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Scope: Bcfg2.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
bcfg2(1) Bcfg2 client tool.
bcfg2-admin(8) Perform repository administration tasks.
bcfg2-build-reports(8) Generate state reports for Bcfg2 clients.
bcfg2-crypt(8) Bcfg2 encryption and decryption utility.
bcfg2-info(8) Creates a local version of the Bcfg2 server core for state observation.
bcfg2-lint(8) Check Bcfg2 specification for validity, common mistakes, and style.
bcfg2-lint.conf(5) Configuration parameters for bcfg2-lint.
bcfg2-report-collector(8) Reports collection daemon.
bcfg2-reports(8) Query reporting system for client status.
bcfg2-server(8) Server for client configuration specifications.
bcfg2.conf(5) Configuration parameters for Bcfg2.
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