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Origin: Version *V.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
cfftot1(1) Convert PostScript font from CFF to Type 1.
gifdiff(1) Compares GIF images.
gifsicle(1) Manipulates GIF images and animations.
gifview(1) Displays GIF images and animations on the X window system.
mmafm(1) Creates AFM font metrics for multiple master fonts.
mmpfb(1) Creates single-master fonts from multiple master fonts.
otftotfm(1) Create TeX font metrics from OpenType fonts.
t1ascii(1) Convert PostScript Type 1 font from binary to ASCII.
t1asm(1) Assemble PostScript Type 1 font.
t1binary(1) Convert PostScript Type 1 font from ASCII to binary.
t1disasm(1) Disassemble PostScript Type 1 font.
t1dotlessj(1) Create a dotless-j PostScript Type 1 font.
t1lint(1) Check a PostScript Type 1 font for correctness.
t1mac(1) Translate a PFA or PFB PostScript Type 1 font into Macintosh format.
t1rawafm(1) Produce raw AFM metrics from a PostScript Type 1 font.
t1reencode(1) Re-encode a PostScript Type 1 font.
t1testpage(1) Create a PostScript proof for a Type 1 font.
t1unmac(1) Translate a Mac PostScript Type 1 font into PFA or PFB format.
ttftotype42(1) Create PostScript Type 42 wrapper of TrueType font.
xmahjongg(6) Colorful solitaire Mah Jongg game.
xwrits(1) Reminds you to take wrist breaks.
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