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Scope: BSD System Manager's Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
acorn-fdisk(8) Partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines.
apcaccess(8) Retrieve status information from apcupsd(8).
apccontrol(8) Apcupsd(8) event handler script.
apctest(8) Apcupsd(8) test program.
apcupsd(8) A daemon for controlling most APC UPSes.
bgpq3(8) Bgp filtering automation for cisco and juniper routers.
bing(8) Compute point to point throughput using two sizes of ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to pairs of remote hosts.
bootparamd(8) Boot parameter server.
caldavd(8) Calendar Server Control Interface.
calendarserver_command_gateway(8) Calendar Server manager gateway.
calendarserver_config(8) Calendar Server Configuration Utility.
calendarserver_export(8) Calendar Server export tool.
calendarserver_manage_principals(8) Calendar Server principal management utility.
calendarserver_manage_push(8) Calendar Server push management utility.
calendarserver_manage_timezones(8) Calendar Server timezone database management utility.
calendarserver_migrate_resources(8) Calendar Server resource and location migration utility.
calendarserver_monitor_notifications(8) Calendar Server push notification monitor.
calendarserver_purge_attachments(8) Calendar Server orphaned attachments clean-up utility.
calendarserver_purge_events(8) Calendar Server event clean-up utility.
calendarserver_purge_principals(8) Calendar Server deprovisioned user clean-up utility.
calendarserver_shell(8) Calendar Server interactive administrative shell.
carrousel(8) Perform load balancing services.
certpatch(8) Add subjectAltName identities to X.509 certificates.
checksendmail(8) Verify sendmail address transformations.
clamsmtpd(8) An SMTP server for scanning viruses via clamd.
comsat(8) ↣ in.comsat(8) Biff server.
debfoster(8) Weed unnecessary Debian packages.
dhcp6c(8) DHCPv6 client daemon.
dhcp6ctl(8) DHCPv6 client and server control utility.
dhcp6relay(8) DHCPv6 relay agent.
dhcp6s(8) DHCPv6 server.
dhcpcd-gtk(8) A GTK+ frontend for network configuration.
dhcpcd-qt(8) A Qt frontend for network configuration.
dhcpcd-run-hooks(8) DHCP client configuration script.
dhcpcd5(8) A DHCP client.
dhid(8) Dynamic Host Information System client.
dhis-genid(8) Dynamic Host Information System client ID generation.
dhis-genkeys(8) Dynamic Host Information System key generation.
dhis-genpass(8) Dynamic Host Information System password generation.
dhis-register(8) Dynamic Host Information System client registration.
dhis-register-p(8) ↣ dhis-register(8) Dynamic Host Information System client registration.
dhis-register-q(8) ↣ dhis-register(8) Dynamic Host Information System client registration.
dhisd(8) Dynamic Host Information System server.
dma(8) DragonFly Mail Agent.
dnstop(8) Displays various tables of DNS traffic on your network.
dumbnet(8) Dumb networking library test program.
farpd(8) ARP reply daemon.
ffproxy(8) Filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server.
fmtree(8) Map a directory hierarchy.
freebsd-config(8) Build system configuration files.
fsck.hfs(8) ↣ fsck.hfsplus(8) HFS file system consistency check.
fsck.hfsplus(8) HFS file system consistency check.
ftpd(8) Internet File Transfer Protocol server.
go-bindata(8) Embed data in a Go program.
hprop(8) Propagate the KDC database.
hpropd(8) Receive a propagated database.
idmapd(8) NFSv4 ID Name Mapper.
ifenslave(8) Attach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device.
ifenslave-2.6(8) ↣ ifenslave(8) Attach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device.
iked(8) Internet Key Exchange Daemon.
iked.conf(8) Internet Key Exchange Daemon Configuration File.
in.comsat(8) Biff server.
in.fingerd(8) Remote user information server.
in.ftpd(8) Internet File Transfer Protocol server.
in.ntalkd(8) Remote user communication server.
in.rexecd(8) Remote execution server.
in.rlogind(8) Remote login server.
in.rshd(8) Remote shell server.
in.talkd(8) ↣ in.ntalkd(8) Remote user communication server.
in.telnetd(8) DARPA telnet protocol server.
inetd(8) Internet super-server.
inetutils-inetd(8) Internet “super-server”.
inputlircd(8) Zeroconf LIRC daemon using input event devices.
iprop(8) Propagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs.
iprop-log(8) Examine and maintain the iprop log file.
