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Origin: Xymon.

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ackinfo.cgi(1) Xymon CGI script to acknowledge alerts.
acknowledge.cgi(1) Xymon CGI script to acknowledge alerts.
alerts.cfg(5) Configuration for for xymond_alert module.
analysis.cfg(5) Configuration file for the xymond_client module.
appfeed.cgi(1) Xymon CGI feeder for Smartphone apps.
cgioptions.cfg(5) Command-line parameters for the Xymon CGI tools.
client-local.cfg(5) Local configuration settings for Xymon clients.
clientlaunch.cfg(5) Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility.
clientupdate(1) Xymon client update utility.
combo.cfg(5) Configuration of combostatus tool.
combostatus(1) Xymon combination test tool.
confreport.cgi(1) Xymon Configuration report.
critical.cfg(5) Configuration of the showgraph CGI.
criticaleditor.cgi(1) Xymon Critical Systems View Editor CGI.
criticalview.cgi(1) Xymon Critical Systems view CGI.
csvinfo.cgi(1) CGI program to show host information from a CSV file.
datepage.cgi(1) Xymon CGI script to view pre-built reports by date.
enadis.cgi(8) CGI program to enable/disable Xymon tests.
eventlog.cgi(1) CGI program to report the Xymon eventlog.
findhost.cgi(1) Xymon CGI script to find hosts.
ghostlist.cgi(1) CGI program to view ghost clients.
graphs.cfg(5) Configuration of the showgraph CGI.
history.cgi(1) CGI program to display service history.
hostgraphs.cgi(1) CGI program to show multiple graphs.
hosts.cfg(5) Main Xymon configuration file.
logfetch(1) Xymon client data collector.
msgcache(8) Cache client messages for later pickup by xymonfetch.
orcaxymon(1) Xymon client utility to grab data from ORCA.
protocols.cfg(5) Configuration of TCP network services.
report.cgi(1) CGI front-end to xymongen reporting.
reportlog.cgi(1) CGI program to report service availability log.
showgraph.cgi(1) CGI to generate Xymon trend graphs.
snapshot.cgi(1) CGI program to rebuild the Xymon webpages for a specific point in time.
statusreport.cgi(1) CGI program to report a status for a group of servers.
svcstatus.cgi(1) CGI program to view Xymon status logs.
tasks.cfg(5) Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility.
trimhistory(8) Remove old Xymon history-log entries.
xymon(1) Xymon client communication program.
xymon(7) Introduction to Xymon.
xymon-mailack(8) Permit acknowledging alerts via e-mail.
xymon-xmh(5) Configuration items available online.
xymoncfg(1) Output the full hosts.cfg file.
xymoncgimsg.cgi(8) CGI utility used for proxying Xymon data over HTTP.
xymonclient.cfg(5) Xymon client environment variables.
xymoncmd(1) Run a Xymon command with environment set.
xymond(8) Master network daemon for a Xymon server.
xymond_alert(8) Xymond worker module for sending out alerts.
xymond_capture(8) Catch selected messages from a xymond channel.
xymond_channel(8) Feed a xymond channel to a worker module.
xymond_client(8) Xymond worker module for client data.
xymond_distribute(8) Xymond worker module for distributing commands.
xymond_filestore(8) Xymond worker module for storing Xymon data.
xymond_history(8) Xymond worker module for logging status changes.
xymond_hostdata(8) Xymond worker module for storing historical client data.
xymond_rrd(8) Xymond worker module for updating Xymon RRD files.
xymond_sample(8) Example of a xymond worker module.
xymondigest(1) Calculate message digests.
xymonfetch(8) Fetch client data from passive clients.
xymongen(1) Xymon webpage generator.
xymongrep(1) Pick out lines in hosts.cfg.
xymonlaunch(8) Master program to launch other Xymon programs.
xymonnet(1) Xymon network test tool. Xymon network re-test tool.
xymonpage.cgi(1) Utility to show a webpage using header and footer.
xymonping(1) Xymon ping tool.
xymonproxy(8) Xymon message proxy.
xymonserver.cfg(5) Xymon environment variables.
xymonweb(5) Web page headers, footers and forms.
xymonwebaccess(5) Web-based access controls in Xymon.
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