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Scope: 0MQ Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
zmq(7) 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel.
zmq_bind(3) Accept incoming connections on a socket.
zmq_close(3) Close 0MQ socket.
zmq_connect(3) Create outgoing connection from socket.
zmq_cpp(7) Interface between 0MQ and C++ applications.
zmq_ctx_get(3) Get context options.
zmq_ctx_new(3) Create new 0MQ context.
zmq_ctx_set(3) Set context options.
zmq_ctx_shutdown(3) Shutdown a 0MQ context.
zmq_ctx_term(3) Destroy a 0MQ context.
zmq_curve(7) Secure authentication and confidentiality.
zmq_curve_keypair(3) Generate a new CURVE keypair.
zmq_device(3) Start built-in 0MQ device.
zmq_disconnect(3) Disconnect a socket.
zmq_epgm(7) 0MQ reliable multicast transport using PGM.
zmq_errno(3) Retrieve value of errno for the calling thread.
zmq_getsockopt(3) Get 0MQ socket options.
zmq_has(3) Check a ZMQ capability.
zmq_init(3) Initialise 0MQ context.
zmq_inproc(7) 0MQ local in-process (inter-thread) communication transport.
zmq_ipc(7) 0MQ local inter-process communication transport.
zmq_msg_close(3) Release 0MQ message.
zmq_msg_copy(3) Copy content of a message to another message.
zmq_msg_data(3) Retrieve pointer to message content.
zmq_msg_get(3) Get message property.
zmq_msg_gets(3) Get message metadata property.
zmq_msg_init(3) Initialise empty 0MQ message.
zmq_msg_init_data(3) Initialise 0MQ message from a supplied buffer.
zmq_msg_init_size(3) Initialise 0MQ message of a specified size.
zmq_msg_more(3) Indicate if there are more message parts to receive.
zmq_msg_move(3) Move content of a message to another message.
zmq_msg_recv(3) Receive a message part from a socket.
zmq_msg_send(3) Send a message part on a socket.
zmq_msg_set(3) Set message property.
zmq_msg_size(3) Retrieve message content size in bytes.
zmq_null(7) No security or confidentiality.
zmq_pgm(7) 0MQ reliable multicast transport using PGM.
zmq_plain(7) Clear-text authentication.
zmq_poll(3) Input/output multiplexing.
zmq_proxy(3) Start built-in 0MQ proxy.
zmq_proxy_steerable(3) Built-in 0MQ proxy with control flow.
zmq_recv(3) Receive a message part from a socket.
zmq_recvmsg(3) Receive a message part from a socket.
zmq_send(3) Send a message part on a socket.
zmq_send_const(3) Send a constant-memory message part on a socket.
zmq_sendmsg(3) Send a message part on a socket.
zmq_setsockopt(3) Set 0MQ socket options.
zmq_socket(3) Create 0MQ socket.
zmq_socket_monitor(3) Monitor socket events.
zmq_strerror(3) Get 0MQ error message string.
zmq_tcp(7) 0MQ unicast transport using TCP.
zmq_term(3) Terminate 0MQ context.
zmq_tipc(7) 0MQ unicast transport using TIPC.
zmq_unbind(3) Stop accepting connections on a socket.
zmq_version(3) Report 0MQ library version.
zmq_z85_decode(3) Decode a binary key from Z85 printable text.
zmq_z85_encode(3) Encode a binary key as Z85 printable text.