ipropd-master(8) Propagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs.
ipropd-slave(8) Propagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs.
isakmpd(8) ISAKMP/Oakley a.k.a. IKE key management daemon.
kcm(8) Process-based credential cache for Kerberos tickets.
kdc(8) Kerberos 5 server.
kdigest(8) Userland tool to access digest interface in the KDC.
kerberos(8) Introduction to the Kerberos system.
kfd(8) Receive forwarded tickets.
kimpersonate(8) Impersonate a user when there exist a keyfile or KeyFile.
kpasswdd(8) Kerberos 5 password changing server.
kstash(8) Store the KDC master password in a file.
lft(8) Display the route packets take to a network host/socket; optionally show heuristic network information in.
login_duo(8) Second-factor authentication via Duo login service.
makefs(8) Create a file system image from a directory tree.
mkfs.hfs(8) ↣ mkfs.hfsplus(8) Construct a new HFS Plus file system.
mkfs.hfsplus(8) Construct a new HFS Plus file system.
mmc_format(8) Format optical media.
netplugd(8) Network cable hotplug management daemon.
newfs_udf(8) Construct a new UDF file system.
nginx(8) HTTP and reverse proxy server, mail proxy server.
nscd(8) Name service caching daemon.
ntalkd(8) ↣ in.ntalkd(8) Remote user communication server.
ntp-keygen(8) Create a NTP host key.
ntp-wait(8) Wait for ntpd to stabilize the system clock.
pac(8) Printer/plotter accounting information.
pam_alreadyloggedin(8) Already-logged-in PAM module.
pam_duo(8) PAM module for Duo authentication.
pam_passwdqc(8) Password quality-control PAM module.
pam_ssh(8) Authentication and session management with SSH private keys.
pb-console(8) Petitboot console utility script.
pb-discover(8) The dynamic device discovery daemon of the Petitboot bootloader.
pb-event(8) Event helper for the Petitboot bootloader.
pb-udhcpc(8) Petitboot udhcpc user script.
petitboot(8) The Petitboot bootloader.
petitboot-nc(8) Petitboot ncurses bootloader UI.
petitboot-twin(8) Petitboot twin bootloader UI.
plainrsa-gen(8) Generator for Plain RSA keys.
proxsmtpd(8) An SMTP server for performing filtering.
racoon(8) IKE (ISAKMP/Oakley) key management daemon.
racoonctl(8) Racoon administrative control tool.
rbootd(8) HP remote boot server.
rdate(8) Set the system's date from a remote host.
rinetd(8) Internet “redirection server”.
rlogind(8) Remote login daemon.
rpc.bootparamd(8) ↣ bootparamd(8) Boot parameter server.
rpc.idmapd(8) ↣ idmapd(8) NFSv4 ID Name Mapper.
rpc.rstatd(8) Kernel statistics server.
rpc.rusersd(8) Logged in users server.
rpc.rwalld(8) Write messages to users currently logged in server.
rpcbind(8) Universal addresses to RPC program number mapper.
rshd(8) Remote shell daemon.
rwhod(8) System status server.
saslauthd(8) Sasl authentication server.
scrounge-ntfs(8) Helps retrieve data from corrupted NTFS partitions.
setkey(8) Manually manipulate the IPsec SA/SP database.
sftp-server(8) SFTP server subsystem.
sma(8) Sendmail Log Analyser.
snort-stat(8) Generates statistic of scans detected by snort.
softflowctl(8) Remote control program for softflowd.
softflowd(8) Traffic flow monitoring.
spamass-milter(1) Sendmail milter for passing emails through SpamAssassin.
ssh-keysign(8) Ssh helper program for host-based authentication.
sshd(8) OpenSSH SSH daemon.
string2key(8) Map a password into a key.
subnetcalc(8) IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator.
syslogd(8) Log systems messages.
talkd(8) Remote user communication server.
tcplay(8) Tool to manage TrueCrypt volumes.
telnetd(8) DARPA TELNET protocol server.
telnetlogin(8) Login wrapper for telnetd.
tincd(8) Tinc VPN daemon.
transponder(8) Backend node for load balancing services.
trickled(8) Userspace bandwidth manager daemon.
ttysnoop(8) Snoop on a user's tty.
ttysnoops(8) ↣ ttysnoop(8) Snoop on a user's tty.
uservd(8) Supply user services.
verify_krb5_conf(8) Checks krb5.conf for obvious errors.
vsftpd(8) Very Secure FTP Daemon.
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