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[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
accept(8) ↣ cupsaccept(8) Accept/reject jobs sent to a destination.
backend(7) Cups backend transmission interfaces.
cancel(1) Cancel jobs.
classes.conf(5) Class configuration file for cups.
client.conf(5) Client configuration file for cups.
cups(1) A standards-based, open source printing system.
cups-config(1) Get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information.
cups-deviced(8) ↣ cupsd-helper(8) Cupsd helper programs.
cups-driverd(8) ↣ cupsd-helper(8) Cupsd helper programs.
cups-exec(8) ↣ cupsd-helper(8) Cupsd helper programs.
cups-files.conf(5) File and directory configuration file for cups.
cups-lpd(8) Receive print jobs and report printer status to lpd clients.
cups-snmp(8) Cups snmp backend.
cups-snmp.conf(5) Snmp configuration file for cups.
cupsaccept(8) Accept/reject jobs sent to a destination.
cupsaddsmb(8) Export printers to samba for windows clients.
cupsctl(8) Configure cupsd.conf options.
cupsd(8) Cups scheduler.
cupsd-helper(8) Cupsd helper programs.
cupsd-logs(5) Cupsd log files (access_log, error_log, and page_log).
cupsd.conf(5) Server configuration file for cups.
cupsdisable(8) ↣ cupsenable(8) Stop/start printers and classes.
cupsenable(8) Stop/start printers and classes.
cupsfilter(8) Convert a file to another format using cups filters.
cupsreject(8) ↣ cupsaccept(8) Accept/reject jobs sent to a destination.
cupstestdsc(1) Test conformance of postscript files (deprecated).
cupstestppd(1) Test conformance of ppd files.
filter(7) Cups file conversion filter interface.
ippfind(1) Find internet printing protocol printers.
ippproxy(8) A simple ipp proxy client.
ippserver(1) A simple internet printing protocol server.
ippserver(8) A simple ipp server.
ipptool(1) Perform internet printing protocol requests.
ipptoolfile(5) Ipptool file format.
lpadmin(8) Configure cups printers and classes.
lpinfo(8) Show available devices or drivers.
lpmove(8) Move a job or all jobs to a new destination.
lpoptions(1) Display or set printer options and defaults.
mailto.conf(5) Configuration file for cups email notifier.
mime.convs(5) Mime type conversion file for cups.
mime.types(5) Mime type description file for cups.
notifier(7) Cups notification interface.
ppdc(1) Cups ppd compiler (deprecated).
ppdcfile(5) Cups ppd compiler source file format.
ppdhtml(1) Cups html summary generator (deprecated).
ppdi(1) Import ppd files (deprecated).
ppdmerge(1) Merge ppd files (deprecated).
ppdpo(1) Ppd message catalog generator (deprecated).
printers.conf(5) Printer configuration file for cups.
subscriptions.conf(5) Subscription configuration file for cups.
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