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Origin: Sistina Software UK.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
lvchange(8) Change attributes of a logical volume.
lvcreate(8) Create a logical volume in an existing volume group.
lvdisplay(8) Display attributes of a logical volume.
lvextend(8) Extend the size of a logical volume.
lvm(8) LVM2 tools.
lvm.conf(5) Configuration file for LVM2.
lvmchange(8) Change attributes of the logical volume manager.
lvmdiskscan(8) Scan for all devices visible to LVM2.
lvreduce(8) Reduce the size of a logical volume.
lvremove(8) Remove a logical volume.
lvrename(8) Rename a logical volume.
lvresize(8) Resize a logical volume.
lvs(8) Report information about logical volumes.
lvscan(8) Scan (all disks) for Logical Volumes.
pvchange(8) Change attributes of a physical volume.
pvck(8) Check physical volume metadata.
pvcreate(8) Initialize a disk or partition for use by LVM.
pvdisplay(8) Display attributes of a physical volume.
pvmove(8) Move physical extents.
pvremove(8) Remove a physical volume.
pvresize(8) Resize a disk or partition in use by LVM2.
pvs(8) Report information about physical volumes.
pvscan(8) Scan all disks for physical volumes.
vgcfgbackup(8) Backup volume group descriptor area.
vgcfgrestore(8) Restore volume group descriptor area.
vgchange(8) Change attributes of a volume group.
vgck(8) Check volume group metadata.
vgconvert(8) Convert volume group metadata format.
vgcreate(8) Create a volume group.
vgdisplay(8) Display attributes of volume groups.
vgexport(8) Make volume groups unknown to the system.
vgextend(8) Add physical volumes to a volume group.
vgimport(8) Make exported volume groups known to the system.
vgmerge(8) Merge two volume groups.
vgmknodes(8) Recreate volume group directory and logical volume special files.
vgreduce(8) Reduce a volume group.
vgremove(8) Remove a volume group.
vgrename(8) Rename a volume group.
vgs(8) Report information about volume groups.
vgscan(8) Scan all disks for volume groups and rebuild caches.
vgsplit(8) Split a volume group into two.