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Scope: Alliance - genlib User's Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
DPGEN_ADSB2F(3) Adder/Substractor Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_AND2(3) AND2 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_AND3(3) AND3 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_AND4(3) AND4 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_BUFF(3) Buffer Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_BUSE(3) Tristate Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_CONST(3) Constant Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_DFF(3) Dynamic Flip-Flop Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_DFFT(3) Dynamic Flip-Flop with Scan-Path Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_FIFO(3) FIFO Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_INV(3) Inverter Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_MUX2(3) Multiplexer Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NAND2(3) NAND2 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NAND2MASK(3) Programmable Mask Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NAND3(3) NAND3 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NAND4(3) NAND4 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NBUSE(3) Tristate Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NMUX2(3) Multiplexer Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NOR2(3) NOR2 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NOR2MASK(3) Programmable Mask Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NOR3(3) NOR3 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NOR4(3) NOR4 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_NUL(3) Zero Detector Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_OR2(3) OR2 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_OR3(3) OR3 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_OR4(3) OR4 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_RF1(3) Register File Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_RF1D(3) Register File with Decoder Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_ROM2(3) 2 words ROM Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_ROM4(3) 4 words ROM Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_SFF(3) Static Flip-Flop Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_SFFT(3) Static Flip-Flop with Scan-Path Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_SHIFT(3) Shifter Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_XNOR2(3) XNOR2 Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_XNOR2MASK(3) Programmable Mask Macro-Generator.
DPGEN_XOR2(3) XOR2 Macro-Generator.
genlib(1) Procedural design language based upon C.
GENLIB_MACRO(3) Interface with all MACRO generators.
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