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Scope: A collection of standard strin.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
function::isdigit(3stap) Checks for a digit.
function::isinstr(3stap) Returns whether a string is a substring of another string.
function::str_replace(3stap) Str_replace Replaces all instances of a substring with another.
function::string_quoted(3stap) Quotes a given string.
function::stringat(3stap) Returns the char at a given position in the string.
function::strlen(3stap) Returns the length of a string.
function::strtol(3stap) Strtol - Convert a string to a long.
function::substr(3stap) Returns a substring.
function::text_str(3stap) Escape any non-printable chars in a string.
function::text_strn(3stap) Escape any non-printable chars in a string.
function::tokenize(3stap) Return the next non-empty token in a string.
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