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Origin: WordNet 3.0.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
binsrch(3WN) General purpose functions for performing a binary search.
cntlist(5WN) File listing number of times each tagged sense occurs in a semantic concordance, sorted most to.
grind(1) Process WordNet lexicographer files.
lexnames(5WN) List of WordNet lexicographer file names and numbers.
morph(3WN) WordNet morphological processor functions.
morphy(7WN) Discussion of WordNet's morphological processing.
senseidx(5WN) WordNet's sense index.
uniqbeg(7WN) Unique beginners for noun hierarchies.
wn(1WN) Command line interface to WordNet lexical database.
wnb(1WN) WordNet window-based browser interface.
wndb(5WN) WordNet database.
wngloss(7WN) Glossary of terms used in WordNet system.
wngroups(7WN) Discussion of WordNet search code to group similar verb senses.
wnintro(1WN) WordNet user commands.
wnintro(3WN) Introduction to WordNet library functions.
wnintro(5WN) Introduction to descriptions of WordNet file formats.
wnintro(7WN) Introduction to miscellaneous WordNet information.
wnlicens(7WN) Text of WordNet license.
wnpkgs(7WN) Description of various WordNet system packages.
wnstats(7WN) WordNet 3.0 database statistics.
wordnet(1WN) ↣ wn(1WN) Command line interface to WordNet lexical database.
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