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[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
git-secret-add(1) Starts to track added files.
git-secret-changes(1) View diff of the hidden files.
git-secret-clean(1) Removes all the hidden files.
git-secret-hide(1) Encrypts all added files with the inner keyring.
git-secret-init(1) Initializes git-secret repository.
git-secret-killperson(1) Deletes key identified by an email from the inner keyring.
git-secret-list(1) Prints all the added files.
git-secret-remove(1) Removes files from index.
git-secret-reveal(1) Decrypts all added files.
git-secret-tell(1) Adds a person, who can access private data.
git-secret-usage(1) Prints all the available commands.
git-secret-whoknows(1) Prints email-labels for each key in the keyring.
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