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Origin: SWORD 1.7.3+dfsg.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
addld(1) Lexicon & Dictionary module creation tool for SWORD Project.
imp2gbs(1) General book module creation tool.
imp2ld(1) Lexicon, Dictionary, Daily Devotional and Glossary module creation tool.
imp2vs(1) Bible/Commentary module creation tool.
installmgr(1) Install, list, update and remove SWORD modules.
mkfastmod(1) Creates a search index for a module.
mod2imp(1) Export SWORD modules.
mod2osis(1) ↣ mod2imp(1) Export SWORD modules.
mod2vpl(1) ↣ mod2imp(1) Export SWORD modules.
mod2zmod(1) ↣ mod2imp(1) Export SWORD modules.
osis2mod(1) Create SWORD module from OSIS.
tei2mod(1) Tool to convert TEI P5 source into a SWORD module.
vpl2mod(1) Tool to convert verse per line source to SWORD module.
vs2osisref(1) A tool to convert verse references from English to OSIS.
vs2osisreftxt(1) A tool that probably does something with OSIS refs.
xml2gbs(1) OSIS/ThML General Book module creation tool.
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