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Scope: AfterStep X11 window manager.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
afterimage(3x) Overview of libAfterImage image library libAfterImage/libAfterImage.
AfterStep(1x) X11 window manager.
afterstep_faq(1x) This document is an ever growing set of questions, statements, ideas and complaints about.
Align(1x) Afterstep Align.
Animate(1x) AfterStep module animating windows being iconified/deiconified.
AnimateTypes(1x) Animation modes used in the Animate module's config.
Arrange(1x) AfterStep module for arranging windows in a tiling or cascading order.
ascmap(3x) Defines main structures and function for image quantization libAfterImage/ascmap.h.
ascompose(3x) Provides access to libAfterImage functionality, using scripts written in custom XML dialect libAf‐.
ASDatabase(1x) Defines how windows should be treated by AfterStep depending on its name.
ASDatabaseEntry(1x) To be used in entry of AfterStep database.
asflip(3x) Demonstrates flipping image in 90 degree increments libAfterImage/tutorials/ASFlip.
asfont(3x) Text drawing functionality and handling of TTF and X11 fonts libAfterImage/asfont.h.
asgrad(3x) Demonstrates rendering of multi point linear gradients libAfterImage/tutorials/ASGrad.
asimage(3x) Internal structures and methods used for image manipulation in libAfterImage libAfterImage/asimage.h.
asimagexml(1x) XML schema to be used for scripting image manipulation by AfterStep and ascompose libAfterIm‐.
asimagexml(3x) XML schema to be used for scripting image manipulation by AfterStep and ascompose libAfterIm‐.
asmerge(3x) Demonstrates blending of multiple image using different algorithms libAfterImage/tutorials/ASMerge.
asscale(3x) Demonstrates image loading and scaling libAfterImage/tutorials/ASScale.
astext(3x) Demonstrates antialiased texturized text rendering libAfterImage/tutorials/ASText.
astile(3x) Demonstrates image tiling/cropping and tinting libAfterImage/tutorials/ASTile.
asview(3x) Demonstrates loading and displaying of images libAfterImage/tutorials/ASView.
asvisual(3x) Abstraction layer on top of X Visuals, focusing on color handling libAfterImage/asvisual.h.
AutoExec(1x) Functions to be executed by AfterStep on startup/shutdown.
BalloonContents(1x) Afterstep BalloonContents.
Base(1x) Essential AfterStep configuration options.
Bevel(1x) Afterstep Bevel.
blender(3x) Functionality for blending of image data using diofferent algorithms libAfterImage/blender.h.
char2uni(3x) Handling on Unicode, UTF-8 and localized 8 bit encodings libAfterImage/CHAR_SIZE.
ColorScheme(1x) Defines color values for standard set of internal color names, to be used in other configuration.
common(3x) Common functions used in other examples libAfterImage/tutorials/common.h.
export(3x) Functionality for writing images into files libAfterImage/export.h.
Feel(1x) AfterStep feel configuration.
FeelWindowBox(1x) Defines placement policy for certain type of windows, based on desk, window attributes, window.
Functions(1x) Built in AfterStep functions.
Gravity(1x) Afterstep Gravity.
imencdec(3x) Encoding/decoding ASImage data from/to usable data structures libAfterImage/imencdec.h.
import(3x) Functionality for reading images from files libAfterImage/import.h.
Look(1x) AfterStep look.
MonitorWharf(1x) ↣ Wharf(1x) AfterStep module for launching or docking applications aka button bar.
MyBackground(1x) Details how background is to be rendered.
MyFrame(1x) Defines how AfterStep should construct window's frame.
MyStyle(1x) Defines combination of color, font, style, background to be used together.
Pager(1x) AfterStep module for virtual desktop navigation.
PagerDecorations(1x) Visual attributes of the Pager window.
Placement(1x) AfterStep supports several different window placement policies. Some of them designed to fill free.
Sound(1x) AfterStep module for playing sounds when windowing event occurs.
SoundEvents(1x) Names for different windowing events.
SupportedHints(1x) Afterstep SupportedHints.
TbarLayout(1x) Afterstep TbarLayout.
transform(3x) Transformations available for ASImages libAfterImage/transform.h.
Wharf(1x) AfterStep module for launching or docking applications aka button bar.
WharfFolders(1x) AfterStep wharf module.
WharfSounds(1x) Types of events for which sound could be played by Wharf.
WinCommand(1x) AfterStep module for choosing and manipulating windows based on patterns.
WinList(1x) AfterStep module displaying list of opened windows.
WinTabs(1x) AfterStep module for arranging windows using tabs.
ximage(3x) Functionality for displaying ASImages on X display libAfterImage/ximage.h.
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