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Scope: BNETD User's Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
bnbot(1) text-based chat bot client.
bnchat(1) text-based chat client.
bnetd.conf(5) Configuration for the Unix daemon.
bnftp(1) file transfer client.
bni2tga(1) Convert a icon file to a Targa file.
bnibuild(1) Build a icon file from a directory of Targa icon files.
bniextract(1) Extract a directory of Targa icon files from a icon file.
bnilist(1) List contents of a icon file.
bnpass(1) Bnetd password utility.
bnstat(1) statisics client.
bntrackd(1) Bnetd tracking daemon.
tgainfo(1) Display information about a Targa image.
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