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Scope: BSD General Commands Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
acr(1) Autoconf replacement.
acr-cat(1) Acr cat utility.
addpasswd(1) Password utility for the GNU Gatekeeper.
afslog(1) Obtain AFS tokens.
amr(1) Automake replacement.
ansiweather(1) Weather in terminal, with ANSI colors and Unicode symbols.
aps2file(1) Printing to a file via apsfilter.
apsfilter(1) Magic print filter with auto file type recognition.
apsfilter-bug(1) Create a half-automatic bug report for apsfilter.
apspreview(1) Preview PostScript file(s) as generated by apsfilter.
apvlv(1) PDF/DJVU/UMD/HTML/TXT viewer with vim-like behaviour.
aqemu(1) Frontend for qemu.
ash(1) Command interpreter (shell).
aumix(1) Adjust audio mixer.
autossh-argv0(1) ↣ ssh-argv0(1) Replaces the old ssh command-name as hostname handling.
avrdude(1) Driver program for ``simple'' Atmel AVR MCU programmer.
bibtexconv(1) BibTeX Converter.
bibtexconv-odt(1) ODT Helper Script for BibTeX Converter.
biff(1) Be notified if mail arrives and who it is from.
bomstrip(1) Strip the BOM sequence from UTF-8 files.
bomstrip-files(1) ↣ bomstrip(1) Strip the BOM sequence from UTF-8 files.
brandelf(1) Mark an ELF binary for a specific ABI.
brfs(1) Inline fs.readFileSync call.
browser-pack(1) Pack Node.js source file information for browserify uses.
browser-unpack(1) Parse a bundle generated by browser-pack.
bsd-from(1) Print names of those who have sent mail.
bsd-mailx(1) Send and receive mail.
bsd-write(1) Send a message to another user.
bsdcat(1) Expand files to standard output.
bsdcpio(1) Copy files to and from archives.
bsdiff(1) Generate a patch between two binary files.
bsdtar(1) Manipulate tape archives.
bspatch(1) Apply a patch built with bsdiff(1).
bsqldb(1) Batch SQL script processor using DB-Library.
c++decl(1) ↣ cdecl(1) Decode C type declarations.
cal(1) ↣ ncal(1) Displays a calendar and the date of Easter.
calcappclient(1) RSerPool Client (PU) for the CalcApp service.
calendar(1) Reminder service.
catcodec(1) An open source tool to decode/encode the sample catalogue for OpenTTD.
cdecl(1) Decode C type declarations.
ch_lab(1) Change/copy label files.
ch_track(1) Change/copy track file.
ch_utt(1) Change/copy utterance file.
ch_wave(1) Change/copy/combine waveform files.
chilight(1) Highlight a C source file.
cloudstack(1) Command-line client for Apache CloudStack.
cobfusc(1) Make a C source file unreadable but compilable.
col(1) Filter reverse line feeds from input.
colcrt(1) Filter nroff output for CRT previewing.
colrm(1) Remove columns from a file.
column(1) Columnate lists.
conch(1) Conch SSH client.
conchftp(1) Conch command-line SFTP client.
confget(1) Read a variable from a configuration file.
cookiecutter(1) Create projects from project templates.
cspmonitor(1) CSP server for monitoring RSerPool components.
cstream(1) Direct data streams, with bandwidth limiting, FIFO, audio, duplication and extended reporting support.
ctfconvert(1) Convert debug data to CTF data.
ctfdump(1) Dump the SUNW_ctf section of an ELF file.
ctfmerge(1) Merge several CTF data sections into one.
ctsim(1) A Graphical Computed Tomography Simulator.
cundecl(1) Encode C type declarations.
cunloop(1) Unloop C loops.
cvs-switchroot(1) Change repository or tag in a cvs working copy.
db5.3_codegen(1) Generate application code for Berkeley DB.
db_codegen(1) ↣ db5.3_codegen(1) Generate application code for Berkeley DB.
detox(1) Clean up filenames.
dgen(1) Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator.
dgen_tobin(1) Convert SMD-format Genesis/Megadrive image to raw (BIN) format.
