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Scope: BSD File Formats Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
acl(5) Access Control Lists.
apcupsd.conf(5) Apcupsd(8) configuration file.
apsfilterrc(5) Configuration file for magic print filter.
bootparams(5) Boot parameter database.
calife.auth(5) Format of the calife authorization file.
clamsmtpd.conf(5) The configuration file for clamsmtpd(8).
configure.amr(5) Configuration file for AMR.
cpio(5) Format of cpio archive files.
detox.tbl(5) Translation table for detox(1).
detoxrc(5) Configuration file for detox(1).
dgenrc(5) File containing settings for dgen(1).
dhcp6c.conf(5) DHCPv6 client configuration file.
dhcp6s.conf(5) DHCPv6 server configuration file.
dhcpcd.conf(5) Dhcpcd configuration file.
dhex_markers(5) Marker file for dhex.
dhex_searchlog(5) Search log file for dhex.
dhexrc(5) Configuration File for dhex.
editrc(5) Configuration file for editline library. Configuration file for editline library.
exabgp.conf(5) Configuration file controlling the BGP configuration for exabgp(1).
fair.conf(5) Configuration file for the carrousel and transponder daemons.
ffproxy.conf(5) Filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server configuration file.
freebsd-config(5) Kernel configuration file format.
ftpusers(5) File which lists users who are not allowed to use ftp.
gpm.conf(5) Startup configuration file for gpm.
imapfilter_config(5) Imapfilter configuration file.
inetutils-netrc(5) User configuration for ftp.
isakmpd.policy(5) Policy configuration file for isakmpd. Identification file for telnet sessions.
krb5.conf(5heimdal) Configuration file for Kerberos 5.
libarchive-formats(5) Archive formats supported by the libarchive library.
magic(5) File command's magic pattern file.
mblaze-profile(5) Configuration of the mblaze message system.
mech(5) GSS-API Mechanism and QOP files.
mtree(5) Format of mtree dir hierarchy files.
netconfig(5) Network configuration data base.
netkit-netrc(5) User configuration for ftp.
netrc-ssl(5) User configuration for ftp.
passwdqc.conf(5) Libpasswdqc configuration file.
proxsmtpd.conf(5) The configuration file for proxsmtpd(8).
qop(5) GSS-API Mechanism and QOP files.
racoon.conf(5) Configuration file for racoon.
resolvconf.conf(5) Resolvconf configuration file.
ssh_config(5) OpenSSH SSH client configuration files.
sshd_config(5) OpenSSH SSH daemon configuration file.
ssmtp.conf(5) Ssmtp configuration file.
sxid.conf(5) Configuration settings for sXid.
synctex(5) Synchronize TeXnology help file.
syslog.conf(5) Configuration file for syslogd(8).
tar(5) Format of tape archive files.
tinc.conf(5) Tinc daemon configuration.
trickled.conf(5) Format of the configuration file used by trickled(8).
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