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Scope: AFS File Reference.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
afs(5) Introduction to AFS files.
afs_cache(5) Format of data stored in an AFS client disk cache.
afs_volume_header(5) Represents an AFS volume.
afsmonitor(5) Provides instructions for the afsmonitor command. Error message catalog for debugging the Cache Manager.
BackupLog(5) Traces Backup Server operations.
bdb.DB0(5) Contain the Backup Database and associated log.
BosConfig(5) Defines server processes for the BOS Server to monitor.
BosLog(5) Traces BOS Server operations.
butc(5) Defines Tape Coordinator instructions for automated tape devices.
butc_logs(5) Message logs from the Tape Coordinator process.
cacheinfo(5) Defines configuration parameters for the Cache Manager.
CellAlias(5) Maps cell names to aliases in /afs.
CellServDB(5) Lists the database server machines in AFS cells.
FileLog(5) Traces File Server operations.
FORCESALVAGE(5) Forces salvage of entire partition.
KeyFile(5) Defines AFS server encryption keys.
KeyFileExt(5) Defines extended AFS server encryption keys.
krb.conf(5) Configures the kerberos realm to AFS cell mapping.
krb.excl(5) Lists exclusions for mapping kerberos principals to AFS identities.
NetInfo(5) Defines machine interfaces to register with AFS servers.
NetRestrict(5) Defines interfaces not to register with AFS servers.
NoAuth(5) Disables authorization checking.
prdb.DB0(5) Contain the Protection Database and associated log.
PtLog(5) Traces Protection Server operations.
SALVAGE.fs(5) Triggers salvaging of AFS server partitions.
salvage.lock(5) Prevents multiple simultaneous salvage operations on a partition.
SalvageLog(5) Traces Salvager operations.
sysid(5) Lists file server machine interface addresses registered in VLDB.
tapeconfig(5) Defines parameters for tape devices and backup data files.
ThisCell(5) Defines the local cell name.
UserList(5) Defines privileged administrators.
vldb.DB0(5) Contain the Volume Location Database and associated log.
VLLog(5) Traces Volume Location Server operations.
VolserLog(5) Traces Volume Server operations.
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