dhex(1) Hex editor with a diff mode.
dirconv(1) Locate and transcode mixed-encoding file names.
disktype(1) Disk format detector.
distributed-net(1) ↣ dnetc(1) distributed computing client for Linux.
dnetc(1) distributed computing client for Linux.
drawtiming(1) Generate timing diagram from signal description.
duff(1) Duplicate file finder.
dumpet(1) Dump information about bootable CDs and other similar formats.
elixir(1) The Elixir script runner.
elixirc(1) The Elixir compiler.
envify(1) Execute a command in the environment saved with envstore.
envstore(1) Save and restore environment variables.
epic4(1) Internet Relay Chat client for UNIX like systems.
epic5(1) Internet Relay Chat client for UNIX like systems.
etherpuppet(1) Create a virtual interface from a remote Ethernet interface.
ethstats(1) Quickly display statistics of network interfaces.
exabgp(1) Influence or control network using BGP.
extrace(1) Trace exec() calls system-wide.
eyaml(1) Command line interface for the hiera eyaml backend.
ezstream(1) Source client for Icecast with external de-/encoder support.
ff2jpg(1) Convert farbfeld to JPG.
ff2pam(1) Convert farbfeld to PAM.
ff2png(1) Convert farbfeld to PNG.
ff2ppm(1) Convert farbfeld to PPM.
fgallery(1) Static HTML+JavaScript photo album generator.
file(1) Determine file type.
file2c(1) Convert file to c-source.
finger(1) User information lookup program.
flpsed(1) Annotate PostScript and PDF files.
fpart(1) Sort and pack files into partitions.
fpsync(1) Synchronize directories in parallel using fpart and rsync.
fq(1) Job queue log viewer.
fractalpooluser(1) RSerPool Client (PU) for the Fractal Generator service.
fractgen(1) Fractal Generator.
freebcp(1) Bulk loading utility for Sybase and Microsoft databases.
freebsd-cksum(1) Display file checksums and block counts.
freebsd-mkdep(1) Construct Makefile dependency list.
ftp-ssl(1) Internet file transfer program.
gen-cam-menu(1) Utility for updating Enlightenment user menus for feh-cam.
git-review(1) Submit changes to Gerrit for review.
glide(1) Vendor package management for Go.
gmixvm(1) A GUI to the MIX virtual machine simulator.
gns3(1) A graphical network simulator.
gnugk(1) The GNU Gatekeeper.
gpxinfo(1) Command line utility to extract basic statistics from a GPX file.
grap(1) Kernighan and Bentley's language for typesetting graphs.
grfcodec(1) A tool to convert a GRF file into graphics files and meta data, and vice versa.
grfid(1) A tool to extract the (New)GRF ID from a (New)GRF.
grfstrip(1) A tool strip (some) real sprites from a GRF.
hd(1) ↣ hexdump(1) ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump.
he(1) Encode/decode HTML entities just like a browser would.
hexdump(1) ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump.
hidrd-convert(1) Convert a HID report descriptor.
holes(1) Find runs of zero bytes.
hp48cc(1) C to HP48 RPN compiler.
hsdump(1) Dumps the handlespace of a RSerPool Registrar.
id3(1) An ID3 tag editor.
iex(1) The Elixir shell.
ifexport(1) IF (Image File) to Image.
ifinfo(1) Print IF (Image File) Information.
ikec(1) Internet Key Exchange Connect.
imapfilter(1) Mail filter.
inetutils-ftp(1) ARPANET file transfer program.
inetutils-talk(1) Talk to another user.
inetutils-telnet(1) User interface to the TELNET protocol.
inline-detox(1) Clean up filenames (stream-based).
install-mimic(1) Overwrite files preserving the destination's ownership and access mode.
ircII(1) Interface to the Internet Relay Chat system.
jcal(1) Displays a calendar.
jpg2ff(1) Convert JPG to farbfeld.
jsesc(1) Escape strings for use in JavaScript string literals.
kadmin.heimdal(1) Kerberos administration utility.
kafkacat(1) Generic producer and consumer for Apache Kafka.
