Push polygon.
s3d_push_polygons(3) Push many polygons.
s3d_push_texture(3) Push texture.
s3d_push_textures(3) Push many textures.
s3d_push_vertex(3) Push vertex.
s3d_push_vertices(3) Push many vertices.
s3d_quit(3) Shutdown s3d library.
s3d_rotate(3) Rotate object.
s3d_scale(3) Scale object.
s3d_select_font(3) Select font.
s3d_set_callback(3) Sets a callback.
s3d_strlen(3) Get rendered string size.
s3d_translate(3) Move object to absolute position.
s3d_unlink(3) Removes link from another object.
s3d_usage(3) Print s3d parameter.
s3d_vector_angle(3) Calculate angle between two vectors.
s3d_vector_cross_product(3) Calculate cross product of two vectors.
s3d_vector_dot_product(3) Calculate dot product of two vectors.
s3d_vector_length(3) Calculate length of vector.
s3d_vector_subtract(3) Substract two vectors.
s3d_x11gate(1) 3d gateway for x11 desktops.
s3dfm(1) S3d file manager.
s3dosm(1) Gps card application for s3d.
s3dvt(1) 3d terminal emulator for s3d.
s3dw_ani_mate(3) Doing the whole animation thing.
s3dw_button(9) Button of s3d widget.
s3dw_button_new(3) Create a new button in the surface.
s3dw_delete(3) Delete widget.
s3dw_focus(3) Give widget focus.
s3dw_getroot(3) Get the root.
s3dw_handle_click(3) Handle click on widget.
s3dw_handle_key(3) Handle key input on widget.
s3dw_input(9) Input field of s3d widget.
s3dw_input_change_text(3) Changes the text of the input.
s3dw_input_gettext(3) Get text of input.
s3dw_input_new(3) Create a new input in the surface.
s3dw_label(9) Label of s3d widget.
s3dw_label_change_text(3) Change label text.
s3dw_label_new(3) Create a new label in the surface.
s3dw_moveit(3) Apply widgets moving function.
s3dw_object_info(3) Handle object info events.
s3dw_scrollbar(9) Scrollbar of s3d widget.
s3dw_show(3) Make widget visible.
s3dw_style(9) Style of s3d widget.
s3dw_surface(9) Root of s3d widget.
s3dw_surface_new(3) Create a new surface.
s3dw_textbox(9) Textbox of s3d widget.
s3dw_textbox_change_text(3) Change text.
s3dw_textbox_new(3) Create a new textbox in the surface.
s3dw_textbox_scrolldown(3) Scroll text down.
s3dw_textbox_scrollleft(3) Scroll text left.
s3dw_textbox_scrollright(3) Scroll text right.
s3dw_textbox_scrollto(3) Scroll text to position.
s3dw_textbox_scrollup(3) Scroll text up.
s3dw_widget(9) S3d widget information.