Manual pages

Origin: VIEW-OS: a process with a view.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
kmview(1) Kernel Mode implementation of View-OS.
mstack(1) Networking stack selection.
um_add_service(1) Add a service module to umview.
um_del_service(1) Remove a service module of umview.
um_fsalias(1) Define a file system type alias.
um_ls_service(1) List the service modules currently loaded by umview/kmview.
umfuse(1viewos) User Mode FUSE implementation for umview.
umshutdown(1) Shutdown a umview/kmview machine.
umview(1) User Mode implementation of View-OS.
viewmount(1) Mount command for view-os (umview, kmview).
viewname(1) Set set viewname.
viewospasswd(5) Login info for kmview-umview users.
viewsu(1) Change (virtual) user ID or become (virtual) superuser.
viewsudo(1) Execute a command as another (virtual) user.
viewumount(1) Mount command for view-os (umview, kmview).
vuname(1) Print view information.