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Scope: 4store.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
4s-admin(1J) 4store cluster management tool.
4s-backend-setup(1J) Create a new 4store KB.
4s-boss(8J) An administration and store discovery daemon for 4store.
4s-cluster-create(1J) Create a KB on the cluster.
4s-cluster-destroy(1J) Delete the KB from a cluster.
4s-cluster-info(1J) Get information about the KBs on the cluster, and running ones visible to the client.
4s-cluster-start(1J) Start the backends for a KB on the cluster.
4s-cluster-stop(1J) Stop the backends for a KB on the cluster.
4s-import(1J) Import RDF into a 4store KB.
4s-query(1J) Run SPARQL queries on a 4store storage backend.
4store.conf(5J) 4store configuration file.
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