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Origin: Version 1.2-rc4.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
airbase-ng(8) Multi-purpose tool aimed at attacking clients as opposed to the Access Point (AP) itself.
aircrack-ng(1) A 802.11 WEP / WPA-PSK key cracker.
airdecap-ng(1) Decrypt a WEP/WPA crypted pcap file.
airdecloak-ng(1) Removes wep cloaked framed from a pcap file.
aireplay-ng(8) Inject packets into a wireless network to generate traffic.
airmon-ng(8) POSIX sh script designed to turn wireless cards into monitor mode.
airodump-ng(8) A wireless packet capture tool for aircrack-ng.
airodump-ng-oui-update(8) IEEE oui list updater for airodump-ng.
airolib-ng(1) Manage and create a WPA/WPA2 pre-computed hashes tables.
airserv-ng(8) A wireless card server.
airtun-ng(8) A virtual tunnel interface creator for aircrack-ng.
besside-ng(8) Crack a WEP or WPA key without user intervention and collaborate with WPA cracking statistics.
besside-ng-crawler(1) Filter EAPOL frames from a directory of capture files.
buddy-ng(1) A tool to work with easside-ng.
easside-ng(8) An auto-magic tool which allows you to communicate via an WEP-encrypted AP without knowing the.
ivstools(1) Extract IVs from a pcap file or merges several .ivs files into one.
kstats(1) Show statistical FMS algorithm votes for an ivs dump and a specified WEP key.
makeivs-ng(1) Generate a dummy IVS dump file with a specific WEP key.
packetforge-ng(1) Forge packets: ARP, UDP, ICMP or custom packets.
tkiptun-ng(8) Inject a few frames into a WPA TKIP network with QoS.
wesside-ng(8) Crack a WEP key of an open network without user intervention.
wpaclean(1) Clean wpa capture files.
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