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Scope: amber recipes.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
amber_ascii_export(7) AMBER frame data to ASCII export.
amber_BeamPos(7) AMBER Beam Monitoring Recipe.
amber_calibrate(7) AMBER Derives calibrated visibilities.
amber_detector(7) AMBER raw data detector.
amber_oimerge(7) AMBER Merge OI-Fits files.
amber_p2vm(7) AMBER Pixel-To-Visibility-Matrix for 2- and 3-Telescopes Mode.
amber_raw_to_fitsimage(7) AMBER raw data display.
amber_SciCal(7) AMBER Science and Calibration Recipe.
amber_selector(7) AMBER OI frame selector.
amber_spectral_calibration(7) AMBER Offset between photo. and interf. channels.
amber_trf(7) AMBER Derives the transfer function.
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