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an-fitstopnm(1) Convert FITS images into ugly PNM images.
an-pnmtofits(1) Convert PNM file to FITS.
astrometry-engine(1) Identify where a list of stars is on the sky.
build-astrometry-index(1) Create index files.
coadd(1) Co-add images for
downsample-fits(1) Scale down a FITS image.
fit-wcs(1) Fit a transformation from x,y and matching RA,DEC coordinates.
fits-flip-endian(1) Endian swapping of FITS binary tables.
fits-guess-scale(1) Try to guess the scale of an image based on FITS headers.
fitsgetext(1) Pull out individual header or data blocks from multi-HDU FITS files.
get-healpix(1) Convert RA,DEC to Which healpix.
get-wcs(1) Try to interpret an existing WCS header.
hpsplit(1) Split a list of FITS tables into healpix tiles.
image2xy(1) Source extractor.
new-wcs(1) Merge a WCS solution with existing FITS header cards.
pad-file(1) Pad a FITS file out to the correct size.
plot-constellations(1) Annotates images with constellations etc.
plotquad(1) Draws polygons over images.
plotxy(1) Plots circles, crosses, etc over images.
query-starkd(1) Search index files for stars near a given point on the sky.
solve-field(1) Main high-level command-line user interface.
subtable(1) Pull out a set of columns from a many-column FITS binary table.
tabsort(1) Sort a FITS binary table based on values in one column.
wcs-grab(1) Try to interpret an existing WCS header.
wcs-match(1) Prints x and y coordinates of invariant point.
wcs-pv2sip(1) Convert TPV WCS headers to SIP distortion headers.
wcs-rd2xy(1) Convert lists of pixel from (RA,Dec) to (x,y) positions.
wcs-resample(1) Project one FITS image onto another image.
wcs-to-tan(1) Undocumented program of
wcs-xy2rd(1) Convert lists of pixel from (x,y) to (RA,Dec) positions.
wcsinfo(1) Print simple properties of WCS headers (scale, rotation, etc).
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