kdestroy.heimdal(1) Remove one credential or destroy the current ticket file.
kf(1) Securely forward tickets.
kgetcred(1) Get a ticket for a particular service.
kinit.heimdal(1) Acquire initial tickets.
kismet(1) Wireless sniffing and monitoring.
kismet_client(1) ↣ kismet(1) Wireless sniffing and monitoring.
kismet_server(1) ↣ kismet(1) Wireless sniffing and monitoring.
klist.heimdal(1) List Kerberos credentials.
kpagsh(1) Creates a new credential cache sandbox.
kpasswd.heimdal(1) Kerberos 5 password changing program.
krb5-config.heimdal(1) Give information on how to link code against Heimdal libraries.
ksu.heimdal(1) Substitute user identity.
kswitch.heimdal(1) Switch between default credential caches.
ktutil.heimdal(1) Manage Kerberos keytabs.
kwalletaskpass(1) Kwallet-based pass-phrase dialog for use with OpenSSH.
kwalletcli(1) Command line interface to the KDE Wallet.
kwalletcli_getpin(1) Command line interface to pinentry.
lcp(1) Secure remote file copy.
ld.lld-10(1) ELF linker from the LLVM project.
ld.lld-7(1) ELF linker from the LLVM project.
ld.lld-8(1) ELF linker from the LLVM project.
ld.lld-9(1) ELF linker from the LLVM project.
leave(1) Remind you when you have to leave.
ledger(1) Command-line, double-entry account reporting tool.
lksh(1) Legacy Korn shell built on mksh.
look(1) Display lines beginning with a given string.
lorder(1) List dependencies for object files.
lptest(1) Generate lineprinter ripple pattern.
lr(1) List files, recursively.
maddr(1) Extract mail addresses from messages.
magrep(1) Search messages matching a pattern.
makepage(1) Convert markdown input to a fully-formed xhtml page.
mbnc(1) ↣ mcom(1) Compose, reply, forward, bounce, send messages.
mcom(1) Compose, reply, forward, bounce, send messages.
mdeliver(1) Deliver messages or import mbox file.
mdirs(1) List maildir folders, recursively.
mexport(1) Export messages as mbox file.
mflag(1) Manipulate maildir flags.
mflow(1) Reflow format=flowed plain text messages.
mfwd(1) ↣ mcom(1) Compose, reply, forward, bounce, send messages.
mg(1) Emacs-like text editor.
mgenmid(1) Generate a Message-ID.
mgp(1x) MagicPoint -- an X11 based presentation tool.
mgp2ps(1x) Generate PostScript file from MagicPoint file.
mgpembed(1x) Generate an embedded MagicPoint file.
mgpnet(1x) MagicPoint Netserver (provide MagicPoint presentation over the net).
mhdr(1) Print message headers.
midish(1) MIDI sequencer and filter.
minc(1) Incorporate new messages.
ministat(1) Statistics utility.
mixasm(1) The MIX virtual machine assembler.
mixconv(1) Transcode mixed-encoding files.
mixguile(1) Guile interface to the MIX virtual machine simulator.
mixvm(1) The MIX virtual machine simulator.
mkd2html(1) Markdown to html converter.
mkdep(1) Construct Makefile dependency list.
mksh(1) MirBSD Korn shell.
mksh-static(1) ↣ mksh(1) MirBSD Korn shell.
mless(1) Interactive wrapper around mshow.
mlist(1) List and filter messages.
mmime(1) Create MIME messages.
mmkdir(1) Create new maildir folders.
mml2musicxml(1) Convert MMLlib MML files to MusicXML.
mmllint(1) Check correctness of MMLlib MML files.
mpick(1) Advanced message filter.
mrep(1) ↣ mcom(1) Compose, reply, forward, bounce, send messages.
mscan(1) Generate one-line message summaries.
msed(1) Manipulate message headers.
mseq(1) Manipulate message sequences.
mshow(1) Render messages and extract MIME parts.
mthread(1) Arrange messages into discussions.
mute(1) Use aumix to mute and un-mute sound output.
