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Scope: BLT Library Procedures.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
Blt_Tree(3) Tree data object.
Blt_TreeCreate(3) Create tree data object.
Blt_TreeCreateNode(3) Creates a node in a tree data object.
Blt_TreeDeleteNode(3) Deletes a node and its descendants.
Blt_TreeExists(3) Indicates if a tree exists.
Blt_TreeGetNode(3) Finds the node from the ID.
Blt_TreeGetToken(3) Grabs a token associated with existing tree data object.
Blt_TreeName(3) Returns the name of the tree data object.
Blt_TreeNodeId(3) Returns the node serial number.
Blt_TreeReleaseToken(3) Releases token associated with tree object.
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