Manual pages

Origin: Samba 4&.0.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
gentest(1) Run random generic SMB operations against two SMB servers and show the differences in behavior.
locktest(1) Find differences in locking between two SMB servers.
masktest(1) Find differences in wildcard matching between Samba's implementation and that of a remote server.
ndrdump(1) DCE/RPC Packet Parser and Dumper.
oLschema2ldif(1) Converts LDAP schema's to LDB-compatible LDIF.
regdiff(1) Diff program for Windows registry files.
regpatch(1) Applies registry patches to registry files.
regshell(1) Windows registry file browser using readline.
regtree(1) Text-mode registry viewer.
smbtorture(1) Run a series of tests against a SMB server.
talloc(3) Hierarchical reference counted memory pool system with destructors.
tdbtool(8) Manipulate the contents TDB files.