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Scope: BSD/i386 Kernel Interfaces Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
aic(4freebsd) Adaptec AIC-6260 and AIC-6360 SCSI driver.
apm(4freebsd) APM BIOS interface.
ce(4freebsd) Driver for synchronous Cronyx Tau-PCI/32 WAN adapters.
cp(4freebsd) Driver for synchronous Cronyx Tau-PCI WAN adapters.
CPU_ELAN(4freebsd) AMD Elan 520 CPU support.
CPU_SOEKRIS(4freebsd) AMD Elan 520 CPU support.
cs(4freebsd) Ethernet device driver.
ct(4freebsd) WD33C93[ABC] based CBUS SCSI host adapter driver.
ctau(4freebsd) Driver for synchronous Cronyx Tau WAN adapters.
cx(4freebsd) Driver for synchronous/asynchronous Cronyx Sigma WAN adapters.
ep(4freebsd) Ethernet driver for 3Com Etherlink III (3c5x9) interfaces.
ex(4freebsd) Ethernet device driver for the Intel EtherExpress Pro/10 and Pro/10+.
fe(4freebsd) Fujitsu MB86960A/MB86965A based Ethernet adapters.
glxiic(4freebsd) Geode LX CS5536 I2C controller driver.
ie(4freebsd) Ethernet device driver.
if_sbni(4freebsd) Granch SBNI12 leased line modem driver.
longrun(4freebsd) Transmeta(TM) Crusoe(TM) LongRun(TM) support.
mse(4freebsd) Bus and InPort mice driver.
npx(4freebsd) Numeric Processing Extension coprocessor.
PAE(4freebsd) Physical Address Extensions.
pae(4freebsd) Physical Address Extensions.
pbio(4freebsd) 8255 parallel peripheral interface basic I/O driver.
perfmon(4freebsd) CPU performance-monitoring interface.
pnp(4freebsd) Support for “Plug and Play” (PnP) ISA devices.
pnpbios(4freebsd) Support for embedded devices on the motherboard.
sbni(4freebsd) Granch SBNI12 leased line modem driver.
smapi(4freebsd) System Management Application Program Interface driver.
snc(4freebsd) National Semiconductor DP8393X SONIC Ethernet adapter driver.
streams(4freebsd) System V STREAMS networking ABI support.
svr4(4freebsd) System V Release 4 ABI support.
vpd(4freebsd) Vital Product Data kernel interface.
vx(4freebsd) 3Com EtherLink III / Fast EtherLink III (3c59x) Ethernet driver.
wl(4freebsd) T1 speed ISA/radio lan card.
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