mutextrace(1) LD_PRELOAD wrapper for tracing pthread mutex acquisition.
mutt_vc_query(1) VCard query utility for mutt.
na_play(1) Play waveform files on audio device.
na_record(1) Record waveform from audio device.
nc.openbsd(1) ↣ nc_openbsd(1) Arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens.
nc_openbsd(1) Arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens.
ncal(1) Displays a calendar and the date of Easter.
netkit-ftp(1) Internet file transfer program.
netkit-ntalk(1) Talk to another user.
netkit-rcp(1) Remote file copy.
netkit-rlogin(1) Remote login.
netkit-rsh(1) Remote shell.
netperfmeter(1) Network Performance Meter.
nforenum(1) A tool for checking NFO code for errors, and for beautifying that code.
nmlc(1) A compiler from NML code to NFO and/or GRF files.
nnn(1) The missing terminal file browser for X.
nq(1) Job queue utility.
ntpdc(1) Vendor-specific NTPD control program.
nvim(1) Edit text.
nxt-update-firmware(1) Wrapper script to flash NXT firmware.
openpgp2pem(1) Translate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys.
openpgp2spki(1) Translate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys.
openpgp2ssh(1) Translate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys.
optcvt(1) ↣ tcvt(1) Two column virtual terminal.
otpprint(1) Print lists of one-time passwords.
pax(1) Read and write file archives and copy directory hierarchies.
paxcpio(1) Copy file archives in and out.
paxtar(1) Tape archiver.
pem2openpgp(1) Translate PEM-encoded RSA keys to OpenPGP certificates.
phm2if(1) Generate Phantom (generate phantom for computed tomography simulator).
pick(1) Fuzzy select anything.
pinentry-kwallet(1) Kwallet-based pass-phrase dialog for use with GnuPG.
ping(1) Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts.
pingpongclient(1) RSerPool Client (PU) for the PingPong service.
pk11install(1) Add Coolkey to Mozilla NSS.
pktstat(1) Display packet activity on a crt.
playmidi(1) MIDI file player.
png2ff(1) Convert PNG to farbfeld.
pngquant(1) PNG converter and lossy image compressor.
printerbanner(1) Print large banner on printer.
prips(1) Print the IP addresses in a given range.
pslist(1) Control processes and their descendants.
pwait(1) Wait for processes to terminate.
pwqcheck(1) Check passphrase quality.
pwqgen(1) Generate quality controllable random passphrase.
qikea(1) Internet Key Exchange Access Manager.
qikec(1) Internet Key Exchange Connect.
r2(1) ↣ radare2(1) Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor, disassembler and debugger.
r2-docker(1) Open files within an r2 contained in a Docker image.
r2agent(1) Radare2 remoting manager TODO.
rabin2(1) Binary program info extractor.
radare2(1) Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor, disassembler and debugger.
radiff2(1) Unified binary diffing utility.
rafind2(1) Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor.
ragg2(1) Radare2 frontend for r_egg, compile programs into tiny binaries for x86-32/64 and arm.
ragg2-cc(1) CC frontend for compiling shellcodes.
rahash2(1) Block based hashing utility.
rake(1) Make-like build utility for Ruby.
rarun2(1) Radare2 utility to run programs in exotic environments.
rasm2(1) Radare2 assembler and disassembler tool.
ratpoison(1) Window manager without mouse dependency.
rax2(1) Radare base converter.
registrar(1) Registrar has been renamed to rspregistrar in rsplib-3.0.0!.
rkill(1) ↣ pslist(1) Control processes and their descendants.
rmidish(1) Front-end to midish(1), using the readline(3) library.
rolo(1) Text-based contact management software.
rpl(1) Replace strings in files.
rrenice(1) ↣ pslist(1) Control processes and their descendants.
rs(1) Reshape a data array.
rsh-redone-rlogin(1) Remote login.
rsh-redone-rsh(1) Remote shell.
rspregistrar(1) RSerPool Pool Registrar (PR) Service.
rspserver(1) RSerPool Server (PE) for multiple example services.
rspterminal(1) RSerPool terminal (PU) for services like Echo, Discard, Daytime, CharGen.
ruptime(1) Show host status of local machines.
rusers(1) Who is logged in to machines on local network.
rwall(1) Send a message to users logged on a host.
rwho(1) Who is logged in on local machines.
s-nail(1) Send and receive Internet mail.
s5(1) Set up and update S5 presentations.
sc_ally(1) Scamper driver to run Ally on a list of candidate aliases.
sc_analysis_dump(1) Dump of traceroute data in a format that is easily parsed.
sc_attach(1) Simple scamper driver.
sc_bdrmap(1) Scamper driver to map first hop border routers of networks.
sc_filterpolicy(1) Scamper driver to test systems for congruent filtering policy.
sc_ipiddump(1) Utility to dump IP-ID values embedded in ping, traceroute, and dealias objects in warts files.
sc_prefixscan(1) Scamper driver to test if a set of IPv4 links are point-to-point.
sc_radargun(1) Scamper driver to run radargun on a list of candidate aliases.
sc_remoted(1) Interact with a collection of remotely controlled scamper instances.
sc_speedtrap(1) Scamper driver to resolve aliases for a set of IPv6 interfaces.
sc_tbitblind(1) Scamper driver to test systems for resilience to blind TCP attacks.
sc_tracediff(1) Display traceroute paths where the path has changed.
sc_warts2json(1) JSON dump of information contained in a warts file.
sc_warts2pcap(1) Write packets included in warts object to a pcap file.
sc_warts2text(1) Simple dump of information contained in a warts file.
sc_wartscat(1) Concatenate warts files generated by scamper.
sc_wartsdump(1) Verbose dump of information contained in a warts file.
scamper(1) Parallel Internet measurement utility.
scan-build(1) ↣ scan-build-6.0(1) Clang static analyzer.
scan-build-10(1) Clang static analyzer.
scan-build-3.9(1) Clang static analyzer.
scan-build-4.0(1) Clang static analyzer.
scan-build-5.0(1) Clang static analyzer.
scan-build-6.0(1) Clang static analyzer.
scan-build-7(1) Clang static analyzer.
scan-build-8(1) Clang static analyzer.
scan-build-9(1) Clang static analyzer.
scanssh(1) Scans the Internet for open proxies and SSH servers.
sccs(1) Front end for the SCCS subsystem.
scp(1) Secure copy (remote file copy program).
scp1(1) Secure copy (remote file copy program).
screenie(1) Screen(1) session handler (wrapper).
scriptingclient(1) RSerPool Client (PU) for the Scripting service.
scriptingcontrol(1) Scripting Control script for the Scripting Service.
scriptingserviceexample(1) Example client script for the Scripting Service.
scrypt(1) Encrypt and decrypt files.
seek_script(1) A very simple script using OutGuess to find an image that yields the best embedding.
server(1) Server has been renamed to rspserver in rsplib-3.0.0!.
sf3convert(1) SoundFont conversion utility.
sftp(1) Secure file transfer program.
slock(1) Simple X screen locker.
slogin(1) ↣ ssh(1) OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program).
slowhttptest(1) Denial Of Service attacks simulator.
smfplay(1) Play a standard MIDI file.
smfrec(1) Record a standard MIDI file.
smtpping(1) SMTP benchmarking and measurement tool.
smuxi-frontend-gnome(1) GNOME frontend for Smuxi chat client.
smuxi-frontend-stfl(1) Terminal frontend for Smuxi chat client.
smuxi-message-buffer(1) Converts and dumps Smuxi chat history.
smuxi-server(1) Remote engine for Smuxi chat client.
sndfile-cmp(1) Compare two audio files.
sndfile-concat(1) Concatenate audio data from two or more audio files.
sndfile-convert(1) Convert sound files from one format to another.
sndfile-deinterleave(1) Convert mono files into a multi-channel file and vice versa.
sndfile-info(1) Display information about sound files.
sndfile-interleave(1) Convert mono files into a multi-channel file and vice versa.
sndfile-metadata-get(1) Get or set metadata in a sound file.
sndfile-metadata-set(1) Get or set metadata in a sound file.
sndfile-play(1) Play a sound file.
sndfile-salvage(1) Salvage audio data from WAV files longer than 4G.
snmprec(1) SNMP Agents Recording tool.
snmpsim-datafile(1) SNMP simulator data files management and repair tool.
snmpsim-mib2dev(1) Converts MIB modules into SNMP Simulator data files.
snmpsim-pcap2dev(1) Converts PCAP captures into SNMP Simulator data files.
snmpsimd(1) SNMP Agents Simulation tool.
snooze(1) Run a command at a particular time.
sntop(1) Top-like console network status tool.
sntp(1) Standard Simple Network Time Protocol client program.
sockstat(1) List open sockets.
squashfuse(1) Mount a SquashFS archive with FUSE.
ssh(1) OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program).
ssh-add(1) Adds private key identities to the authentication agent.
ssh-agent(1) Authentication agent.
ssh-argv0(1) Replaces the old ssh command-name as hostname handling.
ssh-copy-id(1) Use locally available keys to authorise logins on a remote machine.
ssh-keygen(1) Authentication key generation, management and conversion.
ssh-keygen1(1) Authentication key generation, management and conversion.
ssh-keyscan(1) Gather ssh public keys.
ssh1(1) OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program).
stdsyslog(1) Log a program's output to the system log.
sxid(1) Check for changes in s[ug]id files and directories.
synctex(1) Command line client tool to support the Synchronize TeXnology available in recent TeX engines.
tape(1) Tap-producing test harness for node and browsers.
tcpdump2xplot(1) Converts tcpdump output to xplot input for analysis.
tcpprof(1) Report profile of network traffic.
tcpstat(1) Report network interface statistics.
tcvt(1) Two column virtual terminal.
telnet-ssl(1) User interface to the TELNET protocol.
telnet.netkit(1) User interface to the TELNET protocol.
terminal(1) Terminal has been renamed to rspterminal in rsplib-3.0.0!.
theme(1) Create a web page from a template file.
timelimit(1) Effectively limit the absolute execution time of a process.
tnftp(1) Internet file transfer program.
tq(1) Job queue wrapper for tmux/screen.
transmission-create(1) Command-line utility to create .torrent files.
transmission-daemon(1) A bittorrent client.
transmission-edit(1) Command-line utility to modify .torrent files' announce URLs.
transmission-qt(1) A bittorrent client.
transmission-show(1) Command-line utility to show .torrent file metadata.
trend(1) A general-purpose, efficient trend graph.
trickle(1) A lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper.
ttx(1) Tool for manipulating TrueType and OpenType fonts.
ui(1) Show information about local users.
ul(1) Do underlining.
umd(1) Universal Module Definition for use in automated build systems.
unsort(1) Reorder lines in a file in semirandom ways.
userv(1) Request user services.
vacation(1) Return “I am not here” indication.
vis-clipboard(1) Read from or write to the system clipboard.
vis-complete(1) Interactively complete file or word.
vis-digraph(1) Print Unicode character using mnemonics.
vis-menu(1) Interactively select an item from a list.
vis-open(1) Interactively select a file to open.
wmanager(1) Choose a window manager and launch it.
wmanager-loop(1) Loop running window managers chosen with wmanager.
wmanagerrc-update(1) Update your wmanager settings automatically.
wwl(1) Maidenhead locator utility.
x11-ssh-askpass(1x) An X11-based pass-phrase dialog for use with OpenSSH.
xaumix(1) Aumix wrapper for X.
xbattbar(1) Show battery status in X Window.
xe(1) Execute a command for every argument.
xidle(1) Run a program on X inactivity.
xplaymidi(1) ↣ playmidi(1) MIDI file player. Fast tool to graph and visualize lots of data.
xrootconsole(1) Display a file (or stdin) to a transparent window.
yank(1) Yank terminal output to clipboard.
yyextract(1) Extract grammar rules from a yacc grammar.
yyref(1) Generate cross-reference for yacc input.
2ff(1) Convert image to farbfeld.
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